Friday, August 31, 2012

Why Homeland Security Bought 1.5 Billion Rounds

A question has arisen in the minds of many Americans about why Homeland Security has bought more than 1.5 billion rounds of small caliber ammunition, especially .40 caliber hollow point Smith and Wesson.

The reason is obvious.

The standard caliber for the MP-5 and MP-40 Sub-machineguns used by SWAT teams nationwide is .40 caliber.

The reason for hollow point is two-fold.

First of all, .40 hollow point incapacitates through shock and trauma much better than the 9mm solid.

Secondly, hollow point (because of its mushrooming effect) is less penetrating of walls (and innocent bystanders) than the 9mm round.

In other words, the MP-5 / MP-40 sub-machinegun loaded with .40 hollow point is the weapon of choice for home invasion.

It is a ‘safe’ combination with plenty of stopping power.

Again I repeat, the sub-machinegun is THE weapon of choice for close-in house-to-house fighting.

I speculate the Federal  Government is also secretly purchasing masses of MP-40 sub-machineguns but that this purchase has remained secret (unlike the ammunition purchase).

As illustrated in the new series ‘Flashpoint’ (which I encourage all patriots to watch to see how a SWAT murder team operates), the MP-40 is a highly suppressive, highly effective weapon for close-in combat.

Its rate of fire is superb.

If mass home invasions against gun owners is what the Federal Government has in mind, the MP-40 with hollow points is a very effective combination.

Only an assault rifle on full auto (which most half-knowledgeable gun owners already know how to do) can trump a squad with MP-40’s.

The only question remaining is….who will be pulling the triggers.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Police: Stop Being FBI Dogs

Police departments of America, please grow up.

Grow up and stop accepting FBI jurisdiction over crime scenes which fall under YOUR jurisdiction.

If the crime happened in YOUR town, city, county and state YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITIES have first dibs on the grisly aftermath.

You have the right to investigate because it happened in YOUR backyard.

Stop excluding yourselves from all the MASSACRES that the Federal Government is perpetrating through its own and in collaboration with foreign intelligence agencies.

The FBI is nothing but a cover-up operation.

They cover-up at Federally perpetrated false flag crime scenes by cordoning off the area, confiscating vital evidence, sealing video camera footage, and putting forth TOTALLY FALSE ACCOUNTS of what really happened.

They did this at Waco. They did this at Oklahoma City. THey did this at the assassination scene of Senator Wellstone. THey did this at Ruby Ridge. They did this in Tucson, where Rep. Giffords was shot. They did this in Aurora and they did this in Wisconsin at the Sikh Temple.

The versions the FBI puts forth at all these crime scenes is not only false but totally unbelievable.

It is hard to argue with them because they SEAL ALL THE EVIDENCE and TELL WITNESSES TO SHUT UP (not that witness testimony means anything anyway).

So, local police, investigate your local MASSACRES immediately - take pictures, make copies of video footage ,  take samples, etc, then let the FBI obfuscation team enter.

The FBI uses terrorism as justification to stick its nose into every bloody massacre scene now being perpetrated by Federal Government Special Ops or Mossad teams. In most cases they are on the scene with suspicious speed - sometimes even before the local police can arrive.

So, dear local law enforcement, have the decency to investigate your own local crime scenes, especially if it involves the death of four or more people - get and seal your own evidence THEN let the FBI janitorial squad through.

Its not just your right, its your duty under law.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Fall of Germanic Western Civilization

In Greek drama every tragic hero has a fatal flaw.

This is a flaw that, in spite of all his or endowments, causes the hero’s tragic end.

Civilizations are the same way.

They all carry an ingrained fatal flaw that eventually destroys them.

Whether it’s the heavy handedness of the Assyrians, the conspiratorial nature of the Persians,  the greed of the Romans, the fanaticism of the Muslims, the bureaucratic mind of the Chinese, the brutal religiosity of the Spaniards all of them have eventually fallen from a height of dominance to oblivion due to that fatal flaw.

We are no different.

But in all our arrogance, don’t even see ourselves as a civilization which will rise and fall just like all other civilizations.

Western Civilization, we call ourselves, as if giving it a regional name makes it not a civilization, but a phenomenon.

The West is a geographical direction, not a civilization.

If you look at who trod down Rome in the 5th century, who inherited its culture and you see who this civilization belongs to.

Yes…it was the Germanics who occupied Rome, inherited her torch and built a new civilization upon it.

But we never call ourselves the Germanic Civilization, do we?

Some people have gone far enough to call it Anglo Civilization, but that term is incorrect and incomplete - the Anglos, like the Saxons…were themselves Germanics.

For some reason, the German barbarians – the latest population group to be shoved into that peninsula called Europe created the first civilization to really sublimate the entire world.

Was it the tribal independence, the skyrocketing population, the religious standardization, the thirst for trade, the separate yet collaborating confederate structure akin to that of the ancient Greeks?

Whatever it was, it resulted in the Industrial Revolution, the social evolution that put us at the head of all other civilizations.

The Romans had invented the steam engine, the Chinese had invented gun powder, the Arabs had invented ocean crossing ships…only the Germanics put it all together into something that would make them capable of projecting power and dominating the world.

The term gunboat diplomacy refers to a technique as old as the Vikings.

Do as we want or we show up off your coast…and destroy your trade.

In concept, there really isn’t much difference between a Viking ship and an aircraft carrier, is there?

Notice that the same technique has survived 1500 years.

The civilizations of the world had a name for the Germanics – ‘sea devils.’

How much has really changed?

If you look at the bullying US Navy, you can see that we have remained the Viking ‘sea devils’ we have always been.

Unfortunately, the Germanics carried an innate flaw which other societies seemed to lack.

They were…and are…innate control freaks.

It was the Germanic Emperor Theodosius who first prohibited the practice of any religion save Christianity within the Roman Empire.

It was the Germanic ‘Holy Roman Emperor’ Charlemagne who forcefully converted or put to death all the Germans who happened to be pagans.

It was the Germanic descendants of the Franks who launched the Albigensian Crusade of genocide in France against fellow Christians who just happened to worship Christ…in a slightly different way.

It seems standardization is a Germanic necessity.

Independence of thought, action and culture disturbs the Germanic mind.

It was the Germanic (not the Muslims or any other) civilization which prohibited the practice of any other religion save their own…and punished anyone not of that religion with expulsion and death.

The Pope – the one and only mouth of God upon the Earth – was a Germanic invention.

In spite of their success, there is something innately wrong with the Germanics.

They can’t seem to sleep at night when they know there is someone somewhere with a successful different religion, different system and a different way of doing things than their own.

This seems to upset their restless and paranoid minds.

More than anything, the Germanics want control.

Because the Germanic is an innate control freak.

The Crusades were launched needlessly against an area of the world which was already open to all.

Because the Germanics had to CONTROL the trade and they HAD to control the Holy Land.

It’s funny that once the control freak Papacy began falling apart during the Reformation, it was the new Germanic religious rebels Luther and Calvin who began burning all ‘heretics’ at the stake, just like the Pope had done.

Like brother like brother.

Germanic paranoia led to the Thirty Years War because Germanic Catholics and Germanic Protestants were paranoid the other side would take over.

It was the psychotic descendent of the Franks, Louis XIV who mouthed ‘I am the State’ and sought to make that statement a reality with the biggest bureaucracy Europe had ever seen.

The bloody persecution of French protestants, the Huguenots, had occurred just a few decades before.

The Germanic absolute dictator and ‘puritan’ Oliver Cromwell had mouthed similar assertions in England just a few decades earlier as well, along with the forced religiosity so reminiscent of the Germanic ‘Roman’ Theodosius.

Nothing came to demonstrate the insatiable, paranoid and self-destructive instinct of the Germanics as the competition between England and France over who would dominate the world.

The stupid conflict bankrupted BOTH empires.

The bankrupt British Empire collapsed into civil war in North America.

The bankrupt French Empire collapsed into bloody revolution.

Like any successful civilization, trade has been the basis of the Germanic order – but trade on their own terms.

The Industrial Revolution gave Germanic Civilization world dominion for the first time.

They proceeded to divide up the world like a cake.

Germanic civilization launched the Opium Wars on China when the Chinese sought some sort control over their own trade in regards to addictive drugs.

The Germanics enslaved the Africans and transplanted them into the Americas and the Caribbean, all in an effort to pursue absolute and total control of the world markets for sugar and cotton.

Through Germanic England's Masonry they took control of all the new independence movements in the Americas.

They dictated to Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia how and what would be done at the point of a bayonet.

Through Masonry and their intelligence services they controlled those areas…and still do to this day.

In the American continent they committed genocide on Native Americans…

…and could not sleep at night because the survivors were still speaking their own language and practicing their own religion.

The Germanic control freaks forced them to convert to Christianity and made the Native Americans forget their culture.

But in spite of all its evil, Germanic civilization succeeded.

By 1900 the world was its footstool.

The Germanic nations of Western Europe and North America became rich from their possessions overseas.

And Germany was the wealthiest of them all…

…waxing rich from overseas capital across the world.

But Germany was unhappy.

You see, control freak Germany did not CONTROL huge overseas territories like England and France did.

It didn’t matter that it had already been mathematically proven that empires cost more than they bring in and end up bankrupting the nations that start them.

Germany did not CONTROL large portions of the world like the English and French did and CONTROL is what she wanted – not wealth, not well being, not a good standard of living, nor trade, but CONTROL, absolute total CONTROL of its portion of the gigantic areas of resources and trade available in the world!

Yes, CONTROL to satisfy her Germanic insecurity and paranoia.

And that’s how it came to be that at the apex of Germanic civilization – an era of unsurpassed wealth and well being and peace at the beginning of the 20th century ended in the most bloody and horrible war the Germanics had ever seen…

….for no good reason at all!

That’s right.

The first decade of the 20th Century was the most peaceful, prosperous, secure and wealthiest Europe had ever known…or would ever know.

Germany resolved that since she did not CONTROL any overseas largesse (though she was bloated with overseas capital on which she gorged herself more than anyone else) she would create her own ‘empire’ by taking Russia.

Both WW-I and WW-II were caused by Germany’s paranoia and obsession with POSESSING the resources and markets to make her (in her own mind) sovereign and independent of the rest of the world.

It didn’t matter that Germany had access to all the markets and the resources she wanted…

…she didn’t POSESS them, and that was the ONLY thing that mattered…the only thing that obsessed her.

So the Germanics engaged in two gigantic and self-destructive wars over paranoia and control freakdom - WWI and WW-II.

In the process, it was not the Germanics but the Russians who ended up with half of Europe, China and Southeast Asia under their sphere.

And at the end of the second part of the war for Germanic control paranoia, the United States emerged as the world leader.

Then the very Germanic United States established her Pax Americana over the remainder of the world…

…her very Germanic control freak Pax Americana.

Neither Japan, nor Germany, nor the rest of Europe and the free world would be allowed to have serious armies (secret and iron bound treaties made sure of this).

The United States was paranoid about letting any of her ‘allies’ have any army large enough to defend and define them.

American leaders justified this paranoia by saying that if they let allied nations have large armies, they would start wars on their own and start trouble within the ‘Pax.’

This is why American troops died uselessly in Korea and Vietnam.

This is why Japan and Western Europe do not have armed forces worthy of the name and are totally reliant on the United States for defense.

The paranoid control freak American empire did not trust ANY allied nation enough to let them arm themselves and define their own sovereignty.

Finally, in 1991 The Cold War ‘ended,’ and instead of satiating herself, the American Empire showed itself to be the true control freak empire it really was by throwing itself upon on the axis of the world – the Middle East...and seek to control all of it.

It invaded Afghanistan.

It invaded Iraq.

It imposed itself on the entire region…

…not because it needed its oil, but because it had to CONTROL ALL OF IT in order to CONTROL the world.

It transferred all its industry to China so it could hold economic sway over that nation.

It cowed its own restless populations with a control freak Gestapo called the Department of Homeland Security.

It turned the Border Patrol into a national internal police force.

Sensing its loss of control over its own population, it moved to completely control it – both in the United States and Europe.

It installed cameras in every highway and every city.

It put drones in the air to watch the population.

It spied on every phone conversation and every computer keystroke in the country.

It made plans to put a spy chips in every product.

It installed smart meters in every home to KNOW what the residents were doing every second of their lives.

It put cameras in TVs.

It put tracking devices in cell phones.

It plans to chip every man woman and child with spy ID chips.

It sought to create, control and copyright creation itself through genetically modified crops.

(See what I mean when I say 'control freak'?)

Nothing would get in its way over its power-capping control of the world’s oil supply…

…its submission of China…

…its control or subjection over all of  Europe (including Russia)…

But what can you expect from a Germanic nation?

Sooner or later America had to give in to its Germanic paranoid schizophrenic control freak madness…and it did…with a vengeance.

The endgame is now very likely to be the Western World’s submission to the very Germanic philosophy…of Marxism.

That’s right.

Marxism was established in London…and financed by Germany.

The centralized bureaucracy of Marxism has an innate appeal to the Germanic mind.

And nowhere did Marxism function more smoothly than it did in East Germany.

If there is any philosophy of absolute control, this is it.

Never mind that it is a step backward in every aspect.

Under Marxism, all capital is owned by the State (or better said, those who control the state).

Talk about absolute CONTROL!

With such a basis, Marxism has out-done feudalism.

With this retrograde and grotesque regression towards the Middle Ages,  Marxism presents itself as the final swansong of Germanic civilization in all its control freak glory.

This is the End of Western Civilization as we know and the beginning of its dark age…

…brought down by a paranoid orgy of Germanic control freak tendency.

Absolute control and dominance was, is and always will be the fatal Germanic flaw.

And like any control freak who seeks absolute control, Germanic civilization will exhaust itself into collapse through its unmitigated pursuit.

Meanwhile, its exhausted populations are being replaced by Latins in North America and Muslims in Europe.

Its coffers are empty and its currencies are disintegrating.

While the Germanic control freak mind seeks to gain absolute control of the entire world through something called the New World Order.

The New World Order will be a Marxist Socialist control grid enforced by computers, satellites, tracking technology, weather control, mind control and glorified prison guards.

If you can mark the fall of the Republic as the beginning of the Dark Age of Rome.

You can mark the beginning of the New World Order as the fall of Germanic civilization.

But it doesn’t have to be the end necessarily…yet.

Rome languished in a sociopolitical and economic dark age for 500 years before it finally collapsed (establishment historians called it the glorious days of the Roman Empire).

On the other hand, the Greek Empire self-destructed immediately.

So who knows.

But of one thing you can be sure…

…if ever there comes a time comes when man finally reaches the stars,  you can be the leaders of this new great endeavor…will no longer be the Germanics.

Their time is already passing.

Their civilization is already submerging itself into a dark age.