Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Black Mask Arrives

Traditionally the Black Mask has been used by executioners or people who need their identity protected in order to avoid REVENGE.

My first exposure to the Black Mask came through the popular media depiction of the ‘executioner’ as he proceeded about his task...whether it was with an axe, a guillotine, a hangman’s rope or an electric chair.

The executioner hid his face to protect himself from the anger of the executed victim’s relatives and friends. This was especially important when communities were not large as they are now, but the truth was the executioner was frequently ‘mobile.’

My second exposure to the Black Mask came when I saw the movie ‘Missing’ which was about Chile’s military crackdown on the leftists following the Allende Coup.

In that movie, the Black Masks made their appearance as civilians were arrested and herded into a stadium.

Inside the stadium, there were certain guards wearing Black Masks...also, accusers and ‘witnesses’ who pointed people out from amongst the crowd were wearing Black Masks.

The people who were pointed out...ended up dead.

Starting to see the connection between the Black Mask...and DEATH?

Yes indeed.

The Black Mask continued to make its appearance amongst the (appropriately named) Death Squads in El Salvador during the 1980‘s as the Government MURDURED the opposition.

I am sure the Black Mask continued to appear, but the next time it caught my attention was during the Russian Coup attempt, and later during Russian special forces arrests of ‘suspects’ and ‘criminals.’

Recently the Black Masks were seen again during the crisis in the Ukraine, when Russian Special Forces and FSB infiltrators wore the masks as they directed the ‘independence’ of Crimea and Don Bas.

These personnel with Black Masks called themselves ‘local Ukrainians who wanted independence.’


The Black Mask is legion in places like Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Libya and know...places where human life is worth less than 55 cents.

Bottom line: the appearance of the Black Mask has its connections to death, thuggery, and covert operations.

The people wearing the Black Masks have a good reason to be wearing them.

And lately....and unfortunately...the Black Mask has made its appearance in America... (under the guidance of the Federal Government) the local police have begun wearing them at ‘check points.’

Now let me tell you...

...there are few things more frightening than having your car stopped at a checkpoint in the middle of the night by individuals wearing Black Masks.

Put simply, the Black Mask means DEATH.

Death or the prospect of death is present wherever the Black Mask is present.

So it shocked and saddened me when I started seeing our local Sheriff Deputies here in Arizona wearing Black Masks at DUI and drug check points.

The Black Maskers were most likely police informants or infiltrators who wanted their identity concealed from the druggies...but looking at the physique of some of these Black Maskers, I could tell they were just professional killers...whether legal or otherwise.

Our ‘special forces’ began wearing the Black Mask in Iraq as they arrested those destined for torture and or death.

Now, as I mentioned, the Black Mask is here.

Police are wearing it at checkpoints.

SWAT teams are wearing them as they assault homes.

Recently...the Police (or whatever they are) were wearing them at Ferguson Missouri as they abused the local protesters.

For the record, nothing good ever comes of the police wearing the Black Mask.

Not only is the wearing of the mask...

...a cowardly act... illegal act...

...and an act that insinuates something illegal is about to be done that needs the identity of the mask wearer to be hidden...

...but, more often than not, it signals the arrival of the criminal police state.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Operation Chaos Begins

The Federal Government is now a CIA controlled entity which is building a national security state based on a continuous state of manufactured crisis.

The CIA, in turn, is a tool of the central banking oligarchy which has dominated world affairs since 1913.

In short, America is being turned into what used to be the control model of the Third World - a CIA appointed dictator running an economically defunct nation under the excuse of ongoing crisis.

And Obama IS our CIA appointed dictator.

Obama, the latest progeny from a GENERATIONAL Jewish CIA family and a carefully mentored MARXIST is our President...who is looking more and more like a Third World dictator.

As any two bit dictator, Obama has begun to use the Police, the Armed Forces and the Intelligence Community to intimidate, threaten, cajole and control the population.

To convert the military into his banana republic style enforcers, Obama has initiated an ongoing PURGE of the US military.

As a double whammy of the worse sort, Obama is also a COMMUNIST in close collaboration with other Communist entities of the world (Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, etc). Which, when it comes to the treacherous pro-Communist CIA, is to be expected.


And Obama is our ‘Kerensky.’

Kerensky was the provisional Russian President who took power following the deposition of the Czar as leader of the interim government.

As virtual dictator of Russia, Kerensky prepared the ground for the up and coming Bolsheviks and their revolution by...abolishing the army...abolishing the police...abolishing government offices and disarming the population.

In his role as provisional president of Russia, Kerensky was nothing more than a Bolshevik Communist facilitator masquerading as a democratic Russian leader.

Kerensky’s re-structuring program included the:
    -removal of military authority from officers
    -handing over of military authority to "soldier committees" (composed of revolutionaries)
    -abolition of the death penalty
    -acceptance of revolutionaries within the Army
    -disarming of the police
    -abolition of crucial government offices

With ‘reform’ such as this, it is a wonder there was any Russia left after Kerensky was done with it.

Of course, there WASN’T much left at all.

As the country started to collapse and the well-funded Bolshevik Communist revolutionaries began to take over...Kerensky fled to a comfortable villa in France.

This was Russia’s operation chaos, carried out by an Illuminati facilitator and Communist to pave the way for Russia’s fall to the bloody Bolsheviks.

Bloody...because the Bolsheviks MURDERED 20 million people by the time their revolution and resulting ‘civil war’ were over.

The Bolshevik mass slaughter of the Russian middle and upper classes is celebrated in the movie ‘The Chekist’ - which can be viewed on YouTube.

But back to OUR Kerensky - Obama.

Just like Kerensky initiated the collapse of Russia prior to the Bolshevik Revolution, our own Obama is now engineering the collapse of the United States prior to our descent into civil war, revolution and violent unraveling.

I call this ‘Operation Chaos - the preparation for the total collapse of America into violence and that it can later be put together as an Illuminati dictatorship.

And the same players are all there, aren’t they?

The international banks who are well funding the agents of chaos - our Bolsheviks.

The Kerensky-like figure of Obama directing the whole circus.

The US (like Russia) is involved in foreign entanglements which are likely to lead to an unpopular and self-destructive war.

Foreign enemy agents in every street corner, whether they be Russian agents, Chinese agents or Cartel members.

A national security apparatus similar to the Russian Okhrana - our very own Homeland Security and CIA -  taking over and making the country less secure than it was before...while paving the way for the agents of chaos.

An up and coming radical ‘revolutionary’ group bent on taking over the country... Russia they were the Bolsheviks... America today it is a radicalized, leftist, socialist Democratic Party which has become so radical that its own membership are turning against it...even as they are purged out of the party!

The Illuminati method is always the same...and hey...the pieces are all there!

So America is now heading for collapse - a carefully engineered collapse designed to bring the country down and destroy it so it can be rebuilt again as something more to the liking of the Illuminati.

What do you do with a Lego structure that came out wrong?

You tear it to pieces and then re-use the pieces to rebuild it into something better.

Well guess what...

America came out wrong (according to the Illuminati)...too much much free enterprise....too much freedom...even though it was born out of the Illuminati birthing tool of Freemasonry.

And the Illuminati are going to correct that!


So our Kerensky president, with full collaboration of the Wall Street controlled intelligence community is now in the process of creating chaos in our great nation...on purpose!

The whole thing is very well planned and executed.

Please understand what this guy is doing.

He is purposefully bringing down the country for the upcoming civil war or revolution (or both!) that is coming down the pike.

He has opened up the border, ordering the Border Patrol not merely to release illegal crossers, but to assist them in entering the country

The illegal children theater is a propaganda - only 10% of these accommodated illegals are children.

In reality what is being let in are MS-13 gangs, Cartel assassins, drug runners, criminals, killers and degenerates of all sorts...ready to work their trade in America.

All this in addition to the impoverished and useless peasants who the government is now showing how to sign up for the welfare state.

And all these illegals have an automatic get-out-of-jail card since the local police and courts cannot legally arrest or try them and the Border Patrol and ICE are LETTING THEM ALL BACK OUT INTO THE STREET right after they are caught....or re-caught...many for crimes and felonies!

The Islamic terrorist training camps are already here.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a Pakistani Islamic Fundamentalists organization has established 35 military training camps across America to impart Muslim fundamentalists (whether American, naturalized or illegal) with “the most advanced training courses in Islamic military warfare.”

The trainees at these camps regularly train in combat and terrorism...against Americans.

Would it surprise you that the camps are legitimized and protected by Homeland Security and the FBI?

It has become common for the Border Patrol to find Islamic prayer mats and material written in one of several Pakistani languages discarded in the desert.

Meanwhile Islamic terrorists are regularly waved through the border and any Homeland Security personnel trying to point the fact out are threatened and or dismissed.

Listen - the Islamic Terrorists are ALREADY HERE, well placed and ready to go courtesy of the Department of Homeland Insecurity, the Federal Bureau of non-Investigations and the CIA.

The recent opening up of the border is just there to let the final heavies through.

The urban street gang franchises are being armed.

Uzis, AK-47s, M-16s, you name it, they got it.

Allied with their sugar daddy, the American Mafia, in league now with the Mexican Cartels and coordinated by the eternal ‘man behind the curtain’ - the CIA, the gangs are back with a vengeance as they start connecting with new ideologies of Black rights, Hispanic rights, Aztlan and the reconquista.

Very soon, large urban areas of America will become ‘no go’ zones for the police as they are sniped by these heavily armed gang they were during Katrina.

And do you think the police will clamp down on these urban combat zones?

No way!

They will leave these dangerous places alone and basically abandon them to their inhabitants...while they come for YOUR guns in YOUR safer and well-to-do middle class neighborhoods.

The result?

Urban no-go areas through which you cannot transit surrounded by prison-state locked down areas where the police treat you like slave peasants.

Welcome to locked down America.

Clearly ignored by almost everyone is the rise of the Mexican Cartels.

Backed up by Mossad, CIA, Saudi and now terrorist funds, the Mexican Cartels are back with a vengeance.

Using their Mexican Government, Army and Police gofers, the Cartels are making a big impression at the border as they infiltrate their operatives and their assassins into US territory.

Get ready for the drug war to enter the United States, as murder, decapitations, kidnappings and torture become the order of the day in our more Hispanic neighborhoods (whose cooperation with the police will amount to exactly ZERO).

Cartel money is already in the process of corrupting the Border Patrol, the DEA and local police departments.

Cartel and gang members are already MEMBERS of the local police.

Get ready for a steady escalation as the drug war goes hot, with the Cartels allying with the local Hispanic gangs across urban America.

I am all for an armed American citizenry and also for the States to have their own armed forces (since the Feds have confiscated the National Guard).

But the ‘militias’ that are being rolled out by CIA agent provocateurs is not what I had in mind.

You see these ‘agents’ all the time - special forces personnel under CIA orders - masquerading as militia and leading a pack of gullible idiots into their next misadventure (where the idiots will end up dead and the CIA provocateurs free and alive).

Not all militia are CIA / Special Forces led fronts of provocation, but I am of the solid opinion that MOST of them are.

You can tell the difference between an ex-Army NCO led militia and these intelligence fronts led by the paid killers of the CIA who alternately intimidate and manipulate their following through an unquestioning military chain of command.

Militia leaders, in case you don’t know your history, get this: every militia unit VOTES and the leadership abides by that vote. If you can’t abide by this fact, then maybe you should go back to the special forces oufits you came from to infiltrate the militia.

The question every militia member should ask themselves is “am I being led by ex-special forces?” and then ask the question “why?” followed by “what the hell am I doing here and why haven’t I Ieft already?”

If you are part of a special forces militia (and the special forces killers can’t help but gloat over and reveal their background), then GET OUT NOW.

Having said all the above and established that CIA / Special Forces infiltrated militia exist, let us delve into the militia’s role in Operation Chaos.

The CIA-infiltrated militia’s role is to model confrontation against the American Government and justify the existence of a ‘home-grown’ terrorist group.

Don’t think the militias will engage in terrorism?

Well, you just don’t know your CIA/special-forces-infiltrated militia yet.

You can add kidnapping, torture, assassination and murder to their bag of future tricks.

...or Xe....or Academi...or whatever name this CIA mercenary company front goes under these days is sure to be active at the forefront of provocateur operations.

These guys, which Louisiana saw fit to deploy in New Orleans during the post-Katrina disaster, are also operating in cahoots with local police departments.

Which is a big mistake.

Because these guys are armed agent provocateurs looking to stir things up.

They did a great job killing people during Katrina and keeping the local police departments in New Orleans under ‘sniper fire’ (which was police blamed on Black gangs).

And these guys will be back...killing police...murdering politicians...setting off bloody demolitions...and blaming it on the militias, the Aztlans, or the Tea Party.

When caught, these pukes always present themselves as contracted agents of the Federal Government and say they have nothing to do with it.

Police departments collaborate with Academi only at great risk to themselves.

If a bloody civil and race war is what you want, these guys will be in charge of starting it.

Instead of solving problems, start new ones.

View the American public as the prospective enemy.

See Patriots as terrorists.

Abuse, taser and kill Americans at will.

Treat urban America like Fallujah.

Cooperate closely with the Federal Government and get your marching orders from Washington D.C.

If you see what your local police department has become nowadays, you can pretty much tell they have become part of the expanding problem, not the solution.

The local police have been so brainwashed that I am afraid they don’t know their Constitution from their Home Mortgage.

These clueless, sadistic and violent enforcers have a definite role to play in Operation Chaos.

What is if?

Take all your cues from Homeland Security.

Abuse, brutalize and alienate the American Public.

Confiscate guns!

Apologize for nothing.

Answer no questions.

Escalate all situations into events of violence, chaos and bloodshed.

You don’t need much else than your local Police Force to get Operation Chaos rolling.

Already coming across the border: Tuberculosis and Plague.

On the way from Africa: Ebola

Coming in from Asia: Bird Flu.

Soon to appear: Small Pox, Anthrax and other militarized diseases either introduced by the UN, CDC or CIA-funded terrorists.

Notice all the water shut-offs lately?

I wonder why that is?

Appropriately introduced PLAGUE of whatever sort is already part of Operation Chaos, and is happening right now.

An ‘outbreak’ gives even more control to the central government...and introduces the ‘need’ for ‘forced vaccination’...which will inject you with more plague.

Stay away from ‘mandatory’ vaccines, folks.

No welfare social security checks...yikes....can you spell MASS RIOTING?

A planned economic collapse is a sure part of Operation Chaos.

A bad economy leaves masses of people out on the street and DEPENDENT on the Federal Government for their next meal.

The Federal Government likes this.

Not to mention the skyrocketing crime and insecurity which leaves the people begging for even more police.

Hey, our cyber network is wide open.

Computers control our banks, our power grid, our water supply, our food supply...and its all as wide open as a San Francisco Glory Hole...the Government has made sure of that.

Ever hear of Gary McKinnon?

This hacker discovered the computers at the Pentagon had NO FIREWALLS!

It’s pretty much the same for our electrical grid and our banking structure.

Both the Chinese, the Russians and the Islamic terrorists have been given the keys to the kingdom, so to speak, when it comes to our power grid.

Why, they even let Russian and Chinese military attend our power grid failure exercises so they could see how the whole kaboodle works and how we react when it get taken out.

America is wide open to cyber-attack...and the attack is coming soon.

Just one more excuse for furthering the State of Emergency, augmenting Federal Powers and turning America into an even bigger prison than it already is.


So the perfect storm of Chaos is brewing before America.

A perfectly contrived series of events all programmed to occur simultaneously by the financial-industrial-establishment (THIS should have been the title of Eisenhower’s speech) in order to create the appropriate atmosphere for complete government takeover.

Under the present conditions of Police stand down, draw down and lock down, the stage is set for the prepared coming attacks by Terrorists, Street Gangs, Mexican Cartels, Militias and Police...all occurring under an atmosphere of Border Implosion, Plague, Economic Collapse, Race Riots
and cyber attack.

All, of course, facilitated by our ‘Kerensky’ Barack Obama - the main element in Operation Chaos.

After all, hasn’t this the guy who ...

...collapsed the border? admitting and legalizing the illegal immigrants into the country? importing Ebola?

...has collapsed the Economy with Obamacare?

...destroyed the dollar?

...made the Border Patrol stand down?

...permitted terrorist training camps to be established in America?

...purged our military of its best?

...permitted Russian special forces to reside in America?

...trained the Police to distrust, hate and kill Americans?

...let our infrastructure collapse?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a President...this is an agent of destruction...

...and perfectly installed to begin Operation Chaos.

Let the Chaos begin!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Questions You Should Ask About Conspiracy Pundits

A lot of conspiracy pundits are making their appearance as friends and leaders of the American patriotic community.

A lot of these ‘leaders’ are as fake as a two dollar bill - government or establishment plants there to deceive, distract...and compile black lists for the great day.

And it is amazingly easy to single them out.

It is easy because the establishment is so stiff and inflexible that most of its acolytes all have the same resume.

What follows is a secret check list to single out these Illuminati infiltrators.


The establishment seems to draw a large number of its members from a quintet of ivory tower colleges: Yale - Harvard - MIT - Princeton - Columbia and perhaps a small number of other recognized colleges.

So anyone having graduated from these virtual invitation-only institutions is an immediate red flag.

Conservative, Christian, patriotic individuals...just don’t make it in these institutions.

So if people from anyone of these Ivy League colleges present themselves as a patriot, a leader, journalist, writer, a whistle blower, etc...distrust them.

The faculty of these institutions act as a filter to make sure patriotic Christians never graduate from those places.


People who have made a career in the Federal Government are to be immediately distrusted.

Come can try it out, but make an entire career working for a corrupt, twisted and socialist institution that is the Federal Government?

Whether en ex-employees of the IRS, FBI, CIA, any part of the Executive Branch, remember, if it is a career they made, that they made it basically betraying the country and the American people.

The Federal Government has been an agent of treason and suppression for decades. Good Americans don’t linger there (or in Washington DC for that matter).

Many ex-Feds are also CIA assets.

Distrust them immediately. 


Have they ever worked for th FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA, DEA, BATF or any of the other alphabet soup intelligence agencies of the Federal Government?

Well, the burning question is: why?

These agencies have been steadily involved in the betrayal and destruction of America - people who join these organizations soon find that out...and leave. T

On the other hand, people who thrive and progress within the intelligence communities are a bunch of rats.

Do not trust anyone who is ex-intelligence.

You may listen to them, but never trust them.


Many conspiracy pundits like to keep this fact a secret...and its easy to do because Freemasonry is so secretive.

But the truth is Freemasonry is THE oil on which the Illuminati machinery runs.

From experience, I am convinced no decent upright human being would join and progress in  this creepy, satanic, dark and occult mystery religion.

Most Freemasons are chosen for their obedient stupidity, not their genius, so the candidate is always surrounded by mediocrity.

Most Masons like to have ‘fun’ in very immoral ways - drunkeness, whores and orgies - and if you don’t participate you are not considered ‘one of the boys.’

Anyone who is a standing member of this nefarious institution is no good.

Keep away or treat their mouthings with extreme care.


The police are thoroughly infiltrated by Freemasonry and the CIA.

Corruption also goes with the police just like peaches and cream.

Though not a sure marker, beware of anyone who is ex-law enforcement.

Many continue to be part of law enforcement and continue to compile blacklists of ‘suspects.’

Some law enforcement are good - mostly the ones who are no longer law enforcement and refuse to have anything to do with it.

Hear them out, but be careful...and don’t surrender your personal information to them.


I have served in the armed forces and can say with surety that no high class individual desires to make a career out of that dump.

In case you don’t understand, the prime necessity for you to continue in the armed forces is unquestioning obedience, getting along and not complaining.

People that make a complete career out of this type of person.

Also, many ‘veterans’ are recruited by the CIA.

Although not a sure marker, a complete long-time career in the armed forces is always suspect.

Every intelligent, high class individual that I know has been unable to tolerate the armed forces for more than ten years.


Immediately discard all ex-special forces...especially if they still proclaim an active loyalty to them.

The special forces (Green Berets, Rangers, SEALs, Delta Force) all recruit jointly with the CIA...and serve the CIA in clandestine missions.

The special forces are all ‘departments of dirty tricks’  and murder.

Recently many ex-special forces are being made leaders of the patriot community and the patriot militia by the CIA.

Few seem to question why that is.

Service in the special forces include acts of sodomy, trust-building, betrayal, torture and murder.

Anyone who enjoys this is a twisted individual...who cannot be trusted.

A lot of special forces also climb to the top of motorcycle gang leadership, whose mobility and nomadic existence lends itself to further CIA covert activity.

DO NOT trust ex-special forces.


No one from any of these institutions can be trusted.

It is well known these are globalist and internationalist institutions bent on world government.

If you don’t agree with the globalist agenda basis of a one world government being necessary, you are not admitted.

So yes, basically anyone who was EVER a member of any of these globalist political obedience clubs cannot be trusted - the are confirmed globalists.


Are they the ex-CEO or ex-president of a famous corporation?

Even ex-employees of corporations are suspect if the corporation happen to be past of the big ten (example: Goldman Sachs, Apple, Exxon, Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc).

Leaders in these corporations don’t become their leaders unless they are part of the global control grid team.

Ex-employees could be true whistle blowers....but be careful.

 Can they trace their lineage back to the Mayflower or some English King?

These blue bloods can’t help but crow about their pedigree.

So let’s see about these people...they can trace their lineage back to the Mayflower or beyond and now they are in charge!


A better definition of establishment blue blood cannot be found.

These are blue bloods in charge.

Be careful.


Is the person an honorary member of this or that establishment institution?

Has he or she received high honors?

Is he a ‘knight’ or ‘dame’ of this or that order?

Does the person belong to an elite university fraternity like Skull and Bones or Scroll and Key, etc?

Has the person won a Nobel or Pulitzer prize?


They will never call themselves ‘communists’ (communism has murdered too many people to have a good name anymore) but, if pressed, they will admit they are socialists or even Marxists.

Which is not surprising because a great part of present-day university leadership IS Marxist.

However, in spite of their tight-lipped secrecy, you can’t fail to spot these people.

They are pro-China, pro-Russia, pro-Venezuela, pro-Ecuador, pro-Cuba and pro-socialism.

They always push for ‘revolution' and complete abolishment of the present day status quo.

They very appropriately criticize corporate excesses but never tough upon the excesses of communism, socialism or the welfare state.

They are very anti-American and anti-capitalists which endears them to a lot of conspiracy researchers (who have found the American government and central bank capitalism to be giant frauds).


Basically a recap.

Were they ever part of a large establishment corporation, government agency, club, institution, university, etc.


When you start researching the conspiracy, the first thing you become aware of is that the medical establishment is a gigantic murderous mafia.

You quickly come to understand that their dangerous procedures and toxic medicine kill millions of Americans every year.

As such, you learn to move away from it and totally distrust it.

You can’t be a patriotic conspiracy researcher and then totally trust the medical establishment.

Some keep this opinion very much under wraps....making themselves obvious only after they get something like cancer and immediately submit themselves to standard establishment procedures like destructive chemotherapy, radiation and cut and burn procedures...which more often than not leads to a very well deserved early death.

To make a long story short, most legitimate anti-establishment conspiracy researchers would not submit themselves to the poisons of the medical industry even if you paid them a million bucks.

Distrust those who trust the medical establishment and submit themselves to its care.


A denial of obvious conspiracies marks them as agent provocateurs with STANDARD establishment beliefs.

Anytime a ‘patriot’ or ‘conspiracy researcher’ denies a conspiracy well established by fact...alarms should go off.

Don’t believe there was a conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy?


Don’t believe 9/11 was an inside job?


Don’t think fluoride in the water is harmful?


Thinks the ‘War on Terror’ is real?


Doesn’t believe vaccines are dangerous?


Thinks we were really attacked by North Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin?


Thinks Obama is legitimate?


An expansion of the above is the person’s opinion on establishment institutions themselves.


Do they like, approve and support...the CIA, NSA, DEA, FBI, BATF, Special Forces, CFR, Bildebergers, Trilateral Commission, Homeland Security, CDC, NHS, United Nations, Harvard, Yale, MIT, Columbia University, etc?

If they do, don’t assume they are clueless, assume they are traitors.



Don’t swallow the poison pill along with the ice cream.

When you eat food, is there is a piece of crud in your mouthful, you spit out the entire thing.

Same thing with people.

If you find a certain part of a patriotic researcher or leader to be unpalatable crud...SPIT THEM OUT!

I am not saying don’t read any of their writings or reject all their information, but pass all that they say through a filter and ask yourself: is this information (or misinformation) serving an alternate agenda?

Don’t swallow everything that they give you whole.

Frequently these people mix in good legitimate information with a piece of distractionary or even false poison.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Human Incubators: Factories for Child Sacrifice

Today I just wanted to bring attention to an Illuminati practice of designating young females as holy breeders for the high priesthood and having them surrender the offspring....for who knows what.

Is the holy fruit of their union immediately sacrificed?

Or is the arch-priest so high up that the offspring is placed with very special parents who train and target the youngster for high position as an Illuminati agent bastard?

Ever see how so many famous and powerful men have doubtful parentage? (Alexander, Hitler, Clinton...Obama). Turns out Clinton might be a Rockefeller and Obama, well, who knows.

DNA tests anyone?

Didn’t think so.

The truth is that in many cases we are governed by the fruit of the loins of the House of Rothschild.

That’s right, Rothschild (or Rockefeller) bastards are in fact our leaders.

Having said that, I would just like to point attention to the curious and entertaining phenomenon of young girls being ‘abducted’ from their homes or thereabouts for a period of not more and not less than 9 months (the period of human gestation) only to appear unscathed, happy and very well adapted at the conclusion of that time period to be rejoined with their happy families.

Well...uh...there ARE some changes.

The poor things DO look changed. A bit more puffy-faced, a bit more womanly than they were in their original virgin existence.

Medical exams for rape and impregnation  anyone?

Didn’t think so.

Item one is Elizabeth Smart, a 14 year old abducted from her bedroom in Sandy, Utah in 2002.

And yes, this happened in Mormon country - a land with a wide-ranging tradition of child brides and child sex. Which is not a surprise given that Mormonism is a mystery religion with close connections to Masonry.

Elizabeth Smart was (appropriately enough) abducted by a religious fanatic called Brian David Mitchell - a drifter and preacher who went by the ‘holy’ name of ‘Emmanuel, who styled himself a holy servant, a prophet and an ‘angel’(at the service of whom one might ask), who coincidentally did handyman jobs at the Smart house.

The night Brian David Mitchell walked into the house, Elizabeth Smart’s father had turned off the home alarm.

As the tall and creepy ‘angel’ entered their room, neither Elizabeth Smart, nor her sister, Mary Smart made any noise, although they were awake.

The intrusion also failed to raise neither Mr nor Mrs Smart from their slumber, nor any of the other two sleeping siblings

Needless to say, Brian David Mitchell was a mind-controlled gofer who regularly heard the commanding voices of angels and God himself.

Elizabeth Smart was supposedly held by Mitchell for nine months, during which she confessed she was raped four times daily (enough to assure immediate impregnation)...she said by Mitchell (but I doubt that).

Exactly nine months later, Mary Smart (Elizabeth’s sister) suddenly remembers who the voice of the kidnapper belonged to - a handyman who had been working for the smarts all along.

Talk about delayed memory.

The police appropriately went to Mitchell’s house, where he lived with his mind controlled wife and rescued Elizabeth Smart nine months to the day and only 18 miles from her own house.

Confused and clueless mind-controlled slave Brian David Mitchell (by the way, a fanatical Mormon) was sentenced to life in prison while his wife got 15 years.

Elizabeth’s reappearance was treated with a lot of surprising fanfare by the media, which has continued, making Elizabeth Smart (the human incubator) quite famous herself.

Elizabeth Smart got to meet the president, become an ABC News commentator, evolve into an advocate for kidnapped girls, and start her foundation.

Which really suggests that Elizabeth Smart has quite a lineage and was probably mated with a higher up of equally impressive pedigree to produce a future leader of society.

Her marriage to someone from pure Scottish lineage (in fact, a pure bred Scot) seems to confirm this fact.

Scotland is the mecca of all high lineages, and has been since the time of the druids.

Item two is Abigail Hernandez, a New Hampshire girl who was kidnapped from near her home at the age of 15.

Please note the re-occurring white bread WASPish upper class neighborhoods in which these kidnappings keep happening.

Abigail Hernandez was supposedly kidnapped on her way out of high school in October, 2013 in North Conway, Hew Hampshire.

She reappeared magically at the end of the 9-month gestation period on July 20, 2014.

No dramatic rescue this time. Abigail simply walked back home.

Soon after her kidnapper Nathaniel Kibby (another brain wipe mind-controlled zombie) was arrested as the kidnapper.

No comment on whether Kibby and Hernandez knew each other (which is rather strange, don’t you think?).

By this time the magical 9-month gestation period for the reappearance of these ‘kidnapped’ girls was starting to draw so much attention that it led Abigail Hernandez’s mom to blurt out to the media that ‘she was not pregnant!'

Adding further controversy to the ‘kidnapping’ is the probability that Abigail was not kidnapped at all, but went willingly with her captor.

The truth, of course, is obvious.

The families of these girls are Illuminati families of high lineage.

They send their obedient progeny to be mated with the higher in order to produce offspring.

When the deed is over, they reappear...amazingly happy and well adapted in spite of their ‘ordeal.’

Which brings me to the Ariel Castro kidnapping case.

Ariel Castro, a school bus driver, kidnapped three girls: Michelle Knight, 21, in August of 2002, Amanda Berry, 16 in April, 2003 and Georgina Dejesus, 14, in April, 2004...all from the same street: Lorraine Avenue.

We are supposed to believe he kept these three girls in his basement without neither his wife nor his daughter ever knowing nor suspecting, and even attended the family vigils asking for help in finding the girls along with his daughter.

You will pardon me if I say to our ‘law enforcers’ that they are asking us to believe too much....and that they are probably ‘enforcers’ of a different sort.

Ariel Castro kept these three girls in his basement for 10 YEARS with neither his wife, nor his daughter, nor his neighbors, nor the police suspecting.

Well, actually the neighbors DID put in several calls to the police about their suspicions, but the police never responded.

During these ten years living in this satanic dungeon (supposedly against their will) the three girls were impregnated multiple times (supposedly by Castro) some of which were supposedly ‘ended’ and other which saw the light of day. What happened to many more pregnancies remain a mystery.

My opinion?

What Castro was running was a standard baby factory for sacrifices to Lucifer - a way of producing undocumented, untraceable babies that can be sacrificed without a problem or a legal trail.

After 10 years of this supposed abuse (the dungeon story is probably a lie) the three girls escaped and went to the authorities.

I can never get out of my mind the appearance of these ‘victims’ once they presented themselves to the media: well fed, nice skin, healthy and....smiling...smiling happily and fulfilled for the cameras.

Are we really supposed to believe the media and the police’s account of things?

The smiling, pretty, well taken care of human incubators then went on to make their rounds of the media and their fifteen minutes of fame.

But these girls (all from Satanic families and Satanists themselves) were simple factories for human sacrifices.

Meanwhile Ariel Castro’s wife died of a brain tumor and Ariel Castro was later ‘suicided’ in prison, shutting him up for good.

If Castro’s daughter keeps very very quiet, she might get to live a few more years.


In 1990, Jaycee Dugard’s family moved from Orange Country to South Lake Tahoe, California in preparation for her abduction.

The following year, 1991, Jaycee was abducted by Philip and Nancy Garrido, another ultra-religious husband and wife team.

Jaycee’s stepfather saw the abudction, but his description seems to have ben useless to the South Lake Tahoe police.

Philip Garrido was a convicted rapist who had served only 10 out of a 50 year sentence for abducting and raping a woman for five hours inside a warehouse in South Lake Tahoe and a man who regularly parked next to elementary schools to watch kids and masturbate.

It was this winning and husband and wife team who (we are expected to believe) kept Jaycee in their backyard for 18 YEARS while being repeatedly raped by Philip Garrido and giving birth to two girls (which Garrido kept along with Jaycee as his ‘daughters.’)

Meanwhile, repeated calls to the police by concerned neighbors and other citizens prompted no reaction from the South Lake Tahoe Police.

At one point someone actually spotted Jaycee Dugard staring at a lost poster of herself and described the vehicle in which she was transported.

In another instance, neighbors called about children being housed in Garrido’s back yard.

The police showed up, talked to this violent convicted rapist on parole for 30 minutes...and then left without even bothering to look inside his house or back yard.

When Philip Garrido took upon himself to go to UC Berkely (probable headquarters of his mind control handlers) to try to hold an event there, the staff notified the police due to concerns about the behavior of his children.

The game was up...the police went to Garrido’s home and confiscated Jaycee along with her offspring. Amazingly, Jaycee went along with Garrido’s cover story and tried long and hard to cover up for him.

The story did not hold and Garrido was arrested...and sentenced to life in prison.

Remember, this girl was held 18 years in this man’s back yard, raped massive amounts of times and probably gave birth to a lot of infants...for the sacrificial altar of Satan.

Meanwhile neighbors regularly said she did not actually live in the back yard, but inside the home as part of the family - a compliant captive.

I would just like to underline the Dugard family’s convenient move from Orange County to the satanic mecca of South Lake Tahoe, California, where Jaycee was abducted and her abductors protected by the police for 18 YEARS!


Many kidnappings are facades set up by satanic families and their associates.

Some are kidnapped to mate with  and produce offspring from the high priesthood of the Illuminati.

Others are kidnapped to breed the anonymous stock of human sacrifice required at satanic rituals.Please, Satanic establishment, stop insulting our intelligence by telling us these children are abducted and kept in basements or back yards for years on end, only to emerge smiling and content.

Please stop telling us your satanic masonic police departments are doing everything they possibly can to find these kids when they are actually covering up for the abductors.

These female minors are the human incubators for the offspring offered to Satan and YOU are part of it.

We know we are part of a secretly satanic society, so please, stop insulting our intelligence and aggravating us with your stinking lies.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Mr. Illuminati: The Big Probelm with Plagues

ICB = Illuminati Conspiracy Blog
Mr. Illuminati = representative of the Grand Illuminati Council

*a dramatization based on facts

ICB: Hello again and welcome to another installment of the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog Show. Today we have as a guest...again...the Illuminati representative we call simply ‘Mr. Illuminati’ who will enlighten us on the plans and, I guess challenges of the Illuminati. Mr. Illuminati welcome.

Mr. Illuminati:  Thank you.

ICB: Today we will be discussing the problem of plagues, of all things, both for the Illuminati and...uh...for us.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes, and the challenges are quite different, aren’t they? For example, your problem is how to avoid dying while our problem is to get people you to die in massive quantities.

ICB: Right, and that brings us to the head of the topic - he problem the Illuminati are having in killing off a large part of humanity.

Mr. Illuminati: Well, we would like to call it a challenge.

ICB: Ok, a challenge, the challenge of murdering large swathes of the human race.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes indeed. You might be glad to hear that it is not quite as easy as you think.

ICB: Please expand on all of this.

Mr. Illuminati: Well, as you might have noticed, we are trying to kill millions of people through the use of carefully cultivated plagues.

ICB: Correct, plagues like, Ebola, Bubonic Plague, Chikungunya, and Tuberculosis, etc. You are doing a great job!

Mr. Illuminati: Well, thank you. But unfortunately we have come across severe setbacks.

ICB: Really? I thought things were really taking off with that scientifically activated outbreak in Africa.

Mr. Illuminati: A good start, but we have already run into setbacks.

ICB: Pray tell what might those be?

Mr. Illuminati: Well, its something that we had foreseen as a problem, but which we had underestimated as a factor.

ICB: I can’t wait to find out what it is.

Mr. Illuminati:  Well, in  a word, it is basically hygiene and modern living standards.

ICB: That’s it?

Mr. Illuminati: You have to understand what we are trying to do - start worldwide plagues. In the past it was easy because we basically had large amounts of people living in deprived conditions and filth. The Black Plague is a good example of this.

ICB: So what you are saying is we are no longer filthy or deprived enough to die of plague.

Mr. Illuminati:  Well, let’s look at the equation. The Black Plague in Europe happened a the time it did because, for the first time, Europeans had begun to concentrate in cities and large urban areas to facilitate the trade that was beginning to blossom after the Crusades.

ICB: I get it. Concentration and filth = plague.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes. And those towns and cities, if you want to call them that, WERE very filthy places. I mean we are talking no running water, streets full of feces, rats, fleas, etc...combine this with the aversion to bathing and you have a perfect formula for plague.

ICB: So the Black Plague worked flawlessly, killing 1/3 of the population of Europe.

Mr. Illuminati: Under those conditions, yes.

ICB: But now the conditions are different.

Mr. Illuminati: Well, let’s look at our second great attempt of plague - basically the same disease under the name of Spanish Flu, which occurred in 1918.

ICB: A major let down...

Mr. Illuminati: Yes, the Spanish Flu killed only 1/40 of the world’s population.

ICB: You have my condolences on that major fail.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes, well, it failed because of society’s astronomically improved standards of living, medicine, hygiene and living standards. This was, after all, 1918, a full one hundred years into the Industrial Revolution. Standards of life were light years ahead of what was in the Middle Ages.

ICB: Of course, you are talking about sewers, running water, toothpaste, soap, showers, disinfectants, electricity, etc.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes...and today society is even more...clean, hygienic and germ-less than in was in 1918.

ICB: So we are even cleaner and healthier in 2014 than we were in 1918, when the plague killed only 1/40 of humanit...making plague possibilities today only a fraction of the mortality of 1918. In other words, the plague does not have a chance today. How are you guys going to deal with that.

Mr. Illuminati: Well, let me break down the problem first...

ICB: You mean the problem of how to kill people billions of people in the First World with plague under conditions of optimum hygiene.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes, well, let me break it down for you: Street sweepers, flushable toilets, running water, toilets, soap, showers, toothpaste, mouthwash, washing machines, detergent, air filters, disinfectants, mopping, vacuum cleaners, deodorants, backing soda, oxygen peroxide, anti-bacterials, allergy masks, hand washing, alcohol, vitamins and mineral tablets, nutrition, clean water, and , very importantly, clean and separate living spaces.

ICB: Expand on the separate living spaces.

Mr. Illuminati: Well, that is a major factor. People live, with people they know well, in separate and clean living spaces. Whether it be apartments of suburban homes, they are kept cleanly and neatly separate from their fellow neighbors. Even at work, people have good aeration through filtered air
conditioning and separate cubicles.

ICB: So what you are saying is that people are kept  safely apart and isolated within fairly clean environments, even in very populated areas.

Mr Illuminati: And what that means is your neighbor might have the plague, but this does not mean you will contract it, especially in this day and age when people don’t even speak to their neighbors. Even in an apartment situation, contagion is difficult. In other words, the condition is not there for any plague to spread.

ICB: So a plague could spread here and there, but it will never become pandemic.

Mr. Illuminati: Precisely.

ICB: So why re-try something that has little chance of success?

Mr. Illuminati: Well, obviously, we have come up with certain modifiers which offer us a chance of succeeding.

ICB: And those modifiers are...

Mr. Illuminati: Well, now we have come to the meat of the matter, haven’t we? How to kill off a humanity that is well protected by hygiene and clean and separate living spaces...with the plague.

ICB: The conditions aren’t appropriate, but obviously, you have come up with something to make this possible.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes indeed, that is why we are talking about the topic to begin with.

ICB: Please expand on this.

Mr. Illuminati: Humanity today is not the humanity of times past. The humanity of today is a compromised humanity. It is an insulted humanity. It is an attenuated immunosuppressed humanity and a brainwashed humanity.

ICB: Well, lets expand on those terms. Viruses and bacteria are ‘attenuated’ or weakened for lab experiments. Animals too are immuno-suppressed - that is, their immune systems are suppressed - to have the experimental diseases they are injected with ‘take’ immediately...

Mr. Illuminati: Yes.

ICB: So what you are saying that humanity has been attenuated or weakened and its immune system suppressed in order to become more susceptible to plague.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes.

ICB: How?

Mr. Illuminati: Microwaves. As you know, we have installed a powerful microwave attenuation grid.  I am talking here about the grid of microwave towers and Smart Meters, which have been transmitting frequencies especially useful in debilitating the human immune system for the last 15 years. You must add to this the new low, or human, frequency attenuation and HAARP technology which is doing the same.

ICB: So humanity has been slowly ‘attenuated’ or weakened immunologically for the last 15 years what else microwaves.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes.

ICB: What else.

Mr. Illuminati: Food. Food has become toxic, not only through additives, but through its very nature through genetic engineering. So much so that everything you eat that is not truthfully organic, is toxic. Food irradiation, the addition of live viruses, preservatives, colorants, etc has made food a major assault on the immune system of the average person. In addition, the nutritional value of food has dropped to near zero, leading to malnourishment of the population.

ICB: So the average person’s immune system is not only malnourished, but right on the edge of being overwhelmed by massive toxicity and...

Mr. Illuminati: ...extremely vulnerable to disease. And this is why people are getting sick all the time. This is why they have allergies to most anything all the time. This is why antibiotics no longer work.

ICB: Wait...antibiotics?

Mr. Illuminati: It’s not that the antibiotics are useless, but that the immune system of people can no longer fight off disease and infection...with or without antibiotics.

ICB: else have you done to put set out the red carpet for the plague?

Mr. Illuminati: Contrails. The contrailing or chem-trails (as you call them) has been one of our most successful secret programs. Mycoplasmas, proteins, DNA, viruses and debilitating nanotechnology has been rained down on the population, weakening their immune systems even further.

ICB: OK...humanity is being debilitated by food, microwaves and contrails...what else?

Mr. Illuminati: Well, now we come to our crowning achievement - vaccination.

ICB: You mean the same vaccines that are being used to make our children autistic and sick with diseases that used to not appear until the geriatric ages?

Mr. Illuminati: Yes...but this time with much more permanent effects.

ICB: You mean vaccines that will kill?

Mr. Illuminati: Well, you have to look at our situation. Humanity, as I have described, lives - outside of the Third World - in conditions that are not supportive of spreading plague. Plague will not spread naturally under natural conditions in the First World.

ICB: So you plan to introduce the plague into people through vaccines.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes.

ICB: Are people stupid enough to allow themselves to be vaccinated to death when they see those who took the vaccine before them die?

Mr. Illuminati: It’s all  in the timing. A delayed action vaccine - like the ones we now - will take effect after a period of time, thus reducing suspicion. Anyone who later becomes sick will simply be said to have acquired the plague before vaccination or to have not been helped by the vaccine.

ICB: Diabolical.

Mr. Illuminati: Luciferian.

ICB: So you basically plan to inject people directly with the plague?

Mr. Illuminati: Yes, well, you have to consider the conditions of hysteria and zero-tolerance under which the vaccinations will take place. The media will work up fear, panic and hysteria.

ICB: Then what?

Mr. Illuminati: The government will start implementing zero-tolerance forced vaccination programs. The population will be forced vaccinated. Not all the vaccines will contain the disease - some will and some won’t. It will be sort of like Russian Roulette. Five members of a family might be vaccinated, and two will die of the plague, thus granting us further deniability.

ICB: What will happen to the ones who won’t take the shot?

Mr. Illuminati: Zero tolerance policies of quarantine will be activated. The people who refuse vaccination will be labeled prospective plague conveyors, a national security threat and even ‘terrorists.’ Children will be taken from parents. Others will be arrested, put on buses and taken to what amount to concentration camps, where they will be stripped, hosed down, dressed in paper coveralls and forced vaccinated anyway. The quarantine term will be a lie. Everyone will be vaccinated.

ICB: Well, you know people are armed in this country, right?

Mr. Illuminati: It doesn’t matter, the mind of the population is in our hands. Those who refuse vaccination will be seen as irresponsible and dangerous outlaws and terrorists who pose a national security threat. The people themselves will turn them in and persecute them.

ICB: So the plague will be spread through forced vaccination of the population with some vaccines containing plague and others not...and the effect of the deadly vaccines occurring only some time after vaccination...

Mr. Illuminati: ...upon a population that has already been weakened, immunosuppressed and attenuated in order to receive the plague.

ICB: Will the vaccine induced plague be transmissible?

Mr. Illuminati: Yes.

ICB: What portion of the population do you plan on taking out?

Mr. Illuminati: Well, large portions of the Third World, which are living in squalor are already write offs. What portion of the First World will succumb is unknown, but we speculate at something above that of the 1918 Swine Flu plague.

ICB: 1/30 of the population?

Mr. Illuminati: Sure, why not...but it could be much, much higher as well. Remember, the plague will be introduced directly through vaccination, in addition to the pneumonic transmission through the air.

ICB: Won’t some medical doctor be able to detect and prove that the vaccines contain the plague.

Mr. Illuminati: Good question. The vaccines will contain mycoplasmic conveyors that doctors not only do not look for, but cannot see with the microscopes they generally use. Also, culpability for the plague will be tagged unto marker bacteria that is co-present but not responsible for the plague, to lead them off  even more.

ICB: Is this is what you guys did with AIDS?

Mr. Illuminati: Precisely. HIV is just a marker virus, not the cause of AIDS. This is why there are people with HIV who have AIDS and vice versa.

ICB: I also noticed that the same high ranking bureaucrats who were present in the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and NIH (National Institutes of Health) are still the same ones who helped spread AIDS.

Mr. Illuminati: Precisely! We always keep our loyal and effective servants in power.

ICB: So to sum it all up: Humanity lives in such conditions of abundance, health and hygiene that it has had to be weakened for fifteen years through Microwaves, HAARP, Contrails and toxic food in order to weaken it enough to catch  and spread the plague - a plague that will be introduced directly into human beings through vaccination.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes.

ICB: One plague or many?

Mr. Illuminati: More than one or variants of the same - Bubonic Plague, Super Tuberculosis, Super Flu, Bird Flu, Chikyungunya, Ebola, most of the plagues attacking the lungs directly.

ICB: Mr. Illuminati, thank you for another unsettling and terrifying interview.

Mr. Illuminati: You’re welcome.

ICB: As an addendum, I would like to add a list of home remedies that could quite readily save you from the plague - look them up!:
    -Colloidal Silver
    -Garlic Oil
    -Rife Machines
    -Oxygen Peroxide
    -White Vinegar
    -Electronic  and Ionic Air Filters
    -Ozone Generators
    -Please look into the inhalation of Colloidal Silver and Oxygen in cases of lung infection

Mr. Illuminati: (laughs)