Thursday, December 3, 2015

San Bernardino: Latest False Flag Theater

Yesterday, Wednesday, December 2, 2015, three gunmen broke into the Inland Regional social services center and (supposedly) began shooting, killing 14 and wounding 17 people.

The same script for most of these shootouts seemed to be followed.

There were heart-tugging calls from inside the center from people who supposedly had nothing better to do than call relatives as the gunman shot people in the next room.

As always, the gunmen were masked and concealing their identities (to make them interchangeable between patsies and government assassins).

But what disturbed me most as I closely watched the ‘footage’ from San Bernardino was the mien of the people participating in it.

People were lined up in lines, cuing up to go who knows where.

Awaiting these lines were school buses.

None of these people seemed alarmed.

In fact most of them seemed plain bored - one participant even yawned!

Some seemed to be cracking jokes and laughing.

The police also seemed bored as they walked around aimlessly.

There were groups of participants who had name tags hanging around their necks.

What did those neck tags say?

“San Bernardino Inland Regional Center Shooting Response Team”?

So by now you probably know what I am getting at.

The footage looked like a DRILL....and not a very good one either.

Which makes me suspect that the San Bernardino ‘incident’ is just one more false flag drill in a long line of false flag drills we have been experiencing as the system seeks more and more justification to end our gun rights and impose a prison system.

I have felt this way ever since I confirmed the passenger jets on 9/11 were computer generated images (CGI) and that the Sandy Hook Shooting was a drill passed off as the real thing.

In other words, we are in an era of make-believe, where acting passes off as reality while pretend is accepted as the real thing and government POLICY is created as a reaction to theater.

Why our CIA-controlled Government has turned to launching false flag theater over actual false flag attacks is a good question.

Perhaps a theatrical false flag has more deniability.

Perhaps an actual false flag attack carries too much risk along the lines of government assets and assassins actually being killed and caught by citizens or authorities.

Perhaps actual false flags have become too risky when it comes to discovering government involvement in killing its own citizens.

I don’t know.

But the trend seems to be false flag theater over actual false flag attacks.

And we are expected to believe it.

Incredible...considering the complexity of not only putting on a false flag theater, but making it believable to the general public... or is it?

With the media 100% in the hands of the CIA-controlled establishment, it is not so incredible.

The media says exactly what it is told to say.

Any witness coming forth to  reveal that an attack was actually a drill is completely ignored.

Investigative reporters?

They no longer exist.

The paper gofers who retrieve official government announcement and write up reports on them are not reporters, but extensions of government propaganda and human relations.

It is this air-tight media that has allowed government-staged events to be displayed as real.

Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, San Bernardino...all seem to be theater events - drills which are announced as true events.

But whatever the case my be and supposing San Bernardino and all these other recent shootings are real, the truth is they are occurring at a well timed regular intervals in preparation for either Obama’s executive order or sponsored bill on GUN CONTROL.

As the time of introducing the bill gets closer, the gun massacre incidents increase.

November 22, 2015
    New Orleans Playground Shooting
        17 wounded

November 27, 2015
    Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting
        3 killed
        9 wounded

December 2, 2015
    San Bernardino Social Services Center Shooting
        14 dead
        17 wounded       

As you can see, the casualties are escalating.

The shootings are beginning to occur less than a week from each other. 

Five days after the New Orleans shooting, the Colorado shooting happened.

Five days after Colorado, the San Bernardino shooting happened.

So now we are up to expecting ONE MASS SHOOTING EVERY WEEK.

It won’t take long for Obama to say (once again) “enough is enough!” and either sign an executing order or (more likely) put before our blackmailed Congressa bill on total gun control and confiscation.

To make matters worse, the San Bernardino shooting carries the stigma of an Islamic ‘terrorist’ attack,’ considering the two slain suspects, Zayed Frouk and  Tasheffen Malik are Muslims.

So now we will be asked to surrender our guns to prevent terrorism.

Surprise, surprise.

But we are not going to turn in our guns due to the war on terror.

The truth is  we need our guns now more than ever.

You can come up with all the ‘endgame’ discussions and all the ‘enough is enough’ declarations, the truth is the government is one crazy and treacherous institution which has put our country in mortal danger an because of that we need guns more than we ever have in the history of our nation...

...and we are not turning them in.

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  1. Everything your saying is spot on. I have never commented before on any website or bog. Have you seen the Idaho potato commercial is nothing off limits to these people they h as ve to use a potato commercial for there free masonry illuminate subliminal mind control complete insanity.