Saturday, April 28, 2012

Corrupt Illuminati Concepts Within Our Minds

Before the Illuminati execute their plans, they mold the minds of the population.

This type of mind-warping translates into a form of psychological corruption, along with its characteristics of sovereignty and self-preservation.

The mental corruption is covered up with a frosting of rights, liberty, equality and justice – in other words, something very bad is presented as something very good.

The Illuminati are gigantic hypocrites.

And they love to corrupt populations…before throwing them into the fire.

It’s a prerequisite for ‘revolutionary change.’

Just look at the populations of pre-Communist Russia, pre-Nazi Germany pre-Communist China and pre-Communist Vietnam and you will get sense of the stench of a totally corrupt population.

Corrupted like we are now.

But what’s happening today is something deeper  – our entire set of morals and values are being tossed aside and substituted by the values of the Illuminati and their future society.

And it’s happening without us noticing.

It is seen in the opinions and behavior of the people around us…and in ourselves.

And they continue to go unnoticed until brought out into the open and put under the critical eye of reason.

Let’s take a look at some of these ideologies, shall we?

The concept of privacy is obsolete. Technology and the necessities of civilization have made it so. You can’t have it anymore and it’s hopeless to even think about having it, so give it up already. In the end, it’s good because of the things we get in return like Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, cellphones and Google as well as extra security and aimed advertising.

People who desire privacy have something to hide. They are suspect. If you do not appear on Google, you are a suspicious. What are you hiding? Why have you kept yourself out of the Internet? Everybody ‘does things,’ and when you ‘do something’ you appear on the Internet, so if you don’t appear, something is wrong. You are some sort of fugitive or something…or perhaps a terrorist.

It’s good and normal to be in debt…even a lot of debt. That is how we accomplish things in life. This is how we get all the things we can’t afford otherwise. Everybody does it. Debt actually makes us well off. This is how you start your home, your business and your career. Its alright. You will never be required to pay off your debt anyhow. The system is forgiving and closely monitored by understanding government agencies. If you can’t pay, just declare bankruptcy and start over. You’ll build yourself up again in five years. Debt makes the world go round, so pleasurably submerge yourself in it like hippos submerge themselves in mud.

Owning things is a hassle. The less you own, the freer you are. This doesn’t mean you can’t HAVE things. You can live comfortably by simply renting a house, car, appliance or home entertainment system. You can play video games, watch movies and read through the Internet without owning a single video player, game console or book. Leasing things makes it easier to get rid of them when you no longer want them. Nobody really owns anything anyway. A bank owns that house you’re still making mortgage payments on, and a bank owns the business you borrowed so much to start anyway. So all that is just like renting anyway, right? Spend all your money on fulfilling yourself through gadgets, fun vacations, luxury items and fun things. Life is short, live it up. Own nothing. The perfect society would ultimately be a society without money and without ownership. We can’t wait for the day.

Slavery is bad until you call it enforced volunteerism. Then it is good. Its good because it’s for a good cause. People wiser than us have decided it's necessary. This is why high schoolers are now required a minimum amount of slaver…uh…volunteer hours in order to graduate from high school. Many companies now require slav…uh….volunteerism from their employees. In the future, we might all be required to perform some sort of civic service in order to continue to be citizens. Service to the community should be celebrated, even if you are forced into it. It’s a beautiful thing, and the most beautiful thing is they call people who do this ‘volunteers.’

The war on terror is our children’s children’s war. It is a forever war that will last much beyond our lifetimes. Unavoidable as that is, we must all accept it like we accept death and taxes. Any why not, its not a bad war, we get to go about our everyday business without the inconveniences of total war. The poorest and most desperate members of our society get to ‘volunteer’ to become human mine detonation devices in foreign countries and we do score some feel good field goals here and there that we get to see on TV and celebrate. Let’s just accept it, the war will go on forever and ever, and things will workout alright in the meantime.

Life is short. Make the best of it that you can. Those who die having gotten the most satisfaction out of life win. Life (and most everything in it) is all about fulfillment. We should fulfill ourselves and help others do so as well. This is why gay marriage is so important. Marriage is not a contract securing sustenance for wife and children, no it is about fulfilling yourself by pledging yourself to another human being from the bottom of your heart. What a thrill that is. This is why we also want gays to partake of this ultimate and thrilling moment. Fulfillment. It's why we allow openly gay people as well as women to serve in our combat forces. Fulfillment is why we now have coed wrestling teams, and encourage our kids to have safe and fulfilling sex as soon as possible. If you break it all down, all of it - job, marriage, career, children, even community is all about the fulfillment of the self.

We are all equal in that we are all human beings with the same needs and wants. Men are equal to women and children are equal to men and women. This is why we grant children the right to divorce their parents. A child is as sovereign as an adult, with the same rights and privileges of making decisions in life. Recently we have granted children the right to define their gender and have sex change operations. Children are also encouraged report their parents to the authorities if they don’t behave as people should and put them under undue stress. Eventually, every child will acquire the right to choose any man or woman as their sexual partner. But for now we are happy to regard children as’little people’ with the same wants and needs as adults (even sexual needs) and steadily blossoming rights. We’ve come a long way.

No matter who we try to blame for our increasing sickliness, the truth is that it’s our own fault. People are living longer, this is why more senior citizens are reaching the age where they get naturally occurring diseases like dementia or cancer. On the other hand, we don’t exercise as much as we should. We don’t eat as right as we should. We do stupid things like take aspirin, smoke or drink during pregnancy. This is really why our kids are increasingly being born sick or with autism and other mental problems. We don’t feed and take care enough of our kids. This is why they are getting heart-problems, Alzheimer’s and cancer at the age of three. What could you have possibly done to keep your child from being born with some severe problem? Think deep. There is probably SOMETHING  you did (or didn’t do) to have your child, or your spouse or yourself turn out the way they did. But whatever you do, don’t blame the environment, the vaccines, transponding microwave towers or the drinking water. All these things have been officialy found to be safe by the government. Be an adult. Take responsibility for your own actions. The sickness within your family is entirely your own fault. 

Mother Earth needs to be saved, no matter what the cost. So tighten your belt. This might mean drastic increases in the prices of electricity, natural gas and gasoline, but it’s necessary and it’s all for a good cause. It will also mean we will have to pay taxes based on how polluting our behavior is. Think Green, and get ready to sacrifice a whole lot for the good of the Earth. In fact, get ready to do without many of the technological comforts you’ve enjoyed in past decades if they are not green enough to continue. Never mind that the latest car-that-runs-on-water design has gone nowhere. The corporations are in on the Green movement too. They are partners in good. Let’s cooperate with them and make it happen together.

Nothing is purer and brings us closer to our roots like tilling the soil. All that fresh air and nature. So plant. Get out there and sow some seeds. Its fun, its natural and it’s the earth-friendly thing to do. Everybody should have their own garden of vegetables. In fact, soon we might organize entire communities to start their own gardens, like Michelle Obama did in the White House back yard. Everybody plant. We all know this is how the Communist Revolutions started in Russia, China and Cambodia – with everybody on their knees and planting – college professors, bureaucrats, school teachers, engineers, lawyers and doctors. Some day, perhaps, our own community will organize to that extent, but for a greater whole instead of just ourselves.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The FBI's July 9 Cyber Trap!

Several years ago, a computer virus called ‘DNS Changer’ started going around which re-programmed computers in America to go to a rogue hacker-controlled DNS network of servers in New York which were really directed from Estonia.

The FBI discovered this virus-rogue DNS operation, but let it continue instead of taking it out.

Months ago the FBI did raid and ‘take out’ the rogue DNS servers.
Then it quietly replaced them with FBI servers.

It did that (according to them) so all the infected computers which had been redirected and slaved to this rogue DNS network could continue to access the Internet.

But now this substitute network is costing too much, so the FBI is pulling the plug…on July 9, 2012.

When this happens, all the infected computers which have been slaved by DNS Changer to the rogue DNS server network (and its FBI replacement) will no longer be able to access the Internet.
To fix this problem, the FBI has established a website through a contracting group called DCWG at where you can go to have the virus removed from your computer so it can be redirected to legitimate DNS servers and you can regain access to the Internet.

‘DCWG’ stands for ‘DNS Changer Working Group,’ which is itself a nebulous consortium formed by equally nebulous companies with names like Internet Systems Consortium, Mandiant National Cyber Forensics, Neustar, Team Cymru and Trend Micro.
(Talk about nebulous names within nebulous names – and consortiums within consortiums)

Names like those listed above are the exact type of names CIA/NSA/FBI front companies like to use while calling themselves contractors.
Warning to the wise: when you let DCWG access your computer, you will probably be letting the FBI and the NSA access your computer.

Needless to say, the DNS Changer phenomenon smells fishy (and I am talking big tuna)…
…and here’s why:

First of all, a virus that reprograms and redirects your computer to rogue servers is not a simple thing.

That is a very complex cookie (if you pardon the pun). It's not something just anyone can do.

As it turns out, it was a very big operation, costing hundreds of thousands (according to the government, it was all in the interest of advertising).

Second, a virus that infects, takes control and redirects entire masses of zombified computers to rogue servers stands out like a sore thumb.

It sticks out because it activates immediate, notable and crucial action on infected computers and redirects them to a huge and easily identifiable network location.

As it happens, the rogue DNS operators were operating out of Estonia (NATO/KGB liason)

It’s hard to believe something this big passed under the radar of the NSA, CIA, FBI, DIA and all the other alphabet soup agencies that are out there protecting us 24/7.

This was a major national security breach!

A virus (and accompanying network) that redirects infected computers to a rogue DNS servers are completely vulnerable to whoever operates those rogue DNS servers.

Can you imagine government, defense or corporate computers falling victim to this?

But these people did not detect any of this in time, and once detected…they continued to let it happen.

And where were all the high falutin’  anti-virus corporate service providers on this one anyway?

Not a quip from any of the anti-virus master experts on one of the most intrusive and well-coordinated virus-network attack in history!

Totally clueless? 


Thirdly, the FBI (and all the rest) once they did identify the threat, decided to take a very weird low-profile approach.

It would have made sense to simply raid and shut-down the rogue DNS servers immediately (to hell with the infected computers).
What the FBI did instead is to let the virus and the network take its course and infect a million computers.

Then, when they busted and shut down the rogue DNS servers, they set up their OWN FBI servers so that all those infected computers which have been made permanently dependent on those rogue DNS servers ‘would not have their Internet service interrupted’ by having all their Internet activities...go directly through the FBI!

The FBI is so kindly and considerate, isn’t it?

It loses sleep when the owners of infected computers lose their Internet service.

And who knew the FBI was in the business of establishing ghost DNS servers?

Well, now it is - confirmed!

So, all the infected and redirected computers are now being re-directed to FBI servers instead of the rogue ones.

But now the FBI is becoming tired of supporting the servers it created to supplant the rogue ones it took out so the infected and dependent slaved computers would not lose the Internet.

It seems the FBI is not only a low-key, public-minded institution, but also a friendly service-oriented organization too.
The owner of an infected computer losing the Internet?

No way! Says the FBI. We got  your back!

But now the free humanitarian aid is running out, so all the virus-infected-rogue DNS server-dependent computers will lose the 

Internet when the FBI shuts down its rogue DNS replacement server on July 9, 2012.

The FBI kindly asks that if that happens, that you log into a contractor’s (read NSA front) website and have your computer ‘checked out’ out and repaired so you can access the Internet again.

Uh, yeah right.

A virus attack that redirects the nation’s computers onto a rogue DNS server network is allowed to happen by the FBI/NSA and after the rogue network is taken out,  its victims are secretly redirected to an FBI (NSA) ghost server.

To avoid being cut off, the FBI now wants you to go to a government (FBI / NSA) contractor’s website and download some secret crap into your computer, which will make things all better again.

But let’s stop and think for a moment.

Why aren’t the major anti-virus companies like Symantec, 

McAfee and Kaspersky also in on the fixing action?

Why do we have to go to a creepy and obscure adhoc FBI site to get our fix?

Remember, this whole thing was allowed to happen by the FBI.

They did nothing about it and let it run its course.

Then they redirected all the infected computers into the FBI itself.

Now they want all the infected people to download something and register with (don't worry the registration will be automatic, secret and efficient) the FBI?

I ask again, where were the FBI, the NSA and the anti-virus corporations on this one?

If you ask me, they were IN ON IT.

You want the truth?

Here it is:

The FBI/NSA/(and possibly Mossad) set up the operation to infect the computers of persons they consider SUSPICIOUS PERSONS OF INTEREST.

The ‘virus’ was acquired by visiting sites which ‘terrorists’ might visit, some of them quite innocuous (like for instance-terrorists must remain mobile, right?)

But it’s not all so cut and dry.

If you were targeted by this virus, it was probably because you fit a certain ‘profile,’ such as writing certain things, registering on certain websites, communicating with people overseas, etc.
I don’t think visiting Infowars alone would have made you a target.

Like I said, a million carefully selected ‘suspicious’ individuals have been targeted.

Now the FBI / NSA want you to go to this CIA/NSA front website so you can download some sophisticated spyware that will keep a close eye on you (and do who knows what to your computer).

And at this point, let me add just one more thing:

If you do so, you are a damn fool!

Just don’t do it.


If you are infected, you can simply take your computer off the Internet or get a new one or  reformat your computer or completely delete and reload the hard drive or simply get a technician to change your DNS.

Chances are other computers at home would have been infected too, so you might have to ditto with them (or at least have them re-loaded).

Computers are cheap anyway, especially older ones with older operating systems which happen to be more virus-proof than the newer ones.

So one option is to get another computer (maybe with the previous owners name and registration on it) and put it on the Internet.

Download your important files off the infected one and erase the hard drive…or keep it around the house for doing non-Internet things like writing poetry or playing video games…or better yet…sell it.

You might even take this as an opportunity to switch to more virus proof operating systems like Ubuntu (which uses Linux).

Whatever you do, If your computer does go off the Internet DO NOT GO TO THE CREEPY FBI SITE AND DOWNLOAD THEIR CRAP ONTO YOUR COMPUTER.

This is the first FBI cyber offensive to mark the targets for the big takeout.

If you fall for this one, I am sorry, but you are one stupid fool and deserve what you have coming.

Like the FBI said, this is more of what the future holds rather than the exception.

If you lose access to the Internet due to DNS Changer, DO NOT GO TO DCWG.ORG, instead, replace your computer (as delineated above).

This is a government cyber-spying operation aimed at targeted 'suspicious' American individuals.

It has the potential of becoming something big, as the computers of more and more targeted individuals begin going offline and the effect is spread to other computers at home.

As such, it is the equivalent of an Internet denial operation.
The message from the FBI is (in so many platitudes) this: You are a suspect. Either yield to special government surveillance of you and your computer or be denied the Internet.

This is something that will become more and more open as we go along.

But do keep an eye out for 'Conspiracy Pundits' refusing to report the suspicious FBI connection to DNS Changer or (worse yet) urging you to go to DCW.ORG immediately!

While ‘DNS Changer’ is a deceptive switch operation, in the future, suspicious individuals will be denied the Internet unless they submit (either openly or covertly) to government tracking of their computers.

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Banks Sat On the Money...Until Now

The TARP bailout which occurred between 2008 and 2009 was supposed to save the big banks which in turn were supposed to continue powering the American economy with that money by continuing to make loans to the business sector.

What happened?

The banks sat on the money and did nothing.

They used some of it to buy up masses of smaller, more conservative, more stable banks and join them to the unstable whole, but that’s about it.

We were made to suffer from 2008-2011 as the economy tanked because the banks refused to make use of all this free government giveaway money (our taxpayer money) to keep the economy going…in other words, to create an immediate recovery.

Having suffered through a harrowing recession from 2008-2012 the American public is now being showed the kinder, gentler side of banking.

The economy is recovering.

The floodgates of money have been re-opened and the economy is again on the rebound.

Now why would they choose to re-open and re-continue the circulation of money at this time?

Why indeed?

Well, because 2012 is an election year, that’s why.

And because the banking industry’s personal representative - Barak Obama - is running for reelection.

Obama can’t win with the economy turned to crap, like it was from 2008-2012.

In fact, Obama’s popularity was down to less than 32% with the American public, due not only his unending parade of lies, but to the state of  the economy itself, which did not improve one bit under all his so-called programs.

The American public began chafing at the bit and wanting Obama out.

But now things have changed…

Up comes the economy and just in time too!

Now, with all that old 2008 bailout money the banks have been sitting on finally making it out from beneath their bulbous buttocks, the economy is again starting to flourish…

…as the presidential elections of 2012 approach.

You can bet the new economic boom will reach its peak by November, just as the voting starts.

By that time, with the economy recovering, the American public will start asking why they ever wanted to kick out Obama in the first place.

Indeed, why kick a guy out while the economy is fully recovering under him?

Surely we were all wrong about Barak and his leadership skills after all.

Just look at the economy now! 

Surely he knew what he was doing the right thing in the long run!

Uh, yeah right.

The equation is simple, folks.

The Chosen One must be reelected.

They have already put a two-time loser - Mitt Romney - to run against him to just to hedge their bets a little more.

And to top it all off by making Obama the irresistible perfect choice of the American public, they have re-opened the money spigots so that all that government bailout money can reach us just in time for the elections.

But you just watch AFTER the elections.

Once all the post-election party is over, you will see the economy revert to crud.

And you will see this new lame-duck president make use of his executive power to do some pretty unpopular stuff.

Yes, you’re gonna see a whole new side of Barak Obama you have never seen before.

You're gonna see the stiff upper lip Obama, who does ‘what needs to be done,’  and not what is popular – from gun confiscation to forced health care to military occupation of the states.

That’s right America, after the re-election of this mystery man is over...

...get ready for a pretty wild ride.