Saturday, May 10, 2014

WW-III: Betrayal and Occupation of the Free World

We need to do a re-take on what is being built up as WW-III...what it is...what it is all about...and what its goals are.

Let’s get it straight.

WW-III is an assault on what remains of Western freedom, Western democracy, Western sovereignty, Western independence and, above all, Western existence as it stands today.

The purpose of WW-III is to destroy physically, psychologically, institutionally, nationally, economically, morally, religiously and socially our present way of life.

The ‘attacks’ will come from both within and without...but from the same enemy - Marxists and New World Order assets both within and without our country and the other remaining free nations of the world.

In other worlds, WW-III will be a multi-front, multi-facet, multi-approach, multi-theater conflict taking place in many ways, shapes and forms across many realities outside our country...and inside of it.

WW-III will be a capstone event against what’s left of the free nations of the world at the conclusion of a program of subjection which has lasted more than 70 years (and which began at the conclusion of WW-II).

In short, WW-III is the final program designed to subjugate and destroy the remaining free nations of the world and bring their wreckage under the power of the New World Order...for reconstitution as provinces of the same.

Let’s understand what we are being led into.

And let’s understand the nature of the enemy.

The ENEMY are the Marxist impostors both inside and outside the remaining ‘free’ countries of the West.

The ‘attack,’ when it happens, will consist of iron-fisted military attacks from the outside and sabotage, treachery and betrayal from within.

In other words...if we get into this thing the way our ‘leaders’ want us to get into it...we will lose.


WW-III will consist of stormy external attacks by (secretly Communist) Russia and (openly Communist) China.

Russia will attack Western Europe.

China will attack South Asia and East Asia.

India and Pakistan will immolate each other.

The nations of the Middle East will collapse into conflicts involving Muslim Fundamentalists and Nationalists...and ultimately Israel...and its nuclear arsenal.

Africa and Latin America will collapse into power-grabs by Marxist led coalitions against hold-out nations and internal purges of the Marxist-led nations.

America will collapse into Civil War...even as its forces help fight Russia in Europe and China in the Pacific.

That will be WW-III.

Again, it isn’t a conflict designed for us to win.

On the contrary, from top to bottom, you can view it as an event carried out by Marxists...with the full support of a fifth column within our country and those remaining ‘free’ nations of Europe and Asia.


Make no mistake.

America will become a war zone, just like the rest of the world.

We won’t be sitting this one out in safety.

This is because of a second civil war being planned for the immolation of our country.

I hate to say this, but BOTH sides in our internal Civil War conflict will be led by Masonic Illuminati agents with the mission of destroying America.

This is how they will get to physically demolish America during WW-III.

The truth is we stand a better chance of correcting the excessive powers of our Federal Executive through local confrontation, local resistance, local suits, local demonstrations and local legal action at the municipal, city, county and state level than we would ever hope of having through an officially declared and fought civil war.

Civil War is actually NOT the answer to our is the answer to the Illuminati dilemma on how to go about destroying a country protected and isolated from the world by two gigantic oceans.

And any student of history knows that nation-wide purges always happen during a periods of external war.

The French Terror happened during the War of the First Coalition.

The Bolshevik Terror happened during the Russian Civil War.

The Mexican purges happened during the Mexican Revolution.

The Maoist purges happened respectively during the Korean and later Vietnam Wars (in which China was either directly or indirectly involved).

The Cambodian Genocide happened during Cambodian-Vietnamese War.

The Rwandan Genocide happened during times of civil war.

Have the above point, you can BET a Second American Civil War will be accompanied by wide-ranging purges of the American population, especially under this pseudo-democratic Marxist government we know have over us.


We must understand the enemy is already inside inside the gates - a fifth column of Marxist traitors like Obama and his peers across the Atlantic, directing NATO and Asia into defeat by Russia and China.

Our Executive and its agencies are infiltrated either by Ivory Tower Marxists or obedient, unprincipled, amoral sellouts ready to stomp the American people into the ground.

This constitutes a Fifth Column - an infiltrated enemy at the apex of our government there to GUARANTEE our destruction and our fall to the enemy.

How did this happen?

We have been governed by a pro-Marxist oligarchy since the end of the Civil War - Rockefeller, Buffet, Soros, Kissinger, Brzezinski, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, what the heck, the social sciences department of your local university are the bastions of this infiltration.

In fact, it was THIS oligarchy which financed the Marxist revolutions in Russia and China...and will now use these two captive nations to subject the rest of the world.

We should have purged and overthrown these people in 1860 instead of immolating ourselves in a Civil War, but that never happened.

Now we are about to reap the harvest of our inaction.

American citizens are even now being sought out who will arrest, incarcerate, torture and kill law abiding Americans whose only ‘crime’ will be resistance to an unconstitutional government.

The Second American Civil War will be a war on the American People by Fifth Column Marxist agents and their tools on behalf of the New World Order.

While Europe is devastated by Russian tanks...and South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia occupied by Chinese hordes...America will be demolished by civil war (which will be fed with Russian and Chinese weapons and support).

What’s left of our country following this self-destruction will be easily occupied by Russian, Chinese and Marxist Latin American troops under the banner of the United Nations.


Europe occupied by Russia.

Asia occupied by China.

The Middle East tyrannized by Islamic Fundamentalism.

India and Pakistan mutually destroyed (perhaps through extenral false flag provocations).

Latin America and Africa under the thumb of Marxist dictatorships.

America drawn and quartered by civil war and under the occupation of United Nations ‘Peace Keepers.’


America, Europe, and Asia are being set up for destruction and occupation by either openly or secretly Marxist forces - it is these forces which will bring about the creation of the New World Order.

This will be the sole purpose of WW-III.

As such, WW-III is simply the set-up for the destruction and occupation of the Free World.

The forces of NATO are already being spread out and set up in Eastern Europe for destruction by the Russian juggernaut.

Meanwhile, in America, the Marxist-occupied government of the United States is not only arming for, but fomenting the start of an internal civil war.

We must see and realize what is happening here...and see who the real enemy is.

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