Saturday, July 16, 2016

BrExit: Britain Leaves a Doomed Europe

You might have noticed the shocking news. 

Britain Has Voted to Leave the European Union.

The pundits like to squawk victoriously "the British have had enough!"


Like they had enough degenerate elementary school sex education for their children?

Like they had enough ONGOING Radical fundamentalist Muslim immigration into their country?

Like they had enough of the the creation of the radical Muslim ghettos which dot their country, keep the British out and work closely with ISIS?

Like they had enough of the government-protected child-rape and murder networks occupying their government?

Like they had enough of the small-business-destroying government regulations which have kicked the British to the streets?

Like they had enough of their ROTTEN public health care system?

How about having enough of the total destruction of privacy and the forests of cameras and microphones on their public streets?

And how about that MASONIC old boys networks which control the police and basically keep all non-masons from getting promoted in most institutions?


They never had a vote on THOSE THINGS, did they?

And you know why?

The top never sanctioned it.

So now that we covered how when something is NOT favored by the top, it never gets off the ground...let's cover something that did.


Brexit happened because the Masonic-MI6/MI5-Royal network which controls Britain wished it to happen.

Why it has even leaked that the very Queen of England herself has stated the opinion that Britain should leave Europe.

Can't get any more official than that.

So, it seems Europe is indeed....leaving.

But why?

Before answering, let me make one thing clear.

England is THE hub core of the New World Order.

England has controlled the world through international masonry (which it created) linked with its intelligence services and the rule of 'The City' where the economies of the world itself are managed.

In other words, England actually rules this place.

England is the cockpit from which the World Order is run.

In other words, England is an important place.

It being that, England tends to pull away from collapses and disasters in order to give itself an approximation of order and stability in which to continue to do its business.

Having said that, let's get to the reason for England leaving the EU.

The EU is doomed....

...and I am not talking just economic and social doom....

...I am talking about literal occupation and military forces.

England wants no part of it...and is making a clean break from the coming chaos.

You might have noticed how England remained comfortably aloof from Europe's collapse into totalitarian occupation during the last World War.

Well, England is doing it again - separating itself Europe's upcoming collapse to totalitarianism.

England is going to spare itself the mess of being any part of it.

In other words, England is separating because...

...the Russians are coming.

That's right.

The Russians are about to occupy Europe.

If most of the world is so clueless that it doesn't realize, then that is just too bad.

Because the truth is Europe has not only been deceived into believing Communism has collapsed...but has been steadily infiltrated by Communist (KGB) assets like Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany), Francois Hollande (President of France), Anders Rasmussne (Secretary General of NATO) and Jean Claude Junker (President of the EU).

In short, a large part of the European infrastructure is in the hands of Communists (you might have heard about our own Communist-in-charge: Barack Obama).

Besides believing that Communism has collapsed, most Europeans have been blissfully unaware that RUSSIA IS ARMED TO THE TEETH.

It's the same trick Russia always pulls before clobbering somebody.

Play the useless weakling...then CLOBBER THEM.

They did this with Charles XII of Sweden.

They did this with Napoleon of France.

They did this with the Kaiser of Prussia.

And they did this with Hitler.

Historically Russia has always made the enemy think it is weak...right before striking.

"when in a position of strength, feign weakness" as Sun Tzu would say.

Incredibly...the Europeans always believe it!

Listen: in 1995 Russia had 60,000 tanks, 50,000 armored personnel carriers, 5,000 aircraft, 300 warships and 250 submarines.

The systematic destruction of these weapons has never been confirmed.

Along with their "Communism has collapsed theme" the Russians are fond of putting together junk yards of rusted out weapons to show everybody just how collapsed and useless they are.

In reality, these are really just props.

Where are the hard numbers?

And where are the weapons you ask?

Have you ever heard of underground bunkers, underground submarine bases and a process called "mothballing"?

The US itself should knows all about underground areas....the country itself is not only honeycombed with them, but America keeps huge weapon weapon depots in foreign countries...and Russia is supposed to NOT have any?

The truth is the European Union and NATO have been carefully PREPARED for Communist occupation for quite a lengthy period of time.


Compared to Saudi Arabia's 13% GNP (Gross National Product) spent on defense...

...the US spends less than 4% of its GNP on defense...

...while the Europeans spend a pathetic average of only 1% of their GNP to defend themselves...

No money for armies translates into pathetically small armies.


England ended the draft in 1963.

The US ended the draft in 1973.

France ended the draft in 1996.

Germany ended the draft in 2011.

By which time all the rest of Europe (with exception of Greece and Turkey)  had followed suit and ended the draft as well.

No draft means no soldiers for armies which translates into pathetically small numbers of soldiers.

By the way Russia NEVER ENDED THE DRAFT...nor, for that matter, China, which supplies daily basic training to its young in public schools...starting in the 1st grade!


Corruption and Greed have been used to turn arms production into a money bonanza for the arms manufacturers...

...which turn out needlessly complicated weapons...which do the same thing a simpler and cheaper weapons could an enormous price.

A good example is the European Leclerc tank which cost 10 million dollars apiece and was canceled after delivering a mere 180 tanks to the French Army (many of which were exported to other countries!).

Overly expensive weapons translates into very few weapons bought by the government.


Europe BANNED and RID ITSELF of all its mines in 1997 through the Mine Ban Treaty.

Mines could have helped slow down a Russian attack...but no more.

Russian tanks will now be able to roam freely, seeking out NATO's pathetically small armies without even having to worry about these troublesome devices.

Not only that, but all US forces in Europe have been prohibited from having mines, leaving US forces as defenseless as the Europeans.


The inclusion of women and open homosexuals in the European (and US) frontline armed forces have made them basically non-combat capable.


As if all that wasn't enough, Europe has been infiltrated by Communist agents of the KGB at all levels.

The perfect example is the ex-Communist East German STASI Agitprop (Agitation and Propaganda operative) Angela Merkel who has been appointed leader of Germany and , in turn, recruited ex-Communist East German STASI asset Anetta Kahane to run German censorship.

A second good example is Communist KGB asset Francois Hollande, who has been installed as president of France, destroyed French society through Muslim immigration, and destroyed constitutional rights through martial law.

In short, RUSSIAN COMMUNIST AGENTS are already leading the Europeans!

Where do you think they will lead them to, eh?

Once you have enemy agents within the gates of a besieged city, what do you think that enemy will do?

Open the gates?

What are the chances?


Militarily European armies are the equivalent of 6th graders coming up against the bar brawler which is Russia.

So when you are the equivalent of a bunch of 6th graders coming up against a full grown brawler, the LAST thing you want to do is face him in the open.

What you do is HIDE in corridors and choke points and atop hills, hoping to lure him in and stop him.

Instead, what the Europeans are doing is placing their pathetic armies right up against the borders where the Russian forces will be coming thorough!

That's right, from the Baltic and the Baltic States to Poland and the Black Sea, the European Armies are marching out and concentrating in what amount to geographic death traps when the Russians come through.

They'll be totally overrun in hours!


So I don't think I need to describe to you any further how dis-prepared and unready Europe is for the Russian behemoth.

Their armies are being lined up for the slaughter against the borders of Ukraine and Belarus.


It has no draft and hardly any forces...the Russians will sweep through that place and hit the NATO forces on the border (unless NATO is stupid enough to advance into the Ukraine themselves...which will make their demise even more complete).


Belarus is a virtual client state of Russia - servile lap dog of Putin. They are more likely to sweep the highways, wave the Russian forces thorugh and then join them in attacking the Europeans on the Polish border.


Poland is a member of NATO.

But one might ask why?

NATO has no support infrastructure in Poland!

No supply depots.

No airfields.

No fortifications.

No military bases.

The NATO forces in Poland are overstretched, with their supply lines going clear to Western Germany.

Poland is a flat plain, with no where to hide!

What a nice place to DIE!

And Russia?

Russia is secretly still ARMED TO THE TEETH!

Those 60,000 tanks are still there!

Those 50,000 armored personnel carriers are still there!

Those 70,000 pieces of artillery are still there!

When the time comes, all that stuff is going to enter Europe....

and turn the NATO armies into piles of corpses and burning wrecks

And when that happens, the Communist European leadership will bend over backwards to SURRENDER UNCONDITIONALLY.

Now do you understand why Britain is leaving the European Union?

Britain is leaving because the European Union is doomed to total defeat and occupation by the Russians.

And this is likely to happen in the very near (rather than distant) future.

Putin has already warned WAR is about to break out... the Europeans and Americans behave like this was still 1995.

But there is no helping these fools on the Titanic.

Europe is doomed.

It will be the first to be absorbed into the COMMUNIST New World Order.

And Britain is leaving because it won't have anything to do with this mess...

...preferring instead to watch Sodom and Gomorrah burn from a distance...

...and become a nuclear-armed Switzerland in the new order of things.


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