Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dangers of the Internet

The Internet is being used against us.

Here is how:

The Internet drowns out the facts with a flood of babble.

There is so much nonsense out there that the hard facts are sometimes hared to come by.

You've got to deal pretty deep past a lot of repetitive nonsense to find what you're really looking for.

The Internet Distracts the Issues

The Internet puts out so much half true-junk and nonsense that people starts ignoring the real facts.

Shape-shifting reptilians? UFO's as demons? Human sacrifice?

How much more interesting and morbidly intriguing are all these fairytales in comparison to hard facts?

The Internet Tracks Us

The Internet tracks us to the extent that the government now knows our very minds.

What the heck, the NSA has electronic files on all our Internet history.

People who type in their names in their new computers are stupid.

The government already knows your location the second you log on, why confirm your identity as well?

A fourth method is to launch a feint to lure the enemy into revealing himself.

You put out the cheese to attract the mice – create or encourage the creation of electronic front organizations, then see who joins them.

By now, your Internet History has created a perfect electronic file on yourself for the government to see at any time. Every political inclination, every perversion, every vice has been duly noted (though probably not perused by anyone…as yet).


But an additional factor of the Internet has been its effect on our very psyche.

The Internet is drawing us apart.

This living, humming creature, whose presence we feel 24 hours a day and whose data is available to us 24 hours a day at a whim is addicting us to it and alienating us from each other.

For many (both employed and unemployed), the Internet has become a second reality in which they spend the most of their day.

The symptoms of ‘Internet Withdrawal’ have (conveniently) never been studied.

But you don’t need a study for you to observe these symptoms both within yourself and within those around you.

Just challenge someone (perhaps yourself?) to pass a couple of days without it.

The first sniveling justification will probably be something along the lines of: “I HAVE to get on Internet because I’ve got business to transact there!”

No you don’t.

The only thing you have to transact is the continuation of your dependence and your addiction to the Internet.

The mechanism for creating addiction is a secret.

Officially “Internet addiction” does not exist.’

The topic of Internet addiction is a non-subject as far as the media is concerned.

But the mechanism exists.

It exists as surely as does the following:

The psychological isolation between one human and another.

All this besides the cell phone-staring phenomenon in which entire families and even dates spend time looking at their cell phone screens instead of talking to each other.

All this besides the symbiotic human-computer bio-interface many human beings have with their PC and continue with their I-Phones during 100% of waking hours.

All this besides the ungodly amount of hours the average human being spends each day staring at one sort of screen or another.

We are talking about the end of workable interaction between one human being and another.

And presently, ladies and gentlemen, human interaction is falling apart…and the Internet is causing it.

The very volume of information available on the Internet takes away from the value of information itself.

Perhaps the above is unavoidable given the amount of data (even US intelligence agencies are ‘choking’ on it).

But what about attention span?

What facts you seek to communicate is now much less important.

It used to be that if the Mass Media didn’t say it, it didn’t happen.

Now it’s the Internet.

If its not on the Internet, it does not exist.

(Ever try to find information on the Internet on how the lottery is a scam run by the Mafia?)

Please remember that when it comes to information, more and more information is managed through an international cyber entity called Google.

So you have something new, insightful and true to say?

Let me hear it (briefly).

I’ll then go home and look it up on the Internet.

If it is not there, then I will discard the data that your transmitted to me…completely.

The act of listening itself has gone out the blow hole.

Its gotten to the point where LISTENING itself has become an obsolete activity.

Why listen to all the tedious details of whatever somebody is trying to tell you if you can go home later…and look it up on the Internet?

It’s even become a fad to simply tell somebody: “Look it up by typing in ----- and ------.”

Why even bother to explain anything to that person, or discuss anything, the Internet will fully inform them later.

Last but not least, the Internet is infringing on the very physicality of our world, absorbing it, and bringing it under its control, much like a gigantic Borg matrix.

Books, magazines, videos discs, video games, toys and even stores themselves are all being sucked down its bottomless maw.

In very short time, all of the above are becoming obsolete.

Books, magazines and video (film) now exist in an ephemeral fashion within the Internet.

How soon before their physical existence ends?

Newspapers, books and magazines are already ending.

Movies and video games are close behind as everything becomes‘virtual’ and reachable through the Internet.

Of course, once inside the Internet, they all become beholden to the man behind the electronic controls.

Every document or film can be censored, cut, edited or even have its existence terminated all together.

And as everyone now knows and understands:

If its not on the Internet…

…it doesn’t exist.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Inbred Presidency

It’s a small world at the top.

It recently came out that President Barak Obama is related to Republican Massachusetts Senator, Scott Brown by being his 10th cousin.

All this in addition to it being discovered that Barak Obama is related to Dick Cheney by being his 8th cousin.

But what do you expect?

Barak Obama is already related to George W. Bush by being Bush’s 11th cousin.

Nothin’ weird at the top at all with this type of thing.

It seems that we are all being led by an inbred dynasty.

So what?

George W. Bush also happens to be a distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth.

(Try to beat that you self-absorbed, own-genealogy researchers)

But wait...there is more inbreeding.

The two Skull and Bones frat brothers, George W. Bush and John Kerry, ran against each other for Presidency in 2004...are also 8th cousins!

(insert creepy banjo music here)

Things sure are small, inter-related at the top!

How small and inter-related?

Well, check this out:

At least 61 percent of all the US presidents are related to each other.

With that I have very little else to say except:

My fellow Americans...

...enjoy your inbred Presidency.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

NDAA 2012: NO WAY IN HELL!!!!!

The tyrannical new law was passed during the holiday season and as part of a budget that had nothing to do with national law.

The above actions alone demonstrate the treacherous and underhanded intent of the creators of the 'National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012' or NDAA 2012, specifically its Section 1031.

Every Congressman who has voted for a bill to make the United States a battlefield and the American people enemy combatants as well as the President of the United States (who signed it after lying he wouldn’t) is a traitor to this country.

They declared us the enemy, not the other way around.

There is no need for us to declare ourselves enemies of the state.

The 'State' has already done so – in writing!

How do you think the State legislators, the County Sheriffs and local authorities feel about their state being called a ‘battlefield’ and all their citizens being open to the Federal label of ‘enemy combatant’ with the resultant loss of all their rights?

This act puts our very country on the verge of civil war!

What would you think if Russia declared its own soil a ‘battlefield’ and any Russian a prospective ‘enemy combatant’?

Wouldn’t you think that country was on the verge of a civil war?

Now step back, turn around and look at US!


A government reserves the obedience of the people by obeying the nation’s law.

A government that breaks the very laws which instituted it loses the right to govern and all its mandates are all null and void.

Anyone who participates in the enforcement of the NDAA of 2012, 1031 is a traitor and an outlaw, along with those who passed it.

The American people are not enemy combatants and our country is not a battlefield.

As someone who has sworn an oath to the Constitution of this country I will confront any attempt to infringe upon my 2nd Amendment rights by anyone with lethal force.

It is preferable to go down fighting than have to face the indignity and extermination within a concentration camp.

At least you won’t be forced to strip naked and endure a thousand depravations before they finally put you down like an animal.

Because they WILL ultimately put us down! (or at least ATTEMPT to)

Life is not so precious to us that we become cowards.

Our country is not so unimportant that we will simply give it away.

The American people are outraged.

To all our State legislators, our police, our sheriffs, our soldiers, I say this:

It’s Time For You To Pick Sides!

We are a free, independent and sovereign people with God given rights, not privileges.

We will not be forced into socialist healthcare.

We will not accept Smart ID.

We will not be disarmed.

We will not be micro-chipped.

We will not submit to Biometric identification.

We will not surrender our DNA.

We will not be forcefully vaccinated.

We will not be relocated to concentration camps.

At this historic point in time, you must declare yourself NOW either an Illuminati slave or a Free and Sovereign American Citizen.

The Congressmen who have passed it are traitors to the nation and have lost their official capacity as representatives of the people.

Zero cooperation with the Federal Government! (it is now traitorous)

When the Constitutional contract and the Bill of Rights contained therein is violated by the government, the contract that created it is at an end.

US Government, you’ve passed this blasphemous piece of dung…

…now let's see you try and enforce it!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hubble Scope Is A Big Fat Lie!

Hubble Scope and all similar scopes (like its lying cousin the Kepler Space Observatory) are LIES.

What is telling about Hubble and all such scopes is not what they look at...but what they DON'T look at.

Designed by Lockheed and put in orbit by Air Force pilots (called NASA astronauts), Hubble (and the secret-entities behind it) have worried about the secrets of farthest most space instead of the near neighborhood.

Why do you think that is?

'The farther, the better.' seems to be their mantra.

What the heck, it is said the Hubble has looked at the center of creation itself.


It turns out we got plenty of wonders and curiosities right here in our own backyard.

Alpha-Centauri, for instance.

Alpha-Centauri is the star system CLOSEST to us (4 light years).

When and if we ever venture out, this will be the first star-system we will visit.

Yet Hubble Scope and Kepler totally ignore Alpha Centauri.


Blah, blah, blah, don’t bother Hubble with menial things!

It's too busy lookinig at the center of the universe, for crying out loud.

So while Hubble is checking out things as close as the Moon and as far as the center of creation (Hubble seems to work in extremes), Alpha-Centauri remains a total mystery.

Here is a question for you, Hubble and Kepler:

How many planets orbit Alpha-Centauri?

Surely if you can see the center of the universe, you can see that, right?

Hubble can see planets and Kepler can even identify earth-like planets orbiting the most distant stars, but neither can seem to take any interest in reconnoitering our NEAREST STAR SYSTEM - ALPHA-CENTAURI!


Because Hubble and Kepler are frauds.

Either they aren't really deep space telescopes, or they are both a fa├žade to justify more black budget spending.

This is why Hubble and Kepler DARE NOT look at Alpha-Centauri.

It doesn't because it can’t.

It can pull frauds involving the ends of the Universe because nobody can prove it wrong one way or the other.

But it can’t look at Alpha-Centauri because too many other countries in the near future might soon be taking a close look at that sector, building their own telescopes and confirming that a BIG FAT LIE!

So Hubble and Kepler continue to look longingly and dreamily at the farthest reaches of the universe, supplying us with what probably amounts a a plethora of made up computer-generated images...while our own back yard remains a total mystery.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

James Bond and the Illuminati

Ian Fleming (an ex-intelligence agent) wrote a series of action-packed books featuring James Bond.

Ian Fleming’s books inspired a series of blockbuster films, all featuring the debonair spy, who somehow managed to bring down entire infrastructures along with SPECTRE’s plans for world domination.

But the popular James Bond book series and movies always had one recurring plot:

SPECTRE, a mysterious organization with seemingly limitless resources is always engaging in false flag operations with the purpose of provoking WW-III.

Sound familiar?

It should.

It's amazing how closely Ian Fleming's stories mimic present-day reality.

Here are some other Bond-style plots from today's headlines:

Plot-1: SPECTRE tries to bring about a dictatorship in the US by bombing a Federal Building Government building

Plot-2: SPECTRE plans to remotely take over passenger jets and crash them into the World Trade Center to cause panic and an evacuation, which allows the robbery of massive gold reserves held in the WTC basement. Afterwards, the buildings are to be demolished from inside to destroy all the evidence. The destruction of the WTC itself will then serve as a trigger for a dictatorial takeover of the US government by SPECTRE agents high within the US Government.

(Ian Fleming frequently used submarines in his spy plots)

Plot-3: the plan is for a SPECTRE submarine to torpedo an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico that has dug deeper than any platform ever under the direction of a SPECTRE oil executive. The hopeful result? A massive environmental skyrocket the price of oil.

(another submarine plot):

Plot-4: SPECTRE carries out an operation to trigger WW-III by having a SPECTRE submarine torpedo a South Korean warship while masquerading as a North Korean attack submarine.

Plot-5: SPECTRE plans to detonate an atomic bomb near the Marianas Trench and use HAARP technology to inundate the coast of Japan while triggering a nuclear holocaust inside a Japanese power plant to make Japan and the West Coast uninhabitable.

And this?:

Plot-6: SPECTRE attempts to start WW-III by launching false flag attacks on US Navy Warships. USS Liberty, USS Cole...USS NIMITZ?

It is a given that SPECTRE is an expert at launching naval false flag operations. In the James Bond plots, you see SPECTRE frequently operating in the ocean.

Oh, here’s another good one:

Plot-7: SPECTRE opens up the US to nuclear attack by shutting down NORAD.

Fact stranger than fiction?

It happened on 9/11, folks - they shut down NORAD!

Or how about this:

Plot-8: A SPECTRE agent high up in government prepares a series of war games involving bombs and terrorist acts, so that when they really start happening, the government thinks its only a war game and does nothing while the bombs blow up everything to kingdom come and the terrorists are excused off as exercise participants. (sound familiar?)

So you see, all these James Bond type stories were not so fantastic after all.

It seems Ian Fleming knew what he was talking about when he talked about 'SPECTRE'.

So the point is this:

Ian Fleming’s premise in all his Bond novels was that there exists somewhere, somehow, an international organization with apparently limitless resources which strives to create conflict and chaos, while initiating multi-trillion dollar robberies of the world’s wealth when it isn’t trying to start WW-III so it could emerge as the sole dominant authority over what’s left. In addition, the leaders of this organization are totally ruthless and totally mad.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

In his own era (and being a high part of British Intelligence) Fleming must have heard all about the truth behind Pearl Harbor, the release of nuclear secrets to the Russians, the betrayal of Liverpool to Nazi bombers, and the ad nauseum of the Cold War ‘operations.’

Is it really a surprise to anyone that Ian Fleming is also accused of being an anti-semite?

His the name of his villain, Blofeld, is a play on the ‘feld’ name so common among a certain group of people.

Blofeld translates roughly as ‘Empty Field’ or ‘Field of Nothing.’ How about THAT 'field'?

The truth is that Ian Fleming (as an ex-intelligence agent) knew the score, and he seemed to be trying to warn us constantly about the existence of a real 'SPECTRE.'

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Corporate Logos Go Communist

Our corporate logos are literally turning red.

For some inexplicable reason, our corporate entities are blushing the color of blood.

Why all the recent loud, irritating and screaming red tone modifications to their logos?

Red is the color of Communism and Marxism.

Do they know something we don’t?

Is this some sort of Passover mark so that when the time comes, the Communist angel of death will know who to destroy and who to leave alone?

There is, of course, no corporate logo more Communist than Macy’s red star.

Bank of America recently reddened its logo, not to mention the BBC, CNN, Verizon and JC Penney and many others.

The new opening sequence to the Daily Show now has the entire globe ‘going red.’

Just what is it with all the logos going red, anyway?

Anyone who has lived through the Cold War knows what a Red Star means. They also know who the ‘Reds’ are.

In fact, they know what the color Red signifies when applied in a dominant to flags and logos.

It signifies Marxist Socialism…in other words, Communism.

It is the younger generation that doesn’t have a clue, and goes around wearing red shirts for one ‘good cause’ or another.

Red is the color of blood, fire and destruction.

In fact, that is exactly what every Communist revolution has brought in its wake.

Fire, destruction and blood.

So it’s an eternal wonder that American universities are presently filled with Marxists.

Just what is it that keeps making Marxism so popular, anyway?

Is it the bloody purges?

Is it the mass-starvation?

Is it the unending deprivation of life under Communism?

Or is it the total dehumanization and pitiless existence of the Communist pawn?

It is my firm belief the entire world is turning Marxist.

Many people don’t believe this.

But our corporations, on the other hand, seem to KNOW this…and they are celebrating it.

The are celebrating the West’s (and America’s coming fall to Communism) by redoing all their logos in blood red…

…very, very bloody red.

Any basic student of Communism knows that the Bolshevik revolution was financed and directed from New York (which is exactly where most of these corporate entities have their headquarters).

So it is no wonder that these same corporate entities are celebrating the approach of Communism by changing their logos to screaming red.

Because Communism is not about ‘all power to the people’ but ‘all power over the people’

It is a feudal political system...

...and the next evolution of corporate power over this earth.