Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dangers of the Internet

The Internet is being used against us.

Here is how:

The Internet drowns out the facts with a flood of babble.

There is so much nonsense out there that the hard facts are sometimes hared to come by.

You've got to deal pretty deep past a lot of repetitive nonsense to find what you're really looking for.

The Internet Distracts the Issues

The Internet puts out so much half true-junk and nonsense that people starts ignoring the real facts.

Shape-shifting reptilians? UFO's as demons? Human sacrifice?

How much more interesting and morbidly intriguing are all these fairytales in comparison to hard facts?

The Internet Tracks Us

The Internet tracks us to the extent that the government now knows our very minds.

What the heck, the NSA has electronic files on all our Internet history.

People who type in their names in their new computers are stupid.

The government already knows your location the second you log on, why confirm your identity as well?

A fourth method is to launch a feint to lure the enemy into revealing himself.

You put out the cheese to attract the mice – create or encourage the creation of electronic front organizations, then see who joins them.

By now, your Internet History has created a perfect electronic file on yourself for the government to see at any time. Every political inclination, every perversion, every vice has been duly noted (though probably not perused by anyone…as yet).


But an additional factor of the Internet has been its effect on our very psyche.

The Internet is drawing us apart.

This living, humming creature, whose presence we feel 24 hours a day and whose data is available to us 24 hours a day at a whim is addicting us to it and alienating us from each other.

For many (both employed and unemployed), the Internet has become a second reality in which they spend the most of their day.

The symptoms of ‘Internet Withdrawal’ have (conveniently) never been studied.

But you don’t need a study for you to observe these symptoms both within yourself and within those around you.

Just challenge someone (perhaps yourself?) to pass a couple of days without it.

The first sniveling justification will probably be something along the lines of: “I HAVE to get on Internet because I’ve got business to transact there!”

No you don’t.

The only thing you have to transact is the continuation of your dependence and your addiction to the Internet.

The mechanism for creating addiction is a secret.

Officially “Internet addiction” does not exist.’

The topic of Internet addiction is a non-subject as far as the media is concerned.

But the mechanism exists.

It exists as surely as does the following:

The psychological isolation between one human and another.

All this besides the cell phone-staring phenomenon in which entire families and even dates spend time looking at their cell phone screens instead of talking to each other.

All this besides the symbiotic human-computer bio-interface many human beings have with their PC and continue with their I-Phones during 100% of waking hours.

All this besides the ungodly amount of hours the average human being spends each day staring at one sort of screen or another.

We are talking about the end of workable interaction between one human being and another.

And presently, ladies and gentlemen, human interaction is falling apart…and the Internet is causing it.

The very volume of information available on the Internet takes away from the value of information itself.

Perhaps the above is unavoidable given the amount of data (even US intelligence agencies are ‘choking’ on it).

But what about attention span?

What facts you seek to communicate is now much less important.

It used to be that if the Mass Media didn’t say it, it didn’t happen.

Now it’s the Internet.

If its not on the Internet, it does not exist.

(Ever try to find information on the Internet on how the lottery is a scam run by the Mafia?)

Please remember that when it comes to information, more and more information is managed through an international cyber entity called Google.

So you have something new, insightful and true to say?

Let me hear it (briefly).

I’ll then go home and look it up on the Internet.

If it is not there, then I will discard the data that your transmitted to me…completely.

The act of listening itself has gone out the blow hole.

Its gotten to the point where LISTENING itself has become an obsolete activity.

Why listen to all the tedious details of whatever somebody is trying to tell you if you can go home later…and look it up on the Internet?

It’s even become a fad to simply tell somebody: “Look it up by typing in ----- and ------.”

Why even bother to explain anything to that person, or discuss anything, the Internet will fully inform them later.

Last but not least, the Internet is infringing on the very physicality of our world, absorbing it, and bringing it under its control, much like a gigantic Borg matrix.

Books, magazines, videos discs, video games, toys and even stores themselves are all being sucked down its bottomless maw.

In very short time, all of the above are becoming obsolete.

Books, magazines and video (film) now exist in an ephemeral fashion within the Internet.

How soon before their physical existence ends?

Newspapers, books and magazines are already ending.

Movies and video games are close behind as everything becomes‘virtual’ and reachable through the Internet.

Of course, once inside the Internet, they all become beholden to the man behind the electronic controls.

Every document or film can be censored, cut, edited or even have its existence terminated all together.

And as everyone now knows and understands:

If its not on the Internet…

…it doesn’t exist.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Inbred Presidency

It’s a small world at the top.

It recently came out that President Barak Obama is related to Republican Massachusetts Senator, Scott Brown by being his 10th cousin.

All this in addition to it being discovered that Barak Obama is related to Dick Cheney by being his 8th cousin.

But what do you expect?

Barak Obama is already related to George W. Bush by being Bush’s 11th cousin.

Nothin’ weird at the top at all with this type of thing.

It seems that we are all being led by an inbred dynasty.

So what?

George W. Bush also happens to be a distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth.

(Try to beat that you self-absorbed, own-genealogy researchers)

But wait...there is more inbreeding.

The two Skull and Bones frat brothers, George W. Bush and John Kerry, ran against each other for Presidency in 2004...are also 8th cousins!

(insert creepy banjo music here)

Things sure are small, inter-related at the top!

How small and inter-related?

Well, check this out:

At least 61 percent of all the US presidents are related to each other.

With that I have very little else to say except:

My fellow Americans...

...enjoy your inbred Presidency.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

NDAA 2012: NO WAY IN HELL!!!!!

The tyrannical new law was passed during the holiday season and as part of a budget that had nothing to do with national law.

The above actions alone demonstrate the treacherous and underhanded intent of the creators of the 'National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012' or NDAA 2012, specifically its Section 1031.

Every Congressman who has voted for a bill to make the United States a battlefield and the American people enemy combatants as well as the President of the United States (who signed it after lying he wouldn’t) is a traitor to this country.

They declared us the enemy, not the other way around.

There is no need for us to declare ourselves enemies of the state.

The 'State' has already done so – in writing!

How do you think the State legislators, the County Sheriffs and local authorities feel about their state being called a ‘battlefield’ and all their citizens being open to the Federal label of ‘enemy combatant’ with the resultant loss of all their rights?

This act puts our very country on the verge of civil war!

What would you think if Russia declared its own soil a ‘battlefield’ and any Russian a prospective ‘enemy combatant’?

Wouldn’t you think that country was on the verge of a civil war?

Now step back, turn around and look at US!


A government reserves the obedience of the people by obeying the nation’s law.

A government that breaks the very laws which instituted it loses the right to govern and all its mandates are all null and void.

Anyone who participates in the enforcement of the NDAA of 2012, 1031 is a traitor and an outlaw, along with those who passed it.

The American people are not enemy combatants and our country is not a battlefield.

As someone who has sworn an oath to the Constitution of this country I will confront any attempt to infringe upon my 2nd Amendment rights by anyone with lethal force.

It is preferable to go down fighting than have to face the indignity and extermination within a concentration camp.

At least you won’t be forced to strip naked and endure a thousand depravations before they finally put you down like an animal.

Because they WILL ultimately put us down! (or at least ATTEMPT to)

Life is not so precious to us that we become cowards.

Our country is not so unimportant that we will simply give it away.

The American people are outraged.

To all our State legislators, our police, our sheriffs, our soldiers, I say this:

It’s Time For You To Pick Sides!

We are a free, independent and sovereign people with God given rights, not privileges.

We will not be forced into socialist healthcare.

We will not accept Smart ID.

We will not be disarmed.

We will not be micro-chipped.

We will not submit to Biometric identification.

We will not surrender our DNA.

We will not be forcefully vaccinated.

We will not be relocated to concentration camps.

At this historic point in time, you must declare yourself NOW either an Illuminati slave or a Free and Sovereign American Citizen.

The Congressmen who have passed it are traitors to the nation and have lost their official capacity as representatives of the people.

Zero cooperation with the Federal Government! (it is now traitorous)

When the Constitutional contract and the Bill of Rights contained therein is violated by the government, the contract that created it is at an end.

US Government, you’ve passed this blasphemous piece of dung…

…now let's see you try and enforce it!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hubble Scope Is A Big Fat Lie!

Hubble Scope and all similar scopes (like its lying cousin the Kepler Space Observatory) are LIES.

What is telling about Hubble and all such scopes is not what they look at...but what they DON'T look at.

Designed by Lockheed and put in orbit by Air Force pilots (called NASA astronauts), Hubble (and the secret-entities behind it) have worried about the secrets of farthest most space instead of the near neighborhood.

Why do you think that is?

'The farther, the better.' seems to be their mantra.

What the heck, it is said the Hubble has looked at the center of creation itself.


It turns out we got plenty of wonders and curiosities right here in our own backyard.

Alpha-Centauri, for instance.

Alpha-Centauri is the star system CLOSEST to us (4 light years).

When and if we ever venture out, this will be the first star-system we will visit.

Yet Hubble Scope and Kepler totally ignore Alpha Centauri.


Blah, blah, blah, don’t bother Hubble with menial things!

It's too busy lookinig at the center of the universe, for crying out loud.

So while Hubble is checking out things as close as the Moon and as far as the center of creation (Hubble seems to work in extremes), Alpha-Centauri remains a total mystery.

Here is a question for you, Hubble and Kepler:

How many planets orbit Alpha-Centauri?

Surely if you can see the center of the universe, you can see that, right?

Hubble can see planets and Kepler can even identify earth-like planets orbiting the most distant stars, but neither can seem to take any interest in reconnoitering our NEAREST STAR SYSTEM - ALPHA-CENTAURI!


Because Hubble and Kepler are frauds.

Either they aren't really deep space telescopes, or they are both a façade to justify more black budget spending.

This is why Hubble and Kepler DARE NOT look at Alpha-Centauri.

It doesn't because it can’t.

It can pull frauds involving the ends of the Universe because nobody can prove it wrong one way or the other.

But it can’t look at Alpha-Centauri because too many other countries in the near future might soon be taking a close look at that sector, building their own telescopes and confirming that a BIG FAT LIE!

So Hubble and Kepler continue to look longingly and dreamily at the farthest reaches of the universe, supplying us with what probably amounts a a plethora of made up computer-generated images...while our own back yard remains a total mystery.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

James Bond and the Illuminati

Ian Fleming (an ex-intelligence agent) wrote a series of action-packed books featuring James Bond.

Ian Fleming’s books inspired a series of blockbuster films, all featuring the debonair spy, who somehow managed to bring down entire infrastructures along with SPECTRE’s plans for world domination.

But the popular James Bond book series and movies always had one recurring plot:

SPECTRE, a mysterious organization with seemingly limitless resources is always engaging in false flag operations with the purpose of provoking WW-III.

Sound familiar?

It should.

It's amazing how closely Ian Fleming's stories mimic present-day reality.

Here are some other Bond-style plots from today's headlines:

Plot-1: SPECTRE tries to bring about a dictatorship in the US by bombing a Federal Building Government building

Plot-2: SPECTRE plans to remotely take over passenger jets and crash them into the World Trade Center to cause panic and an evacuation, which allows the robbery of massive gold reserves held in the WTC basement. Afterwards, the buildings are to be demolished from inside to destroy all the evidence. The destruction of the WTC itself will then serve as a trigger for a dictatorial takeover of the US government by SPECTRE agents high within the US Government.

(Ian Fleming frequently used submarines in his spy plots)

Plot-3: the plan is for a SPECTRE submarine to torpedo an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico that has dug deeper than any platform ever under the direction of a SPECTRE oil executive. The hopeful result? A massive environmental skyrocket the price of oil.

(another submarine plot):

Plot-4: SPECTRE carries out an operation to trigger WW-III by having a SPECTRE submarine torpedo a South Korean warship while masquerading as a North Korean attack submarine.

Plot-5: SPECTRE plans to detonate an atomic bomb near the Marianas Trench and use HAARP technology to inundate the coast of Japan while triggering a nuclear holocaust inside a Japanese power plant to make Japan and the West Coast uninhabitable.

And this?:

Plot-6: SPECTRE attempts to start WW-III by launching false flag attacks on US Navy Warships. USS Liberty, USS Cole...USS NIMITZ?

It is a given that SPECTRE is an expert at launching naval false flag operations. In the James Bond plots, you see SPECTRE frequently operating in the ocean.

Oh, here’s another good one:

Plot-7: SPECTRE opens up the US to nuclear attack by shutting down NORAD.

Fact stranger than fiction?

It happened on 9/11, folks - they shut down NORAD!

Or how about this:

Plot-8: A SPECTRE agent high up in government prepares a series of war games involving bombs and terrorist acts, so that when they really start happening, the government thinks its only a war game and does nothing while the bombs blow up everything to kingdom come and the terrorists are excused off as exercise participants. (sound familiar?)

So you see, all these James Bond type stories were not so fantastic after all.

It seems Ian Fleming knew what he was talking about when he talked about 'SPECTRE'.

So the point is this:

Ian Fleming’s premise in all his Bond novels was that there exists somewhere, somehow, an international organization with apparently limitless resources which strives to create conflict and chaos, while initiating multi-trillion dollar robberies of the world’s wealth when it isn’t trying to start WW-III so it could emerge as the sole dominant authority over what’s left. In addition, the leaders of this organization are totally ruthless and totally mad.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

In his own era (and being a high part of British Intelligence) Fleming must have heard all about the truth behind Pearl Harbor, the release of nuclear secrets to the Russians, the betrayal of Liverpool to Nazi bombers, and the ad nauseum of the Cold War ‘operations.’

Is it really a surprise to anyone that Ian Fleming is also accused of being an anti-semite?

His the name of his villain, Blofeld, is a play on the ‘feld’ name so common among a certain group of people.

Blofeld translates roughly as ‘Empty Field’ or ‘Field of Nothing.’ How about THAT 'field'?

The truth is that Ian Fleming (as an ex-intelligence agent) knew the score, and he seemed to be trying to warn us constantly about the existence of a real 'SPECTRE.'

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Corporate Logos Go Communist

Our corporate logos are literally turning red.

For some inexplicable reason, our corporate entities are blushing the color of blood.

Why all the recent loud, irritating and screaming red tone modifications to their logos?

Red is the color of Communism and Marxism.

Do they know something we don’t?

Is this some sort of Passover mark so that when the time comes, the Communist angel of death will know who to destroy and who to leave alone?

There is, of course, no corporate logo more Communist than Macy’s red star.

Bank of America recently reddened its logo, not to mention the BBC, CNN, Verizon and JC Penney and many others.

The new opening sequence to the Daily Show now has the entire globe ‘going red.’

Just what is it with all the logos going red, anyway?

Anyone who has lived through the Cold War knows what a Red Star means. They also know who the ‘Reds’ are.

In fact, they know what the color Red signifies when applied in a dominant to flags and logos.

It signifies Marxist Socialism…in other words, Communism.

It is the younger generation that doesn’t have a clue, and goes around wearing red shirts for one ‘good cause’ or another.

Red is the color of blood, fire and destruction.

In fact, that is exactly what every Communist revolution has brought in its wake.

Fire, destruction and blood.

So it’s an eternal wonder that American universities are presently filled with Marxists.

Just what is it that keeps making Marxism so popular, anyway?

Is it the bloody purges?

Is it the mass-starvation?

Is it the unending deprivation of life under Communism?

Or is it the total dehumanization and pitiless existence of the Communist pawn?

It is my firm belief the entire world is turning Marxist.

Many people don’t believe this.

But our corporations, on the other hand, seem to KNOW this…and they are celebrating it.

The are celebrating the West’s (and America’s coming fall to Communism) by redoing all their logos in blood red…

…very, very bloody red.

Any basic student of Communism knows that the Bolshevik revolution was financed and directed from New York (which is exactly where most of these corporate entities have their headquarters).

So it is no wonder that these same corporate entities are celebrating the approach of Communism by changing their logos to screaming red.

Because Communism is not about ‘all power to the people’ but ‘all power over the people’

It is a feudal political system...

...and the next evolution of corporate power over this earth.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Obama: Marxist Illuminati Agent and Traitor

Let’s talk about our President Barack Hussein Obama.

The truth is we don’t know who this guy is.

It’s not really clear who his father is.

His mother stayed away from him until she died mysteriously in another country.

We can’t seem to find his birth certificate.

No one seems to remember him from his days at Columbia University.

All his supposed records and papers at Columbia are sealed.

The guy never had a career before becoming Senator and, shortly thereafter, Presdient of the United States.

Yet above it all, he is a charming guy.

Obama is similar to the likeable friend or relative who you just can’t hate because they are just so darn likeable.

It doesn’t matter how they keep SHAFTING YOU, because when they show up a while later…with the cute face and the dimpled smile you just can’t hold it against them.

So you give them another chance.

And they SHAFT you again.

Obama is like that.

People just can’t believe a handsome, charismatic guy like Barack would (or could) do anything nasty to them (much less the entire country).

But Obama does do…and he keeps doing it…again and again and again…relying on America’s short-term memory (and the cooperative media)) to keep America granting him just one more chance.

To make it worse, most of what Obama ‘does’ is kept secret by the mainstream media and never comes up again after the fact.

To put it bluntly, most of America DOES NOT KNOW what Obama is doing to our country, has done and will probably continue doing.

Things just happen.

All his “accomplishments” are presented to the American public as fait accompli after the fact and even then, for only a short moment (no need to ruminate on how badly we just got shafted – that might outrage the public).

The media obfuscates all his actions and their consequences.

And America moves on.

And the truth is Obama has “accomplished” quite a lot.

But you see, Obama is all smoke and mirrors (with a big emphasis on smoke).

And he keeps coming back again and again with his smiling dimply face, ready for us to give him another chance.

Herein is a short appended description of Obama's “accomplishments:”

Obama Does the First Doubtful Presidential Swearing
Obama, with the help of Chief Justice John Roberts, accomplished America’s first doubtful presidential swearing when Roberts managed to mess up the ‘Oath to Office’ and then later had Obama repeat the Oath at ‘a private’ ritual in the White House - without any Bible.

Amazingly, this second swearing (of a President to the Presidency of the United States of America) was not recorded in any way shape or form outside of a photograph, so we have nothing but the participants good word to rely on as to what actually took place there.

So which swearing counted?

The first one or the second one?

And if the first one counted, why hold a second one?

And if the second one counted, why was it not recorded for posterity?

Oh, what the heck, what went on in the second sans Bible swearing anyway?


Obama Renews The Patriot Act

A large mass of support that put Obama in office was based on his criticisms of the violations of human rights occurring in the United States under the Patriot Act.

Now that he has become President, not only has Obama kept the Patriot Act as is, but he has extended and renewed its continuation as law.

What the hell, the guy voted for its renewal as Senator.

So one might ask oneself, where did all the criticism come from, if Obama now decides not to modify one line of the Patriot Act…and renew its standing.

I guess all the criticism he put forth when he was running for President was all hot air.

Obama likes the Patriot Act!

People thought they were electing another Martin Luther King (whose voice modulations Obama likes to imitate).

Instead they elected Martin Luther Same.

Obama’s opposition to the Patriot Act was a lie.

Obama Increases White House Secrecy
Not only has Obama renewed the Patriot Act, but he has increased secrecy within the White House.

Want to know who vists the White House?

Too bad.

All those records are now sealed (just like Obama’s records at Columbia University).

Obama promised “increased clarity” in his White House.

Instead he has given us increases obfuscation.

Another Obama whopper.

Obama Keeps Guantamo Bay Open
Nothing stands out more in the Obama campaign than his condemnation of the Guantanamo torture center.

Obama said he was going to close Guantanamo.

Another big fat lie.

Guantanamo continues open for business.

Not only is it still open, but it is still operating at full strength, with absolutely no further inquiry from the White House or the Media.

The tortures, brain scramblings, insanity-inducing deprivation and misery continue at Guantanamo as if the Bush era never passed.

The only difference is neither the Media nor the President mention Guantanamo anymore.

Out of sight out of mind.

The American public is left to assume that Guantanamo has been kid-gloved.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Guantanamo continues to deprive, torture and murder as ever before.

Obama Orders the Release of Russian Communist Spies
One hot day in July, 2010, the FBI announced they had arrested a ten-member Russian spy ring they had been monitoring for years.

There must have been one hell of a celebration at FBI headquarters that evening.

All that time, money and effort invested into the security of our nation was about to pay off.

Thank God for the Patriot Act.

And what a career-builder!

Or so they thought.

The news, however, was not so well received at the White House, which immediately set about arranging the release of the Russian spies directly into Russian custody…as soon as possible.

In fact, Obama officials openly stated they were “eager” to win the release of the Russian spies.

Get those suckers shipped home yesterday!

No detention, no interviewing, no questioning, no cross-questioning, no deprivation, no inconvenience, no fuss.

I mean, you’d think they would like to have at least a prolonged conversation with the Russian spies over tea about their activities and contacts within our country. After all, the FBI spent 10 years tracking and doing surveillance on these people - 10 YEARS!


It seems it was no longer fashionable to mention there are Russian spies in America.

The quicker this awkward situation was resolved, the better.

The spies were shipped home that same month!

When they got home, Putin celebrated with them by way of a full course dinner where they all got drunk and sang old COMMUNIST songs.

One of the spies, Anna Chapman, even became sort of a popular celebrity in the West, because, well…she was pretty.

Talk about a clueless, shafted population.

Meanwhile all initiatives regarding Russian spying or Russian Mafia activity (same thing) have been put on hold by Obama, so the FBI can concentrate on ‘gettin’ the terr’ists.’

Obama Disarmes Our Nuclear Forces
Right after Obama became President, Russia started pushing its weight around.

It wanted all our defensive missiles removed from Poland and Turkey.

It re-located its nuclear submarines right off the coast of America.

It flew bombers right up against Alaska.

It held giant strategic war exercises in Russia and joint tactical exercises with China.

Putin lambasted and threatened America.

After all this threat and disrespect, comrade Obama went ahead and removed all the missiles from Poland and Turkey.

Then, after all this Russian bs, Obama went over to Russia hat-in-hand and signed a nuclear disarmament treaty called START

Just what it was the Russians did to warrant such a treaty is a good question.

Was it the insults, the threats, the military demonstrations, or the disrespect?

Obama just came back from a visit to Russia with – surprise! - a new disarmament treaty - a drastically modified renewal of the old START Treaty.

The kicker was that no one even seemed to know Obama was even negotiating any treaty with the Russians in the first place.

No meeting, no talks, no accords, no nothing!

It was just a case of the President of the United States coming back from a visit to Russia with a freaking TREATY in his hands for the Senate to sign.

For all appearances, Putin gave him the treaty to sign just before Obama got on the plane.

Well, apparently Obama WAS secretly negotiating a disarmament treaty with the Russians, and he dropped by Russia to pick up the final result.…

…and he presented the results to the American public as a fait accompli.

Nobody called Obama on the secret negotiation and preparation of the disarmament treaty without any knowledge of Congress or the American people.

In fact, the Senate signed the thing without a whimper!

What happened?

Did all the Senators receive blackmail calls in the middle of the night threatening to reveal all their page-screwing activities unless they signed it?

The fact was the Senate signed without much comment or outrage.

The result of the treaty?

Here it is:

**the destruction of one third of our nuclear warheads

**the destruction of HALF of our nuclear missiles


This treaty alone destroyed more of our nuclear force than would an actual nuclear first strike.

No serious methods have been delineated as to just how we will confirm the Russians are actually destroying their nuclear force by the same ratio.

In fact, relations have cooled so much with Russia that few if any American officials are admitted into that country any more.

But the treaty has been passed…and we are told we are held to it for the next 10 years.

Obama Cancels Out USAF Air Superiority
The F-22 stealth fighter (the only one of its type in the world) was cancelled, throwing away our technological edge in the air, with the full backing of Obama.

Again, Congress cooperated with little dissent.

Did it make any difference that airpower is America’s only trump card in foreign policy and its own national security?

I guess not.

America was left with its 40-year-old F-15 fighter fleet as its main line of defense.

Obama Destroys Cohesion & Morale Within the US Armed Forces
Official acceptance of homosexuality within the US armed forces was made a fact with Obama’s full support of the repealing of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.”

This dealt a death blow to morale within the US armed forces, who will now have to bunk, shower, obey and accept punishment from open homosexuals.

This comes hand-in-hand with the decision to stationing women aboard submarines.

Obama Signs NDAA 2012 Tyranny Act
Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, which classifies America as a 'battlefield' and every American as a possible enemy combatant to be treated as such by the armed forces which are now given police (judge-jury and executioner) powers.

He signed it although he said he wasn't going to sign it.

But by this stage of the game nobody believed him.

The poor man is a habitual liar.

Later it was revealed that Obama was really holding out because the 'act' did not give him the amount of dictatorial power he was wanted.

That small problem was solved by our treacherous and weak-kneed Congressmen, and he signed!

Obama Gives Classified Strategic Missile Secrets to the Russians
In another fait accompli declaration, Obama communicated to Congress he was planning to provide Russia with data for the SM-3 strategic defense missile.

The SM-3 is launched from US warships stationed off coastal cities to offer strategic  protection both to ourselves and our allies against incoming ballistic missiles.

Congress became so alarmed that it quickly snuck into NDAA 2012, section 1227, which prohibited any funds for the delivery of any missile technology to the Russians without Congress first receiving a full report on the secrets to be shared.

In response, Obama issued a 'signing statement' when he signed NDAA 2012 which stated that Congress' interference in his strategic technology giveaway could 'impede his foreign policy authority' and boldly stated during the signing ceremony that he did not feel bound by the requirements of section 1227.

It seems the Commander-in-Traitor has sole jurisdiction when it comes to giving away our strategic secrets to the Russians.

Who needs spies when you've got a president that delivers like this one does? 

Obama Forces Fascist Medical Insurance Program on America
Given absolutely no chance of passing by the media, ‘Obamacare’ was put on the table regardless (a much more popular president - Clinton - had already tried to pass healthcare and failed miserably).

Amazingly, Obamacare passed the House. The media then started ballyhooing how the law had absolutely no chance of passing the Senate.

Obamacare passed the Senate.

Obama signed the bill immediately to avoid any more investigation.

The truth was the act was passed without anyone knowing much about it, and most of it was kept secret from the public while Speake Pelosi told the House to hurry up and pass the bill so they could find out what it was.

As it turned out, the act is nothing but a fascist sell-out to the medical industry to get our taxes to pay for no-longer-affordable medical costs while eliminating our health rights.

(read the whole sordid detailed Obamacare story here)

Obamacare also carried a lot of hidden legislation attached to it like ticks on a cow.

One important addendum consisted of having all Americans buying a half-once of gold or more to register on a national database. This is a blacklist for future gold confiscation by the American government.

The passage and looming implementation this earmark is bringing the gold market to a screeching halt because the gold experts know it spells the end of gold as an investment.

What did the gold-registration requirement have to do with healthcare?


But it happened because Obama is who he is.

Again – absolutely no coverage by the mass media.

Obama Creates Mandatory E-verify For All Americans
Its official.

All employers must now report all new hires to government.

In a virtual giant E-Verify, your new employer instantly tells the Federal Government they have just hired you.

Before, the Federal Government had to go to the IRS, who, in turn, had to wait for you to fill out your employer-supplied W2 form to get this information (if one was filled at all).

Not any more.

You change jobs, they know it. Your new employer snitches on you.

Would you believe this all grew out of a problem involving Black farmers not getting their fair share of subsidies?

That’s right.

The Claims Resolution Act of 2010 enacted by the 111th Congress and signed into law by Obama on December 8, 2010 as a response to the Pigford v. Glickman case, where black farmers were found to have been discriminated against between 1983 and 1997 by the Department of Agriculture when applying for loans and assistance to start and maintain farms.

What does that have to do with the Federal Government tracking your employment?


The law was just tagged on to the Claims Resolution Act of 2010 when nobody was looking (and we all know our Congressmen don’t really read the laws they vote for anyway).

So it passed.

One more police state tracking device installed and switched on, courtesy of your new ‘change’ President.

A slight attempt was made to justify the new spy-law by stating it was part of the war against hiring illegal immigrant.

But this justification turned out to be nonsense when Obama declared he would no longer prosecute illegal immigrants who have committed no felony.

So they made a big hullabaloo about illegal immigrants, then they tagged this law to legislation to help us out, then it turns out the whole thing was another put-on.

Another Obama masterpiece.

Obama Opens Door to Illegal Immigrant Occupation of America
Obama's declaration that the US Government will no longer prosecute Illegal Immigrants with no felonies opens a pandora's box of an immigration flood.

Its not just the declaration, but the increased assurances and benefits illegal immigrants have received from Obama, such as guaranteed primary, secondary and college education, along with guaranteed health care and finally...guaranty from prosecution under US law.

Why bother protecting our borders at all.

Obama has made walk-in occupation of this country totally legal.

The rumor is he's going to make it official with the official inauguration of the new North American Union Treaty.

For the moment, all good citizens get doubly tracked by the Government while illegals have more rights and benefits than ever.

Talk about getting the shaft.

As you can see, Obama is doing a lot.

It’s just that all he’s doing is happening under the table.

No one hears it.

No one talks about it.

No one mentions it.

For all this he has the cooperative Media to thank.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Illuminati Create Islamic Fundamentalist Time Bomb

The entire Middle East is being radicalized.

Its being done through the two ‘pro-western’ countries of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan through their intelligence agencies (products of American and European intelligence).

As such, the fundamentilazation of the Middle East is a gigantic fraud - an artificially planned operation.

Fundamentalist Islam is a gigantic facade, perpetrated by hypocritical liars with money and direction from Saudi intelligence.

The Islam being pushed by the fundamentalists is a lie, designed to bring the Islamic nations back to the level of a medieval ghetto.

Fundamentalist Islam is not something designed to raise up the Arab World…it is something designed to bring it down.

Come on…the Arab World has been occupied first by the Crypto-Judaic-infiltrated Ottoman Empire and then by the Rothschild’s European servant nations since the 1800’s.

Enough time to insert enough crypto-servants within Arab society to take control of the whole thing.

Which they obviously have through the Middle East’s foreign-created intelligence agencies.

Proof-positive that the spy agencies of the Middle East are betraying their governments came with the recent unraveling of Syria – a solid police state, with eyes and ears everywhere.

Well, the eyes and ears didn’t work too well – they missed the massing, arming and organizing of hundreds of thousands of protestors.

Of course, this total blind eye by Syrian Intelligence is what made the whole thing possible in the first place and now threatens to bring down the country’s second-generation dictator, Bashar Al-Asaad.

If I were Bashar Al-Asaad, I would line up my intelligence leaders up against a wall and shoot them (but that’s just me).

Asaad, instead, hasn’t fired or shot anyone in his intelligence department (and he might be a second-generation intelligence asset like King Abdullah-II of Jordan, who is a CIA asset, just like his father).

But whatever the case may be, the chief perpetrators behind the radicalization of the Middle East are indeed the West and its satellite allies.

That’s right – the West is behind radical Islam.

Let’s get it straight.

The radicalization of the Middle East is being carried out and facilitated by Western Intelligence Agencies in collaboration with the ‘friendly’ intelligence agencies of its Islamic puppet countries – like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

The West has been betraying and destroying friendly, civilized, pro-Western Muslim nations since it betrayed the Shah of Iran to Muslim Fundamentalists in 1979.

In 1979, President Jimmy Carter, along with the CIA, ordered the Shah to stand down as a fundamentalist minority (many recently returned from France) took over the protests and finally the government.

The Shah was also betrayed by his own US-created intelligence service, the Savak (which now continues to do intelligence for fundamentalist Iran under another name).

Stabbed in the back, betrayed by the US and his own US-founded-and-trained intelligence agency, the Shah was forced to abdicate and leave his ‘kingdom’ in the hands of ‘fundamentalists.’

What a triumph for true Islamic Fundamentalism, right?

Let me tell you how fundamentalist Iran is.

In Iran, a man and woman can do a mini-marriage so they can legally have sex and then get a quickie divorce when they get bored of it.

How’s that for fundamentalist?

Iran’s male youth, especially the rich upper crust openly act like rowdy punks, riding their motorcycles up and down the street, popping wheelies and creating mayhem.

In Iran, pornography is available on demand and satellite tv corruption is available to everybody.

Most Iranian women wear tight jeans under their phony chastity dresses (which they take off the moment they enter a home). Some women don’t even bother convering up their tight jeans with their fundamentalist coveralls.

Alcohol consumption is common.

Drug addiction is out of control in Iran, which is rather strange for a fundamentalist culture with zero drug tolerance.

The black market and the black market for drugs is blossoming in Iran.

In fact, in spirit and character, Iran is one of the least Islamic fundamentalist. The Iranians take the entire Shia fundamentalist society with a grain of salt, as do the supposedly ‘religious’ leaders.

Iranian society is a huge fundamentalist fraud, and the people know it.

Anyone scratching the surface of Iran’s Fundamentalist Revolution can see that its all a farce, facilitated by the United States itself and its intelligence branches everywhere.

Its originator, Ruhollah Khomeini spent the later half of his career sipping lattes in Paris (just like Lenin, Trotsky, Ho Chi Minh and all the other great 'revolutionists').

Yes indeed, France is sort of a revolution-central warehouse when it comes to sheltering ‘extremist’ revolutionaries for the entire world.

So the West facilitated, encouraged and probably financed the radicalization of Iran.

Iran was followed by Afghanistan.

The Russians invaded Afghanistan in 1979.

The Afghan government was already a friend of the Russians, so what the Russians did was a needless betrayal.

Russian atrocities turned the population against European civilization.

Now let me tell you something about the Afghans.

They are a tough and practical mountain people.

They practice Islam, with about the same fervor Americans practice their Lutheranism...which isn't much.

Their main loyalties are to their respective tribes.

Islam is just there, but it is no big deal.

The majority of the Afghan people are not very religious, and much less fanatical fundamentalists.

They are and have always been an agglomerate tribal group of independent, self-oriented, head-strong survivors.

Their culture has never included Islam fundamentalism or any type of fundamentalismat all.

They are about as Islamic as an Appalachian Hillbilly is Christian.

But the fix was in.

The CIA, in conjunction with its branch office, Pakistan’s ISI, made it a point to fund and support the ‘mujahedeen’ who represented the extreme fundamentalist ultra-minority in Afghanistan.

The CIA/ISI support for Muslim Fundamentalism radicalized the entire ‘mujahedeen’ movement.

After the Russians left, Pakistan’s ISI continued to support the Muslim radicals (in spite of the resistance movement consisting of a majority of non-sectarian groups).

Following the Russian exit, Afghanistan erupted into civil war as the competing tribes and war lords fought the Pakistani-backed fundamentalists.

Now the modern government of Pakistan has no business supporting Muslim fundamentalist movement on its own border, but intelligence agencies don’t have a habit of doing what’s beneficial for their own country.

In the civil war which followed, the CIA-ISI axis made sure the radical Taliban came out on top to become the virtual controllers of Afghanistan.

So Afghanistan became radical nation number-2...again, courtesy of the CIA.

Its from this period that we get Bin Laden and Al Qaeda – all instituted and funded by the CIA in conjunction with Saudi Arabia.

Since then, Saudi money (which helped fund the radicalization of Afghanistan) has funded the radicalization of the entire Middle East through its Madrassas schooling system, which starts radicalizing young people from the first grade through a franchise of free Saudi-funded religious schools throughout the Middle East.

In like manner, the totally secular nation of Lebanon was also radicalized with abundantly funded radical organizations like Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah.

Through Hezbollah occupation, Lebanon has become radical nation number-3.

Since 1979, provocative incidents have been sparked to create increasing hostility between the Muslim World and the West to

1) Fundamentalizing the Middle East


2) Bring the Middle East into conflict with the West

Here is the list:

1979: CIA causes the fall of the Pro-Western Shah of Iran

1981: CIA assists in assassination of Pro-Western Egyptian President Sadat (1981)

1982: US pilots captured and paraded by Muslim fundamentalists in Lebanon

1983: Mossad kills 300 US Marines in Lebanon (blamed on Muslims)

1985: American TWA Flight 847 hijacked by Muslim fundamentalists

-Americans victimized aboard hijacked cruise Ship Achille Lauro by Muslim Fundamentalists
-US soldiers in Germany killed by bomb
-US blames bombs secular non-fundamentalist Libya

-Iran mines Persian Gulf

-US attacks Iran
-US shoots down Iranian passenger jet
-Terrorists blow up Pan Am Flight-103 over Scotland

1991: US attacks secular Iraq

1992: USAF blockades secular Iraq
-Iran uses chaos caused by American blockade to fundamentalize Iraq

-FBI bombs World Trade Center (blamed on Muslim fundamentalists)
-US peace-keeping forces ordered to their doom in Somalia

1994: Mossad bombs Jewish community center in Argentina (blamed on Muslims)

-CIA bombs US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya (blamed on Al Qaeda)
-USAF bombs Sudan and Afghanistan
-USAF degrades and destroys secular Iraq by maintaining air & sea blockade (1994-1999)

2000: CIA/Mossad bombs USS Cole off Yemen (blamed on Muslims)

2001: CIA/Mossad carries out 9/11 Attacks by (blamed on Muslims)
-US invades Afghanistan (2001)

2002: KGB stages Moscow Theater takeover by Muslim fundamentalists

2003: US deposes secular Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein (2003)

2004-2008: US occupation of Iraq causes rise of Shia Muslim Fundamentalists

2009-2010: US “Surges” in Afghanistan increases recruitment for Muslim Fundamentalists

-Turkish government taken over by Muslim Fundamentalists
-CIA directs removal of Pro-Western Egyptian President Mubarak
-CIA directs removal of Pro-Western Yemeni President
-Pro-Western Bahrain government hit by planned uprisings
-CIA removes Pro-Western Libyan leader Moammar Ghadaffi
-CIA/KGB organize removal of Pro-Russian Syrian leader Asaad
-Fundamentalist-controlled Turkey breaks ties with Israel
-Secular Algerian government rumored to be in danger of falling

Since 1979, all of the above adds up to a steadily escalating series of provocations to designed to produce eventual confrontation between the West and the Middle East.

A purposeful radicalization of the Middle East through the treacherous Middle Eastern intelligence agencies (all created and trained by England or the US) has been steadily carried out since 1980.

The betrayal and attack upon Saddam Hussein by the West weakened his regime and allowed Iran to begin fundamentalizing Iraq’s Shia population

Hatred and hostility has been provoked between the US and the Islamic nations much like two roosters are provoked into hostility by their masters shoving them against each other.

After 9/11, the Taliban were ‘deposed’ in Afghanistan, but they came back stronger than ever with Pakistan’s ISI financing and now are re-established there.

The radicalization of Iraq began after the 2003 demolition of the isolated Saddam Hussein regime, leading to a surge of Iranian-financed radicalization of the Shias (Iraq’s majority population).

Ever notice that Iraq’s majority Shiite population did not become radicalized until WE moved into that place?

And now we are now having the ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings – basically a coordinated betrayal of secular Arab governments by their own US-controlled intelligence agencies to (intelligence) agents of fundamentalist extremists.

The entire Muslim world – from Morocco to Pakistan – is being betrayed by the Western-controlled intelligence agencies with Saudi money and assistance.

Yes, Saudi Arabia, the most fundamentalist Islamic nation in the world, whose sheiks party till the break of dawn, while the population lives under medieval fundamentalist oppression.

The Saudis are not only major Western tools, they are absolute frauds.

The House of Saud is a crypto-Jewish dynasty put in place by Saudi Arabia’s former colonial master, England.

Complete frauds, and total degenerates, it is the House of Saud which has financed and directed the social fundamentalization of the Middle East and are now bankrolling the new “Spring Revolutions.”

The House of Saud’s Saudi Arabia is the core of the radicalization of the Middle East, and in spreading their money, they cooperate completely with the major Western intelligence agencies like the CIA and MI6.

Now you’ve got pro-Western Libya collapsed, with Egypt on the brink, along with Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Algeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and even Turkey.

And the brink could be reached quite suddenly.

You see, Muslim fundamentalism happens at the top, which means that nothing more than a set of riots, combined with a series of coups (all directed by the Islamic nations’ own treacherous intelligence services in coordination with our own) could turn the Middle East into a seething radical fundamentalist confederation totally set against the West.

Add to this the fundamentalized masses of Europe (all brainwashed with Saudi money) and you’ve got a real powder keg.

And it’s no coincidence that the majority of the ‘Spring Revolutions’ are all happening in countries FRIENDLY to the West (Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen).

This is because those countries’ Western-trained and directed intelligence agencies are turning against their own nations on cue under the direct orders from Euro-American intelligence.

Meanwhile, the West is stabbing all its Middle Eastern allies in the back and telling their governments to ‘step down’ to allow the Muslim Fundamentalists to take charge.

A Muslim Fundamentalism represented at an international level by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood is an international Saudi-financed confederation of Muslim fanatics who are spread throughout the Muslim world, from Morocco to Pakistan, and ready to take control.

The intelligence services of the Muslim world (like Pakistan’s ISI) can’t keep themselves from dishing out help and money to these radicals, even against their own government’s orders.

This is because the Middle Eastern nations’ own spy agencies are part of the problem, not the solution.

And the whole fundamentalist movement is a fraud.

It’s always funny to see footage of ‘Taliban’ fighters marching along the mountains of Afghanistan in pristine white basketball shoes…or to see their clean, soft, shaven faces.

Its obvious these people have not spent much time in the mountains at all.

Some of their ‘commanders’ seem to be on drugs as they do interviews and some look not only soft and effeminate, but plain flat out gay!

A favorite tactic of theirs seems to be to fool children to immolate themselves with bombs near the enemy.

Again, the entire fundamentalist movement is a fraud, led by cynical people who have no real convictions or beliefs whatsoever, except when it comes to murder and decapitation.

So the Muslim World is being radicalized.

The real question is why.

The answer is that the Establishment wants conflict between the Muslim world and the West.

And there is no better provocation to a Muslim-Western conflict than a Middle East united under a fanatical Muslim fundamentalist confederation to start the ball rolling
along with Europe’s exploding Muslim population.

Put it all together and you’ve got a hot war in the Middle East combined with a Terror War at home.

Such a conflict will be a perfect excuse to keep passing ever more repressive laws and measures against the populations of the US and Europe, and until they are turned into virtual police states.

Such a war will also destroy much of the Middle East, and leave the haughty Muslim countries flattened.

And let’s not forget the Middle East will be an ideal nuclear battleground in which all those tactical and strategic nukes can be used without jeopardizing the European industrial sector.

But the fight could by no accounts be an easy one, with Russia and China arming the radical Middle Eastern states (as they are now doing).

Sadly, but truly, the formation of the New World Order seems to include a gigantic war fought in the Middle East by powers of the Western World and the Radical Islamic factions of the Muslim World.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

NATO: No Account Terrorist Organization

The recent unprovoked bombing of Libya was NATO’s latest chest-thumping accomplishment carried out in conjunction with the UN.

Other fiascos like the bombing of Serbia or Afghanistan feature amongst its famous military failures.

In Serbia (just like in Libya) NATO ran out of bombs and ammunition in the middle of the campaign, and the co-combatants couldn’t even decide who would do what, while some of the others decided to ‘withdraw’ from operations.

NATO doesn’t seem to have any type of centralized command, and all its members act like NATO is some sort of optional volunteer service they can choose to obey or not.

In short, NATO is useless.

In addition to its uselessness, it has now shown itself to be an inhuman, brutal and bloodthirsty organization.

Its unprovoked aggressive assault on Libya is a case in point.

Ghadaffi had actually become a friend of the West and a bastion against Al Quaeda when the assault happened. He had mended his ways by giving up his nuclear program, his chemical program and his funding of terrorist organizations.

Libya was repaid with total destruction.

In its endeavor to ‘help out Libya’s rebel forces’ NATO bombed out Tripoli’s infrastructure into the stone age simply because Ghadaffi’s forces were present there.

In this case, the operation resembles the US bombing of Iraq’s infrastructure during the First Gulf War, the 11-year post-Gulf War and the 2003 Invasion of Iraq.

Quite literally, NATO has the blood of millions of sick, weak, infirm, invalids, infant, and elderly people on its hands because it made the inhuman policy decision to bomb into oblivion the water, electric, sewer, communication and transportation infrastructure of Iraq during that conflict.

In other words, it adopted the murder of innocent civilians instead of the enemy as a policy of war.

You can imagine what an electrical and water cut-off means to cities in the middle of the DESERT.

No cooling and no water.

Which means the weaker members of society DIE.

And the stronger members must try to survive the agonies of deprivation.

Add to this all the bridges being blown and you’ve got no food or medicine coming in either.

This is not paltry stuff.

I am referring to dying of thirst, starving to death or dying due to absence of medical attention because there is no electricity, no food and no water.

The USAF and NATO have shown they are willing to murder masses of innocent civilians if they don’t have their way.

As such, they are cowardly hypocritical murderers.

NATO quickly played the murder card when it destroyed Tripoli’s infrastructure and destroyed its water supply in the interests of helping the rebels.

I guess that’s what all that pin-point smart bombing was really about – hitting water reservoirs, power plants and bridges with pin-point accuracy so that you can kill people with thirst and starvation.

After all, the target of NATO is Ghadaffi and his army, not the people of Libya, right?

In doing so, NATO has shown itself once more to be a No Account Terror Organization.

Just like it always has been:

A no account, weak, useless terror organization whose tactic is to win wars through terror.

I am not just saying that either.

Let me back up my case.

During the Cold War, it was a pathetically weak and under-equipped NATO which promised to unleash nuclear hell should the Soviet Union ever attack.

See how that works?

It was NATO that was threatening the end of the world, not Russia.

Basically NATO was terrorizing the Soviet Union by promising to unleash all-out nuclear annihilation should the USSR ever penetrate NATO’s front lines with a conventional attack.

Now that’s quite a threat.

But it didn’t end there.

NATO also promised to immediately launch nuclear strikes if the USSR ever used chemical weapons.

In short, if the USSR went chemical, NATO would go nuclear!

Too bad that keeping it meant the death and destruction every nation NATO was meant to protect in the first place.

NATO didn’t care.

The threat stood:

You attack, we unleash nuclear hell.

See what I mean by calling it a ‘No Account Terror Organization’?

NATO was basically using TERROR against Russia to keep it from ever attacking.

Just like it is now using the TERROR against Ghadaffi by threatening to croak off the population of the desert capital of Tripoli by cutting it off from water, electricity and all highways until everybody in there DIES.

Whatever happens now, Tripoli will suffer terribly because NATO has already blasted the city’s water-supplying infrastructure into oblivion.

What awaits Tripoli now (whichever way the war goes) is a humanitarian disaster (which the media, of course, will barely cover).

After all, did you see the media cover Iraq’s humanitarian disaster - which resulted in the death of 1 million people?

Of course not.

NATO is all about terror.

And all about covering up the fact that it used terror in the first place.

NATO Will Ultimately Betray Us

The sad part we, the United States of America, are part and parcel of NATO, in fact, we helped put it together.

Now, I distrust any organization that has a ‘secretary general’ in charge.

This is because the only other institution to have a "secretary general" is the Communist Party.

The UN and NATO have such a ‘secretary general’ and in so doing, they are imitating the political structure of the Communist Party.


It is NATO who will be in charge of defending Europe against an attack by Russia – an attack that WILL OCCUR sooner or later.

And looking at NATO’s lack luster operations in Serbia and Libya...

...and seeing that its infrastructure starts falling apart at the seams when it just tries to bomb a Third World country...

...I am afraid to even imagine what is going to happen when NATO has to stand up to the Russian juggernaut.

In Serbia, NATO started suffering a bomb and ammunition shortages while it was seemingly unable to destroy little or nothing of the Serbian Army.

It wasn’t much of a surprises to see the same bomb-shortage thing happen in Libya.

Would it surprise you to hear that the same thing also started happening in both the first and second Iraq wars?

What the hell type of resistance is NATO expected to be able to put up against a Russian attack if it already starts running out of ammunition after a week of dirt-kicking in the Third World?

Let me be clear.

NATO is an odious organization not only because it likes spilling blood...

…not only because it has turned into a tool for Europe’s elite...

…not only because it is a weak no account institution that depends excessively on the United States for its continued mal-contrived existence…


You heard me right.

When the attack happens, NATO will fold like a deck of cards.

NATO is a treacherous organization at the service of the Marxist New World Order.

Presently, NATO is implementing such military 'reforms' like eliminating all landmines and cluster bombs from Europe and terminating all military service and draft requirements within all European countries.

Please note that China and Russia are not terminating THEIR military service requirements, nor getting rid of any of THEIR weapons.

On the contrary, they are ARMING TO THE TEETH!

So it’s going to be NATO, this two-bit, over-stretched, treacherous pseudo-military organization led by a comrade “Secretary General” which will be assigned to face the next Russian tsunami on Europe.

And who the hell are they trying to kid anyway?


So NATO will always do its duty alright…for the New World Order, that is.

When the time comes, it will dutifully collapse like France did in 1940.

And I’m not just talking a slow military collapse…

…but a total, over-before-it-began, what-the-hell-just-happened, surrender-monkey type of collapse.

(You can get a good idea of what its going to look like by studying NATO-trained Georgia's performance before a Russian attack).

So, besides being a no good murderous organization, NATO is also the key to the fall of Europe to the concealed Marxism and the New World Order.

In all honesty, the armies of the Europe would have been stronger, more capable and of much greater morale if NATO had never existed at all.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

America's Satanic Committee of 13

The centralization of the United States government has happened.

A powerful 'committee' has been set up to start running the country.

How quickly we forget that blood-drenched Revolutionary France was run by a ‘Committee of Public Safety.’

How quickly we also forget the tyrannical Soviet Union was run by a committee of ‘party leaders’ called the Politburo.

And now our government has created a committee - a “politburo” - to run the United States of America.

During the Cold War, it was such a “politburo” (a committee of 9 men) who actually ran Russia (and still runs communist China).

That’s right - government by committee.

And yes, the government-by-committee system IS an established COMMUNIST practice.

Sounds nice, tight and efficient, doesn’t it?

The results were never nice, nor tight, nor very efficient in practice.

The Politburo committee system produced unending food shortages in Russia and is now producing gross inefficiency and apocalyptic pollution in China.

Too bad the United States of America has seen fit to adopt this politburo-type committee system as our new form of government.

And that is exactly what the ‘Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction’ is – a Communist style politburo.

Of course, they had to create a crisis in order to get it:

“Oh no, we’re not able to raise the debt-limit!” they said.

(Oh yeah, like they’ve been doing for the last 50 years until we reached $14 trillion in unpayable debt?)

A debt limit is simply a limit on the amount of money the US can continue to borrow and increase its debt by.


If there was one, the ‘debt limit’ should have been activated when Ronald Reagan whoppered us with our first trillion dollars in debt.

The debt limit (if it ever really existed at all) exists only as a meaningless formality, like the Senate asking permission from the Pro Tem to ‘begin the session.’

But suddenly, our Illuminati congressional leadership decided to make a big pretend stink about not being unable to raise the debt limit.

Gee willikers, what do we do now?

(Pure theatrics)

The President walks out in the middle of a meeting.

The Majority Leader confronts the President and the Democratic Leaders.

Neither side will budge or compromise?

Are you kidding me?

Politicians not compromising?

Isn’t that what they do every day of their stinking existence?

OF COURSE it was all an ACT.

Much ado about nothing, really.

The irony is that the main actors (and they were actors) behind all this drama - the President and the Congressional leaders – are the same ones who are now scheduled to take their seats in the new ‘Super Committee.’


After all the theatrics came to a head, suddenly somebody just pulls an entire law - “The Budget Control Act of 2011” - out of from nowhere, and puts it before Congress.

(Uh yeah, like it hadn't already been written)

And this act gives America permission to increase its debt only by another $2.4 trillion and only $2.4 trillion (which just leaves the way open for another ‘act’).

Not that America ever needed any sort of 'act' to borrow money.

But now Congress suddenly says we do!

And, this ‘Budget Control Act’ is the ONLY thing the two sides CAN compromise on.

Come on Congress, please pass this thing before the moment passes and the two sides go back to bickering and non-compromising…and America goes bankrupt!

...And the ‘act’ passed.

So now we have an ‘act’ that will help us ‘control the budget’ with the help of a special congressional committee.

(Funny that Congress never admitted the budget was ever ‘out of control’ in the first place - that would have been too honest)

Sounds nice though – bringing the budget under control - it says nothing about a balanced budget, however.

‘Its about time,’ many say.

But wait...closer inspection of the law reveals that…

Suddenly we find out that the ‘act’ actually creates a new joint committee called “The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction” (composed exclusively of Congressional leaders) to ‘recommend’ to Congress what cuts need to be carried out.

(“Well, alright…Congress has always used committees to recommend things. Besides, the Committee IS composed of Congressmen. No problem, right?”)

But wait, closer inspection reveals of the law reveals…


The new committee can pass its own ‘ budget-cutting recommendations’ by default over the heads of Congress if Congress fails to agree to any of them.

Excuse me?

The Committee has arbitrary powers?

If so, then Congress has, by passing this ‘act,’ SURRENDERED A LARGE PORTION OF ITS CONSTITUTIONAL POWERS to this committee.

(“Ok, that IS sort of arbitrary, but the powers of the committee only involve budget cuts, so this arbitrary power is very limited, right?”)


But wait...closer inspection of the details reveals…


The Committee has the capacity to ‘expand its jurisdiction’ to other areas.


This means it can somehow expand the use of its extraordinary powers over things beyond just the budget.

Like the War on Drugs?

Like the War on Terror?

Like Swine Flu Vaccination perhaps?

Members of the Committee are now falling over themselves stressing to the American people how ‘unlikely’ this is and how they ‘hope that is ever necessary’ though ‘its probably never going to happen’ and ‘not that it could ever happen anyway.’

Uh yeah…

…just like the income tax was never supposed to go over 5%?

...just like Social Security deposits were an untouchable 'lock box?'

…just like the Social Security Number was never supposed to be used as a national ID?

…just like the Patriot Act was supposed to ‘ adhere to the constitution?’

(“Yeah, haw, haw, here just have another hot dog and some root bear, my friends, every thing’s going to be alright.”)

Oh wait!

There is already talk of expanding the Committee's 'jurisdiction' to include tax reform.

How quickly the dominoes fall!

Incredible, huh?

“The Joint Select Committee on DEFICIT REDUCTION” will now have the power to reform our entire tax system.

And from there the sky, I guess, is the limit.

(“Well, at least the committee is composed of elected Congressmen, so we have a say over what they do, right?”)


The committee is composed of Congressional Leaders – those Congressmen who have been put in those positions of power because they are obedient Illuminati pawns and belong to such institutions as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bildebergers. The same 'Congressional Leaders' have been in power for decades!

What you really have in this committee is a concentration of poison.

And it’s no surprise because it’s true that the so called ‘congressional leadership’ has been accustomed to pushing their weight around in Congress for decades.



…lording themselves over freshmen congressmen (i.e. real representatives)

…deciding which bills shall or shall not be presented before congress

…appointing fellow Illuminati stooges to the heads of congressional committees and...

…arranging party cut-offs for ‘non-cooperating’ congressmen.

What do you think ‘Congressional Whips’ do?

Here’s a hint: Think about what a whip is used for.

‘Whip’, the very word is so anti-American, yet it’s is used regularly in political science to refer to the official party bullies in charge of threatening and cajoling the new congressmen into ‘getting in line with the program.’

Yes indeed, the ‘congressional leaders’ have been virtually RUNNING Congress for decades through their precious ‘committees.’

So it comes as no surprise that they might one day come up with the idea of a ‘super-committee’ to run the entire freaking country.

(“Ok, it’s a concentration of power, but the members of the Committee are beholden to the American public because they are elected officials, right?”)

Not Really.

Incumbents have an 80% chance of reelection.

Scam electronic voting machines have made that percentage even higher.

Besides, they won’t get appointed to the Committee until AFTER they’ve won. The Committee itself would be a revolving door of Illuminati pawns.

I knew the minute I saw Rep. Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) leering, crazy, laughing face on the footage from the ‘bi-partisan meeting’ that something was up.

After all, what could anyone have to smile about?

The entire nation was in a budgetary existential crisis, wasn't it?

But this guy just couldn’t contain himself!

You know how Emperor Palpantine’s face looked in Star Wars when he shouted “POWER, ABSOLUTE, UNLIMITED POWER!!!”

That was McConnell’s face!

This guy looked just like a freaking Emperor Palpatine.

I guess that’s what the Masons call their ‘seething energies.’

This guy was seething alright, but it wasn’t a seething of a good kind.

Talk about a major freak.

Sort of like George Bush Senior’s ‘cat that just ate the canary’ look when Jr’s run for the presidency in 2000 seemed in trouble. George Sr knew the truth - the election was in the bag - the polls meant nothing.

Just like Bush Sr., Re. McConnell knew something we didn’t…and he could hardly contain himself.

Well the truth is…he DIDN’T contain himself!

It looked like the guy was having a gigantic orgasm.

His ecstatic joy was there for all America to see.

And what about the number of members on the committee?

Six from the House...and six from the Senate.

They keep calling it a 12-member committee.

But the truth is the President is officially its 13th member!

Are you kidding me?

A witches coven?


And we all know the Freemasons like to place their landmark number ‘13’ on any project they bring to a successful fruition.

What an ungodly coincidence that they forgot to see that the total number on their new committee is 13 – a number most American regard with fear and dread and consider unlucky.

But you know, the number also happens to be a powerful number in Witchcraft, Satanism, Freemasonry and the Illuminati, forces all which were probably behind this Committee in the first place.

What more blatant warning can we all have that this Witches Coven Committee is up to no good?

Look for this Coven to become the new Politburo of the United States.

Don’t worry, one manufactured emergency or other will be used to justify the expansion of its powers into ‘other jurisdictions.’

Too complicated a tax system? Let the committee rewrite it.

War on Drugs?

Let the Committee introduce a quick-fix.

The Border?

The Committee’s can ram through vital legislation that would take care of that in a jiffy.

War on Terror?

Boy, just put that in the hands of the Committee, and we’ll have it wrapped up by next week.

Yep, the Committee will finally bring us what we’ve always wanted: a smooth, quick and effective government.

Certainly beats that slow argumentative, filibustering, ineffective Congress we had, which could never agree or decide on even on what day it was.

Yes America, you can bet this Committee is going to be all about ACTION!

It’s gonna be efficient and dynamic.

And by the way…

…look out protestors, terrorists, foreign dictators, troublemakers and evil doers everywhere.

We’ve got the Devil's Own Committee of 13 directing this Country now, and by Beelzebub we are done fooling around!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Giant Illuminati Lies We All Believe

What is reality?

What is truth?

Who are you?

Next time some important figure asks you, “who the hell are you? or “who do you think you are?” You might do well in responding “good point!” and taking some time off to answer that question.

Are you just a conglomerate of opinions, tastes, facts and behavior impounded into you by the illuminati system or are you a sovereign individual, master of your own mind and fully aware of reality?

Believe it or not, it’s hard.

The media, our schools, our parents have implanted some pretty ludicrous ideas in our minds which are very hard to get rid of.

A lot of people today say they are “free thinkers” and that they’ve “woken up”

I am not so arrogant. I am aware of the extent of the programming to the point where I have learned to doubt my own perception of reality.

I mean, I’m somebody who thought McCain was the best choice for the 2000 elections, and who thought Obama didn’t have a chance of winning the 2008 elections and believed afterwards that Obama would repeal parts of the Patriot Act, close Guantanamo and bring the troops home.


But let’s look at our own brainwashed society, shall we?

Let’s look at some of the huge bullshit we have been programmed to believe.

In 1976 a science fiction film called Logan’s Run came out.

In this movie, the denizens of a future society were expected to walk into a giant incinerator when they reached the age of 30.

The surprise was that most of them did, to the cheer and applause of all those who would also be walking in later.

At the time I said this is just about the dumbest movie I ever saw. How can you take a plot like that seriously?

The kicker was that the punishment for not having your self incinerated was…death.

Wow, really?

Some choice!

Like I said, one of the dumbest films ever made.

Then later…much later…I discovered…

…that reality is dumber than fiction.

We got some whoppers going on in our own society that rival the philosophy behind Logan’s Run.

And in many ways we are just as stupid as those future denizens in accepting them.

And I mean Stupid with a capital S!

You’ve got to remember that many of the Aztecs were stupid enough to volunteer to have their beating hearts ripped out of their chests.

We still have people blowing themselves up because they believe a paradise full of virgins awaits them.

Talk about stupid!

Let’s take a look at some of our own GIGANTIC stupid LIES.

There are a lot of lies out there.

I am not gonna cover all of them here.

I am only covering the gigantic ones.

And I call them ‘gigantic’ because such a big portion of the population believes them and because they are so encrusted in the American mind that talking to people about them brings on suspicions of insanity…of yourself.

Sort of like Logan telling the future idiots that walking into the incinerator (‘the carousel’) was a bad idea. They just laughed at him in disbelief.


A rather big lie that most Americans believe is that you should have your health insured.

Listen, nothing is going to insure your health.

And if you get sick, the medical establishment will probably make it worse or even kill you.

The medical industry in this country has built up one of the largest frauds in human history.

For the first time in the history of mankind, access to medicine and medical care has become untenable.

The unassuming and humble doctor of the past has become a millionaire driving expensive cars.

Gigantic skyscrapers house the offices of the medical conglomerates which make billions off of our suffering.

The medical industry (which in previous times was no industry at all, but a calling) has become a bulging depository of wealth and one of the most dominant lobbying institutions in government.

In its amazing arrogance it not only robs desperately sick Americans, but inflicts all sorts of disease, abuses and death with its unsafe medications and practices.

(some unsolicited advice: if you want to live long and prosper, stay away from standard medicine)

The medical industry has become an over-bloated mafia, which continues to scam, rob, sicken and kill the American public with the help of the Government which suppresses real, effective and inexpensive medical procedures and puts their practitioners in jail.

Unfortunately, the American public has been brainwashed into thinking that their very lives are dependent on this corrupt medical mafia for their health.

They believe that if they don’t have something called Health Insurance, they will die horrible unattended deaths if they get sick.

The truth is if you get health insurance, you will lose a large part of your income and inflict poverty on yourself.

And if you do get sick, the medical establishment will make you sicker, perhaps even unto death.

In addition to this, if you get very sick, due to the medical establishment’s fantasy-like high prices your “Health Insurance” will not “insure” all your costs, you will have to pay through the nose anyway, you will go bankrupt and you will end up on the street?

An exaggeration?

I wish.

If I hear one more story of an elderly couple who worked hard all their lives, put their kids through college and saved up for a decent retirement selling their house, going into bankruptcy and ending up homeless on the street because one of them got chronically ill , I am going to scream!

How stupid can people be?


…modern medicine is an Illuminati creation!

As such, it is not only false, but over-priced, evil and deadly!

It will take all your money and then it will kill you!

The kicker is, that after it has bankrupted and made you homeless, your loved one will probably die anyway (no money back guarantee).

It is belief in this GIANT STUPID LIE that is making entire American families destitute, bankrupt and homeless when one of their members is afflicted with a serious disease.

Again, let me say – modern medicine is a poisonous unaffordable scam!

How stupid can people be?

Don’t you see all those medicine commercials on TV where a side-effect of their medication is DEATH?

The Illuminati are even telling you they are going to KILLYOU!



Because plenty of alternative medicine treatments have been made available.

Treatments that are actually cheaper and work much better than the medical establishment’s poison.

Disbelieve this at your own risk and your own bankruptcy...and your own death.

Get rid of your medical insurance.

Modern medicine is unaffordable and ineffective.

Turn to alternative medicine and save your life as well as your pocketbook.

In a worse case scenario, do yourself a favor and have the modern medical establishment do absolutely nothing for you.

You’ll probably be better off.

Because the American public has been bilked dry by the cost of medicine, the Medical Lobby has made the government pass the “get health insurance or else” and “make government pay for part of your health insurance” plan.

We can’t pay anymore but these maniacs have made it a point to use the government to force us to cough up the money we no longer have.

These people are totally insane!

What we have here is a corrupt, greedy, insane, destructive and power-mad industry with the blood of millions of innocent people on its hands.

Get the hell away from it!

Seek alternative medical treatments (look them up on the net for God’s sake).

Take your Health Insurance policy throw it in the trash.

Use the money you save from getting rid of it by doing something really useful like paying off your house or prepping you and your family for disasters.

Health Insurance is BIG FAT LIE Americans keep believing in even as they are relieved of all their money, their savings, their houses and left homeless on the street, and many even DEAD by way of the poisonous procedures inflicted on them.

Do yourself a big favor and wake up from this horrible Illuminati lie.

See below for more gigantic medical Illuminati lies.


Here’s another science fiction horror story for you:

Any time the inhabitants of a futuristic society get ‘the witch’s mark’ (a type of blemish or wart) they must surrender themselves to The Temple – a highly futuristic building, where they are slowly and agonizingly tortured to death by priests in white robes.

The creepy part of the story is that when the people get ‘the witch’s mark’ they actually turn themselves in to the Temple, with the full support of their loved ones.

As the priests of the temple inflict the most unimaginable and inhuman torture possible, they tell the victim it’s a blessing. The more horrible the agony of the victim, the more blessed the victim is said to become.

Finally, when the priesthood of the white robes is done with the victim, the mutilated corpse of the family member is delivered to their home, accompanied by a sympathetic priest who informs the family their loved one has succumbed to the ‘witch’s mark.’

Once inside the Temple, the only thing that can save the victim from a slow agonizing death by torture is that the ‘witch’s mark’ disappear. Once this happens, the priests proclaim it to be a miracle and release the victim immediately.

I know, what a dumb story.

Too bad it’s a paradox for reality.

Cancer Treatment is one of the biggest and most widely believed Illuminati LIES.

As such it it one of the BIGGEST LIES IN THE WORLD.

Why the world believes that destructive ‘chemotherapy,’ radiation and infernal cutting will cure cancer is almost beyond me.

This combination of techniques is called ‘cut and burn’ by the people who intellectually reject standard cancer treatment.

In the middle ages they had ‘blood-letting’ now they have ‘cut and burn.’

Some improvement.

To begin with, the use of Standard Cancer Treatment techniques violates the first oath a doctor has to take in the first place – the Hippocratic Oath – which goes something like this: FIRST: DO NO HARM.

Standard Cancer Treatment violates that oath right off the bat, and in a very big way because it devastates the vital organs of the body and, in many cases, shuts them down completely.

In many cases, the treatment kills you before the cancer does.

Standard Cancer Treatment does a lot of harm.

In fact, the patient has first to survive this tortuous, painful, debilitating and psychologically devastating treatment to begin with, then the patient’s body (or what’s left of it has to fight off the cancer).

Many are the patients who suffer and or die from kidney or liver damage caused by the therapy in the first place.

The ‘cutting’ just adds to the disaster.

Do you cut into a bee sting?

A bee sting swells and enlarges (like a tumor) because it is trying to contain the toxic substances the bee has injected into your body.

Don't they tell us NEVER to cut into the bump produced by a snake bite?

A tumor is something along the same lines.

Yes, your body knows it has some bad cells (cancer) it is containing them within the tumor and it is slowly DIGESTING THEM.

What modern medicine does with tumors is to cut them open. Releasing the cancer cells throughout the bloodstream where they then create tumors throughout your entire body. 

This miracle in reverse is called metastasis by the medical establishment.

Metastasis is a doctor-caused condition where the cancer cells your body is trying to contain in a tumor are released throughout your body through your bloodstream by the stupid doctor cutting into the original tumor in the first place.

Are they trying to kill you or what?!


It not only kills cancer cells, but kills your own cells and your own immune system. It burns you up, makes your hair fall off and destroys your skin, flesh and muscle.

When healthy you are told to stay away from radiation (because of its side effects), but when ill you are suppose to embrace it?

Any healthy person treated with ‘radiation therapy’ will become ill immediately.

And guess what radiation causes?

That’s right.



It should be called poison therapy.

This treatment seems even more irresponsible than radiation.

This is because while radiation is a localized treatment (by a radioactive blow torch), the chemicals in chemotherapy go through (and poison) your entire body.

In the end, the ultimate catchers of all the poisons in your body are your kidneys and your liver.

Guess which two organs chemotherapy kills off.

That’s right.

Many recipients of the blessings of chemotherapy end up having to get kidney and liver transplants, or (if not are available) just dying from KIDNEY AND LIVER FAILURE.

How’s that for a happy ending?

Meanwhile, throughout all these procedures, the victim (oh, excuse me, patient) is exposed to prolonged periods of excruciating pain, trauma, sleeplessness, suffering, debilitation, nausea, illness and general psychological imbalance.

The person at the end of caner treatment is no longer the person who entered it.

If you still disbelieve this blog, I invite you to join forums of ‘cancer survivors’ or people who have gone through the entire gamut of cancer treatment before you expose your body to this blasphemy.

In an extreme instance of insanity, the doctors tell the patient and their loved ones that the more violent the convulsions the patient suffers from the treatment, the better it is (because the patient is said to be ‘strong’).

Yeah, strong until the treatment debilitates the patient to such an extent that the patient can no longer react to the treatment or the cancer.

What insanity!

So there you have it.

The Radiation burns and destroys your body while possibly causing more cancer.

The Chemotherapy poisons your entire body, including your body’s ‘filters,’ your liver and kidneys.

The surgical operations release the cancer cells your body is trying to contain in tumors throughout your entire bloodstream.

And you are supposed to survive this?

Of course, in some patients that wait it out and let the body do its work, something miraculous happens…

…the body actually rids them of the cancer.

The doctors have a word for this: ‘Spontaneous Remission.’

Get it?

It’s “spontaneous” – it happened by itself - your body had nothing to do with it.

In fact, they treat it like it’s a rare miracle!

You couldn’t possibly have survived the cancer without all their poisons, could you?

In fact, this happens A LOT.

And the less you partake of radiation, chemotherapy and the cutting up of your tumors, the better chance you have of letting your body do its work.

The truth is there is not one cure to cancer…but possibly hundreds.

It is inaccurate to call these substances ‘cures’ because they are really natural medicines which assist your body to do what its supposed to do –get rid of the cancer –which (believe it or not) everybody’s body is doing on a daily basis.

Ever hear of them?

Check it out:

-Vitamin B-17 / aka Laetrile / aka apricot seed kernels
-MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) aka Vitamin-C shock therapy
-Sodium Bicarbonate Injections (injection with dissolved baking soda)
-Hydorgen Peroxide (injested and injected into your body)
-Any sort of electrical medical device based on the principles of Dr. Royal Rife



That’s right.

Simply relax and change your diet to exclude meat, sugar, artificial sweeteners, processed food and all refined carbohydrates…and back it up with some moderate exercise.

It’s totally true.

You’ve got a better chance of surviving cancer by doing nothing than by subjecting yourself to the tortures of Illuminati Standard Cancer Medicine Torture.

And please note…

The “War on Cancer” has been going on for more than 60 years.

After billions of dollars and years of research, the medical establishment has produced absolutely nothing…nada, bupkiss…zilch!

Meanwhile, all the natural (and inexpensive) cancer therapies that DO WORK have been mercilessly suppressed by the establishment and their practitioners thrown in prison.

Yes, the medical industry is not just a business, it is a MAFIA which uses government to do all its dirty work.

The illuminati Cancer Fuehrers never keep any statistics on any long term cancer survival made possible by their treatments.

These ‘people’ concentrate only on the immediate “success” of their cancer therapies.

They ignore the long-term health of their patients as well as the return of cancer in their patients and the eventual death by cancer of the patients they have “successfully” treated.

The truth is Standard Medicine’s Therapy for Cancer DOES NOT WORK.

All those submitting themselves to this barbarous procedure are the victims of one of the biggest Illuminati lies of them all.


America is one of the few developed countries whose population voluntarily has their children circumcised. China, Korea, Japan, along with most of Asia and Europe do not.

Who does?

The Africans, the Arabs and the Jews practice circumcision.

What a pleasure to be on the same genital-mutilation level as Arabs and Africans.

Alright, America!

Although we have been LIED to about the benefits of circumcision, the truth is the foreskin was put there for a reason, just like your eyelids were.

We are told the foreskin must be removed to avoid any chance of infection.

My question is, do we remove the eyelids as well?

How about toenails, those get infected a lot too. The teeth themselves are a source of all sorts of infection in the mouth, why not get rid of them too?

The truth is circumcisions offers NO PROTECTION WHATSOEVER against penile infection, and in fact, contributes to exposure and irritation of the penis.

Try explaining that to the clueless Logan’s Run parents of America.

You know what?

If you are going to TORTURE and TRAUMATIZE your child by having him circumcised, then please be kind enough to sit through the ceremony.

The first thing you will see is your kid CRUCIFIED, yes CRUCIFIED like Spartacus!

And then you will hear his agonizing inconsolable screams followed by the abundant gushing of blood from your child’s penis as he somehow survives this ‘welcoming’ ritual to the cold cruel world. 

Let mom sit in on this too.

Then people are surprised this country has so many traumatized children and mental cases.

You’ve got to be one fucked up brainwashed critter to torture your child like that (and then we go criticizing the female mutilation that happens in Africa – look at US!!!)

Circumcision is a GIGANTIC LIE equivalent to pagan religious genitalia mutilation justified by the LYING medical establishment.

Can you survive being uncircumcised?

Just ask your European, Japanese or Chinese colleague, see how they are doing.

Chances are, they’ve never had any problems whatsoever with their god-designed, mother-nature approved non-mutilated original penises.


This is one the greatest lies put upon humanity.

Edward Jenner and Louis Pasteur were corrupt dishonest cheats, who killed and crippled children with their maniacal belief that they could one-up the body’s immune system by injecting foreign matter directly into the bloodstream.

Got a cold, sweet heart, here, let me inject some chicken soup directly into your veins.

The Illuminate elevated these two bastards to idol status to make vaccination an acceptable concept to the population of the world.

The truth is vaccination does not work and has never worked.

Vaccination has been made acceptable to the world’s population on the basis of false, contrived or coincidental data.


By matching up the reduction in disease with increase use of vaccines.

The truth is all diseases across the board (not just vaccinated diseases) have been decreasing due to the high level of hygiene that modern technology.

A modern life today contains clean running water, soap, daily showers, toilets, washing machines, clothes dryers, toothpaste, mouthwash, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, air cleaners, water filters, efficient cooking stoves and ovens, vitamin supplements, health food stores…etc.

Is it any wonder there’s been a reduction in disease - all diseases?

Diseases across the board have been diminishing due to the high standard of hygiene society has been attaining since beginning of the industrial revolution.

The vaccine LIARS want to have us believe their targeted diseases have been diminishing due to the effectiveness of their vaccines.

Kids who are vaccinated against measles get measles anyway.

But now that we know vaccination is a LIE. We get to the scarier part: Why do they want to vaccinate us?

A clue lies in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

It says right there one preferred method of attacking the “cattle” (us) is through ‘vaccines.’

The reason they call this thing an anti-semitic document is because they don’t want you to read it because it tells you the entire Illuminti plan.

You don’t have to believe vaccination is an assault on the human body to see the results: -a growing number of our children becoming autistic (many after vaccination)
-growing frequency of degenerative disease amongst our young children
(heart disease, diabetes cancer, stroke, arthritis, multiple sclerosis…you name it)
-liver, kidney and pancreatic damage to our children
-an increasing SICK (not healthy) young population
- a declining longevity (it’s official) our life-spans are decreasing

Of course, the Illuminati media will never accept vaccine responsibility for all our pain and suffering, they will (get this) BLAME IT ON YOU!

Yep, the reason we and our children are getting sick is because you and your children don’t exercise enough and eat junkfood.

Hey, Illuminati, junk food and television have been with us since the 1950’s.

Why the sudden upsurge in old-man diseases amongst our kids?

A lot of people are waking up to the vaccine attack on our population, but not enough to prevent some sort of vaccine-borne biological attack on us.

Enough people are coming out against vaccines that 38 of the 50 states now make them voluntary, just like in Europe and Japan, but a lot more ‘awakening’ needs to happen.

Facts are now emerging that the Spanish-Flu epidemic of 1918 was vaccine-induced.

The Swine-Flu vaccination campaign of 1976 killed and crippled so many Americans that the entire campaign had to be cancelled.

The new Swine Flu vaccination campaign of 2009 never got off the ground because too many people refused to take a vaccine that had ‘not been sufficiently tested.’

Way to go, America!

But like I said, the lies persist.

Year after year people line up to get their ‘flu-shot’ even though it has been scientifically proven that a vaccine against the flu or the common cold is IMPOSSIBLE due to the constant mutation and variety of cold and flu viruses.

In may cases, people come down with the flu right after they get vaccinated…or worse, some other horrific side effect the doctor then says has absolutely no connection to the vaccine.

Fact: 90% of all polio-induced paralysis that occurs in the United States is VACCINE-INDUCED (that means: CAUSED BY POLIO VACCINATION).

Bet you never hear that on the 5:30 news.


Total reality denial is what you need when you convince a population to accept fluoride in its water.

Fluoride was first used as a VERY EFFECTIVE rat poison in the olden days.

This is why the old-timers were so shocked when municipalities started announcing they were going to start adding it to our water.

As far as the oldsters knew, they had been using it to kill off rats.

To them it was a bit like saying we’re gonna be adding Round Up to our water supply.

The seniors made a big fuss which contributed towards creating today’s ‘fluoride controversy.’

Of course, the only controversy is that many people won’t accept the establishment lie that fluoride is not poisonous. Of course it’s poisonous!

Anyway, it started in only a few towns in the 1950’s, spreading to what is today universal fluoridation (and total stupidization) of the United States.

It was already known that the Russian Communists and the Nazis added fluoride to the water supply of their concentration camps to keep the inmates compliant.

Later, the brain, bone and teeth destroying effects of fluoride were proven by a parade of scientifically accurate studies.

But of course, once the establishment sets its mind to doing something, facts no longer matter.

Opposition didn’t help when it was found out that fluoride was a major waste product of the aluminum industry.

What to do with all that waste? It was way too POISONOUS to dump down the neighboring creek.

So the Illuminati came up with a surprisingly bold idea.

They would dump it in our drinking water and tell us they were doing us a favor.

The result?

Skyrocketing low brain performance, fluorosis of the teeth, and cancer (half of all Americans can now expect to get cancer).

The incredible part is that after all the evidence, most Americans still refuse to believe their bodies are being used as waste receptacles for the waste of the aluminum industry.

I mean, what’s next? Nuclear waste as a vital part of your daily diet?

I have never seen children as stupid and slow as the ones we have now.

I have never seen so many children (and adults) with fluorosis of the teeth (unsightly staining of the teeth because of too much fluoride).

There has never been such a high occurrence of bone cancer. It used to be pretty rare to get bone cancer, now it’s becoming common.

Meanwhile people today will still bypass regular toothpaste to get fluoride impregnated toothpaste for that extra special dose of poison (for your kids, it’s an extra treat, since they swallow a lot of the stuff).

When you convince a major population to drink poison and think it’s a good thing, then the programming has reached a stage of cult-level brainwashing.


They already came up with a caricature for people who think microwaves are harmful - a guy wearing an aluminum foil cap (crazy, get it? Ha ha ha).

The campaign has been on for a number of decades to make light of the effect of irradiation of all sorts.

Back in the 20th century, people had a great respect for irradiation.

Parents told their kids to keep their distance from the TV. Doctors recommended X-Rays only in the most necessary of circumstances. TV and radio transmitters were required by law to be located away from major population centers.

Slowly but surely, the stigma of irradiation was lowered to the importance of bubblegum.

Now doctors recommend yearly breast exams, you get an X-Ray every time you enter a hospital. People put irradiation devices (called cell phones) right up to their brain and blast away. Irradiation towers populate the urban scenery like dandelions in the spring.

Oh, and the warning against irradiating screens has gone out the window – put your face right up against screen, folks, they’re harmless now.

Oh, by the way, check out the massive eyeglass-wearing population we have now.

The freaking majority is wearing glasses, and most of those are trying to hide the fact by wearing contact lenses (and it ain’t because they read too much).

I’m not an idiot, you don’t have to show me how kids that aren’t particularly into computers are not wearing glasses while the computer-addicted ones are.

And yes, staring into a TV (oh, whoops), er, computer screen at close range all day WILL diminish your eyesight.

So here we are stuck with a population of eyeglass-wearing nerds which are not even smart, but instead some of the stupidest people you ever saw.

In addition, many people have picked up the nasty habit of irradiating microwaves directly into their brains at all times of night and day.

Yep, I’m talking about cell phones (see cell phone article in this blog).

The sprouting of bothersome tumors on the side where the user placed the cell phone to the ear came out in a big way a while ago…and just as mysteriously vanished.

Out of sight, out of mind.

The only good news is that the new mini-cell phones irradiate a little bit less…

…but that’s because every street corner now has an irradiating cell phone or wi-fi tower.

Get it?

Now everyone gets irradiated.

The total irradiation of our living environment has been touted as the biggest blessing modern technology can bestow upon man.

Towns like to brag how ‘wired’ they are.

The truth is all these ‘wired’ Shangri Las are also cancer clusters.

Even the cancer cluster problem (ever hear the term lately) has been brushed off and the blame transferred to buildings (like schools) upon which all sorts of useless concern is heaped to distract from the fact that Timmy is attending a bisecting signal cancer oven.

As a matter of fact, the term ‘cancer cluster’ is not even used anymore. Too distracting, too alarming and too common to be using words like that anymore.

Please be aware that as you read this, half of the population of the United States is expected to get cancer at some point in their lives.

Nothing dire to see here folks, cancer, arthritis, the common cold, just facts of life.

Through brainwashing, total irradiation of our living space has gotten the acceptance of public lighting or public water fountains.

Just a harmless, considerate and useful service supplied by nice people for your convenience.

We are living in an ocean of microwave irradiation.

And the funny thing is more and more things are starting to irradiate.

Now not only are cell phone towers irradiating, but electric meters are too. And soon they want to put irradiating ‘RFID’ chips into every single item you buy. And let’s not forget your irradiating Smart ID or Passport, your wireless mouse, your wireless headphone, your car, your cell phone, your laptop, your router, your cable box, your microwave (I won’t even go into the dangers of microwave ovens – too well known already), etc, etc, etc.

More recently, they want us to start accepting the benevolence of irradiated food.

It’s safe! They say. It’s healthy. It’s good for you! It gets rid of all the bacteria.

The scheme is to pass as much of your food as possible through – get this – radioactive isotopes!

That’s right, highly radioactive nuclear waste.

Hey, food irradiation is the fluoride of the 21st Century!

I guess the nuclear power plants finally found a way to get rid of all that excess nuclear waste they’re housing.

Needless to say, the ‘radiated’ food will probably have the same effects of any type of food that has been exposed to radiation (normally we throw food like this away, but no more!).

The string of salmonella poisonings is probably a scheme to prepare the public mind for the eating of irradiated food.

You know…let me just pause here.

You know, with what I have written above, I am beginning to suspect that walking away from ‘civilization’ is probably one of the healthiest, most life-saving, ,wholesome decisions you can probably make nowadays.

Society itself has become anti-life and toxic.


I think few Americans know exactly what pasteurization is, but in the American mind, it sits right up there with Vitamin-C, fresh air, exercise and just plain wholesomeness.

The very fact that the same fraudulent scammer that invented the so called modern vaccine should be a red flag in and of itself.

Pasteurization is the simple act of pressure cooking every last atom of nutrition out of something (for your benefit, of course).

Pasteurized food can be considered dead food.

Why dead?

Because most food contains nutrients, enzymes and even bacteria that no only keeps it fresh, but that you need as well.

Pasteurizing milk is a bit like boiling yogurt.

Whatever is left after the process, it sure won’t be yogurt because yogurt needs live cultures to be yogurt in the first place.

The creepy part of yogurt production is that after killing off the yogurt, the manufacturing facilities add their own mass-produced live bacteria (cultures) to make it yogurt again.

Is that creepy or what?

Feel all tingly and healthy inside?

The truth is that dairy products need to be raw in order to be real nationally significant products.

I can boil a stick of celery and mash it into mush and serve it to you, but I don’t think you’d be fooled for a moment that your eating good celery.

In fact, the same can be said of all dairy products.

The Illuminati government has made the raw production of milk, cheese, yogurt and eggs a capital crime, so we get to eat the crap that they call pasteurized dairy products.

Anyone even attempting to produce or sell raw milk, for instance, is inviting a visit from the SWAT team.

In the country of France, they don’t pasteurize!

See, no salmonella plagues devastating the countryside.

The French like their cheese and milk raw.

This means their milk and cheese contains the natural cultures they were meant to contain.

Cheese can and normally is stored on the table top. It neither rots, or melts, or hardens (ever let a slice of American cheese get dry – you can cut someone with that).

In spite of never seeing the inside of a fridge, French cheese preserves itself just fine, and tastes even better.

In France you can set milk on the table, go to work, come back from work in the afternoon and drink it. Milk does not rot.

Leave a carton of American milk on the table for five minutes and it starts to smell like something my dog dug up.

In France, if you leave milk on the table for several days, it does not rot – it turns to cheese curd.

Magical, huh?

All this because the dairy food they eat is actually viable real food, not façade dead matter we are supposed to shove down our throats.

Pasteurized Milk in America is actually a health hazard.

It actually contributes to getting the flu, phlegm, arteriosclerosis, bad breath and indigestion.

The Americans who call themselves ‘lactose intolerance’ are actually the ones who can no longer take putting this dead, rotting, hormone-impregnated swill into their stomachs.

So yeah, the acceptance of pasteurization is one of the biggest Illuminati lies we all believe in.


If Seinfeld was ‘a show about nothing,’ then the War on Terror is the war upon nothing.

They’ve got a large portion of the population believing that there are masses of terrorist hordes striving night and day to get into the country to slaughter Americans.

Of course, most of the time it’s not the direct way, but always through some sort of complicated plot involving some sort of BOMB. (GASP!)

On 9/11 our security safety screens composed of the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA were so meaningless that they let not one, not two but 19 TERRORISTS get into the country, reside and study within the country, plan and finally execute a gloriously successful terrorist attack all within miles of the headquarter buildings of our leading national intelligence agencies.

How is that for messed up?

Anybody get fired over this huge oversight and failure?


But let’s move on (nothing to see here folks).

The terrorist hit us so precisely that their attack occurred right as the nation was involved in a gigantic strategic drill that left our air defenses useless for 20-30 minutes.

See, that really scared my because I could just imagine what would happen if our strategic defenses were to shut down for 30 minutes during strategic missile strike on the United States.

That means we get turned into crispy critters and the enemy gets to drink a toast.

But that was never a major concern within government or the public.

Again, nobody fired for conducting a drill that effectively shut down our country’s defense against nuclear attack for half an hour.

Then they blew up the two towers in front of our faces and pretended like a airliner really hit the Pentagon.

But you already know all this.

The insidious quality of the War on Terror this phony event is used to make Americans accept all sorts of illegal, unconstitutional and tyrannical laws against themselves and their country.

Think about it.

This is supposed to be a war against old men hiding in caves.

And they have us confounded!

Surrender more freedoms and maybe we’ll find them.

Before, Americans would never have relented to having their sex organs grabbed at an airport …
…or to be pushed inside dangerously powerful DNA-ripping X-Ray machines

…have naked pictures taken of them and their children

…have their children touched and molested at the airport

…have all their correspondence and communications spied upon and recorded by the government

…have the government create and accumulate virtual files on all Americans

…have citizen’s guns confiscated during emergencies

…have citizens executed by electrocution for not immediately obeying a police officer.

…have paramilitary police squads enter, frighten, brutalize and kill innocent civilians any day at any time without any warning without any legal repercussions whatsoever

…keep Americans from flying without explanation because their name is on a secret list

…allow police to brutalize and kill Americans on a whim without prosecution

…use American troops as corporate legions in one unending war after another

…allow US troops to police and control the American public

…make public protests illegal

…turn your postman, your banker, and your librarian into spies

See, we’ve given up quite A LOT in the name of this phony theater called ‘The War on Terror.’

We’ve given up so much.

And the incredible thing is most Americans keep accepting the War on Terror as a legitimate excuse for the government to turn this country into a prison.

Why, all you have to do is walk up to any American and tell him or her you’re a government agent and then order them to do whatever you want.

(ever hear about the crank caller who got a Burger King manager to strip-search his own employees?)

Hopefully the mass of the population will wake up to the fact that 9/11 was bullshit, that the War on Terror is bullshit and that the laws denying them the freedoms guaranteed to them by their own Constitution are bullshit.

So there you have it.

The gigantic Illuminati lies they have the entire population believing.

Its incredible how they manipulate us into hurting ourselves like that.

But that is something the Illuminati take great pride in.

Also, that is the main reason they believe we are cattle.

I mean, how much stupidity does it take to inflict all the above on ourselves?

Forutunately, I believe, the spell has been broken.

More people are waking up to reality than ever before.

If ever there was a time to start disbelieving, it is now.

For now I propose a toast... your steadily blossoming disbelief!