Monday, April 25, 2016

Sad Secret History of Man (part-II)

This is my commentary on Xavier’s “Sad History of the Man.”

Before continuing, let me say that Xavier’s account for the first time connected all the dots.

Contrails, underground bases, ufos, ancient astronauts, ancient monuments, secret societies, aliens, alien abduction, secret Mars and Moon landings, men-in-black, mind control, cloning and even reptilians all begin to make sense under the basis of an Over Civilization controlling the Earth.

Just look around.

The skies are full of contrails we can’t explain.

We don’t know why they are happening or how they are happening or who is making them happen.

Once would think that it being the massive undertaking that it supposedly is that SOME whistle blower would come forward and blow the entire operation wide open.


The contrails are found to contain not only mineral, but biological  content which we can’t explain.

It rains ‘blood’ in some places, while in others frogs and fish fall from the skies.

We disregard it.

Massive fish die offs occur without explanation.

We disregard it.

UFOs are seen in our skies on a regular basis and without explanation.

Incredible unexplained ancient stone monuments are seeded throughout our planet both above and below sea level.

We ignore them.

Weird cults (like the Satanists, Masons and Bohemian Grove) dominate our society.

We pretend they don’t exist.

People disappear on a regular basis while the police and FBI are found to have NO MISSING PERSONS DATABASE.

Stories of alien abduction fill our media.

Unexplained Men-in-Black appear, visits households and disappear the same way.

The Moon covers the sun perfectly during many eclipses.

We have footage of supposed moon landings which have now been proven to be fake.

Scientists theorize the Moon was ‘put there’ to stabilize the Earth’s environment.

On the other hand, we have witnesses which swear (over top secret oaths of secrecy) that we HAVE landed on the moon in ways and with craft quite different from the false footage...and in fact already have bases on Mars!

Underground bases connected by thousands of miles of underground tunnels supposedly litter the landscape (some of these caught on video).

The alternate media is alive with very documented reports of human and animal cloning and cross-species experiments.

Various celebrities and world leaders are said to have been replaced by clones.

Incredible stories of mind-control, ‘split personalities’ and ‘programmed assassins’ are always sprouting up.

When these mind-controlled individuals are analyzed, the mind control is found to be PERFECT, FAULTLESS AND FLUID and imbued with several personalities.

The alternate controlled media alludes this EXPERT mind control programming to satanic cults and child rape - ignored are the accounts which take place in laboratories in military bases and universities in environments that seem ‘alien.’ can’t create detailed multiple personalities and perfect mind control through fear, rape and animal sacrifice.

To ask me to believe this is to ask me to believe that the idiots who form part of Satanic Cults (and I have met plenty of them) have scientific powers scientists can only dream of.

No, the mind control and the perfect and fluid split personalities at the total command of the controller demonstrate and advanced ALIEN technology.

And speaking of technology...

...phenomenal leaps in technology occur without explanation: the atomic bomb, space craft, satellites, computers, electronic mind and emotional reading, genetically modified organisms, artificial intelligence and now brain-computer interface...

...while other technology is suppressed: fusion, cold fusion, natural cures, engines that run on water, etc.

No questions.

No comment.

Meanwhile our governments and world leaders act in PERFECT UNISON when it comes to world shaking events:
    -Communist Revolutions
    -International Policy
    -Standard Medicine

Can you believe that such a large undertaking as the Kennedy Assassination is STILL unexplained?

Can you believe that a giant operation like 9/11 can remain unexplained and its authors still remain unknown?

You can’t?

Well, not unless you see the official media of the world as being one united entity and national intelligence agencies behaving as if they were ONE intelligence agency.

Then things become a lot more explainable...don’t they?

It was not until I re-analyzed Xavier’s description after some time that I came to the conclusion that IT ALL MADE SENSE.

All those ridiculous PERSISTENT on-the-edge conspiracy theories made more sense with the concept of a ‘Over Civilization’ - a separate advanced civilization controlling us - than secret government agencies with advanced technology and secret missions to the Moon...without anyone knowing or being able to prove otherwise.

Alex Jones has come to call this secret technology a ‘breakaway civilization,’ with the elite enjoying all the benefits of regular trips to the Moon and Mars, cloning, artificial intelligence and immortality.

I think Xavier’s example of an ‘Over Civilization’ makes more sense.

An older interstellar civilization dominating the Earth secretly throughout the ages makes much more sense...and explains everything.

It takes a very gullible mind to believe that individual secret government agencies can build thousands of miles of secret tunnels sporting hypersonic trains connecting gigantic underground and underwater cities whilse secretly landing on Mars...without anyone noticing.

Or how about all the Cloning and Cross-species experiments?

The implantation of various human beings?

The Mass Stalking phenomena?

All the unidentified craft sightings?

The bases on the Moon and Mars?

Well, what if they are NOT our clones, NOT our implants, NOT our stalkings, NOT our craft, NOT our bases.

And the people connected with all these phenomena are NOT us?

It is here that Xavier’s model of human history fills in all the gaps.

At the same time, the reality is not so simple and clashes with the brainwashing folklore we have been fed all our lives.

The ‘aliens’ are not aliens, THEY ARE US.

True. Others have put forth the theory that we are in fact controlled by no-human aliens (reptilians and so forth) who have conquered the Earth eons ago.

But this does not explain the persistence of the HUMAN form amongst the aliens - two legs, two arms, two ears, two eyes, one mouth, etc.

You tell me how the same symmetrical biological form can develop separately on different planets through millions of years of separate evolution.

The only answer is, the odds are a trillion to one...and that these creatures arm most likely are not aliens at all...but modified humanity.

Some writers have put forth the idea that when man finally spreads to the stars, he will colonize planets with modified versions of himself to cope with and survive the specific environment of those worlds.

In fact, modified, modified ‘alien’ versions of man which will colonize the stars.

So the most likely conclusion we an make is that we are not an isolated and lost planet at the edge of the Galaxy...but that we are part of something.

Part of an Under-civilization kept in line by a secret Over-civilization keeping the peace through ignorance (George Orwell’s “ignorance is strength” comes to mind).

The Nordics?

Us in our purest form.

The Giants?

Us again (whether modified or not).

The natives themselves said the ‘Gods’ built their giant stone monuments for them, and even some of their cities.

Did the Over-Civilization build these as models for the natives to follow?

You know... of the greatest pieces of wisdom I have ever heard is “As above, so below” or “the fruit never falls far from the tree.”

In other words, the type of set up we have here on Earth will inevitably reflect the overall set up of this “interstellar order” that Xavier speaks of.

And what do we have?

We have a planet where only 10% of the population lives according to the standards of the 21st Century while the remaining 90% live in medieval squalor under governments controlled by the 10% who basically use them to exploit the impoverished 90%.

Have you even taken a trip to the Third World lately?

And I’m not talking about the cities and the tourist spots.

Take a walk next time you go....leave the city...go to the bookdocks...and see how the 90% really lives.

Now expand this to interplanetary levels.

A small ‘core’ civilization dominating the rest of the worlds  which exist in squalor and ignorance...and exploiting them.

As Xavier has stated, the way things worked out, this is the only way an interplanetary empire could exist in peace.

So now you begin to see the Earth differently.

Not a sovereign world, but a colony forming part of the ‘interstellar order'’ of man.

A world kept under control through ignorance, lies and governments led  by Overlord agents (have Rockefeller, Brzezinski and Soros ever seem a bit alien to you?)...who secretly inhabit this world in underground tunnels beneath our feet and at the poles.

Now the secret space fleets, the underground tunnels and bases, the super science, the cloning, the mind control, the UFOs. the abductions and disappearances and the sudden jumps in technology all begin to make sense.

The most unsettling aspects of this reality might involve exploitation.

Suppose there are no wormholes, no star gates, no hyperspace...and star ships have to make their way to other worlds the old fashion way - they have to physically travel through space to get there.

Under these circumstances, a trip to another world might take from anywhere from a decade to a century to a millennium...with their crews living inside min-compact societies inside these vessels...for generations.

Is trade or exploitation really possible under these circumstances?

(Who’s going to wait 1000 years for a gold shipment? True, if you plan your departures just right that could amount to one of your thousand ships arriving every year, but the epic cost of these ships alone would make the venture prohibitively costly and time consuming)

This leaves the the commercial intercourse between worlds unlikely.

But this does not mean political intercourse is unimportant.

On the contrary, political control might become THE only reason for any type of intercourse between the worlds.

In other words, making sure the colonies are under the secure control of the ‘core civilization’ might be the begin all and end all of all interstellar intercourse.

In other words, the only reason for interstellar visits would be to make sure the world is still under core civilization control.

Brings down the curtain on all that space and wonder stuff, doesn’t it?

A more uncomfortable possibility is brought up by the Wachowski brothers in their film ‘Jupiter Ascending’ in which mankind is portrayed as the mere cattle of an Over Race to be harvested for what amounts to stem cells in order to prolong the life of Over Race citizens (out of control gene-splicing is also depicted).

Again, ‘as above so below.’

Notice the upsurge in legal and illegal organ harvesting lately?

Its a complete underground black market now, worth billions!

China is getting big into this market, actually harvesting the organs from freshly killed inmates and shipping internationally within minutes.

So our ‘civilized’ lifestyle has led to the failure major organ failures and opened up a market for the rich to get theirs replaced?

Bingo! We got your new organ right here, no waiting and freshly harvested...for a price!

Are we being harvested?

Unfortunately the answer seems a likely yes.

People disappear.

The police agencies have no national or international database of disappeared persons (one might think a missing persons database would be a basic police function).

On the other hand, inexplicable chaos areas always seem to exist - areas where people regularly disappear...and their disappearances are not they are assumed to have been killed by, let’s call them, the forces of chaos - Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Congo, Somalia.

You might remember the giant massacres in Turkey (Armenian Genocide) Vietnam, Cambodia, Rwanda...and these are just the bigger ones.

Any condition of general population displacement amidst a war zone is fertile ground for mass abduction.

The Aryans who took over Indus Valley Civilization say in their myths that when they arrived they found the cities vacant.

WW-I has an eyewitness account of an entire battalion of British soldiers marching into a low-lying cloud, after which the cloud took off (the ufo segment is halfway through the article under the subtitle "The Mystery...")

I myself read an account of an entire company of GI’s disappearing during a supposed night attack by the enemy during WW-II on the French/Belgian border....and never seen again even after the war ended.

In Vietnam,  GI’s on patrol regularly came across entire villages which were completely empty.

From the Yugoslavian Civil War come accounts of a mass of refugees waiting at the Macedionian border, which disappeared overnight, leaving everything, including their personal identification.

Right now we have ‘immigrant crisis’ both on our border and the European border. 

How many of these people are disappearing off the face of the Earth never to be seen again, and the manner of their demise merely assumed by the authorities?

Mexican and Central American ‘Immigrants’ disappear all the time on their perilous journey...or just while living in Mexico...supposedly at the hands of criminal and the cartels.

There are places on this Earth where disappearing is not an entirely unexpected event.

Why would people be abducted en masse?

One can only speculate.

Are the Overlords using them for their own life extension, like in Jupiter Rising?

Are they being inducted into the Over Civilization as servants and personnel?

Whatever the reason, an abduction of the human population of this planet seems to be an ongoing event...mostly taking place under the cover of WAR.

Which provides another good reason for one of the most wasteful and horrible of human activities.


Who are the Overlords?

They are us.

This is why I am so suspicious of the so-called ‘Nordics’ which portray themselves as ‘aliens’ friendly to mankind.

The Nordics, according to Xavier, are the perfect and pure form of humanity.

Good aliens?

Keep in mind - we live in an impoverished, diminished, deluded and probably misshapen state totally ignorant of the reality outside our planet.

THIS is probably what the Nordics are all our OVERLORDS.

Several accounts have come out on these Nordics as they interact with high government officials and scientists depicting them in a not-so-ideal perspective.

Besides being very light-skinned and tall, they were described as physically very capable and proud of a warrior type heritage.

In addition, they expect total obedience and are not above killing anyone who disobeys or disrespects them on the spot.

Which, in my opinion, indicates what I suspected all along - that man is a degenerate and fallen race.

How retrograde for an advanced space-faring civilization to fall back on past old military glory  (probably thousands of years old since interstellar war has supposedly not occurred for millennia). How petty and stupid.

Oh...and these albino Klingons, for all their pride and glory are very sensitive to being cut...because they supposedly can’t stop bleeding.


Presently there is great expectation over a supposed upcoming contact with aliens.

Governments and even the Pope are supposedly trying to prepare the population for the great unveiling of the fact that we are not alone.

But what type of fact do you think that will be?

Remember, we have been lied to for all our history, and presently live the lie under lying governments which, in many cases, seek our harm, not aid us.

Do you think that perhaps the revelation of ‘aliens’ will be another lie?

What are the odds?

Anything to keep interred the great secret: the fact that man is predator to man.


A rough skimming through history will indicate that man was basically kept himself in the Stone Age for more than half a million years.

Things began to change in 10,000 BC when he began to plant and harvest.

This led to trade, roads, writing, and the first civilizations: Sumeria and Egypt in or around 4000 BC.

One call these civilizations ‘sword and shield’ because that is what their armies used.

The sword and shield type civilizations lasted another 5500 years, from 4000 BC to 1500 AD at which time the Renaissance happened.

The Renaissance represented a sudden  opening of the gates of knowledge and a skyrocketing advance in science and understanding.

Science and our understanding of it and technology has been advancing at an exponential rate ever since.

Why did the Overlords permit this to happen...when enforced ignorance was a basic tenet of their policy?

This is a very important question considering Man had been left in a dark for over 600,000 years.

Why were we suddenly granted scientific knowledge 500 short years ago?

Well again...logic is always work.

Why would you attach a plough to an ox?

Why would you supply a slave with a shovel?

The answer is, of course, that you have a particular task in mind for the ox and the slave - ploughing or digging.

None of which can be done without the appropriate tool.

For is that tool.

So what do the Overlords have in mind for us?

Do they want us to spread more colonies to the outer planets (guaranteed, space colonization will have more in common with prison colonies than the American dream)?

Or have they finally encountered an alien space going civilization and want to use us as cannon fodder in the upcoming war?

Whatever the reason, one can bet it will only favor THEM...not us.

The only other account I have read of an Over Civilization is ‘The Gods of Eden’ by William Bramley.

You might want to give the book a read.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Sad Secret History of Man-I

Information supplied by Xavier
(edited by the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog)

Several million years ago...on a planet thousands of light years away...the human race evolved.

Human evolution took millions of years and the ground of the home planet is littered with the fossils of the evolution leading to the appearance of the humanity (unlike the Earth, where the ‘missing link’ is a famous mystery).

Throughout hundreds of thousands of years Man proceeded to evolve from a tool user in the Stone Age and the equivalent of the Copper and Bronze Ages, right down through the Iron Age and beyond during which civilization evolved and expanded.

The society of man continued to evolve through the steam and machine ages...and eventually the post industrial and electronic ages.

In time, Man eventually reached out beyond his home world and set foot on his nearest satellite...and eventually on his neighboring worlds.

In the forthcoming centuries, Man took off into space and colonized the neighboring stars.

A thousand years later Man had not colonized not only other planets beyond his own star system, but even more distance worlds similar to his home...or modified these other planets to resemble his home.

These times, when Man emerged from his home world, expanded out into the galaxy and inhabited the distant stars, were times of optimism and wonder combined with a feeling of dynamic confidence as man expanded to the most distant worlds and made them his own.

One can only imagine the warm security of looking at the stars in the sky and knowing man had colonized the most distant of them.

True, man had freely committed acts against destroying entire alien ecospheres and replacing them with his own...or modifying his own form to cope with the environment of alien worlds he colonized...because it was easier than terra-forming.

But he progressed.

In fact, Man stood at the center of a beautiful, dynamic and expanding space faring civilization.

Man owned all space as far as he could see, master of all he surveyed.

...but then things slowly began  to go wrong.

It took no more than 300 years for each ‘colony’ to grow to the same size and capability of the home world.

In time, the colonies began to affirm their independence.

The  fracture at first took the shape of simple eccentricities and actions differing from the great brotherhood of man...then differing policies...competing groups...and finally schism.

The ‘colonies’ ‘rebelled’ and declared themselves independent from the home world and from each other, banding together sometimes in confederation of worlds in competition against other federation of worlds.

If only Man had let it happen - let himself spread to the stars as independent and sovereign worlds each completely free from the other.

But it was not to be.

The old instinct of authority and control manifesting itself from the beginning of space colonization through an ‘order’ of the stars now emerged to the fore.

The old fear of letting humanity freely scatter to the stars and letting it disregard, disobey and forget the home world...or even home worlds.

The old fever of control.

The old instinct of empire.

The worlds of man fought...

...for such empty things as as order...and peace...

...For such real things as power, fear, selfishness, arrogance, pride...and dominance.

There was war between the worlds of man.

And not just one war, but many wars...through many ages.

...each time more destructive, more terrible, more genocidal....

...until man became predator to man...

...destroyer, subjector, enslaver.

Each war larger than the last.

Each scale of destruction more massive.

Each genocide more complete than the last.

Man could not trust himself among the stars...and came to fear himself across the distances of space.

Simply a world cutting off communication became an act of capital punishment.

Man’s paranoiac fear of man reached new uncontrollable heights.

Man’s distrust of man.

Man’s fear of man.

Man’s genocide of man.

What emerged from these harsh and terrible wars?

Governments more harsh and more terrible than the last.

Wars more terrible and more total than the last.

Until one power or group of powers...more absolute...more total...more ruthless than the rest ‘unified’ the worlds of man.

But the pattern repeated itself.

The unification was just a temporary illusion.

Powers more absolute, more total, more ruthless again ‘unified’ the worlds of man.

How many planets laid waste?

How many billions of lives lost?

Unification was an illusion.

In time the whole process would repeat itself again.

The planets would separate...wars would would genocide himself once more...the order would fall.

But how could the new order of the stars hold on to power eternal?


Men whose minds had been hardened into harsh ruthlessness and murderousness by the wars of genocide - wars of fear and hatred! - came up with the final solution:

Man would forget!

He would forget humanity was amongst the stars.

He would forget his world was one of many.

He would forget he belonged to a space race.

One planet or group of planets would keep the technology of 100,000 years....

...and control the rest of the lobotomized worlds...secretly.

Man would no longer be aware of Man amongst the stars.

The tail end of the  last war touched the distant colony of Earth in the outer rings of the outer galaxy...tens of millennia ago...a war between Man...which has come to be called the War of the Gods, whose nuclear devastation still is still evident on this planet.

What civilization there was on the planet - which was not much - has long ago been cleaned up and sanitized to leave no trace.

The inhabitants of Earth, along with the inhabitants of all of the outer worlds of man were made  to ‘forget’ reality.

Through methods too horrible, too degrading, too dehumanizing...and too painful to describe (because Man did this to Man) the outer worlds were made to forget.

The knowledge of the stars and of man amongst the stars was lost.

The knowledge of science was lost.

In its place was planted superstitions about ‘the gods’ and a thousand religions, a dozen races and a thousand languages and dialects to divide man against man so that each world would never again come together.

Man in the outer worlds was left in the Stone Age.

The outerworlds themselves were put off limits and kept as preserve-like territories in total isolation.

The Earth - a distant colony - was left with a mere 5 million inhabitants to restart the population.

But the paranoia created by the genocidal planetary wars of man ran deep.

The Stone Age outer worlds who had been made to forget would not only be kept ignorant and primitive, but they would be totally controlled.

And they would not be left to their own primitive existence, but carefully watched and directed in secret.

Such was the fear of man...of man.

Not even the Stone Age inhabitants would be left to their own devices like the animals of the wilderness, but kept a close eye on.

Even their thoughts would be carefully directed by an extensive infrastructure installed within each outer world and existing in secret.

Reality would be relegated to myths involving the ‘war of the gods,’ and ‘giants.’

The liaison between the will of the stellar authority and its amnesiac worlds was now the stone age witch doctor, shaman or priest, whose ‘dreams,’ ‘revelations’ and mandates affected the choices of and whose  secret societies controlled the destinies of entire races.

These would evolve to one dominant race within which one dominant group would rule the planet.

But the paranoiac instinct of the overlords won over.

The amnesiac worlds would be controlled directly and secretly through an implanted  infrastructure which existed throughout the planet.

Two co-civilizations existing together side by side.One an over-civilization representing the stellar order, the other an under-civilization existing under the latter’s complete control.

This is why we always hear of unidentified alien aircraft, underground tunnels, underground bases, men in black, aliens and alien abduction, mind control and ancient monuments.

Now the Nordics have appeared.

Our true form.

And we hear talk of the ‘giants.,

Our true form.

Look and see what an ugly midget race we are compared to them.

Look what they did to us!

There are no aliens.

In the vastness of space man found no alien race, and instead made himself into his own his worst enemy, made himself into many alien species!

Look to the sky and know that you are part of something,

A horrible and terrible something.

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Feeling is Finally Here: Total Dread

For some time fellow conspiracy pundits have reported a feeling of ‘dread’ in their midsts, as if something horrible was about to happen.

While they expressed these sensations of dread, the truth is I felt nothing.

Perhaps it was my acceptance of dread as a natural ongoing condition of the world and existence in general, sort of like the constant condition of ‘danger’ or subtle alertness an animal in the wild might feel.

That was, until last week.

Now I feel this ‘dread’ they are talking about.

I am guessing things would have to have gotten pretty horrible for me to start feeling any sort of ‘dread’ but I guess things finally have

And I am not talking a single false flag type of dread.

I am speaking of a Nazi, Bolshevik, Red Guard, Khmer Rouge, Rwanda, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot type of mass death type of dread.

The type of mass death that can ONLY happen once American social order is done away with (this is why I fear civil war and foreign more than anything).

The type of mass death that caught 1920 Russia, 1945 Germany, 1950 China, 1960‘s Vietnam, 1975 Cambodia, 1994 Rwanda, I feel is now upon us.

And I suppose that the reason I was not feeling the dread is that I simply did not believe this type of genocide could ever happen in America.

Now...I suddenly see that it can...and that in fact it is probably coming.

I just feel that somehow we’ve lost it.

What is it?

Well, you can call it the ‘firmament’ or ‘the hand of protection’ or simply nationalism, morality, common sense. principles, loyalty, values....whatever it, we’ve lost it all!

The event which started making me feel the dread was Hillary Clinton (a satanic, communist, lesbian, murderous, treacherous mafia witch) to simply commit crimes and illegalities, brush off all prosecution...and continue to commit them...EVEN AS SHE RAN SUCCESSFULLY FOR PRESIDENT.

Hillary has more teflon than Slick Willie, her husband.

When Benghazi happened and Hillary’s Email Scandal happened and the Department of Justice and Congress did not know what to do... and Hillary said “what difference does it make?” and laughed about it....and laughed...just like she laughed about Qaddafi’s murder...or laughed plans to start WW-III...

...THAT’S when it hit me.

We are in the process of becoming doomed...and we are about to be struck down.

Then, like lights going on one after another the dread was confirmed again and again and again and again with facts both past and present showing the path to a horrible demise.

Was it really like lights going on...or was it rather like...doors shutting...or curtains descending... or lights going OUT instead of on...or color fading... or...or all sound receding.

The whole thing reminded me of a German movie called Europa where a train is featured full of ‘characters’ with great personalities, bravado, intelligence, wit, boldness etc.

But when the terrorist attack happens on the train the final shot shows all the characters totally paralyzed, like mannequins, able to do nothing, not even speak.

I see America today as the train in that movie, with all the brilliant characters, who in the end, when the bad things happen are totally paralyzed, unable to say a single word.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve had our country taken away from us bit by bit, piece by piece, crumb by crumb...and now we are at the threshold....where they declare that the United States of America is gone and the remnant population that is left are scum...or slaves.

(Sort of like what happened to the Native Americans after we declared their ancestral lands were were gone and confiscated)

But what was it that finally made me feel the dread?

I think it was more an accumulation things that came together one on top of another until the entire horrible reality made itself felt.

    -loss of morality
    -loss of common sense
    -collapse of the dollar
    -armed forces being purged
    -our industry gone
    -our economy reduced to part-time jobs
    -more deadly vaccines
    -more trust in the medical establishment by a clueless population
    -deadly cellphone towers sprouting up like mushrooms
    -more street cameras
    -more street spy boxes
    -Temples of Baal being built across the world
    -total election fraud using electronic boxes
    -NDAA 2012 declaring Americans to be enemy combatants
    -2 billion bullets bought by Homeland Security
    -UN running America
    -Republican Party committing canceling primaries
    -Republican Party committing political suicide

The capstone was Trump promising more torture, less freedom, more war, less privacy, while Hillary goes from victory to victory despite her criminality and lead us into WW-III...

...while all we have left to pay the rent are Part-Time Jobs created by Obamacare - without a whimper from of  the American population - while Americans line up every first week of the month like locusts to cash out on their newly filled EBT (food stamp) accounts...

...and paper machines that look like paper shredders take our ‘vote’...while the local county election recorder DOES NOT EVEN DEIGN TO COUNT THE SCANTORN SHEET VOTES (when there are any) to confirm the electronic machine numbers...

...while I see massive numbers of homeless, unemployed, people dressed like they just snuck out of a garbage bag on the streets...

...and the police shooting to kill without remorse or legal consequence...

...banks treating one like they one owes them a favor...

...but what got me was my local ‘experience’...

...friends, relatives and neighbors HATING me because of my bringing up the dangers of aspartame, standard cancer treatment and vaccination - that was a new one for me; I was never HATED for trying to help someone. Brushed off, laughed at disregarded, but never HATED and AVOIDED.

...while I find that all the Middle Eastern and Mexican restaurants  and shops I used to frequent (I love foreign culture) have turned into exclusionary, hostile, ghetto type places where whites are no longer welcome.

...while massive section-8 subsidized apartment construction dominates the landscape...

...and hostile Somalians and Muslims with glaring stares pollute the neighborhood..while at midnight ENTIRE BUSSES of illegal “refugees” pull into the Phoenix Greyhound station and disembark their GOVERNMENT-SUBSIDIZED CARGO OF ILLEGAL INVADERS.

But perhaps the greatest feeling of dread came when I noticed America was being surrounded from within and without... by Communists.

It’s the feeling you get when all your enemies suddenly  start showing up at your party - you just KNOW the party isn’t going to go the way you want it.

Just look around:

Our industry and our technology exported to Communist China who also control the value of our money through trillions worth of bonds we have sold them.

Our friendship freely given to Communist dictatorships like Vietnam and Cuba.

Our President, a Communist, son of a Communist and apprentice to a Communist, whose identity we are unable to verify.

Our Executive staff filled up with Communists appointed by the President (they like to be called Marxists) who attempt daily against the US and its Constitution.

Our presidential candidates all but one being bona fide Communists (Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton) or the sons of crypto-Communists (Ted Cruz and  Marco Rubio).

(by the way, has anyone noticed we have three New Yorkers and two Cuban-Americans running for the presidency? Is this representative democracy?)

Our Department of Homeland Security modeled after the Communist East German STASI and with the advice of its Communist ex-chief, Markus Wolf.

Our dependency on Communist China for ALL our manufactured goods.

Our security services bringing in observers from Communist China and Russia to ‘observe’ how we defend against attacks on our electrical grid in our GridEx exercises!

Our dependency on Russian space craft to supply the International Space Station.

Our dependency on Communist Chinese components to keep our armed forces operational.

Our Liberal Science and Business departments at all our universities OVERRUN with Communist professors, staff and students.

Our open-gate immigration open now to Communists from China

Our police now sporting accents from the former Soviet Union and Communist China as these ‘immigrants’ are allowed to become American citizens and then lord themselves over us as police officers.

Our open cooperation in housing Communist Spetsnaz special forces within our territory.

Our business districts overrun with Communist Chinese front companies (many working directly for the People’s Liberation Army).

Our conservative establishment led by the NeoCons - the descendants of ex-Communist Trotskyites.

Our TVs underlining the Communist concept that our children belong to the STATE and they constantly prove this by CONFISCATING our kids.

A Communist-like draft being proposed for both our young men AND women.

Communist-like snitch programs dominate the landscape, with agents ranging from postal clerks to teachers and clergy.

Communist style concentration camps are alreadly erected across the nation as Hillary says American men deserve to be put in ‘fun camps.’

Our admiration poured upon a Communist KGB chief Vladimir Putin, who claims to be the guardian of Christianity, yet keeps the Communist red star as military insignia, sings Communist songs at banquets, and preserves the monuments of Communist mass murderers, refuses to prosecute
Communist crimes against Russia, spies on America with a wide network of agents...while admitting the person he most admires is...STALIN!!!

Can there be any doubt that COMMUNISM is what’s in store for America?

And do you know what the process is for installing Communism?

Mass death.

Unerringly, invariably, monotonously, every single time.

A they call it.

Don’t think it’ll be any different for America.

Right now you  probably can’t even imagine it.

But wait until the banks close, the grocery stores close, the government and all its minions start going without pay.

Wait until the speculation machine creates food, fuel and electricity shortages.

Wait until everything collapses, including the police departments.

Wait until the Civil War starts and OTHER armed institutions gain authority over us.

And above all, wait until the blue-helmeted United Nations troops along with Chinese and Russian troops gain entry into what is left of this country INVITED by the opposing sides of the Civil War.

Wait until a COMMUNIST regime is installed...then...THEN...see what happens to the population of the country.

So as you can see, they can’t KILL us until they collapse and take away our functional society.

I fear the entry of foreign troops and mercenaries into our country more than I fear the Federal Government.

This is why I despise the concept of armed civil uprising and embrace the concept of local and state non-cooperation with the Federal Government instead.

Tell the IRS, CPS, FBI and US Marshals to serve their own warrants and use their own personnel -  ZERO help from local police!

Disband all threat fusion centers and DISBAND the local police from ANY collaboration with the Feds.

Create your own REAL state national guard totally owned, totally directed and totally funded and totally loyal to the state.

Throw Federal educational funds in their face and have the states create their own standards and curriculum.

Refuse ANY infrastructure support for Federal authority at our airports, our streets and our highways.

Give all American citizens the RIGHT TO BARE ARMS.

INVESTIGATE, REMOVE AND BLACKLIST ALL State and Local employees and businessmen with connections to ANY Federal intelligence or police agency such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, DEA, BATF, etc and REMOVE them from public office and or the State PERMANENTLY.

THIS is the type of uprising that we need at the State and Local level, not armed conflict designed to collapse and destroy our society and prepare it for Communism.

Has any of this happened?

Have the leadership on all these ‘patriotic’ states mumbling about state rights and secession ever attempted anything of the sort?

I thought so because so many of the ‘leaders’ are in fact CIA.

But back to the ‘dread.’

I now feel it in spades because I see America is ready to be taken down.

Our food can be cut off at any moment.

Our electricity can be cut off indefinitely.

Our banks can collapse at any time.

The police are one paycheck away from disbandment.

The Army is not only ready and willing, but prepared, drilling biting at the bit to disarm Americans.

Foreign troops inhabit our soil.

Mercenaries are given the power of law enforcement over us.

The American public is drugged, irradiated, deluded, poisoned, weak-minded and clueless, like a gaggle of sheep waiting for the slaughter.

Russia and China stand ready to SLAUGHTER US in WW-III with COLLUSION from our own Executive and TRAITORS within our own country.

Yes....the feeling of certain black dread is finally here for me.

Do you feel it too?

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New!: Some of This Blogs BEST Articles! LOOK!

Some good follower has seen it fit to create an index of the best articles published in this blog.

Granted, it is not a complete index.

But its creator has great discernment in choosing some of the best articles ever written here as well as the technical skill to put together something quite readable and accessible.

I was wanting to do the same thing for quite some time, but, well, my skills are lacking. And when my (official) index does come out, it will probably be more complete but less beautifully put together.

For the present, though, the link to this reader-created Index of The Illuminati Conspiracy Blog...can be found here:

The Illuminati Conspiracy Blog Unofficial Index

Thank you dear reader and I hope you don't mind me linking to your website

 The Illuminati Conspiracy Blog

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Cuba: Obama Cozies Up to Communism

A topic of celebration has been President Obama’s historic visit to Cuba - the first ever by any US President! - and the opening of relations between Cuba and the United States.

This includes the opening of economic relations between the US and Cuba, a long-awaited event, which has ended the boycott which has caused Cuba so much hardship throughout the years.

Never mind that the United States was the ONLY country boycotting Cuba and that Cuba had the ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD to trade with.

But the economic miracle never happened.

Cuba never recovered beyond the unpainted buildings and ‘57 Chevys which roam its dilapidated streets.

When you’ve got the entire world (minus America) to trade with for 56 years...and you still manage turn your country into a GHETTO, then...I don’t think your economic problem is America.

Anyway, the sun is coming up for Cuba - trade with America!

Things are going to change!

There’s HOPE now!

Perhaps the same “hope” and “change” the Communist government has been promising Cubans for the last five decades?

If Cuba only knew that we Americans, for our part, have been enviously side-staring with their communist paradise right off our coast.

Michael Moore himself went to Cuba with a group of sick Americans unable to get treatment here, and got VIP treatment at one of Cuba’s medical facilities in his film 'Sicko’ (what else could be expected from the Cuban government in exchange for favorable international exposure in a leftist propaganda film?).

Cuba has more doctors per capita than most of the other nations of the world.

Cuba has so many doctors it doesn’t know what to do with them (least of all pay them), except send them on propaganda missions to the Third World.

(Cuba also has an army it sends to the rest of the world’s hot spots in deployments aiding Russia...but let’s not talk about that).

The Banana Curtain is drawing back!

Open relations with Cuba!

You might have seen Obama happily enjoying a game of Cuban baseball alongside smiling Uncle Raoul (Castro’s brother).

And how about those Rolling Stones doing a free concert in Cuba!

The only events which can rival this is sheer joy and hope would be Nixon drawing back the Bamboo Curtain with Chou En Lai or Clinton removing the Iron Curtain with Gorbachev - remember that Jesus Jones Song ‘Right Here, Right Now’ celebrating it all?

We’re still waiting for a song to celebrate Cuba’s long-awaited opening up to America!

Oh, what joy, we’ll soon be getting those much sought after Cuban Cigars and the Cubans will soon be awash in American goods and democracy...

...well, as long  as its a COMMUNIST democracy.

(Remember China?)

You see, what America needs now are FRIENDS!

And Cuba LIKES America, don’t you see all the smiles?

Never mind that the executions went on day and night in from 1959-1960 as members of the Batista Regime were put up against a wall and shot.

Things got so out of hand that even Rod Serling of the Twilight Zone made an episode entitled ‘The Mirror’ which featured Castro’s brutality and paranoia.


Also...uh...forget the fact that Uncle Castro allowed the set up of RUSSIAN NUCLEAR MISSILES on Cuban soil to incinerate America in case of war with Russia.

And forget the fact that Cuba STILL has Russian bases, listening stations, spy stations and ...yes...nuclear-tipped missiles...TODAY (any weapons inspectors requirement before the official friendship...didn't think so).

Just forget the past, rejoice!

And while your at it, forget the fact that Cuba DID NOT HAVE TO DO ONE DAMN THING to earn our friendship.

No democratic reform.

No loosening of visa or freedom to travel policies for Cubans.

No return of property confiscated during the revolution.

Not even a release of any political prisoners still rotting in Cuban jails.

America just woke up HAPPY one Sunday morning and decided to open up relations with Cuba.

Not even the bloody terrorist bombing in Brussels distracted Obama from all the laughter and enjoyment of the spectacular baseball game he was attending alongside Raoul.

And later, at the happy media event, Raoul was asked the question of what he was going to do with the all the rotting political prisoners.

Ol’ Raul knew exactly what to do.

He suddenly claimed something was wrong with his ear piece and that he could not hear the question correctly (while seeming to listen to instructions coming through that same ear piece).

Suddenly Raul had the answer!

“You give me the names of what political prisoners you are talking about, and if they are there I will release them right now!”

Of course, the female correspondent was caught with her panties down, and did not have an official confirmed list of Cuban political prisoners to present to El Presidente (the last famous one had died in a hunger strike).

But she could have given a glib answer of sorts.

“What about the 50 Cuban protesters you just had arrested on national American TV? Wouldn’t you say those are POLITICAL PRISONERS?”

Indeed they were.

50 Cuban protesters were brutally arrested just a short while before American cameras, whose reporters seemed GLAD and RELIEVED when they were all carted off to some Cuban hell hole...and out of the way of the festivities.

After all,this was supposed to be a happy and festive occasion!

Protesters were as welcome as animal rights activists at a circus.

But forget about he bad times (even though they just took place before your very eyes just a few minutes ago).

Cuba is alright now!

Just like murderous Communist Chinese regime became alright in 1990...right after they massacred 4000 student protesters at Tienamin Square.


And now that Cuba is ‘open’ what do we have to look forward to?

How about MORE illegal immigrants.

(You don’t really think Cubans like living in that country, do you?)

Or how  about MORE Communist infiltrators - Communist Cuban agents entering the United States as legal immigrants?

And by the way, since relations have now ‘normalized’ with Cuba, don’t you think it’s time to END the ‘Wet Feet, Dry Feet’ ‘Cuban Adjustment Act’ which permits ANY Cuban setting foot in America by land or sea PERMANENT RESIDENCY within a year?

No comment at all on ending the Cuban Adjustment Act by Obama.

By now, the Cuban bureaucracy must be readying the rental barge conveyor belt to get as many Cubans on our shores in the shortest amount of time possible.

Another immigration and naturalization surge!

But no comment from the State Department on suspending this new GATEWAY into America now that Cuban relations have been normalized.

Recently I saw a video about some of these ‘barge immigrants.

A guy brought 40 relatives, including his own family with him on the barge he said he had built.

When asked the dimensions of the barge, he wasn’t sure just what those dimensions were. Which was a bit strange since he had supposedly built the thing with his bare hands.

A video from the trip showed the happy Cubans laughing, joking, yucking it up so much the interviewer commented that it looked like a cruise.

Right off the bat the man admitted he had to pay Cuban authorities for permission to leave the island (this is probably the FIRST thing he did).

A little along the interview  the guy’s sister commented just needed a little more time to get ‘disability’ for her husband.

Did you get that?

Barely have these cockroaches gotten off the barge and they are already applying for WELFARE!

Can America sustain another wave of section-8 housed, welfare-collecting legalized illegal immigrants?

Me thinks not for long!

But like I said, our government is MUM on any comment relating to modifying the  Cuban Adjustment Act - a Cold War law being carried into the present to shovel BOAT FULLS of Cuban immigrants into America.

And let’s not forget all the rotting political prisoners...Uncle Raul DOES NOT EVEN ADMIT TO HAVING. This basically translates into a big 'TO HELL WITH THEM' by both the US State Department and the Cuban government.

Well, you know what they say about breaking the drinking habit - first you have to ADMIT you have a problem.

And Uncle Raul is not going to do on to other topics.

Let’s not forget all the Russian military assets in Cuba RIGHT NOW.

But Obama didn’t bring up that topic either.

And so..out of sight, out of mind.

So as you get ready to enjoy those Cuban cigars, casinos and beaches...

...and the Cubans get ready to enjoy Coca Cola and candy bars...

Remember to thank Obama for one more step closer towards America’s total bear hug with Communism.

Rejoice America, rejoice! 

One more communist tyranny admitted into the fold as America's FRIEND without having to lift a finger on democratic reform!