Friday, December 30, 2016

Oracle: The Work Buses

A dream by Oracle (edited by the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog)

"My friend and I are in a big city. There is a persecution going on.

It looks like a big city, and we are going from building to building or eatery to eatery, trying to avoid being questioned by police and other people who carry a badges.

They are stopping people at random, especially people who look unoccupied or unemployed.

They are doing it all over the place all the time, like they have absolute authority.

Both police and these undercover guys are stopping and questioning people.

My friend and I get detained by a well dressed black man in a trench coat and he is one of the undercover people. He starts  to question my friend about the details of his personal life, like 'where do you live?', 'what do you do?', 'where do you work?' 'what is your work schedule', 'what is your bosses phone number?' and stuff like. I mean, he really gets right down to the point with no introductions or anything.

My friend seems to be in the armed forces or reserve or something like that, and he complains to this undercover rather aggressively with a lot of details about where he is coming from, what he is doing and why.

This seems to turn off the undercover, and he seems to lose interest, and leaves us in peace. He gives us his card, stamped with today's date, which is like a receipt, so more agents don't waste their time on us, at least for today, I guess.

Luckily the agent did not question me, because I really am totally unemployed and unable to account
for anything related to myself.

The rules are that everyone has to be able to account for themselves along the lines of why they are where they are, what one is doing and why and above all, they must have proof of employment.

I notice there are cars and people in the city, but less than what would be in a regular situation.

I noticed how empty the highways were coming into the city.

I also know or have noticed a lot of the buildings are not really commercial buildings. They look
like normal buildings on the outside, but inside they have secret things going on like secret headquarters, government offices, computer banks and even  detention centers.

My friend and I have to go to the top of a very fancy looking building. It is very luxurious looking, but cameras are everywhere. I am afraid. But I have to stay close to my friend because he is legit, I am not.

We eventually leave the building and go back out into the street and I see a bus go by.

It looks like a prison bus, and it has some people aboard.

If you can't account for yourself and prove that you are employed and on some official task or business in the city, then they put you on these buses.

Everybody knows what happens to you then.

If a person is found to be unemployed, they got put on one of these buses and sent to something
called 'indefinite detail'.

This meant they were made you into slaves of the state.

The rules were that everyone had to be employed and on task or they put you on these buses and took you to a labor camp or gave you a slave job.

They called working as a slave nice names like 'civil service' or 'community service' but really it was slavery, and it wasn't anything new or special or anything, it was like normal!

Everyone who was found to be unemployed or unable to account was put aboard these buses and taken
to become a slave.

The sense I got was that the slave jobs were innumerable, anything from janitor to miner or even a soldier.

I got the feeling there was some sort of war or emergency situation going on, and everything was

If one did not have employment, then they got sent to this indefinite detail.

This slavery thing didn't have a beginning or an end, it just was, and it lasted for an indefinite
period, or supposedly unti the crisis was over.

In society there were three tiers of jobs.

First was a normal job, which meant a full time job of 8 to 10 hours.

Then there were government assisted job placements, in which the government put you into a low-paying, long hours job.

And third was this slave labor stuff, which was a sort of punishment for not being employed and trying to avoiding employment.

People who were unemployed were considered malingerers, no good people, maybe even traitors to be punished like criminals.

When found out they were put on these buses and taken to their slave jobs.

I sensed there were also tiers to the slave jobs, all the way from a normal looking job, in which they let you dress normally and carry an ID badge, all the way down to slave labor at a prison camp, where you wore a coverall uniform and worked long hours of hard labor.

The rule here was if you behaved, then yo got the better deal, but if you caused trouble, then one got descended quickly to the lower levels, the bottom, so to speak.

I just got the sense there was a lot of homelessness and disarray and many people were not getting the message that the government was dead serious about this indefinite detail thing. There were also a lot of foreigners to help the government control the country."

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Jews Helping Themselves to American Cattle

It’s becoming more apparent every day and to everyone that the Jews are not only THE controlling force behind America...but the entire world itself.

And the Jewish Oligarchy is rubbing it our faces, making it obvious that they are some sort of benighted group - a royalty above everyone, who are in charge at the top of everything...and they are letting the goyim (cattle) KNOW IT!

Ray Romano made a joke during an acceptance speech about his support for a Foundation to help Jews make it in Hollywood (overwhelming laughter followed).

Meanwhile Jewish casino magnate Sheldon Adelson entertains himself by making presidential candidates publicly BEG for his money by asking them the question:
“how much do you care for Israel?” as the candidates take turns trying to outdo each other on how  much they LOVE the Jews.

Our Congress stands up like trained seals to give unending standing ovations to the Prime Minister of Israel.

Congressional Clapping Seals

And BELIEVE me, you are going to see new levels of  boot-licking by our President elect Donald Trump.

President George Bush was caught studying the Talmud under high level rabbis.

Bush the Rabbi Acolyte

A Jew is CERTAIN to always  be at the helm of the Federal Reserve.

Jewish supremacy laws rule in Europe called anti-anti-semitic speech laws and JAIL anyone who even attempts to question the numbers of the holocaust while in America the same laws are called laws against “Hate Speech.”

Jews are appointed to the top levels of Jewish government while our latest Presidential elections feature a Jew (Berni Sanders), a non-practicing Jew (Donlad Trump) and a crypto Jew (Hillary Clinton) as the nation’s best choices.

While just recently I read an article in Henry Makow about an Australian ex-patriat who lives in Iran (to escape socialist persecution in Australia) who discovered that the Jews ARE still the richest and financially the most influential people in Iran, and live apart in their own luxurious communities.

After discovering this and having the Iranian government treat him like a jerk toy, the man began to think that there really wasn’t any place to escape, and that he might as well go back to whence he came.

But OH! Did I mention the article was removed from the Internet (including Makow) a few days after I read it?

Vestiges of links to the non-existent article can be found on Google under  “Brendon O'Connell - Fed Up With Iran”

The Jewish supremacy reality fed down the memory hole once again (and the Internet seems to be a great memory hole ever since the United Nations and the EU took over it a month and a half ago).

But enough about Jewish supremacy.

Now many Jews are coming out into the open and behaving (and being treated) as if THEY are royalty and we are human cattle.

This has become so apparent recently, not only to the ‘goyim’ (us, the human cattle) but to the Jews themselves. The concept being that not only must WE be beholden, but the Jews themselves must know it!

Just try to lay a hand on one or even upset one of them nowadays!

My aunt (who is a very outspoken woman) has run afoul of the New York Jews and for this she has had her computer hacked and destroyed, the furniture in her rental home demolished her arm broken by the New York Police and while the ‘authorities’ saw fit to attempt to incarcerate her in a mental ward.

Unfortunately, my family shared in the latest attempt on her life and property when a pick up truck crashed through the backyard brick wall of her alternate home at 2:00 am in the morning.

The ‘incident’ was perfectly timed.

My aunt wasn’t  there...but my visiting brother, his girlfriend and my sister WERE... as they spent the night there following Thanksgiving Dinner.

Several shadowy figures emerged were seen running from the truck  and flitting about looking into windows.

My brother, his girlfriend and my sister all crowded into the master bedroom for protection...from which my brother proceeded to shout out for all involved:

“HEY! There are people here! We have guns!

Of course they had nothing, but the invaders seemed to take them at their word and made off on foot, leaving the truck there...and one cowardly Jew who remained crouching in the guest bedroom.

This Jew was later found cowering in the bedroom as he waited for the police to rescue him...which they did.

The intention of the assault was unclear, but a large shard of glass was found stabbed into the pillow on my sister’s head was formerly laying.

With the police having it all in hand all my relatives retired and returned to their homes the following day.

I kept in touch with my aunt, who then told me the surprising (yet expected) outcome.

The cowering Jew was determined to  have acted alone (in spite of witnesses saying otherwise) and he did what he did because he was out of his mind on drugs.

This method of making sure one is either drunk or on drugs when one commits a crime seems to be an EFFECTIVE defense under the premise that the suspect is under the influence and has no idea or control of what one is doing, especially if one is Jewish.

They gave my aunt a court date (the wrong one as it turned out) and the judge dropped the entire case when she didn’t show up. Was the criminal punished in any way?


He was let off and my aunt didn’t get to collect compensation for here destroyed wall.

Later I took a close look at the supermarket loading dock where the suspect(s) had waited before psyching himself up and screeching his truck right into my aunt’s brick wall - the tire tracks could still  be seen.

I myself had my university career RUINED by a Jew (a low-level university bureaucrat) because I use a critical and sarcastic tone.

Sorry your majesty.

But the power projection was amazing.

Entire departments began treating me as if I had the Plague.

No professor (even friendly ones) would dare write me a letter of recommendation.

And yes...charges came up that I was possibly too mentally unfit to continue my studies and yes... a visit to the mental ward was recommended.

(mental wards incarceration and Jews seem to go hand in hand...especially when so many Jews are themselves clinically mentally unstable)

If I remember correctly, my insulting words were something like “I am not surprised by the lack of results” (my graduation was being delayed) and after some aggressive questioning I responded “this environment creates a cynical and mercenary attitude in students” and after this Jew told me ‘the conversation had ended’ I retorted that “I was trying to end it a long time ago.”

That was it.

I crossed the line with the Jew...and had my career TERMINATED.

And they seem to have super-powers too.

Shortly after the event I got an out-of-control accelerated heartbeat in which it seemed my heart was going to burst out of my chest.

The only thing I can compare it to is an engine having its belts cut.

It was later diagnosed as a simple ‘panic attack.’

This peasant goyim scoundrel had been put in his proper place.

Now I don’t know if it is a guilt complex or what that makes us put out the red carpet and half bow down every time somebody introduces themselves as a Jew.

Is it because the Germans launched the ‘Holocaust’ and I us being white, are somehow to blame for it?

Is it because the Jews have been historically persecuted and expelled from more than a dozen nations more than once? (for no  reason, I’m sure).

(little voice in my head: easy there, be careful what you write, anti-semitism is now being labeled a mental disease...and you know what that means if you get ‘diagnosed’)

Anyway, Jews in general are starting to behave as a royal oligarchy.

The reminder (and the reason for this post) came this month from two incidents right here in metropolitan Phoenix (where I live).

On a Saturday, 11-12-16, at 6pm, Josepth Epperlein, a Jew driving a car with a suspended license ran a red light and ran hit a mother and her two infant children who were crossing a crosswalk legally and in their right of way...killing the mother and one of the kids while leaving the other critical and fighting for its life.

Joseph Epperlein

After the slaughter, which was accomplished driving with a suspended license, the Jew was “charged, processed and released” by the Chandler Police.

The big mystery is why he was never booked on a charge of VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER.

No, his majesty was allowed to walk away from the scene of the slaughter and go home to enjoy his beer.

The stink started when the press got involved and went to the guy’s house to ask him a few questions.

Then the police were forced to get involved and actually arrested the gentlemen to look into charging him with something.

On Tuesday, 12-15-16, Oren Ahron Cohen, a Jew from Israel, entered the apartment of a couple in Tempe in the middle of the night, entered their child’s bedroom closed the door behind him, grabbed the 2-year old infant, and was found with his pants half pulled down and his buttocks showing  as he cradled the child on his lap and was torturing the child when the father walked in.

When the father walked in on him, Cohen (an Israeli ex-military and probable Mossad agent) used a very unique intelligence and special forces technique to put the opponent off guard: he told the father “I am your friend”

Which is exactly what the dancing Israelis said when they were caught celebrating the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11 - “we are your friends.”

And this is what special forces and (unfortunately) the US military says before they arrest or kill you (notice this technique in use during Katrina as the military kicked down doors and took guns - “this is the US military, we are here to help!”)

Right after saying that, Cohen further distracted the father by throwing his own baby at him.

The father, after managing to catch and secure the child ran after Cohen, pursuing him into the parking lot

The police found him wresting with Cohen (who is deceptively muscular) and trying to keep him from escaping until help arrived.

Orel Cohen
Who is Oren Cohen?

He is an Israeli ex-military, who is a tourist who (get this) owns a ‘kiosk’ at a local mall, who has already had “run-ins” with the police in Arizona.

Let’s pause for a moment.

First of all, the man is Israeli ex-military.

Nothing wrong with being Israel ex-military. But being ex-military and a tourist, is the sure sign of a Mossad agent.

Secondly, if he is a ‘tourist’ then how is it that he can ‘own’ a kiosk - a small business stand - at a local mall? Tourists are not allowed to buy or establish establish local businesses, much less even work in the country they are visiting nor do they have the time to do so.

Thirdly, kiosks run by Israeli ‘visitors’ is a widespread and ongoing phenomenon across the US - a widespread Mossad operation which supplies  its agents as ‘vendors’ at these kiosks (see more below)


Fourthly, why is Cohen using special forces techniques to catch people off guard?

Fifthly, why is a visiting tourist who has had several run-ins with the police not been deported?

Ok, so Cohen is caught by the police.

They break up the father of the abused child and Cohen (the abuser)... begin questioning Cohen.

Cohen is found to be drunk.

Yet he is so much in control of his wits that he is clear-minded enough to distract the father by saying “I am your friend” and then throwing the child at him. so he could get away.

When apprehended, he was so aware of the situation that he declared himself “black out drunk” and not in control of himself or even aware of what ever it is he had done....and a demand: he wanted to return to Israel immediately.

(yes, your majesty)

He said he was at a party with friends in the complex, that he went outside to smoke a cigarette and was either locked out the apartment or confused or both...when he entered the couple’s apartment (perhaps through the window) and the child’s bedroom.

In the child’s bedroom, he found, according to him, a ‘midget’ with which he proceeded to ‘play with.’

The same LAME kid gloves treatment was given to this Jew.

Cohen was momentarily detained and charged with  ‘breaking and entering’

Under custody, Cohen exhibited the typical behavior and tone of a homosexual intelligence agencies are so fond of nowadays.

What about child abduction, child molestation, child endangerment and attempted child kidnapping?

Nothing to see here, said the Chandler Police, move along, folks.

The media, again looked into it and the police got a bit tougher.

The police are now actually considering the charge of ‘kidnapping’ in addtion to breaking and entering

Still no charges of crime against a child - you know, the two-year-old Cohen, pinched, tortured and then threw as he lay it the child’s room with his pants halfway down and the kid in his lap?

The police are ‘looking into it’ and seeing what they can/are perhaps going to do with this gentlemen.

But any heads up ‘national security’ or ‘state’ matter from the FBI or DHS is likely to spring Cohen like like Superman.

And please be quick about it, the man just demanded that he be sent back to Israel IMMEDIATELY.

He would do that unless he had some real connections high up on the food chain.

So remember what I said about Jewish royalty?

The Jew who crashed through a wall into my aunt’s back yard was allowed to go free and my aunt not even paid for the damage.

Epperlein slaughtered a mother and her child while driving with a suspended license, was not booked...and allowed to go home.

Cohen was about to let off for public intoxication a brief detention when the media got involved and the police dared up the charges to ‘breaking and entering’ with a possibility of ‘kidnapping.’

My problem is not any type of hatred against Jews, but the system that seems to be making Jewish criminals somehow beyond reproach and many Jews just too fucking powerful.

Look around.

Are you getting the idea the Jews are now becoming a type of royalty which cannot be touched?

Well, look around...and tell me what you see.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Internet Turnover Starts the Great Witch Hunt

The Great Witch Hunt began with the takeover of the Internet by the UN on October 1, 2016.

On that date, US based ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) - the platform from
which the ENTIRE World Wide Web is run surrendered its control of the Internet to...

...the United Nations controlled ITU (Internet Telecommunications Union) based in Geneva,
Switzerland (the banking..and now...cyber-center of the entire world).

Does the above fact leave any doubt as to who runs this planet?

The switch is indeed important.

The Internet or World Wide Web was created in the United States, but has now been surrendered to
the European Union and put under the control of the United Nations... other words - in the hands of the globalist government.

The switch also has very drastic connotations regarding the freedom and independence of the

Neither the European Union nor the UN are very friendly towards basic Internet concepts like freedom of speech, freedom of opinion or uncensored media.

In fact, the European Union is NOT a free speech zone.

In Europe you can go to prison for a DECADE for just saying the wrong thing and there are also certain subjects which are totally banned about which no one can talk stating that EU officials are totally corrupt.

Another important fact is that the United Nations itself is a COMMUNIST organization, which has ALWAYS acted ON BEHALF and to the BENEFIT of communist governments, and is always headedby hardcore marxist-socialists.

So check it out: you have a Socialist police state and a Communist front taking over the entire
Internet and running it from the backyard of International Finance.

So what will happen now?

New heights of freedom of on the Internet?

(insert laugh track here)

Already 'operations' have begun to classify, document and even sabotage information centers
(like this one) who are critical of the New World Order.

I was expecting things to change the week after the Communist United Nations took over on October 1 from its base in Sociaist Switzerland... and they did.

Suddenly my computers started running slower, taking excessing time for every single operation, as
if something was recording every key stroke.

Links had to be clicked on three to five times to accomplish a connection.

Like in all socialist countries who SPY on their Internet users our internet became SLOWER (like in Europe and China).

My computer used for writing the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog (which uses a rare operating system) was hacked and sabotaged,  which made it impossible for me to write - every keystroke on the word processor producing a random character.

...I also tent to stream Internet Radio for hours, but suddenly my access to YouTube streaming was cut to just 25 minutes...after which I could no longer stream anything for the rest of the day.

I started feeling as if I was living in Europe!

Later Internet stoppages began occurring across the United States, denying access to many well known sites across the nation, climaxing with Yahoo being hacked and its
the private information of its ENTIRE MEMBERSHIP exposed.

Was the International Telecommunications Union establishing its spy network?

I've got news for you.

The Internet was invented to track, document, classify and list EVERY SINGLE USER and keep those records in perpetuity.

This documentation has been (and continues to be) recorded and filed and kept forever by the NSA and other government agencies like the Library of Congress (believe it or not) which records and keeps EVERY SINGLE TWEET EVER WRITTEN.

That's right.

One's Internet history, going back to the beginning of the Internet (circa 1995) is now in permanent storage, ready for retrieval.

Speaking of which you can rest assured that ICANN and the NSA have turned already turned ALL these perpetual
electronic records to the UN and the International Telecommunications Union.

(note how similar International Telecommunications Union sounds to 'Soviet Union')

The NSA has been registering your every key stroke since 1995.

The NSA has been storing this information in perpetuity...and...

...the NSA has probably just turned in this information to the ITU along with the Internet.

My prediction that the NSA and CIA would turn all your records over to the Communists has happened early!

The New World Order (through the UN and ITU) is now in possession of all your personal information.


Because the Internet was a trap.

It was a New World Order operation used to list, classify and track every Internet user for the last 30 years and hold all that information in perpetuity.

The New World Order knows who you are, where you are, what you are, and what you are thinking, and this
information is updated and recorded permanently every time you go online.

If you are the wrong type of person (Christian, prepper, gun enthusiast, constitutionalist, patriot, police,
conspiracy theorist) you have already been put on the 'Red' List.

The only thing keeping you alive now is the fact that you are under a NATIONAL government...and the fact that this government has not collapsed.

But they plan implement this government's collapse very soon..

...and turn over the reigns of power to ANOTHER government.

Which Government is that?

Does the Marxist Europeatn Union, the United Nations ring a bell?

Remember, China and Russia are both Communists countries (China openly / Russia secretly) and have
already divided up the United States like a cake.

Russian special forces are on American soil.

UN vehicles are already on our streets.

The death camps have already been built.

The US is about to collaspe into an economic depression, rioting, war and civil war.

A new 'Marxist' government is about to pick up the pieces of what's going to be left of the soon to be demolished US...

...and when it will have the total and updated cyber-background of EVERY American for the last 30 years.

The turnover of the Internet to the UN is the first step in turning over the United States to the New World Order.

And what we are going to get from this looming Marxist Socialist control system is a Marxist Socialist Internet.

And nothing is more Marxist-Socialist than an old fashioned WITCH HUNT - complete with plenty of dead witches.

Ever hear of the Terror of the French and Russian Revolutions?

How about the Purification and Great Leap Forward in Communist China?

Can you say 80 million dead? 

This is the beginning of OUR witch hunt.

And like any witch hunt, there are going to be plenty of dead witches...very few of them guilty.

Not clear enough for you?

Let me re-state the concept:

The surrender of the Internet to the United Nations was the signal to INITIATE a Marxist-style witch hunt in the United States by the Globalists.

Shortly after the Internet was surrendered to the EU and the ITU, began the  Presidential and Congressional initiatives to shut down 'Fake News' (any site which criticized government).

This ultimately means the persecution, shut down of any sites who criticize government and bankruptcy and incarceration of those who operate them.

The anti-Fake News movement seems to be following established European and UN guidelines for the suppression of the Internet. Believe me, this is a European and UN run operation.

The accusations that Russia has hacked November elections were closely followed by finger-pointing at supposed Russian Agents inside America (good work guys you got 'em all and so quickly!)

(see what I mean by witch hunt?)

Personalities like Donald Trump along with conspiracy researchers within the alternate media like Alex Jones, Breitbart News, Dave Hodges, Texe Marrs, and
others were singled out as Russian agents (many of them writing regularly against Russia for decades).

The incredible part is that it was REAL Communist Agents like Hillary Clinton, John  McCain and Chuck Schumer who were doing all the finger pointing along with the Communist-run CIA!

As an appendix, graphic descriptions began on the TV about how President Assadof Syria was killing men, women and children in Aleppo after liberating it from
ISIS (what about all the ISIS killings? Not a murmur).

So you have two witch hunts and two smear campaigns beginning with the launch of
the surrender of the Internet to the New World Order:
-The Putin Smear
-The Fake News Witch Hunt
-Russian Agnents Witch Hunt
-and the Assad Smear

You translate the intention of all these witch hunts and you have...

America getting ready to deploy in Syria...
... while going to war against Russia...
...while hunting down conspiracy theorists and anyone else who dares criticize the Government (remember, most purges tend to happen during wartime).

Is it mere coincidence that the turnover of the Internet along with the records of every man, woman and child in America to the United Nations has signalled the start
of wave of witch hunts and persecutions in this country?

You bet it ISN'T!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Will They Trash The Election?

Will they turn this country over to chaos by overturning the election and declaring Trump the LOSER?

Why not?

They have already played with this country’s electoral process to the point of making it seem illegitimate, if not a complete joke.


The establishment’s purpose is not to build up America, but to tear it down.

And they have already started by tearing down its most revered institutions:

    -its Congress

    -its Presidency

    -its sovereignty as a nation

    -its voting process

Why not totally mess up the election of 2016, tear it to shreds, crumple it..and throw it in our faces?

Isn’t that what they have been doing to our Constitution?

And besides, its not as if our elections aren’t already on their way to becoming an illegitimate joke.

Witness the 2000 elections.

Al Gore won the popular vote.

It didn’t matter...the Electoral College chose Bush.

Now in 2016, Hillary Clinton wins the popular vote (albeit through cheating) but the Electoral College declares the election for Trump.

This doesn’t look good.

It’s been twice this century that the American people have been told their vote doesn’t count.

And this has not been on accident.

In addition, all the push-button electronic voting machines (which leave no paper trail) inspire all the confidence of electronic dice.

And right on cue, California’s elected officials have declared their wish to SECEDE from the United States and are putting it up for referendum, as if the United States were some golf club on could leave at the drop of a hat.

Now I am no hypocrite.

But even secession-happy Texas hasn’t dared declare its official willingness to secede...much less the beginning of any secessionist process.

But California DID (I guess when liberals do it , its fine, but when conservatives suggest it...its a Federal crime).

And all of this right on the tail of a controversial election which has divided the country and made the elections look illegitimate.

Great timing!

But wait, they aren’t done.

The latest rumor is that they are going to OVERTURN this controversial election...and declare Trump the LOSER.

One can already imagine the CHAOS this will cause within the United States.

The Trumpists and Clintonistas are already at each other’s throats, even a well transitioned Trump presidency stands to be stormy - the Liberals are already in the streets declaring Trump is NOT their President and beating up anyone who disagrees.

Meanwhile Trump has been officially declared the winner, been congratulated and is already appointing his cabinet and meeting with national and foreign leaders.

Imagine what will happen is Trump is suddenly declared the LOSER!

Yes folks, the Liberals are already rioting.

Now its time to rile up the OTHER side.

Up until now, the Conservatives have been quite reserved when it comes to violence and rioting.

What’s going to happen when they are suddenly declared LOSERS and all their hopes and aspirations torn to shreds?

The propaganda on both sides have painted Trump AND Hillary as the devil incarnate, whose election signifies the END of the nation.

Both sides are UNWILLING to bend.

An overturn of the election results will not only TRASH the electoral process, not only begin a Constitutional Amendment process to END the Electoral College, but throw the entire country chaos into, with both sides seeing the government as ILLEGITIMATE.

Great appetizer for Civil War?

California is already attempting to secede.

A flat out overturn in the election will probably have Texas throw ITS hat into the secession ring as well.

But CAN the establishment overturn the election?

In the olden days it would be difficult. doesn't seem so far fetched.

In the old days, the Electors were actual elected state government officials of the party which had won the majority in the state with a lot to lose if they turned to monkey business.

Today the Electors are the equivalent of riff raff with nothing to lose - nobodys (consisting mostly of low-level political failures and wanna be’s who would sell their mother for a mug of beer)...who could be easily swayed into NOT voting the way they are supposed to...and even CHANGING their vote.

And the reports coming from the Electoral College is that the Republican Electors are under UNPRECEDENTED pressure to vote for Hillary.

Let me repeat: unprecedented, as in ‘never seen before’ in the history of the Electoral College.

Unprecedented as in ‘never happened before.’

Unprecedented as in ‘this is the first time something like this has happened.’

In other words, the electoral riff raff is under HUGE pressure to change their votes from many directions and in many ways.

I am talking political threats, death threats and blackmail.

On the carrot side, I am talking money, election funds, business and political positions.

In fact, you know what?

It’s a wonder the Federal Election Commission, the FBI and the US Attorney General are NOT looking into this.

But they AREN’T!

Blackmailing, threatening and bribing the Electoral College to change election results is no crime.

Happens all the time, right?

But with Obama being the over-boss of all these Federal Agencies, you can see why it is NOT happening.


The Electoral College will vote on December 19... a process that has been a formality and ritualistic confirmation of the popular vote for most of the last 120 years.

The ‘confirmation’ that Trump ‘won’ the election is based on how many Republican electoral votes he won - in other words, how many ‘Republican’ electors will be sent to the Electoral Convention.

These Republican Electors are EXPECTED to vote for Trump, but there is no guarantee.

Technically these electors can vote WHICHEVER way they want.

What was keeping the Electoral College honest was the high position of the electors...who would be committing political suicide by voting for the other side.

Now we have an Electoral College of riff raff...

...who will vote for whoever they PAY them to vote for.

Not only that, but there is a little known procedural clause which allows Electors to CHANGE their vote AFTER they have voted (after paying a fine)...

...adding an additional opportunity to CHANGE the Electoral vote even AFTER the vote has been cast.

Let’s hope the Electors vote for whom they are traditionally expected to vote for.

The fate of our Country may depend on it.

And if they don’t...

...the beginning of the end of our country may be at hand.