Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Plan: America's Rot and Corruption

Before the Illuminati destroy a society, they rot it out from the inside.

This is no accident, but a carefully planned process.

For the Illuminati’s planned destruction of America to work, our society must first be rotted out from the inside.

It must become ‘sensitive to the direction of money.’

In other words, society must be corrupted by way of coming completely under the control of money.

They Illuminati create money out of nothing…and use it to control the world.

This is why they want us corrupt and prostrate before the altar of money.

Their system consists of money controlling a world that has been corrupted and made sensitive to this mechanism.

Think about it.

Did you ever wonder why you and you and your neighbors always seem like decent people while the people at the top always seem to be moral degenerates?

Representation of a cross section of America? 

I don't think so!

The truth is that politicians don’t represent us at all.

They don’t even resemble us.

And that’s the point.

Any government under the Illuminati heel must eventually become ‘sensitive to the directions of money,’ in short, it must be corrupted beyond all recognition.

Mind-warpingly, incomprehensibly, amorally and helplessly corrupt.

It is only after this process is complete that the society it serves can be destroyed and remade.

Politics themselves have become nothing more than an initiation into corruption.

Do you have any skeletons in the closet?

Do you like to play along and get along?

Do you lack any real political or moral opinions?

Are you likely to do whatever will get you through the easiest?

Do you jump on money every time it’s wagged in front of your face?


You’ve been accepted into the inner rank of political leadership!

Which leads me to the main point.

Our government has been corrupt for quite some time.

But within the last ten years, it has reached new and unprecedented  heights of corruption never before imagined.

Is it any coincidence that corruption has increased hand-in-hand with the ‘war on terror’?

The 'War on Terror' has been used as an excuse to PROFIT through the confiscation foreign oil and leeching off of government 'security' contracts.

Our economic emergency has been used as an excuse to swallow trillions of dollars in unneeded government economic aid to the financial world.

Yes. The rats are having a banquet while the Titanic sinks (and don't think they haven't been keeping an eye on the life rafts either).

Is our government really that corrupt?

You bet it is!

Our government is so corrupt it shrugs off million-man marches like a buffalo shrugs off gnats.

Public opinion doesn’t matter anymore.

Our government treats public opinion like garbage and proceeds to do exactly the OPPOSITE of that opinion.

It lies to us daily.

It uses false accusation to intimidate and arrest and or murder people through SWAT kill teams.

We are just landless peasants beholden to a corrupt elite who run this entire country now.

How much did America’s opposition against Obamacare matter?

How much did America’s opposition to the occupation of Iraq and

Afghanistan matter?

How much did America’s opposition to the banker’s bailout matter?

How much did America’s opposition to NDAA 2012 matter?

Secretary of State Dick Cheney’s reaction to a reporter’s question to a reporter’s question regarding American opposition to the Iraq war is so characteristic:


And the man was actually smirking when he said that, as if suggesting “what the hell is the stupid American public going to do about it?”

And this is the same man who made billions through exclusive government military contracts to his companies -  Halliburton and

Kellog, Brown and Root (KBR).

It’s obvious we’ve entered a new era of arrogant rotten-to-the-core corruption.

Our government has been rotted out.

And that’s just it.

According to Illuminati procedure, any structure scheduled to be demolished must first be compromised by rotting from the inside, so that when it is kicked, the structure collapses into a gigantic dust heap (just like the World Trade Center did in 9/11).

Again, let me emphasize: Before a society is abolished, its structure must first be completely rotted out.

When our country falls, its going to fall like the Twin Towers did on 9/11 - nothing left but dust.

Whether you look at France in 1780, Russia in 1910, Germany in
1920 or China in 1930, all these societies had one thing in common before they fell: they had all been corrupted to the core.

And when they fell, it wasn’t just a fall, it was total collapse and oblivion.

Which is exactly what OUR society is scheduled for if the Illuminati have their way.

This is the real reason behind the sudden sky rocketing corruption.

And to have mass corruption, you need mass quantities of money.

To the Illuminati money is a tool.

And the purpose of that tool has now been switched.

Did you notice how the top tiers of society are flooded with money, while the average American can barely afford to eat?

Do you think this is accidental?

Money's purpose has now been switched from powering our economy to corrupting our society.

And if it proceeds at this rate, our society is not going to last much longer.

When the 'kick' comes, the whole rotten structure will come tumbling down like a house of cards, with nothing left standing...just like the hopelessly corrupt societies of France, Russia and China did in their turn - and they have never been the same since.

Most likely (just like these countries) our collapse will give way to a socialist dictatorship.

The Illuminati have been rotting our society and our government to the core for the last ten years in preparation for ‘the great kick.’


Because our society and our government are to be done away with.

This is a must for the New World Order to emerge.

Building a new society is a like making wine.

The fruit juice has to become rotten for the transformation to occur.

Only then can the process of fermentation begin.

In this, the process is a bit like alchemy.

A fresh society with strong institutions, civic values, religious beliefs and patriotism is like fresh fruit juice.

Wine can never be made from of fresh fruit juice.

You can’t bring a vibrant, healthy society down.

Too many people in high and low places with principles, common sense, integrity, a sense of duty and honor. Too many obstacles to prevent the total destruction of a society.

On the other hand, a society which has had its principles, values, morality and truthfulness debased is like a sand castle just waiting for the wind.

Do you think it was mere coincidence that France, Russia and China had been completely eaten away by a pandemic of corruption prior to their fall?

Those societies were purposefully corrupted BY DESIGN 10 years prior to their collapse.

How outrageously more corrupt do you see THIS America from the America of 2001?

Drastic difference?

Just look at us today:

The banks destroyed our retirements and ran out with our tax bailout money right in front of our noses?

An totally unpopular president got elected and then re-elected.

Our election results have stopped matching the exit polls.

Degenerate, lying and corrupt politicians now thumb their noses at the general public and now do WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT.

Yes, we are indeed very close to the fall and total disintegration of the United States.

And it is not by accident...but by design.

Our nation is turning into the rotted fruit juice...that is ready to be fermented into wine.

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  1. We all know that it has been said that horse racing is the sport of kings, and horses were important in the old days to establish Empires, and today, I think horses are important to retain Empires.

    If I were a king, then I would only marry a woman who would love me and love my male horses, and I do not want to go into details, but that is my main human weakness, along with other things.

    I think that Empires were established and retained by only having like minded vassal kings who owned male horses in the Puppet Countries, because this would be the way to ensure Puppetship of the vassal Countries, but the vassal kings or others would never know my secret habits, but I could always trust them, or blackmail them to be my Puppets.

    There are People who think that King Henry the 8th had six wives, because he was looking for his right type of woman.

    We should realise that those who want to work for the Shadow Rulers of the West, will have to be their Puppets to satisfy their lusts, and to receive their Secret Bank Accounts.