Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mossad At A Mall Kiosk Near You

A recent phenomena in malls across America consists of a multitude of Israeli peddlers hanging out at mall kiosks hawking everything from facial creams to r/c toys.

Nothing wrong with being Israeli.

Nothing wrong with hawking overpriced trinkets at mall kiosks.

But there IS something wrong about Israelis peddling trinkets at mall kiosks across America.

Israel is a modern, wealthy country populated by people who are in large part economically well off – better than most parts of Western Europe.

Not only are Israelis economically prosperous, but they are culturally and politically exclusive and have absolutely no need to hawk trinkets at cheap mall stands to make a living (especially after paying for that hefty airline ticket).

Not that traveling all the way from Israel to American malls to sell trinkets makes any sense to begin with.

So yes, the whole set up is rather suspicious.

As weird as, say, a line of mall kiosks all manned by Iranians.

I am not sure of what 'business program' these Israelis are under...if any, and I can't even imagine what a legitimate business program of this sort would look like.

How about the leave Israel for a year to sell facial cream in mall stands in America program?

Appetizing, huh. Especially given the way America is starting decline and stink.

As a matter of fact, I can't imagine this type of program appealing to people whose country has the standard of living as high as that of Sweden or Denmark.

Can you?

These kiosks (selling toys, creams or cosmetics) are in malls across America – from California to Michigan.

Recently I had my own experience in one of these (this experience is what launched me to research the Israelis-at-mall-kiosks phenomenon in the first place).

As I walked alone towards the exit of a large mall here in Arizona, I was accosted by a young woman with an accent who started asking me questions about my name, my skin and immediately offered to demonstrate something on my arm at her kiosk. I could not place the accent, and asked here where she was from.

“Guess!” she said playfully.

The whole scenario seemed to be that of a bored sales lady who had a lot of time on her hands and wanted to spend some time doing something half-way interesting with a prospective customer to fill time.

So I agreed, and as she rubbed this skin cream on my arm with warm water, she told me it had salts from the Dead sea.

If you can imagine the type of dread that locks up your throat in mid swallow makes your skin crawl mixed with a sense of cold sweat, that is what I felt at that moment.

Especially when she said the word DEAD.

“Now I think you know where I am from, right?” she said, not misjudging me at all.

I must have stared at her trying to scope out from her behavior if there was anything else to this 'demonstration' (while trying not to delve into paranoia), and was relieved when she finally told me the price of the flask of cream - $100.00.

This lady handled herself very well in spite of her young age. You can tell she was comfortable and confident talking to strange men...and touching them.

Amazingly, she then started working on my hands and rubbing them with some sort of salt – the type of thing that any unaccompanied man might find pleasant, but by that time I had decided to make a quick exit (and check myself for the effects of epidermally poisons – I know, paranoid...but this blog is not exactly pro-Israel).

Anyway, I am still alive, and took the liberty to research these kiosks and found them to be in malls across the nation – it is a BIG operation.

They are staffed for the most part by good looking people – both the men and the women - and they all seem to be well educated. They are also extremely friendly, very apt socially and seem adept at gaining your confidence and your friendship.

And THIS I think might be the main purpose behind the program – get Israeli Mossad agents to socialize, manipulate and gain the confidence of Americans.

You can't say its not good practice, because, after all, as a spy, this is exactly what you are trying to do with the enemy.

Hawking at a kiosk is very good training.

The darker theory is that Mossad is massing its agents at these kiosks on American soil for a MAJOR operation. This might also be true, given the fact that there was similar surge of Israeli kiosks across America just prior to 9/11. Interestingly enough, once 9/11 happened, all the kiosks (and their attendants) quickly disappeared.

But whatever the truth may be, these Israelis are young, good looking, intelligent, socially adept, and very manipulative...and they are getting better at it with every prospective customer.

The women exhume intelligent confidence combined with with a non-confrontational attitude.

The giveaway always seems to be if you ask them if they know what 'the Mossad' is. The answer will probably be 'no.' And they are very good at saying that too.

But an Israeli not knowing what Mossad means is akin to an American college student not knowing what CIA means.

Of course they know, and, of course they are denying it...because they are a part of it.

When confronted or questioned about their suspicious activity, these well trained female Israeli Mossad agents tend to adopt the 'passive defensive stance' of putting one foot forward and raising a hand to their chin, lip or cheek area (this is martial arts).

Yet in spite of the above defensive stance (which is designed to prepare the victim to ward off physical assault) they are very good at looking clueless when confronted with their Mossad connections.

This entire clique of young, handsome agents reflect the new image of the Mossad – agents that look like very young and attractive.

But I am afraid to think what these 'college students' are capable of.

So next time you see one of these Israelis, mention the 'M' word and see what happens. Chances are they will 'handle' the situation quite well, but you might just see in their eyes (if even for a brisk moment) that you have hit a sore point.

The spread of Israeli-run mall kiosks across America is a serious national security concern and should be investigated by both local and Federal authoritie

Is (the latter which happen to be the same authorities who contracted out wiretapping operations within America to three Israeli companies – but one can hope, right?).

Video - Confronting an Israeli Mossad Operator



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