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Oracle: Israel Launches A Tactical Nuclear War

Here I introduce another dream by 'Oracle,' someone who I met in college, who told me about his dreams on a regular basis and who obviously thought they were 'given' to him for a reason.

I found a lot of his dreams intriguing and many so weird I will probably not include them here. He let me have copies of his dreams and I have kept them all these years.

Many of his dreams I considered silly or meaningless.

What follows is not one of them.

In fact, it is the one that most struck a chord in me (being into military subjects as I was). I had never considered the use of atomic weapons in a tactical sense. In spite of being well read in standard military history and strategy, about the subject of tactical use of nuclear weapons I knew and know next to nothing.

Oracles account seemed a bit medieval tactically, but who am I to judge? This account haunted me from the start and made me think about the possibilities of such a thing.

For obvious reasons, this particular dream seems to apply to the immediate present.
The description has been separated into smaller segments in the interest of legibility.

ORACLE: The Dream About Israel

I had a dream about Israel.

There had been another war and Israel had suffered a defeat at the hands of the Arabs and this had caused a lot of surprise and consternation. 

They had suffered a rebuff by people they considered inferior. They were angry. And it was a very clear cut and dry decision that something like that would never be allowed to happen again.

Israel had atomic bombs, and a lot of small neutron bombs to which they gave some sort of religious significance. These were seen as sacred. The military operation, concept or principle or whatever was called something like

the Ark of the Covenant”

in reference to the biblical ark with which the ancient Israelis swept all enemies before them.

And I saw the tactical and visual representation of the Israeli armored columns snaking towards what seemed like north and northeast, which was the direction of the defeat. 

When they met resistance, the armored columns stopped and an small neutron bomb was detonated in the air above the area of resistance. 

Every time it happened, it was like a bright flash in the air, like the sun was suddenly very low. Then the armored columns would continue right through the areas. 

And all the Israelis, the entire Israeli Army was inside armored vehicles, and if there were foot soldiers at all, they were far, far behind these armored columns.

And I was given the impression that everything in the area below the detonations was dead, whether outside, inside, above ground or under ground. 


And a voice inside my head seemed to say “they are black as charcoal and they will never rot” 

I guess it was in reference to the dead. 

And the procedure was mechanical and merciless. I continued to happen over and over again, without any regard to consequences.

And I got another impression, which seemed to say
At last, this is the way it was supposed to have been fought!”

And it was a religious thing, a sort of sacred thing. 

It was pure and terrible at the same time, sort of a day of reckoning and there seemed to be a certain amount of hubris, but also there was a religiousness and grim determination.

The Israelis seemed to have more of these small nuclear bombs than anyone imagined. 

They had some big ones too, but these small ones are the ones they had in abundance, for this very day and this very hour, and that was why Israels arsenal had been so easy to hide from the outside world.

The concept I perceived was

We made them many and small because we intended to use them from the beginning”

and also

they belong to us, we invented them!”

Paradoxically, the areas that were hit did not remain radioactive, but gradually seemed to become somewhat safe. 

I got the impression of a cooling down period. And there was a lot of uncertainty even amongst the Israelis themselves because it was the first time something like this was done. 

And as the Israeli armored columns continued, they began to spread terror amongst enemy soldiers and especially the civilian populations, which went to the roads and highways to escape.

And I saw that the results were not perfect and that there continued to be resistance, but the resistance seemed more like random sniping. 

And as it continued, it seemed like some sort of lesson or chastisement of the Arabs. And the Arabs were terrified and outraged.

The entire concept seemed to consist of the Arabs not wanting the Israeli columns approaching populated areas because these bombs, so that it was better just to give up an area when the Israel columns approached if it contained any large population.

And happening simultaneously or perhaps slightly after this attack, I saw the forced relocation of the Arab population from Israeli territory, which was carried out under the same threat.




were the words I perceived, along with



A righteous act”


A sacred act.”

It was some terrible holy deed, like Israel carried out in the Old Testament. 

Entire villages would be cleansed with these bombs, each at a given time, and the Arabs were given the date and the hour and the minute when it would happen. 

And it was absolute terror. People were going crazy with fear. And some people didn't really believe them until they killed the first village. 

And after that there wasn't any more protest or defiance. It was more like a stampede, people running for their lives. 

I saw a few stubborn people remain, but mostly it was the very old who refused to leave after this.

And I saw them use the bombs, and everyone and everything in those towns died, every bug, every bacteria, every virus. 

Surprisingly, the damage to the roads and the buildings was small, so that settlers from Israel could replace the Arab population after a cool down period, and that is exactly what was planned. 

Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon were inundated by a mess of refugees coming out of Israel. My impression of the evacuation was

when it happens, it will happen quickly.”

I asked, “but what about all the other nations?” Referring to the other nations of the Western World who would became outraged at what Israel had done. 

And the answer was “it had already happened” meaning that small nuclear bombs had already been used in another conflict before this one involving the Western World. 

And the impression at this point was that the Western Nations were already in turmoil, involved in wars or under some sort of attack. 

The Western nations seemed to be in such dire straits that what Israel did at this point was not of primary importance to them. Israel was therefore free to do what it wished.

It then became apparent to me that the Israeli attacks were just part of a bigger violence that was engulfing the world, and as such were less noticed than they would have been in times of peace. 

And that the Israeli attacks were more symbolic than military. There were some deep incursions. They expanded Israel and then then built up some new buffer zones. 

I got the impression that the new size of Israel was much larger than it is today. The victory was something more like acquiescence and subjection than military conquest. 

The Arabs had to agree to some very strict terms. It is unclear what these terms were, but they seemed to involve disarmament, new boundaries and treaties.

It was the making of a new order in the region. There was a threat put on the table that things could get gigantically worse for the Arabs if they did not agree. 

The Arabs were seething, but there was no helping them.

They had to agree to Israel's terms.”

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Not too many answers today on the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog.

Only questions.

But sometimes, coming up with the right question is 90% of the battle for truth.

Are you asking questions?

And more importantly, are you asking the right ones?

Analyze, ponder and ask.

Anyway, here are MY questions:

Why has no country ever dared denounce the obviously phony US moon landing?

Why does America practice universal circumcision while Europe and Asia do not?

Why do all the nations of the world accept chemotherapy and radiation as viable treatments for cancer?

Why does every nation on earth have a privately-owned central bank?

Why does every country in the world carry out the ineffective and dangerous vaccination?

Why does no government on Earth finance its own cultural natural medicine tradition?

Why are the Western Nations being re-populated with Muslim Fundamentalists?

Why has the US and Europe surrendered Latin America and Africa to Marxism?

Why do so many people think 'The Singularity' is a great idea?

Why are people so keen on surrendering their privacy?

Why is the spread of AIDS a non-topic?

Why is the universality of Herpes never talked about?

Why are cancer rates a non-topic?

Why do parents consent to the sexual education of their elementary school-age kids?

Why do local governments put toxic fluoride in our drinking water...and make us pay for it?

Why are we unable to pin down, identify and document the existing contrail phenomenon?

Why does the moon rotate as it orbits the earth, keeping the same side pointed at the earth at all times

Why does the moon eclipse the sun in its exact diameter?

Why can't Hubble Scope map out Alpha Centauri – our nearest star system?

Why are the submerged city and pyramid structures off Cuba being ignored?

Why has Congress never rescinded the Federal Reserve Act?

Why has the Federal Reserve never been audited?

Why does the FBI not keep a missing persons database?

Why do severed feet inside sneakers keep washing ashore on the Northwestern United States?

Why do airliners keep getting caught transporting decapitated human heads?

Why do we keep ignoring the fact that the Sun is brighter and hotter than it was thirty years ago?

Why are various disparate locations all over the Earth showing radiation readings?

Why is the above being blamed on Fukushima?

Why do we let children under 13 on the Internet without supervision?

Why is the life of a baby within the womb worthless, but a baby outside the womb priceless?

Why are the bright flashes on land and the unexplained sounds in the air all over the world being ignored?

Why has the universal installation of overhead cameras in our streets not raised an eyebrow?

Why do people trust electronic slot machines?

Why do people trust electronic voting machines?

Why people trust Internet gambling?

Why does every country in the world have a progressive income tax system?

Why hasn't modern medicine been able to cure any disease since goiter and scurvy?

How did Alex Jones get to lead a 9/11 symposium...on CNN?

Why did Jeff Rense expel Henry Makow from his site for suggesting Fukushima was an inside job?

Why do most conspiracy pundits have connections to Government and intelligence?

How and why have we been deindustrialized as a country?

Why are Latin America and Africa falling to Marxism with neither Europe nor America batting an eyelid?

How is it that Saudi Arabia spreads Islamic Fundamentalism and finances terror attacks while
remaining our best friend and ally?

Based on the above, why does the FBI have no office in Saudi Arabia?

Why are all questions about Obama, his origin, his career, his past and his actions non-topics?

Why is the Council on Foreign Relations iron grip on the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches being completely ignored?

Why are the social sciences departments in our universities populated by Marxists?

Why do other countries provide a free college education to their best and brightest while ours must beg for money?

Why does every nation on Earth have unpayable debt?

Why is a Constitutional Convention being presented as a panacea to all our problems?

Why is the West being de-industrialized and disarmed while China and Russia continue to industrialize and arm?

Why has conscription ended in the West while it continues in Russia and China?

Why are the 24+ other substances besides fluoride in our water a never discussed?

Why does China make 90% of all the elements that go into our vitamins?

Why is the toxicity of Chinese goods never touched upon?

Why is our fluoride being imported from China and why is it radioactive?

Why are the comments by Chinese generals to destroy America being ignored?

Why are we importing food from China?

Why do we help North Korea?

Why has mentioning the Constitution become an indicator for political extremism?

Why are all NASA astronauts air force officers?

Why are mob connections to Las Vegas admitted while mob connections to the lottery never mentioned?
Why was a former director of the STASI hired to advise Homeland Security?

Why is the fact small business hires 90% of American workers being ignored?

Why are so many corporate figures moving to China?

Why is British Petroleum still permitted to operate within the US following the Gulf disaster?

Why are most State Department officials corporate executives?

How is it that 5% of the population owns 90% of the country's capital?

Why is Marxism now 'a good idea' to many

Why is Zbigniew Brzezinski a Marxist?

Why does our society celebrate consumer, student, corporate and national debt?

Why is the deep corruption within America's courts being ignored?

Why do IRS personnel refer to American Taxpayers as 'customers'?

Why is our infant mortality increasing while our lifespans are decreasing?

Why does the pentacle (five pointed star) appear on so many flags?

Why is there never enough money for the country, but plenty for wars and oppression?

Can Executive Bureaucrats like Eric Holder really refuse to answer Congress' questions?

Why is Vladimir Putin being considered a 'good guy' by the Conspiracy Movement?

Why is Obamacare (buy health insurance or else) not considered unconstitutional?

Why is it now normal to text pictures of your sex organ to a half-stranger?

Why is the Pentagon not proofing its computers against hacking?

Why do most people ignore RT is a Russian propaganda channel called Russia Today?

Why is there no death penalty in Mexico in spite of the slaughter of the Mexican population?

Why is a estate or death tax exist in every country in the world?

Why is America importing food?

Why is China exporting food?

How is it that China can dictate what we can or cannot put in our movies?

Why are most appointed female government officials lesbians?

Is Walt Disney a homosexual-controlled corporation?

Why hasn't the US Navy made their ships EMP-proof?

Why is the mutation of the human genome not being discussed?

Well, those are enough questions for one sitting, don't you think?

Why not think and research the most interesting ones....and come up with a few of your own!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mossad At A Mall Kiosk Near You

A recent phenomena in malls across America consists of a multitude of Israeli peddlers hanging out at mall kiosks hawking everything from facial creams to r/c toys.

Nothing wrong with being Israeli.

Nothing wrong with hawking overpriced trinkets at mall kiosks.

But there IS something wrong about Israelis peddling trinkets at mall kiosks across America.

Israel is a modern, wealthy country populated by people who are in large part economically well off – better than most parts of Western Europe.

Not only are Israelis economically prosperous, but they are culturally and politically exclusive and have absolutely no need to hawk trinkets at cheap mall stands to make a living (especially after paying for that hefty airline ticket).

Not that traveling all the way from Israel to American malls to sell trinkets makes any sense to begin with.

So yes, the whole set up is rather suspicious.

As weird as, say, a line of mall kiosks all manned by Iranians.

I am not sure of what 'business program' these Israelis are under...if any, and I can't even imagine what a legitimate business program of this sort would look like.

How about the leave Israel for a year to sell facial cream in mall stands in America program?

Appetizing, huh. Especially given the way America is starting decline and stink.

As a matter of fact, I can't imagine this type of program appealing to people whose country has the standard of living as high as that of Sweden or Denmark.

Can you?

These kiosks (selling toys, creams or cosmetics) are in malls across America – from California to Michigan.

Recently I had my own experience in one of these (this experience is what launched me to research the Israelis-at-mall-kiosks phenomenon in the first place).

As I walked alone towards the exit of a large mall here in Arizona, I was accosted by a young woman with an accent who started asking me questions about my name, my skin and immediately offered to demonstrate something on my arm at her kiosk. I could not place the accent, and asked here where she was from.

“Guess!” she said playfully.

The whole scenario seemed to be that of a bored sales lady who had a lot of time on her hands and wanted to spend some time doing something half-way interesting with a prospective customer to fill time.

So I agreed, and as she rubbed this skin cream on my arm with warm water, she told me it had salts from the Dead sea.

If you can imagine the type of dread that locks up your throat in mid swallow makes your skin crawl mixed with a sense of cold sweat, that is what I felt at that moment.

Especially when she said the word DEAD.

“Now I think you know where I am from, right?” she said, not misjudging me at all.

I must have stared at her trying to scope out from her behavior if there was anything else to this 'demonstration' (while trying not to delve into paranoia), and was relieved when she finally told me the price of the flask of cream - $100.00.

This lady handled herself very well in spite of her young age. You can tell she was comfortable and confident talking to strange men...and touching them.

Amazingly, she then started working on my hands and rubbing them with some sort of salt – the type of thing that any unaccompanied man might find pleasant, but by that time I had decided to make a quick exit (and check myself for the effects of epidermally poisons – I know, paranoid...but this blog is not exactly pro-Israel).

Anyway, I am still alive, and took the liberty to research these kiosks and found them to be in malls across the nation – it is a BIG operation.

They are staffed for the most part by good looking people – both the men and the women - and they all seem to be well educated. They are also extremely friendly, very apt socially and seem adept at gaining your confidence and your friendship.

And THIS I think might be the main purpose behind the program – get Israeli Mossad agents to socialize, manipulate and gain the confidence of Americans.

You can't say its not good practice, because, after all, as a spy, this is exactly what you are trying to do with the enemy.

Hawking at a kiosk is very good training.

The darker theory is that Mossad is massing its agents at these kiosks on American soil for a MAJOR operation. This might also be true, given the fact that there was similar surge of Israeli kiosks across America just prior to 9/11. Interestingly enough, once 9/11 happened, all the kiosks (and their attendants) quickly disappeared.

But whatever the truth may be, these Israelis are young, good looking, intelligent, socially adept, and very manipulative...and they are getting better at it with every prospective customer.

The women exhume intelligent confidence combined with with a non-confrontational attitude.

The giveaway always seems to be if you ask them if they know what 'the Mossad' is. The answer will probably be 'no.' And they are very good at saying that too.

But an Israeli not knowing what Mossad means is akin to an American college student not knowing what CIA means.

Of course they know, and, of course they are denying it...because they are a part of it.

When confronted or questioned about their suspicious activity, these well trained female Israeli Mossad agents tend to adopt the 'passive defensive stance' of putting one foot forward and raising a hand to their chin, lip or cheek area (this is martial arts).

Yet in spite of the above defensive stance (which is designed to prepare the victim to ward off physical assault) they are very good at looking clueless when confronted with their Mossad connections.

This entire clique of young, handsome agents reflect the new image of the Mossad – agents that look like very young and attractive.

But I am afraid to think what these 'college students' are capable of.

So next time you see one of these Israelis, mention the 'M' word and see what happens. Chances are they will 'handle' the situation quite well, but you might just see in their eyes (if even for a brisk moment) that you have hit a sore point.

The spread of Israeli-run mall kiosks across America is a serious national security concern and should be investigated by both local and Federal authoritie

Is (the latter which happen to be the same authorities who contracted out wiretapping operations within America to three Israeli companies – but one can hope, right?).

Video - Confronting an Israeli Mossad Operator

Monday, June 17, 2013

Oracle: Prophetic Dream on Second Civil War?

During college, Oracle was one of two amazing people I had the opportunity to meet there, but it is a type of amazing that dawns on you much later after the fact.

'Oracle', a fellow student who insisted on telling me his dreams and having me record them.

This dude had some strange ones, and I often told him to write them down.

Oracle was a 'Christian' and I tend to suspect his religious orientation somewhat colored all the stuff he dreamed about. It goes without saying he probably thought the 'revelations' came from God.

I listened to his messed up dreams sometimes more out of courtesy than true interest, but must admit, they were at times a welcome respite from the boredom of college life.

I told him (as a sort of phony encouragement) to write down his dreams and perhaps publish them some day.

He did write them down... and he gave me photocopies of them, which I accepted out of courtesy (and for some reason) kept, along with a lot of other junk from college.

Oracles' dreams didn't really mean squat to me during college, and to be honest, some of them were pretty darn weird.

Given the context of the era, however, I don't think you could blame me for disregarding both him and them.

However, upon stumbling upon them and re-reading Oracle's dreams last year, they made my skin crawl.

You've got to remember this stuff was happening before the War on Terror, ubiquitous cell phones, contrails, bird flu, patriot act, reptilians, cloning, subterranean bases, planet-x and all the other weird stuff that became common concepts in the 21st century.

Anyone seriously talking about this stuff in the 1990's would be labeled seriously insane.

Well, some of Oracle's dreams were pretty insane.

But how insane?

For some reason, the more we progress into the 21st century, the more applicable many of his crazy dreams seem to have become. I guess the insanity of the times is catching up with the insanity of this guy's dreams.

But onto today's topic.

I still can't believe there is serious talk of civil war happening in this country, but there is.

Deep inside, I (and a lot of other Americans) don't believe a second civil war is even possible.

But there is talk - talk at high levels – of civil incredible as that sounds.

But even at the time I met Oracle, the concept of a second civil war was nothing new. There were a series of fictional books being written on it. There was even a made-for-cable movie comedy which came out.

So the concept was nothing new. It was being used for entertainment purposes.

The concept as a reality was light years away from even being believable.

So you can imagine how I felt when Oracle came to me with this dream about a second civil war (about which some paperbacks and a cable film had already been made) – oh yeah, real original.

However, with time, re-reading Oracle's dream has given me the creeps.

In fact, its allusion might be part of the reason I get so upset at the talk of a second civil war.

Because as I have already said in this blog, a second civil war will happen for one reason and one reason only - to destroy America.


"I saw two sides in America arrayed for civil war, it seemed to be the Northeast/Midwest against the South/West.

And there was a queer, unsettling feeling to everything that was happening all around. At first I did not know what it was, but slowly I began to understand. One side, the Northeast/Midwest, was planning a campaign of extermination against the other side, the West/South.

So right there there I was made to understand there would be nothing civil about this war.

The one more powerful side, the Northeast/Midwest was planning a take no-prisoner strategy. This meant no insurrectionist would be taken prisoner. All rebellious combatants would be killed to the last man as traitors.

This was planned on purpose and meant to terrorize the rest of the remaining rebellious states into surrendering. The Northeast/Midwest just figured if they did this, they could end the war soon, just like Sherman's March did during the first civil war.

Then I saw the ruthless, evil men put in charge of the armies of the Northeast/Midwest who would carry out the massacres. The only way I can describe them to you is that I saw them as monsters, stained with blood and filth, totally ruthless and totally dedicated to committing gross murder.

Then I saw the other side (West and South), and they too were led by monsters, but only of a lesser kind, less harmful, but fully cooperative in carrying out the war and its ultimate result.

I felt there was a lot of cynicism in the air, like at wrestling match. With alarm, I saw both sides had the same type of creatures at the head of their governments and armies, these blood monsters. In fact, in some way or another, they were two sides of the same coin, put there to bring about this awful bloody mass-murder that was about to take place.

The war had not even started, but I was already so disturbed and frightened that I ran away and fled as fast as I could from the sheer sickening dread of what was about to happen.

I sort of looked to the weaker side, the West/South in hope of seeing a noble side to this conflict, but it was made clear to me that they were of the same ilk as the degenerate monsters from the Northeast/Midwest. In fact, though the crimes of the West/South would be less, they were to play their own role in making it happen, that is, the mass-murder of Americans.

The main aspect of the war, was not political, but simply massive, gross and grotesque bloodletting that was about to take place. It had to happen for some awful twisted reason that only the monsters knew.

I asked 'but how' and I was told 'You merely have to order them to do it.'

And I saw that many young Americans had already been indoctrinated in the philosophy of the worthlessness of human life and of murder through video games, music, reading material, movies, TV shows, and on the principles of abuse, torture, the rightness of killing and the enjoyment of murder.

To my horror I saw the youth of America ready and willing to carry out mass murder if ordered, and I saw there would be no hesitation, and I saw a lot of irregular troops, like militias and troops that did not even seem American.

The only thing I felt could be described as a mixture of dread, horror, outrage and despair combined with a sick feeling.

I got the feeling the war would become a barbarity right from the beginning. The Federal government would treat all rebellious combatants as traitors, deserving of the death penalty, and would execute all prisoners.

There would be a lot of back and forth killing and counter-killing.

It made me angry to see the monsters orchestrating all this so that Americans would hate and kill each other, but I also felt powerless and scared.

Most Americans had no idea what was coming. It would be sprung on the nation by surprise, the most horrible type of suffering and death imaginable. It would happen overnight and really come to a head soon."

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jews Control The Conspiracy Movement

It's no secret that Jews control Hollywood.

It's no secret that Jews control the media in general.

It's no secret that the Jewish lobby has a gigantic influence on Congress.

And its no secret that the banking industry is a Jewish playing field.

One segment of the social structure that I was hoping the Jews would never control was the Conspiracy Movement (after all, there is little or no money to be made here).

Alas...I was wrong.

Whatever the medium, it seems, these people always have to end up in charge.

The conspiracy movement is no exception.

OF COURSZE the Jews had to come out ahead in the Conspiracy movement as well in addition to everything else, in spite of the Conspiracy Movement's origin being completely non-Jewish.

Who's at the top of the Conspiracy Movement today?

That's right - God's chosen people..AGAIN!

I guess banking, movies, media, telecommunications, computers and the atomic bomb were not enough.

And, of course, I have to believe that these people are on top because they are naturally smarter and more capable than me or anyone else who is not THEM.

The truth is that they are always on top because they always have access to money.

Now I can't say I disregard the importance of what any of the conspiracy pundits listed below have to say, nor consider what they say misinformation – I am merely pointing out the preponderance of Jewishness which now exists within the conspiracy movement.

I would have to be a hypocrite to deny I visit many of these sites on a daily basis, and find a lot of the information they offer crucial.

However, I still feel obligated in pointing out the Jewishness at the top of the Conspiracy Movement.

In my opinion, most of these pundits have not so much offered misinformation as much as they have steered public attention away from some crucial issues happening today, like the following:

-The Council on Foreign Relations total control of US Government

-The infiltration of Marxist agents into positions of power throughout the US and the world

-The preponderance of Russian and Chinese intelligence assets in the US

-The high preponderance of Jews and Communists in positions of world power (Obama, Putin, Medvedev, Merkel, almost all Latin American leaders).
-The secret prepared subjugation of the West during WW-III

-Total Mossad infiltration of US intelligence

-An upcoming educational revolution similar to that of Soviet Russia

That's right, those are some pretty big elephants in the room, aren' they?

And, yes, they are all being ignored.

Below are some names and descriptions.

I am not saying don't listen to these conspiracy pundits, I am simply saying, be aware of who and what they are.

Here goes:

Roy Tov
Ex-Mossad Israeli Jew hiding in Bolivia and speaking ill of the Mossad, always on the cusp of getting gotten by the evil (yet highly incompetent) Bolivian hired hands of the Mossad.

Brother Nathaniel
Jew convert to Orthodox Christianity and rabid critic of Jewish control of America.

Jeff Rense
Jewish webmaster of which offers a cornucopia of links to just about everything. Recently Rense kicked fellow Jew Henry Makow off his website permanently for daring to mention Fukushima was an inside job.

Henry Makow
Canadian Jew obsessed with criticizing women, but with many interesting guest writers of all sorts. Recently kicked in the teeth by Jeff Rense, Makow retaliated with a vengeance, bringing them both down a notch.

Gordon Duff
Retired CIA Jew now proclaiming to work for the good guys. Gordon actually represents the worse type of CIA agent – a spook working within the military. His partner is fellow Intelligence Jew Stew Webb.

Michael Rivero
Sephardic Jew running another Rense-type smorgasbord site (which in spite of its interesting content also contains an amazing amount of cookies and spyware).

Webster Trapley
An openly Marxist Jew with ties to the KGB and a lot of interesting comments on international affairs which curiously ignore the prepared subjugation of the West.

Jim Fetzer
This Jew came out of nowhere to lead the 9/11 truth movement with a lot of emotional and logical commentary which ignored the possibility of non-existent planes, nuclear devices and other edgy type topics

Gerald Celente
Likable and popular Jew who passes himself off as a Bronx Catholic. In typical Jewish fashion, he likes to play off emotionalism and theater. Likes to brag about dating Jewish women and how most of his staff at Trends Journal is Jewish.

Charlie McGrath
Fast talking and highly emotional Jewish rantist who concentrates on economic collapse.

Jim Thorn
Oily and mysterious Jew who likes to call people out as anti-semitic. Played a large part in attacking and trying to discredit the original 9/11 truthers. Always has a lot of cash to publish his repetitious conspiracy rehashes and is trying to 'estalish' himself as one of the great names in the conspiracy movement. Always wearing a hat, it is rumored he actually hides Hasidic locks under it.

Stanton Friedman
Ufologist Jew who was for a time head of the UFO truth movement. For a while, seemed to the the ONLY authority on UFOs anywhere.

Richard Belzer
Jewish comedian who now is an up and coming conspiracy author (his book on the long-time-ago Kennedy Assassination stirs up some interesting questions – none of them relevant to the present).
Alex Jones
Jew-married conspiracy guru with connections to Mossad-connected Stratfor. Rumored to be supported by money from the Jewish Bronfman famliy. Heavy on the Bildebergers, Agenda-21 and 'Whats Poisoning You,' but light on Third World War, Council on Foreign Relations and US Government Infiltration. Always a lot of Jewish guests on his program (more than half) with a lot of his workers having law enforcement-connections. His site is also heavy on cookies and spyware. Lately Alex has taken to looking like a deranged gorilla every time a camera is trained on him at a TV studio, making the conspiracy movement look extremely bad in the eyes of the uninformed public.