Monday, December 21, 2015

Will Multiple Sclerosis Become a Plague?

The new disease is Peripheral Neuropathy.

There is so much of this disease sprouting that an entire new industry has developed, making use of thousands of hours of TV commercials and full-page newspaper ads to purvey the 20 MILLION who have been suddenly afflicted.

“Not to be alarmed” as the media says.

Nothing to see here folks.

Just a “minor complication”....

...that happens to be exploding...

...and isn’t so minor.

In fact Peripheral Neuropathy is a SERIOUS indicator of a possible MASSIVE forthcoming epidemic of autoimmune disease.

Autoimmune disease IS the THE disease everyone should know about...but don’t.

This is no accident.

The media has kept a lid on it for 60 years.


Because Autoimmune disease is a disease caused EXCLUSIVELY by VACCINES!

And Autoimmune disease is increasingly out of control because the establishment’s massive and continuous vaccination campaigns are out of control.

The more vaccination the more Autoimmune disease.

What is Auto-immune disease?

It is a disease in which the body turns against itself and starts rejecting and destroying its own tissue.

Why does the body reject and destroy its own tissue?

Because its tissues have been invaded for foreign DNA injected into it through vaccines.

Sometimes (like in Cancer) the body has a good reason to consume the contaminated tissue.... others (like Multiple Sclerosis) it just seems like a rabid out of control predator, mercilessly destroying itself.

What are the names of the Autoimmune diseases?

-Multiple Sclerosis
-Guillaine Barre
-Graves’s Disease
-autoimmune Hepatitis
...amongst others

Hey! That’s a good portions of the diseases afflicting humanity!

If you or a loved one has, had or will have any of these diseases know that the cause of all of them are vaccination.

The Peripheral Neuropathy that is now afflicting MILLIONS of Americans is a type of autoimmune disease which affects Myelin.

Myelin is the fatty sheath which surrounds our nerves.

If you could look at the human body as an electrical device, and our nerves as wires, then you could look at Myelin as the sheathing on the electrical wires.

Now imagine what would happen to any electrical device if you removed all the sheathing from its wires.

The answer is pretty much what happens to the human body when the sheathing on the nerves is eaten away.

The result is a disease like Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or its smaller brother, Guillaine Barre.

A disease which leads to shaking and paralysis as the connection between Brain and body are interrupted...

...through Demyelination  of the nervous system.

That’s right - the body basically eats away the sheathing from its own nerves.

And if Guillaine Barre is the smaller sibling of Multiple Sclerosis, Peripheral Neuropathy is the baby brother of Guillaine Barre.

In other words, it’s basically the same disease caused by different levels of deterioration of the nervous system.

This is why the new upsurge in Peripheral Neuropathy frightens me.

It’s an indicator of what is to come - widespread nervous system disorders.

If you can imagine an entire portion of the US population afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis, then you can imagine what I am talking about.

The advent of Peripheral Neuropathy is a serous marker or indicator of what is to come.

And nervous disorder diseases caused by Dmyelination are indeed horrible diseases to have.

The secretive and low key indications that a large portion of the American population is coming down en masse with Nervous System Demyelination Disease is a serious indicator of a massive population affliction...

...and a health disaster.

Not that we should focus on Peripheral Neuropathy at the expense of the other blossoming Autoimmune diseases: Cancer, Diabetes and Lupus, but the truth is Demyelinating disease was relatively rare...until now.

Peripheral Neuropathy is simply the Demyelination of the nerves at the periphery or extremeties of the human body.

So it affects the feet, the hands, the head and face, in which area the process of demyelinating begins (and eventually spreads).

The most common symptom of Peripheral Neuropathy is extreme pain in the feet caused by demyelination of the nerves.

This is an affliction Americans do not need, but which has been given to them by their friendly Flu Vaccine provider.

Flu Vaccines are probably the #1 purveyor of this ghastly disease (and of Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis as well) and will continue to increase the incidence even as their use escalates.

The intrusion of this genetic material into our bodies has created a plague of demyelination  plague which expresses itself presently in the outbreak of so-called ‘“Peripheral Neuropathy.”

Hopefully this will subside.

At worse it could explode into a massive outbreak of     Multiple Sclerosis type disease in the American population.

But there is a bright side to this vicious assault on the body by the medical establishment.

The body has the capacity to repair Myelin damage.

But the American population has got to STOP...

...getting Flu Vaccines...

...eating Junk Food...

...start eating healthy...


...STOP submitting itself to Standard Medicine (which is KILLING THEM)...

...and give their bodies a CHANCE TO REPAIR THEMSELVES.

Myelin is fatty tissue.

A good source for repairing Myelin are therefore fatty foods like:

    -Fish Oil
    -Olive Oil
    -nuts and nut oils
    -foods containing all the B vitamins

The consumption of these foods contributes to the repair of Myelin.

American wake up!

The cost of not doing so is too big, too ugly and too horrible to describe!

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