Friday, January 15, 2016

The Media's DEATH Programming

What comes to us through this thing called Television (in another era called the Boob Tube) and the movies is now consistent stream of negative and destructive programming.

Recently it has reached such a crescendo that I can barely bring myself to watch any show or movie without wanting to turn off the TV or leave the theater.

Particularly painful is the realization that I was ‘tricked’ into imbibing my bit of poison for the day, and the even sadder realization that others gulping down the whole cup down...and taking the rest home.

I call it Death Programming because, accentuates Death.

I first got a small taste of it while watching an episode of a sitcom called ‘Married with Children’ in which the cremated ashes of a dead relative is mixed in with the hamburger at a family barbecue...which somehow makes the hamburgers even more delicious (haw haw)

Then it all started in the 1990‘s when I noticed a sudden shift in the color of what passed off as funny in television sitcoms.

The series ‘Seinfeld’ had the famous episode in which a main character’s fiancĂ©e poisons herself accidentally and dies the week of her wedding, leaving the groom to rejoice because he isn’t getting married after all!

Later, an episode of ‘That 70‘s Show’ had a plot (supposedly funny) involving trying to hide the family’s dead grandmother’s corpse in the garage (can you just feel the knee slapping hilarity?).

My recent distancing from both TV and the Movies (like many others, due to my turning to the Net) caused a real shock when I finally started watching TV and the Movies again after a long hiatus.

An episode of the drama ‘Chicago Medical’ had an episode in which a doctor does the next to impossible to save a patient who has suffered a cardiac arrest...and saves him. Later, an older, more experienced and ‘wiser’ doctor tells him he ‘should have let him go.’ The viewer is left puzzled until it is later revealed the patient has suffered brain damage due to the length of time his heart wasn’t pumping.

Finally, the outraged and angry wife of the patient starts screaming in despair at the young doctor for leaving her husband a cripple...

...and the viewer is left considering the warm advice of the older, good, experienced doctor: let him die.

If only he had let the man DIE, it would be a happier world, right?

Of course, like any piece of propaganda, the events are contrived and adjusted to fit the message: let the sick die.

Which falls apart in the face of logic.

Firstly, don’t automobile accidents or strokes also leave a victim similarly incapacitated?

Does any attending doctor ever stop to think “should I help this victim because of the extent of possible incapacitation should he survive?”

No...and frequently the victim recuperates to various extents.

Secondly, standard procedure during a heart stoppage is to apply compressions to keep the blood circulating (especially to the brain), yet the hospital totally neglects this life saving procedure as the young doctor tries to save the victim.

So the message in this episode of ‘Chicago Medical’ is hospitals should practice Euthanasia - EVERYONE will be better off.

What a bleak, evil and corrupt statement.

Right from the Devil’s bag of delusion.

But how can you accuse the old, experienced, wise, likable doctor of being evil or even misguided?

One more Illluminati death message implanted in the minds of the clueless viewer:

‘Euthanasia is good. Some people should be allowed to die.’

While catching up on my DVD movie viewing, I came across a fascinating film called ‘Inception’ in which the main protagonist is an agent who can enter a person’s mind in dreams to find information or manipulate the mind.

Just look at the ugly programming in this thing:

To leave the ‘dream world’ (which often turns nightmarish) you must KILL YOURSELF in the dream.

So we are treated to repetitive rounds of characters either killing themselves or being killed  by their friends to ‘escape’ a bad reality.

Get it?

When things start to go bad...just kill yourself!

The movie closes with an especially evil message:

It turns out the hero’s wife actually did kill herself for real AFTER they left their idealistic heaven-like dream world (everyday reality was too horrible to bare).

And finally in the closing sequence, it is insinuated that the hero himself reaches true happiness when he finally enters a coma and is left in a vegetative state free to NEVER leave the heaven-like irreality of his dreams.

The message: kill yourself - when you go to a much better place.

I saw similar programming on Tom Cruise’s ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ where to repeat the incident and go back in time (to set things right) Tom Cruise must be killed over and over again by his assistant.

Nice message.

This type of SUICIDE programming first became apparent to me during some of my aimless days (which basically consisted of working and sleeping) when I was visited an Internet Computer Game Cafe for the first time.

The patronage was amazingly young, complete with worried doting parents coming in every once in a while to check on their kids and stare at the ‘man’ sitting by their kid on the computer line (needless to say this was my first and last visit).

Anyway, kids that appeared to be 9 or 10 years old were sitting by me playing this game called ‘Battlefield’.

You can imagine my surprise when I hear the kid next to me say to the other kid “it’s no good, kill yourself!”


This got my attention, and I soon learned that in this interactive Internet game, once you got in a tight spot, your ONLY way you had to leave the game was to COMMIT SUICIDE on screen.

I asked the kid how to do it, and the choice method I found out was to pull the pin on your grenade and NOT throw it.


Everything gets better again: you get to start over.

Not long after a worried looking Mom came in to check on her kid, and I literally had to stop myself from screaming:

“Lady, take your kid outta here! It’s rotting his mind and teaching him to commit suicide!”

But I didn’t.

Back then I ‘thought’ I had learned that the best thing to do in life was to keep quiet.

Soon after that I incident I changed that belief (and my career has suffered accordingly ever since).

My latest sojourn into Death Programming occurred while I watched a movie called Lone Survivor, which was about US special forces in Afghanistan (and was supposedly based on a ‘true’ story).

I watched it because it had been highly recommended to my by friends and relatives.

Well...there is a reason I no longer watch “war on terror’ war movies or read ‘war on terror’ books.

It hadn’t take me long to see through the reality that EVERY war book and EVERY war movie published or filmed since 2001 is flat out Government propaganda presenting a fairy-tale like reality akin to what the American public consumed in the 1940's.

So it took me about five minutes to see that ‘Lone Survivor’ was just one more piece of Government and CIA designed propaganda to make our Special Forces (highly trained murderers when you come right down to it) look good.

Done, of course, with full cooperation of the Armed Forces and the Government (and the CIA), of course the movie is rich in technical detail, but all that falls flat when it comes to reality.

The Green Berets wake up to a leisurely beautiful morning alongside pictures of their loved ones and take comradely morning jogs with their favorite buds and then come together for a happy, joke-filled briefing.

The everything falls apart.

On a mission to extract a terrorist, the Special Forces squad runs across a teenager, an old man and a child shepherding sheep.

The Special Forces hide in the bushes and keep quiet.

But, as luck would have it, the old man steps RIGHT INTO a bush containing one of the Green Berets.

The jig is up!

The three civilians are taken at gunpoint...and then the dilemma begins...what to do with these people.

A  good, strong-quiet type, tall, good-looking experienced veteran says they should “waste ‘em” (in other words, kill the Old Man, the Teenager and the little kid).

The leader of the group says refuses, and says they’ll continue on, in spite of having been ‘discovered’ by the trio.

So begins our death programming.

As it turns out, the minute the Green Berets leave the Afghan teenager makes an athletic all-out run for the village to tell the Taliban.

And the Taliban, once contacted, launch an all-out scouring of the countryside for the Americans.

So quick and effective is the Taliban search that they quickly surround the Americans immediately and start closing the circle.

During the chase, the entire special forces team is forced to toppled off a steep ravine down which they all roll down endlessly, taking astounding punishment as they hit stones, rocks and trunks (this one scene actually looked like a comedy) and finally hit bottom bloody, broken and hardly able to walk.

It is at this time that the mistake is made clear:

They should NOT have let the Old man, the teen and the child go.

Look where it’s gotten them!

It’s gotten them all surrounded...and now its going to get the killed!

Banished are any common sense decisions the Green Berets like tying up the Afghans or taking them with them.

Nope, the message is you didn’t KILL THEM and now you are going to pay the price!

The endless bloody trials and tribulation of the poor special forces squad is so prolonged and horrible that the viewer catches himself repeating the message of the movie:

‘If they had only KILLED those three Afghans, none of this would have happened’


A nice way to escape future trials and tribulation is simply to MURDER civilians.

I am sure (from the stories I hear) that many of our troops overseas have gotten this message...and now, perhaps the American people understand too.

Never mind that all the wanton murder and destruction has prolonged and stiffened resistance to American occupation!

But the message is clear: sometimes you just have to KILL civilians, live with it.

To make the message crystal clear of what NOT murdering civilians can bring, the movie wraps up with only ONE member of the squad surviving...barely.

It is a murderous message repeated in a movie called ‘Fury’ which i review here:

Let me show you just ONE example of what this death programming has produced

Recently I was shocked to hear a young relative make fun of a classmate...who had committed suicide.

I questioned him and his friends and found out the dead classmate was actually somebody they knew and ‘hanged out’ with...and then I remembered i actually SAW this kid with them once - a tall, athletic, muscular young man who, for all intents and purposes had an entire future ahead of him.

Maybe the death of the young hits older people harder than their peers, but I was actually shocked and saddened by the news.

The young people were laughing.

I TRIED to get inside the mind of these young people, and could only come up with the kids perhaps trying to deal with their grief through humor.

Somehow, from future observation, that answer looked less and less convincing.

Afterwards they showed me a kid’s show called ‘Robot Chicken.’

This kid’s show was absolutely filled with SHEER EXHILIRATION at prospect of death and suffering in general.

Now, perhaps I was coming closer to understanding.

I knew where the programming came from.

And I knew what it was causing: dehumanization.

One more example of dehumanization.

I have a friend who happens to be a teacher.

A little long in the tooth, the guy has come out of retirement (he says because he’s bored / I say because he needs money).

Anyway, this guy who retired in the 1990‘s, seemed to be in shock and disbelief when he told me about what he experienced in the school.

“When I graduated from teacher’s college, I never thought, ever, that one day I would be in a classroom where kids would be watching videos of people being tortured and killed.”

He was referring to what is regular fare on the Internet: videos of people being killed, and, the way in which people watch them: on their smart phones.

He caught a group of Hispanic students now only watching, but sharing and laughing at videos of people being tortured and killed by Cartels in Mexico.

From their reactions he thought he might be coming upon a group sharing some really funny videos.

He underestimated what the human mind finds ‘funny’ nowadays.

“These kids were giggling and laughing!”  he said nonplussed.

I don’t know where young people come across these videos, but I have seen several put at the forefront in YouTube, including decapitations by terrorists...I never watch them and I never will

Maybe my sensibilities are too old fashioned, since I come from (a rather recent) era in which such films were called SNUFF FILMS and the watching of them was considered accessory to murder...basically, the same way we treat child pornography.

Things have changed...and how have they changed!

I might include more of my friend’s observations since he seems to be freaking out and liable to quit soon.

But the grain I get from talking to him is that this next generation will be the devil’s own spawn.

Yes, I know every older generation says the same thing.

And maybe they are right!

Maybe each generation HAS gotten progressively worse until we finally end up with the Devils own progeny.

I mean...16 year olds...watching and people are tortured to death?

That’s something else.

So, as you can see, the Television and Movies are filled with subtly crafted and insidious types of Death Programming designed to make people kill, commit suicide, support euthanasia and all types of murder.

I sensed this difference very harshly because I had stayed away from the medium for so long, but now I can tell you its ALL there.

So I recommend you stay away from it, and keep your children away from it, or...if you insist on watching...keep and eye out for all that death programming...point it out to family when you see it....and if possible stop watching the series which is sponsoring it.

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