Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dread and Horror: It's Hillary in 2016

People keep harping on how Hillary is done.

How she doesn’t have a chance.

How Trump is the ‘for-sure’ winner of the Presidency.

What they don’t look at are the bureaucratic machinations that decide all our elections behind the scenes.

The skeletons in Hillary’s closet are numerous and well known by all:
    -Mena, Arkansas murder
    -Vince Foster Murder
    -Bangazi Murders
    -Email scandal
    -non-stop lying

But what people have failed to notice is that all this scandal and  all this criminality has FAILED to put a dent in the Hillary campaign...or Hillery herself.

She has the same Teflon protection that kept her ‘husband’ “Slick Willie” Clinton out of jail or prosecution during the entirety of his terms as Governor of Arkansas and finally as President.

While people keep saying Trump is the lead candidate bar none in the Republican Party, nobody notices Hillary is the only contender in the Democratic Party - the rest consisting of a bunch of unknown losers.

Really! Are all those nobodies astride Hillary the BEST the Democratic Party has to offer?  The most eloquent?  The most charismatic?

All these losers were forced to wait while Queen Hillary-I went to the bathroom during the last Democratic Debate.

In addition, it was HILLARY who was exclusively invited to the last King-making Bildeberger Conference, in which future leadership is crowned.

Hillary should have already been in prison or at lease exiled from government for all her crimes....yet she’s on TOP of the world!!!

So first of all, it’s HILLARY for the Democratic nomination.

Secondly, Trump’s position is not as solid as it seems.

The Republican Party has already turned against Trump, seeing him as somebody that needs to be gotten rid of as soon as possible.

In other words, the Republican Party sees Trump much the same way that it views the Tea Party - something that needs to be squashed.

The Republican Bureaucracy is already pulling the strings to NOT nominate Trump as Republican candidate for the Presidency.

So the only question is:

“How do we get rid of Trump?”

If they had any class or smarts they would have already told Trump he doesn’t have a chance in hell for the nomination....and give him enough time to organize his run as an independent.

If they are stupid they will simply appoint the unpopular mafioso Jeb Bush or unelectable foreign-born Ted Cruz as their candidate.

Either way, the Republican Party LOSES.

Jeb Bush is an unpopular loser.

Ted Cruz is a foreign-born national who constitutionally CANNOT be President.

And an independent run by Donald Trump will SPLIT the Republican vote as Trump draws in the far-right Conservatives....

...and lead to what has always happened during a party is split - victory for the opposing side!

This is what happened when the Democratic Party split in 1860...resulting in the victory of Republicans Lincoln.

This is what happened when the Republican Party split in 1912, resulting in a victory of Democrats Wilson.

This is what happened when the Republican Party split in 1992, resulting in a victory of Democrat Bill Clinton.

...and this is what will happen if the Republican Party splits in 2016.

The common denominator all these past split-party elections have is that they ushered in a loser who otherwise had no chance of becoming President.

The 2016 elections stand to make one unelectable more loser - Hillary Clinton - President of the United States.

For those of you who might have missed all the preparatory Illuminati red carpet programming... might have noticed the CBS series “Madame Secretary” which is an entire TV series devoted to the adventures of a female Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton’s former post) as she puts all things to right.

Also you might have noticed all the pro-female programming along the lines that women are just as good, just as strong, just as smart, just as fact, more good, more strong, more smart and more capable than men... movies like Madame Secretary, Maleficent, Edge of Tomorrow, Interstellar, Hunger Games, Mad Max, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, etc, etc, etc, where the Female reigns supreme and the male serves as a useful idiot to be the female, of course.

Girl Power!

Psychological preparation for “what it’s about time for” - “America’s first” (cue in applause and cheering) “female” (crowd goes wild) “President!” (sounds of delirious celebration).

So the ground has been prepared for “Dame Hillary the First” to become President, starting with the media’s psychological programming, continuing with the Bildeberg coronation, progressing with the appointment of useless competing Democratic contenders, and topping it off with the denial of Donald Trump’s nomination as Republican Party Candidate (not happened yet, but coming soon).

Before getting into what Hillary has to offer, let’s get into Trump’s role is in the game.

Trump is pressure vent.

If you know what a pressure cooker is, you know it has a vent to steadily let off order to keep it from exploding.

Donald Trump is the pressure vent for the American public... a public who is presently in a pressure cooker environment.

You don’t have to be rocket scientist to know what to say to the American public.

The public is frustrated at too many illegals being admitted into the country.

Tell them “No more illegals!”

Public frustrated at unemployment and the economy?

Tell them “America first in employment and the economy!”

Public frustrated at the kid gloves with which terrorists are treated?

“Annihilate the terrorists”

Public angry at letting in more Muslim immigrants?

“No more Muslim immigrants!”

Public upset by higher taxes?

“Lower taxes for all!”

Public in disagreement with increasing government tyranny and war?

“More Internet censorship, more war, less privacy...uh...”

Oh, well, “The Trump” got most of the good stuff down anyway, too bad he believes in expanding the war overseas and increasing tyranny at home (just like the past two Presidents), but he makes you feel good in the other departments, doesn’t he?

And all those feel good pressure-vent statements he’s making fulfill his role as a frustration-releasing mechanism for a very frustrated and angry American public.

And the American public has A LOT to be frustrated about:
    -industry and jobs exported to China
    -remaining jobs taken by illegal and H1B1 visa immigrants
    -higher taxes
    -higher prices
    -decreased pay
    -decreased employment
    -foreign wars
    -being forced to purchase expensive health insurance
    -sick veterans treated like trash
    -US being put under foreign laws and bureaucrats
So Americans have a lot to be frustrated about.

And Trump is the emergency pressure-vent designed to keep the electorate from exploding.

But what is he exactly?

As Trump likes to say, “he” never went bankrupt, but his empire-like corporate capital holdings sure have...


Up until 1991 Trump was an unstoppable can-do-no-wrong capitalist force at the forefront of the capitalist world.

He even wrote a runaway best seller called “The Art of the Deal” in 1987.

Then the powers that be probably decided to show him who the real bosses were....or Trump was just incompetent and...

...his Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City went bankrupt in 1991....

....his Trump Plaza Hotel went bankrupt in 1992...

...all his hotels and casinos went bankrupt in 2004...

Simultaneously with this huge bankruptcy, Trump set out to salvage his image through a TV series called ‘The Apprentice’ that same year.

In this TV show, the image of Trump as a confident, powerful, awe-inspiring representation of capitalism was re-established...

The image was kept going through news and gossip media coverage in addition to his ‘game show’ appearances.

Pretty soon Trump was back to super-man status....

... in spite of all ‘Trump Entertainment Resorts’ in general going bankrupt in 2009.

And  since then Trump has remained just that - an image of power and wealth, if not substance.

Cut to the core, Trump is nothing more than a glorified real-estate investor - a speculator, who has contributed nothing to the economy...

...and a member of the system.

In another vein, Trump is just the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) of the capitalist world - a ubiquitous, over the top showman, who projects vast intimidating power and cunning for all the fans to enjoy.

In reality, he is a acolyte of the establishment who has been shown the door, shown his place and been slapped over the head quite a few times, after which he has been salvaged and rebuilt in the eyes of the public.

Trump knows who his masters are.

They tore him down...and they built him up again.

Trump’s interest in politics statesmanship doesn’t extend beyond bribing the local politician to ease his investments.

If he has climbed the political stage it is because his MASTERS have told him to.

And he is there now...serving as a pressure vent....and enjoying all the attention...

...but make no mistake...

...Trump has no ambition in politics...and won’t shed a tear about losing the Republican nomination...

He already has what he wanted: more fame, more celebrity, more status...and a guaranteed place as the spokesman for America.

So he WILL accept NOT being nominated as the Republican Candidate...

...he WILL accept running as a ticket-splitting third party candidate...

...and he WILL accept losing at the polls (whether contrived or not).

And the American people will be left with one more let down and one more false messiah to follow off stage.

Meanwhile....let’s take a look at what we WILL get.

It’s a sign of the times when, in a ‘democracy’ of 320 million people, you have the brother of a previous President against the wife of a previous President...for the Presidency.

Is this a democracy, or a Plutocracy?

Are ‘The People’ running or are two royal Dynasties competing for the throne?

I mean, what’s next?

House Haarkonen vs House Atreides?

Hillary Clinton is simply a direct representation of what’s coming to this country.

She is a criminal.

Partner-in-crime with her ‘husband’ Bill Clinton in drug running, money laundering and murder in Mena Arkansas....

Knowledgeable partner in the killing of White House Counsel (and crime colleague) Vince Foster.

Knowledgeable partner in the assassination-by-air-crash of Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown.

Co-conspirator in the murder of US Ambassador to Libya, John C. Stevens and his Navy Seal escorts as they were abandoned to die at the hands of Muslim Fundamentalists while the Navy watched was ordered to stand Hillary.

Conspirator in setting up a secret, personal, off-the-record email service with which to transact official, top secret and classified US government communications - an act of sabotage, treachery and possible spying for a foreign power.

What foreign power?

Would you believe Israel?

You’ve got to remember, this is the same Hillary who suddenly remembered he grandmother spoke fluent Yiddish.

And let’s not forget ol’ Hillary is also a Lesbian.

That’s right.

Her marriage to Bill Clinton a total scam and contract of convenience which permitted her to cavort with her female lovers while Bill cavorted with his own set.

And let’s not forget Hillary Clinton is a Communist from her days back in College - a well known fact -making her a possible agent for the other side.

In addition, there is a strong rumor that Hillary is a practicing witch (no kidding) - a real bona fide satanic witch who holds her rituals in the White House.

Oh, and one more thing, Hillary, like her husband BIll (and Obama) is a CIA asset, whose ascension to the throne  would make her the fourth consecutive CIA President (after Bush-I, Bush-II and Obama) to enter the White House.

So there you have it.

A criminal, lying, murdering, communist, lesbian witch who works for the CIA.

Once you know all that, you have no problem believing Hillary breaks into laughter every time the subject of DEATH comes up.


(please note her sheer joy and hilarity)


And there you have the criminally deranged, communist, murderous lesbian spy witch traitor that is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

You know, I never falter at having enough negative adjectives when describing the Illuminati slaves I describe on this blog, but in the case of

Hillary Clinton, my words truly fail me - I simply do not have enough words - words fail me - when trying to describe this evil character.

You’ll have to forgive me for saying this...I don’t think America can survive this entity called Hillary Clinton...

...and the prospect of her becoming President...

...has me considering leaving the country.

Good luck with THIS particular monster, America.

You’re going to need it.

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