Saturday, February 2, 2019

Grid Down: What to Watch Out For

By now you might have heard of the exploding power transformers on the East Coast…along with the accompanying residual damage to ATMs, banks, credit cards, EBT cards and even the Internet.

And yes, this is a follow up to my latest article on how they are about to use the centralized, Internet-based and totally insecure power grid created under NERC to basically shut off our power.

In one footage one can actually see the wires burning with a surge of electrical power, even as they overload the transformers, causing it to eventually explode and burn.

I am sure you saw the ‘light show’ which turned the sky blue as the transformers began exploding (from being over charged) in New York.

But it was a bit more than that.

It was a tactical strike over certain strategic transformers which led to loss of service over certain credit cards, banks, EBT and ATMs.

It was a planned taking out of certain transformers which in turn took out major parts of our infrastructure.

So they are testing out the new NERC-modified power grid and using it as a test run to burn out and explode certain strategic power transformers, and shutting down a lot of our services as a result.

It was a test run.

The transformers were not major ones, but still important enough to have a noticeable effect on the infrastructure of society, which was not a nationwide catastrophe, but disruptive enough to prove they are now read to disrupt society with a power outage based on the taking out of our power transformers…through computer-driven surges on our power grid.

So America, with its new and ‘improved’ power grid modified by NERC for the lasts 20  years is now ready for the take down.

So let’s make thing clear: NERC is an electrical corporation under the United Nations which has been given absolute powers by the US government in running and modifying our electrical grid and a mandate in having its orders obeyed by our electrical authority.

It’s main purpose has been to sabotage the American power grid by centralizing it and making it open to hacking.

The recent transformer light show is a test run for the downfall of America.

In case you haven’t noticed, there was not explanation for these transformers exploding over and over again as they were surged with massive amounts of electricity by the power grid. What happened? No need to concern ourselves with that?

Any way, my point is the media could have blamed it all on whatever. No need for sensible explanations or common sense. Humanity is a bit beyond the need for logical thought or explanations right now. It could have been blamed on a Solar Flare, an EMP or even a Computer Virus.

So what follows is a set of questions about the (false) narrative likely to emerge following a power grid attack (and that is what it will be ) upon America.

-Is there any proof or footage of the supposed EMP nuclear explosion (or explosions) which caused the event?

-Did the EMP lights out occur all at once or in a rolling fashion?

-Which part of the country has been affected? (the entire nation being affected would be an indication of a false flag scenario)

-Was the EMP damage universal or just power-gird based? (were all cars and computers affected or just the power grid)?

-Did the Large Power Transformers burn (or explode) and why? If so, how did the EMP cause a transformer-destroying surge of power?


-Did the Solar Flare affect the entire world or Just us?

-Is there any proof or footage of a Solar Flare actually occurring?

-Was there an advance warning of a dangerous Solar Flare actually on its way?

-Did it take 8-10 minutes between the Solar Flare and lights out? (it takes ten minutes for sunlight to travel to Earth).

-how and from where did the Virus enter our Grid?

-Where did the Virus come from?

-Why weren’t the LPTs (Large Power Transformers) turned off before being destroyed?

-How did our Power Grid become so vulnerable to hacking?

-Was the entire Power Grid affected simultaneously?

-Who is responsible for leaving us wide open?

Don’t expect any of these vital questions to be asked in the event of a power grid failure.

Deborah Tavares in here ‘Stop the Crime’ site just indicated that the power grid has become much more touchy in its performance (again, thanks to NERC mandates and interference).

All of a sudden, twigs are causing black outs by wires coming into contact with trees.

Our grid has been in existence since the 1920’s – no such problems developed until now, decades into the 21st Century. Tavares says the Grid has been purposefully sabotaged and weakened,with the Trees-touching-powerlines-blackout phenomenon making the grid more likely to go out!


Having accepted that our Power Grid has been sabotaged and prepared for demolition and that the power collapse, when it comes, is likely to have been a pre-planned and preordained event…there are a few more things to watch out for:


Watch out for unwarranted sudden and very sure announcements and predictions by the powers that be?

Basically, how can they be so sure of themselves, unless THEY are the very ones who will cause it?

Basically, I am talking about stuff like DHS’s  Janet Napolitano’s self-assured prediction that it is not a matter of “if” but “when” the grid will shut down.

Oh, yeah, they’ll also start yelping about the decrepit state of our infrastructure (and our power grid) and how likely it is to collapse.

The experts like predicting collapse in order to establish a spin and likeliness of it happening.


As you can see with the East Coast transformer explosions, these guys like to carry out dry runs.

Before World Trade Center collapse we had the Oklahoma City Federal building collapse.

Now we are seeing a series of strategically targeted transformers being overloaded and exploded by sudden surges of electrical current…along with the disruption in electronic service (banking, EBTs, ATMs, Phone Service) brought about by their demise.

So watch out for premature burnings, fires,  sudden blackouts, rolling blackouts and service interruptions which will happen prior to the big event as they test out and oil their sabotage machinery.


Pay attention to the details of the event as it happens.

Did the lights go out BEFORE the Large Power Transformers started burning (or exploding) as the electric power used in their destruction was detoured from our homes to the transformers?

Are the LPT’s (Large Power Transformers) exploding or catching fire? Please consider the GIGANTIC power surge necessary to cause this!

How and Why is the power from the Electrical Grid being deviated and concentrated to burn out our Transformers?

Why wasn’t power to the LPT’s cut off as soon as they began to be destroyed? Any breakers or fuses in existence?

Why and how did our Grid become so vulnerable in spite of NERC having promised to work towards HIGHER Grid security for over 20 years?

Most importantly: What was NOT affected by the Grid collapse? My guess: the Pentagon, NSA and Homeland Security infrastructure.

Finally, was America the only target of this Grid collapse – how about her enemies (China, Russia, North Korea, Iran)?

Remember Grid Power Collapse will be nothing more and nothing less than an attack on America assisted by traitors from the inside... along the same lines as 9/11.