Friday, April 20, 2012

The Banks Sat On the Money...Until Now

The TARP bailout which occurred between 2008 and 2009 was supposed to save the big banks which in turn were supposed to continue powering the American economy with that money by continuing to make loans to the business sector.

What happened?

The banks sat on the money and did nothing.

They used some of it to buy up masses of smaller, more conservative, more stable banks and join them to the unstable whole, but that’s about it.

We were made to suffer from 2008-2011 as the economy tanked because the banks refused to make use of all this free government giveaway money (our taxpayer money) to keep the economy going…in other words, to create an immediate recovery.

Having suffered through a harrowing recession from 2008-2012 the American public is now being showed the kinder, gentler side of banking.

The economy is recovering.

The floodgates of money have been re-opened and the economy is again on the rebound.

Now why would they choose to re-open and re-continue the circulation of money at this time?

Why indeed?

Well, because 2012 is an election year, that’s why.

And because the banking industry’s personal representative - Barak Obama - is running for reelection.

Obama can’t win with the economy turned to crap, like it was from 2008-2012.

In fact, Obama’s popularity was down to less than 32% with the American public, due not only his unending parade of lies, but to the state of  the economy itself, which did not improve one bit under all his so-called programs.

The American public began chafing at the bit and wanting Obama out.

But now things have changed…

Up comes the economy and just in time too!

Now, with all that old 2008 bailout money the banks have been sitting on finally making it out from beneath their bulbous buttocks, the economy is again starting to flourish…

…as the presidential elections of 2012 approach.

You can bet the new economic boom will reach its peak by November, just as the voting starts.

By that time, with the economy recovering, the American public will start asking why they ever wanted to kick out Obama in the first place.

Indeed, why kick a guy out while the economy is fully recovering under him?

Surely we were all wrong about Barak and his leadership skills after all.

Just look at the economy now! 

Surely he knew what he was doing the right thing in the long run!

Uh, yeah right.

The equation is simple, folks.

The Chosen One must be reelected.

They have already put a two-time loser - Mitt Romney - to run against him to just to hedge their bets a little more.

And to top it all off by making Obama the irresistible perfect choice of the American public, they have re-opened the money spigots so that all that government bailout money can reach us just in time for the elections.

But you just watch AFTER the elections.

Once all the post-election party is over, you will see the economy revert to crud.

And you will see this new lame-duck president make use of his executive power to do some pretty unpopular stuff.

Yes, you’re gonna see a whole new side of Barak Obama you have never seen before.

You're gonna see the stiff upper lip Obama, who does ‘what needs to be done,’  and not what is popular – from gun confiscation to forced health care to military occupation of the states.

That’s right America, after the re-election of this mystery man is over...

...get ready for a pretty wild ride.

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