Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jews Control The Conspiracy Movement

It's no secret that Jews control Hollywood.

It's no secret that Jews control the media in general.

It's no secret that the Jewish lobby has a gigantic influence on Congress.

And its no secret that the banking industry is a Jewish playing field.

One segment of the social structure that I was hoping the Jews would never control was the Conspiracy Movement (after all, there is little or no money to be made here).

Alas...I was wrong.

Whatever the medium, it seems, these people always have to end up in charge.

The conspiracy movement is no exception.

OF COURSZE the Jews had to come out ahead in the Conspiracy movement as well in addition to everything else, in spite of the Conspiracy Movement's origin being completely non-Jewish.

Who's at the top of the Conspiracy Movement today?

That's right - God's chosen people..AGAIN!

I guess banking, movies, media, telecommunications, computers and the atomic bomb were not enough.

And, of course, I have to believe that these people are on top because they are naturally smarter and more capable than me or anyone else who is not THEM.

The truth is that they are always on top because they always have access to money.

Now I can't say I disregard the importance of what any of the conspiracy pundits listed below have to say, nor consider what they say misinformation – I am merely pointing out the preponderance of Jewishness which now exists within the conspiracy movement.

I would have to be a hypocrite to deny I visit many of these sites on a daily basis, and find a lot of the information they offer crucial.

However, I still feel obligated in pointing out the Jewishness at the top of the Conspiracy Movement.

In my opinion, most of these pundits have not so much offered misinformation as much as they have steered public attention away from some crucial issues happening today, like the following:

-The Council on Foreign Relations total control of US Government

-The infiltration of Marxist agents into positions of power throughout the US and the world

-The preponderance of Russian and Chinese intelligence assets in the US

-The high preponderance of Jews and Communists in positions of world power (Obama, Putin, Medvedev, Merkel, almost all Latin American leaders).
-The secret prepared subjugation of the West during WW-III

-Total Mossad infiltration of US intelligence

-An upcoming educational revolution similar to that of Soviet Russia

That's right, those are some pretty big elephants in the room, aren' they?

And, yes, they are all being ignored.

Below are some names and descriptions.

I am not saying don't listen to these conspiracy pundits, I am simply saying, be aware of who and what they are.

Here goes:

Roy Tov
Ex-Mossad Israeli Jew hiding in Bolivia and speaking ill of the Mossad, always on the cusp of getting gotten by the evil (yet highly incompetent) Bolivian hired hands of the Mossad.

Brother Nathaniel
Jew convert to Orthodox Christianity and rabid critic of Jewish control of America.

Jeff Rense
Jewish webmaster of which offers a cornucopia of links to just about everything. Recently Rense kicked fellow Jew Henry Makow off his website permanently for daring to mention Fukushima was an inside job.

Henry Makow
Canadian Jew obsessed with criticizing women, but with many interesting guest writers of all sorts. Recently kicked in the teeth by Jeff Rense, Makow retaliated with a vengeance, bringing them both down a notch.

Gordon Duff
Retired CIA Jew now proclaiming to work for the good guys. Gordon actually represents the worse type of CIA agent – a spook working within the military. His partner is fellow Intelligence Jew Stew Webb.

Michael Rivero
Sephardic Jew running another Rense-type smorgasbord site (which in spite of its interesting content also contains an amazing amount of cookies and spyware).

Webster Trapley
An openly Marxist Jew with ties to the KGB and a lot of interesting comments on international affairs which curiously ignore the prepared subjugation of the West.

Jim Fetzer
This Jew came out of nowhere to lead the 9/11 truth movement with a lot of emotional and logical commentary which ignored the possibility of non-existent planes, nuclear devices and other edgy type topics

Gerald Celente
Likable and popular Jew who passes himself off as a Bronx Catholic. In typical Jewish fashion, he likes to play off emotionalism and theater. Likes to brag about dating Jewish women and how most of his staff at Trends Journal is Jewish.

Charlie McGrath
Fast talking and highly emotional Jewish rantist who concentrates on economic collapse.

Jim Thorn
Oily and mysterious Jew who likes to call people out as anti-semitic. Played a large part in attacking and trying to discredit the original 9/11 truthers. Always has a lot of cash to publish his repetitious conspiracy rehashes and is trying to 'estalish' himself as one of the great names in the conspiracy movement. Always wearing a hat, it is rumored he actually hides Hasidic locks under it.

Stanton Friedman
Ufologist Jew who was for a time head of the UFO truth movement. For a while, seemed to the the ONLY authority on UFOs anywhere.

Richard Belzer
Jewish comedian who now is an up and coming conspiracy author (his book on the long-time-ago Kennedy Assassination stirs up some interesting questions – none of them relevant to the present).
Alex Jones
Jew-married conspiracy guru with connections to Mossad-connected Stratfor. Rumored to be supported by money from the Jewish Bronfman famliy. Heavy on the Bildebergers, Agenda-21 and 'Whats Poisoning You,' but light on Third World War, Council on Foreign Relations and US Government Infiltration. Always a lot of Jewish guests on his program (more than half) with a lot of his workers having law enforcement-connections. His site is also heavy on cookies and spyware. Lately Alex has taken to looking like a deranged gorilla every time a camera is trained on him at a TV studio, making the conspiracy movement look extremely bad in the eyes of the uninformed public.

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