Thursday, May 29, 2014

Illuminati Control System: Simple Top - Down Obedience

The secret Illuminati control grid is simple.

Top-down power.

They appoint their trustees to all the top positions.

That’s it.

There needn’t be any mysterious complex esoteric control structure.

There needn’t be any expansive body-snatcher-like conspiracy to replace your boss with an Illuminati.

The Illuminati agents themselves are clueless tools made useful by their obedient amorality than any knowing inclusion in any Illuminati game plan.

In other words, they just do what they’re told. They don’t ask questions. And they have no idea (nor care to know) of the Illuminati plan.

People ask, “how is it that they can infuse our environment with microwaves, contaminate our water with fluoride, install cameras on every street corner and make most of our food toxic without any alarm or any resistance coming about?”

The answer is very simple: society is inhabited by large amounts of corrupt obedient tools willing to serve whoever pays the highest dollar or offers the highest position.

This is tremendously helped by the unlimited amount of printed and electronic fiat money created by the Federal Reserve for use by the Illuminati.

In other words, the Illuminati have unlimited funds with which to carry out their gradual submergence of society under their control.

The answer as to why there is fluoride in our water and silicone in our fast food is simply that that executives of the companies and governments involved have been TOLD to include those elements in those mediums.

I still remember an inside story emanating from the Carnation Milk Company by somebody involved directly.

Nowadays, if you look at the ingredients inside Carnation Milk (powdered or evaporated) you will find a cornucopia of unpronounceable chemicals.

People assume all these chemicals are there for some good reason (ex.: appearance, preservation, consistency, texture, etc).

The truth is, many of those chemicals are there because the company executives were simply TOLD to include them!

Anyone familiar with corporate structure knows that companies today are owned branches of corporate combines who are themselves possessions of  gigantic corporate holding companies.

This is why analysts say that ALL media within the United States is owned by six corporations.

Simply put, these six corporations OWN all the other media companies.

See how that works?

And at the the very top...what you have are the representatives of the ten largest banks in the nation.

This is how the United Artists film company (famous for its James Bond films) was bankrupted.

The banks bought up all its stock and installed THEIR representative at the helm of United Artists.

This stooge ran the entire studio into bankruptcy through a series of ridiculous and costly films.

Same with Marvel Comics, whose founder and owner, Stan Lee, was divested of all his holdings through a similar scheme.

Don’t you just like pop history?

The truth is the moment you ‘go public’ with your stock is the moment you place your company in the hands of the fiat bankers.

But back to Carnation.

The Carnation Company simply received royal commands from its holding company (their owner) to begin including certain chemicals within their milk - no explanation offered.

The Carnation executive obediently complied.

The result?

A list of toxic chemicals were instantly included within Carnation’s Instant Powdered Milk.

The reason?

The same holding company that owned Carnation also owned a chemical company.

With the inclusion of the new chemicals in milk, the chemical company now had an additional market for their product.

In an onion peel sort of explanation this makes perfect sense.

If you move step away a few miles and look at the general toxicity of our food, you begin to see the core of the onion - the real reason is simply to poison us.


By simply telling the gofers of the companies their banks possess to include the poisons within their product.

See the Illuminati structure now?

First, get granted permission over a nation’s wealth and the unlimited power to print unlimited amounts of money...then use that money to buy everything up...finally telling the stooges in command of the companies you own to do  your bidding - no questions asked.

THAT is why we are in the situation we are today.

A simple top-down structure of obedient corporate stooges maintained through the 10 largest banks in the country with the unlimited money produced by the Federal Reserve.

Another stereotypical example is that of journalists of major newspapers and magazines being fired for investigating and writing about the wrong things.

The newspaper or magazine is already owned by a corporate conglomerate whose board of directors keeps an eagle eye on what it does not only by direct observation but by comprehensive intelligence system connecting with CIA and NSA assets.

The CEO of the corporate conglomerate is ‘informed’ of what a certain journalist is pursuing.

He, in turn, calls the editor of the newspaper...and the reporter is FIRED on the spot...

...not only fired, but secretly BLACKLISTED so that he cannot find work in any of the other newspapers or magazines (also owned by the interlocking network of corporate conglomerates).

This is why you hear of reporters making headway on juicy and important stories suddenly finding themselves on the street.


But no description of the Illuminati power structure would be complete without a description of the Illuminati tool.

This is a go along to get along type of individual.

Always looking for opportunity and the chance to get ahead by sucking toes.

Absolutely without principles, rules or morality, this individual watches out from number one...yet also possesses a form solid paid-for loyalty which can be counted on as long as the individual is paid and or threatened.

These are the people who run our corporations, government bureaucracies, banks and nationwide institutions.

They were PUT there based on their “go along get along” qualities as well as their ‘flexibility’ (meaning they have no principles or morality whatsoever).

These are the types of people who are watched, tested and then finally installed in the leadership positions of our the banks that own all those institutions through the unlimited funds they produce out of nothing.

The top-down system of Illuminati control is as simple as it is effective.

The training starts in college (really an obedience training system which ferrets out true individuals).

The students who are quick to latch on to hints, nuances, insinuations and suggestions by the grand masters (professors) are marked out for ascension within the corporate and college world.

These are the ones who gradually ‘make it to the top’ of the corporate and educational field.

These are the gofers the top-down Illuminati control grid is composed of.

I know, I’ve been there...and I have watched the system very carefully.


The Illuminati system of control is very simple: a top-down control grid, with the knowing Illuminati at the very top and the obedient and clueless stooges at all the other levels.

The stooges KNOW that their entire career depends on their obedience and instant agreement with those above them.

If there is a problem, the order comes down from the top.

The editor of a newspaper or CEO of a corporation does not have to know why or how the order has come about, all he knows is that he has to OBEY it because it comes from the CEO of the controlling corporate combine or holding company.

They know that if they do not obey INSTANTLY, they will be out of the job tomorrow!

How do the Illuminati place their fellows at the very top positions within the corporate combines and holding companies?


They use the unlimited funds created out of nothing through the Federal Reserve to buy enough stock or buy enough companies to the point where they (mostly bankers) gain the right to appoint their men through sheer possession of stock and asset.

Needless to say, most of the ‘appointees’ to the top corporations and holding corporations and combines in this country come from the CEOs of the top ten banks (to whom all corporations are in debt).

It is indeed a banker’s (or more accurately, a central banker’s) world.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

While West Dries Up, Feds Empty Reservoirs

While Arizona and California enter a third year of catastrophic drought...

...which has caused the massive loss of crops and livestock...

...and might prelude a possible food shortage...

...and has caused California to decree a state of emergency...

...the Federal Government has just released 130 million cubic meters of the Colorado River into the Sea of Cortez.

I repeat...during a situation of catastrophic drought...Hoover Dam was opened...and made to release 130 million cubic meters of our depleted water supply into the sea.

There is a whole pseudo-scientific and environmental explanation of why they did it...but I am too sickened by the go into all the details of one more Federal Government LIE...I am too sickened by this act to go into all the phony details, but you can readily find it online.

But for the record I will simply re-state...that while the West suffers through a catastrophic drought...the Federal Government is busy opening up water reservoirs and letting the water run downstream into the ocean.

See...this is why farmers and ranchers finish by taking up arms.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mr. Illuminati: WW-III and Civil War

ICB = Illuminati Conspiracy Blog

Mr. Illuminati = Ambassador from the Illuminati World Council

(a dramatized interview with an Illuminati)

ICB: Hello everyone, I would like to welcome you to the first installment of the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog Show. Here with us today is a very special guest from the establishment, or should I say, the TRUE establishment, the Illuminati. Himself an Illuminati who has preferred to remain anonymous. Please give our guest a warm reception.


Mr. Illuminati: Thank you.

ICB: So, a possible Second Civil War and World War seem to be coming up. Would you like to comment on these two vital events?

Mr Illuminati: The Second Civil War will be part of WW-III. While the Third World War, so to speak, destroys the world, the Second Civil War will destroy America. Both will be devices at our service. And, in fact, there will be various civil wars happening across the world simultaneously.

ICB: Well...

Mr. Illuminati: In fact, we are debating now whether to end WW-III with all the exhausted nations collapsing into Civil War and chaos...just like what happened in Germany and Russia after WW-I

ICB: Well yes, let’s see: the now concluded Yugoslavian civil war, along with now Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine civil wars. There seem to be little civil wars happening all over the place. And let’s not forget the upheaval in Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Mr Illuminati: Yes, upheaval, a favorite tool of ours! There will be plenty of upheavals...and collapse...yest, plenty of collapse.

ICB: This is interesting, given that after WW-I the great monarchies, along with a great many nations...

Mr Illuminati: Collapsed!

ICB: ...and that following WW-II large parts of Europe and Asia were basically in a condition of....

Mr. Illuminati: Collapse!

ICB: But who or what will bring us out of the collapse following the next big one? After WW-I and WW-II the world had America. Who do we have today?

Mr. Illuminati: The answer to that question should have been obvious to you. Today we have China and Russia and their allies, which basically, gives them control of the world’s capital and resources.

ICB: So instead of a Marshall Plan we might very well have...

Mr. Illuminati: ...a Marxist Plan.

ICB: Well, don’t you mean half-Marxist plan, after all, Russia is no longer Communist and China is more capitalist than...

Mr. Illuminati: Did you think we financed Communism merely as a footnote of history? My friend, we have been financing Communism since the French Revolution! Communism IS the program! Understand? We financed Communism in Russia, we financed Communism in China and soon we will finance Communism over the entire world! Soon you will find out that both Russia and China are FULLY Communist!

ICB: So the New World Order will be Marxist?

Mr. Illuminati: The concept of what it will be pre-dates Marxism - great leaders, diminished private property, socialism, socio-political control and supervision down to the community level, an omni-present spy grid, brainwashing, mantras and catch phrases, close regulation, draconian punishments, prison camps, enforced public service, scarcity, environmentalism, etc, the New World Order will be all those things.

ICB: So war and patriotism are nothing more than tools for you guys - a means to an end?

Mr. Illuminati: War is an agent of change, its purpose is to destroy economically, socially, morally, materially, psychologically and politically so that something new can be built upon the ruins of what is left.

ICB: ...and, of course, make a profit while you’re at it...

Mr. Illuminati: That is secondary. We have to make the parties interested in war. Profit is an incentive.

ICB: Yes, money and corruption always seems to be a hallmark with you people - all the stock trading prior to the 9/11, all the money taken during the housing bubble collapse...

Mr. Illuminati: Well, of course, money is a main vessel for our plans. We have found it works extremely well, in fact, it works better than threats, blackmail or assassination, which, we also use, but money works so much better and fluidly. It is one of our tenets: ‘use any and all methods, but above all, always include and remember MONEY.’

ICB: But back to the subject of WW-III and America. How is the whole Civil War, militia, FEMA, Homeland Security, foreign troops thing going to play out.

Mr. Illuminati: Well, would you believe we haven’t exactly decided yet? A lot of the details of our plans are modified on the go. Flexibility. That is another Illuminati tenet. As to how the American Civil War will play out we are deciding between two scenarios: Scenario-1: Russian and Chinese troops enter America as allies of the militias OR Scenario-2: Russian and Chinese troops enter America under the UN Flag as allies of the Federal Government. The problem with Scenario-2 is it may end the war too quickly and convert the uprising into a localized guerrilla war. Scenario-1, on the other hand, contains the formula for a prolonged and destructive conflict, which is what we want. It would also allow Russia and China to fight America, so to speak, using the Americans themselves. But in reality, either scenario will work.

ICB: Russian and Chinese enter as allies of the militias?

Mr. Illuminati: Yes. As you can see, America and Russia are now drawing apart while Putin is being perceived by patriots as some sort of savior of Christian and nationalist values. Of course the states and the militias will welcome Russian and Chinese money, weapons and, eventually...troops.

ICB: And by the time the states and the militias know what is happening, America will be de facto occupied.

Mr. Illuminati: Right.

ICB: Just how bloody will this Second Civil War be?

Mr. Illuminati:  You have to figure that we are trying to destroy America from within in a non-nuclear way. This means the Second Civil War will be harsh.
In the 1860‘s, when 80% of the population were farmers an interruption of national integrity meant little. Nowadays, when society is totally interdependent and American depends on a single wheat and corn belt, mass starvation will ensue.

ICB: You plan on starving America?

Mr. Illuminati: We can starve it right now through speculation. Total starvation won’t even necessitate fighting. All that needs to be done is interrupt the flow of food from the central food belt to the rest of the urban centers, and basically, the nation will starve to death.

ICB: What about food from Mexico

Mr. Illuminati: (laughs) You think you’re going to get food from Mexico? I guess you didn’t hear Mexico has become a food-importing nation - a nation dependent on food imported from the United States!

ICB: That’s you mean

Mr. Illuminati: Mexico is going to starve too! And they are going to be turning the border into a hell zone, not a source for supplies!

ICB: So food, not bullets, is going to be the real killer.

Mr. Illuminati: Now you’re catching on. We don’t need to shoot a million people, if we can just starve them to death. All the fireworks are just going to be a big distraction and justification for the big cut-off...

ICB: meaning cut-off of...

Mr. Illuminati: Money, business, banking, food, electricity, water you name it (laughs) it’ll be a shock! The American people have never been exposed to anything like this. We are talking about a surprised, clueless, unprepared, overwhelmed and traumatized population in complete shock and awe. I believe many will die in place.

ICB: In place?

Mr. Illuminati: They will sit down and die. They will give up! They won’t even try to survive! Maybe they will beg and grovel before giving up and dying, but that’s it!

ICB: But you have to remember that the American population is armed.

Mr. Illuminati: Libya had an armed population, Afghanistan has an armed population. Look how much good it did them. Guns offer protection at the individual level, they don’t prevent national collapse, or violence or war or even political takeover. They have no effect on the overall picture.

ICB: Straight up question. How do you see a confrontation turning out between the Federal Government and the militias?

Mr. Illuminati: Not enough bang for the buck. A simple police action. The militias will soon be suppressed or squashed. Not enough destruction. The Federal and State governments will assume new police powers, there will still be Federal, State and local governments who might or might not cooperate. UN troops might be invited in, but they won’t really be necessary.

ICB: So basically, a straight up Militia vs Fed confrontation will not be destructive enough for you?

Mr. Illuminati: Correct. It will become a contained conflict.

ICB: So what do you want to see?

Mr. Illuminati: We want to see the end of it. We want to end things. Collapse of government structure from Federal down to local level, the whole enchilada...we want to wipe the slate clean.

ICB: And a Militia-Fed conflict won’t accomplish that?

Mr. Illuminati: No

ICB: What will?

Mr. Illuminati: A total collapse of the system, followed by occupation by foreign troops under the banner of the UN.

ICB: And the best tool for this would be...?

Mr. Illuminati: A full-fledged declared civil war, with states legally seceding from the Union, fighting it out and collapsing.

ICB: Now there is talk of Russian troops already here, living amongst us and waiting for the chance to kill Americans...

Mr. Illuminati: That would be an exaggeration. There is no way we will secretly ferret enough Russian troops here to take over. These are the advance guard. They will serve as guides to the massive numbers of foreign troops which will eventually arrive, and they will know the area, the terrain, the people, strategic points, the geography, etc.

ICB: That makes a lot more sense.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes

ICB: DID say they were still deciding which way to go, right?

Mr. Illuminati: Well, basically its a decision on whether to grant America a gradual soft-landing or a hard-landing into the New World Order.

ICB: With the Militia vs Fed scenario being the soft-landing?

Mr. Illuminati: Yes, and all I’m going to say is you’d better pray it comes to’d better PRAY on your knees that they decide on that scenario you just mentioned...because the other scenario is going to be the real annihilation for you.

ICB: OK, let’s switch over to WW-III, shall we?

Mr. Illuminati: alright.

ICB: What is the big plan there?

Mr. Illuminati: Well, the plan should be obvious. NATO was never sufficiently armed or sufficiently capable to take on Russia. It was not then and it is not now. In fact, NATO has become even more useless than it was in the Cold War days while Russia and China have secretly armed to the teeth.

ICB: So the game plan is a quick Sino-Russian victory?

Mr. Illuminati: We discussed things and the consent aspect of entering the New World Order was not working with the speed we desired, so we are switching over to the ‘conquest’ aspect of it.

ICB: You are, of course, referring to the proclamation of your agent, James Warburg before the Senate in 1950, when he said we would have world government either by consent or by conquest.

Mr. Illuminati: yes

ICB: So how will the ‘conquest’ part going to look like.

Mr. Illuminati: Well ,the West is going to be ‘conquered’ so to speak by Communism, specifically the Communist nations of Russia and China, which even now are preparing for war.

ICB: I believe we already covered your statement that Russia and China are still secretly Communist governments.

Mr. Illuminati: correct

ICB: But, you have to admit it is hard to believe.

Mr. Illuminati: That it is hard for you to believe  that your doom approaches very quickly is testament to our ingenious plan. The West has no clue of what is coming and our controlled media and political leadership has made sure it stays that way.

ICB: So basically, when the time comes, Russia will...

Mr. Illluminati ...advance all the way to the English Channel.

ICB: ... China will...

Mr. Illuminati: ...advance all the way to Japan.

ICB: Aren’t you forgetting China’s conflict with Vietnam?

Mr. Illuminati: Pure theater. Just like China’s confrontation with Russia during the 1960‘s.

ICB: Wait a minute, aren’t you saying that....

Mr. Illuminati: When the time comes Vietnam will attack Southeast Asia, in fact, it will take the whole region over rather quickly.

ICB: As an ally of Russia and China?

Mr. Illuminati: Precisely...Vietnam is a Communist country, just like Russia and just like China, and on the same sheet of music.

ICB: So all this escalating friction between Vietnam and China is....

Mr. Illuminati: Pure theater.

ICB: Well, it’s actually funny then that we think Vietnam is our ally against China instead of the reverse.

Mr. Illuinati: The West is clueless. Just like it is clueless when it thinks that former Warsaw Pact nations will be of help during a conflict with Russia. In fact, many will TURN on NATO during the war (laughs).

ICB: it all looks pretty sown up.

Mr. Illuminati: yes

ICB: Where from there?

Mr. Illuminati: Well, the only thing left after that is just a purge of the population. There will be civil wars, uprisings, chaos, not just in America, nut in Russia and China as well - all sponsored by us! This will be the excuse for the purges which will wipe out the intelligentsia.

ICB: What about America?

Mr. Illuminati: By this time America would already have collapsed into disparate entities caused by the civil war and starvation and be under the occupation of the UN. In fact, people will be BEGGING for the UN to enter...

ICB: ...the UN consisting mostly of contingents from Russia, China as well as Marxist African and Latin American countries...

Mr. Illuminati: Correct!

ICB: Now then will come into play all those FEMA Camps

Mr. Illuminati: The FEMA camps will already be in use before, during and after WW-III.

ICB: With the UN making ‘final’ use so to speak?

Mr. Illuminati: Yes, under the UN, they will be turned into death camps.

ICB: And after all this, the New World Order of the Ages.

Mr. Illuminati: Well, not quite yet, but close.

ICB: Huh?

Mr. Illuminati: The world will be divided into ten regions, nations will, however, cease to exist as sovereign entities (smiles).

ICB: Mr. Illuminati, thank you for being with us today.

Mr. Illuminati: You’re quite welcome. And do enjoy life while you still can...or still have it (smiles broadly).

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

SWAT Firebugs Now Burning People Alive

It was a stereotype in the old cowboy movies that the bad guys got burned out of their hold out.

They burned Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth inside a barn.

They burned the founder of ‘The Order,’ Robert Jay Mathews in a Whidbey Island home off Washington State.

They PLANNED to burn Randy Weaver and his family at Ruby Ridge, but stopped the operation (emptying a bladder of gasoline over the house) when they saw the press filming.

They burned the Branch Davidians at Waco.

They burned Chris Dorner in a cabin.

Lately they firebombed Michael Nolan in a New Hampshire home, killing him instantly.

The fire bomb was so powerful it exploded right through the roof, blowing Nolan’s corpse right out the window.

New Hampshire Home Fire Bombed

Like the Branch Davidian conflagration, the Nolan barbecue was preceded by an armored vehicle crashing into the structure, then backing out shortly before the explosion.

In other words, the new modus operandi for barricaded holdouts seems to be to have an armored vehicle bust into the home, set a powerful incendiary device and burn the troublemaker to ashes.

Now we finally begin to see a use for all those MRAP armored cars all the police departments are getting from the Army.

They are the door-busting and incendiary-device setting vehicles to use against all the gun holdouts.

Which is one more reason, when the great gun confiscation occurs, to LEAVE your home and do all your ‘resisting’ in the open.

Now I see you asking yourself about all the damage to private property.

Obviously the police don’t give a damn.

They will burn as many homes and even as many buildings as necessary bring gun owners under control.

So it really comes as no surprise that the Odessa Trade Union building in the Ukraine (which was occupied by secessionists) suddenly caught fire and burned to the ground shortly after Blackwater (Academi) mercenaries completed their deployment.

Hey, the same methodology...probably carried out by the same people.

From the New Hampshire footage, it seems that the police have begun using the Army’s semi-secret thermobaric  or fuel-air explosive devices which produce a heat and blast effect out of all proportion to their size.

Fuel-Air Explosive Demonstration

So be forewarned, when they come for the guns, they plan on burning the resistors out.

They don’t care about all the property damage (ever see what the Fire Department does to your property over a small blaze?) and they probably don't care about how many homes or neighboring homes they have to burn to the ground.

In fact, all the progressing funeral pyres might serve as intimidating and ghastly examples of what is coming up the pike, so as to persuade many gun owners to play along before the gun confiscators even get there.

In short, if we put up resistance, they plan is to burn us out.

And why not?

It’s a lot more convenient and cheap to simply burn an entire structure down along with the resistor than risk the casualties of a SWAT raid.

Indeed, in the event of a general gun confiscation, SWAT raids upon the homes of thousands of ‘resisting’ Americans are likely to be prohibitive.

So they have come out with a ‘burn ‘em out’ strategy.

Somebody resists, they call in an armored vehicle which crashes into your living room and deposits a thermobaric bomb which blows your home to smithereens in an instant inferno.

Fast, simple, safe, effective and cheap.

I’m sure the Fire Departments will be kept very busy trying to prevent entire city blocks from catching fire.


Now the firebombing tactic might work and intimidate at the beginning.

But the lesson will soon be learned by Americans now wishing to turn in their guns:

...find another location besides your home from where to resist.

Which sort of takes the genie out of the bottle, doesn’t it?

Gun resistors will no longer be contained within their homes, but be out on the prowl, putting their long-range shooting skills to use.

How fast, simple, safe, effective and cheap does the firebug solution sound now?

But whatever the on notice.

They will burn you out.

Choose an alternate location besides a home from which to hold out in case of general gun confiscation.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Civilization: A New Era of Pretending

When I was a child I spent a lot of time either pretending or  becoming involved in pretend activity - games, toys, TV Shows, playing at this or playing at that, etc.

I was fact, a large measure of a child’s happiness comes from all the pretending and the child’s pretend view of the world, which is reinforced by the surrounding adults.

When I was a child I pretended...and I knew I was pretending.

I knew I wasn’t really a ‘knight’ or a ‘soldier’ and I knew the cartoons I watched on TV weren’t fact I knew all the shows I watched on TV were also pretend.

But, as an awakening teenager, I never suspected that as an adult,  I would be expected to accept a whole other level of 'pretending.'

It started with the history classes, then continued with the science classes, etc.

Only later, as an adult, did I find out that I had in fact graduated from the infantile pretending of childhood to the adult pretending of a citizen.


We as adults continue to pretend our way through a sort of continuing childhood as a ‘citizen’ of society.

The ‘pretend’ seems to have always been part of society to one extent to another, but ultimately it has become endemic.

Here are the reasons why:

We are involved in a PRETEND War on Terror triggered by a PRETEND terrorist attack carried out by agencies PRETENDING to safeguard our national security serving a government PRETENDING to be sovereign.

We live under PRETEND rights under a PRETEND President and a Congress that PRETENDS to be govern though it has been blackmailed by the NSA into compliance with the President.

We have a PRETEND national health care plan which offers PRETEND care through a medical industry that PRETENDS to cure us.

We have a PRETEND immigration plan, a PRETEND immigration law and a PRETEND border patrol...while the gates have been flung open to illegal immigration.

We have PRETEND elections carried out by PRETEND (electronic) voting machines, choosing PRETEND candidates working for either special interests or intelligence agencies, who PRETEND to represent the American people and pass laws PRETENDING to be in our best interest.

We are in a PRETEND economic recovery, propelled by PRETEND dollars, empowered by a PRETEND electronic debt realized through a PRETEND government agency called the Federal Reserve and creating a lot of government-sponsored PRETEND white collar jobs.

We live in a society full of PRETEND rights, overseen by PRETEND policemen (Homeland Security) and backed up by PRETEND national security laws and receiving cooperation from PRETEND happy citizens.

We have PRETEND environmentalism, which shuts down food production and our economy, but accomplishes the incineration of our forests.

We have a PRETEND army that is supposed to win a PRETEND war with a PRETEND fight called the F-35 and a horde of PRETEND warriors.

We live day-to-day under a condition of PRETEND normality, under a PRETEND economy, watching PRETEND TV shows and listening to PRETEND news and reacting to PRETEND emergencies.

America, land of the free?

Let me open the curtain for you so you can get a sneak peek at reality:

America has been under a ‘state of emergency’ and bankruptcy since 1933...


...enough reality.

Go back to pretending.

It’s always been a lot more fun than what’s real anyway.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Demonic Possession-II: The Illuminati Plague

As an expansion on my previous article: Demonic Possession would like to repeat the explanation of why our world is so messed up...why secret societies are so powerful...and why satanic-like activity is being elevated to the heavens.

In addition,  how it is that the Illuminati have been able to maintain a single-minded and a single united course throughout history without dividing themselves into competing factions (like all other human institutions do).

Demonic possession.

Any human institution CANNOT embark on any endeavor throughout ages of time without ultimately disintegrating into competing factions.

Even the mighty Roman Empire got divided.

A supernatural institution, however, continues on the tradition through the ages by way of their demon-possessed human tools.

The plan is supernatural...this is why it is eternal...and it never disintegrates into impotence because it is of the spiritual, not the material.

Can you imagine a single family like the Rothschilds running Europe and the world for over 300 years without jealousies,  fragmentation, power struggles, defections, betrayals, theft, bankruptcy...or even a general falling apart of the great plan?

Of course not.

No human institution can.

All empires and religions sooner or later got divided to the four winds

...but not the Illuminati.

Why is that?

The answer is, of course, that the ‘plan’ is being carried out through generations by the same demons who created it...through one generation after another of possessed followers.

Let’s quit fooling around.

Secret societies and demonic possession run the world.
There is a reason that the Nigerian Obgone can’t help EAT the liver of their enemies...

...there is a reason Al Queda can’t help cut off the heads on their enemies and or EAT their hearts or torture Christians to death.

...there is a reason the Communists desecrated Churches, raped nuns and  sodomized priests before torturing them to death...and proceeded to slaughter Christians...while Mao’s Communist revolutionaries ATE the people they just killed.

The poor possessed wretches couldn’t help themselves.

Whatever happened to the victory of scientifically planned socialism over the base passions of man?

Are these the ‘seething energies of Lucifer’ the Grand masonic Master Albert Pike spoke of?

What about the violent, uncontrollable urges President Bill Clinton couldn’t help unleash on every woman under his control as he bit on their lower lips to enslave them before raping them?

Ever hear the blood-curdling laugh that comes out of Hillary Clinton every time the subject of DEATH surfaces?

Hillary Laughs at Qaddafi's Death

Hillary Laughs at Upcoming Iranian War Deaths

Did you catch the sheer ecstasy and joy the prospect of DEATH seemed to produce in the minds of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and ex-Secretary of State James Baker?

Are these the reactions of normal human beings?

The behavior of our leadership is quite telling...if you watch it closely.

But again, here is the basis of it all:

All magic involves the direct or indirect summoning of entities which are then asked to do your bidding.

All secret societal initiation involves possession by an entity.

This is the basis of ‘magic.’

All who practice magic or have gone through an initiation are subject to possession by an outside entity...spirit...force...or demon.

The word ‘demon’ is simply a derivation of the ancient Greek word ‘daimon’ which is a reference to a disembodied soul or spirit.

So possession, on one hand, might be too strong a term.

The words ‘manipulated, affected, influenced’ might be more accurate than total ‘possession.’

But it doesn’t make the condition any less serious.

This is because the condition of affectation, influence and manipulation is so absolute that the personality of the ‘demon’ fits in with the personality (and thoughts) of the individual to which it is attached.

It is serious because, with time, the sensations of the demon become the sensations of the possessed.

The concepts of the demon become the concepts of the possessed.

Until finally the acts of the demon become the acts of the possessed - all the while with the possessed believing thoughts and actions are his or her own.

Chris Everard, in his documentary, Spiritworld, proclaims (rightly) that the major part of humanity is ‘possessed’ or influenced by an attached entity.

See the whole picture now?

Humanity is plagued by the leadership of human beings possessed by the entities picked up through magical and secret ritual through membership in secret societies.

It is under the guidance of these tortured and non-sovereign people that humanity presently drifts towards its destiny...which it has been doing for the last 5,000 years.

As far as these entities or demons are concerned, the purpose of magic is to bring the practitioners of the magic under their influence and, through demonic power, have these inhabited tools gain positions of influence within society.

As far as these entities or demons are concerned, the purpose of occult secret society initiation is to pair up the initiate with a demon.


Every time you are laid to rest inside a coffin during a Masonic (or fraternity) initiation, it is to pair you up with your spirit or demon.

Every time you are initiated in the mystery religion of Mormonism, you are being paired up with a ‘familiar’ or additional ‘familiars.’

Have you seen the aspect of the Mormon oligarchy lately?

The lower level Mormons are the healthiest, happiest, most beautiful people you can imagine...while the upper oligarchy can only be described as sinister.

This is because Mormonism is a mystery religion to whose ever increasing levels of ‘initiation’ the ‘elders’ must be subject to...all of this is magic.

Three of these ‘members of the senior leadership’ came over to visit about a family member who was living with me at the time, who had chosen to join the Mormon Church.

These three middle-aged men, all in black, gave me the impression that I was being visited by a trio of warlocks. They literally gave me goose pimples...another expression this is ‘they made my skin crawl.’

The were very soft spoken, very cold and very serious...some would call it dead serious. family member DID get ‘the Masonic headache’ following his initiation into Mormonism - the piercing, incapacitating headache people get shortly after being initiated into Freemasonry or Mormonism.

The headache was so bad he was reduced to sobbing incapacitation for several days.

And yes...his personality did change in time as he became at first distant, then irritable...and finally filled with hate and disdain. He finally did end up leaving Mormonism...but took his new ‘personality’ with him.

A similar event happens to the initiate of Freemasonry after the first degree ceremony.

The saying “what’s gotten into him” is not accident and is derived from whatever new vices or obsessions accompany demonic possession.


The great bloody leaders of history were all under the spell of the occult or careful followers of occult priests.

Genghis Kahn was totally dependent on the ‘advice’ of his ‘shamans’ and his cold-blooded excesses were those of a demonically possessed leader.

Vlad the Impaler was a satanist.

Shaka Zulu, the murderous conqueror and creator of the Zulu empire did NOTHING without the guidance of his ‘patesi’ or witch doctor.

The excesses of the Communists Robespierre, Carrier, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot were all the bloody maniacal acts of demon-possessed men - all of them were involved in the occult.

Hitler was heavily involved in the occult...anyone watching him speak can have no doubt he was possessed.

The new so-called ‘Muslim Fundamentalists’ CAN’T STOP THEMSELVES from committing atrocity after atrocity on their prisoners...and especially on Christians (just like the French Revolutionists and the Communists could not).

CANNIBALISM (and its close relative - blood drinking) seems to be a predominant theme with these possessed people, which is a reason why it was so common with the proto-Communists of the French Revolutionist, the Communists, Satanists, African leaders who are members of African secret societies, etc, and now demonically possessed Muslim Fundamentalists.

HOMOSEXUALITY is also a marker of demonic possession. This is why homosexuality and sodomy are a plague amongst Satanists, Communists, Occultists,and lately, the phony Al Qaeda operatives.

Possession is widespread in the world of POP MUSIC because witchcraft is so widespread within the same.

Most female singers who become famous have to be practicing witches and bisexuals.

Over and over again we hear rock stars admit they have made pacts with the Devil and are ‘possessed.’

The theme of Satanism, Devil Worship and Luciferianism are universal in the Rock music scene.


Chris Everard, in his documentary, Spiritworld, admits he believes the majority of people are ‘possessed’ in some way shape or form.

Again, possessed meaning ‘in the presence and under the influence and manipulation of outside entities’ and not under total control of the self.

Many other people are plagued by these entities and made incapable of holding a job, supporting themselves, maintaining relationships...and are sometimes driven insane.

Mother Teresa admitted that she believed she had become demoniacally possessed and submitted herself to various exorcisms.

I don’t believe this woman sought out the demons, but was continually exposed to them by treating the poor, who had become poor by way of having become imbalanced...through demonic possession.

Count the people you know on the fingers of your two hands....then think how many of those people are decent, balanced, viable, normal, stable, trustworthy, moral human beings and put down the fingers representing them.

Chances are you will only be left holding up between one and three fingers.

Are the rest of these people possessed in some way, shape or form?

The point is this: isn’t hard to pick up an entity.

...this world is plagued with them.

...just as it is ubiquitous with institutions trying to bring you in touch with them.

The QUALITIES of POSSESSION should neither be exaggerated nor brushed aside.

Pretty soon you start having IDEAS which are not your own.

You start having FEELINGS which are not your own.

You start getting VICES which you would have never have considered before.

NOTIONS which you had never before considered begin to enter your mind.

The pervert, the homosexual, the sociopath, the psychopath, the torturer, the sadist, the gossip monger, the uncontrolled, the uninhibited, the chronically slothful...could all be the result of demonic possession.

It is this reason why SELF-CLEANSING might be so important.

As it stands, human culture has been shaped to OPEN YOURSELF to the influence of these entities.

Yoga teaches one to ‘clear’ the mind and ‘open yourself’ to the universe.


Christian religion frequently encourages the individual to ‘get in touch’ with God, ‘open yourself up’ to Jesus and ‘let God take control’ and pray to ‘become the tool of God.’

How do you know it is God who will make the appearance?

The truth is it is DANGEROUS to set open yourself up to ANYTHING spiritual or disembodied entity...just because you believe or wish to become ‘possessed’ by the ‘Universe’ or by ‘God’ doesn’t mean that is going to happen.

The brutal truth open yourself up and ‘something’ enters.


This is why the OPPOSITE of what Yoga or much of religion admonishes should be practiced.

Instead of constantly seeking to get in touch with disembodied entities, humans should seek to CLEANSE themselves of all external influence...and get in touch with their own will, their own essence and their own mind, their own spirit.

Frequently, the people to whom I suggest any sort of cleansing ritual become disturbed, angry or afraid.

Really people?

Cleansing yourself of external disembodied entities is more frightening than letting all those entities in?

It is, of course, the demon doing the talking.


The ‘Circle of Protection’ is a practice in magic in which a circle is depicted on the floor in some way which any summoned spirit cannot penetrate.

Traditionally it is the magician which centers himself in the circle, though sometime spirits or demons are contained within the circle while the magician stands outside of it.

The main point is this: the ‘Circle of Protection’ is established by the power of the magicians mind and will.

The depiction of the Circle itself is there simply to mark the parameters in order to concentrate the mental energies of the magician in that area.

Get it?

The magicians MIND is what is creating the force field that keeps the Demon away.

In other words, you have the power to protect yourself from these demons through the power of your own mind - provided you focus your will and your intention.

A major mistake when it comes to the Circle of Protection is that the ‘magician’ neglects to protect the very surface of the floor on which he stands versus the area around it...Demons can come up through the floor...and frequently do.

Ergo the first exercise: clean everything out of yourself, from the core of your body to the area immediately around you - imagine either a vaccuuming, or a wind or force ejecting everything alien or unbelonging OUT.

Some people imagine an ‘emission’ like the depicted emission of a radio antenna emanating signals from the core of their bodies which emanate towards the outside and push everything out.

But most important of all is your WILL that you are breaking with all the external and cleansing yourself of it.

Another technique is to BRUSH YOURSELF OFF, which consists of simply brushing your self off mentally and physically with your hands, just like you do when you brush off dirt - down the arms, torso and legs...always out and away.

The important thing in all these techniques is that the ‘force’ come within you going outward (never out going in).


When you push something out...keep pushing...push the entity or things or whatever out of your room...out of your house...out of your yard...or they might remain to victimize those around you (including your pets).

When you even begin to consider cleansing, the ‘Demons’ inside of you, they will probably start coming up with an endless number of reasons why you should not do it.

    -'you will cut off your ‘muse’ and all your inspiration will end

-'you will cut yourself off from God’

-'you will leave a giant void into which even more demons will enter’

-'all your ‘psychic’ powers and intuitions will disappear


Humanity’s problem is that it has always been begging off to ‘higher’ entities instead of getting in touch with its own power...its own will...and its own mind.

God does not want to take possession of your body - possession is a thing of the devil.

God wants only that you, from your own free will, follow his law.

This is why God gave us free will.

A free will we have begged off to divination and magic.

The truth is that a lot of the God-given power you will ever need is within your own mind NOW.

The greatest and most powerful delusion of man is that he is weak and defenseless without magic, divination, prayer, ritual, charms...and, in Christians circles, that it is sinful to believe you to have any power at all over your own circumstance and that you are fallen, sinful and weak.

A ‘struggle’ is likely to occur as you make your will felt.

It might be hard to get rid of the entities. They might be resistant or might even return, but ultimately your will is what is going to win out.

The decision to have out with them should be permanent.


Some people feel lighter and more nimble following a cleansing (heaviness, both real and perceived is a characteristic of demonic possession)

Others feel heavier (weightlessness or floating is a symbol of giving in to possession).

Regardless you will feel stronger and more clear headed.

You might notice that you eventually stop having some of the tastes and vices which have been enslaving you all this time.

Some of the (false) interests that affected you might fade away...while some of the (real) interests that you have now grow and increase.

Notions that used to enter your mind will not occur anymore.

Extreme afflicting emotions, whether it be great rage or great sadness, uncontrollable anger or deep depression will diminish or even disappear.

Whatever talents you have will not only remain unscathed, but will become sharper, stronger, more focused and more productive.

The key is to make your will permanent and not open yourself up to entities ever again, whether sough or unsought.


Humanity has been plagued by the direction of secret societies since its beginning.

Secret Society ritual and magic are the doorway to demonic possession.

The plan of the Illuminati continues through the ages because it is carried out by demons who continuously possess their willing victims throughout the centuries.

The secret societies controls their members through demonic possession accomplished in their rituals.

Many of the ‘great’ ideas of the Illuminati come not from human beings but from the demons which have taken possession them.

The construct of the New World Order as well as the methods by which it is coming about is demoniacally inspired.

The entire construct of the New World Order and the methods by which it is being accomplished has occurred under the inspiration of demons... carried out through unsuspecting human tools which have been possessed through magical and secret ritual.

This is why the plan for a 'New World Order of the Ages' has been so constant and unchanging.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Demonic Possession: The Great Illuminati Secret

We’ve been listening to the whispers for too long.

We’ve been listening since the Stone Age.

Chris Everard, the producer of 'Spiritworld' has come to the inevitable conclusion (of which Everard is keenly aware) that ‘magic’ consists of nothing more and nothing less than the beseeching of ‘spirits’ and ‘demons’ to do your will.

Get it?

Forget the magic words...forget the secret rituals...forget the esoteric chanting...forget all the obscure ingredients...

...the core essence of ‘magic’ is the simple beseeching of ‘spirits’ to serve you in some way.

Only recently, after having studied the top echelon of world leadership and the Illuminati for decades...have I come to the conclusion that magic - the communion with spirits - is a plague upon mankind.

We are a species that has been infested with a multitude of spirit beings.

It has always been the case.

Bare with some history, if you will.


Way back in the day, when I started trying to tracing the role of secret societies in civilization...I found there really was no beginning...these things reached back into the Stone Age.

Taking the hint, I began studying the role of shamans and secret societies in tribal societies like those of Native Americans, Africans, Central Asians, Pacific Islanders, etc.

And yes...

...I was shocked to see they ALL had secret societies...each under the direction of a ‘shaman.’

I surmised these isolated tribal societies were probably no different from the original Stone Age tribal societies which inhabited the Earth in 12,000 B.C.

Secret Societies...

...and Shamans.

And the detailed studies of the Shaman and what he was (or what he was supposed to be) proved the most intriguing of all.

Without exception, the shaman of every tribe in every region of the world was always the same:

A person who is in close communion with the spirits, and gains all his power and knowledge from his communication with these entities.

Detailed studies of ‘shamans’ by sociologists and psychologists led to some detailed psychological traits.

The Shaman was almost always ‘insane.’

He existed in a world between reality and some fantastic world he inhabited in trances.

He listened to voices which spoke to him and witnessed ‘visions’ which showed him and granted him knowledge.

The Shaman was also quite influential in the affairs of the tribe.

While tribal leadership was democratically elected temporarily, the Shaman’s power was permanent and ubiquitous.

Any tribal leader contradicting a Shaman quickly lost all favor and support within the tribe.

This was because the Shaman held REAL power within the tribe.


So let’s look at the set up so far:

Before civilization even began, the tribes were already under the control of secret societies...under the control of a mad man.

Sound familiar?


But let’s emphasize what society is being based on at this point in distant time.

Communion with spirits...otherwise called ‘magic.’

The destiny of the tribe is held in the hands of a man who is in close communion with spirits and severely imbalanced (the tribes called this being ‘touched’ or ‘inhabited by great spirits’).

In other words, the Shaman was almost always driven insane through this interaction with spirits, and the tribes accepted his behavior as a from of sacred eccentricity.

They accepted it because the Shaman was believed to hold true power.

For all accounts, he really did.

If the tribe ran out of water, the Shaman knew where to find more.

If another tribe approached with an offer to parley, the Shaman knew if they were true or not.

The Shaman could predict events, wars, afflictions and events.

In other words, the Shaman had access to universal knowledge of past, present and future.

In short, the Shaman was the true power behind the throne of the tribe, and played a prominent role in its destiny.

Time warp to the Egyptian priesthood..

...time warp to the Oracle of Delphi...

...time warp to the Aztec priesthood...

...time warp to Shaka Zulu’s patesi...

...time warp to Freemasonry... little things have changed!


Their simple life style did not prevent each tribe from having a secret society...under the direction of the Shaman, of course.

The secret society played an important role in carrying out ‘coming of age’ rituals in which members of the tribe crossed over from childhood to adulthood.

This ‘passage’ had as a given that the new member of the adult class would also become a member of this SECRET society.

The Shaman, through the secret society, played a key role in appointing the leadership of the tribe through the promotion of individuals in the secret and sacred oligarchy of the society.

Frequently, a high ranking secret society member eventually became a high ranking leader within the tribal structure itself.

In simpler, less numerous and nomadic tribal societies, like the Apaches, the Shaman himself assumed the role of the Apache leaders Nana and Geronimo (who were said to have super-natural powers of cognition).

So the Shaman was not only a respected member of the tribe, but THE power broker within the tribe...all on account of his communion with spirits...which, as a matter of course, had made him ‘touched’ - an eccentric and borderline insane personality.


It must be stressed that the powers of the shaman came to him through his communion with spirits and the visions, voices, notions, ideas he experienced through THEM, not through any power of his own.

Through time, the concept of magic has gotten fancier and even made popular through the popular media (most recently by the Harry Potter movies).

In this popular belief, magical powers are granted to the practitioner through mere knowledge of magical words, symbols and rituals.

This concept is FALSE and nothing could be further from the truth.

Understand...the traditional practice of magic...from tribal Egyptian Babylonian Druidic Magic... based on close communion with spirits in order to draw power.

In other words, the practitioner basically begs the ‘spirits’ to grant him knowledge and power - THAT is the basis of ALL magic.

The magician is basically a beggar, beseeching the spirits to communicate with him and grant him power.


Of course, magic has its side effects.

Remember the insanity of the Shamans?

It is a given that most practitioners of magic descend first into eccentricity...and eventually into borderline insanity.

Its the same end, whether it be Blavatsky, Gurdjieff, Crowley...or your local fortune teller.


Insanity produced by the possession of the practitioner by the very spirits he is beseeching.

The very basis of ritual magic consists of ‘protection’ from the very same entities the practitioner seeks to contact - this is true in all societies.

For example, a circle is drawn around the practitioner, which is supposed to keep the spirits outside or inside its perimeter.

Once the ritual is over, and the spirit banished, then the practitioner may leave in peace...but how does he know the entity has been banished...or that he will have any peace?

Many practitioners try to take the protection with them by carrying an assortment of protective amulets.

But there is no guarantee.


I think you get my point, and already know where I am going with this.

Humanity has been under the guidance of ‘spirits,’ ‘demons,’ ‘entities’ and has been acting through their guidance for over 12,000 years.

In the tribal days, it happened through the guidance of the Shaman or Witch Doctor, who communed regularly with the spirits and expressed their will to the tribe (who by and large obeyed it).

It continued with the magicians of Sumeria, Egypt, Babylon, the Greek oracles, the Roman augers, the Celtic Druids, and finally the magicians of the renaissance and the Age of Reason and beyond.

In the year 1717, the occult magical order of Freemasonry was founded in England...replaced the occult magical order of the Rosy Cross - the Rosicrucians...which had in turn succeeded the occult magical order of the Templars, in a continuous succession of society-dominating secret societies. 

Each of these, in turn, headed by arch-magicians called ‘masters’ and ‘grand masters’ - the modern versions of the tribal Shamans.


My point?

Humanity has been under the direction of these ‘shamans’ for most of its existence.

The Shamans have been under the direction of spirits or demons.

The acts of humanity - human sacrifices, bloody wars, live burials, gladiatorial games, religious persecution, burnings at the stake, body mutilations, barbaric torture, impalements, bloody Aztec pyramids, purges, take your pick...have occurred at the behests of these demonic entities...acting through the Shamans that control society.

History is a bloody mess....and its that way because the Shamans and the demonic spirits are in charge.

And they are in charge because our leaders (under the seduction of magic) always have their ears TUNED TO THEM.

And who are our leaders?

Which one?

The Talmudic Kabbalistic Luciferian Rabbis who head the Jewish community?

The witch queen Elizabeth-I?

The druid Churchill?

The occult magician, Hitler?

The mistress of all Freemasonry, the Queen of England?

Or how about the intelligence agencies which keep us safe...

...sporting assets like satanists Allistair Crowley and Michael Aquino?

Or how about our scientists?

Like Jet Propulsion Lab’s Jack Parsons, the magician, or the famed science ficiton author, scientist, intelligence asset (and warlock) Arthur C. Clark.

Check the blog below to see just who rules over us:

The SHAMANS rule us!

We’ve been listening to the whispers for too long...

...and the present state of our societies, our minds, our spirits and our bodies is testament to its rotten fruit.


We are ruled by Shamans...and the Shamans are listening to the voices...of demons.


We must ask ourselves: just who is it that came up with the ideas of human sacrifice and all the other murderous perversions practiced by man?

In my opinion, it was not man, but man listening to the voices.

Man seeking to commune with the spirits and gains therefore knowledge and power.

And man becoming possessed by those demons to do barbaric things.

Look around.

Who do you think came up with the idea of dangerous vaccines, microwave towers, fluoride water, chem-trails, genetically modified crops, the Internet spy grid, child sacrifice, glyphosate, aspartame, agenda-21, biometrics, DNA databases, RFID chip implantation, mind control, ritual abuse, body scanners, chemotherapy, radiation, harmful medication, Communism, Fascism, concentration camps, sex education, atomic power, forced sterilization, abortion, body mutilation, sexual depravity, agent orange, etc.

Do you think a HUMAN did that?

Or was it a human possessed by a demon?

Don’t believe me?

Have you seen the mental state of our ruling elite lately?

agenda-21...death panels...euthanasia...robotic control grid...implantable microchips...human depopulation...alteration of all DNA...the singularity...immortality through fusion with machines...

Do these sound like the logical common sense machinations of a normal human mind to you...

...or of humans under the possession of demons?   


Undoubtedly, possession is what took place with the ancient Shamans and possession is what takes place with the modern practitioners of magic - the Freemasons, the Triads, the Satanist, the Kabalists, etc.

The entities upon whose contact magic depends ends up taking control of the magician, who begins to display all the symptoms of a borderline personality.

When you hear them talk and you hear of their private lives, do our modern leaders remind you of men and women who are possessed?

Have you checked out Rahm Emmanuel, Barack Obama or anyone in his cabinet, Bill Gates, Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Soros or any of our so called Congressional leadership lately?

If these people don’t look and behave like barely controlled and possessed lunatics, then I don’t know what else they look like.

Why do you think all the Roman Emperors were ‘crazy.’

The truth is we are being led by mentally diseased,seethng and possessed men and women who regularly engage in occult rituals of magic (i.e communion with demons). Just check out Hillary’s ‘we came, we saw, he died’ quote on YouTube, followed by her demonic laugh any time DEATH is mentioned.

This is why these people look, act and do weird things...the weirdest and most satanic being what passes today for government policy - the very laws, rules and regulations they now expect us to obey.

Yes indeed.

The New World Order, and all the twisted evil it involves comes not from the mind of man, but from the actions of possessed men who have become so through the practice of occult ritual magic - the very same way they have always become so throughout history.

The New World Order is demonic and satanic and consists not of the plans of men, but of the plans of demons.

It is the result of more than 12,000 years of demonic communion


It must be remembered that it was tribal custom to limit the communion with the spirits to one man - the Shaman - who was kept separate from all the other members of the tribe.

There was a reason for this.

It was an effort to keep the seething insanity bottled and contained within the person of one member of the tribe.

It is a sure thing the tribes probably saw what happened to tribal groups who began practicing magic in mass.

That’s right...can you imagine collective insanity?

The ‘custom’ was also continued throughout the ages by the more civilized societies, like the Sumerians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks and Romans, all of which limited the ‘sacred’ ritual to a few high priests and the high initiates of the secret society.

Recently, however, beginning in the 1700‘s, with the Age of Reason, and continuing on to the second day, the occult magical communion with demons has spread to the masses.

Is it any wonder the ‘Age of Reason’ culminated in the bloodbath of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars?

The spread of occultic magic became even more mainstream during 20th century, making of it even a children’s game, like the Ouija Board.

Is any wonder the 20th Century became home to the greatest orgies of blood and death in the history of mankind?

Just look at WW-I, the Bolshevik Revolution, WW-II, the Communist Chinese Revolution, Vietnam, Cambodia, Rwanda, etc.

The masses themselves seemed to go insane....I wonder why.


I wish I could deny the power of occult magic, but I cannot.

Having stated that ‘magic’ is nothing more than begging from demons, I am unable to deny its power.

In other words, ‘magic’ works...

...however, the price is always too high to pay.

I have made it a principle never to delve in occult magic...and have seen people who do begin to degrade...and degenerate...become eccentric...become insane...and even die.

I have also seen the proof of the powers these demons supply to the ‘practitioner.’

I’ve seen practitioners accidentally begin to mention key words in the presence of others which ‘strike a cord’ in the person...often a bothersome, insulting, embarrassing or even hurtful chord which cause alarm in the targeted person...that is, targeted by the demon which obviously inhabits the mind of the practitioner.

For example, supposed target had a son who died on Easter Sunday, the practitioner (or the possessed) might blurt out “isn’t it sad when someone dies on a holiday, like Easter?”

Also, divination IS real, as many of these spirits or demons (as Chris Everard stresses) seem to have perfect knowledge of past, present and future.

A third effect is the creation of ideas.

Demons create ideas and place them in the head of their possessed practitioners.

The ideas might seem brilliant and original to the practitioner, but shocking to any normal human.

The ideas are too numerous to mention, but I will mention that many successful ideas passed on to the practitioner by demons have made them rich.

Demons ARE full of ideas.

Some are obviously twisted and perverse...others are less so, but they are all evil.

Very demonic are the sugar-coated ‘ideas’ are those of genetic modification, implantable microchips and population control.

Coated with a veneer of goodness, the are by their very nature perverse, and will immediately seem so to any discerning human being.

If you see the movie “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” you will see how a practitioner can be rich, successful and full of ideas, while being simultaneously fallen, miserable and desperate.

I am convinced many artists, writers, film makers, scientists and politicians nowadays get their ‘successful ideas’ from demonic consorts.


I would hate to be able to see the spirits and demons inhabiting this earth.

I say this because I get the impression the world is packed with them.

There ARE disembodied entities influencing the running of things.

The concept of a struggle between opposing ethereal forces come to mind.

Now I seem to finally understand the truth of Ephesians 6:12, which says:

”...we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”

And coming across a spirit, entity or demon is not difficult.

They are everywhere.

And when you call or even just think about them...they are there!

It is not difficult to stumble across one of these things, in fact, many of them force themselves upon you.

I don’t propose to know or even explain exactly what these things are, but the occult Book of the Red Dragon and the Goetia of Solomon mention, in their hierarchy, demons, arch-demons, angels and archangels, all of which can be called to your service.

To me this is very bothersome.

Are demons masquerading as angels and archangels, or is the entire thing is a scam to make you consort with these entities, no matter the name.

In fact, the instant access of the occult operates more like an Internet than a spiritual realm populated by legitimate beings.

Think about the Devil and he is there.

Think about a Demon and he is there.

They (or at least their presence) is felt instantly.

There is a nice video clip of a drug dealer shouting up the name of ‘Yahweh’ as he is being arrested by two burly cops.

He suddenly slips away from the two muscular policemen and runs off never to be found again by the law.

There is another clip of another drug dealer busted with a trunk full of marijuana.

As his trunk is opened by the cops, he begins to shout “GOD HELP MEEE!” over and over again, even when told to shut up by the cops.

Later all the charges are dropped and he goes free...due to improper procedure on the part of the police.

The Mexican drug dealers have the Santa Muerte (or Holy Death) -a demonic death’s head ‘Virgin Mary’ they swear by....

My point is these things seem to be in constant touch with us, whether we seek them or not, and take total possession if we do seek them.

Over and over again, occultists have told me that all it takes is a word, or a thought, or looking at a symbol...and you are in touch with an entity.

How far does this go in explaining all the occult imagery and symbology plastered all over the modern media?

Perhaps farther than you think.


Of fascination to conspiracy researchers is this 5,000 year old conspiracy by an occult group who has never deviated from the goal...has never separated into opposing factions...has never dissolved itself.

The ask themselves: “How could any human institution possibly survive for so long without jealousy, conflict, disunion and dissolution?

The factor of magic and possession answers this question.

There is never any deviation from the plan original because the plan is supernatural...carried out by demons through the possessed humans who consort with them...through the ages.

This is why the plan is always the same.

This is why the plan is eternal.

The entities or demons who hatched it all during the time of the Shamans (many of which required human sacrifice) are the same ones who are NOW directing our completion of the New World Order of the Ages through our secret-society initiated leaders.

Ages indeed.


The very same conspiracy and the very same plan has survived the ages because its creators are supernatural...and whisper their plans into the ears of the possessed initiated...who belong to secret society and occult magical circles...and carry out the plan throughout the ages.

The solution to this problem is simple, but (given the preponderance of occultism, magic and secret societies in existence) difficult.

...We simply have to stop listening....

Saturday, May 10, 2014

WW-III: Betrayal and Occupation of the Free World

We need to do a re-take on what is being built up as WW-III...what it is...what it is all about...and what its goals are.

Let’s get it straight.

WW-III is an assault on what remains of Western freedom, Western democracy, Western sovereignty, Western independence and, above all, Western existence as it stands today.

The purpose of WW-III is to destroy physically, psychologically, institutionally, nationally, economically, morally, religiously and socially our present way of life.

The ‘attacks’ will come from both within and without...but from the same enemy - Marxists and New World Order assets both within and without our country and the other remaining free nations of the world.

In other worlds, WW-III will be a multi-front, multi-facet, multi-approach, multi-theater conflict taking place in many ways, shapes and forms across many realities outside our country...and inside of it.

WW-III will be a capstone event against what’s left of the free nations of the world at the conclusion of a program of subjection which has lasted more than 70 years (and which began at the conclusion of WW-II).

In short, WW-III is the final program designed to subjugate and destroy the remaining free nations of the world and bring their wreckage under the power of the New World Order...for reconstitution as provinces of the same.

Let’s understand what we are being led into.

And let’s understand the nature of the enemy.

The ENEMY are the Marxist impostors both inside and outside the remaining ‘free’ countries of the West.

The ‘attack,’ when it happens, will consist of iron-fisted military attacks from the outside and sabotage, treachery and betrayal from within.

In other words...if we get into this thing the way our ‘leaders’ want us to get into it...we will lose.


WW-III will consist of stormy external attacks by (secretly Communist) Russia and (openly Communist) China.

Russia will attack Western Europe.

China will attack South Asia and East Asia.

India and Pakistan will immolate each other.

The nations of the Middle East will collapse into conflicts involving Muslim Fundamentalists and Nationalists...and ultimately Israel...and its nuclear arsenal.

Africa and Latin America will collapse into power-grabs by Marxist led coalitions against hold-out nations and internal purges of the Marxist-led nations.

America will collapse into Civil War...even as its forces help fight Russia in Europe and China in the Pacific.

That will be WW-III.

Again, it isn’t a conflict designed for us to win.

On the contrary, from top to bottom, you can view it as an event carried out by Marxists...with the full support of a fifth column within our country and those remaining ‘free’ nations of Europe and Asia.


Make no mistake.

America will become a war zone, just like the rest of the world.

We won’t be sitting this one out in safety.

This is because of a second civil war being planned for the immolation of our country.

I hate to say this, but BOTH sides in our internal Civil War conflict will be led by Masonic Illuminati agents with the mission of destroying America.

This is how they will get to physically demolish America during WW-III.

The truth is we stand a better chance of correcting the excessive powers of our Federal Executive through local confrontation, local resistance, local suits, local demonstrations and local legal action at the municipal, city, county and state level than we would ever hope of having through an officially declared and fought civil war.

Civil War is actually NOT the answer to our is the answer to the Illuminati dilemma on how to go about destroying a country protected and isolated from the world by two gigantic oceans.

And any student of history knows that nation-wide purges always happen during a periods of external war.

The French Terror happened during the War of the First Coalition.

The Bolshevik Terror happened during the Russian Civil War.

The Mexican purges happened during the Mexican Revolution.

The Maoist purges happened respectively during the Korean and later Vietnam Wars (in which China was either directly or indirectly involved).

The Cambodian Genocide happened during Cambodian-Vietnamese War.

The Rwandan Genocide happened during times of civil war.

Have the above point, you can BET a Second American Civil War will be accompanied by wide-ranging purges of the American population, especially under this pseudo-democratic Marxist government we know have over us.


We must understand the enemy is already inside inside the gates - a fifth column of Marxist traitors like Obama and his peers across the Atlantic, directing NATO and Asia into defeat by Russia and China.

Our Executive and its agencies are infiltrated either by Ivory Tower Marxists or obedient, unprincipled, amoral sellouts ready to stomp the American people into the ground.

This constitutes a Fifth Column - an infiltrated enemy at the apex of our government there to GUARANTEE our destruction and our fall to the enemy.

How did this happen?

We have been governed by a pro-Marxist oligarchy since the end of the Civil War - Rockefeller, Buffet, Soros, Kissinger, Brzezinski, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, what the heck, the social sciences department of your local university are the bastions of this infiltration.

In fact, it was THIS oligarchy which financed the Marxist revolutions in Russia and China...and will now use these two captive nations to subject the rest of the world.

We should have purged and overthrown these people in 1860 instead of immolating ourselves in a Civil War, but that never happened.

Now we are about to reap the harvest of our inaction.

American citizens are even now being sought out who will arrest, incarcerate, torture and kill law abiding Americans whose only ‘crime’ will be resistance to an unconstitutional government.

The Second American Civil War will be a war on the American People by Fifth Column Marxist agents and their tools on behalf of the New World Order.

While Europe is devastated by Russian tanks...and South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia occupied by Chinese hordes...America will be demolished by civil war (which will be fed with Russian and Chinese weapons and support).

What’s left of our country following this self-destruction will be easily occupied by Russian, Chinese and Marxist Latin American troops under the banner of the United Nations.


Europe occupied by Russia.

Asia occupied by China.

The Middle East tyrannized by Islamic Fundamentalism.

India and Pakistan mutually destroyed (perhaps through extenral false flag provocations).

Latin America and Africa under the thumb of Marxist dictatorships.

America drawn and quartered by civil war and under the occupation of United Nations ‘Peace Keepers.’


America, Europe, and Asia are being set up for destruction and occupation by either openly or secretly Marxist forces - it is these forces which will bring about the creation of the New World Order.

This will be the sole purpose of WW-III.

As such, WW-III is simply the set-up for the destruction and occupation of the Free World.

The forces of NATO are already being spread out and set up in Eastern Europe for destruction by the Russian juggernaut.

Meanwhile, in America, the Marxist-occupied government of the United States is not only arming for, but fomenting the start of an internal civil war.

We must see and realize what is happening here...and see who the real enemy is.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Vladimir Putin: Shill of the New World Order

President Vladimir Putin of Russia is just one more Illuminati shill working in unison with the Illuminati of the West.

Russia has been an Illuminati-run operation since the days of the Russian Revolution.

The Bolshevik Revolution itself was financed out of banks from New York, London and Frankfurt in 1918.

The Soviet Union continued to receive Western industrial, technological and financial help from its inception all the way up to its demise as support for its role as the Cold War boogey man.

So it comes as no surprise that Vladimir Putin continues to be a shill of the banking oligarchs who put in him power and continues to work in perfect unison with the New World Order.

To begin with, Putin was appointed by the same Jewish king-maker who appointed his predecessor - Boris Yeltsin.

That’s right, it was Boris Berezovsky, the Jewish-oligarch-behind-the-throne who APPOINTED Yeltsin...who (when Yeltsin became unpopular) sought out and APPOINTED Putin.

Berezovsky CALLED Putin to his office and APPOINTED him the next leader of Russia.

Vladimir Putin was just one more Berezovsky puppet - selected by Berezovsky, empowered by Berezovsky and hyped up by Berezovsky.

Is it really surprising that the Berezovsky had sought out his candidate from the very institution the bankers have been using to control Russia since 1954 - the KGB? See the whole rotten story of Putin's rise to power here.

To give credence to the myth that Putin was his own self-made man, Berezovsky then left Russia and divested himself of all his Russian holdings...fleeing to the banking center of ‘The City’ of London...and then dying mysteriously in 2013 at the hands of his banking London.

The Jewish element is strong with Putin.

Putin, a Jew, appointed by the Jew Berezovsky and reliant on the Jew Medvedev and the Jew Lavrov...likes to masquerade as the bulwark of Russian Orthodoxism.

More disturbing, Putin’s actions have been less pro-Russian than pro-New World Order.

Being simply a New World Order shill, he specializes in operations that further the advancement of the New World Order first and foremost...frequently to the detriment (and death ) of fellow  Russians.


-carried out his own version of the War on Terror alongside the United States

-launched his own false flag bombings within Russia alongside Bush’s false flag operations inside America.

-made sure the Russian survivors of the stricken submarine Kursk were abandoned to die in order to cover-up US involvement in its sinking.

-purposefully killed hostages taken by ‘terrorists’ (including women and children) under a bloody policy of zero-tolerance.

-plays the Russian nationalist while continuing to be a closet Communist, just like our Barack Obama

-tricks third rate nations into confrontation with Russia (with US collaboration) like he did with the Republic of Georgia...and is trying to do with the Ukraine.

-uses emplaced KGB assets in Eastern Europe to launch secret coups and remove heads of state, like he did in Poland and the Ukraine in 2010.

-collaborates fluidly withe the Russian (Jewish) Mafia

See the blog below for all the details:

Putin: DEVIL Not Hero

At the present, Putin is trying to pull off another Georgia in the Ukraine, staging matters so that it appears he has been ‘provoked’ into action.

Shockingly, NATO is playing along as well, basically putting the Russian noose around its neck as it deploys its forces in Putin’s back yard.

All of Putin’s ‘success’ in international politics have been handed to him by his mismanaging closet Communists in Europe and America.

Recently...the entire mask has fallen off!
Putin pushed through and signed a holocaust denial law...joining his fellow Jewish stooges in the EU in promising to PERSECUTE anyone even mentioning any doubt that the Jewish Holocaust might have happened in any way other than the official version.

Putin has promised anyone questioning the Jewish Holocaust with an automatic five years in the gulag!

How about a similar law for the Ukrainian Holocaust, Putin? Of course you will never pass such a law!

Truth needs not be enforced by law - it always makes its own way to the top.

And independent nationalists need not bow down to the Jews.

Putin is no sovereign nationalist, nor even an Orthodox Christian.

Like our own Barack Obama, he is a secret Communist impostor and total agent of the Jewish bankers who control the New World Order.

Which makes it all the more shocking...

...that this impostor is being trumpeted as the world’s greatest hope against the New World Order, and a beacon for Nationalism, Christianity and national alternate media gurus which really should know better.

Putin, like his Communist colleague in China, Xi Jinping are planning for war against America and NATO...

...but the pro-Putin propaganda has been so effective that it would not be surprising to see Americans cheer the appearance of Russian troops on American soil.


Putin is a puppet of the same Jewish banking oligarch who appointed Boris Yeltsin - Boris Berezovsky.

He continues to act against his country and in tandem with the policies of the New World Order.

Pro-Putin propaganda has been so effective that he is being seen by many in the world as viable new world leader.

Presently Putin is working toward provoking Ukraine into justifying his forthcoming Russian occupation of that country....and NATO into spreading itself out for his occupation of EUROPE.

People, ignore this at your own risk.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tsunami Planned for US Coast?

Is a duplicate of the Japan Tsunami disaster planned for the East Coast of the United States?

The Japanese Tsunami and Fukushima occurred in 2011 without warning and without a strong enough quake to have caused the tsunami.

It is suspected by ex-NSA analyst and nuclear expert Jim Stone that the Japanese tsunamis of 2011 were cause by the detonation of undersea nuclear devices placed within a vulnerable, section of the Japan Trench.

These nuclear detonations (clearly in recorded in geological tremor spikes) were  caused by powerful nuclear devices most likely stolen from Minot Air Force Base and transported through Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana in 2007 (perhaps to Israel).

Jump to 2013.

Presently there has been quite a bit of media attention on the possibility of an East Coast tsunamis caused by landslides along the continental shelf.

In recent times, potential landslide locations off the coast of Virginia and North Carolina have hit the headlines.

Indeed, an undersea landslide produced at the unstable sections of the continental shelf off the coasts of Virginia and North Carolina, could send a 20-foot tsunami towards the East Coast of the United States with little warning...capable of reaching 20 miles inland. 

In other words, we have a collapsible Japan Trench situation right here right off the coast of the United States - a geological feature which could be triggered by an atomic explosion - just like the Japan tsunamis were in 2011 - to devastate our Atlantic shore.

Is it a coincidence then that in September of 2013 nuclear warheads were moved out of Dyess Air Force Base, Texas (with no one taking official responsibility or possession)…and transported by a black operation teams to an obscure location in South Carolina?

Alarm levels increased even further when Senator Lindsay Graham proclaimed the following day that Charleston, South Carolina could be afflicted by nuclear detonation off its coast.

Matters got even more suspicious in the days following when Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) issued a report within the Kremlin itself, stating that President Obama had ousted four top ranking US military officers after they refused to cooperate with plans to explode nukes off the coast of South Carolina.

On the other hand, there are reports that a nuke explosion DID occur.

The only problem was that it was a very low-yield nuclear explosion.

Anyone familiar with modern nuclear devices knows that the ‘yield’ can be set for each other words, the bomb can be programmed it t explode big or small. For example, the standard issue B61 nuclear bombs can be set to explode with a force all the way from 1 kiloton up to 350 kilotons.

Now the nuke that went off in the Atlantic was set to blow up with a pathetically small yield - in other bare minimum settings.

Accordingly,  the Russian Strategic Missile Forces Command later duly notified both Putin and his General Staff on 8 October 2013, that at 2:00 am an atomic device DID exploded in the seabed off the US Atlantic Ocean...about 620 miles off South Carolina...causing a 4.5 magnitude earthquake...a measurement that SMF experts equate to being caused by a 1-kiloton nuclear yield.

In other words, what apparently happened was that Obama’s officers DID obey the order to blow up the nuke off South Carolina, but set the device to explode at minimum yield, thus producing little or no tectonic effects.

In an atomic explosion scenario the tell-tale initial split second blast tremor is extremely powerful, but the subsequent shaking grows progressively was EXACTLY the case with the 8 October 2013 blast off South Carolina.

This ‘secret’ operation was known by many countries (like France and Britain) including Russia, who openly released their intelligence findings to the world (findings which have been censored by the mainline media).

In short, the operation to produce a East Coast tsunami was fudged by our own military, who have retained a modicum of patriotism, Americanism and flat out sanity in refusing to destroy their own country.

They have paid for this dearly.

The after-effects of this purposeful ‘bungling’ of orders are well known.

Shortly after this bungled incident (which was to have produced a Fukushima type tsunami even on the East Coast) Obama embarked upon an ongoing purge of all top ranking Strategic (nuclear) force officers...a purge that still continues to this day.

It seems Obama is determined to have his coastal false flag operation, no matter how many officers he has to purge (or have murdered) in order to do it.

But whatever the case may be, the secret is out:

A Fukushima style tsunami event is being planned for the Eastern Coast of the United States.

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