Monday, April 21, 2014

The Second US Civil War: The Articles

With things heating up in Nevada (with land rights) and Connecticut (with gun rights)...and a second US civil war becoming a distinct is an appropriate time to gather in one place the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog articles on a possible coming Second US Civil War.

The articles are presented in order of relevancy, beginning with the conditions leading up to civil war, continuing with civil war and ending with what will happen in a post-civil war America if we lose.

Only the most relevant and important articles have been selected, so please at least take a look at each one in turn.

Some you may agree with.

Some might make you angrily disagree.

I urge you to at least read the premise and information presented.

Last but not apology in advance.

The Illuminati Conspiracy Blog is an angry, opinionated, loud and blunt upsets people (even fellow conspiracy researchers)...some of the opinions may be correct, others may be incorrect...please at least take a quick look at each of the articles, even if they upset you...if only for the crucial information they might contain.

These are critical times for our great country.

The articles have been specially selected for their relevancy to this crucial point in time.

May God Bless You and Protect You,

The Illuminati Conspiracy Blogger

Illuminati Conspiracy Blogs Relevant to The Second US Civil War:

NDAA 2012: No Way in Hell!!!

Our Only Hope: Mass Civil Disobedience

Patriot J.T. Ready: Murder and Cover Up

Why Homeland Security Bought 1/5 billion Rounds

Gun Confiscation: How They Will Do It
Keeping Our Guns

The Day They Take Away Our Guns

Connecticut: Its About Time

The Threshold Has Been Reached

SWAT Team Gets What It Deserves

The Treacherous 50 States

Speculation: The Illuminati Weapon

Tell Signs of a Government Mole

Will Obama Close Congress?

The Homeland Security Zombie Killers


Civil War 2: Just Who Did You Say Was Leading Us?

Secession and Civil War: Really?

Secession & Civil War: An Illuminati Trap

Oracle: Prophetic Dream on Second Civil War?

The Late Great US Army

The Second Civil War

The Illuminati Process of Change

WW-III: The West Falls

New World Order = Communist Occupation (part-I)

New World Order = Communist Occupation (Part-II)

New World Order = Communist Occupation    (Part-III)

Survivalism: Keeping It Real (part-I)

Survivalism: Keeping It Real (part-II)

This Will Be Your Fate Under the New World Order

FEMA Camp Processing

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