Monday, June 17, 2013

Oracle: Prophetic Dream on Second Civil War?

During college, Oracle was one of two amazing people I had the opportunity to meet there, but it is a type of amazing that dawns on you much later after the fact.

'Oracle', a fellow student who insisted on telling me his dreams and having me record them.

This dude had some strange ones, and I often told him to write them down.

Oracle was a 'Christian' and I tend to suspect his religious orientation somewhat colored all the stuff he dreamed about. It goes without saying he probably thought the 'revelations' came from God.

I listened to his messed up dreams sometimes more out of courtesy than true interest, but must admit, they were at times a welcome respite from the boredom of college life.

I told him (as a sort of phony encouragement) to write down his dreams and perhaps publish them some day.

He did write them down... and he gave me photocopies of them, which I accepted out of courtesy (and for some reason) kept, along with a lot of other junk from college.

Oracles' dreams didn't really mean squat to me during college, and to be honest, some of them were pretty darn weird.

Given the context of the era, however, I don't think you could blame me for disregarding both him and them.

However, upon stumbling upon them and re-reading Oracle's dreams last year, they made my skin crawl.

You've got to remember this stuff was happening before the War on Terror, ubiquitous cell phones, contrails, bird flu, patriot act, reptilians, cloning, subterranean bases, planet-x and all the other weird stuff that became common concepts in the 21st century.

Anyone seriously talking about this stuff in the 1990's would be labeled seriously insane.

Well, some of Oracle's dreams were pretty insane.

But how insane?

For some reason, the more we progress into the 21st century, the more applicable many of his crazy dreams seem to have become. I guess the insanity of the times is catching up with the insanity of this guy's dreams.

But onto today's topic.

I still can't believe there is serious talk of civil war happening in this country, but there is.

Deep inside, I (and a lot of other Americans) don't believe a second civil war is even possible.

But there is talk - talk at high levels – of civil incredible as that sounds.

But even at the time I met Oracle, the concept of a second civil war was nothing new. There were a series of fictional books being written on it. There was even a made-for-cable movie comedy which came out.

So the concept was nothing new. It was being used for entertainment purposes.

The concept as a reality was light years away from even being believable.

So you can imagine how I felt when Oracle came to me with this dream about a second civil war (about which some paperbacks and a cable film had already been made) – oh yeah, real original.

However, with time, re-reading Oracle's dream has given me the creeps.

In fact, its allusion might be part of the reason I get so upset at the talk of a second civil war.

Because as I have already said in this blog, a second civil war will happen for one reason and one reason only - to destroy America.


"I saw two sides in America arrayed for civil war, it seemed to be the Northeast/Midwest against the South/West.

And there was a queer, unsettling feeling to everything that was happening all around. At first I did not know what it was, but slowly I began to understand. One side, the Northeast/Midwest, was planning a campaign of extermination against the other side, the West/South.

So right there there I was made to understand there would be nothing civil about this war.

The one more powerful side, the Northeast/Midwest was planning a take no-prisoner strategy. This meant no insurrectionist would be taken prisoner. All rebellious combatants would be killed to the last man as traitors.

This was planned on purpose and meant to terrorize the rest of the remaining rebellious states into surrendering. The Northeast/Midwest just figured if they did this, they could end the war soon, just like Sherman's March did during the first civil war.

Then I saw the ruthless, evil men put in charge of the armies of the Northeast/Midwest who would carry out the massacres. The only way I can describe them to you is that I saw them as monsters, stained with blood and filth, totally ruthless and totally dedicated to committing gross murder.

Then I saw the other side (West and South), and they too were led by monsters, but only of a lesser kind, less harmful, but fully cooperative in carrying out the war and its ultimate result.

I felt there was a lot of cynicism in the air, like at wrestling match. With alarm, I saw both sides had the same type of creatures at the head of their governments and armies, these blood monsters. In fact, in some way or another, they were two sides of the same coin, put there to bring about this awful bloody mass-murder that was about to take place.

The war had not even started, but I was already so disturbed and frightened that I ran away and fled as fast as I could from the sheer sickening dread of what was about to happen.

I sort of looked to the weaker side, the West/South in hope of seeing a noble side to this conflict, but it was made clear to me that they were of the same ilk as the degenerate monsters from the Northeast/Midwest. In fact, though the crimes of the West/South would be less, they were to play their own role in making it happen, that is, the mass-murder of Americans.

The main aspect of the war, was not political, but simply massive, gross and grotesque bloodletting that was about to take place. It had to happen for some awful twisted reason that only the monsters knew.

I asked 'but how' and I was told 'You merely have to order them to do it.'

And I saw that many young Americans had already been indoctrinated in the philosophy of the worthlessness of human life and of murder through video games, music, reading material, movies, TV shows, and on the principles of abuse, torture, the rightness of killing and the enjoyment of murder.

To my horror I saw the youth of America ready and willing to carry out mass murder if ordered, and I saw there would be no hesitation, and I saw a lot of irregular troops, like militias and troops that did not even seem American.

The only thing I felt could be described as a mixture of dread, horror, outrage and despair combined with a sick feeling.

I got the feeling the war would become a barbarity right from the beginning. The Federal government would treat all rebellious combatants as traitors, deserving of the death penalty, and would execute all prisoners.

There would be a lot of back and forth killing and counter-killing.

It made me angry to see the monsters orchestrating all this so that Americans would hate and kill each other, but I also felt powerless and scared.

Most Americans had no idea what was coming. It would be sprung on the nation by surprise, the most horrible type of suffering and death imaginable. It would happen overnight and really come to a head soon."

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