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A Constitutional Convention Will End America

Recently the concept of holding a second Constitutional Convention has gained popularity amongst ‘patriot’ circles as a means of ‘getting our country back.’

Recently conspiracy show host Alex Jones surprised everybody by caving in to the constant clamor of his ex-CIA assets and proclaiming that now he thought it was a GREAT idea and that he was on board.

To make the concept even more popular, a hip nickname has been applied to the concept, calling a Constitutional Convention a ‘Con-Con.”

There now, doesn’t Con Con sound a LOT more nice and harmless than Constitutional Convention?

Sort of like Tweets, Microsoft and Cookies.

But the concept of launching a new Constitutional Convention is  is not only bizarre but dangerous.

Furthermore, it is the standard modus operandi of the Illuminati and has been used in EVERY instance of revolutionary change.

A new constitution is the landmark of a new government and a new society...and in the modern age, new constitutions have ALWAYS been more controlling or less democratic or leading to less sovereignty.

Case in point are the Con Cons of Venezuela and Ecuador - both ending with the installation of a Marxist dictatorships.

Starting with the French Revolution , continuing with the Russian Revolution and capping off with the Chinese Communist Revolution....or almost EVERY revolution since then, a change of constitution has been a basic tenet of the overthrow of society.

The ‘patriot’ pundits right here in America (all of them probably CIA-connected) are coming together now to loudly proclaim the need for a new Constitutional Convention or Con Con as they call it.

The concept is rapidly spreading from state to state as a means of countering Federal Power with Amendments.

“Don’t worry about the Constitution” they crow “we’ll only add amendments to take our country back.”


If you have a Constitutional Convention chances are you will produce a New Constitution and create a New Government a changing American society as it stands.

Constitutional conventions since our own original constitutional convention in 1787 have been bad news for the sponsoring countries.

Even the supposedly positive new postwar constitutions of Japan and Germany basically dis-empowered those countries, turning them into subjects of the America and leaving them without viable armies with which to defend themselves - basically castrated wards of the United States.

And as things stand, no other time in the history of the United States has been LESS appropriate for a Constitutional Convention due to the fact that we are awash in lobbies, super pacs, grey money, crypto-Marxists and CIA assets masquerading as Congressmen, Judges, Bureaucrats...and our President.

Would you trust these characters to handle a re-make of the Constitution?

I sure wouldn’t!

Most of these Conventions have occurred after the violent overthrow of the governing body.

But recently a new phenomenon has been introduced:

The overthrow of a standing government and the installment of a dictatorship through the peaceful method of a Constitutional Convention.

A bloodless revolution.

Or, to be more specific, a MARXIST revolution and overthrow of the existing government through a Constitutional Convention.

It’s a technique that is now being used over and over again in the Third World.

And now, since we ourselves are almost at Third World level, I guess they intend to use here.

Lets look at some of these bloodless Constitutional revolutions, shall we?


A ex-military man, Hugo Chavez, was elected President and called for a Constitutional Convention.

Chavez called for a ‘Referendum’ to convene a Constitutional Convention.

Crooked Diebold electronic voting machines (owned by Chavez’s backers) were rolled out for the vote on the ‘Referendum.’

The electronic ‘Referendum’ was a BIG SUCCESS!

90% of the people voted YES! Let’s have a Constitutional Convention!

A Constitutional Convention was convened and most of the people who were invited to it...were (surprise!) Chavez the rest of the Congress and government was SHUT OUT of the Convention by armed police.

The New Constitution (despite being created to empower the people) concentrated power in the hands of government and gave the President almost absolute powers.

Now it only needed to be the people.

A new Referendum was called using the same the fraudulent Diebold electronic voting machines.

This time most of ‘the people’ having seen what a fraud the first Referendum was, did not even bother to participate.

This meaningless electronic vote turned out a 72% approval by ‘the people.’

The New Constitution eliminated the three branches of government, turning the Congress into a single giant Supreme Soviet style unicameral rubber-stamping crowd of clapping seals.

Today Venezuela is a corrupt, crime-infested, starving country under a Communist dictatorship which rules through intimidation, arrest, torture and murder, using undercover thugs to keep ‘the people’ in line.


After a much ballyhooed, well-financed and propagandized build up for a Con Con,  President Correa finally called for a Referendum to call a Constitutional Convention.

The Diebold machines were rolled out for the vote.

As the vote was taking place, President Correa MODIFIED the rules of the referendum by adding the power to DISMISS congress should it pass.

Of course, the Diebolds made sure the vote turned out a big YES for a Constitutional Convention.

Immediately upon its passing, President Correa locked up the Congressional building with his supporters inside to draft up a new the police beat any congressmen trying to enter into a bloody pulp.

Another ‘referendum’ was held using the Diebolds to decide whether to adopt this new Constitution (drafted behind closed doors), which, of course, passed with flying colors.

Today Ecuador is a Marxist dictatorship in which the President rules through mobs of ‘the people’ showing up and trashing the homes and sometimes murdering any recalcitrant judge, bureaucrat or representative who does not toe the party line.

These are just examples of what a Con Con can look like!

Something of this sort could happen HERE if WE call for a Constitutional Convention.

Indeed, everything is set up for just that, isn't it?:

- electronic voting machines - check

- a populist President flaunting executive power - check

- corrupt, criminal police forces - check

- a corrupt and cowed Congress - check

- CIA assets masquerading as representatives, judges and officials - check

- an unhappy population who wants ‘change’ - check

Hey, it’s all there!

We’re ready to go!

The truth, however, is the Founding Fathers created a Constitution that CAN be changed bit by bit to adapt to the needs of the country through established legal and democratic procedure:

Two Thirds of House and Two Thirds of the Senate can propose an Amendment with Two Thirds of the State legislatures approving it.

That’s it.

And it has worked well for the last 227 years and 27 Amendments.

We don’t need a Constitutional Convention to change the Constitution.

The process is already in our hands.

Yet the CIA-sponsored agent provocateurs say we need a Con Con to amend the Constitution!

Does that make sense?

Have a Constitutional Convention to pass an amendment?

No -what makes sense is you have a Constitutional Convention to create a NEW CONSTITUTION!

How can human thinking become so degenerated as to see any sense in the message these toads have to offer?

I would like to say that is all we are facing and that the bad news is limited to what I have just written, but it isn’t.

Article V of the Constitution is the basis for a Constitutional Convention and it says:

On the Application of two thirds of the State Legislatures...

...Congress shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments...

... which shall become part of the Constitution when ratified by the three fourths of the State Legislatures...

...or... the ‘Conventions’ in three fourths of the States…

...the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress…

The uncertain part is that the Constitution does not define how the ‘Conventions’ are to be convened or how they will proceed - in other words, who will attend an what rules they will abide by.

So technically Congress can call a ‘Convention’ when asked to do so by 3/4 of the State Legislatures.

But it is never clarified how it will be decided who will attend this Congressional Convention or how the Convention will proceed.

Furthermore, it says that any Amendments or New Constitution resulting from the Congressional Convention can become law with the approval of the ‘Conventions’ of the States.

Again, it does not say how State 'Conventions' will be decided, who will attend, where they will be held, or how they will proceed.

One can assume (and only assume) that the Congressional Convention will be attended by Congress and the State Conventions will be attended by their respective State Legislatures...


In other words, the Conventions could be ANYTHING!

Imagine a Congressional Convention attended by people selected solely by the US President (in other words, his pals).

While the State Conventions are attended by people selected by their respective Governors (their pals).

Put it all together and you technically have the US President ABOLISHING and RE-WRITING the CONSTITUTION and the Governors APPROVING IT.

But the Governors will save us, right?

Not if the Governors we have are mostly CIA assets and or ex-Federal bureaucrats (servants of the Executive) and...

...colluding members of DC-based institution called the National Governors Association (in which they regularly meet to come up with unanimous votes on coordinated State policy).

Yup...put it all together and you come up with a very undemocratic trashing of our Constitution.

Now...I wish that was all the bad news...but it gets even worse.

It turns out that some government bureaucrat, judge or lawyer has come up with some obscure Congressional or Supreme Court procedural rules which interpret the Constitution as saying that the needed vote from 3/4 of the State Legislatures to demand a Constitutional Convention can go on INDEFINITELY and be CUMULATIVE.

In other words, the States don’t have to vote for a Constitutional Convention all at one time, but can take their time to decide INDEFINITELY through the ages!!!!

And it is unclear whether once they have voted whether the vote can be rescinded by future Legislatures.

I personally don’t think anyone really cares, but the Applications for a Constitutional Convention regularly appear before the 15 recalcitrant State Legislatures for approval every year!

Did I say 15?

Yes, I did...but...

...Ok, brace yourself, sit down and hold on to your vomit bag....

...because what I am about to say next is quite unsettling.

Ladies and Gentlemen... turns out that 32 of the 34 required States HAVE ALREADY VOTED TO HAVE A CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION!!!!


Only Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana have permanently rescinded their application for a Con Con and told the lobbyists to quit presenting this obnoxious application for a Con Con every year.

Only 34 States are needed under the 3/4 rule...

...and 32 have already voted to have a Convention!!!!

Hardly anybody knows this.

I guess it’s just one of those things that will arise when it becomes relevant.

But being frank, what more can you expect from a standing vote that goes on forever through the ages, giving the servants and lobbyists of the Illuminati FOREVER to work their trade and get the states to vote for it?

I mean, can you imagine a candidate who is eternally on the ballot, year after year...forever?

Sooner or later that guy is going to get elected!

So we have 32 of the required 34 states already agreeing to a Constitutional Convention under this eternal vote system.

We need only two more states to sign up and...


Nobody pays any attention to this shocking and binding fact when it comes to the reality of a Con Con.

Binding, that is, until some brave soul comes forward and declares that this cumulative, eternal and un-rescindable voting system to demand a Convention is ILLEGAL, FRAUDULENT and VOID and that a vote to hold a Constitution Convention must be taken at the same time by all the States.

But no one has.

We are already up to our knees in the muck of illegal UNDEMOCRATIC procedure on this.

And from here it can only get worse.

Not the blessing, but the THREAT of a Constitutional Convention or ‘Con Con’ is the biggest danger our country, as an institution, has ever faced.

So, appropriately enough, it is being trumpeted  by many on both sides of the field, including those who call themselves ‘Patriots’ but are really government agent provocateurs.

The process has moved one step closer to reality by the ‘patriotic’ Governor Abbot of Texas being approached from various sides to ‘call’ the States together for a Con Con.

The Governor has probably been waiting for this ‘appeal from the people’ before ‘asking’ the States to convene, in true theatrical fashion.

The Convention itself, according to the pundits is not to be a real constitutional convention, but sort of a practice run to send a message to the Feds.

So we are supposed to believe it will be a Constitutional Convention that is NOT a Constitutional Convention meeting to NOT change the Constitution, but merely add some amendments.


But we know better, don’t we?

We know that the Patriots are not always Patriots.

Governors are not always governors.

Presidents are not always presidents.

And Constitutional Conventions are not always designed to help the country...

...but to destroy it.

America...DON'T DO IT.

Do not enter the Con Con trap the Illuminati have laid out for you.


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Will Obama Close Congress?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Illuminati Conspiracy Blog Loses Follwers

Well, humanity never ceases to amaze me.

A recent post on the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog seems to have struck a nerve with a large portion of my readers...which have stopped being followers of the blog.

The topic?

How Cancer Treatment kills a patient before the cancer does.

Given the growing Cancer Epidemic, I know it is painful to face the accusation that your loved ones have been killed, not assisted by the medical establishment (some perhaps through one's own decision or encouragement) and that it could be an uncomfortable reality.

It is hard to admit one has been lied to, deceived and your loved ones murdered through so called 'treatment.'

It is a very hard reality to face because it hits so close to home.

I sense the people that left were probably already hurting.

I was hurting...and the lies were growing...

...that was the reason I wrote that blog entry.

No further observations.

No insults.

No sarcasm.

The Illuminati Conspiracy Blog is a blunt piece of literature.

I am not surprised people of contrary beliefs are hurt by it, as these followers were (as they continue to leave this blog).

But I will continue with saying that I am surprised at the extent of the hold the Illumintati medical establishment over the human mind.

And I pray more people wake up and continue waking up to the medical reality that afflicts us.

Meanwhile... is video of me trying keep people away from the Cancer industry.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cancer: It's the Treatment That Kills You!

What I have been going through recently has affected and redefined my belief in the human spirit.

My story is probably no different from your story in this afflicted world.

Many relatives, neighbors, friends and associates have been coming down with the Big-C - Cancer -  and dying.

You know, from my own statistics, the death rate from Cancer (based on my own observations of relatives, neighbors, friends, and associates) is more like 25% survival vs 75% death...

...vs the ‘official’ statistic of 80% survival vs 20% death.

But then, MY statistics are based on real-life observation, not fudged studies paid for my medical conglomerates.

For example,

1) I DON’T staff my medical studies with the youngest, strongest, most promising cancer patients.

2) I DON’T end my cancer study with the receding of the Cancer in that particular patient and call it a success.


1) MY cancer study covers a random swath of the population most likely to get Cancer - middle aged people and older - of random strength, health and lifestyle.

2) MY cancer study CONTINUES after Cancer ‘therapy’ has been administered into the rest of the person’s life. If the Cancer re-appears during the person’s lifetime....the Cancer therapy is judged a FAILURE...and if the person dies from the cancer that has re-appeared, then it is judges a COMPLETE FAILURE.

THAT is why MY ‘statistics’ differ so much from the official statistics.

Let me re-state MY  observed statistics add up to 25% survival, 75% death with Cancer.

In other words, the official Cancer Survival Rate is a statistical LIE.

As I said, I am losing A LOT of people (and I am sure many other Americans are too).

But, alas, the more you know, the more you suffer.

I have taken off the pink goggles and see reality for what it is.

I see this continuous line of friends, relatives, neighbors and associates marching by me to be TORTURED AND KILLED.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, then it is time for you to wake up quick!

The big secret of the Cancer Industry is the Cancer Treatment KILLS you before the Cancer does!

The second big secret is, you have a BETTER chance of surviving Cancer if you AVOID ALL TREATMENT.

Please don’t misunderstand what I just said:

If you DO NOT submit to operations, chemotherapy and radiation and REJECT ALL STANDARD CANCER TREATMENT, you INCREASE your chances of survival 200% or MORE!

Again, please don’t misunderstand my very clear and very real statement:

Cancer treatment biopsies, operations, chemotherapy and radiation will KILL YOU!

Can I make myself any clearer?

Standard and accepted Cancer Treatment kills you in slow, tortuous, horrible and lingering manner.

The acceptance of this slow death by the mass of the population is one of the horrible wonders of the world!

So here I am, going out of my way, informing these people to NOT submit to the torture and death ritual, explaining myself, backing what I am saying with facts, books and DVDs...and watching all these people march off to their after another.

Most recently I had requested a meeting with an afflicted Brother-in-Law through his sister, only to be stonewalled, kept away and finally having my book and DVD thrown in the her!

And this was a lady who had actually demonstrated an interest in Rife technology and natural cancer treatment, and seemed to have a strong inclination towards it as she mentioned over and over again how her afflicted aunt had lived to a ripe old age by using Rife and natural remedies.

And this immediately brings to mind a less recent, but very similar case.

This other lady, actually knew more about natural medicine that I did. She indicated and actually taught me things about it. She regularly read up on it both electronically and in books.

But when her cancer showed up, she submitted to Standard Cancer Treatment!

What did all that information avail her?

Looking rather lively and healthy (like MOST people with Cancer look like BEFORE they submit to standard Cancer Treatment) she let me know she had breast cancer, that it had spread, and that the doctor had given her a grim diagnosis...with only a small possibility of hope, and that he was suspending treatment as basically useless.

This lady looked healthy and normal - she smiled, she laughed, she had energy and here she was saying she was very, very ill.

When she told me she could not afford the Cancer Treatment, anyway, I said to myself “great, you get to live!” but alas, the money materialized from somewhere (probably the government) and she got the death treatment she was convinced she needed.

Of course, I advised her NOT to return for any further Cancer Treatment and then offered her the use of a rife machine free of charge.

In desperation she actually USED the thing daily as per the directions.

When I spoke to her again a month later, the doctor was surprised at her recovery, her tests had come back surprisingly improved and her cancer was in remission, and her doctor was very happy.

She sheepishly told me how a tumor had actually moved to the surface and popped.

I told her, that’s your body working! That’s what’s supposed to happen!

A month after that, I ran into her again.

She was actually exuberant and joyful as she told me...her doctor had now judged her recovered enough  to re-start her chemotherapy and radiation treatments!

I was flabbergasted.

“Isn’t this the same doctor who told you you were as good as dead, who had lost all hope in your recovery, had given up on you as a hopeless cause and turned his back on you?” I said.

Of course, the medical criminal attributed her recovery to the chemical and radiation treatments which had RUINED her....before I lent her a rife machine.

Was this the same lady who lectured me on natural medicine, and had even PAID for rife treatments (from a Naturopath) in previous months, and who had ADMITTED to me how the use of the Rife machine had caused a miraculous recovery?

It seemed I was talking to a different person.

A month after that, I saw here again, and this time she was starting to look like a cancer patient: bald, pale, weak, skinny, ugly, mentally slow.

She gave me the bad news that she had “regressed” and the prognosis did not look good.

I said I  felt one feels with a person you help to overcome a poison only to see the person go back and drink more poison!

I then recommended a natural multi-mineral and multi-vitamin, and was floored when she told me the doctor had prohibited the use of vitamins or multi-minerals, along with several nutritious foods because her kidneys could not take it.

I was again flabbergasted!

Someone gets Cancer, and the doctors shut down their organs, destroy their immune system and prohibit the use of vitamins and minerals?

What factor is missing from this formula to HELP YOU DIE?

Also, some friendly medical advice from the doctor seems to have affected her behavior as she began avoiding me in the neighborhood.

She saw me walking down the street she immediately went inside.

If she saw me on the sidewalk as she was walking she took a detour.

She no longer responded to my greeting or my phone calls.

She was obviously advised by here medical ‘professional’ to avoid me at all costs.

This started worrying me...because she was in possession of an expensive Rife machine.

So I did something I have regretted ever since.

I asked for the machine back.

When I saw here again, they had operated on her brain and cut off a breast and she had tumors growing all over her body.

The doctor had told her she was a hopeless case and that she was going to die!

The Holy Proclamation of the Pope had been given: 

She was DEAD - it was now official.

The authorities had officially proclaimed it.

In a moment of conscience I offered her the rife machine again, but she walked away without a word - it was over, she had been officially proclaimed to be the walking dead.

Two months later she WAS dead.

And I stood there thinking “what the hell?”

Just what is this IRON HOLD this concept of cutting, poisoning and radiating a person to death has on the population?

What supernatural power can completely TURN a person totally convinced of natural medicine to completely turn 180 degrees in belief and submit to a slow, horrible death by industrial medicine?

Are we part of a society or a religion?

Do people respond to facts or to costumes and emotion?

Because it takes tremendous amounts of FAITH to SUBMIT to a procedure that you see KILL you bit-by-bit before your very eyes, even as you firmly believe it’s all to make you better?

The Hippocratic Oath says “First, do no harm.”

That means no medical treatment can do harm in exchange for a benefit.

Hippocrates, considered the father of modern medicine, put down this concept because even back, in Ancient Greece, he was aware of deadly medical quackery.

Until recently, it was a medical oath every doctor was supposed to more.

(Until recently, Oaths to upkeep the Constitution have also been discarded)

“Oaths are so medieval, we should be glad to be rid of them!”

Katherine Albrecht, the famous author of “Spy Chips” a book exposing spying and controlling the American population and a believer in natural medicine...

...recently announced she was submitting herself to Standard Medicine Cancer Treatment, including Radiation and Chemotherapy.

Shortly after she made this announcement she was off the air and is now probably well on her way to her own funeral.

You see, the thing is you CAN’T compromise.

You must TOTALLY REJECCT cutting (operations), burning (with radiation) and poisoning (with chemotherapy) and totally accept the fact that your body CAN cure itself of the Cancer WITHOUT standard treatment to have a chance at surviving.

Half and half doesn’t cut it.

Many are the celebrities and non-celebrities who have tried the standard route, had their immune system destroyed and then turned to  natural medicine only to die anyway.

Standard Cancer treatment is a bit like Cyanide.

You CAN’T go half Vitamin-C and half have to completely NOT TAKE the Cynanide.

Now Naturopathic, Homeopathic and Natural Medicine have all been condemned as “quacks” by the medical establishment, which espouses a medicine which does not only NOT cure, but DESTROYS the body in the process - quackery at its best!

The truth is you INCREASE you chances of curing yourself of Cancer by 200% by SIMPLY LEAVING IT ALONE!


A tumor is a sign that your body has already identified and isolated the cancer...and is slowly digesting it. If it cannot, the tumor will slowly rise to the surface and pop, just like your body does with thorns!

To CUT into a tumor is simply folly.

It makes about as much sense as cutting into a Bee sting or a rattlesnake bite.

People leave those things alone!

In fact, doctors strongly advise NOT to cut into a rattlesnake bite to draw out the poison.

Why do you think that is?

Well, it’s  because the body already has isolated the poison and when you cut into the bump around the bite area...YOU SPREAD IT THROUGHOUT THE BODY!!!

Do you understand the process cancer spreading throughout our body now?

It begins when they CUT into the tumor and spread the cancer cells throughout your body!!1

The process can begin with the initial biopsy which they do to confirm that you actually have Cancer.

A biopsy involves penetrating, cutting or puncturing the tumor in one way or another, in doing so, cancer cells from the tumor are liberated throughout your bloodstream...and onto your vital organs. (metastasis , they call it).

But the process doesn’t end there.

Once they have spread the cancer cells from your tumor to your entire body, they then begin to DESTROY your immune system with chemotherapy, radiation and more cutting.

Needless to say, this process revolves into a downward spiral towards death, ESPECIALLY when they PROHIBIT you from taking Vitamins and eating certain nutritious foods (which they say is necessary because the function of  your liver and kidneys are diminished by the treatment).


So why is standard cancer treatment so destructive?

Well, because it uses operations, esoteric chemicals and radiation the average human being cannot manufacture and sell.

In other words, they use it because THEY are the only ones who can deliver the treatment, making it a monopoly.

It is a cut and burn philosophy, built around the tenets of allopathic (standard) medicine, in which the symptoms are just suppressed and made to go away instead of being cured.

You got tumor, we’ll cut it off.

You got Cancer, we'll burn it away.

Your body making too many tumors, we’ll weaken it and make the tumors stop!

This is insanity!

Yet it is an insanity millions submit themselves to on blind faith alone,even as they see all those around them who have been treated succumb.

Now all this monopoly stuff might be half alright if the treatment did not KILL you, which it does, but the truth is THEY have made Cancer a deadly disease by killing off the people who have Cancer with THEIR treatment!


The doctors are VERY, VERY good at their scare tactics which they use to convince patients with Cancer that they NEED IMMEDIATE TREATMENT, not today, not next week, but LAST MONTH and they’ll be lucky to survive if treatment is administered post haste!

This scare tactic is very effective, especially since the murderer standing next to you is wearing a nice white overcoat and talking to you in a soothing voice.

Too bad that at this point, most human beings fail to see the ‘nice’ doctor for the Grim Reaper that he is...probably with the blood of hundreds on his hands!

Don’t walk, RUN from that MURDERERS office IMMEDIATELY!!!


In case you haven’t noticed, the Cancer rates have skyrocketed, putting millions more in the hands of the Allopathic treatment that will ultimately kill them.

It has skyrocketed because of the toxic environment THEY have purposely constructed: cellphones, cellphone towers, Wi-Fi,  GMOs, pesticides, fluoridated water, chemtrails, airport X-ray scanners, microwave ovens, etc.

And the CURE offered to you after they have given you cancer is the one thing that will kill you!

Most all of my deceases friends, relatives and neighbors die from complications OTHER than cancer.

In other words, the cancer does not kill them, the effects and complications from the TREATMENT does.

Whether it be kidney failure, liver failure, infection, pneumonia, pancreatitis, heart failure, or any other disease that a DESTROYED immune system can permit, your death is a side-effect of the treatment, NOT the Cancer.

That’s right...the TREATMENT KILLS you, not the Cancer does!!!

I really HATE seeing that St. Jude’s commercial every few minutes, where they use afflicted, balding children to get your sympathy...and money...when in truth it is THEIR CANCER TREATMENT that is torturing and KILLING those children!

They must be getting MILLIONS off these commercial every day!

All those emotional moms on St. Jude’s the commercial would have been better off keeping their kids as far from the medical establishment as they could.

Watching this horrible exploitation with kids being slowly murdered on TV makes me realize just how degenerate, lost and insane our civilization really is.

And don’t get me started on Pink Ribbons.

How long have they been “searching” for a “cure” for Cancer anyway.

A complete ‘war’ on Cancer has been going on for nearly fifty years and the ‘search’ for Cancer nearly a century.

Where are the results?

If I was a mechanic working on a car I would be batting ‘0' for ‘0' and would have been FIRED as an incompetent.

So why are we SO patient with the Cancer Warriors?

Well, could it be because the whole industry is a FRAUD which has NO INTEREST in curing Cancer?

But you know what the medical establishment HAS done during its “war on cancer”?

It has shut down THOUSANDS of successful Alternate Cancer Clinics who had been CURING their patients....and bankrupted and JAILED the doctors who had started them.

Many of them today have been forced to relocate to Mexico.

Believe food stores and vitamins are next.

Anything to KILL you AND make a profit, right?


I went through my stage of collecting entire lists of ‘cancer cures’ and clinics espousing to have a CURE for cancer.

My research has showed me there is no ONE cure for cancer, in fact...

...there are MANY!

There are probably as many cures for Cancer as there are cures for the common cold.


But the word ‘cure’ is not accurate.

Your grandma would probably laugh if you asked her if her chicken soup would cure your cold.

This is because the description is not accurate.

The chicken soup will HELP you get over the cold.

Cancer is the same thing.

There is no magic pill.

What all EFFECTIVE Cancer treatment does is HELP your body cure itself of the Cancer.

Technically that is what ALWAYS happens with ANY disease.

It is your own body that heals itself, the treatment just helps your body do its job.

Ultimately, it is the BODY that heals itself, whether it be the Flu, Measles, Chicken Pox...or Cancer.

Your body knows what it is doing when it creates that tumor.

It has isolated the disease and is slowly digesting it and or preparing to expel it to the surface.

Any tampering with a tumor is tampering with the body’s healing.

Any tampering with the immune system which the body uses to cure itself is a destructive crime against the body.

In fact it is the people with weak immune systems who get sick in the first place.

So the key is the Immune system itself.

Any successful Cancer Therapy will FORTIFY your immune system.

(Please note that Standard Cancer Treatment consisting of operating, radiation and chemotherapy DESTROYS your immune system)

From my point of view, the basic cancer treatment involves three steps:

Step-1: Reject Operations, Chemotherapy and Radiation

You might not believe this, but by doing the above you have just doubled, or quadrupled your chances of curing yourself of the many cases it is a guarantee your body will digest or othewise get rid of the Cancer. Cancer is NOT the deadly disease our society has made it out to be...remember it is the Standard procedure that kills you before the Cancer does.

Also remember to expect and EXTREME reaction from your doctor or doctors consisting of insistence, hissy fits, raising the voice, verbal and  written threats...and finally refusing to deal with you any longer.

That’s fine, nothing personal, just leave. You don’t need what he is pushing.

When you come back later without the Cancer he will call it ‘spontaneous remission’ meaning the Cancer just disappeared by itself - you, your actions and your body had nothing to do with it.

Step-2: Eat healthy

When you have Cancer, food becomes your medicine. Consider every bite you take a reinforcement of your immune system. The more natural, the better. Don’t rely on chemical vitamins. The more natural the source the better - organic foods, non-processed food, raw food, grains, etc. Avoid everything that has been factory-made for you. Pay more for quality food. A good idea (if you have access to one) is to have a regular cook prepare your daily nutritious meals.

Step-3: Mild Exercise

Regular mild exercise is a must. Remember your Lymphatic system (which powers the Immune system) has no heart and relies on MOVEMENT to keep it working. Walking is great, or any other type of mild exercise that involves movement. Remember, prolonged,  strenuous and exhausting exercise actually puts the body under stress and weakens your immune system. Regular mild exercise is the key.

Step-4: Alternative Medicines

There are MANY medicines which help the body get rid of the Cancer, including turmeric, marijuana, garlic, Vitamin-C, fish oil, raw milk, oxygyen etc. Most are as simple as ingesting the food your body needs to cure itself.
Look these up, don’t be a one-medicine fanatic, all of them probably help.

Step-5: Alternative Therapy

Go to Naturopathic or Homeopathic doctors whose therapies DO NOT damage your body OR bankrupt you. Be discerning, don’t go to expensive mystery clinics in Mexico - you don’t have to bankrupt yourself, the cure is everywhere, perhaps even with the homeopathic doctor right down the street.


You have probably notice most of the people I had conversations with about Cancer were women.

This was not due to some lecherous instinct to prey on the opposite sex,

The sad truth is i have never been able to get into the ‘conversation’ stage with my fellow men.

No instinct, no curiosity, no was like talking to a rock.

Maybe it’s just not manly to get all excited and heated about health.

Women, on the other hand, are naturally the most instinctive. There is truth in all that talk about ‘female intuition.’

But all the women I talked to had their intuition overridden by authority, the natural female tendency to follow a male authority figure - a male doctor, in combination with their husbands, etc.

It was sad, because many of them DID actually try natural cures...and even recovered...only to throw themselves back in to the clutches of the medical establishment.

It was sad.

But the truth is we are an amazingly DOCILE species.

Too docile.

Too trusting.

Too unquestioning.

Too blindly obedient of authority.

Too unbelieving in flat out evil.

Too moldable.

It’s about time humanity woke up from all the lies and started living!

It’s a question of simple survival.

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Media's DEATH Programming

What comes to us through this thing called Television (in another era called the Boob Tube) and the movies is now consistent stream of negative and destructive programming.

Recently it has reached such a crescendo that I can barely bring myself to watch any show or movie without wanting to turn off the TV or leave the theater.

Particularly painful is the realization that I was ‘tricked’ into imbibing my bit of poison for the day, and the even sadder realization that others gulping down the whole cup down...and taking the rest home.

I call it Death Programming because, accentuates Death.

I first got a small taste of it while watching an episode of a sitcom called ‘Married with Children’ in which the cremated ashes of a dead relative is mixed in with the hamburger at a family barbecue...which somehow makes the hamburgers even more delicious (haw haw)

Then it all started in the 1990‘s when I noticed a sudden shift in the color of what passed off as funny in television sitcoms.

The series ‘Seinfeld’ had the famous episode in which a main character’s fiancĂ©e poisons herself accidentally and dies the week of her wedding, leaving the groom to rejoice because he isn’t getting married after all!

Later, an episode of ‘That 70‘s Show’ had a plot (supposedly funny) involving trying to hide the family’s dead grandmother’s corpse in the garage (can you just feel the knee slapping hilarity?).

My recent distancing from both TV and the Movies (like many others, due to my turning to the Net) caused a real shock when I finally started watching TV and the Movies again after a long hiatus.

An episode of the drama ‘Chicago Medical’ had an episode in which a doctor does the next to impossible to save a patient who has suffered a cardiac arrest...and saves him. Later, an older, more experienced and ‘wiser’ doctor tells him he ‘should have let him go.’ The viewer is left puzzled until it is later revealed the patient has suffered brain damage due to the length of time his heart wasn’t pumping.

Finally, the outraged and angry wife of the patient starts screaming in despair at the young doctor for leaving her husband a cripple...

...and the viewer is left considering the warm advice of the older, good, experienced doctor: let him die.

If only he had let the man DIE, it would be a happier world, right?

Of course, like any piece of propaganda, the events are contrived and adjusted to fit the message: let the sick die.

Which falls apart in the face of logic.

Firstly, don’t automobile accidents or strokes also leave a victim similarly incapacitated?

Does any attending doctor ever stop to think “should I help this victim because of the extent of possible incapacitation should he survive?”

No...and frequently the victim recuperates to various extents.

Secondly, standard procedure during a heart stoppage is to apply compressions to keep the blood circulating (especially to the brain), yet the hospital totally neglects this life saving procedure as the young doctor tries to save the victim.

So the message in this episode of ‘Chicago Medical’ is hospitals should practice Euthanasia - EVERYONE will be better off.

What a bleak, evil and corrupt statement.

Right from the Devil’s bag of delusion.

But how can you accuse the old, experienced, wise, likable doctor of being evil or even misguided?

One more Illluminati death message implanted in the minds of the clueless viewer:

‘Euthanasia is good. Some people should be allowed to die.’

While catching up on my DVD movie viewing, I came across a fascinating film called ‘Inception’ in which the main protagonist is an agent who can enter a person’s mind in dreams to find information or manipulate the mind.

Just look at the ugly programming in this thing:

To leave the ‘dream world’ (which often turns nightmarish) you must KILL YOURSELF in the dream.

So we are treated to repetitive rounds of characters either killing themselves or being killed  by their friends to ‘escape’ a bad reality.

Get it?

When things start to go bad...just kill yourself!

The movie closes with an especially evil message:

It turns out the hero’s wife actually did kill herself for real AFTER they left their idealistic heaven-like dream world (everyday reality was too horrible to bare).

And finally in the closing sequence, it is insinuated that the hero himself reaches true happiness when he finally enters a coma and is left in a vegetative state free to NEVER leave the heaven-like irreality of his dreams.

The message: kill yourself - when you go to a much better place.

I saw similar programming on Tom Cruise’s ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ where to repeat the incident and go back in time (to set things right) Tom Cruise must be killed over and over again by his assistant.

Nice message.

This type of SUICIDE programming first became apparent to me during some of my aimless days (which basically consisted of working and sleeping) when I was visited an Internet Computer Game Cafe for the first time.

The patronage was amazingly young, complete with worried doting parents coming in every once in a while to check on their kids and stare at the ‘man’ sitting by their kid on the computer line (needless to say this was my first and last visit).

Anyway, kids that appeared to be 9 or 10 years old were sitting by me playing this game called ‘Battlefield’.

You can imagine my surprise when I hear the kid next to me say to the other kid “it’s no good, kill yourself!”


This got my attention, and I soon learned that in this interactive Internet game, once you got in a tight spot, your ONLY way you had to leave the game was to COMMIT SUICIDE on screen.

I asked the kid how to do it, and the choice method I found out was to pull the pin on your grenade and NOT throw it.


Everything gets better again: you get to start over.

Not long after a worried looking Mom came in to check on her kid, and I literally had to stop myself from screaming:

“Lady, take your kid outta here! It’s rotting his mind and teaching him to commit suicide!”

But I didn’t.

Back then I ‘thought’ I had learned that the best thing to do in life was to keep quiet.

Soon after that I incident I changed that belief (and my career has suffered accordingly ever since).

My latest sojourn into Death Programming occurred while I watched a movie called Lone Survivor, which was about US special forces in Afghanistan (and was supposedly based on a ‘true’ story).

I watched it because it had been highly recommended to my by friends and relatives.

Well...there is a reason I no longer watch “war on terror’ war movies or read ‘war on terror’ books.

It hadn’t take me long to see through the reality that EVERY war book and EVERY war movie published or filmed since 2001 is flat out Government propaganda presenting a fairy-tale like reality akin to what the American public consumed in the 1940's.

So it took me about five minutes to see that ‘Lone Survivor’ was just one more piece of Government and CIA designed propaganda to make our Special Forces (highly trained murderers when you come right down to it) look good.

Done, of course, with full cooperation of the Armed Forces and the Government (and the CIA), of course the movie is rich in technical detail, but all that falls flat when it comes to reality.

The Green Berets wake up to a leisurely beautiful morning alongside pictures of their loved ones and take comradely morning jogs with their favorite buds and then come together for a happy, joke-filled briefing.

The everything falls apart.

On a mission to extract a terrorist, the Special Forces squad runs across a teenager, an old man and a child shepherding sheep.

The Special Forces hide in the bushes and keep quiet.

But, as luck would have it, the old man steps RIGHT INTO a bush containing one of the Green Berets.

The jig is up!

The three civilians are taken at gunpoint...and then the dilemma begins...what to do with these people.

A  good, strong-quiet type, tall, good-looking experienced veteran says they should “waste ‘em” (in other words, kill the Old Man, the Teenager and the little kid).

The leader of the group says refuses, and says they’ll continue on, in spite of having been ‘discovered’ by the trio.

So begins our death programming.

As it turns out, the minute the Green Berets leave the Afghan teenager makes an athletic all-out run for the village to tell the Taliban.

And the Taliban, once contacted, launch an all-out scouring of the countryside for the Americans.

So quick and effective is the Taliban search that they quickly surround the Americans immediately and start closing the circle.

During the chase, the entire special forces team is forced to toppled off a steep ravine down which they all roll down endlessly, taking astounding punishment as they hit stones, rocks and trunks (this one scene actually looked like a comedy) and finally hit bottom bloody, broken and hardly able to walk.

It is at this time that the mistake is made clear:

They should NOT have let the Old man, the teen and the child go.

Look where it’s gotten them!

It’s gotten them all surrounded...and now its going to get the killed!

Banished are any common sense decisions the Green Berets like tying up the Afghans or taking them with them.

Nope, the message is you didn’t KILL THEM and now you are going to pay the price!

The endless bloody trials and tribulation of the poor special forces squad is so prolonged and horrible that the viewer catches himself repeating the message of the movie:

‘If they had only KILLED those three Afghans, none of this would have happened’


A nice way to escape future trials and tribulation is simply to MURDER civilians.

I am sure (from the stories I hear) that many of our troops overseas have gotten this message...and now, perhaps the American people understand too.

Never mind that all the wanton murder and destruction has prolonged and stiffened resistance to American occupation!

But the message is clear: sometimes you just have to KILL civilians, live with it.

To make the message crystal clear of what NOT murdering civilians can bring, the movie wraps up with only ONE member of the squad surviving...barely.

It is a murderous message repeated in a movie called ‘Fury’ which i review here:

Let me show you just ONE example of what this death programming has produced

Recently I was shocked to hear a young relative make fun of a classmate...who had committed suicide.

I questioned him and his friends and found out the dead classmate was actually somebody they knew and ‘hanged out’ with...and then I remembered i actually SAW this kid with them once - a tall, athletic, muscular young man who, for all intents and purposes had an entire future ahead of him.

Maybe the death of the young hits older people harder than their peers, but I was actually shocked and saddened by the news.

The young people were laughing.

I TRIED to get inside the mind of these young people, and could only come up with the kids perhaps trying to deal with their grief through humor.

Somehow, from future observation, that answer looked less and less convincing.

Afterwards they showed me a kid’s show called ‘Robot Chicken.’

This kid’s show was absolutely filled with SHEER EXHILIRATION at prospect of death and suffering in general.

Now, perhaps I was coming closer to understanding.

I knew where the programming came from.

And I knew what it was causing: dehumanization.

One more example of dehumanization.

I have a friend who happens to be a teacher.

A little long in the tooth, the guy has come out of retirement (he says because he’s bored / I say because he needs money).

Anyway, this guy who retired in the 1990‘s, seemed to be in shock and disbelief when he told me about what he experienced in the school.

“When I graduated from teacher’s college, I never thought, ever, that one day I would be in a classroom where kids would be watching videos of people being tortured and killed.”

He was referring to what is regular fare on the Internet: videos of people being killed, and, the way in which people watch them: on their smart phones.

He caught a group of Hispanic students now only watching, but sharing and laughing at videos of people being tortured and killed by Cartels in Mexico.

From their reactions he thought he might be coming upon a group sharing some really funny videos.

He underestimated what the human mind finds ‘funny’ nowadays.

“These kids were giggling and laughing!”  he said nonplussed.

I don’t know where young people come across these videos, but I have seen several put at the forefront in YouTube, including decapitations by terrorists...I never watch them and I never will

Maybe my sensibilities are too old fashioned, since I come from (a rather recent) era in which such films were called SNUFF FILMS and the watching of them was considered accessory to murder...basically, the same way we treat child pornography.

Things have changed...and how have they changed!

I might include more of my friend’s observations since he seems to be freaking out and liable to quit soon.

But the grain I get from talking to him is that this next generation will be the devil’s own spawn.

Yes, I know every older generation says the same thing.

And maybe they are right!

Maybe each generation HAS gotten progressively worse until we finally end up with the Devils own progeny.

I mean...16 year olds...watching and people are tortured to death?

That’s something else.

So, as you can see, the Television and Movies are filled with subtly crafted and insidious types of Death Programming designed to make people kill, commit suicide, support euthanasia and all types of murder.

I sensed this difference very harshly because I had stayed away from the medium for so long, but now I can tell you its ALL there.

So I recommend you stay away from it, and keep your children away from it, or...if you insist on watching...keep and eye out for all that death programming...point it out to family when you see it....and if possible stop watching the series which is sponsoring it.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Islam vs Christianity: Divde and Conquer

I have been listening with interest as the volume gets turned up on all the propaganda seeking to set Islam against Christianity.

This would be a quaint exercise in 'divide' if there was not a 'conquer' that goes along with it.

So yes, Christianity and the Western world in general are being turned against Islam and vice-versa...and as both sides concentrate against each other, as the REAL enemy masses.

Who is the real enemy?

Why murderous Marxism, of course!

While Islam and the West begin hating and absorbing their minds on each other, the Marxist conspiracy gets ready to strike.

The West is just about lost.

Its industries exported to a Communist countries, its military reserves gone, its conscription non-existent, its nations hopelessly bankrupt...and now focusing on a sterile hatred of Islam created by outrages engineered by MARXISTS in Western Government.

I admire Islam for several reasons, the main one being that it KICKED COMMUNIST ASS in Afghanistan, and it has been one of the most persistent foes of Communism ever since.

The West, on the other hand, has not only welcomed Communism within its ranks, but has put Communist leaders like Obama and Merkel in charge.

Stampeded into hysteria, the West now fails to see that in spite of all the engineered terrorism, Islam will NEVER be able to take over the West...unlike Marxism.

Gone from Western consciousness are the Communist Chinese HATE demonstrations against Japan and the United States. 

And I am not talking about indifferent workers holding up signs because the local commissar told them to.

There is actual HATE against America in China - the  anti-US demonstrations are so HATE filled that they frequently degenerate into destructive riots the police can barely contain.

In an innocent documentary on Chinese pre-schooler, one five year old when asked what he wanted to do when he grew up answered: "build tanks to kill the Japanese"

But keeping believing, Western World, that China is your friend.

You know what one of China's greatest organizational accomplishments was?

The Cambodian genocide of 1975 - organized and financed by CHINA.

Recently, the People's Liberation Army did a survey on how many Chinese were willing to KILL AMERICANS and by kill I mean KILL WITHOUT MERCY.

The survey was a resounding success, as the leading Chinese generals made clear in a congratulatory review that most Chinese middle class males were thirsting for American blood.

But our 'official' enemy is Islam.


The fact is both Islam and Christianity are the natural ENEMIES of Communism. Their 'crusades' and 'jihads' are the stuff of Communist nightmares.

This is why the Communist International is working so hard in setting Muslims and Christians against each other.

And lately it has been nauseous to hear the agent provocateurs on BOTH sides dishing up the disinformation, both sides turning, using false and or exaggerated 'facts' both recent and historical.

In the West, its being accepted as a matter of fact that Islam is a 'satanic' religion, while the Islamic propaganda says the same about  Western society.

Both the West and Islam are now, in fact, acting in a suicidal manner...under the leadership of Marxist agents operating as legitimate leaders.

Erdogan of Turkey is doing his part  to DEMOLISH the Islamic World through his support for the destruction of fellow Islamic nations of Libya and Syria while Saudi Arabia demolishes Yemen. The two Muslim nations of Iran and Saudi Arabia have been turned against each other in a spiraling death match.

Meanwhile in the West, NATIONALISTS have been labeled terrorists and foreign invading terrorists have been called refugees.

As all this happens, the second wave of agent provocateurs start shouting (right on cue) that we have to go to (one more) war in the Middle East -against Iran and Syria.

When in reality what they should be doing is massing in Poland and South Korea.

But try to explain this to any Westerner and they'll look at you with a blank stare.

Which is frightening considering what the Illumnati are planning.

With the insertion of Russian, Chinese and American troops in the Middle East, the region has now become the most likely sandbox playground for NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

That's right.

The truth is the Europeans, Americans and Koreans will not tolerate any use of nuclear weapons on their territory for the simple reason that nuclear weapons end up destroying the territory on which they are used (just look at the fallout from Fukushima).

In addition to the increasing likelihood of a nuclear WW-III being fought in the Middle East must be added the likely deployment of Israel's nuclear arsenal as well.

Tactical nuclear weapons have already been used in Iraq and Yemen and are now seen as perfectly deployable the Middle East and Israel basically stopped Syria's 1973 offensive with a  nuclear threat to nuke Damascus.

The populations of the Middle East are now perfect guinea pigs to see what a nuclear war will do to a population...and the results will then be used by the Communists to threaten the West.

But meanwhile, keep worrying about the latest bearded 'Emmanuel Goldstein' appearing on TV and the latest intelligence agency sponsored terrorist attack.

It really is a more comfortable prospect than what they have planned for us.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

America: Start Lying!

All during childhood I heard how wrong it was to lie and how noble it was to tell the truth...and how it's easier to tell the truth because if you lie you have to remember your lies and cover-up in perpetuity, etc, etc, etc.

However...all my adult life I've learned that those who never lie...finish last.

How last?

Well, celebrity cooking show host, Paula Deen (a Christian) was FIRED and had her career ended  when she answered 'yes' to the question "if she had ever muttered the word 'nigger?"

As a good Christian, she was obligated to tell the truth, no matter how unfair or how byzantine the question.

A more reasonable answer would have been "That's not a word I use, I don't recall ever having used that word."

But, of course, her Christian truth ethics came through.

And her career went whence it came - to the devil.

Which brings me to a valid question: Would you lie to the Devil?

Would you lie to a mass murderer?

Would you lie to save your life or the life of your family?

Well, if you would not, then worshipper of God or not, you are also another type of worshipper- a Death Worshipper.

A LYING example comes to mind of something that just happened recently: a pack of lying Muslims LIED to a bunch of ISIS executioners when asked if they were harboring Christians.

The Muslims said 'no.'

And yes, they WERE harboring Christians.

In fact, their immoral lying saved the Christians.

But this is not some twisted Byzantine tongue twister to confuse your morality.

Because the truth is WE ARE AT WAR.

We are at war with a lying, mass-murdering. blood-thirsty entity called...

...the Government...

....which is thirsty for MORE blood...

Would you lie to IT?

But before you answer, remember one thing: 

war consists of lying.

The God fearing Israelis LIED all the time to their enemies.

Moses lied...David lied...Joseph lied...Esther their enemies.

And I back this simple fact with one more fact: 

LYING and DECEPTION is a tactic of WAR.

The Israeli's left campfires burning in the night to DECEIVE the enemy.

War itself is a cavalcade of lies.

We DECEIVED the Germans into thinking we would land at the Pas de Calais instead of Normandy on D-Day.

We TRICKED the Germans and Japanese into believing we could not read their codes by slipping them some valid information.

Yes...a major tactic of WAR is lying.

 And, as I said, we ARE at WAR.

We are at a time when the government uses our TRUTHFULNESS to build cases and create blacklists against us.

Our TRUTHFULNESS has become the government's main weapon AGAINST us.

So start lying.

I have.

Someone asks me if I like guns, I answer "guns are way  too loud" (which, by the way, is the flat out truth).

Frequently, this cuts off the inquiry immediately.

So that is a great way to start your constructive lying right there.

"I HATE guns!"

How about political affiliation questions: 

What party do you follow?

"I love Obama!"

Do you have Obamacare?

"I don't understand how that works, but of course I want Obamacare!"

You see, DICTATORIAL regimes use your truthful answers to build up a resume on you through a series of spies and questioning (think we don't have them, think again!)

By the way, this 'questioning' was the same method used by the Spanish Inquisition (or any inquisitor) to CONDEMN a person prior to exectution.

So it is about time the American Public started LYING.

Now this government has been LYING and BETRAYING us since why can't we lie and betray IT for a change?

The time has come to start lying, Lying and LYING to the government.

Notice I don't call it the United States' Government - it simply isn't worthy of that name.

It is an occupied entity - occupied by an enemy who means to END us.

So LIE, people LIE...not to your family, your friends or loved, ones, but to the GOVERNMENT.

If the American Military was a smidge more Machianvellian, the present ongoing PURGE of the US Armed forces would have been impossible.

When asked if they would support global government, the United Nations, gun confiscation and an end to American sovereignty all the officers and soldiers should have answered YES!

Because they DIDN'T is the reason there are now BLACKSLISTS on all our armed forces personnel - truthful ones - which separate the patriots from the go-getters.

You see, truthfulness and honesty on our part only gives the ENEMY the edge.

Truth is meaningless to this Government and Honesty is s WEAPON used against US!

Start LYING! 

Start Lying as if your life depended on it because it just might!

Do I have guns?


Am I a Christian?


Do I have shortcomings against Government?


Will I obey all orders unquestioningly?


Do I have strong religious beliefs?


Am I depressed? (this is an important one)


Do I talk to God?


Do you ever get angry?


Do you Home-School your children?


Are you a sovereign citizen?


What strong beliefs do I have?


If you do not lie (and believe me, the questioning is coming) then your truthful answers will be used AGAINST you and you'll be put on a BLACKLIST...this BLACKLIST will be handed over to the enemy...and I don't know what the enemy will do to you, but look at HItlerian Germany, Communist Russia, Maoist China, Pol Pot's Cambodia and Rwanda to see.

Listen, while studying early portions of the Syrian uprising (when only protests were happening) I came across reported accounts of officers in the army standing BEHIND their line of troops and SHOOTING in the back of the head, any soldier refusing the order to fire on the crowds.

A thinking soldier would have simply fired high - over the head of the crowds....and then thrown a grenade on this officers belly as he slept.

Notice that all this murderousness was happening BEFORE ISIS arrived on the scene and made use of the hatred produced by the army's brutality.

Same thing for American troops.

Do you think you will never be asked to shoot and kill unarmed Americans?

A good tactic today in the Army is to simply LIE on all the surveys and questionings by officers.

Then at the right time, when the treacherous and murderous officers become known...well...I think Americans know what to do with treacherous and murderous traitors.

The point is the time has come to LIE to the government and its informants (visiting social workers, Pastors, teachers, bank tellers, electricians, plumbers, handymen, babysitters, police - and other nosy strangers asking questions in or out of our homes.

Keep your true feelings and your true allegiances between friends and people you KNOW!

And if you work for the Government, ESPECIALLY if you work for the government, tell them what they want to hear...and keep a list of your own...of TRAITORS.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Obama's New Gun Control

Having seen Obama's speech on his gun control EXECUTIVE ORDER, I observed the following facts:

First of all, I was struck by Obama actually CRYING during his speech.

Only professional, highly capable actors can CRY on command.

I applaud actors of that caliber.

The only problem was Obama was never much of an actor...and he never cried before either, and he could never bring himself to cry in spite of twisting his face in all directions.

So, hey, what happened?

Professional acting courses at Oxford?


I replayed the crying scene and saw QUITE CLEARLY how Obama went through the usual motions of crying (with not a tear coming out)...until he rubbed himself under his left eye.

Then the tears started flowing under the left eye.

Then he pretended to wipe tears from his other eye (which had no tears) by again pretending to swipe non-existing tears from under his right eye.

And  right on cue his right eye started crying.

And at this very instant, the tearless Filipino-looking lady standing right behind him started to deep-rub some crap into HER eyes, after which she looked up with both eyes tearing.

Now...what did Obama and company have on the tip of their thumbs that brought out the tears so convincingly?

Was it onion juice concentrate, or perhaps some chlorine?

I don't know, but it worked WELL.

And yes, I want some of that stuff for use at funerals.

And yes, BRAVO!

Masterful piece of make-believe!

Great act!

A really well put together theater for the masses, Mr President!

Obama's play acting has reached a new crescendo of emotionalism and professionalism in performance.

But now to what he actually insinuated about his EXECUTIVE ORDER.

Obama has a way of saying things to make him sound like he is appealing hat-in-hand to the American People, to the Congress and the Nation in general, to ask if everybody could just help little ol' him to help out society...while he is doing nothing of the sort!

He is, in fact, issuing a Royal Command - an EXECUTIVE ORDER.

To begin with, he made clear his 'decision' has obligatory, zero-tolerance 'gun safety' features built into it, so that gun owners will have no choice but to INCAPACITATE their guns at home to prevent them using them at a moment's notice.

In fact, these 'gun safety features' might very well include electronically activated and deactivated locks, safeties and gun safes (which the government can permanently lock at will)

 And don't worry some one will soon be arriving to your home to make sure you are storing your guns in a safe manner...probably the Police as part of their 'wellness check' policies.

But the meat of the speech was the 'expanded' and 'broader' background checks.

The first part of his Executive Gun Control Order WIDER and MORE COMPREHENSIVE 'Background Checks'...meaning the equivalent of a cavity-check and groin squeeze version of what you get at airports in order to buy a gun.

In other words, your background check will include A LOT more CHECKING than a mere felony check.

And it will include A LOT more issues...such as....are you depressed?....have you ever 'assaulted' anyone?....have you been accused of spousal abuse? you take medications for depression?....have you ever been in prison?....have you been caught 'driving under the influence'?...have you been caught with drugs? you owe government money?...and last but not least...are you on the No Fly List?

So needless to say, getting PERMISSION from the GOVERNMENT to even buy a gun is going to get A LOT more difficult.

This nit-picking background check translates into increased GUN DENIAL, pure and simple.

To make it worse, Obama's Executive Order EXPANDS background check to ALL gun sales.

Meaning that even the private sale of weapons from one gun owner to another will require that the seller call in his sale and identify both himself and the buyer.

Further modifications might very well include the TYPE of weapon being sold.

Again, this is GUN DENIAL and TRACKING on a huge scale because gun buying will not only be denied on a huge scale, but buyers and sellers will be tracked...leading to de-facto GUN REGISTRATION.

The creepier part of this speech was when Obama mention 'help' for people with psychological problems.

Anytime the government comes out and says "I'm here to help," run for the hills!

In this case, the government's outstretched claw is not just an excuse to deny you the right to buy a gun, not only an excuse to deny you the right to own a gun...but an excuse to incarcerate you PERMANENTLY in a mental health asylum whenever a government psychiatrist diagnoses you with "mental health issues."

THAT 'Mental Health' provision of the Gun Control Provision was the most frightening part of the speech, and reminded of the old Soviet Union, where a large portion of the population was indefinitely detained inside mental health wards.

Whatever form it takes, you can bet that, just like all Obama Programs, it will grow into a big, ugly beast of control and oppression.

Get ready and... not cooperate.