Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Everybody's Losing Their Country!

While talking to some foreign nationals and hearing them speak about their own government both personally and over talk radio I have noted they...and Americans...are saying the same thing:

"We have lost our country!"

Now Americans may seem very self absorbed in proclaiming 'the loss of American democracy' and the 'trashing of the American Constitution,' but truth's happening ALL OVER THE WORLD.

That's right - people who walk and talk like the legitimately elected representatives of the country are behaving like they represent some foreign entity and are doing whatever they want...completely independent of the will of the people.

Sound familiar?

More to the point, they are acting like their own private mafia and loudly proclaiming through their acts: "the will of the people be damned!"

The French feel this way.

The Germans feel this way.

The Turks feel this way.

Most countries in the Middle East feel this way.

Many people are basically asking: "Who the hell are these people?" 

Unfortunately, it is a phenomenon I came frequently across in the Third World...decades ago.

The people in Latin America, Africa and other parts of the Third World have been asking themselves the above questions about their 'leaders' FOR DECADES!

"Who the hell IS this guy? Who the hell appointed him president? And who does he really represent?"

And lastly...

"Why is he destroying the country??!!"

That's right.

What is happening right now to America and Europe is a phenomenon that is old hat to the nations of the Third World.

Of course, the answers to the above questions are:

"He is a CIA Corporate asset recruited in the 1st World's elite universities or military colleges"

"He was empowered through CIA and Corporate money and assistance"

"He represents American CIA Corporate interests"

"What he is doing to your country coincides with CIA Corporate policies to keep your country down, indebted, dependent and prostrated before international mandates?"

(let's not forget the other side - countries run by the assets of the Russian KGB, which are no better off than than the CIA)

What's going on?

The people of Venezuela have been asking themselves this question for the last 16 years as they struggle against rampant crime, vigilantisms, business confiscations and government death squads under the rule of a Marxist KGB hegemony begun under Hugo Chavez.

Unfortunately things began getting out of hand with desperate Venezuelans being starved into rebellion and the system has already presented them with a new hope:

Homosexual Jew and Mossad agent Henrique Carpriles.

(oh, did I mention that besides the CIA, KGB and MI6, the Mossad also plays an important role in controlling Third World countries?)

No... and of course, this 'new hope of the people' does not represent Venezuela either - you can bet your bottom shekel on that.

And you know what?

Neither do...

...Mossad/CIA collaborator and pseudo fundamentalist Recep Erdogay, president of Turkey...

....Mossad asset Abdelazziz Bouteflika - president of Algeria...

...Mossad agent Abdel Fattah El Sissi - president of Egypt...

...KGB pawn Angela Merkel - president of Germany...

...KGB agent Francois Hollande - president of France...

 ...KGB chieftain Vladimir Putin - president of Russia


...Mossad/CIA/KGB/Muslim Brotherhood affiliated pawn Barak Hussein Obama - US president

(Boy, does that last guy sound like a walking disaster or what!)

So you see, as the great Disraeli once said,  

"the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes"


What was the point of this blog?

Oh yes...everybody feeling like they're losing their country.

And you can see why.

 We're losing our countries because our countries are run by intelligence assets serving GLOBAL policy.

And one more thing...

 ...these intelligence agencies actually COLLABORATE with each another.

This is why you see Turkey's Muslim Fundamentalist Erdogan collaborating with Israel and attacking Islamic Syria.

A Turkish caller to Infowars recently mentioned that the government of Turkey did not represent the Turkish people, did not care about the opinion of the Turkish people and had its own agenda which involves allying with Israel against Syria and provoking Russia, while the typical Turk has stopped caring either way and is just trying to survive.

The President of France had the front contender in upcoming elections arrested and promised to arrest anyone criticizing government policy on letting in MORE Muslims right after the November terrorist attacks!

The Chancellor of Germany insists on opening the gates to masses of Muslim refugees over the violent protests of Germans even as she pulls out of alliance with the US and moves closer to Russia (who the Germans openly despise).

Obama gets caught promising to reduce the US armed forces while begging for more time in a conversation with Russian President, purges the US Armed forces, opens the border, legitimizes illegals, raises taxes, increases violations on property, privacy and person while secretly bringing in Russian and Chinese troops and promising to bring in Muslim refugees against the will of State Governors and the American People.

Do any of these sound like national leaders to you?

Of course they don't...because they aren't!

They  are the assets of the Intelligence Agencies which control them - intelligence agencies which have been empowered for far too long within the borders of the countries they are supposed to be serving...

...while acting on behalf of the Global Talmudic-Kabalistic-Luciferian Financial cabal they really serve....while EVERYBODY else fails to connect the dots.

The fact is the intelligence agencies are now all acting in conjunction with one another because the time has come to integrate the nations they control into a New World Order.

They have gotten their royal commands.

If there is treaty signed by their agents (our leaders) it will be to abolish national sovereignty and establish international government.

If a war erupts, it will be to destroy nations in order to rebuild them as regions of the New World Order (see what happened to Europe after WW-II).

In other words, the intelligence agents of the world on are coming together to carry out a program of conquest.

They are not our friends.

They are not on our side.

There is only one side - that of their masters.

And the side they are on is the side of the financial mafia which will create the New World Order.

Meanwhile, it would help our cause if the nations of the world would pass laws PROHIBITING domestic intelligence operations upon their soil, including SEVERE penalties for those who disobey - career termination, exile from government, 20 year sentences...and death penalties.

Sound a bit too rough? does masses of your fellow nationals getting MURDERED by intelligence operations sound?

How does the engineered failure of your nation's war effort sound?

How does assassinations of your elected representatives sound?

How does blackmailing of your elected leadership sound?

How does abolishment of your democracy, torture and concentration camps sound?

20 year sentences and death penalties don't sound so extreme now, do they.

The intelligence agencies have done it in the past and they are doing it now, all with the same entitled, untouchable smoothness which they derive from the Masonic Banking structure which supports them. 

And let's not forget the other thing we must do while getting rid of these rats - we must abolish ALL the Central Banks, and make it a permanent part of our constitutions the total, complete and eternal prohibition of any central banking activity ever again.

You've simply got to see how strange it is for all these nations who are 'acting' against each other to the point of war...all having a privately owned central bank owned by the SAME international banks which prints the currency and counts it as debt to themselves.

There has been too much silence on this flagrant intelligence and banking control of the nations for far too long.

Enough of this abuse!

It is time for the nations of the world to expose and tear this fat bastard bitch right down to the ground!

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