Sunday, July 31, 2016

How WW-III Might Actually Unfold

WW-III might unfold in ways we don't expect - catastrophic ways.

While we sit here secure and smug on our lauryls, the Communist enemy is preparing to take us down.

The Muslim Fundamentalist problem is a mere distraction.

The REAL enemy will come to us well-equipped, well-trained, and with high-tech weapons.

The result of us losing WW-III will be subjection to a Marxist-Socialist New World Order.

Yet we are totally deceived.

Our ranks totally infiltrated by Communist traitors.

The man who is about to attack us - Putin - hailed as a savior.

I know I sound like an ancient McCarthyite, but it's true.

Communist plans for the subjection of the West were never discarded, but have continued under other guises.

Please click on the link below to see how WW-III might actually evolve.

WW-III: The West Falls / The New World Order Arrives


  1. To the author. You are very short-sighted, sorry to say. Marxist Communism, while it is a detestable thing, is only a tool of the LARGER ENEMY. Just like Crony Capitalism and Corporate Capitalism are also tools for the LARGER ENEMY. The enemy I speak of has many tools at their disposal. So who is the enemy of humankind? I'll give you a tip, their soon to be carried out plan entails fomenting a religious war between Islam and the Zionist West (obviously that includes the Khazarian Israel "so-called Jewish people). Israel, the USA, the Vatican and European countries will be heavily attacked by Islamic Jihadists but it will be Israel which will be the country most at risk of annihilation and so the Western world will come to Israel's aid unilaterally with full support. But the Western/Christian countries will be very much destroyed. The Muslim countries and armies will be very much destroyed. And Israel, while hit badly, will be the only one to recover stronger than ever. Israel, having received trillions of dollars from all corners of the world and having stockpiled most of the world's gold will enjoy a new existence as the most wealthiest and powerful country to ever exist. It will the headquarters of the coming One World Government. Though the world population will only be a fraction of the current 7 billion.

    1. Israel's existence is not guaranteed. Henry Kissinger (a Satanic Jew) said "in then years there will be no more Israel."