Sunday, September 14, 2014

Matrix: The Illuminati Power Stucture

Too many Conspiracy researchers dive headlong into attacking ‘the conspiracy’ without knowing exactly what they are dealing with.

Let us look at this thing in some relevant detail, shall we?


Man’s first fall consisted in his acceptance of the ‘Witch Doctor’ or ‘Shaman’ or ‘Medicine Man’ as a POLITICAL force within the tribe.

In time it was these possessed crazies who created ‘secret societies’ the rest of the tribal men had to join in order to be ‘accepted’ members of the tribe.

One does not have to look far to see that these ‘Medicine Men’ came to use their influence within the tribe for selfish ends, frequently having to do more with power and influence (in tribal society material wealth meant little).

This shamanic religion soon developed into franchises of priesthoods which embarked across tribal lines, like the Celtic Druids.


In time and beyond the Stone Age - at the dawn of civilization, we run into a much mentioned but (purposefully) unstudied group of Semitic people called the ‘Amorites.’

These people seemed to take power over entire societies without war but through crafty infiltration - you find them on the throne of Assyria, Babylon...and Egypt - without having resorted to war or conquest.

The Amoritic branch which took over Egypt was called the ‘Hyksos.’

How did the Amorites take over societies without war or conflict?

Through the art of infiltration.

Men who are not what they say they are positioning themselves at the highest levels of local government until the local ‘government’ begins favoring the Amorites to such an extent that they become a virtual oligarchy.

This is what you see in the Book of Genesis when the Amorite  Moses passes himself off as an Egyptian official and KILLS any Egyptian daring to victimize the ‘Hebrews’.

This is what you see in the Pharaoh Akhenaton - a totally alien entity occupying the Egyptian throne and seeking to DESTROY the Egyptian priesthood and remake Egyptian religion.

Needless to say Akhenaton was deposed, along with all those pseudo-Egyptians who backed him.

But the infiltration never ended.

The story of Joseph makes it quite clear that the infiltration of Egypt continued even after the ‘Hebrews’ were cast out of Egypt.

The story of Esther makes it quite clear the infiltration continued to happen along the entire civilized world.

Today we still have the ‘Amorites’ with us, infiltrating every aspect of government and society.


Then we have the secret societies and mystery religions which plagued Greece and Rome - chief among them the cult of Dionysus in Greece and the Cult of Mithra in Rome.

Mithra - a cult strongly present in the army - was said to be the Masonic institution of its day.

Man was unable to shake the ‘societies’ which continued to plague him by the time the Crusades happened (to open up trade to the Italian City States).

The Knights Templars established the first international banking system in Europe.

The Templars were eventually hunted down (i.e. forced to go undergound) in their base country of France...but they easily moved to other parts of Europe, like England and Scotland, where they re-established themselves as a stronger yet more occult and more subtle secret society.

In Scotland, King Robert the Bruce was a Templar and the Templar knights regularly interfered in English affairs (such as the prior attack on King John).


It was only a matter of time before the Templar secret society in Scotland evolved into Freemasonry by the early 1700‘s.

Freemasonry - an international secret society supposedly bounded by ‘fraternity’ (but actually made attractive by the lure of connections, promotion and wealth) spread across the channel back into France and other places where ‘knightly orders’ existed - Prussia being a notable example.\


But I skipped over the empowering financial force of Freemasonry, the engine of its wealth and its influence over Europe - the Bank of England.

The Bank of England, established in 1694 under the rule of a foreign king (Willam III) from Holland, instituted the first of a series of franchises called central banks.

The Bank of England (right off the bat) started doing what central banks do today - the boom and bust bubble cycle - with its funding of the South Sea Bubble.

And in little time, the Bank of England used its fiat power of ‘creating money out of nothing’ to finance the beginning of what was to become the British Empire.

From there, the institution of the Central Bank spread first to mainland Europe and then to the rest of the world.

People forget that the British-financed and Masonic-led French Revolution was what installed in French soil the ‘Bank of France’ like it did in other nations across Europe as they fell to Napoleon.

But let’s dwell on the concept of “central bank” for a while.

The very name ‘central bank’ is a misnomer - it is not a bank at all.

Like ‘Xavier’ stated, it is a “wealth authority” - “an entity with the power to write receipts over a nation’s wealth” - in other words, an institution which soon comes to OWN the wealth of the country it resides in.

Every nation in the world today has a central bank.

And every central bank in the world today is controlled by its originator - the Bank of England.

England assumed an advantage of immense proportions over the world when (with the blessings of the Talmudic Kabalistic Luciferian Jews) it created first  Freemasonry and then the Bank of England.

Freemasonry gave England unbound intelligence over the internal matters of the other nations in which Freemasons existed.

The Bank of England gave her unbound wealth and capital.

How could the creation of the British Empire - the largest empire the world had ever seen - not happen.

And yes, this brings us to two very important parts of the ‘matrix’ of the Conspiracy

1) The power of the ‘City of London’ (the home of the Bank of England) over the wealth of the world.


2) The power of England (through Freemasonry) over the affairs of the world.

In other words, the power of England over the affairs of the world.


Too many conspiracy researchers attack this or attack that aspect of the Conspiracy, ignoring the fact that we exist in an aquarium - a playground - owned totally by the Conspiracy.

It’s a little bit like all the scheming and dirty business going on in a luxury liner or a prison.

It doesn’t really matter.

Let’s take the example of a prison ship.

You know the Captain on the bridge is in charge of the ship, where it goes and what it does...and you know the Warden in his office is in charge of the prison and all its until you get to THESE gentlemen, all the scheming and counter-scheming at the bottom level doesn’t really matter.

Well, we DO have a Captain and we DO have a Warden at the controls of most everything that happens at the socio-political level...and unless we get rid of that captain and that warden, all the scheming and counter-scheming in the world doesn’t matter.

At present, our situation is a bit like that of town being fascinated with the creative crimes of a serial killer...when we already KNOW who the serial killer is!

Ooh..did you see what the killer did to that lady - he decapitated her and sewed the head of a goat unto her throat.

Ooh...did you see how the killer disposed of that gentleman’s body - it was a total skeleton when they found him...and he had been dead only a week! I wonder how he did that?

Ohh, that individual was reported missing only a week ago, but my hunch is he was dead...a month ago!

This morbid fascination (though useful in the awareness sense) is useless when it comes stopping the killer.

The conspiracy community has become to a large extent ‘spectators’ waiting for the next ‘crime’ to happen so they can pull it apart, analyze it and solve it to the applause of the adoring conspiracy public.

This sort of activity is useless unless it is accompanied by the simultaneous DESIRE, WILL and PURPOSE of condemning the institutions which have carried it out...with the ultimate purpose of EXPOSING,  DISEMPOWERING and DESTROYING them.

So yes...dare I say it?

Yes...It’s about time somebody did:

The Central Banks must be destroyed...Freemasonry must be destroyed...and the Intelligence services must be PURGED and put on a permanent short leash.

Too bad these worthwhile goals seldom make it into your weekly conspiracy media serving.


So, even though the world is divided into 200 nations (and many more languages) is the institutions CONTROLLING those nations which really matter.

And what are those institutions?

The list is very simple:

Central Banking...Intelligence...and Freemasonry...

...with the City of London at their center.

London created the concept of the Central Bank (on which its unlimited wealth is based) and the institution of Freemasonry (on which its unlimited intelligence and unlimited influence is based) so why not?

Now it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Well, well, it seems the Conspiracy is not as complicated as we all thought it was, now is it!

The triad is as simple as it is powerful.

Yet in its inner mechanisms it is a bit more involved.


The Mechanism which has controlled the world since the 1940‘s is slightly different from the Mechanism which controlled the world prior to that, but it is basically the same mechanism.

Every nation in the world has a Central Bank which basically has authority over the wealth of the nation. Each of these Central Banks in turn receives its marching orders from the Bank of England.

Every nation in the world is led by an intelligence asset (either from the CIA, KGB (FSA) or MI6). In other words, all these presidents, premiers, and even kings are really just employees of one of the intelligence services of the big three - US, UK and Russia (who are in turn led by Freemasons serving the City of London).

Every nation in the world is influenced by the obedient services of Freemasonry (you think those oaths of obedience are there just for show?) who work in collaboration with the Central Bank and the Intelligence Services to accomplish their goals.


Unfortunately, what goes around comes around.

The US has been dominating the Third World through CIA-appointed presidents and dictators since the 1950‘s, mostly installed through violent coups, assassinations and dirty business.

America has been fine with that.

Unfortunately the chickens have come home to roost.

The ‘chickens’ meaning the CIA.

The CIA practice of having its assets operate inside the United States (in spite of this being ILLEGAL by way of its own charter) has reached epic proportions.

Simply put, we have allowed so many CIA assets to exist, reside and grow INSIDE our country that the CIA has now taken over.

When was the last time you heard that from your local conspiracy pundit?

So many CIA networks have encrusted themselves inside our infrastructure that they have become indistinguishable from every day society.

Individuals, congressmen, generals, police, firemen, corporate executives...indeed, entire corporations have joined the CIA infrastructure.

But let’s be clear, many of these individuals are not registered agents of the CIA, but useful assets - like capital - there to be used when needed.

They might ‘know’ they are part of something CIA-connected or having to do with ‘national security’...some might not even know who they are working for...but they have all dipped their hands into the CIA cookie jar, have benefited from it, and have someone appointed over them who gives them the orders ‘when needed.’

That’s right.

The same methodology the CIA used to control the Third World is now being used to control the United States.

And its becoming obvious as we see ourselves converting with each passing day into a Third World CIA-run National Security State.

Nothing new is happening to the United States.

The same methodology the CIA has used to control the Third World is now being extended to control the United States of America.

The CIA hasn’t done it alone, but with the full faith and credit of the Federal Resreve, Freemasonry and our establishment (City of London) backed oligarchy.

It’s old hat to know that Wall Street controls the CIA and has many of its own inhabiting that agency.

Folks, it’s gotten so bad that the last three Presidents we have had have been bona fide CIA assets (along with many of our present-day Congressmen and governors).

Simply put, the CIA - the same guys that have been creating brutal Third World dictatorships for six decades is now in control of America...and you can feel the difference can’t you?

So, of course, it is no surprise to see that America is turning into a Third World dictatorship, complete with a generalissimo, a military police, checkpoints, snitches and a secret police who spy on everybody.


So how to kill something so complex, so widespread and so invasive as the world conspiracy?

Surely it would take decades of investigating, hunting down, apprehending, questioning and executions to destroy the Conspiracy.

No such thing could be further from the truth!

In fact, we could destroy the Conspiracy TODAY if we did just one thing.


That’s right - abolish the central banks and the Conspiracy will no longer have the funds with which to run  Freemasonry, the CIA, its mega corporations...or to indebt the nations of the world.

You see, the Conspiracy has long ago recognized something the rest of the world has not - money is power.

And the authority to create money is absolute power.

The Central Banking System run from the City of London is the linchpin in the Conspiracy’s hold on world power.

The day each nation’s treasury starts printing its own money is the day the Conspiracy collapses.

Let the CIA, the KGB, the Freemasons, the Talmudic Kabalistic Luciferians continue with all the twisted schemes and twisted dreams they want...THERE WILL NO LONGER BE ANY FIAT MONEY WITH WHICH TO FUND THEM.

And furthermore, the issue must be put into Constitutional Law through a legal binding Constitutional statement making ALL printing of money illegal except through a nation’s treasury.

Without the cornucopia of the Central Banking system providing the unlimited funds with which to manipulate, corrupt and control the world, the Conspiracy will lose all its power.

But, yes, things are easier said than done.

The Illuminati, unlike most of us, recognize that the international central banking structure IS the linchpin to their power...

...and they will do anything to keep it.

They have killed two presidents (at least) who have threatened this monetary power (and they are willing to kill millions to keep it).

We have to recognize this and we have to be resolute in our REJECTION of fiat money and the Central Banks...and ABOLISH THEM.

And, to give money real value, begin issuing money with a thread of gold inserted into every bill equal to the value of that bill.

Only then could we call ourselves free and sovereign.

That indeed will be the day the scheming stops, the mega corporations cease to exist, the wars end, the power and influence dissipate, the dirty tricks grind to halt.

But before that happens, we need to come to the resolution of abolishing the Central Banks (in our case, the Federal Reserve).

That’s right, instead of sitting down to morbidly digest the next bit of Central Bank - financed and CIA -executed crime, we have to not only call for, but actively plan and execute the abolishment of the Federal Reserve.

Its very currency needs to be treated as filth and other currency (like silver used in its stead).
And the Illuminati know (and most of us don’t) the power of human consciousness and human will.

If enough people just recognize the Federal Reserve as the source of all their agony, despise it, hate it...and wish for its will fall.

This is why the Illuminati’s main effort is directed at human consciousness.

This is why dictators hold ‘elections’, ‘do things’ for the people and run a first rate propaganda machine. It wouldn’t do to make it an open fact that one is simply an oppressor empowered by way of  one’s own might.

The Mongol Empire based its strength on might and power alone... long did that last?

The abolishment of the Federal Reserve (and all the other Central Banks) is the key to the abolishment of Illuminati power...

...yet few people even know what the Federal Reserve is.

The Illuminati victory so far is mental as much as it is physical.

They KNOW the power of awareness.

And as our awareness grows...our freedom diminishes.

You don’t think that is merely an accident, do you?

The time for the AWARENESS of the power of the Central Banks has arrived.

The sooner we become aware, the sooner we destroy them...the sooner we are free.

More and more people are calling for the abolishment of the Federal Reserve...and you can see what is happening.

More restrictions, more investigations, more arrests, more blackmail, more threats, more assassination, more murder, more tanks , more military police.

Let the awareness never stop growing.

Let the Central Banks fall.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Government: A Giant Pain in the Ass

It was bound to happen.

Our infiltrated government - infiltrated by Talmudic-Kabalistic Luciferians, Freemasons, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilaterals and Bildebergers and CIA assets...

...has become a gigantic pain in the ass.

Now we have to deal every day, not only with the challenges of daily life...but  with the  daily bother of our own government trying to KILL us.

Yes indeed.

The Government has transformed itself into some sort of crazy goblin, running hysterically everywhere seeing what else it can possibly it ostensibly tries to build “a New World Order”.

And we, as the humble common people must now deal with the reality of TRYING TO SURVIVE as our own government tries to KILL us every remaining day of our lives.

That’s right...death...

In fact, that might just be the new government policy - destroy as to rebuild it as the New World Order from the ground up.

As the Government CONTRAILS pollute our skies, raining everything from aluminum and barium to radiation, viruses, bacteria and weird growing stuff.

As Government pushes “mandatory” vaccines campaigns to cripple and KILL our children and arrest the parents if they refuse.

As the Mossad and Government-sponsored Fukushima atomic bombs contaminate the Pacific and makes the fish we eat DEADLY.

As the Government-opened border now lets in drug runners, assassins, killers, cartel members...and terrorists (it is now common to find abandoned Muslim prayer mats and books in Muslim languages in the Southwestern desert).

As Government-directed ISIS not only massacres innocent people abroad, but is now being readied - by Government - to begin slaughtering Americans as it is allowed to infiltrate the wide open border the Government has created.

As Government puts toxic and RADIOACTIVE fluoride from CHINA into our drinking water.

As Government permits food processors to import processed poisonous junk meat from China for sale to the American consumer.

As Government works overtime to collapse the dollar and make it about as valuable as toilet paper...

As Government endeavors to regulate the economy into bankruptcy and collapse.

As Government proceeds to tax so many Americans into poverty that they are LEAVING the country and RENOUNCING their citizenship....along with many American corporations!

As Government BRINGS IN useless and criminal ILLEGALS and provides them with first class welfare privileges NOT EVEN GRANTED TO AMERICANS!

Uh...just sayin’...but are you starting to get the idea Government doesn’t like us Americans...and might even HATE us?

I mean, is there ONE aspect of American society this Government is not trying to destroy?

As Government trains the police on how to KILL YOU and arms them with the appropriate weapons, laws and legal system with which to do it.

Now every time you are stopped by the police, there is a strong possibility you could be KILLED. Oh well, we  have to sit there and pray a sudden sneeze is not mistaken for an assault or a wallet for a handgun by a traumatized Iraq-vet cop souped up on steroids and paranoid training. 

As Government permits and subsidizes the construction of entire forests of microwave antennas and smart meters to first drive you insane before killing you off with cancer, leukemia, or a plethora of other auto-immune diseases.

As Government continues to the add misery to our existence by continuing to pay for the exportation of our industry and jobs to China...while raising taxes, increasing taxes and collapsing the dollar.

Notice the  recent additional economic gift we got from Government as Obamacare turns all our full time jobs into part-time pass times.

Or how about the Government-created Ebola now doing the rounds (never mind a dozen more Government-spawned plagues waiting in the wings). And the Government-built Ebola vaccine is sure to be just as deadly.

Or how about Government ILLEGALIZATION of healthy organic food and the LEGALIZATION of just about every deadly poison known to YOUR FOOD...including genetically modified produce?

Or how about our Government trying to start WW-III with Russia in the Ukraine....and China in the South Pacific...while leaving us completely defenseless against nuclear strike.

And speaking of nuclear demise...

...anybody notice how ALL our nuclear power plants are LEAKING while Government has ordered the alarms to be turned off?

You know, it used to be when you could go to work in the office without fearing your entire building would be demolished by a terrorist act.

Now those days are gone as Government launches a multi-front war to DESTROY America and the American people.

Whether it has notice or not, Government has become a royal pain in the ass - not the type caused by discomfited hemorrhoids - but the type caused by flesh-eating Piranah firmly implanted into your blow hole.

Whether Government notices it or not, it has run out of clout with the American people.

The American people have stopped caring about its ‘war on terror’ or ‘the crisis in the Ukraine’ or any of its other nonsense or any other government program that has the prefix ‘war on...’ on it.

Congress has lost all credibility and the President has lost all credibility.

Now it looks like a race between Government trying to destroy America before it collapses in on itself and the American people trying to survive.

Government has lost so much clout with the American people that it is now trying to bring in a new American population - government-dependent illegals -  to take up the sudden slack in government support on behalf of the public.

In fact, its starting to look like a race to the finish as the so-called ‘Government’ tries to KILL US OFF as we try to survive its little annihilatory program of pre-New World Order destruction of America.

In fact, you know what.

It’s time for this government to go.

I hate to say it.

But when Government starts killing its own people for no  good reason is time for it to go.