Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hubble Scope Is A Big Fat Lie!

Hubble Scope and all similar scopes (like its lying cousin the Kepler Space Observatory) are LIES.

What is telling about Hubble and all such scopes is not what they look at...but what they DON'T look at.

Designed by Lockheed and put in orbit by Air Force pilots (called NASA astronauts), Hubble (and the secret-entities behind it) have worried about the secrets of farthest most space instead of the near neighborhood.

Why do you think that is?

'The farther, the better.' seems to be their mantra.

What the heck, it is said the Hubble has looked at the center of creation itself.


It turns out we got plenty of wonders and curiosities right here in our own backyard.

Alpha-Centauri, for instance.

Alpha-Centauri is the star system CLOSEST to us (4 light years).

When and if we ever venture out, this will be the first star-system we will visit.

Yet Hubble Scope and Kepler totally ignore Alpha Centauri.


Blah, blah, blah, don’t bother Hubble with menial things!

It's too busy lookinig at the center of the universe, for crying out loud.

So while Hubble is checking out things as close as the Moon and as far as the center of creation (Hubble seems to work in extremes), Alpha-Centauri remains a total mystery.

Here is a question for you, Hubble and Kepler:

How many planets orbit Alpha-Centauri?

Surely if you can see the center of the universe, you can see that, right?

Hubble can see planets and Kepler can even identify earth-like planets orbiting the most distant stars, but neither can seem to take any interest in reconnoitering our NEAREST STAR SYSTEM - ALPHA-CENTAURI!


Because Hubble and Kepler are frauds.

Either they aren't really deep space telescopes, or they are both a fa├žade to justify more black budget spending.

This is why Hubble and Kepler DARE NOT look at Alpha-Centauri.

It doesn't because it can’t.

It can pull frauds involving the ends of the Universe because nobody can prove it wrong one way or the other.

But it can’t look at Alpha-Centauri because too many other countries in the near future might soon be taking a close look at that sector, building their own telescopes and confirming that a BIG FAT LIE!

So Hubble and Kepler continue to look longingly and dreamily at the farthest reaches of the universe, supplying us with what probably amounts a a plethora of made up computer-generated images...while our own back yard remains a total mystery.


  1. Your facts are not correct. If you go to and search "alpha centauri" you will find many ACS images available from Hubble. As for Kepler, it only stares at one star rich field in the sky, it doesn't move around to look at other things, that was how it was built.

    Yes, I know, you are nuts and either won't believe me or you'll have other wacko arguments. But, you are just plain wrong. Facts are facts, live in your conspiracy world if you wish.

    1. Alright:

      How many planets total in the Alpha Centauri system?

      If you are correct, then Hubble must have shown them all in detail.

    2. That was the funniest thing I've ever read.- Masters Physicist Girl

    3. It's funny....until you start thinking about it.

  2. nice blog. i just heard some guy was ranting about everything you brought up. all that stuff about the center of the universe.... i listened to him for a little bit but it sounds more like atheist public relations nonsense. who knows what the truth is for what those things are really doing. the fact is that if they are doing anything it is for military purposes and not for some greater good of 'science' like they always preach.

    1. Yes...each and every day the space program is looking more and more like theater used to justify the investment of public funds into black projects...probably having more to do with orbital space than outer space.

  3. Where exactly are the Hubble pictures of the Moon?

    I did hear on a newscast after Hubble was "repaired" that "It would be turned toward Earth as it was meant to do".

    Is/was it in reality a Spy Satellite?

  4. Have you ever noticed there's never any stars in any pictures of planets in our our own solar system and don't give me that b.s. about how they can't be seen without the reflection of the sun

  5. Its a lie and when you get to know its true it'll be too late. Have fun believing in lies from something you never have seen go to where its supposedly going and from places you'll never get to see.