Sunday, July 31, 2011

Speculation: The Illuminati Weapon

Speculation is something most people know little about.

Which is sad because some day...speculation might cause you to starve.

Speculation is a breaking of the rules of physical reality and an acceptance of an imagined fantasy as reality.

Speculation turns reality on its head and makes us part of its surreal nightmare.

The Illuminati invented speculation.

They continue to use it basically to fuck up the entire world.

Let’s talk about speculation, shall we?

Speculation is the buying and selling of a product without actually taking delivery of it.

Get it?

Tons of product can be bought and sold and the markets affected without the product actually going anywhere.

Let me give you an example.

You live in a small one-supermarket town.

I buy the entire shelf stock out of this supermarket.

Your supermarket accepts my money and gives me a receipt.

The entire content of the supermarket is now mine.

While I decide what to do with all this product, the stuff just sits there.

The supermarket cannot sell it because it belongs to me.

So when people come up to buy food they can’t.

Physically the super market has locked its doors.

The most it can do is charge me a ‘rent’ to keep storing my food there.

Meanwhile you get to starve.

As for me, I might just sit on all that stuff until demand for food has made it so expensive that I can sell it for a huge profit.

The supermarket re-opens its doors and you get to eat...but you must now pay dearly for what goes down your throat.

I get rich.

Great for me.

Too bad for you.

Of course, your little starvation session would never have happened if there were laws saying the buyer of anything had to take immediate delivery of whatever it is he bought or simply have the product and his money returned.

But there is no such law.

That’s the catch.

The Illuminati always make sure no such law emerges.

Speculation violates not only the laws of physics, but of reality, finance and morality itself.

Speculation is an actual la la land where the fantastic happens, the rich get filthy rich in fantastic ways while the non-rich get screwed.

I could go into the history of speculation, which started around the turn of the 17th century under a guy named John Law, who founded the Bank of England which in turn fueled the world’s first speculative bubble

Or I could go into how the Federal Reserve busted the American economy with this country’s first speculative bubble only 15 years after its creation.

(the connection between central banks and speculation is obvious)

But in the name of brevity I will spare you that.

Instead, let’s start our short history trip in the mid 1990’s.

It can now be said with certainty that in the second half of the 90’s and the first half of the new millennium, speculatory fantasy reached unimagined heights of surrealism.


A LOT of money was injected into the system.

Money fuels speculation.

And central banks supply all that is needed.

Can’t have speculation without a splurge of money.

And you can’t have speculation without a central bank...

...because the central banking structure makes all the money it needs out of nothing.

So there’s always enough money (at least for the banks) to speculate with...

...and for you to get screwed.

There are two parts to speculation:

The first part is to get government on your side and use government itself to make it so that you can set up your scam legally.

The second part is to get people to invest in your scam.

The third part is to take the people’s money while making the collapse of your scam look like an unavoidable and unfortunate economic phenomenon.

The fourth part is to justify the scam legally, morally and financially (with help from the government and the media) so people, the law, the lawyers and the courts don’t get you.

Now the supermarket example was just an example.

Let’s look at some real speculation that really happened during the last 15 years.

**Cities sold their public transit trains to speculators who then rented the trains back to the city for a price. The cities ran out of money with which to pay the speculators and the trains had to sit idle because the speculators had not gotten paid. See DC transit.

**Cities sold government buildings to speculators and then rented them back. Arizona took the cake when it sold its state capitol building and paid rent to continue meeting there.

**Parents pre-paid into secure ’state education trusts’ to use the money in the future for the education of their kids when they reached college age. The states spent all the money instead and now the kids get nothing.

**Corporations took out secret life insurance policies on sick or elderly employees and cashed in on them upon their deaths – Ka-Ching! The employees’ families got nothing. You just try to do that (oh, I forgot, you are not a corporation).

**Many people invested in Bernie Madoff’s investment scam only to have the money funneled to a bank in Israel and the trail ignored by government.

**Speculators pre-bought entire megawatts of electricity amounting to a large portion of a power plants’ yearly output. Once that limit was reached, the plants needed to pay the speculators their price in order to continue producing electricity. Can’t pay? The plant shuts down. Can pay? The plant passes down the increase to the consumer. This led to the infamous California brownouts. It gets better. The scam is still operational and will be the major cause behind your increased electrical bill and the accompanying brown outs in the near future.

**The secure ‘lock-box’ of Social Security was grabbed and used up by the Federal Government which left a bunch of IOUs in the lock-box in its stead. Now the government can’t pay all those IOUs, so its telling the people Social Security is no longer tenable.

**Cities, counties, states and the Federal government went Vegas by investing their employees’ retirement funds into the stock market (and skimming the profits). Now the big secret is ITS ALL GONE, evaporated down the speculative bubble drain. I mean talk about gambling with people’s lives! The time will soon come when the public employer will tell you your retirement payments will be reduced, or better yet, that your retirement is all gone.

**Speculation in India led to grain shortages and starvation. But there was really no grain shortage. All the grain was parked either in the fields or rotting in storage depots. The speculators had basically frozen up the market.

**Speculation in oil led to $5.00 a gallon. There was no oil shortage, just speculation. It was all done with paper. But, of course, the media keeps blaming the Arabs, although they have little or nothing to do with skyrocketing prices.

Oh, lets not forget the big one:

The junking of the American economy.

An illegal derivatives market carried out by the major banks was kept not only functional but secret from the American public from 1996 to 2009.

During this time, the banks carried out what amounted to illegal butt piracy involving capital and their investors money with the complete help and backing of the American Government.

Let’s take a look at this masterpiece, shall we?

Step-1) get the US government to guarantee all your mortgage loans (which is really a bit like having them guarantee your gambling spree)

Step-2) start giving out mortgages to every Tom, Dick and Harry who comes along and create a mortgage bubble

Step-3) gather all this mortgage debt into packages labeled AAA commodities and sell them to your neighboring bank and investment firms as ‘valuable assets.’

(Of course, banks and investment firms were the only ones trading amongst each other with this crud, but they are really the ones that matter. They weren’t really excited about the crud derivatives, what they were excited about was all YOUR MONEY they were giving each other in exchange for it).

Let’s take a short time out here.

Right there is a miracle of alchemy!

By turning massive debt into assets, the banks were basically turning crap into gold.

But let’s continue.

Step-4) offer your massive debt-based IOUs as valuable investment packages to the public so that investment firms and governments can invest retirees’ entire life savings into them through the 401K system.

Step-5) watch the bubble burst and go crying to the government to keep its promise about insuring all your mortgage investments

Step-6) get trillions of dollars from the government (in addition to all the dollars you have already traded amongst fellow banks and investors for useless mortgage derivatives).

*This is the big secret nobody is mentioning. The government HAD to give those banks all those trillions because it had foolishly guaranteed all their mortgages by law!

Step-7) invest all that money into Gold as the multi-trillion bailout destroys the dollar and all the other currencies which tag their worth to it (while promising the US government and the public that you will re-invest all those trillions back into the economy- A BIG FAT LIE)

Step-8) invest all those gold-backed trillions into forming your shining New World Order while the nations starve.

What a piece of work.

And we fell for it.

Well, really it was our bacchanalia Congress who fell for it, encouraged by lobbyists, corruption and greed…but, of course, it is us who have to pay the piper.

But let’s get back to the meat of the matter here.

All great revolutions are accompanied by starvation created through speculation.

This is what happened in the French Revolution and this is what happened in the Russian Revolution.

It gives the population that special desperate energy and hungry edge revolutions need to create riots and out-control behavior.

The government could all prevent this with a few simple laws NOW.

You know, a simple law like ‘You buy it, you take it, or goes back to the seller within 24 hours.’

But that’s hard to do in a society that regularly uses the word ‘futures’ alongside words like wheat, corn and oil.

You see, that’s what a 'future' is - a piece of speculation.

Buy all of it today so you can sell it tomorrow at an inflated price.

As it stands today, your electricity, your food, your fuel, your public transit, your government buildings and your retirement are all subject to the whims of speculation.

In other words, our entire physical reality is open to speculation, even people (see life-insurance scam featured above).

Our society is presently ripe to be torn apart through speculation.

Just remember, when we become penniless, without food, without fuel, and without electricity, and the government will offers you a truckload of lies as to why it’s all happening...

...when you are poor, cold (or hot) and starving, you will know it was because...


Friday, July 29, 2011

The Secret To Crushing Illuminati Power

I am going to reveal the key to destroying the entire Illuminati Conspiracy.

It’s a mundane truth that has been mentioned before…

And that’s just it.

The key to Illuminati destruction is so mundane conspiracy nuts skim right over it.

I know this truth I am going to reveal to you is not one of the most exciting of things in the world.

No magical ring that destroys all the evil ones with its demise.

No call to a dramatic attack upon the illuminati government.

No plan to hunt down shape-shifting reptilians.


And like many things, the most powerful truth…is also the simplest.

And the truth is this:

The entire world has been the victim of a one hundred year old con game…


It was 1913 when our Congress approved the Federal Reserve Act.

When it did so, it brought the last nation holding out against the central banking system into the fold.

After 1913, every nation on earth (with the exception of Japan) had a central bank at the core of its entire national economy.

Now you aren’t going to tell me you didn’t know that all central banks are actually branches of one central bank – THE central bank (The BIS) which controls the entire world economy.

Well, that international financial system became a reality in 1913.

If you want to put a date on the beginning of the New World Order, let it be 1913.

Oh, sure, there were so many ‘good’ reasons for putting our economy in the hands of the world’s ten largest banks represented through the Federal Reserve, which from then on would have the power to create money out of nothing.

For the record, 1900-1913 was the most prosperous era that Europe and America had ever known –a sort of economic Shangri-La.

The world was expecting great things from the new world central banking system…

…and they got it.


The very year after the world central banking system was in place, the international banking system unleashed the most horrible war in human history – WW-I.

The nations of the world were stunned.

Modern historians have now labeled the era prior to WW-I as the most prosperous era in world history, with absolutely no reason for war.

The Central Banking System let us have it.

In fact, these central bank rats couldn’t wait.

They walloped the world with WAR the year after they got economic control.

Makes you think about the true reason behind central banking doesn’t it?

And what did the blossoming world economy get after the slaughter of WW-I?

Europe got hardship and bankruptcy while the US destroyed itself with speculation.


All these good times were followed by a SECOND WORLD WAR.

Which brings me to Japan, the odd man out.

Japan got its first central bank in 1941 (just before going to war against the United States - again, the connection between war and central banking is obvious).

So what did the World Central Banking System do for us since 1913?

Let’s see.






And let’s not forget…

…a possible looming THIRD WORLD WAR.

Man, we’ve never had it so good!

Makes you pine for the good ol’ days of 1900-1912, doesn’t it?

So if you still don’t know what the secret to collapsing the New World Order is, let me spell it out for you:


Central banking is where the Illuminati get all their wealth and power.

The central banking scam is what allows them to create money and wealth out of nothing…and then using it to take over our corporations, our government and ourselves.

Shut down the central banks and you shut down the power of the Illuminati.

Every nation on earth should have a “close down the central bank campaign.”

Every politician and every wealthy person in the world should be campaigning to shut down their local central bank.

But where’s our money gonna come from then?

The answer to that is the simplest.

Presently, under the Central Banking System, the nations are forced to count each currency unit they print as DEBT to their Central Bank.

The first thing the nations of the world can do is to reclaim their right to print their own currency for free.

Each country’s treasury can print its own money, with the threat of inflation keeping the process under control.

With the Central Banking System gone, no nation will ever again print itself into power (that was only possible with the the central banking system).

Instead, what will make a nation powerful will be its economy, its industry and the technical education of its workers, not paper.


Every nation of the world has a privately held central bank controlling its economy as part of the world central banking system (which is probably run from England, Germany and Switzerland).

For 100 years now the central banking system has been forcing humanity to eat shit.

If we want to stop the generous helpings, what humanity has to do is shut down (and if possible burn down) every central bank in the world.

Get rid of the central banks and you break the power of the Illuminati.

Any 'crusader' who neglects the primal and basic necessity of shutting down the Federal Resreve along with all the other central banks is a fraud.

Shut down the Central Banks of the world and you shut down the Central Banking System.

Shut down the Central Banking System and you shut down the financial power of the Illuminati.

Shut down the financial power of the Illuminati and you get your freedom and your sovereignty back.

It's that simple. It really is!

It's the giant elephant in the room few attention to.

The Illuminati want it to remain that way.

Let's disappoint them.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Conspiracy Sites Call It Quits

Recently many ‘conspiracy sites’ have begun blowing the surrender horn.

“It’s too late,” they say.

“It’s useless,” they squawk.

“I give up, “ they mumble.

Or maybe they use a combination of all three: “I done my darndest and nobody listened because Americans are a bunch of sheep so it’s useless, I give up and screw you all.”

Finally, my favorite: “The shit is hitting the fan and I’m getting the hell outta here so good luck and don’t even try to reach me.”

Are the government shills telling preparing us for the big purge by telling everybody to call it quits before the stuff even hits the fan.

Not surprisingly, these are the same sites that had either a lot of mono-subject information or superfluous information.

I can’t confirm whether they are or they aren’t and I’m not going to, but it got my attention.

Jeff Rense recently got my attention when he repeated over and over again “it’s all over.”

Jeffy, do America a favor…and stop saying “it’s all over.”

To put it more kindly…STFU!

Alex Jones got my attention when he freaked out, openly fearing for his life on the air because Governor Rick Perry tried to win him over and then spoke ill of him. What bugged me about Jones is that he did this fear thing over the air. He purposefully tried to look insecure and afraid. If anything, Alex is an accomplished speaker and image-projection radio and video host. Why project the image of insecurity and fear?

A lot more sites are following on cue.

To all these sites I say this:


The fight is not only not over yet, in fact, it hasn’t even started.

So it really bugs me when several sites and conspiracy ‘personalities’ are begin to blow the surrender monkey horn.

This makes me really angry.

It makes me angry because (whether intentional or not) it has the effect of a whopping Psyop on our morale.

And it wasn’t much better before, when many of them regularly referred to us as ‘sheeple,’

Now again, I am not talking about all of them here.

After hammering us over the head all the time about what weak and degenerate sheep we are…they are now telling us it’s all over?


Are you shitting me?

I wouldn’t be caught dead saying that even as a joke!

The circumstances and the stakes are just too high.

We are talking about life and death here.

That’s right, life or death for us, for our country…for our future.

And a large portion of that might require dying for.

Yes, dying.

Whoops, did I say the ‘D’ word?

How politically incorrect of me.

I forgot to use it in the context of government sponsored deployment of Americans to foreign lands to be used a sniper-bait or human-mine-detonation devices.

But the truth is, as I have said before, some things are worth dying for, and our family, our way of life, our Constitution and our country are four of them.

Without the willingness to DIE, yes die, there would have been no United States to begin with.

If you have nothing in your life worth dying for, then you are simply not a sovereign human being.

You are more like a formless blob to whom those over you can do with as they please. In fact, you aren’t even a real person.

There is a reason cattle are always depicted as a faceless mass.

If every American decides their right to bear arms is undeniable and worth defending TO THE DEATH, any government goon squad sent to take them away will fail.

If most Americans decide to die rather than surrender their guns, any effort at gun confiscation will collapse.

Please, understand the psychology of violence.

That bully or that bastard at the bar won’t back down until he senses that you are more than ready and willing to engage in flat out brutality against him.

For the most part, this ends in peace, because the bastard stops pushing the envelope.

Government is much the same way.

If the bastards at the top see there is no way we will bend, they will stop pushing.

Their only challenge is to see if they can indeed convince us that “it’s all over” and “resistance is futile.”

And that is the crucial lie, because in truth governments can never resist the will of a united people.

Don’t believe me?

Look at Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria.

Besides, we are freaking armed!

Many people in this world are not so lucky.

An armed population is not a provocation, it’s a reality check to make the government think twice before going medieval.

Many Americans can shoot a rifle better than any cop or soldier.

Most hunters are probably better at stalking and killing human beings than any police or government trooper.

And we have millions of them.

We are lucky to have inherited such a free and prosperous country.

You’ve really got to know the rest of the world to know how blessed we really are.

Check it out:

Trial by jury?

Three judges decide your fate in France (no jury).

Right to bear arms?

Pistols for self-protection are illegal in Japan and Europe (and many other places).

Right to free speech?

If you criticize the official version of the Holocaust (Holocaust denial) or the government (defamation of government) in Europe, you go straight to jail..

Right to travel freely?

Have you ever tried to travel freely in Latin America, China or Eastern Europe? If the government doesn’t get you, the out of control criminals do.

Right to own property and capital?

Check out how impossible it is to own more than one property in Japan and Europe. It’s next to impossible because of the huge and crippling bureaucracy and taxes. Try to own in it the Third World and the squatters will take it from you…and the government will back them.

Start you own business?

In decrepit Greece it costs you $10,000 just in licensing fees to start your own business.

So you see why we should feel privileged to live in this great country.

But privilege comes with responsibility and duty.

Many of us have sworn to defend the Constitution before God, and we take that oath very seriously.

Even without any’s just a natural human reaction to oppose and confront the pillaging of our rights, our privacy, our property, our respect and our freedom.


Get that preschool “get along” mentality out of your heads.

Confrontation is what makes the world go around.

It corrects all manner of bullshit.

And by confrontation I don’t necessarily mean armed violence.

When you call up the manager to complain about bad service - that is a freaking confrontation.

See, confrontation is basically DOING SOMETHING.

Americans should have initiated a total boycott against flying the day the TSA initiated the scan and grope protocol – no passengers, empty air ports, period.

Americans should simply leave the states en masse where the right to accept or reject vaccination does not exist – just depopulate the entire freaking state.

Americans should vote out every single member of Congress who voted for the Patriot Act and Obama Care.

Americans should wrap every single one of those transmitting ‘Smart Meters’ in tin foil.

Americans should stop joining the armed forces as long as the government misuses them to attack and occupy foreign countries for no valid reason.

Americans should home or charter school their own kids and get them out of those cesspools called public schools.

And these are just a few examples.


No violence, no ultimate sacrifice, just sheer bull headedness, will and character.

Is it confrontation?

You bet.

And you can see its more about character than any form of violence.

This is why I become so angry about psychological deflators who begin squawking “its all over” and raising the surrender monkey flag before real confrontation has even begun.

There is confrontation already happening.

It will continue to happen and take many shapes and forms, and it will be a confrontation for our very way of life if not our very lives.

So,’s not over.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bread and Circuses

The elite have supplied America with bread and circuses to keep the impoverished masses content in their deprivation, just like the ancient Roman emperors used to do.

Americans are now landless, impoverished and unemployable peasants in a bankrupt land whose industry has been exported to other countries and whose corporations are beginning to physically moved to other countries to do business.

How do you keep the peasants from rising up. How do you keep the frog from jumping out of the pot until its goose is completely cooked?

Why Bread and Circuses, of course.

Keep the population fed and distracted while you gradually leave them homeless, penniless and absolutely dependent on the government.

This is what happened in Imperial Rome.

The proud Roman Citizen Farmer was gone by the time of Julius Caesar.

This was the same tough and brave Roman Citizen who had fought to make Rome great.

And how was he repaid?

In his place stood gigantic estates (the equivalent of gigantic corporations) tended by slaves (the equivalent of cheap foreign labor) owning all the land and wealth that used to belong to the Roman citizen.

And the Roman Citizen?

A useless relic.

All he used to do was now done by cheap slave labor - from farming to shoes to construction.

There was nothing more to be done with the useless mass of Roman Citizens except keep them under control and manipulate them into forming fawning political masses for the oligarchs…because they had already become completely dependent on the welfare emanating from the state.

Sound familiar?

Ergo Bread and Circuses – welfare and entertainment.

The Roman masses were housed, fed and entertained by the state, and used as a mob when it was required to show support for this politician or that, or when a show of support (or violence) was required.

The illiterate, impoverished Mob of Rome.

How history repeats itself.

Look how they keep us passive with cheap cable television, mesmerizing video games and the hypnotic Internet.

Look how they keep us glued to the screen of the Computer, the TV and the Cell phone. Check out the circus-like programming full of cheap stunts, emotions and phony made up theater.


Plenty of cheap government-subsidized corporate food to keep you happy – dollar meals, cheap pizzas and 99c food stores stacked to the top with junk food.

And isn’t our increasing illiteracy matching our increasing poverty and our government dependence as you read this?

Government dependence?


Look at all the people getting Welfare, unemployment compensation, Medicaid, and Food Stamps.

Look at all the so-called ‘employed’ people.

Look at all the people employed by local, state or federal governments.

If you are working in any field connected to education, medicine, farming or technology, it's government subsidies that are paying your salary.

To a large extent, directly or indirectly we are all government-dependent now, just like the mob of Rome.

Hey, our Cops are even starting to resemble those old Roman Legionnaires with their short batons and big shields as they…crush the Mob of Rome when it gets out of control.

Our ‘Army’ (the Legion) is starting to speak in so many accents that it’s sometimes hard to understand its freaking radio traffic.

It is said that in the Rome of the Emperors, Latin was only rarely heard. Check out our less affluent neighborhoods, what language are you hearing? English?

We have been sold down the river and our wealth confiscated, just like the Ancient Romans.

Our jobs have been taken over by slaves.

Our ‘Republic’ has turned into an empire which is gradually filling with the babbling masses from a thousand foreign lands…just like Rome.

The original population of this country is going extinct and being replaced by minorities which neither know nor care about our culture…just like the Romans.

Hey, our Senate is turning into a Roman bacchanalia –hear all the sex scandals lately?

History does indeed repeat itself.

The final days of the (Roman) republic are being repeated once more...

...right here in America... we transition from a Republic... an Empire.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Second Civil War

The smell of Civil War is in the air.

The American people are being provoked.

In the airports the government takes naked pictures of children and their parents and punished those refusing by tightly gripping their testicles.

The new “health care plan” arbitrarily orders us to “get healthcare or else” and to pay for it or go to prison.

Our police are being trained by the Federal government to brutalize, torture and kill at the smallest provocation.

SWAT teams enter and murder innocent civilians at a whim.

An entire army command (Northern Command) has been created INSIDE our country to make war on Americans.

Illegals are being given the same standing as legitimate American citizens.

Farmers are having their water cut off and their crops destroyed by environmental laws.

Americans are being threatened with forced vaccination and detention camps.

Our President openly negotiates away the sovereignty of the United States behind the backs of both Congress and the American people.

Public money is being taken from American citizens and given to corrupt banks which have bankrupted themselves through criminal activity.

For crying out loud…

...they have installed a President who can’t even prove he was born in America!

One unpopular war after another is started against the will of Congress and the American people as the President gives both the cold shoulder...and starts more wars.

The American Government has become the most hated government in the world both without and within the United States.

A lot of Americans and statesmen are angry and nearing a point of open revolt.

In addition, many State leaders have introduced the concept of secession (separation) from the United States of America.

This is the part that gives me pause.

My question is this:

Do You Really Think It’s All Happening by Chance?

I’ll tell you what I do believe.

The Illuminati want us to start killing each other.

These people WANT America to sink into a Second Civil War.


Because an internal Civil War is the ONLY way America can be weakened to the point of being viably occupied by the foreign troops of the New World Order.

See the equation?

It’s impossible to invade America.

It’s impossible to nuke America without America taking half the world with it.

Finally, its impossible to rely on the American Government to subjugate and remake America into a socialist internationalist nation.

The Founding Fathers designed America that way.

We lack a strong and predominant revolutionary party which any socialist ‘revolution’ needs to remake a country.

We could be made to fall victim to a military coup.

But even under a military dictatorship, the Armed Forces would not turn this country into the Marxist socialist tyranny the Illuminati want the New World Order to be.


Because it’s not in their blood.

The end result of a military coup might just be a more conservative, more united, more Christian and a more militarily stronger America.


Because that’s the culture of our military.

Anyone who has been in the military knows you begin by swearing an oath to uphold the Constitution before God.

An America dominated by the military would still be a giant square peg as far as the New World Order is concerned.

This is why the whole country has to be torn apart, thrown to the winds…and occupied.

Just like Germany was.

Just like Japan was.

But I digress.

I know that what follows will put off a lot of Patriots who are biting at the bit for confrontation with the Federal Government.

They can’t wait for their local Governor to declare secession and establish a State Militia.

They want it so bad they can taste it.

Emotionally, I am with them, but intellectually I hesitate.

My comment to these men is this:

Be careful what you wish for.

Civil Wars tend to get really nasty, really fast.

Just look at the Russian Civil War, the Spanish Civil War, the Vietnamese Civil War, the Cambodian Civil War and the Yugoslavian Civil War.

Just look at our OWN Civil War.

More Americans died during the American Civil War than in ALL OUR OTHER WARS COMBINED – that’s 700,000 dead. The wounded were not even counted, though it is thought to be another million –for a rough total of 2 MILLION CASUALTIES.

That’s 2 million Americans dead or crippled.

And that was 150 years ago.

Think how many casualties can be caused with today’s technology.

So no…I am not wishing for a Second Civil War.

I see a Second Civil War as the planned immolation of America.

And I believe the establishment media and their shills are slowly spinning the concept of patriotism, civil disobedience, civil protest, civil confrontation and civil resistance into the concept of CIVIL WAR.


Because the Illuminati want us to rip each other apart, to totally destroy, separate and alienate our country to the point of leaving it prostrate and ready for foreign occupation.

Just look at what happened to the country of Yugoslavia.

I knew several Yugoslavians.

As far as I could see, that was a pretty decent country.

What did its civil war do to it?

Murder, genocide, hatred, alienation, secession...

...and eventual occupation by foreign troops.

A Civil War here will have equally permanent divisive, crippling, destructive, and impoverishing effect on America.

And it won't be by accident.

This effect is necessary to break America apart and prepare the country for eventual occupation by foreign troops.

It just can't happen any other way.

Trying to fix the devastating effects of a Second Civil War would be like trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Once we crack, we will remain cracked (just like Yugoslavia).

Whether the States or the Feds ‘win’ (and I think neither really will) the results will be permanent damage to the continued viability of this country.

Much more likely (according to my sources) such a war will end in a crippling stalemate – neither side being able to win and both sides virtually collapsing not only socially and economically, but politically and militarily as well

This is not 1861.

Things have changed.

Very different factors dominate reality nowadays.

A Second Civil War will not even come close to resembling the first one.

The situation is different.

No matter which side 'wins' (if any), it will spell the dissolution of the United States.

This will happen because of the following reasons:

1) the United States is bankrupt (you can’t start a war without money)

2) the Dollar is finished (you can’t import anything without a valid foreign exchange currency)

3) we have been de-industrialized (no industry, no war production)

5) the draft is no longer part of American culture (Americans won't accept it)

6) an expensive and small professional army incapable fighting a continental war

Let’s be real here – a Civil War today will destroy a lot while going nowhere.

But that’s not the way the fools on both sides are seeing it.

We have angry and secessionist state governments who figure they are attached to a steadily decomposing corpse.

And we have a delusional Federal Government which believes it can kill, bomb, murder and torture its way to the top.

Just go brutal, it always works.

Finally, we have a delusional President (a foreign agent?) who openly associates closely with Abraham Lincoln (the ‘great preserver of the Union’).

Finally we have millions of pissed off and heavily armed Americans who are going to get even more pissed off once the government terminates Social Security, Medicaid, Welfare, Unemployment Benefits, public retirement accounts and all sorts of government aid…while raising taxes.

The heads of our State Legislatures are already talking in whispers about how to separate from the delusional rotting corpse which is the Federal United States of America…

…and finding new international trade arrangements with foreign countries like China, Russia, Latin America, Africa, you name it.

The nation is ripe for confrontation at a State vs Federal level and few people (besides those at the top) seem to notice.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has spoken of it.

Sarah Palin has spoken of it.

Palin’s husband is a member of an Alaskan secessionist group.

Think tanks are beginning to speak of the economic benefits of secession and how it makes sense.

The Federal government has not only spoken of it, but made plans and created an entire military command to make war upon the states of this country – Northern Command.

Russian intellectuals are already making plans for reclaiming Alaska.

The Chinese are making plans for the occupation of California.

Everybody is on the same sheet of music.

Yes indeed, everybody is preparing for their role…in the dismemberment of the United States of America.

The states are beginning to confront the Federal Government legally by confronting them over issues of immigration (a Federal domain).

Immigration is just a smoke screen used by the states to justify the real challenge to the Federal Government – taking away the Feds power to decide immigration issues.

State legislatures are already passing or in the process of passing laws which give them the right to disobey Federal mandates if the states interpret them to be unconstitutional.

County sheriffs are confronting Federal bureaucrats over what actions they take in the counties.

Several legislatures are pushing through legislature to create state militias.

Right here in Arizona, we’ve got southern Arizona trying to secede from northern Arizona.

Southern California now wants to secede from northern California.

The smell of secession is in the air.

And let’s not forget the Psyops.

Video games, novels, comic books, movies etc are beginning to emphasize the subject of a national civil war (presumably for the enjoyment of the public).

Finally, let’s not forget the Freemasons.

They are starting to tell their acolytes to 'get ready for something big.’

In fact, Freemasonry is what’s going to coordinate the actions of the various states and counties in confronting the Feds (just like they did during the first civil war).

And all these Freemasons are going to blindly obey any order from a superior brother because that’s what they’ve been trained to do since the day they joined.

This is how you’re going to see several things happening spontaneously in various states at the same time.

The Second Civil War will take America (and the world) completely by surprise.

Something that both State and Fed governments see as nothing more than a minor event will blown up into something unforeseen and nasty.

A more reasonable alternative to war would be total state and public rejection of illegal Federal laws.

I am talking about a massive across-the-board rejection by the public, the cities, the counties and the states and at the Congressional level.

If the states and the people simply choose not to go along, all the putrid Fed policies will disintegrate in place.

Instead, what we see are the states going along with the Federal program (like turning your local police force into SWAT murder squad) and accepting Federal money while all the while scheming to cause separatist chaos.

What's that all about?

If the states are really pro-state and anti-Fed, why are they going along so meekly with all those Federal laws.

Hear about the threatened no-fly zone Homeland Security threatened Texas with when that state voted to stop TSA groping?

The Feds seem ready for blood (in fact, it looks like the fools can't wait!)

How stupid can you be?

Do the words Iraq and Afghanistan mean anything to you Fed fools?

Let me remind you that the country of Iraq was smaller than California...

...and you couldn't even win that one.

The sad truth is that if we go to war on ourselves, its the beginning of the end not only for America but for the entire Free World.



...Secession Will Ignite WW-III

The effects of a Second American Civil War will have massive consequences for the entire Free World which now depends on us 100% for its protection.

America's collapse into civil war will be Russia's and China's signal to begin WW-III by invading Europe and Asia.

What America and the 'Free World' are being prepared for is total and complete subjugation by the New World Order.

The New World Order will come to us at the point of a bayonet and the crush of military boots.

A Civil War will demolish our defense machinery because the different parts of our weapons are manufactured in different states.

State secessions and hostilities will cut off naval and air force bases from resupply, making our naval and air forces next to useless.

A disruption of our food-producing Midwest will create starvation.

An America absorbed with Civil War will be UNABLE to help Europe, South Korea or Japan when Russian and Chinese troops roll over them.

Following that catastrophe, the ragged Post-Civil War remnants of what used to be America will then be unable to prevent a gradual build-up of Chinese troops in Mexico and eventual Russian occupation of Canada.

In short order, we will have what's left of the remaining ragged republics of America unable to defend an invasion of the United States from Canada and Mexico not only by Russian and Chinese troops, but by Latin American troops from the new Marxist governments now being established there.

Once America is occupied by these Marxist forces, then one can't but expect the great AMERICAN GENOCIDE to begin.

See The Detailed Explanation for This Plan Below

Communist Occupation of America: The Secret Plan

The typical American has no idea how much danger he or she is in...

...or the waves of escalating misery, deprivation, violence and brutality we will be subjected to on the way to building a New World Order.

Meanwhile many Americans keep believing that China is our friend, Russia is a harmless basket case and that Latin America is our backyard.

Like an Ancient Greek proverb says:

"Those who the Gods wish to destroy, they first make blind."

We don't just need to wake up at this point, we need to get our sight back.

A second civil war will spell disaster not only for America, but the entire free world.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Ivory Tower

College is called ‘The Ivory Tower.”

There must have been some original reason for calling it the ‘Ivory Tower.’

Perhaps it’s a figurative reference to a huge alabaster phallic shaft ready to screw the hell out of the next unfortunate human being entering it (or who will be entered by it) at the expense of all that person's dreams and hopes.

You see...

...I have been through the Ivory Tower.

And like most people who have entered it…I have been screwed.

Please, follow me into the inner patio of the Ivory Tower and you will find an encrusted mass of putrefaction.

These are all the dashed concepts of self and reality of those who have entered it.

Follow me a bit beyond to its gigantic front yard and you will find a junkyard.

These are all the dashed hopes and dreams of those who have graduated from it but now find the promised dreams they have sacrificed so much for will never materialize.

Welcome to the Tower.

What follows is a warning to those wishing to enter the Tower, specifically what is called the “Liberal Arts and Sciences.”

Yes, the 'hard sciences' are a bit better. When it comes right down to it, you are either mathematically right or mathematically wrong – no argument.

You are on safe ground…for the moment.

The only difference is that in these fields your reckoning will come at a later time.

If you are in medicine you will be required to accept and execute the murderous lies of the medical establishment.

If you are in the sciences, you will have to research only along the lines and in the directions you are told to research…and ignore others.

Whatever you do, your values, your morality and your honesty will be compromised.

But the ‘Social Sciences’ and the ‘Liberal Arts’ are different.

Your hands will be put to the fire immediately upon entering the Tower.

You CAN have different opinions on things and even back them up with facts, but the hard mathematical formulas are lacking.

So many people believe the Social Sciences and the Liberal Arts are a tolerant cornucopia of different and masterful philosophies, ideas and opinions.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The concept that the Ivory Tower is a place of differing ideas and philosophies is a LIE.

The Ivory Tower has one philosophy…one idea…and one opinion.

But the Tower doesn’t make these known.

You have to find them yourself…

…and abide by them…

…or risk being black-listed, crushed and destroyed.

The Ivory Tower is a filter.

It filters out all the real Christians, Conservatives, Americans, as well as all honest, caring, thinking human beings.

This is why it keeps producing mass-copies of the same type of establishment types as if they were all being stamped from the same mold.

What follows is a survival guide to the Ivory Tower…for those still wishing to enter it.

But if you should decide to do so, make sure you have the required characteristics.

If you truly have the mouse-like, selfish, unprincipled, amoral, opinionless, lapdog, boot-licking, servile, sycophantic, follow-the-leader, non-argumentative, go-along-get-along psychology which is necessary in the Ivory Tower…then you are invited to attend.

But take heed…

…keep in mind the iron rules (the real rules) of the Tower.

What follows are the things you must do in order to make it through the Ivory Tower.

Listen carefully.

Let's begin...

First of all, look in the mirror and accept that you are a nobody.

No one will congratulate you. No one will acknowledge you. No one will shake your hand. No one will pat you on the back, no matter how good you are.

What rules the Tower is a sense of communistic sameness in which the professor does not acknowledge (nor does he care to acknowledge) any type of quality or accomplishment in the students (in public or private).

Second, keep your antennas out for cues.

You can’t be a follower if you don’t know what it is you’re supposed to follow.

The Ivory Tower will give you many cues, and you must pick up these cues and act on them if you are to survive.

The cues will mostly be liberal, pro-leftist, pro-Marxist, pro-socialist, anti-religious, pro-UN, pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality, pro-internationalist, and egalitarian.

You aren’t expected to be a loudspeaker for these things, but you ARE expected to nod in agreement and accept them without comment when they do come up.

In the end you will be expected to have subscribed to some obscure leftist, socialist, Marxist unspoken ideology which you must follow blindly (or at least never disagree with openly) in order to succeed.

Thirdly, learn to keep quiet.

The less you say, the less likely you are to quip out something that will upset your master and lead your crushing.

Keep all your all your comments agreeing, positive, short and to the point.

The master is truly the one who has anything to say here.

Fourthly, understand that you are there at the foot of your master’s footstool at the master’s convenience and whim.

In other words, you are there to serve the master, not the other way around. The master is not there for you…you are there for the master.

Therefore always show yourself to be open and accepting to whatever ideology the master inculcates in you.

Never question anything that comes out of the mouth of the master.

Respond to all of the master’s mutterings with unlimited rapt interest and attention.

Fifthly, be aware that you area partaking of a long vetting process during which you will be checked, rechecked, observed, tested, baited and questioned in order to make sure you are part of the unspoken liberal, leftist, socialist, Marxist ideology.

Be vary careful in making any comments either to your master, his helpers or your fellow acolytes, which will expose you as anything else except the above.

Sixthly, make sure you have never joined or can be associated with any organization that runs opposite to the liberal-leftist-Marxist ideology, especially if it can be found out through the Internet.

Erase your trail.

Erase any remotely embarrassing or silly Internet records. Remember they will all be used to create negative opinions. Keep all your social and other sites stale, plain, and noncommittal. This should be no problem for you since you have already accepted that you are a nobody.

Seventhly, accept being crapped upon.

Members of the priesthood will take turns treating you like the nobody that you are.

You may contest this treatment only if it is from a minor member at which time you are entitled to politely speak to the higher master about the matter.

But remember, the master’s word is final and absolute. Accept it graciously…whatever it may be.

If you are hindered, inconvenienced, hurt, delayed, insulted or crushed by the actions of the masters of the bureaucratic priesthood, accept it gracefully without much fuss.

Fuss will only make it worse…

Eighthly, consider no one your friend.

You are in this race alone. Your comrades will only tell each other and finally the master about what you have talked about. Keep your conversation with your comrades non-committal, non-confrontational and bland. In fact, talk to them as little possible can and when you do avoid topics of dissent.

You comrades are really your competitors anyway.

You sit by them, not with them.

Never disagree with a comrade, never question a comrade, never argue with a comrade, especially in the confines of the classroom.

Ninthly, know that there is a hierarchy. Those comrades admitted into the higher honors will look down upon you contemptuously and avoid you because you are not an admittee.

There is a hierarchy here…respect it.

Tenthly, accept all Honors gracefully and with enthusiasm.

If you are judged acceptable, you will be granted ‘honors.’

Accept all these ‘honors’ with alacrity, no matter how degrading, silly, bland, putrid or meaningless the rituals might be. This will be your final test of belonging.

Finally, never look down on your fellow honorees, even though they be the smallest, mediocre and unimaginative human beings you have ever seen.

Many of the ones who make it to this point are exactly that.

The fact that they have been accepted and honored should be enough for you to accept them and honor them…with enthusiasm.

Eleventhly, maintain your honors.

It may cost you a tidy sum to stay in good standing with that or this organization you have been admitted into with honors.

Make sure you stay in those organizations to which you have been admitted no matter what the cost.

You can pass up on eating…but never pass up on paying your bills to these honoring organizations.

Twelfthly, know that you must continue follow both the ideology and the behavior which you have learned in the Ivory Tower forever.

The Tower has long arms.

Any deviation from the accepted norm will ruin your career in the outside world.

The acolytes of the Ivory Tower are well trained and they are everywhere…and they know what is wrong and what is right.

If you should deviate during your career outside the Ivory Tower, be forewarned, the Ivory Tower will reach out and crush you.

Good Luck.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Flood: Are They Opening the Floodgates?

The recent flooding along the Mississippi, Souris and Missouri Rivers has begged a bag-full of questions.

The ‘flooding’ is just as weird as it is terrible.

To gulp down the reports, we are being asked to believe a set of criteria that seem to challenge established laws of physics, not to mention laws of nature.

Which brings me to my first question:

1) Why the late snow melt?

Snow melt happens in early spring, not early summer.

So why did this catastrophic snow melt begin in the early part of (a very hot) Summer?

Three months of Spring weren't hot enough to melt the ice?

Which leads to my next question, about the extent of the snowmelt…

2) Why is there record snow melt only in some places.

It there is a record snow melt, there should be a record snow melt everywhere.

Why are only a few select regions suffering from this universal record snow melt?

3) Why didn’t all the rivers flood at the same time?

Record snow melt in North America.

So why aren’t all our rivers flooding?

Better yet, why are the affected rivers flooding in sequence, one after the other?

Shouldn’t they be flooding at the same time?

First the Mississippi.

Then the Souris River (North Dakota)

Thirdly (finally) the Missouri River (we were all scratching our heads waiting for this one).

But wait, it gets even weirder.

4) Why is the flooding sequential?

No only are NOT all the rivers flooding, but the flooding that takes place on the rivers that do flood is sequential.

This means the river floods in sequence, beginning with the flood beginning at the top and working itself down.

As the previously flooded regions recede, the lower regions become flooded.

This is the trademark effect of sequentially opened floodgates, not a river-wide flood.

A true flood would flood the entire river.

ALL the dams would be opened simultaneously to spread the flood along the ENTIRE river, not in catastrophic sequential packets.

But this never happened, which leads to the question…

5) Why aren’t all the dams open?

In this age of walkie-talkies, GPS, satellite communications and super computers, it is perfectly possible to coordinate the opening up every dike, levee and dam simultaneously from top to the bottom in a controlled manner so as to let the river flood simultaneously along its entire length.

This has been done before many times.

Why aren’t they doing this now?

Instead, they are flooding out towns in sequence down the river.

As the flood in one devastated area recedes, the next area is catastrophically flooded, as the area after it awaits its fate.

If you can imagine the lump of a snake swallowing a rabbit, that’s what the flooding looks like: a huge lump going down-river.

This is a characteristic behavior of sequential (and non-simultaneous) floodgate opening.

Are they just plain opening the dikes, levees and dams and just plain flooding us out like rats?

The physics of ongoing events certainly seem to suggest so.

It would only take the releasing of the dam at the top of the flood chain to trigger the rest of the events downstream.

With today’s establishment-controlled media and a propensity for leaving high risk areas in the hands of Mossad-operated security firms, the flooding of American becomes doable reality.

You’ve got to remember they blew up the World Trade Center in front of our faces and told us the fires melted the steel beams…and we believed it!

How impossible is it really to just start openings the top upstream levees, dikes and dams, say in Canada, to start creating havoc downstream?

With a dedicated group of experts, scientists and government officials parroting the official line that record-snow melt will submerge America, they can make us believe it, it, just like they made us believe the Twin Towers were disintegrated by a building fire.

To further brainwash us, they have already introduced the concept of dams, dikes and levees failing catastrophically.

If we had a normal, functioning, investigative media, this scenario would be impossible.

But we don’t.

What we have are a bunch of corporate gofers who call themselves reporters, but who do nothing more than line up before one government official or government-recommended expert after another and report what they have to say.

You want to control reality?

Just control the experts before which the media is being directed to line up for answers.

But back to the subject of dams, dikes and levees.

These structures are very solid.

As for dams, anybody who has seen how these things are constructed knows they cannot fail catastrophically.

Even when the British bombed several huge dams during WW-II, the results were not only anti-climactic, but disappointing.

Its very hard for anything ‘catastrophic’ to happen to a a gigantic structure made out of cement and thick steel mesh…

…barring some well placed explosives.

Brings back memories of Katrina, doesn’t it?

Remember the ongoing rumors and witnesses saying that the New Orleans levees were blown up during Katrina?

Well, maybe they are planning on some more “structural failures” in our near future.

The reality control mechanism is certainly in place to make it all happen.