Saturday, November 30, 2013

The American Business Class: Dumbed Down & Domesticated


Or, as Xavier used to call it: “the act of making society sensitive sensitive towards the direction of money.”

It's everywhere.

It's always been with us.

When were we NOT corrupt?

Was it when we started massacring the Indians in the colonial era?

Was it when we enslaved and owned human beings for plantation work?

Was it when we founded the first Bank of the United States in 1791?

Or, for that matter, remember the good ol' days with the Romans and the Babylonians?

Uh, yeah...corruption seems to pretty much always have been there.

But what type of corruption, pray tell, is it that is about to surrender the entire planet to a New World Order?

The same type of corruption that has always been with us?


This is a very special type of corruption.

It's not just corrupt...its stupid.

Stupid Corruption.

Listen, man has always been corrupt.

But along with his corruption he has always been selfishly cunning.

To put it bluntly, yea, we have always been corrupt...but we have never been THIS stupid.

I honestly believe it has been Man's blatant selfishness and cunning which has saved him up till now.

“What? The Bank of the United States will print its own money and won't allow ME to print any? Off with its head!!!


We haven't become any holier...simply more stupid.

How stupid do you have to be to nod your head in agreement when someone tells you the Founding Fathers were terrorists?

Missing chromosome retarded stupid!

Yet we have videos of our police nodding their heads like trained seals to some Federal indoctrinator when he tells them this at a workshop.

How stupid do you to be to have our children turned into walking zombies by the vaccines we give them from birth?

Can't people notice OTHER people's children and SEE what normal...and abnormal is?

Children are being killed and brain damaged before their parents eyes and the parents are clueless?!

What level of stupidity is that?

How stupid do you have to be to send naked pictures of yourself to 'friends' over the phone believing they will never show up on the Internet?

Or for that matter, how STUPID do you have to be to sign a piece of legislation without reading it, like our Congress does?

I dunno.

While I trust our level of corruption has stayed the same, our level of cunning has diminished to that of a turnip.

Listen, the defining population group (the movers and shakers) is our oligarchy.

These are the people who own the corporations and most of the economy – the one percent who own the capital, run the big businesses and hire the workers.

How is it that these people are transacting with a sworn enemy - Communist China - who has sworn to bury them?

How is it that they have agreed to sell communist Chinese trinkets in America while systematically destroying the American worker – their human resource?

Even Henry Ford knew wages were a sort of investment on being able to sell your own product (pay workers well so they can spend on your products).

But selfish cunning of this sort seems to have been replaced top to bottom by an infantile dependency on government.

That's right.

At a given time in history, the Illuminati understood they would get nowhere without first degenerating, corrupting and dumbing down the economic oligarchy which forms the economic basis of the country.

This 'oligarchy' used to consist of cunning, selfish, ambitious, disciplined, dynamic, self-motivated men who started businesses, worked themselves up to becoming millionaires...and reinvested their wealth to become even richer.

The Founding Fathers consisted of men such as these or served as their representatives to men such as these – wealthy self-made men who wanted to keep their wealth and their freedom.

Why do you think most of the Founding Father were wealthy?

They had A LOT to lose under the British policies of economic confiscation, so they threw down the gauntlet.

Rather than see their wealth robbed by bureaucrats, they decided to...start shooting!

It sounds crass to say this, but in large part, the American Revolution was a business plan to get rid of the economically asphyxiating bureaucracy of England which was destroying America's economy.

Get it?

The cunning, selfish businessmen of America saw the British Government clamping down on their WEALTH and their property and said “to hell with you!”

People forget the colonies had already been previously bankrupted by bureaucratic red tape and bought up at liquidation prices by the King of England (with Illuminati money).

Yes, folks, there was already bad blood in the air.

The type of bad blood produced by economic suppression and confiscation.

That was our American oligarchy, which perpetuated itself throughout history to produce men like the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and many others, men who BUILT UP this country.

(notice I don't mention Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, Jobs, Buffet, Soros, Gates, Winfrey or any of the other Illuminati buffoons).

But the 'oligarchy' we have today has become hopelessly domesticated, dependent...and stupid.

How did the Illuminati do it?

They used the power of their central bank – the Federal Reserve – to print up trillions of dollars with which to make the government the cornucopia of American business.

Mismanaged your corporation or bank into the ground? Get a government bailout.

Want to hire American workers for unlivable wages? Get government to feed and house them.

Want to manufacture products at slave wages? Get Government to fund the opening up of China.

Can't import your slave-produced products? Get Government to abolish tariffs.

Don't have enough money to expand? Get a free money subsidies from Government.

Irritated by taxes? Get Government to stop taxing you.

Want cheaper local labor? Get Government to legalize the illegals!

See what I mean?

Dependency on Government will not produce the type of dynamic, efficient, cunning, independent and motivated individual necessary to build up our economy...and safe guard it.

Instead, what it has produced are a bunch of corrupt beggars with their hands extended for the next government subsidy or bailout.

This is known as 'corporate welfare.' and that is exactly what it is.

What it has done is corrupted our oligarchy to the point that all it can do is hold its hand out for more government laws, subsidies, contracts and tax breaks.

These are not the cunning oligarchy of the olden days, these are a bunch of beggars.

This top to bottom flow of money has affected the American oligarchy from the smallest to the largest, to the point that what we have left are no longer Thomas Alba Edisons, but glorified beggars waiting for their next bone.

This is why they didn't stand up against NAFTA.

This is why they didn't stand up against us joining the World Trade Organization.

This is why they didn't stand up against exporting our industries to China.

This is why no one is standing up against us joining the Trans Pacific Partnership.

The One Percent has been dumbed down and domesticated just like the American 99%.

This is why Detroit went bust.

This is why our banks go bankrupt.

This is why we have exported our industry to China

This is companies prefer to hire illegals.

This is why American products and industrial creativity suck.

The American One Percent Oligarchy has been bred down by the Illuminati welfare state to become fat, dumb, domesticated and basically incapable of doing much of anything except beg for subsidies.

The Oligarchic One Percent DEFINES the destiny of any country.

And it is sad to say our dynamic oligarchy of business entrepreneurs has been basically dumbed down and domesticated by government excess.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Anemia: The New Plague

An alarming message for all.

The new epidemic is ANEMIA.

It's happening as a result of the “Smart Meters” the Illuminati have installed in our cities.

Next time you have your blood checked, please ask your doctor specifically for your “red blood cell count” and any anemic or pre-anemic or anemia-like symptoms.

You might have to be specific and pushy because many doctors are ignoring and glossing over the symptoms because so many people are having it.

The weird part is the NON-COVERAGE given to the subject by the so-called conspiracy pundits.

Which is strange.

The general spread of anemia (as well as immunological deficiency) amongst the population is necessary in order to precondition the general population for susceptibility to the next plague they plan to release either through vaccination or aerial spraying...or both.

But you don't have to listen to me or the media – start asking your own family and extended family how many of them have been told by doctors they have anemia or anemic symptoms!

You don't have to be pale or skinny (like the guy pictured) to have anemia. An anemic person could look like anybody, just like somebody with a compromised immune system could look like anybody.

The Illuminati biological attack will not work unless large portions of the population have been “attenuated” or weakened before the biological attack is launched.

Take the example of lab animals.

Lab animals are “immuno-suppressed” with chemicals – their immune system is first suppressed in order to make them vulnerable to the diseases and conditions they are injected with. This is done so the disease can take its course quickly and the results observed promptly.

We are apparently no better than lab rats.

Because that's what they are doing to us.

They are suppressing our immune systems through microwaves (emanating from “cellphone towers” and “smart meters) and through vaccination, which might very soon become obligatory amongst the adult population.

Our immune systems are also being suppressed through the insufficient nutrition and poisons provided by GMO (genetically modified foods) as well as chemicals added to our food and water.

The lack of nutrition weakens the body.

The poisons overwhelm the immunological system, making it weaker.

The Smart Meters' immediate effect seems to be this blossoming anemia.

The plan is to 'immuno-suppress' the population to the point that it becomes susceptible to the biological agents they will later release (or force) upon us.

Not being comfortable with simply giving bad news, I am including the address below of a place where you can get microwave meters, protective microwave clothing and protective microwave paint (for you walls).

Besides that, I can only recommend you also check your Iron levels and take some of that if you need it to avoid getting anemic symptoms.

Additional steps:

-avoid vaccination
-avoid microwaving food
-avoid tap water
-shield against microwaves
-avoid processed and packaged food
-eat non-GMO and soak your vegetables and fruits extensively (a day) to clean off insecticides

-start naturalistic, homeopathic reinforcement and purification of your body:
-colloidal silver water generators
-'hexagonal' water generators
-alkaline water generators
-water distillers
-colloidal minerals (minerals in liquid form)
-Rife Machines

-natural reinforcing supplements (royal jelly, garlic oil, vitamin-B12, vitamin-c, spirulina, kelp, echinacea, dandelion root, etc) - research and ask you health food supplements clerk and avoid national name brands (they export all their elements from China).

Fortifying your immune system and protecting yourself against microwaves is soon becoming no longer a luxury...but a matter of survival.

Invest whatever you can in the interest of you and your family.

Of course, the best always to get yourself out of this morbid, sick, suicidal, self-destructive society we are living in and move yourself to the boondocks, as far away from microwave emanation or Government authority as you can.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Three Foundations of Illuminati Power

A fellow conspiracy theorist, perhaps much wiser than me, once said:

“Stop wasting your time only analyzing what they do, concentrate on the power structure, it's the thing that does everything else.”

Get it?

Concentrate on the power structure instead of its endless actions.

It's sort of like you being blindfolded and tied down while some freak starts performing a vivisection on you.

Instead of analyzing what horrible act the freak is going to do next, why not try to tear off the blindfold, find out who the freak is and take him out?

That's my case.

Society has been dormant before the acts of the Illuminati power structure because it has not torn off its blindfold of make believe.

On the other hand, conspiracy theorists have been so morbidly fascinated by the acts of the Illuminati that they often ignore the power structure that is making it happen.

As it turns out, the power structure is simple.

And not only is it simple, but its core pieces (just like the game of Jenga) would collapse the entire structure if taken out.

As it turns out, there are only three institutions holding the entire Illuminati power structure together:

-The Federal Reserve
-the Council on Foreign Relations

If you abolish these three institutions (and keep them abolished) you abolish the power of the Illuminati PERMANENTLY.

So lets take a close look at each one, shall we?


We inherited this thing from England, and its was mostly responsible for carrying out the American War of Independence.

It was also responsible for the bloody French Revolution and all other Communist revolutions since.

Freemasonry originated in England and has served as an excellent source of intelligence as well as a handy door opener in foreign policy.

Is it any wonder many conspiracy theorists point to England as the core of the conspiracy?

They do have a point.

But back to our revolution.

Our masonically-organized revolution only ended so well because...

1) England let us get our independence

2) the masons who carried out the revolution were simple businessmen looking out for their own interests while liberating themselves from bureaucracy and centralized power.

3) the barrier of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans let us carry out our democratic experiment in peace

But, needless to say, Freemasonry has remained with us and has been given unwarranted prestige and acceptance in this country.

This is because we have simply remained blissfully unaware of how much crud Freemasonry has shoved down our throats.

It was only a matter of time before the more centralized and destructive Illuminated masonic influence from overseas came home to roost.

People that underline the 'democracy' that Freemasons have granted us neglect to mention the role American Freemasonry has played in the destroying the American way of life.

The American Civil War, for instance...almost 1 million Americans killed and countless maimed and crippled – the costliest war in our history.

From there on you can continue with the Robber Barons, Tammany Hall, American Indian genocide, Populism, Progressivism, the Mafia...and so on.

The truth is, the Freemasonry we have today is not the Freemasonry of the American Revolution.

It's still there and it's still just as powerful, but just many times more rotten.

Indeed, Freemasonry is the OIL in the Illuminati conspiracy. It makes things happen and keeps them secret once they HAVE happened.

Most everybody joining Freemasonry do it for one reason and one reason only – to get ahead.

As such, it is at the very least, a conspiracy of selfish gain by Masons for Masons.

I hate to say this, but if we are to rise up as a country...

...Freemasonry has got to go.


With the Freemasonic political machines set up by the 1900's, it was only a matter of time before they came together to bind us to the old European concept of the Central Bank – a bank which creates money out of nothing and counts it as debt owed to it by the host nation. in the host of a parasite.
It was Freemasonic influence which not only passed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, but kept the act from ever being spite of the Fed whacking us with the greatest economic depression in the history of the United States.

And it was a GREAT Depression.

It is a deeply hidden fact that America suffered much more than Western Europe during the 1930's – our economic depression was WORSE!

The outcome of this economic lashing should have ended with the burning down of the Federal Reserve in 1938.

Instead what we got was a Freemasonic President, who teamed up with a masonically controlled Congress to keep the Fed's involvement in our economic deprivation secret.

The Federal Reserve has played its part since then to create the American mega-banks which today control the economy through mega-corporations and the Government through mega-lobbies and society through mega-foundations – all supplied with endless amounts of money created out of thin air, of the direction of the Rothschild agents, the Rockefellers.

After all, what is there to stop them, they print endless amounts of money out of thin air and use it to enslave us.

If Freemasonry is the oil, the Fed is the ENGINE of the conspiracy – it drives all the programs and actions of the conspiracists with its endless supply of fiat money.

So the Fed has to go.

It has to go and never come back.


With the Freemasons dominating society and the Federal Reserve dominating the economy, what was left but to create an obedience group to dominate government?

The Council on Foreign Relations was created in 1923 as a branch of the British-centered international Round Table Groups – obedience based political clubs designed to dominate the governments of their respective host nations.

The basis of the Rockefeller-founded Council on Foreign Relations was (like all the other Round Table Groups) international. If you were not an internationalist (read Globalist) you were not part of the Council on Foreign Relations period.

Its members were first 'felt out' as to their outlook on globalism and then 'invited' to become a member.

(Please note that membership in the Council is by invitation only - just like Freemasonry)

So what the Council created very quickly was a core of globalists in Washington, which went on to dominate our capital to such an extent that within the last two decades of the 20th Century, any government bureaucrat or official was considered a 'nobody' until he or she became a Council member.

Please keep in mind these two things:

1) that to become a Council member you must believe in world government


2) that the Council dominates the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of the Federal Government.

So, having said that, is it really a surprise that America is merging itself as part of a world government under the dictates of the United Nations?

Of course not.

It would be really amusing (and revealing) if our representatives and bureaucrats were forced to wear armbands – black for Freemasonry and orange if belonging to the Council on Foreign Relations.

If they did, the next Congressional get together would look like a gigantic Halloween Party.

It's no exaggeration.

The Council on Foreign Relations dominates our government while not gathering even a mention from the local media (also run by CFR members).

Given the Council's power over our Government, is it any wonder we are incorporating ourselves seamlessly into a New World Order?

That's right, we don't have a Congress, what we have is a get together of CFR members who gather to decide just how and when we will merge into global governance.

The CFR, the very same internationalist political club established by Rothschild's servants, the Rockefellers, to dominate American politics has done exactly that.

Now I could continue with the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, Homland Security the Trilateral Commission, the Communists, the FBI, but I won't.

I won't because Freemasonry, the Federal Reserve and the Council on Foreign Relations are the linchpin to the entire rotten Illuminati structure.

You get rid of these three hinges and the entire rotting structure will come tumbling down – world government, Marxism, globalism, the UN, all of it.

But to do this humanity has to awaken.

It has to wake up and see there is private bank writing itself receipts over their wealth while holding them to an imaginary debt supposedly owed to it.

America has to rub its eyes open and see we are infiltrated by a cult called Freemasonry which influences all decisions from politics to science and industry.

America has to sit up and notice we don't have a Congress, but a meeting place for the Council on Foreign Relations.

America has to wake up, sit up, stand up and take action...

...abolish the Federal Reserve....

….abolish Freemasonry...

...abolish the Council on Foreign Relations.

Then and only then – after accomplishing these three simple steps...

...will we get our country back.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Obama Power Grab

It all happened before.

King Charles I of England made a power grab over Parliament, ultimately shutting it down.

The result was the English Civil War.


King George III made a power grab, upsetting not only the colonies, but the English too. He first bankrupted then bought out the colonies, making them his own personal possession at a time when kings were supposed to rule closely with advice of Parliament.

The result was the American War of Independence.

The more history happens, the more it repeats itself.

King Charles I had his own personal army, the Cavaliers, to enforce his will upon Parliament.

King George III had his own personal mercenaries – the Hessians – to do his bidding.

And every dictator since Sargon has had his own personalized army of shock troops to enforce his will.

The dictatorship of the Roman Emperors was enforced by the Praetorian Guard.

The dictatorship of the French Revolution was enforced by National Guard.

The dictatorship of Mussolini was enforced by his Black Shirts.

The dictatorship of Adolph Hitler was enforced by his SS.

The dictatorship of Saddam Hussein was enforced by his Republican Guard.

The dictatorships of Lenin and Mao were enforced by Red Guards.

Just like the dictatorship of the American President will be enforced by the Department Homeland Security.

As has happened many times before in history, our Presidency is now in the middle of an attempted power grab.

Our Executive is blackmailing Congress through its security apparatus (NSA- CIA- FBI), controlling the Supreme Court with its appointees, bribing police departments to cooperate with the suppresssion of the American public in collaboration with the secret police (FBI) and intelligence (CIA - NSA).

But isn't that always the case?

The Executive letting power go to its head and creating a state of emergency in order to gain even more power?

Chinese Emperors regularly let illiterate northern barbarians enter China in order to keep the mandate of heaven...through a perpetual state of emergency and martial law.

The Roman Consul Camillus permitted the Gauls to sack Rome in 387 B.C (the gates were left open) even though Rome was the most powerful military power in Italy. The Gauls were driven away quickly after that...and the power of the Consuls increased.

This was repeated again and again throughout Roman history.

Marius let the Cimbri and Teutones rampage on the Roman border and scare everyone into granting him dictatorial powers in 102 B.C.

No more enemies?

No problem.

Crassus and Pompey fomented a rebellion amongst Rome's own slaves (ever hear of Spartacus?) which self-destructed as soon as they gained dictatorial powers.

Charles-I of England encouraged the Scots and Irish to rebel in order to create a state of alarm in which he hoped to gain absolute power.

George-III encouraged the colonies to rebel to create a state of emergency (guess you never heard he let Boston go?) in order to increase his Parliament.

The Revolutionary French dictators up to and including Napoleon kept starting wars to keep the entire country in a perpetual state of emergency.

Mussolini and Hitler played up Communist terrorism to gain power (Hitler even burned down the German Congress - the Reichstag - .and blamed it on the Communists). “That does it, everybody turn in your guns and line up for the concentration camps! We are under terrorist attack!” Then they proceeded to KEEP their countries under a state of emergency by starting one war after another (sound familiar?).

Saddam Hussein played up Shiite guerrillas and terrorism and went to war with Iran to keep his country under a perpetual state of emergency.

Our own American oligarchy has kept out country under a state of emergency since 1933.

The Great Depression emptied into WW-II...emptied into the Cold War...emptied into the War on Terror...granting ever increasing powers to the Executive.

Now the American Executive is seeking to consolidate its steadily increasing state-of-emergency-fueled powers by launching its final power grab, using the newly created Department of Homeland Security just as the Roman Emperors used their Praetorian Guard...or Napoleon his Department of Public Safety...or Mussolini his Black Shirts...or Hitler his SS to gain pretty much the same ends – absolute dictatorship.

That's right.

Homeland Security is the equivalent of Hitler's bodyguard army – the SS.

Like the SS, Homeland Security is a paramilitary force under the direct orders of the President of the United States – his own personal army, you might say.

I wonder what he's going to do with it?

Give himself dictatorial powers perhaps?

History repeats itself.

Notice how the use of the Nazi word 'homeland' has come back into use.

Notice the black uniforms of the SS coming back into style.

Notice the concentration camps being built.

Notice the secret detentions and secret arrests.

Note the obligatory 'civil service' being planned, the youth corps, the idolatry of the army, the uniforms, the roadblocks

These people are got their play book right out of history.

Look at our pusillanimous and blackmailed Congress cowering before the 'Great Leader'...

...just like the German Reichstag cowered before Hitler when he demanded absolute powers (to deal with the terrorists). Not ONE voice was raised in verbal protest when they voted to grant Hitler absolute powers by a vote of 5:1...under watchful eye of Homeland Sec..oh, excuse me, the SS, which had occupied the building.

The President is making a power grab.

He has blackmailed our Congress through his NSA and CIA.

He has taken over our police departments through bribery and infiltration of CIA agents.

He is creating his own personal army – the Department of Homeland Security.

He has purged the ranks of the army of non-believers.

What is left save for the passage of an 'enabling act' to grant him dictatorial powers for life?

So what's next for us?

Is the Capitol Building going to be blown up or burned down just like the Reichstag?

Is an external war going to start and the draft re-initiated just liked under Hitler?

Is another bloodier, bigger false flag going to happen?

Who knows, but I beg the President before he proceeds, to check out the history of power grabs.

Because, you see...

...more than half of the power grabs throughout history...

...end up as civil wars.