Friday, August 25, 2017

WannaCry: Practice Run for Total Shutdown

The dry run for the shutdown of the United States began in May, 2017.

It was then that a powerful new type of virus (of a type called a trojan) made its appearance.

The new WannaCry virus which appeared was indeed a sophisticated and frightning creature.

Supposedly a ‘ransomware’ program, which holds your computer hostage, it encrypts all of your files and then threatens to erase them if a ransom is not transmitted electronically in Bitcoin.

The attack occurred unexpectedly and the virus was seemingly everywhere in Europe and the United States.

It struck UK Hospitals, Renault, and other corporations in Russia, China, Poland, England and Spain.

Shocking was the virus’s ability to...

1) be transmitted from computer to computer without anyone ever having to open any files...or access any sites. All one had to do is leave the computer connected to the Internet - the virus makes its way by itself!


The attack progressed quickly until a ‘hero of the hour’ appeared and the attack was ‘stopped in its tracks’ as if by a miracle.

The hero was the Cisco corporation, who discovered the antidote by “accident” when they found the URL which was spreading the virus, registered it, took control of it and shut it down.

Now...I don’t believe in heroes...I don’t believe in miracles...and I don’t believe inf fairy tales - like this one.

What Cisco actually did was simply shut down the dry run of a drill...which seemed to have turned out to be a resounding success.

It was a practice drill for infecting and destroying the computers of the West which was launched by Microsoft and the NSA!

Come on, IBM is an intelligence front for the NSA.

Bill Gates is an NSA asset.

Did you know Bill Gates, IBM and Microsoft are intelligence fronts for the NSA?

The French Newspaper Le Monde exposed Gates as a US intelligence mole decades ago. No word of this discovery in the United States, however.

 The Reality: Microsoft is an NSA front founded by an NSA agent - Bill Gates

Bill Gates talents were seen wanting when he was simply hired by the NSA to pose as a hack and buy the DOS operating system from its original ‘inventor’ who then simply let Bill Gates have DOS and build his fortune. Bill Gates in actuality invented nothing!

The truth?

The NSA simply gave Bill Gates the DOS operating system on which he built his fortune.

DOS and ‘Windows’ (the operating system Gates supposedly invented to handle DOS) became widespread and gained universal acceptance WORLDWIDE.

And you know, there are two miracles in the history of the English-speaking people.

1) they made English the universal language of the world


2) they made Windows the universal operating system of the world.

Undoubtedly, there must have been all sorts of shadowy shenanigans to make this happen like bribery, betrayal, blackmail and murder, but why think about that?

The miracle was, that in spite of all the software expertise in this world and many private developments of software platforms (like Linux and Unix) it was only WINDOWS that pulled ahead of everyone and gained in spite of its many shitty incarnations.

Later Bill Gates (being the talentless stooge that he is)just STOLE Apple’s system of mouse cursor and icons and used it as part of Windows.

No challenge, no problems, no fuss.

Today Windows still sucks and has as many back doors as San Francisco has glory holes...but its still popular because the entire infrastructure of the data industry is based on it.

In fact, the armed forces of many countries run their army’s on Windows (which is stupid, as the Iraqi Army found out in 1991 when its entire infrastructure was sabotaged by the NSA).

But back to the story.

The NSA and its tool, Microsoft introduced the WannaCry Virus in a dry run for cyber-attack on the Western World.

What? You thought the NSA was our friend?

Did you ever hear of a CIA-NSA-FBI joint operation called 9-11?


On April, 2017,a mysterious group called ‘Shadow Brokers’ released a hacking cache of programs to the public...which included Double Pulsar and Eternal Blue (hacking tools which targeted Microsoft's vulnerability) and which were indeed ‘stolen’ from the NSA.

The cache also provided enough tools to be quickly added to other publicly available tools

In the spy game, ‘stolen’ is a word used to justify the covert handing over or classified information to a mole traitor which then delivers it to the enemy.

On March 14, 2017, Microsoft released the security update for Windows (which included to credit to its creator, as they normally do) which corrected the vulnerablity created by this publicly released software. Too late!

By May 12, 2017, Double Pulsar and Eternal Blue had been implanted in 400,000 computers supposedly by independent hackers who discovered, opened and used the unsolicited free hacking software.
It was soon discovered the program is able to copy itself from one computer to another on a local network...and even transmit itself over the internet...with no human interaction whatsoever.

Once the virus worms itself into a computer, it immediately gets to work, executing one malicious command after another.

I am not even mentioning the ransomware aspect of it, because that is simply a distraction of what a DESTROYER this virus is.

Spreading quickly across the world, the virus began targeting the corporations of the West.

Meanwhile, the reaction to this EMERGENCY by both Microsoft and the NSA was slow and lackadaisical with a complete lack of urgency or even warning to the rest of the word.
As mentioned the program soon spread itself from computer to computer through the Internet.

And once in it ordered the computer to EAT ITSELF -start destroying (erasing) all its files and programs right down to the operating system itself.

What you had after the infestation of this virus was basically a dead and empty computer.

The distraction I was talking about - the ‘ransom’ aspect of the program - was quirky, frequently did not work and was often phony (like the front that it was) nor did it seriously try to collect any money (supposedly the main reason for the WannaCry virus.

So yes - the ‘ransom’ aspect of this ‘ransomeware’ was just a cover for the reason to unleash this KILLER VIRUS.

It created havoc across America and Europe in very little time.

And there were other follow up viruses, some originating in the Ukraine, which added to the havoc., like destroying the computers of British Airways with a massive IT crash.

But let’s concentrate on the facts here.

A shadowy group called ‘Shadow Brokers’ releases free hacking software cache publicly through the Internet - a hacking cache which was PROVEN AND ADMITTED to have been ‘stolen’ from the NSA.

The virus quickly proceeds to spread through the Internet on Windows platforms while both Microsoft and the NSA do nothing.

The virus quickly spreads and creates HAVOC.

Let’s replay that, using our reality glasses:

An NSA front called Shadow Brokers, releases a free cache of hacking tools (created by the NSA) which contains the WannaCry Virus.

Independent hackers (supposedly) discover, open and start utilizing the NSA hacking tools throughout the Internet.

The Virus soon spreads and begins causing havoc with computers across the world.

Microsoft (whose Window vulnerability the virus exploits) and the NSA (whose main job is cyber-security) do NOTHING!

The virus soon spreads out of control, shutting down entire corporations and banks (a fact kept secret from the public).

Suddenly Cisco (another US intelligence front company) saves the day by shutting down the URL from which the virus is spread.

Any investigation as to who, what and where this URL was established, NSA?

Didn’t think so.

The danger is over as the evil virus-spouting URL is shut down by a private corporation (i.e. no thanks to the NSA or Microsoft).

Like I said, I don’t believe in fairy tales.

The dry run was simply shut down by the NSA to keep from creating premature world cyber-havoc.

A miraculous happy ending, according to the controlled media, Microsoft and the NSA.

What was not emphasized?

1) this was a live drill - a practice run - carried out by the NSA

2) the WannaCry virus spread automatically form computer to computer using the Internet

3) the virus DESTROYED computers en masse, leaving them empty and useless

4) the dry run was suddenly brought to halt, like any controlled experiment.

Now, let’s use our imaginations a little bit.

Can you imagine what a militarized covert version of WannaCry could to the world?

No, don’t imagine, calculate! what could happen when WannaCry infiltrates and DESTROYS our...

...municipal water network...

...electrical grid...

...banking structure...

‘...medical infrastructure...

...rail network...

...stock market...

...nuclear power plants...

...traffic lights...


...It’s All Run by Computers, Folks!!!

Now before continuing, let me remind that the WannaCry is a virus that spreads itself...and eats computers from the inside out...leaving them empty dead husks of what they used to be...

...but while we’re at it, why not delve into true evil and speculate what they might do with it.

As a matter of course, the NSA has made it clear, it might engage in A COVERT ATTACK ON AMERICA AND EUROPE.

After all, you don’t think an agency involved in carrying out 9-11 is a friend of the United States, do you?

And if NSA-sponsored Communist Chinese and Russian participation in our GridEx  power grid wargames is any indication, then you can pretty much guess on which side the NSA (like the CIA) is on.

Is GridEx really a practice on how to protect ourselves against cyber-attack on our grid...or how to coordinate with the Russia and China on how to bring it down?

Nevertheless, I am sure you can imagine what a cyber-attack (by our own intelligence agencies) on our infrastructure can have on our society.

No water, no money, no commerce, no electricity, no traffic lights, no transport of goods, no rail, no air traffic, etc.

But it gets better (or should I say, WORSE).

Recently they have been speculating on how an EMP (Electrical Magnetic Pulse) can be produced by an atomic bomb in sub-orbital space can draw us back to the stone age.

Again, I don’t believe in fairy tales...and I don’t believe an un-tested theory whose effect has never been tested in the real world will suddenly bring fantastic results akin to the movie ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’.

And it that weren’t enough, not the theory comes out that a mere ‘solar flare’ could knock out all power on Earth.

Do you know how far the Sun is from the Earth?

Do you know what the Ionosphere is? I was saying about fairy tales.

Read Below for all the reasons

The Solar Flare / Nuclear EMP LIE!

But the fact of it NOT being possible is no deterrent to the possibility that it won’t happen anyway...and that it will all be blamed on either a Solar EMP (in peacetime) or a nuclear EMP (in during wartime).

Both are false whoppers as far as explanations go.

But imagine if a virus like WannaCry is deployed.

Not obviously, nor imminently, nor openly...

...but covertly, secretly and invisibly like a Trojan virus.

True, WannaCry viruses could be used by opposing sides to infect the world into a virtual stone age or... used in a giant plot using either the nuclear or solar EMP fairy tale to conceal the real cause of an engineered catastrophe...

Under this scenario, the virus would enter millions of computers unnoticed and totally ignored...and then just sit there and do nothing....

...until the signal is given (most probably around 3:00 am in the morning local time) for the Trojan to activate.

Immediately the computer-eating Trojans get to work, turning computers into empty husks by the time people start arriving at work.

Leave the rest to the corporate controlled mass media.

“Iran detonates an EMP!” or “Solar Flare Wipes Out Society!” might be the headlines appearing right after the event.

The truth will be, of course, that everything has been eaten up overnight by a WannaCry type Trojan virus...deployed by the NSA itself.

Well, what’d ya know, overnight you got your martial law and your medieval peasant society all rolled into one.

This is why I think fairy tales are also dangerous.

They fool people into believing them...

...instead of running out, arresting the perpetrators...and hanging them from the highest rafters!

True computer virus attacks like this could be avoided by simple security features like having computers activate modems only when Internet access is activated by the user...or just plugging and unplugging the Ethernet wire by hand when one stops using the Internet.

But the purpose of the Internet was never safety and security, was it?

It was control.

And that is exactly what it does so well.

The NSA has clearly demonstrated its capacity in making computer-eating viruses and its propensity of releasing them into the world at large.

Janet Napolitan clearly stated in her farewell (to Homeland Security) speech that it was not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ our infrastructure would be taken down by a cyber-attack.

As an Federal and National Intelligence covert agent...she WAS in a position to know.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Charlottesville Provocateur Propaganda

What happened in Charlottesville, Va was nothing more than a staged piece of provocateuring false flag propaganda.

Sometimes I wonder how smart the Illuminati really are, to be staging shit like this and expecting us to follow along in a monkey-see-monkey-do manner.

Then I saw the follow up ‘march’ in Boston and I thought “yeah, we really ARE this stupid.’

The Boston ‘protest’ was again a reaction against a gathering of racists and ‘nazis’...that didn’t prevent the demonstrators holding up signs calling Trump a racist and calling for his impeachment.

Oh, I get it now, it was an ANTI-TRUMP protest...disguised as an anti-Nazi rally (other sources were saying it was an anti-racist rally...whatever).

But get the message?

It was an anti-racist rally in reaction to a Nazi rally (which in the end attracted a mere 50 Nazi provocateurs).

This dwarfed the other sided "protesting racism" which numbered THOUSANDS.

But the massive anti-racist demonstration in Boston was advertised in the media as being held against the ‘conservatives’ who were rallying.

But the nation got the message.

The Bostonian provocateurs and their stooges who had rallied against the Nazis ultimately came out guessed it:Trump...because (get it)..Trump is a racist Nazi, along with all his supporters.

That makes as perfect does the bait and switch mid rally reality in which the media irresponsibly depicts Trump and his supporters as Nazis.

Now the prior Charlottsville rally was advertised to the public as a patriotic rally to save Southern war memorials and monuments.

When gullible patriotic Americans showed up to support not destroying their monuments,  they were met by gaggles of helmeted and armed agent provocateurs dressed up as Nazis and Klu Klux Klanners and posing as allies.

The smarter patriotic Americans turned right around and went home.

The ones who wanted to defend their monuments shrugged and stayed.

Boy was THAT  a mistake.

For soon, coming right around the corner were masses and masses of Antifa counter-protesters as well armed as the Nazis....

...while the police seemed aloof and distant from it all.

The gullible Americans who stayed had just made themselves part of a phony provocateuring false flag operation using BOTH sides as its pawns.

The were subject to the brutal threats and attacks of the Antifa, especially when the police FORCED the far-right protesters to run the gauntlet right through the Antifa protesters.

Needless to say A LOT of media was present to film the proceedings.

Actually BOTH sides belonged to the New World Order.

The pro-monument rally was put together by an ex-Obamamite and Occupy Wall Streeter who was now posing as a conservative.

And, of course, the whole thing was designed to happen a mere 100 miles southwest of ‘The Swamp’ of Washington D.C.

The conservative boobs and real liberals who stuck around were the true cannon fodder of this event who got torn apart by well trained and well conditioned Antifa fighters one side and well equipped and trained Nazis on the other.

The Nazis and Klanners were too well protected by helmets and bullet proof vests to even get scratched.

The Media did the rest.

The pro-monument conservatives who showed up were labeled as ‘Trump supporters, Nazis and racists’ and if you didn’t believe that, they unfurled a giant Nazi flag, made Heil Hitler gestures and marched in full Klan regalia.


‘Trump is a racist!’

‘His supporters  are all Nazis and Klanners!’

‘But don’t worry, ANTIFA is coming to the rescue!’

I think somebody has to have brain damage to believe such infantile nonsense, but there it is.

‘Trump and his followers are Nazis!’

‘Antifa is rescuing America!’

A sacrifical boob form the left was also rendered when a car ran over and killed her as it plowed into a crowd.

Was the car remote controlled, was the lunatic driving the car mind-controlled?

It was all meant to be.

As for me, the minute a protest I am attending starts unfurling Nazi flags and people start putting on their Klu Klux Klan outfits, and they are not told to leave the protest, I am outta there!

No way I’ll be part of that.


Because it is a false flag, and it wants to make you part of it!

Why don’t you just dress me up as a Nazi-Klanner Clown, put a red nose on me, and beat me bloody with a baseball bat?

It is also propaganda, wanting to make America believe American conservatives are Nazis, Klanners and racists!

Get yourself the hell out of there!!!!

Because they’re going keep doing it.

Soros, ADL and FBI organisms assembled BOTH sides of the protests...catching a lot of innocent Americans as boobs and cannon fodder for blood with which to consecrate the protests.

The Boston protest was an even bigger LIE when the media got together to state that Boston was protesting the Conservatives and Trump (they were actually protesting the Klan and Nazis - of which not more than 50 showed up.

What a humungus fucking lie!

‘So to arms, fellow Americans!’ the Media crowed.

‘Boston is rising up against Trump!’

What a complete lie!

But don’t worry, it’s not going to end soon.

There are going to be MORE and MORE staged protests, covered by MORE and MORE lying media and victimizing MORE and MORE innocent Americans.

These insider people are good at this and they have been falsely provocateuring for centuries.

But remember, it’s all staged (and paid for) to add texture and a false narrative to what they are doing - collapsing the United States of America.

The Nazis, Klanners and Anarchists are going to keep showing up. It doesn’t matter that most of them are ADL, FBI, CIA provocateurs.

If the protest organizers are too stupid to tell these people to leave, the YOU should leave.

The government will continue to infiltrate bring down conservative rallies.

Do not participate side-by-side with these provocateurs, especially when there are A LOT of them (because that rally has been well financed).

They have seeded their agents amongst us.

They are out to label patriotic Americans as racists...and then subject them to the brutality of street justice, police action and arrest.


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Illuminati WW-III: Answer to North Korea

North Korea is a puppet state created by Soviet Russia immediately after WW-II.

It was the result of America having invited Russia to enter the Pacific Theater to help America defeat Japan.

The thing was we really needed no help.

In 1945 our advance across the Pacific had shrunken Imperial Japan to little more than its core territory and put her within regular bombing range of our air force, which ruled the skies.

Her sea routes had been cut by our submarines

Unknown to many, Japan was already making proposals to surrender even as she began starving to death.

For us, it was all just a matter of letting Japan rot on the vine.

But the Communists here in America had another idea: "why not let the Soviet Union (Russia) enter the war?"

After all an invasion of Japan would cost us a million more lives!

The fact that our new atomic bomb weapon was standing by, ready to be used was discarded, like all troublesome facts are by the crypto-Communist scenario builders.

Russia HAD to enter the Pacific War, according to these secret Communists, because an invasion of Japan would cost us too many American men.

It didn't occur to any of these fellows that all America had to do to win is just...sit by and wait!

Soviet Russia had already stuck its unwelcome nose in the Pacific War by funding China's Communist guerrilla movement against Japan on the mainland.

Now the American Communists opened the gates of Asia to them.

And the Soviets charged in!

The Soviet Blitzkrieg rammed right into Manchuria and made its way halfway down the Korean peninsula before our atomic bomb (which we suddenly noticed was available) ended the war and forced Japan's surrender.


We Could have either bombed Japan or left Japan cut off Japan to force its surrender.

By inviting  Russia's entry, all we did was hand over China and North Korea as further recruits of the Communist Empire.

We are paying for that today.

Boy are we paying!

Ergo North Korea.

China and North Korea were joint acquisitions of the Communist Empire of Soviet Russia.

They were both Communist nations which operated under the direction of Soviet Russia....and still do today.

And yes, Russia is still 'Soviet' Russia, I don't care how much you admire Putin - a murderous Communist.
(read below)



So we got stuck with Communist China, which protected the North Korean regime after we kicked its ass for attempting  to take South Korea.

  And eventually indeed, China kicked OUR ASS and kicked US out of North Korea (thanks to the help of the CIA - which kept all Chinese military movements secret) and its agents in the State Department -  who kept us from going all out against China.

But let me repeat this.

China kicked US out of North Korea after we invade it.

And let me say this about China too.

China was responsible for our defeat in Vietnam (along with the Communists in the State Department) due to us pulling our punches because of CHINA'S THREAT of entering the Vietnam War as well.

That's two Chinese-caused defeats, folks - Korea and Vietnam!

The second defeat (due to Communist agents within our government and society) actually caused the ABOLISHMENT of the draft here in America.


If that isn't demolishing America, I don't know what is!

Oh, but why stop there?

China (with here State Department Communist buddies) is also responsible for the single-handed demolition of the American Economy!

One would think that the complete de-industrialization of America would be nothing less than than a shocking event heralded the world over (since we only accomplished such a thing with Germany and Japan only after years of round-the-clock bombing!).

But no excitement across the world or at home at all.

We simply packed up all our industries (and jobs and wealth and economic viability that goes along with it) and SHIPPED IT ALL TO COMMUNIST CHINA!

Meanwhile...the sound of crickets.

I guess nothing (important) really happened.

So there.

The Communist Chinese kicked out our Chinese Nationalist Allies out of China, made us lose the Korean War, made us lose the Vietnam War, brought down the Draft and destroyed our economy...and became the world's number one economic power.

  I think perhaps we don't respect Communist Chinese accomplishment enough, don't you?

But why all this talk about Communist China?

Let me re-state the point:

China controls North Korea.

China has given North Korea nuclear weapons.

Russia controls China.

I know this is hard to believe for all the  pro-Putin worshipers, but there it is.

Russia has played us.

China has played us.

America is akin to the clueless dummy with the big butt everybody likes to fool and pick on during recess.

Russia and China like slapping clueless America HARD across his butt, flicking America's earlobes and stickling out a foot to make America fall HARD on the asphalt, while giving America monkey punches on the nards.

That's right, fellow Americans. 

America has been, is and continues to be played with by these Communist masqueraders, while American Communists in our own State Department who should have been hanged a long time ago,  play around with our government and stick broom handles up our collective assholes.

But back to North Korea.

North Korea is a puppet of Communist China and (indirectly) of Communist Russia.

As such it is part of the joint operation by Russia and China on America called WW-III.

Anything North Korea does is on the behalf of China and Russia and for the cause of Communist victory.

North Korea is a PAWN to be sacrificed for the success of the Sino-Russian alliance.

But for now, please understand what a pawn is.

You see the pawns in the game of Chess.

A PAWN'S sole reason is to SACRIFICE itself in the sole interest tricking, distracting or provoking the opponent to fall into some strategy it's master had dreamed up to defeat his opponent.

North Korea is merely a PAWN to make sure to start WW-III...with the West off balance...and Russia and China in a superior position.

Kim Jong Il is expendable.

The North Korean people are expendable.

The importance of the future of North Korea is nothing important.

The important thing is that North Korea do her part to start the US and its allies on the wrong foot in WW-III.

What is the wrong foot?

Well, how about the US deploying ALL its forces to Korea...

...while the Russia attacks Europe.

Or how about...

America starts WW-III with ALL its bases in the Pacific nuked by North Korea...

...and with no supporting infrastructure to support a war with...China!

It doesn't matter that by the time this happens, North Korea is a pile of ash.

Or how about North Korea nuking all the airfields in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.... an appetizer for an all out Chinese attack into those places.

But before proceeding, let me mention just one important thing...

...China is also expendable.

Oh yeah, the Chinese might today consider themselves the overlords of the Pacific and a future world power with a bright future.

But the truth is that CHINA itself is there merely to act as a PAWN for the ultimate victory of Russia.


The US Navy deploys all its ships to the Pacific for war against China...

...and leaves the Atlantic supply line to Europe unprotected...

...from Russian submarines.

Or how about an America already tenderized by a mutually devastating nuclear exchange with China... surrendering to Russia upon being informed that RUSSIA plans a SECOND nuclear strike if she doesn't?

Gotterdamerung anyone?

Didn't think so.

But where were we?

Oh yeah, North Korea.

The point of it all is this?

We need in TODAY...a nuclear foreign policy that will STOP this dead-man-walking towards defeat and destruction.

We need to tell off China and Russia NOW...

...because China and Russia are the ones who are using North Korea as a pawn to threaten, intimidate...and ultimately strike us.

Let's not play this stupid game anymore.


Now we have to make a counter move.

Tell China quietly, but seriously...

...that it has very little time to reverse itself...



That's it.

Most of them can build their own nuclear weapons anyway.

They have the nuclear and ballistic technology to do it.

 And the remainder can purchase nuclear weapons on the black market.

How do you think China will feel to wake with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philppines, Singapore, Thailand and Australia all sporting nuclear weapons aimed at her?

Escalation you say?

An invitation to provoke armageddon?

Maybe you missed the point.

China has ALREADY escalated by arming and using North Korea to threaten us and our allies.

Now it's time we do the same.

And if China feels comfortable surrounded by enemy nations sporting nuclear weapons, then let her continue her present policy.

Meanwhile we have to set our foot down.

If North Korea gets nuclear weapons, then EVERYBODY GETS THEM!

Chances are we will save our own skin and that of millions of others by DOING THIS NOW!!!

We must answer with an eye for an eye.

The nuclear genie is already out of the bottle.

Our counter to China's proliferation of nuclear weapons must be...