Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pokemon Go: The Zombies Have Been Activated

The word and concept of ‘zombie’ comes to us from the Caribbean via Africa.

The concept of a zombie was a dead person that had been re-animated by a magician for the purpose of LABOR.

That’s right, zombies were brought back from the dead to WORK.

There are stories and myths of zombies working day and night for the landowner who had brought them back.

More detailed research (and even a video documentary or two) has tentatively explained the ‘zombie’ phenomenon as ‘witch doctors’ putting their ‘patients’ in a catatonic state resembling death and waking up the victims up after the funeral.

The victims are probably thirsty by this time and are given a drug to drink that keeps them in a somnolent, suggestive which they do whatever they are told to do.

Believe it or not, there are natural drugs such as ‘burundanga’ / ‘Devil’s Breath’ / Scopolamine / Hycosine Hydrbromide which keep people in a ‘zombie’ state which is open to suggestibility (obeying without questions).

In the third world, there are proven cases of criminals drugging rich people, who then proceed to happily and obediently empty their bank accounts for them.

The ‘establishment,’ of course, refuses to acknowledge the existence of these drugs...probably because they plan on synthesizing  and selling the drugs themselves.

So zombifying drugs DO exist.

And the ‘zombie worker’ method has been used for centuries.

Take the Chinese opium addicts who built our railroads, for instance.

American railroad magnates actually used thousands of Chinese drug addicts, kidnapped or pulled from China’s Opium dens, to work 12 hour days laying track in exchange for not experiencing withdrawal.

(and in case you don’t know, opium withdrawal is one of the most horrible agonies you can imagine)

These were the zombies who helped build up America.

So the concept of the working zombie is nothing new.

I still remember my old construction crew days when workers functioned on Meth.

And they worked hard too!

They resembled maniacal, restless monkeys as they went about their chores under the effects of this drug.

The management turned a blind eye because the production levels were just to high.

And in case you haven’t noticed, our very environment has been transformed into one giant zombie-production line.

From microwaves to anti-depressants to chemicals in the water are used on an ongoing basis to zombify the mind.

The latest in zombie-control technology is something called ‘Pokemon Go’

Hey, they’ve gotten the couch potato zombies to move and walk about dynamically.

No more passive mind control here.

Gone are the days of the blank stare in front of the TV or the eternal ‘online’ nod while looking down on a Smart Phone screen.

The Passive bean bag zombie is a thing of the past.

These new zombies are moving about like restless busy bodies...

...busy going and doing whatever the screen tells them to do.

And make no mistake...

The technology behind the new HD TVs and Smart Phones is purposefully designed to be addictive.

The addictive effects are pretty obvious .

People walking off cliffs, crashing planes, derailing trains and walking into traffic because they are too busy ‘texting’?


Typing on a little screen beats the safer and more entertaining alternative of just ‘talking’ to people on the phone?

Or how about the eternal nodding zombies who navigate through life looking down on the screen of a Smart Phone?

These people get up and light up the Smart Phone, work while taking stolen glances at the Smart Phone...take every free minute to look at their Smart Phone...finally go to sleep...with the Smart Phone under their pillows.

You’re going to tell me these are not the symptoms of an addict?

Again, by definition, an addict is someone who engages in RISKY behavior in order to satisfy an addiction.

If ‘texting’ while crossing an intersection, driving down  a highway, conducting a train or landing a aircraft is not risky behavior...then I don’t know what is!

The truth is a NEW addiction has entered our midst - ELECTRONIC ADDICTION.

Now I see people who leave their televisions on all day and go to sleep with it still on (TVs now carry a mechanism called a ‘timers’ for people who habitually do this).

Nowadays, when a television is turned off, it’s as if the life force of everything is gone, making life unbearable.

I see similar addiction to the Internet, where people just can’t get off the net at work or at home....or anywhere (Smart Phones have facilitated this process, making permanent online connection a reality).

Smart Phones: first they fixed our attention on they're telling us where to go and what to do!

But back to Pokemon.

Pokemon revealed itself to be an experiment in mind control when, in 1997, an episode broadcast exclusively in Japan...provoked mass-seizures in children watching the broadcast when the eyes of a Pokemon began flashing at a particular frequency.

The effect of flashing lights on people prone to seizures is known.

The mass effect on normal human minds was something totally new.

This particular Pokemon episode is now banned.

How unsurprising then that Pokemon again emerged as the purveyor of the new Pokemon Go addictive technology that makes the zombies get off the sofa and out into the predetermined locations.

The company behind Pokemon Niantic - a CIA front making use of DARPA  (defense department) technology and introducing it into the public.

The new trend seems to be addictive mind control virtual reality.

Remember: conspiracy researchers Mae Brussel and Jim Keith (and many others since then) have been killed when they began researching functional MIND CONTROL.

Pokemon Go (Niantec) technology inserts animated characters right into actual reality when viewed from the screen of a Smart Phone.

This is one more step towards total virtual reality - with virtual and actual reality coming together when viewed through certain devices.

(I can already see a near future where customers wearing Oculus-Rift type goggles and pay for virtual visits from their favorite movie stars)

But whatever form this technology takes - we must keep in mind that it is designed to be ADDICTIVE and used for the purpose of mind manipulation and MIND CONTROL.

Pokemon Go has finally activated the hypnotized, lethargic zombies.

For the first time, the addictive electronic technology has jumped from something that addles and distracts the mind to something that ACTIVELY CONTROLS HUMAN BEHAVIOR.

Have you seen all the OBSESSED Pokemon Go zombie ‘players’ walking your local park at midnight?

Does it seem like this is a fad that will simply blow over?

Were Cell Phones a fad?

Not at all...

...the fact is Virtual Reality Mind Control has now entered the arena...permanently.

If people can be mind-controlled into leaving their homes and walking the streets at midnight in exchange for animated computer icons...

...what will they be persuaded to do for future mind control ‘stick and carrots’?


Isn’t that what ADDICTS do to satisfy their ADDICTION?


And what will probably follow Pokemon Go will be...MORE ADDICTIVE TECHNOLOGY empowering active human behavior.


Why else?

To enslave human beings...and to accomplish Aldous Huxley’s dream of making humanity “love its servitude.”

There is no one more hopelessly enslaved than someone who not only believes they aren't enslaved...but have also learned to love their enslavement.

You look at all the video game heads, the Pokemon Go freaks and the texting fiends and what do you see?

People LOVING the technology to which they are addicted.

It was only a matter of time before this technology was turned to the role of enslavement for the purpose of...WORK.

Remember the Carribbean concept of Zombie?

Remember the Chinese opium-addicted track layers?

Remember my meth-powered comrades at the construction site?

Well, the modern equivalent has arrived.

An addictive electronic incentive to activate human labor.

And the type of electronic payment the addict craves is much cheaper than opium...
...simply a few codes of software...transmitted the zombie interface device.

The cheapest payment ever!

Today we actively DENY that Smart Phones have have addictive technology built into them.

Tomorrow we will actively DENY that people have begun working for these addictive electronic payments.

ADDICTIVE technology.

How else can you explain the entire WORLD going around obsessed with chasing little video creatures....

...or individuals becoming  withdrawn and unhinged once their Smart Phone is taking away or their connection with the Internet is cut.

Whether it is a scientifically defined flicker rate on the screen, subliminal messaging or addictive frequencies, the truth is they have the ADDICTIVE technology, and have actively demonstrated it (again) with Pokemon Go.

Is a corporate addiction policy too hard to believe?

Remember the Chinese Opium addict rail workers?

Remember the meth-driven construction crews?

Remember when Coca Cola used to carry ADDICTIVE cocaine within it during the 1920‘s (reason for its instant popularity) and continues today to add ADDICTIVE Coca extract to maintain that popularity?

Product-addiction is a natural and ongoing corporate process - as natural as using addiction as an incentive for virtual slave labor.

Think about it for a second.

All those addled addicted zombies now stand to become, at the very least, a perfectly controllable ACTIVE mass.

How will the Establishment convey this new process of electronic addiction? Let's look at some examples:

Screens - Smart Phone screens, computer screens.

Electromagnetic fields - you might have noticed the Wi-Fi transmiters in every building (note: not all signals emanating from Wi-Fi have been classified and made public...including LOW FREQUENCY signals).

Subscription Services: - access to Internet purveyed pornography, group gaming, and virtual reality. would make a great treat for the extra hard worker.

And you have to consider...we are just at the beginning.

It is already known that certain frequencies and electromagnetic fields can  produce feelings of well being, happiness and even euphoria - the expected side-effects of any addictive drug.

Once the additive zombie electronics are activated, the zombies will happily do as they are told.

Have you ever tried keeping someone from playing their favorite video game, watching TV, using their Smart Phone or accessing the Internet?

Talk about the brutal and unhinged behavior of a total addict!

So Pokemon Go represents the next step in mind control - level in which the zombies are activated and made dynamic, active workers.

From now on begin keeping an eye out for augmented ADDICTED behavior - people who seem compelled or obsessed in doing something...especially at work...and for people who WANT to go to work...or even people who WANT to (and do) LIVE at work.

Think living at work is far fetched?

Microsoft employees have been doing it for the last decade.

Yes indeed, the age of the active zombie has just arrived!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Nuke Transfer: Great Opportunity for Nuke Theft

Deveselu: an open field
In 2007 an attempt was made to steal US nuclear weapons at Minot AFB,  North Dakota.

Six nuclear-armed Cruise Missiles were put aboard a B-52 bomber and transported to Barksdale AFB in Louisiana.

The problem is the entire operation was illegal.

Even today  we don’t know exactly what happened at Minot, except that base security DETAINED the team transporting the nukes along with the missiles...only to be forcibly ‘called off’ by a ‘high’ official who appeared in person and ORDERED that the missiles be let through.

The nuclear missiles were then transported to Barksdale AFB from where they  were apparently to be transported across the Atlantic.

The missiles were described by Air Force personnel as ‘resurfacing’ or suddenly appearing out of nowhere after going missing.

But at Barksdale, the keen eye of a B-52 pilot noticed that the missiles were armed with ACTIVE nuclear warheads (something not allowed in the transport of nuclear arms).

This led to a second round of red tape with security at Barksdale AFB, which led to authorities actually ‘detaining’ the missiles in place.

Many severe coincidental and consecutive irregularities had indeed occurred for these missiles to ‘disappear.’

The status of the missiles were 'mis-recorded' as dummy warheads.

Untrained amateurs were used to handle the missiles. The removal team arrived surprisingly early to remove the missiles (in the military nothing happens early or late, but right on the time...if you come in early you WAIT until the appointed time arrives).

The missiles were officiallly classified as carrying dummy warheads instead of the real thing.

No one recognized the live warheads until a nosy Air Force bomber pilot noticed them at Barksdale.

See what nosy people do?

They foil nuclear theft operations!

Even today, the whole event is explained away as one big mistake.

Nine nuclear-armed missiles disappear and are stopped right as they are about to be transported overseas.



Why am I bringing this up again?

Because the situation is being set up AGAIN to bring about another nuclear theft operation.


Incirlik AFB in Turkey.

As you know, the situation in Turkey has turned, with the Turkish government surrounding the base, arresting the base commander, cutting off all electricity and prohibiting flights into or out of Incirlik.

This was the case until only recently, when the Turkish Government started allowing some flights through.

Now this is the case:

There are 100 warheads at Incirlik.

And the US Government is getting ready to transport them to what amounts an abandoned field in Romania.

Abandoned by Romania in 2003, taken over by the US Government just last year (2015) as the location for part of the missile defense system, the Deveselu airfield has all the appearance of a suspiciously incompetent operation.

Not only is Deveselu nothing more than a runway and an open field, but it was NEVER DESIGNED, EQUIPPED or STAFFED TO HANDLE OR ANY NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

Get it?

Deveselu is what is called an UNSECURE LOCATION involving what amounts to a 'drop point' for the 'merchandise.'

A Google photograph of the place shows it is basically an empty piece of real estate, without the barrack, depots, roadways or equipment to safely keep and store nuclear weapons.

In other words, our 100 nuclear weapons at Incirlik are now being transported to an empty field in Romania...for safe keeping.

An open field!

And we’re going to put 100 nuclear weapons there?

What are the chances that nuclear weapons will go ‘missing’ along the way or even at the site itself?

The CIA has certainly chosen a perfect location for making nukes disappear.

Actual military airbases are just too much of a hassle with all those pesky officials, security and checkpoints.

On the other hand, an empty field in Romania will do JUST FINE for simple drop-off and pick up operation.

And all this taking place within a country known for its corruption and gypsy pick-pockets...who will totally cooperate with any CIA shenanigans involving the transport and concealment of ‘confidential’ cargo.

The national security ambient of Romania is right up there with those of Uganda, Bangladesh and Paraguay.

Meanwhile, Obama has already taken care of preparing the way by purging the Air Force of anyone who does anything except ask “how high?” when he asks them to jump.

So the sudden emergency transfer of ALL nuclear weapons from Incirlik, Turkey to Deveselu field, Romania has  the characteristics of a set up for the theft of the nuclear weapons.

Why is the CIA preparing the ground for the theft of American atomic weapons?

Could it be, perhaps, to use the nukes in some false flag operation on American soil by some terrorist organization they themselves have created?

It is definitely not something beyond the mind of these treacherous ghouls.

If the transfer / theft / cover-up operation is successful...

...then I guess we can all expect a nuclear incident between August, 2016 and August 2017...using our own bombs.

The nuclear transfer of atomic bombs from Incirlik, Turkey to Deveselu is highly irregular and suspicious...

... and portends the start of a false flag operation the CIA has been truying to launch for more than 8 years...

...perhaps in preparation for a domestic nuke detonation...

...which will cancel elections...

...and bring in martial law... 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Secret & Murderous Heroine Epidemic

I stopped in front of a Petco the other day at a table of a D.A.R.E representative asking for donations.

Knowing that one of the main Illuminati targets are young people, I asked him what the situation was in the illegal drug scene.

The guy told me what I (from snippets and rumors) was  already half aware of.

There was a Heroine Epidemic.

Not only was there a Heroine Epidemic, but it was killing hundreds of young people on a daily basis.

This guy, who works in schools, let me know 6 teenagers had died in town of Cave Creek just north of Phoenix...this month alone. I had never heard this piece of news.

Now if you know the size of the town of Cave Creek, six people within a month is more akin to a massacre.

If that happened in Cave Creek, I could barely imagine what was happening nation wide.

I asked this informed individual if he had ever heard of 'inhalable heroine'?

He had never heard of it.

(is it any wonder we are losing the 'war' on drugs?)

Furthermore, the most obvious and blatant fact was THE MEDIA WAS HIDING THIS GIGANTIC OUT OF CONTROL EPIDEMIC.

When was the last time you heard of serial deaths in a nearby town or city all related to Heroine?

See my point?

The guy explained that the reason for the general unawareness was the parents now wanting people to know their wholesome clean cut youths had died like junkies....but I have my doubts.

What about the police, police records and the much ballyhooed coordination between police and the media.

Obviously it had produced an awareness of NOTHING when it came to a generalized, widespread and lethal epidemic spreading across the nation.

The truth is the much respected and celebrated alliance between the media and the police had done NOTHING to spread awareness of this new epidemic which crosses all cultural and economic lines (killing all types of kids, from aimless youths in the ghetto to rich kids in Beverly Hills).


Would that have too much of an impact on the pocketbooks of the Mafia and the CIA?

Whatever the case may be, the truth is the epidemic is blooming...and killing....a lot of people in this country - especially young people.

Equally ignorant is the basis of the epidemic.

I strongly suspect the 'inhalable heroine' nobody seems to know about, and which can easily be mistaken for Cocaine unless lab tests are run.

But there are also a multiplicity of other factors.

Opiate-based painkillers like Oxycodone have suddenly become much more widespread and easy to get and...are prescribed like candy.

A lot of teenagers are getting introduced to this addictive heroine derivative for broken bones (something active teens often get).

I got prescribed this drug after I had a wisdom tooth pulled, with the oral surgery assistant lowering her tone ominously when mentioning the word 'Oxycodone' in my perscription.

I never used the prescription, but if I was curious about the Oxycodone high, there was my opportunity.

(note: removal of all four wisdom teeth in teenagers has now become the recommended norm...along with the Oxycodone perscriptions that go with it).

I was wondering why my niece was pressuring her Mom the other day  to remove all four wisdom teeth THAT SAME DAY.

Oh,well, the nurses at the hospital the other day looked at me like a criminal drug addict when I asked for Morphine for my pain during the passing of some kidney stones.

They looked at me weird, stared me down...and gave something else...which did NOTHING for my pain....leaving me suffering in agony in bed and prohibiting me from moving.

From that day onward I decided to pass all my stones at home and do the OPPOSITE of all medical advice - drinking A LOT of water (instead of not drinking any) and continuously moving (instead of lying still in bed)...and you know what? worked great!

Is there ANY good advice the medical establishment has to give?

Honestly,I doubt it.

Anyway, while this murderous epidemic eats up our young, it never rises up as a topic at the dinner table, is ignored by the community while embarrassed parents never talk about what killed Johnny and two of his friends. 

And, as with all Illuminati operations, this murderous operation comes from various fronts.

Not only are inhalable heroine and over-the-counter opiate  based pain killers causing it, but also new 'vaping techniques' nobody seems to know dropping some liquid heroine or opium oil into the mix and vaping THAT.

Of course, the label or pusher or whatever 'say' that is what they are selling the users. 

The truth is the chemicals are a whatever-mix of who-knows-what.

Notorious amongst the snuck-in chemicals are' Fentanyl' - an artificial synthetic opium imitation which is 100 TIMES stronger than morphine.

Can you imagine going for your daily morphine high and getting plugged with the equivalent of 100 morphine injections?

No wonder they're all dying.

The Vaping phenomenon has (with knowledge of the young and total ignorance of the parents) turned out to be THE prime time restarter of a new drug epidmic (and I bet everybody thinks that was just a coincidence).

Ever wonder why there are so many Vaping shops all over the place all of a sudden?

Well, a murderous drug epidemic is HERE...

...and the mainstream media...and the possibly collaborating  public institutions like municipalities and the police are collaborating in suppressing its existence.


Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Return of the Death Signal

There are times when I come across the type of data that causes me to grab my head, grab my face, grunt and leave the room in disgust, unable to write anymore.

Which is the case with the item that follows.

I was hoping to write this three weeks ago, but was unable to due to the sheer disgust, frustration and nausea.

But here goes.

A mysterious signal started emanating from Russia in 1976, set for the most part at10Hz (a frequency that causes insanity), 16Hz, 20Hz and 40Hz (a frequency that causes cancer).

Due to the sound of this frequency - that of a woodpecker pecking at a tree - it was codenamed the Russian ‘Woodpecker.’

The Russian Woodpecker signal was so strong that it interfered directly with radio, telephone and HAM radio signals...and even sprouted an entire industry related to suppressing the bothersome sound of the signal from the airwaves.

The signal was actually a ‘low frequency’ signal wrapped up with a variety of high frequency signals.

Within months of the appearance of the Woodpecker signal we can now ascertain that there was a sudden spike in cancer rates...followed by sky-rocketing rates of cancer in the United States.

The Cancer Spike of 1976


The Skyrocketing Cancer Rates Which Followed

In addition there was a sudden skyrocketing effect not only in crime rate but also outright insanity.

This was the era where you could not walk the streets of a major city without fear of your life...where blackouts in shopping malls resulted in the instant window breaking and mass robbery....and serial killers became the stuff of every day...while ‘streaking’ and the ‘antics’ at Studio 54  became normal.

The media at the time, remained quiet about this electronic assault on the United States by the (then called) Soviet Union (Russia).

In 1990, with the opening up and eventual ‘collapse’ of the Soviet Union, the Woodpecker signal suddenly and thankfully stopped.

A more complete article on the Woodpecker can be found in the Article at the link below\

The Woodpecker signal would not be heard again...for another 24 years.

But recently, with the rapid souring of relations between the United States and Russia...the Woodpecker death signal...returned AGAIN in 2014.

Wood Pecker Signal Returns Video

So we are now back to 1976...complete with skyrocketing cancer rates, crime rates and outright insanity (notice the police murdering and being murdered, the Pockemon Go! crazies, the shootings, the bizarre public behavior etc).

It seems our ‘friend’ Uncle Putin has gone on a new Cold War footing by re-starting the signal that gave us so much cancer and insanity during the last century.

As if the wasn't bad for the face grabbing part.

Despite my anger at Putin for re-starting the irradiation of the United States...

My attention was quickly distracted by discovering that the American telecommunications industry was already in FULL COLLABORATION with the Russian Woodpecker program.

Hard to believe? seems (hold on to something) - that the Woodpecker death signal has already been directed into your home by way of your Wi-Fi signal.

Wi-Fi is, or at the very least, contains the Woodpecker death signal.

If you have Wi-Fi in your home you are basically building up cancer inside your body and insanity in your brain...and your health, memory and mental state are diminishing on a daily basis.

Don’t believe me?

See what this SCIENTIST has to say about it in the link below:

Furthermore....and this is a very important furthermore....


Don’t believe me?

Listen to the sounds the Woodpecker and your house Wi-Fi set below:

Woodpecker Signal

Now listen to the sounds of Wi-Fi below:

Wi Fi Signal

In know another window in your computer and listen to BOTH at the same time side by side.

Well...WHAT have you discovered NOW my friend?

I know the tech geeks will try to debunk the the facts by stating that the Woodpecker is ‘low’ frequency while the Wi-Fi is ‘high’ frequency.

But that would make sense only on the basis that 1) the establishment is not LYING to us and 2) that the high frequency microwave signals are not accompanied by a low frequency signal which is not reported on, not acknowledged and not even measured by the establishment at large.

Low frequency detectors are hard to come by and very expensive.


Because the industry does not deal with low frequency (only intelligence agencies and the military do).

In short, officially, no one is interested or has any use for monitoring low frequency...unless you are in the CIA or military.

So no one does.
The Russian Woodpecker signal was MISIDENTIFIED right at the beginning as an exclusively High Frequency signal... did in fact contain some high frequency signals...

...but the low frequency aspect of its emanations only came to the surface AFTER the Cold War.

Now they are saying that Wi-Fi is exclusively a high frequency signal.

Do you believe them in spite the damning proof?

I am going to call for some common sense.

‘Frequency’ is the measurement of the space between ‘waves’ emanated in the radio frequencies.

The less frequent the waves, the larger the space between the waves, the more differentiated the sound of the frequency - in other word, there is an audible gap between between the signals.... for example, the tok-tok-tok of the Russian Woodpecker....and Wi-Fi.

When one hears a true MICROWAVE signal, the the waves are too close and too frequent to distinguish...and sound is solid, much how the sound of a zipper’s individual notches connecting is indistinguishable to the human ear.

Hear the True Solid Sound of a Microwave signal below:

See how different it is from the Woodpecker and Wi-Fi LOW FREQUENCY SIGNALS?

I think you know what I’m getting at.

Wi-Fi (like the Russian Wood pecker) has hidden, non-disclosed, unadmitted and  non-classified LOW FREQUENCY signals side-by-side with its microwave signals.

Perhaps most of us don’t have the specialized equipment to identify and classify them, but we can sure HEAR the LOW frequency!

And speaking of Death Signals, the Smart Meters they have forcefully installed in our homes...also transmit at LOW FREQUENCY although I cannot find a meter to classify them.

Please watch the video below and hear the sound of a Smart Meter measurement...

Notice the four LOW FREQUENCY toka-tok-tok sound which always introduces the high power microwave transmission of the Smart Meters.

No your can hear the short LOW FREQUENCY introductory transmission of a Smart Meter below a the 55 second mark of the video.

Smart Meter Sound

Can you expect the Smart Meter signals to ALSO affect your health?

You bet you can! 

And by keeping a Smart Meter beaming into your home you probably are.

So you can see the reason for my breakdown.

Not only has Putin re-activated the cancer-causing and mind-destroying Woodpecker Signal...but our own telecommunications industry has COLLABORATED with the Russians by introducing it into our very homes!

You can see why all this information can be a bit overwhelming.

(Side Note: In case you haven’t noticed yet, The US government and Establishment are openly collaborating with Russia, China and Communism)

When it pours it rains, doesn’t it?

Oh well, at least let’s take some PRODUCTIVE lessons to heart, shall we?

Remove your Wi-Fi Death Signal Transmitter (also called wireless Internet) and connect to the Internet directly from your Router with an Ethernet cable (this will also make your computer more secure) and...

Have your utility service remove your Smart Meter from your home immediately...though it will cost you another $20.00+ dollars a month to ‘rent’ of an analog (regular) meter. I do it happily...and call the extra monthly payment ‘MY INSURANCE AGAINST CANCER!’


Russia has re-activated the Woodpecker Death Signal.

The telecommunications industry has collaborated by introducing the Death Signal into our homes by way of Wi-Fi technology.

And...the utilities industry have done their part by  introducing hidden low frequency and open high frequency signals (which violate all lawful safety standards on microwave potency) on the side of our homes.

Take care to resist this new microwave offensive by the New World Order..

Your life probably depends on it.

Below is the address of a store dealing with Anti-Microwave technology (to which I am not affiliated in any way shape or form).

Check out their microwave proof paint and meters if you care to:

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Browse The Illuminati Conspiracy Blog

The Illuminati Conspiracy Blog has many articles - most of them timely and relevant, no matter when they were written...because what they speak of is affecting us right now.

So I have come up with a fun  way to browse the blog and run across some powerful, relevant and important articles you may have missed.

As you know, I place intriguing images at the beginning of each article, which is roughly connected to the article's subject matter.

By clicking on the link below will you gain access to all the  images of Illuminati Conspiracy Blog - each one connected to a ground-breaking article.

So click below to begin browsing.

Let the draw of the pictures guide you.

You are guaranteed to find an article that will shock, surprise and even intrigue you.

Just make sure the photo shows “endofwesternciv.blogspot” to make sure it's from the blog.

Simply click below to begin:

Illuminati Conspiracy Blog Article Pics

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Obama Pardons 260 CIA Assets

By now you might have heard Obama,  has commuted (shortened) the sentences of 214 Federal prisoners and totally pardoned 56 others...for a grand total of 260 commutations and pardons.

Suddenly, out of the blue, our President wakes up one day and decides to give 260 Federal prisoners a break.

Does that make sense?

With all the problems of the economy, terrorism, foreign policy, world standing and politics...

...the President has the time to put everything aside,  sit down and closely scrutinize the cases of 260 inmates in order to decide who to release and who to commute?

With America on the threshold, the world falling apart and WW-III on the horizon, it IS a bit puzzling that the President of the United States can find the time to play the commutation lawyer.

It makes no sense.

But what DOES make sense is that Obama is a CIA asset...

...and he has released other CIA assets in prison for carrying out the dirty business of the Company.

Get it?

Obama is acting like nothing but a "Get Out of Jail" card for the CIA's agents and assets.

I still remember how the Federal Government never gave Vietnam War Ace and American Congressman Randy 'Duke' Cunningham any break whatsoever.

In spite of his tearful apology, they didn't even let him say goodbye to his DYING MOTHER or go to her funeral.

But that case was see, Cunningham had gotten a bit too hard on the war on drugs, to the point actually trying to clamp down on the stuff (which arrives regularly into US ports in frozen food containers) - drugs had in fact destroyed Randy's son.

Oh no sir, Randy had to rot in a jail for 8 years.

No Presidential commutation or pardon for THIS AMERICAN WAR HERO.

But Obama arranges the release of 56 and the sentence shortening of another 214 dangerous criminal CIA assets all with one stroke of his legendary pen.

Who are these people?

Well, characters like the bastard featured in the link below:


I thought the CIA would have a little bit more respect for the Office of the Presidency to turn that seat into a cheap CIA asset release program.

But there it is.

The Presidency is being used to get all the 'caught' CIA assets out of they can go on being CIA assets on the street.

It definitely is way too dangerous to keep CIA assets with plenty of secrets to spill locked up and frustrated in prison, isn't it?

So what we've got is a CIA President releasing his CIA brothers - all of them criminals and traitors - so the CIA can come out ahead...again.

When oh when  will the time arrive when we can roast the CIA on the barbecue pit it deserves?

One more criminal action carried out by a STOOGE of the CIA masquerading as one of our government officials.