Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Obama Distraction

The Obama administration has to be the the most evil and dangerous administrations ever to occupy the White House.

It is especially insidious because most of what it does is secret.

We find out what it has done only later - after the fact.

The average American does not know his employer now has to report him to the Federal Government and must wait for Federal approval before hiring him.

The average American does not know America is now officially a 'battlefield' and that the government can declare any American an 'enemy combatant.'

The average American does not know our nuclear arsenal has been reduced by a third through executive order.

The average American does not know Obamacare puts both his finances and his very being under the supervision of the Federal Government.

Nobody knows anything.

And while everybody is busy knowing nothing, Dictator Obama does whatever he wants.

Like murdering the US Ambassador in Benghazi for instance.

Or bugging Congress with eavesdropping devices.

Or forcing news agencies to surrender their sources.

All of the above was starting to get a bit too hot for the administration to handle.

So this lame IRS 'investigation' was created out of thin air to distract the American public from finding out that the administration is murdering ambassadors, threatening news agencies and bugging Congress.

Bengazi, Bugged Congress and Threatened Associated Press - THESE are the real stories.

The IRS intimidating political enemies at the command of the executive is NOTHING NEW. Presidential administrations have been doing this for the last 100 years (if not before). In fact, there have been entire books written about it!

It takes a pretty dumb and uninformed person not to see the slight of hand being used here to distract the public from the fact that we have a murderous traitor as President of the United States.

Yet no conspiracy pundit (as far as I know) has labeled the IRS 'scandal' as a distraction from the real Benghazi, AP, Congressional Bugging scandals.

And the play-along media is making it all possible.

Obama can do whatever he wants and pull off distractions like this because the media behaves like the administration's little lap dog, jumping on what Uncle Obama wants them to jump on.

This is why Obama is so untouchable and nothing sticks to the guy – a real 'slick willie' who is slicker than Bill Clinton.

More than the Obama administration, it is the MEDIA which is putting the Benghazi, Conress and AP scandals aside and stressing the IRS non-story.

As for the Obama Administration, I can only call it a labyrinth of evil about which we have no clue as to what is happening therein.

The guy has taken to sealing White House visitation records and signing SECRET EXECUTIVE ORDERS!

The IRS hen-pecking scandal is a distraction – the Benghazi, AP and Congressional scandals (any one of which is enough to derail a presidency) are being ignored.