Thursday, August 4, 2016

Obama Pardons 260 CIA Assets

By now you might have heard Obama,  has commuted (shortened) the sentences of 214 Federal prisoners and totally pardoned 56 others...for a grand total of 260 commutations and pardons.

Suddenly, out of the blue, our President wakes up one day and decides to give 260 Federal prisoners a break.

Does that make sense?

With all the problems of the economy, terrorism, foreign policy, world standing and politics...

...the President has the time to put everything aside,  sit down and closely scrutinize the cases of 260 inmates in order to decide who to release and who to commute?

With America on the threshold, the world falling apart and WW-III on the horizon, it IS a bit puzzling that the President of the United States can find the time to play the commutation lawyer.

It makes no sense.

But what DOES make sense is that Obama is a CIA asset...

...and he has released other CIA assets in prison for carrying out the dirty business of the Company.

Get it?

Obama is acting like nothing but a "Get Out of Jail" card for the CIA's agents and assets.

I still remember how the Federal Government never gave Vietnam War Ace and American Congressman Randy 'Duke' Cunningham any break whatsoever.

In spite of his tearful apology, they didn't even let him say goodbye to his DYING MOTHER or go to her funeral.

But that case was see, Cunningham had gotten a bit too hard on the war on drugs, to the point actually trying to clamp down on the stuff (which arrives regularly into US ports in frozen food containers) - drugs had in fact destroyed Randy's son.

Oh no sir, Randy had to rot in a jail for 8 years.

No Presidential commutation or pardon for THIS AMERICAN WAR HERO.

But Obama arranges the release of 56 and the sentence shortening of another 214 dangerous criminal CIA assets all with one stroke of his legendary pen.

Who are these people?

Well, characters like the bastard featured in the link below:


I thought the CIA would have a little bit more respect for the Office of the Presidency to turn that seat into a cheap CIA asset release program.

But there it is.

The Presidency is being used to get all the 'caught' CIA assets out of they can go on being CIA assets on the street.

It definitely is way too dangerous to keep CIA assets with plenty of secrets to spill locked up and frustrated in prison, isn't it?

So what we've got is a CIA President releasing his CIA brothers - all of them criminals and traitors - so the CIA can come out ahead...again.

When oh when  will the time arrive when we can roast the CIA on the barbecue pit it deserves?

One more criminal action carried out by a STOOGE of the CIA masquerading as one of our government officials.

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