Sunday, May 18, 2014

Civilization: A New Era of Pretending

When I was a child I spent a lot of time either pretending or  becoming involved in pretend activity - games, toys, TV Shows, playing at this or playing at that, etc.

I was fact, a large measure of a child’s happiness comes from all the pretending and the child’s pretend view of the world, which is reinforced by the surrounding adults.

When I was a child I pretended...and I knew I was pretending.

I knew I wasn’t really a ‘knight’ or a ‘soldier’ and I knew the cartoons I watched on TV weren’t fact I knew all the shows I watched on TV were also pretend.

But, as an awakening teenager, I never suspected that as an adult,  I would be expected to accept a whole other level of 'pretending.'

It started with the history classes, then continued with the science classes, etc.

Only later, as an adult, did I find out that I had in fact graduated from the infantile pretending of childhood to the adult pretending of a citizen.


We as adults continue to pretend our way through a sort of continuing childhood as a ‘citizen’ of society.

The ‘pretend’ seems to have always been part of society to one extent to another, but ultimately it has become endemic.

Here are the reasons why:

We are involved in a PRETEND War on Terror triggered by a PRETEND terrorist attack carried out by agencies PRETENDING to safeguard our national security serving a government PRETENDING to be sovereign.

We live under PRETEND rights under a PRETEND President and a Congress that PRETENDS to be govern though it has been blackmailed by the NSA into compliance with the President.

We have a PRETEND national health care plan which offers PRETEND care through a medical industry that PRETENDS to cure us.

We have a PRETEND immigration plan, a PRETEND immigration law and a PRETEND border patrol...while the gates have been flung open to illegal immigration.

We have PRETEND elections carried out by PRETEND (electronic) voting machines, choosing PRETEND candidates working for either special interests or intelligence agencies, who PRETEND to represent the American people and pass laws PRETENDING to be in our best interest.

We are in a PRETEND economic recovery, propelled by PRETEND dollars, empowered by a PRETEND electronic debt realized through a PRETEND government agency called the Federal Reserve and creating a lot of government-sponsored PRETEND white collar jobs.

We live in a society full of PRETEND rights, overseen by PRETEND policemen (Homeland Security) and backed up by PRETEND national security laws and receiving cooperation from PRETEND happy citizens.

We have PRETEND environmentalism, which shuts down food production and our economy, but accomplishes the incineration of our forests.

We have a PRETEND army that is supposed to win a PRETEND war with a PRETEND fight called the F-35 and a horde of PRETEND warriors.

We live day-to-day under a condition of PRETEND normality, under a PRETEND economy, watching PRETEND TV shows and listening to PRETEND news and reacting to PRETEND emergencies.

America, land of the free?

Let me open the curtain for you so you can get a sneak peek at reality:

America has been under a ‘state of emergency’ and bankruptcy since 1933...


...enough reality.

Go back to pretending.

It’s always been a lot more fun than what’s real anyway.


  1. Your pretending right now. Pretending to be sane, pretending to be rational, pretending that you have a FUCKING clue.

  2. And you are pretending not to be a physically and mentally compromised minion of the New World Order.