Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Late Great US Army

The US Army has been going downhill since the Korean war, when first Communist North Korea, then Communist China pushed it back.

It continued its downward plunge with Vietnam when the Presidency refused to invade North Vietnam because it was so deathly afraid of China that it chose to occupy and commit war crimes in South Vietnam instead of simply invading the north.

In the process, the Army committed so many war crimes on the Vietnamese that we became known as an army of baby-killers.


For a long time I refused to believe of what they said about our Army in Vietnam. But now, after a lot of research, I believe it. Our troops murdered those people every day, just like they are murdering people now in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We have a murderous army, and it is murderous for two reasons:

First, it doesn’t believe in capital punishment for war crimes.

A man kills a dozen people in the streets of America, he gets the death penalty.

A man kills a dozen people in a foreign country while wearing a uniform and he gets a flight home, a mental exam and a short detention.


So the sociopaths have a ball.

Regular armies shoot their war criminals, the US Army coddles them.

Second, the Army is a firm believer in the cover up.

Rather than deal directly with ANY problem, from morale to gonorrhea to murder, the US Army simply prefers to cover it up.

The US Army is cover-up central.

Covering things up is an ancient and honored tradition within the US Army.

A major activity within the US Army is covering-up, all the way from platoon to corps and army level.

Anybody that does not cover-up is punished for it and his career suffers. There is no reward for honesty. So nobody is honest and everybody covers up.

Subalterns know what their superiors want to hear, and they deliver. Anybody being honest is actually considered a trouble maker and is isolated.

Problems? Your command structure doesn’t want to hear about problems! If those problems lead to bigger problems, they don’t want to hear about that either – with the big difference that now you have to carry out a cover-up because your commander’s ass is now on the line.

In short, the US Army is run largely on lies.

Sociopathic, criminally-minded individuals within the US Army murder people because they know they can get away with it, and this is not limited to foreign nationals.

They murder their own guys too.

Hear about the mounting suicide-levels in the Army?

They’re not suicides, they’re cover ups.

How many of these ‘suicides’ are there with triple taps (rounds) to the head?

The troops are murdering each other…and it is being covered up by calling all the murders suicides.

And it really rots my gut to have to admit that the people doing all the murdering are mostly NCO’s!


I met very few good NCOs in the Army.

And the few good ones I met were on the way out, either because they had had enough of the mediocrity which is the Army or they were being forced out for not keeping up with the Army’s stringent physical fitness requirements.

Experienced combat-experienced sergeants were being kicked out for simply flunking the physical test.

Fitness is important in combat, but it becomes a bit less so if your duty is keeping the paperwork straight or commanding a tank.

The US Army does not compromise in its physical tests to the detriment of experienced NCOs. You flunk you’re out, to hell with your experience.


The large majority of smart and capable NCOs I saw leaving the Army were leaving because they got fed up with the communistic and mediocre system where people are promoted according to a time on duty and silly short classes anyone can pass.

They got sick and tired because of low pay and no recognition. They got tired of having to drag their families along for the ride while their efforts and skills went unrecognized and their opinions disregarded. They got tired of being bossed around by human turnips.

So what you are left with is a rotten NCO core.

So the following information might not surprise you.

A lot of enemy civilians are being murdered by our troops.

So it should not surprise you who is ultimately responsible.

That’s right, most of the murder-happy kill monkeys are not the recruits, but the supposedly more experienced elite of the Army –the  sergeants!

Get it?

NCO’s like to brag about how they are the spine of the Army.

How they are the ones who really run the whole Army and how the Army wouldn’t be able to do anything if it weren’t for them.

Well guess what.

The spine of the Army has rotted out.

It’s the sergeants who are supposed to keep cool while everybody else is losing it.

It’s the sergeants who are supposed to keep discipline and order in the ranks.

It’s the sergeants who are supposed to lead by example.

Instead, what we have is our NCO corps losing it and going on murderous rampages.

Losing it and murdering foreign civilians…as well as their officers…and the troops under them…or leading in the murder of the same.

You see, what we have now is an NCO corps of shit.

Murderous shit.

And with that type of shit holding up the Army, one can’t expect much holding up under the stress of war.

Our NCOs – our sergeants – have become the number one people to ‘lose it’ in combat and to kill not only civilians, but their fellow soldiers as well…and the US Army protects them.

And it doesn’t surprise me. I myself was offhandedly threatened with DEATH twice by NCOs if I didn’t ‘get it together’ prior to mobilizations.

The same NCOs went on to tell me about how many ‘suicides’ or ‘friendly fire’ incidents Gulf War were actually sergeants murdering troublesome or inefficient soldiers.

You think the Army looked into any of this?

Do you know how much time and paperwork a blue on blue murder requires?

Of course they didn’t!

Now it turns out the sergeants are on the rampage again.

Look at the people who are responsible for most war crimes in the wars we have going.

They’re all sergeants!

And that’s only the half of it, because you KNOW they are murdering your own sons and daughters as well.And if guilty soldier is a rank below sergeant, it’s probably because some sergeant ordered him to kill and then denied the whole thing.

I repeat, most of what the US Army calls suicides are not suicides at all, but murders by fellow troops, and, most likely the NCOs.

Why, ‘suicide’ corpses have been found with triple-tap (three bullets to the head, like at M-16 rifle shoots on auto).

‘Suicide’ corpses have been found with cigarette burn marks on their bodies and signs of torture while they were still alive.

Most of these ‘suicides’ are ‘squealers’ or soldiers who have seen something untoward and have decided to report it to their superiors.

As such, they are probably some of the better people serving in the Army.

The suicide pandemic that plagues the US Army is really a murder pandemic, mostly carried out or covered up by its NCOs.

And NCOs are not only murderous, but arrogant. They mess up officers who they don’t like by losing equipment, messing up paper work or shooting their tank guns badly at gun ranges. In short, they ruin the officers they don’t like. And from my experience, the officers they don’t like are those who try too hard to instill too much discipline, professionalism and training in the ranks.

I was personally present when an entire battalion of tank commanders (sergeants) turned on their colonel because he left them in field for too long, and shot horribly - on purpose, missing most of their shots, and making the colonel look worse than bad. The colonel was beyond himself, but there was not a thing he could do about it.

I was also present when an entire battalion started losing all its equipment in the field because the colonel wanted realism and would not allow a commercial food truck to show up. This colonel was smart. He let the food truck return, and with it, all the missing gear reappeared.


Having served during ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’, I can tell you with certainty that even during that era, the Army was inhabited by homosexuals – or to be more precise – bisexuals.

 These characters more often than not even had wives and kids as beards to cover up their butt pirate activities. Called ‘switch-hitters’ by the rank and file, I found them to be the most treacherous people I ever met - treacherous and cold blooded.

You could never trust a switch-hitter in any field, whether it be morality-wise, truth-wise, loyalty-wise, contract-wise, promise-wise, discretion-wise, camaraderie-wise or whatever-wise. A switch hitter was likely to ‘switch’ on you at the drop of hat and figuratively screw you in some fashion – badly.

To make it even worse, these characters formed secret alliances between themselves (which nobody else seemed to notice). They actually supported and helped each other out…and ganged up on each others’ enemies.

Anybody that thinks homosexuality and bisexuality does not affect the morale of an army is dead wrong. Armies world over reject this type of an individual for a reason.

If anybody thinks a regular soldier will respect and obey a homosexual, they are dead wrong.

If anybody thinks a regular solider will share a shower, a trench, a tank or even a bunk with a homosexual, they are dead wrong.

If anybody thinks a platoon will attack a hill under a homosexual’s orders, suffer heavy casualties and not hold a very special kind of grudge, they are dead wrong.

This is why so many homosexuals in the Army parade around as ‘switch-hitters.’ Once they become open homosexuals, their careers were over. And if they do that today, their careers will still be just as over, because regular soldiers do not respect homosexuals, they do not trust homosexuals and they will not die for homosexuals.

If the Army homosexuals are smart, they will remain switch-hitters.

In a wretched piece of political correctness, the US Army has seen fit to let open homosexuals serve openly in the ranks.

But the defining mistake is that homosexuality will no longer be punished with expulsion.

Before, when somebody got caught sodomizing, they were expelled.

Now, it’s just another ‘whoops’ moment.

The result?

Rocketing numbers of bisexuals and homosexuals in the ranks, with an accompanying plummet of morale.


You introduce a half-way attractive looking group of single females into any group of men, the result will always be negative

I don’t care if it’s a business meeting, a class, a group project, or whatever, the result will always be that the meeting, the lesson, the project, or whatever will turn to crud.

The ‘group’ will become ‘stupid’ and start operating below its potential.

This is because every male member in the group will either start competing for the attention of the females or become distracted by their presence.

It’s a proven fact.

Another proven fact is that rape is reaching epidemic proportions in the US military amongst female recruits – the fact is, of course, being covered up.

If I were the enemy, I would make sure to have my agents make a policy of mixing in women with men in combat units of my opponent to ensure military non-cohesion and ineffectiveness.

See what effect a woman had on the captain of the captain of the Costa Concordia?

 I repeat, that was a SHIP CAPTAIN.

 There is no surer way to destroy cohesion and effectiveness than to introduce women into combat units.

Unfortunately, the Armed Forces have.

The Army has not yet done this with frontline Army units (yet), but Navy ships seem to now consist floating coed dormitories.

Thanks to Admiral Mullen, the Navy is now putting women alongside men in our submarines.

Now isn’t that cozy?

This goes in the face of the naval superstition (strongly believed by ship captains even today) stating that a woman stepping aboard a ship was bad luck.

Well, the US Navy has masses of them RESIDING there.

It is my belief that all superstition has at least a slim basis on fact.

Women aboard ships damage the cohesion of the crew.

When a ship is hit, you have to carry out some pretty drastic damage control.

This involves enclosing crewmembers who haven’t yet made it out into sections of the ship to prevent the entire ship from going down.

A ship is difficult enough to run without love triangles, petty jealousies and hidden liaisons.

Then there’s the situation when a ship gets hit.

You can’t hesitate, just because your sweetie is trapped in the lower decks.

Add to this all the jealousy, friction, distraction and tension created by women in confined spaces amongst men and you no longer have ships but floating disasters.

In land combat units its even worse.


You frequently have to leave the wounded behind, so you can carry on with the operation.


This gets harder to do when it’s a female.


As pack animals that we were, men instinctively protect the ‘breeders’ to the detriment of themselves.

In effect, men are expendable, women are not –its pure instinct.

The result?

Too many men worrying and coddling females to the detriment of the objective.

Israel tried to deploy women along side men in 1948.

The result was a disaster.

The men committed war crimes on all captured enemy because they were outraged their women had been shot.

When a woman was hit, too many men gathered around to help, basically abandoning their objective, and becoming casualties themselves.

The deployment of women alongside men was such a disaster that Israel immediately abandoned the practice and has never gone back to it.

(Israeli frontline combat units are now male only, with females deployed further back in supply and support units if at all).

So the proof for failure of coed combat units is there – the US Military is refusing to hear it.

The Armed Forces are all about political correctness these days.


There is nothing more politically incorrect than putting a bullet through somebody, or a whole mass of somebodies.

So I don’t know where the Chiefs of Staff have come out with the concept that the Armed Forces have to be politically correct.

The whole concept is ridiculous.

In fact, I think high level traitors in the US Military have introduced the practice.


When I joined the military, all I heard were offers of money, pay, bonuses and benefits. It never occurred to the recruiter that people might join the combat arms for reasons other than money and benefits.

When I went through the MEPS processing station that had been cram-packed four years earlier, I found it to be…completely empty!

That’s right, I was the only person ‘being processed.’


It was wartime, and the economy hadn’t tanked yet.

Americans apparently have ZERO military hot blood running in their veins unless the economy is down and they have no other choice.

Amazingly, the same money and benefits equation kept up during my entire enlistment, from guaranteed ‘death insurance’ to ‘danger pay,’ ‘hardship pay’ and ‘combat pay,’ ‘reenlistment bonus’ and the GI Bill.

I never heard military duty referred to as anything but a ‘job’ by soldiers and NCOs.

Everything the soldiers did in the military from getting extra training to getting deployed had a well explained money ticket attached to it.

With time, I quickly came to see most of the people there (with the exception of the officers) were there for the money, the benefits and the convenience.

Few and far between were the hardcore soldiers and NCOs who were there because they loved the profession of combat arms, and, in fact, NO SOLDIERS were there because of it.

The only dyed-in-the-wool soldiers who had any enthusiasm for the profession were the young officers, and the lieutenants I really felt sorry for.

Unsupported by their fellow officers higher up and bullied by the more experienced sergeants, these guys were left to twist in the wind.

The truth was they had no experience, no training and no support.

They made mistakes and they were made to pay for them while the sergeants looked on and laughed and their higher ups had their necks.

There simply was no esprit de corps within the army. There was a connection between the high officers and the senior sergeants (necessary for all the cover ups), with the young officers being some sort of neglected outcasts.

Which brings me to the next big failing of the US Army -  it has no esprit de corps.


Everybody is in it for themselves.

Everything is a job with a money sticker attached to it.

A lot of the senior officers get their training in business with an eye towards jumping into the corporate world of military contractors.

As such, the US Army is a thoroughly mercenary institution – you pay me the money and you can tell me whatever ‘job’ I have to do.

Its hard to believe I never heard the words duty, honor, bravery or obligation during my whole time in the military, but its true.

The US Army has no morale.

In fact, I don’t think the Army can even spell Esprit de Corps (or really knows the meaning of the word).

I witnessed myself how under situations of stress, the soldiers and NCOs don’t come together, but instead get mean and nasty…with each other.

The situation of combat deployment brings with it a combination of stress, fear, uncertainty, filth, affliction, disease, doubt, deprivation, fear and hunger.

The mutual support a soldier needs from his comrades to keep him going under these circumstances is non-existing in the US Army –ZERO.

A soldier is basically alone, locked in with his bitterness, despair, deprivation, filth, illness and fear – he gets no sympathy and no support from his fellow soldiers.

In deployment, the US soldier quickly turns into the dog face he is nick named for, he becomes secluded, apart, moody, silent, resentful, foul tempered and impatient.

The next stage is, of course, psychological depression.

Can you imagine being surrounded by moody, resentful, selfish, ill-tempered soldiers and NCOs?

As such, I don’t see the US Army holding up under the stress of a major enemy attack.

The basic psychology is a blind faith in the Army structure to ‘do the job’ and give you support when you need it to do yours.

Of course, this goes to pieces when the ‘support’ doesn’t show up, and you find yourself without water, or fuel, or spare parts – then this ‘faith’ goes down the toilet, and you are left with…absolutely nothing.

To stand up to an enemy attack, you really a strong bond with your fellow soldiers which the US Army simply does not have nor strives to develop.


Racism is an ongoing problem in the Army, especially when it comes to antagonism between Whites and Blacks.

I was there when the Rodney King Riots broke out.

Believe it or not, there were contingency plans to send the Army into Los Angeles.

The problem with deploying the Army as crowd control quickly became apparent.

The Blacks were actually approving and happy about the destruction and chaos caused by the Black population of Los Angeles upon whites.

They were making Black Power fist signals as they marched in the ranks to other Black soldiers standing on the sidelines.

The footage of a White truck driver beaten into senslessness (and permanent brain damage) by Blacks was as popular with Blacks as it was hateful to Whites.

Needless to say, many Whites were looking forward to going to L.A. to stomp on the Blacks.

And Blacks were totally against deploying agains other Blacks.

This was a shock to me, because I didn’t think things were that split in the Army, but they were…and they are.

The Blacks rejoiced at what was happening in L.A. while Whites became outraged.

Which is something to consider if the government hopes to use the US Army as crowd control.

It won’t work.

If the crowd is Black, the Black soldiers will have an issue with it.

If the crowd is White, the White soldiers will have a problem with it.

If the crowd is Hispanic, Hispanic soldiers will have reservations.

And in this America of ours (and if L.A. and Louisiana are any examples) you can bet your bottom dollar rioting will occur along racial lines.

You want to  use the ‘racially –integrated’ US Army on rioting Americans –just try it, US Government and see what happens!


The rank and file in the Army look down on civilians.

It’s as if just by being part of the such an Armed institution makes them tougher, stronger, braver than civilians.

In the eyes of the GI, civilians are soft, aloof and weak.

Many are bitter that there is not more civilian support and understanding for their trials in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many believe civilians don’t care, and they are right.

You can’t expect civilians to keep caring about a war that has been going on for more than a decade and has no end in sight. But they do.

As such, they carry a secret grudge against soft, comfortable and easy going civilian society and life which they would love to disrupt with a hard boot.

I hate to say this, but many soldiers would consider crowd-control duty not only a welcome novelty, but a pleasure. Many look forward to kicking some civilian ass.

And most have had plenty of practice doing it to civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It would be a big mistake to give all the nobodies in the US Army police powers over civilians.

And they are used to it too.

Used to treating civilians like crap in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

You don’t think they’ll treat Americans like that?

Think again.

Detaining, stopping, searching, stripping, torturing, handcuffing, incarcerating and murdering civilians is now their specialty.

Few soldiers today are experts in conventional war, but they are experts in setting up roadblocks, abusing civilians and kicking down doors.

Few are the soldiers who will on principle absolutely refuse to take any action against American civilians.

The majority automatically assuming that when they get an order, that it has been approved by all the official channels and is perfectly legal and appropriate.

They go along with the group.

It’s just another mission and just another ‘job.’

It is the rare soldier who will break ranks and tell their superiors their orders are either inappropriate or flat out illegal, or that he simply refuses to carry them out.


Did I mention the US Army is thoroughly corrupt?

We should have gotten gist of this during Vietnam when it started packing the hollowed-out bodies of dead GIs with drugs to transport to the US.

We should have gotten a clue when we saw it was the US Army guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan in order to safeguard the European heroine market.

As it turns out, my outfit had the experience of losing 100 PVS-7 night vision sites.

That’s no small number, and these things are under lock and key and protected by automatic alarms directly to the MPs.

So we all knew it was an inside job.

Instead, the common soldier got punished by having to wear his PVS-7 night vision site around his throat like a dog at all times.

Typical US Army equation: the ones at the top commit the mistakes or the crimes and the ones at the bottom pay for it.

Weapons and equipment go missing all the time within the US Army, and I’m not talking small quantities.

Ever hear about all the missing AK-47s in Iraq under General Petraeus?

How about the  billions of dollars in  unaccounted cash which disappeared in Iraq.

The command structure of the US Army is so infiltrated by CIA and DIA intelligence agents that it has compromised its standing as a real army.

And let’s not forget the top secret CID commissar every platoon is assigned to keep an eye on all the troops (and officers), what they say and what they think.

Hey, then there was that one soldier that was having some sort of argument with his immediate superiors, who was found ‘hanged’ under suspicious circumstances (suicide, of course).

And let’s not forget the freaking gay orgy – yes a full blow gay orgy – at support headquarters.

How did they know it happened?

The participants filmed the whole thing.

You want to know how corrupt the US Army is?

Just watch the film Buffalo Soldiers with Joachim Phoenix.

That movie is no lie.


Being occupied by the US Army is now tantamount to having radioactive waste dumped on your country.

This is because we have seen fit to dispose of the nuclear industry’s uranium waste by making it into ammunition and shooting it at the enemy.

Our armored vehicle and combat helicopter ammunition contains ‘depleted uranium’ (which is still radioactive), supposedly because it is heavier than lead.

This type of ammunition contaminates any landscape where we start shooting off our guns.

It also contaminates the soldiers handling it, but they don’t report that, right?

To make things worse, unsettling information has come across that the actual radiation levels in Iraq and Afghanistan have been caused by tactical nuclear weapons.

That’s right, from Baghdad International to Tora Bora, the reports are battlefield nuclear weapons have already been used.

The US Air Force also as EMP bombs that disable the power and computer grid across large areas – ladies and gentlemen, the only thing that can produce an EMP is a NUCLEAR WEAPON!


In a all-out act of treachery, the US Army has seen fit to carry out biological experiment on its own troops.

During the first Gulf War, soldiers started coming down with a list of auto-immune diseases which basically destroyed them.

They tried to blame it on depleted uranium. This was a LIE!

Gulf War Syndrome (which the VA still refuses to acknowledge) is a real autoimmne disease caused by experimental Army vaccines.

The victims of this horrible disease suffer incapacitation, accelerated aging, chronic fatigue, and a plethora of other symptoms.

The secondary victims are the children of the afflicted soldiers who are born deformed or dead. The pictures of these deformed innocents are truly horrifying and heartbreaking.

Evidence indicates that the US Army is still experimenting on our troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that the troops are still coming down with ‘syndromes’.

The only difference is our fascist media is totally censoring all reports pertaining to our sick troops (both serving and ex-Army).

I will just say this:

You show me an Army who betrays and sickens its own soldiers, and I will show you a LOSING ARMY.


A constabulary force is a police force.

Its duties consist of patrolling, erecting roadblocks, conducting searches and arrests.

This is what our once mighty US Army has been reduced to.

The Army has been turned into a light patrol force.

It is no longer a heavy-hitting armored force, ready to take on all comers.

Instead, it has been converted into a security force equipped with Jeeps and light helicopters.

The result is that the US Army has become expert at stopping people at roadblocks, knocking down doors and massacring unarmed or lightly armed civilians.

It has no idea how to conduct an all-arms mobile defense against armored onslaught.

In other words, it has no longer has any idea on how to fight a real conventional war.

The training is gone. The personnel are gone. And the equipment is gone.

All this makes the US Army one pathetic army.


The typical US soldier has had a lot of experience as an ad hoc policeman.


He has been taught that he has the power to detain, question, search, disarm and, if necessary, kill difficult civilians.

The typical US soldier has tasted the power of the bully and he has grown used to it.

He has the blood of innocent bystanders on his hands – people who didn’t stop fast enough at roadblocks, were killed at cross fires, were mistaken for the enemy, or were just plain murdered for fun.

The US soldier knows how to treat civilians, and he knows its open season.

He has killed civilians and he has been told ‘job well done.’

If you think the transition from Middle Eastern civilians to American civilians will make that much of an impression on the typical soldier, you are mistaken.

An order is an order, and the soldier never questions it, in fact, he assumes if it’s been given the green light by the government and his chain of command, its completely legitimate.

From experience (relating to the LA riots) I can tell you the typical soldier will regard duty over American civilians as a welcome novelty.

But let’s be fair  – pushing civilians around is all these troops have been doing for the last decade! They are used to it. To them detaining, searching and killing civilians is as natural as putting on their helmets.


The sovereignty of the US Army (and all the other services, for that matter) has been compromised by infiltration of personnel from America’s spy agencies (did you see General Petraeus get appointed as head of the CIA? Believe me, he was a CIA asset way before that happened).

A law of society is stratification. Society is separated into separate, easily recognizable and pure parts.

One breaks this separation is one is two things at the same time.

You can’t be a chief of police and also a legislator. You can’t be a lawyer and also a detective.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with the US Army.

It has officers, captains, colonels and generals that are also NSA and CIA agents.

This is a conflict of interest of the biggest scale!

Who are the captains, colonels and generals really loyal to: the US Army or the CIA?

Does membership in one institution trump membership in the other?

The reason the US Army is involved in so many ‘dirty tricks’ (like shipping cocain inside the bodies of dead GIs during Vietnam) is that so many of its high ranking officer staff are also members of the CIA and NSA.

The various armed services have even stockpiled these two-faced, two-career, dual loyalty personnel in something called the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) – basically a bastion of military spy-agency personnel within the armed forces.

The DIA acts and quacks just like the CIA and NSA, including ‘wet’ (murder) operations and NSA listening type operations.

Its due to all this cross-agency membership that a military drill just happened to paralyze our air defense just as the 9/11 attacks happened.

Hey, the CIA/NSA military officer assets inside the Pentagon made it happen!

So you don’t really know what the US Army is right now.

Is it a spy agency?

Is it an Army?

Is it a covert ops team?

Is it a little of both?

Its no wonder CIA teams were ordering our troops around like Turkeys during the Iraq occupation, swooping in like hyenas on units to nab suspicious Iraqis our troops were holding prisoner – many of these Iraqis later turned up dead.

Our troops had orders not to interfere with these non-uniform, non-name tag, non-rank wearing people, who showed up at American units like they owned the place, and who are probably responsible for the murder of American troops themselves (hey, gotta keep the secret ops).

I still remember a scared soldier in the Army, who told me an event told to him by his girlfriend (a nurse in the local base VA hospital), how a man who had suffered several strokes told here how his job was to accost ‘targets’ in bars, strike up a friendly conversation with them, and drop a certain substance in their drinks as soon as they got up to go to the bathroom. The ‘substance,’ it turns out, ‘induced’ lethal heart attacks.

The kicker was that the guy worked for…the Defense Intelligence Agency!

After a moment of thought, the guy told the nurse, “whoops, maybe I shouldn’t have told you that, and withdrew into somber silence.”

The soldier who related this to me was scared himself, when he asked me what he should do with the information.

I told him since he was ‘short’ (about to leave the Army) he should not repeat it to anyone as long as he was still in.

So there you have it, the distinguished and respected DIA is nothing but wet mop murder agency like the CIA, to which probably most of its high-ranking personnel belong.

I would not trust a military CIA/NSA officer asset as far as I can spit.

Unfortunately, the Army is inundated with them, especially at the higher levels.

This makes the Army more into a type of creepy intelligence outfit more than a bonafide military force.


Georgia is a nation on the southern border of Russia.

By 2008, the US Army had trained and equipped the Georgian Army with the best equipment and the best training.

US Army advisors trained the Georgian Army from top to bottom, and were still with it when war broke out.

In August of 2008, Georgia attacked Russian-protected territory of Ossetia, which used to belong to Soviet-era Georgia.

What happened took the world by surprise.

Russia reacted unexpectedly and violently.

Russian forces (and there weren’t many) crossed the border into Ossetian territory and hit the invading Georgian forces hard.

What happened next was even more surprising.

The American-trained Georgian Army did not recoil…it did not halt in place…it did not go on the defensive.


The Georgian Army totally disintegrated!

We’re talking about a total, run-for-your-lives, every-man-for-himself, race-to-the-rear, get-the-hell-out-of-my-way stampede!

I repeat, this was an AMERICAN TRAINED AND EQUIPPED army.

The Georgians had been taught by our experts and equipped with the best weapons America could offer.

By several accounts American advisors (directing the Georgians) were killed and captured by the Russians (and later returned to the American government to prevent further embarrassment and escalation).

The point is that an American-trained army totally folded when meeting the spear point of a heavy-handed Russian advance.

Is this what will happen to US Army when it eventually meets the spear point of the Russian juggernaut?

I wouldn’t be surprised.

What do you expect an from a co-ed army which considers its duties a ‘job,’ whose personnel sign up for money, whose NCOs lack nerve and murder their own troops,  whose troops serve alongside open homosexuals, who poisons its own troops with vaccines and which is plagued by corruption.

I am sorry, but I cannot place much faith in such an institution.

The US had a great Army in 1944... it has little more than a small, corrupt and thuggish mercenary gang. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Plan: America's Rot and Corruption

Before the Illuminati destroy a society, they rot it out from the inside.

This is no accident, but a carefully planned process.

For the Illuminati’s planned destruction of America to work, our society must first be rotted out from the inside.

It must become ‘sensitive to the direction of money.’

In other words, society must be corrupted by way of coming completely under the control of money.

They Illuminati create money out of nothing…and use it to control the world.

This is why they want us corrupt and prostrate before the altar of money.

Their system consists of money controlling a world that has been corrupted and made sensitive to this mechanism.

Think about it.

Did you ever wonder why you and you and your neighbors always seem like decent people while the people at the top always seem to be moral degenerates?

Representation of a cross section of America? 

I don't think so!

The truth is that politicians don’t represent us at all.

They don’t even resemble us.

And that’s the point.

Any government under the Illuminati heel must eventually become ‘sensitive to the directions of money,’ in short, it must be corrupted beyond all recognition.

Mind-warpingly, incomprehensibly, amorally and helplessly corrupt.

It is only after this process is complete that the society it serves can be destroyed and remade.

Politics themselves have become nothing more than an initiation into corruption.

Do you have any skeletons in the closet?

Do you like to play along and get along?

Do you lack any real political or moral opinions?

Are you likely to do whatever will get you through the easiest?

Do you jump on money every time it’s wagged in front of your face?


You’ve been accepted into the inner rank of political leadership!

Which leads me to the main point.

Our government has been corrupt for quite some time.

But within the last ten years, it has reached new and unprecedented  heights of corruption never before imagined.

Is it any coincidence that corruption has increased hand-in-hand with the ‘war on terror’?

The 'War on Terror' has been used as an excuse to PROFIT through the confiscation foreign oil and leeching off of government 'security' contracts.

Our economic emergency has been used as an excuse to swallow trillions of dollars in unneeded government economic aid to the financial world.

Yes. The rats are having a banquet while the Titanic sinks (and don't think they haven't been keeping an eye on the life rafts either).

Is our government really that corrupt?

You bet it is!

Our government is so corrupt it shrugs off million-man marches like a buffalo shrugs off gnats.

Public opinion doesn’t matter anymore.

Our government treats public opinion like garbage and proceeds to do exactly the OPPOSITE of that opinion.

It lies to us daily.

It uses false accusation to intimidate and arrest and or murder people through SWAT kill teams.

We are just landless peasants beholden to a corrupt elite who run this entire country now.

How much did America’s opposition against Obamacare matter?

How much did America’s opposition to the occupation of Iraq and

Afghanistan matter?

How much did America’s opposition to the banker’s bailout matter?

How much did America’s opposition to NDAA 2012 matter?

Secretary of State Dick Cheney’s reaction to a reporter’s question to a reporter’s question regarding American opposition to the Iraq war is so characteristic:


And the man was actually smirking when he said that, as if suggesting “what the hell is the stupid American public going to do about it?”

And this is the same man who made billions through exclusive government military contracts to his companies -  Halliburton and

Kellog, Brown and Root (KBR).

It’s obvious we’ve entered a new era of arrogant rotten-to-the-core corruption.

Our government has been rotted out.

And that’s just it.

According to Illuminati procedure, any structure scheduled to be demolished must first be compromised by rotting from the inside, so that when it is kicked, the structure collapses into a gigantic dust heap (just like the World Trade Center did in 9/11).

Again, let me emphasize: Before a society is abolished, its structure must first be completely rotted out.

When our country falls, its going to fall like the Twin Towers did on 9/11 - nothing left but dust.

Whether you look at France in 1780, Russia in 1910, Germany in
1920 or China in 1930, all these societies had one thing in common before they fell: they had all been corrupted to the core.

And when they fell, it wasn’t just a fall, it was total collapse and oblivion.

Which is exactly what OUR society is scheduled for if the Illuminati have their way.

This is the real reason behind the sudden sky rocketing corruption.

And to have mass corruption, you need mass quantities of money.

To the Illuminati money is a tool.

And the purpose of that tool has now been switched.

Did you notice how the top tiers of society are flooded with money, while the average American can barely afford to eat?

Do you think this is accidental?

Money's purpose has now been switched from powering our economy to corrupting our society.

And if it proceeds at this rate, our society is not going to last much longer.

When the 'kick' comes, the whole rotten structure will come tumbling down like a house of cards, with nothing left standing...just like the hopelessly corrupt societies of France, Russia and China did in their turn - and they have never been the same since.

Most likely (just like these countries) our collapse will give way to a socialist dictatorship.

The Illuminati have been rotting our society and our government to the core for the last ten years in preparation for ‘the great kick.’


Because our society and our government are to be done away with.

This is a must for the New World Order to emerge.

Building a new society is a like making wine.

The fruit juice has to become rotten for the transformation to occur.

Only then can the process of fermentation begin.

In this, the process is a bit like alchemy.

A fresh society with strong institutions, civic values, religious beliefs and patriotism is like fresh fruit juice.

Wine can never be made from of fresh fruit juice.

You can’t bring a vibrant, healthy society down.

Too many people in high and low places with principles, common sense, integrity, a sense of duty and honor. Too many obstacles to prevent the total destruction of a society.

On the other hand, a society which has had its principles, values, morality and truthfulness debased is like a sand castle just waiting for the wind.

Do you think it was mere coincidence that France, Russia and China had been completely eaten away by a pandemic of corruption prior to their fall?

Those societies were purposefully corrupted BY DESIGN 10 years prior to their collapse.

How outrageously more corrupt do you see THIS America from the America of 2001?

Drastic difference?

Just look at us today:

The banks destroyed our retirements and ran out with our tax bailout money right in front of our noses?

An totally unpopular president got elected and then re-elected.

Our election results have stopped matching the exit polls.

Degenerate, lying and corrupt politicians now thumb their noses at the general public and now do WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT.

Yes, we are indeed very close to the fall and total disintegration of the United States.

And it is not by accident...but by design.

Our nation is turning into the rotted fruit juice...that is ready to be fermented into wine.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kindle Sets Off the Great Book Burning Bonfire

Amazon was the Internet book selling monster created by the Illuminati to keep track of the world’s reading habits.

Sound too dramatic?

The Illuminati don’t think small…and they don’t invest small either.

After 17 years of operation, and billions of dollars of investment Amazon has still to make a single penny.

In other words, Amazon is a gigantic money drain.

In spite of this, the so-called ‘investors’ just can’t seem to keep themselves from investing more and more in this giant albatross, which its president, Jeff Bezos promises will one day pay off really big.

Is it the irresistible personality and charm of Jeff Bezos which keeps Amazon running?

Or does Amazon keep running because it is SUPPOSED to?

Along with the other unfailing Internet giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter, Amazon is part of the big establishment Internet control picture.

Amazon is especially insidious because it keeps track of your reading habits (always a major concern to the Illluminati).

What better way to register the reading habits of the world’s population than to have them purchase all their books from a single bookstore?

Again, (Google-like) Amazon closely tracks and registers not only all your book purchases, but all your book browsings as well.

As such, it is part of the New World Order population tracking mechanism.

What better way to track what a person thinks that through what that person reads?

Amazon’s (and Google’s) most insidious project is to reduce the world’s population of books to electronic files stored inside super computers.

Get it?

When this happens, THEY will be the gatekeepers of all knowledge.

THEY will have total control over what the population can read or not read.

And THEY will have total control over history…

…because electronic files (unlike paper books) can be easily altered to express whatever THEY wish should be expressed or not expressed.

Talk about a re-edit of reality.

Of course (and as always) the masses have to be convinced its all for their own good.

In truth, browsing, selecting and downloading a book into your electronic reading device does seem a lot more convenient than driving to a book store, walking up and down the isles, pulling books off shelves, and opening them to read.

(Strange how we used to call such things small pleasures)

But never mind that now.

Now they are telling us its an archaic inconvenience not only to physically purchase actual books, but to keep them as well.

Why not keep as many books as you want right inside your little electronic reader?


But at what cost?

Let me tell you.

At the cost of the total surrender of your literary privacy.

The cute little electronic device not only buys your eBook, but it registers your purchase with Amazon. In fact, it keeps track of your entire electronic library – permanently – along with your name, address, telephone number and email (all necessary for credit/debit card purchases, of course).

How do you feel now?

If you are a member of the carefully brainwashed Illuminati-ready population you feel nothing…but something along the lines of…

“Privacy is already obsolete, tee hee! You can’t hide anything anymore, so why bother, ha ha ha!”

If you are still a conscious thinking person, you know that surrendering the privacy of your reading habits in real time is surrendering quite a lot.

Of course, Illuminati brain-washed e-population has already been inculcated with the appropriate attitude towards people desiring privacy and dignity:

“What are you hiding? Obviously you have something to hide!”

It’s funny how privacy has now become ‘hiding.’

But whatever the case, the sharp end of it is the electronic annihilation of reading material is working.

Books, comics, magazines and journals are all going the way of the dinosaur. Publishers are shutting their doors and written material is disappearing from the shelves.

Even existing books, newspapers and magazines are being scanned into electronic files (leaving the physical specimens obsolete).

Leaving us with nothing but our little gate keeping electronic devices to peer through.

Which brings me to the name of Amazon’s electronic book reading device:


Lets look at the definition of ‘kindle,’ shall we?

Kindle: to start (a fire) burning, to catch fire, to blaze up (from Websters New Collegiate Dictionary)

Get it?

Amazon is letting you know this is the beginning of the great book burning.

Kindle is the kindle, the starter or  initiator of the great book bonfire.

And the Kindle is that which will start the bonfire.

Nobody ever said the Illuminati did not have a sense of humor.

Want to see what the Illuminati E-Future of books will look like?

Check out the link below to see the Future of Digital Books

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Woodpecker HAARP Death Signal Returns

The Russian Woodpecker was the nickname given to the mysterious and powerful low frequency signal which began emanating from the Soviet Union in 1976.
 It was given the nickname based on the sound of the frequency which seemed like the sound of a woodpecker pecking a tree.
The Woodpecker signal was so powerful and so penetrating that it even began interfering with phones and radios world wide. So general was the effect that entire industries began emerging to build contraptions with which to filter out the pesky Woodpecker signal.
The mysterious signal seemed to be aimed squarely at the United States of America.
It seemed to transmit mostly at 10Hz (a frequency proved to produce mental imbalance), but also alternated to 16Hz and 20Hz but the pulses  typically had a bandwidth of 40KHz (a frequency proven to cause cancer).
It didn’t take long for the defense experts to surmise the Woodpecker was a covert Soviet attack on America.
Low frequency waves are useless for air surveillance (this is done with microwaves).
On the other hand, low frequency radio beams for transmitting right through the ground (or anything else for that matter). And, apparently, the transmissions were reaching the US partly through the ground and going through mostly everything.
Was it really a surprise that cancer rates began skyrocketing in the United States after 1976?
What the Woodpecker was, was an outright radio wave attack on the American population.
The Woodpecker signal steadily irradiated the United States from 1976 to 1989 (the year the Soviet Union began opening up to the West).
During those 13 years, the rate of chronic disease in the United States skyrocketed, including the appearance of AIDS, internal fungal ailments and cancers.
The Russian Woodpecker was the first deployment of the HAARP death technology.
Presently the media continues to cover up the Russian Woodpecker phenomenon by calling it the Duga-3 and labeling it a low-level surveillance radar.
But this is a lie.
Low frequency is useless for aerial surveillance.
The Russian Woodpecker was never an aerial surveillance radar.
It was HAARP technology aimed at the United States' population.
The day the signal stopped transmitting was a blessing for America.
But now it seems the Woodpecker signal has returned!
And from an unexpected source at that.
Recent metering of the new WiFi and SmartMeter emanations are giving out the same ‘woodpecker-like’ sounds the Woodpecker did –the exact same sounds at the exact same frequency.
The woodpecker effect occurs exclusively at lower frequencies.
The WiFi and SmartMeters are transmitting at low frequency (this has already been proven by people using low frequency meters) as well as the much advertised high frequencies!
At the very least, they are including low frequency signals with their microwave high frequency transmissions.
Which would make sense for SmartMeters, since their job is to irradiate through just about EVERYTHING in their environment in order to transmit their data to their fellow meters and eventually to a central receiver.
 This is the realm of low frequency, not high frequency microwaves.
Amazingly (but not surprisingly) the low frequency transmissions from SmartMeters are graduated at the same cancer-causing frequency as the Russian Woodpecker (in the area of 10Hz-40Hz).
In other words, the work of the Russian Woodpecker has been taken over by our very WiFi and SmartMeter infrastructure.
Thank you ‘US Government.’
The chronic diseasing of America continues uninterrupted, this time, by the hands of our own government (if we can still call it that).
The cancer rates in America are presently at 50% and climbing.
Look around.
Half of all the people you see are going to die from cancer.
You see, the WiFi/SmartMeter network is a death network, continuing to transmit the same death signals that the Russian Woodpecker transmitted in the 1970’s and 80’s.
What the Russians could not finish, our government is finishing for them.
The Illuminati are also in need of a microwave infused environment because microwaves will serve as the power source for the RFIDs nano-spychips they intend to implant in just about everything very soon.
So we’ll all be tracked in detail, even as we die slowly.
The proverbial frogs were never meant to be slowly boiled.
They were meant to be slowly microwaved.
Hear the Russian Woodpecker (below)
Now here is the sound of our own 'WiFi' transmitting the 
exact same signal: