Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Obama's New Gun Control

Having seen Obama's speech on his gun control EXECUTIVE ORDER, I observed the following facts:

First of all, I was struck by Obama actually CRYING during his speech.

Only professional, highly capable actors can CRY on command.

I applaud actors of that caliber.

The only problem was Obama was never much of an actor...and he never cried before either, and he could never bring himself to cry in spite of twisting his face in all directions.

So, hey, what happened?

Professional acting courses at Oxford?


I replayed the crying scene and saw QUITE CLEARLY how Obama went through the usual motions of crying (with not a tear coming out)...until he rubbed himself under his left eye.

Then the tears started flowing under the left eye.

Then he pretended to wipe tears from his other eye (which had no tears) by again pretending to swipe non-existing tears from under his right eye.

And  right on cue his right eye started crying.

And at this very instant, the tearless Filipino-looking lady standing right behind him started to deep-rub some crap into HER eyes, after which she looked up with both eyes tearing.

Now...what did Obama and company have on the tip of their thumbs that brought out the tears so convincingly?

Was it onion juice concentrate, or perhaps some chlorine?

I don't know, but it worked WELL.

And yes, I want some of that stuff for use at funerals.

And yes, BRAVO!

Masterful piece of make-believe!

Great act!

A really well put together theater for the masses, Mr President!

Obama's play acting has reached a new crescendo of emotionalism and professionalism in performance.

But now to what he actually insinuated about his EXECUTIVE ORDER.

Obama has a way of saying things to make him sound like he is appealing hat-in-hand to the American People, to the Congress and the Nation in general, to ask if everybody could just help little ol' him to help out society...while he is doing nothing of the sort!

He is, in fact, issuing a Royal Command - an EXECUTIVE ORDER.

To begin with, he made clear his 'decision' has obligatory, zero-tolerance 'gun safety' features built into it, so that gun owners will have no choice but to INCAPACITATE their guns at home to prevent them using them at a moment's notice.

In fact, these 'gun safety features' might very well include electronically activated and deactivated locks, safeties and gun safes (which the government can permanently lock at will)

 And don't worry some one will soon be arriving to your home to make sure you are storing your guns in a safe manner...probably the Police as part of their 'wellness check' policies.

But the meat of the speech was the 'expanded' and 'broader' background checks.

The first part of his Executive Gun Control Order WIDER and MORE COMPREHENSIVE 'Background Checks'...meaning the equivalent of a cavity-check and groin squeeze version of what you get at airports in order to buy a gun.

In other words, your background check will include A LOT more CHECKING than a mere felony check.

And it will include A LOT more issues...such as....are you depressed?....have you ever 'assaulted' anyone?....have you been accused of spousal abuse?....do you take medications for depression?....have you ever been in prison?....have you been caught 'driving under the influence'?...have you been caught with drugs?...do you owe government money?...and last but not least...are you on the No Fly List?

So needless to say, getting PERMISSION from the GOVERNMENT to even buy a gun is going to get A LOT more difficult.

This nit-picking background check translates into increased GUN DENIAL, pure and simple.

To make it worse, Obama's Executive Order EXPANDS background check to ALL gun sales.

Meaning that even the private sale of weapons from one gun owner to another will require that the seller call in his sale and identify both himself and the buyer.

Further modifications might very well include the TYPE of weapon being sold.

Again, this is GUN DENIAL and TRACKING on a huge scale because gun buying will not only be denied on a huge scale, but buyers and sellers will be tracked...leading to de-facto GUN REGISTRATION.

The creepier part of this speech was when Obama mention 'help' for people with psychological problems.

Anytime the government comes out and says "I'm here to help," run for the hills!

In this case, the government's outstretched claw is not just an excuse to deny you the right to buy a gun, not only an excuse to deny you the right to own a gun...but an excuse to incarcerate you PERMANENTLY in a mental health asylum whenever a government psychiatrist diagnoses you with "mental health issues."

THAT 'Mental Health' provision of the Gun Control Provision was the most frightening part of the speech, and reminded of the old Soviet Union, where a large portion of the population was indefinitely detained inside mental health wards.

Whatever form it takes, you can bet that, just like all Obama Programs, it will grow into a big, ugly beast of control and oppression.

Get ready and...

...do not cooperate.

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