Saturday, July 18, 2015

F-35 Fighter Designed by Communists!?

A recent introduction into the West's arsenal has been the F-35 fighter bomber.

Each F-35 Fighter bomber costs $116 MILLION.

NATO is now buying this weapon en masse and making it the main front line fighter of the West.

Somehow, the price tag is said to justify the almost magical capabilities of this weapon which rode on the coattails of the F-22 Stealth Fighter (now canceled), insinuating that it was a more affordable yet just as capable mini-F-22 (which cost $400 million per aircraft!)

And that is where all the vagueness began.

At the beginning it was said the F-35 was a 'stealth' fighter, just like the F-22. With time (and after the contract had been signed) it was admitted the F-35 was only "semi-stealthy."

The BIG sell on the F-35 was its electronics suite...whose description could not be publicly disclosed for reasons of 'national security.'

That's right. They were telling us "believe me folks, we have a slam dunk weapon here, but its so powerful and so capable, we are keeping it a secret and don't feel safe telling you exactly what it does...but BELIEVE ME, this thing is a game changer!"

As specs started emerging, it turned out the F-35 had the same gun and the same missiles as the F-16. The only difference was the missiles were stored inside the fighter.

Then it turned out, that the F-35's vertical take off capability could not actually happen with a bomb load, only light missiles.

(Alright, there goes the bomber out of fighter bomber)

The F-35 crowd quickly responded with more vague remarks about the F-35's capability. It seemed that the "electronics" were THE weapon system's capability. That's right, the electronics were so incredible that they alone could destroy the enemy!

But just what were these amazing electronics anyway?

The F-35's minuscule nose betrays the fact that it has no long range radar - in other words, it depends on satellite, AWACS and surface radar to locate the enemy at long range, in other words, it flies blind, depending on outside sources to guide it into firing range.

The F-35 crowd was finally forced to admit SOMETHING about the miracle secret electronics the F-35 was supposed to have.

The entire 'skin' of the fighter was full of sensors, which supposedly could sense the enemy in all directions (at what range was not defined).

The pilot had a special helmet which would allow the pilot to see it all directions and aim the weapons in all directions.

The F-35 had jammers which could jam all enemy weapon systems and radar systems. The first problem with this is that jamming would give away the F-35's location. The second issue  was there was no apparent jamming hardware anywhere on the fighter.

A damper was (literally) thrown on the  'miracle electronics' when it was discovered the F-35 could not fly in the rain and needed special hangars from which to operate.

Furthermore the F-35 being heavier (yet smaller) than an F-15 yet carrying only one engine, it is an overweight and underpowered aircraft.

Experienced Air Force pilots who have flown against the F-35 in exercises say it is a '"sitting duck" and cannot maneuver if its life depended on it (which it does)..and that's not all...they further stated, "it can't turn, it can't climb and it can't run!"

Well, what the heck can it do then?

At $116 million, it is FOLLY to call such an aircraft a 'fighter-bomber' and risk sending it against massed anti-aircraft fire at low or medium level to bomb troops on the ground! What were they thinking?

And in its initial deployment phase, the F-35 is beginning to exhibit so many problems, that it is still considered only semi-deployed, not really deployed or even operational!

Here are some of the problems it still has:

     -the engine needs to be frequently maintained and even replaced after only a few hours of flight time.

     -it cannot carry out attacks at weird angles or under extreme g-forces.

     -its software is unreliable...and probably hackable (!!!)

    -it cannot be left out in the sun for too long

    -it malfunctions if its fuel is above medium temperature

 All this adds up to America having spent $1.5 trillion on a LEMON!!!

Who designed this jet anyway, the Communists?

Oh...I forgot...left the biggest surprise for the very end.

Do you know who designed the F-35's vertical take off and landing system?

Wanna take a guess?

Would you believe...

...the RUSSIANS?


For some reason Lockheed Martin saw fit to let the RUSSIANS design the F-35's entire vertical take off and landing system by way of the Russian Yakolev corporation!

So yes, the RUSSIANS did help build this turkey! 

Now are you still surprised why its a failure?

And I am sure there are some other hidden picadillos relating to F-35 China, for instance.

  But I am still very curious.

WHY IN THE WORLD would you outsource the design of an ultra-secret national security RUSSIA?

You know, every time I look into the fact of just how 'lost' and 'done' we are, and how its 'all over' for us, I get surprised at just how lost done and over it really is for us.

Before, when a country started out with turkeys, like we did in WW-II, with the F2A and the P-39, it was possible to design, build and deploy better models (like the F4U and P-51) to get the job done.

Today, with the complexity of modern technology, design, testing, manufacture and deployment during war becomes virtually IMPOSSIBLE.

This means the F-35 turkey is OUR one and only fighter for the upcoming WW-III.

This is it folks!

This is what our air superiority during WW-III will depend on.

One more piece of evidence that WW-III is a war we have been designed to lose.

$1.5 trillion for a piece of hardware that cannot fight to the exclusion of any other design for the Air Force, Navy and Marines - they're all dependent on it!

What more proof do we need that America is being betrayed into losing WW-III?


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Antidote to Communism: A Christian Crusade

The second half of this blog entry will make no sense if you are not aware of ONE thing:

We are being taken over by Communism.

Unfortunately, human awareness seems to be at such a low ebb that it would not recognize Communism if it bit them in the face.

Unfortunately I cannot dive right into the topic of 'Christian Crusade' without a sizable review of the situation - the plan by Communism to CRUSH us.

While people are running scared from the Muslims...the Bildebergers...the Illuminati...the reptilians...etc...the Communist trap is closing.

Communism occupies only a small part of human consciousness....and is the farthest thing from the mind of everyday Americans.

There is a reason for this.

 In 1984, Anatoliy Golitsyn, a Soviet defector, exposed the (until then) secret Communist plan to PRETEND to get rid of Communism and replace it with a phony capitalistic democracy.

He wrote about this in his book "New Lies for Old."

Golitsyn said the purpose behind this operation was to end arms race and lower the guard of the Western World.
In 1991 it all began to come true.

The Soviet Union collapsed under the 'moderate' and 'reasonable' Gorbachev and soon became a full blown capitalist democracy under Yeltsin.

The world began to relax.

By the year 2000, COMMUNIST China, now supposedly a free market capitalist society was given permanent Most Favored Nation (no tariffs) status by Clinton.

2001 gave us the total distraction of 9/11 and the  War on Terror.

As 'terrorism' became the new obsession of the West, the nations began to DISARM.

Europe ended conscription and reduced its armies.

The US (which had already ended conscription in 1973) began reducing its forces.

I was there in the early 1990's as the US Army was basically gutted and purged by the Clinton Administration...experienced personnel equipment junked...entire formations demolished. Hey, the Cold War's over, we don't need all this! Rejoice, Rejoice!

Meanwhile China launched into the latter stages of full capitalism, gaining 'Most Favored Nation' status in 1996...and beginning the outright de-industrialization of the United States.

See the trap?

See the way we're going?

Guess what.

Russia never ended conscription.

Russia accelerated research and production of new weapons.

Russia INCREASED spy operations in Europe and the US.

China is arming to the teeth (much of it off record) and it is training its youth militarily in the HIGH SCHOOLS as part of the curriculum.

As a result, China and Russia have their populations trained for war...while the West has its populations trained in respecting transexuals.

Care to take a guess where this is going?


Communism MURDERED 100 million human beings in the last century,

How much do you think it will murder in this one, if given the chance?

Communism is the NUMBER ONE murder institution in human history.

More blood is in the hands of Communism than the Roman Empire, the Mongols and all the tyrants of history combined!

Communism is now waiting to make its comeback....and win.

And once it wins....and it is in control will start MURDERING!

Ok...history lesson over.

Let' do a reality check in the present, shall we?

The entire continent of America south of Mexico has gone Marxist.

Can you get that through your head?

Yes...Marxist...and in full allegiance with Russia and China....against the United States.

Ergo the shocking present of Bolivian president Evo Morales to the Pope upon the pontiff's vist to Bolivia.

Would you believe it?


Get it?

Christianity will be immolated upon the Hammer and Sickle!

His Holiness, apparently caught by surprise, hemmed and hawed, mumbled something and then...finally ACCEPTED the blasphemous image with a smile!!!

 Oh how the Devil is laughing!

The Pope, of course, is a shill, a Jesuit and a Communist. following the dictates of the Illuminati, like all shills do: hemming...hawing...looking unsure...and finally going along!!!

This is total blasphemy and a giant flare signal to the Communists:

"Fellow Communists, the immolation of Christianity begins NOW!!!!"

Do I have to go into another history lesson of how the Communists have historically hunted down and killed Christians?

How they have desecrated and demolished Churches?

How they have forced Christians at gunpoint to carrry out blasphemous sexual acts before KILLING them?

You see, Christians and Christianity occupy a very special place in the Communist mind.

They want to exterminate Christians and the worse possible manner.

In other words, if you are a Christian under Communism, fully expect to be tortured and murdered...or worse.

I can go into what Communists do to Christians before they kill them, but I won't (I believe I have insinuated enough). Let me just say that a film realistically depicting the desecration and murder of Christians would carry a triple-x rating.

So, uh Christians...if you don't resist're DEAD.

Why do you think the so-called US Government (now actually a front taken over by Communists) has labeled Christians "latent domestic terrorists."

The label gives away what's coming doesn't it?

What does the US Government do with terrorists?

Does it regularly TORTURE them to DEATH?

You BET it does.

Now that Christians have begun carrying the label....

...what pray tell do you think it will do to them?

Now that the history lesson is over...I can finally begin the main part of my blog, which deals with the concept of  Christian Crusade.

The mortal enemy of Communism is the religious Crusade.

Because Communism (in its satanic arrogance) has decided to persecute, degrade, demolish and destroy all religion, it has made religion an especially reactionary enemy.

Communism and religion are akin to Christ and Anti-Christ.

They are polar opposites and can never co-exist.

The Communist do this because they seem aware of something most Christians are unaware:

  Belief in God is powerful!

Any country or people  held together by the power of Christianity will NEVER fall to Communism...and they know it.

Furthermore, any movement, whether political, social or otherwise with Christianity as a bulwark is the death knell of Communism.

They know it.

On the other hand, the history books seem to have covered it up for the rest of us.

We have all heard of the zeal and dedication of the Muslims.

As a dedicated religion, the Muslims ARE a bulwark against Communism.

The Communists tried to suppress and destroy Islam in Afghanistan. Islam DESTROYED the Communists in the 1980's.

The Western-controlled government of Turkey has been  using its minions to try to demolish Islam in that country for over 100 years. Instead it has become MORE Muslim and more reactionary.

The West has seen no solution to the problem other than infiltrate Islam with their shills (like the Saudi Wahabis, Isis and the Iranian Ayatollahs).

Islam is a force to be reckoned with.

  Islam has its morality in common with Christianity and they, along with Christianity, are natural allies AGAINST the New World Order.

This is why they are setting Muslim and Christian up to hate, fight and kill each other.

The can't possibly allow Islam and Christianity to come together against the Illuminati - that would mean the end of their New World Order of the Ages.

Islam and Christianity are natural allies and common ENEMIES of the New World Order.

This is why they are doing everything possible (even starting a phony 'War on Terror') to strive and get them at each other's throats - that's right: 'divide and conquer.'

They have already given up trying to crush Islam. Instead, they are now trying desperately to control it by infiltrating their agents masquerading as dedicated Muslims.

Christianity, on the other hand, is on the decline.

Christians have surrendered the right to meet and preach FREELY in their own homes.

Christian Pastors themselves have given up its RIGHT to preach complete Christianity in exchange for tax-free status (the Christian pulpit was NEVER taxed before this).

Now Christianity is surrendering the right of its preachers to speak openly against the Biblically condemned practices of sodomy and abortion.

And those legs seem to have been taken away when the Federal Government (an atheistic institution which does not allow Christianity) began to SUCCESSFULLY recruit pastors into its 'Clergy Response Teams' (paid Federal agent snitches).f

These recruiters should have been turned away, and all the congregations and pastors warned about what the government was doing.

Instead we got dead silence as these faux 'men of god' marched in lock-step with the Devil.

Who is NOT on the Clergy Response Team nowadays?

Very few.

With Communisms inbred hatred of Christianity, the Communists are now licking their chops.

After all, how fallen is a religion whose own leaders have SOLD themselves to the Government, and are ready to act as agent facilitators for the ARREST and SLAUGHTER of their own followers?

Fallen indeed.

The Communist see a lame lamb, and they, who see themselves as wolves know exactly what they are going to do with the lamb.

They are going to tear it to pieces...raw!

But that is not the whole story.

Christianity has a history...of faith...of resistance...of resilience...and persistence.

The enemy does not want you to know this - the zeal and dedication of Christians has been swept under under the rug when it comes to resistance.


Jesus did not converse or reason with the Money Lenders....he demolished them!

Likewise, throughout history, Christianity has acted (and continues to act) as a bulwark against totalitarianism.

When the Romans tried to destroy Christianity...Christians only increased its numbers...with the result that Christianity overwhelmed the Roman Empire.

Christianity went on to conquer through faith and otherwise all of Pagan Europe, from Scotland to Siberia.

The American Revolution was not only started, but expanded and realized on a CHRISTIAN basis from the pulpit, as American preachers condemned the practices of the King of England in regards to God-given natural rights.

All that would have had to happen for the Communists to have been exterminated in 1919 would have been for the Russian Orthodox Bishops and Princes to have declared a HOLY CRUSADE against the Bolsheviks.

The Russian population would have responded with such numbers and such fury that the Bolsheviks would have been sent packing in months.

Instead, no such declaration was made, the Russians put their faith with the ready-made shill opponents of the Bolsheviks, such as the Anarchists (still with us) and the Whites.

The Christian Armenians were massacred by the non-religious atheistic (emphasis added) Turkish government in 1915. It sparked an armed resistance that has not only not yet ended, but has forced Turkey (out of exasperation) to toy with the idea of invading both Syria and Iraq to wipe them out!

The Christian Kurds of northern Iraq have not only resisted the lay (emphasis added) government of Iraq, but have supported their fellow Christian Armenians in centuries old war for their sovereignty and their respect. Today the Kurds are defending what amounts to their own nation in Iraq and are the most effective opponents of Isis.

The Mexican Government, with a long history of concealed Marxism, tried in 1926, to shut down the Catholic Church, killing several clergy and bishops in the process.

The Christian reaction, known as the Cristero War, was unprecedented.

The Mexican Christians rose up in such numbers and with such fervor that they not only defeated the government forces, but began spreading the rebellion to the four corners of Mexico.

The Mexican Government saw no other alternative than to rescind and remove anti-Catholic laws, make peace with the outraged Christians before the rebellion engulfed all of Mexico.

In 2012, Andy Garcia, a Cuban-born actor who was expelled as a child from Cuba by Communists was proud to play the lead in the movie "For Greater Glory" which detailed Christian resistance against the barbarities of the Marxist-led Mexican government.

You want to see what a Christian rebellion looks like?

Look at this:

The Serbs have always been strong in their Christian Orthodox faith. The Orthodox church resisted to the death the invasion of Serbia by the Turks in the 1500's, resisted the Nazi occupation and it grew under the Communist suppression of Marshal Tito. Strong Christian faith was again present when all NATO could through against the Serbs in the 1999 Kossovo War amounted to nothing. People forget that what makes the Serbs such redoubtable fighters is their Orthodox Christian faith.

The Catholic Church itself has been a bastion of granting refuge to ANYONE being persecuted by their government.

In the Third World, while many pastors turned away the persecuted who were seeking asylum from murderous government forces, Catholic Priests and the 'Church' opened the door  for ANYONE asking for refuge. Catholic priests were frequently shown to be fearless when confronting government abuse, and many paid for it with their lives. Nothing is said of this as all you hear now from the establishment media is that Catholic Priests are nothing but a bunch of child molesters.

Some of the bravest men on the battlefield have been the Army chaplains, whether Catholic or Protestant.

Establishment history tries HARD to conceal that the successful Taiping Rebellion of 1850-1864 in China was a CHRISTIAN rebellion against a corrupt and immoral Western-led government which which pushed opium on the people in order to keep them docile and drugged out of their minds.

What happened?

The Christian Chinese declared a religious CRUSADE against what amounted a government of the DEVIL.

Whether historically noted or not, Christianity was a bulwark of the American Revolution.

You can still see our Christian foundation expressed when you see 'In God We Trust' printed in our money...when people swear on the Bible before our Courts...when you swear before God when being inducted into our armed forces, police forces or government offices...including that of President of the United States.

It's called 'our Puritan ethic' by those wanting to belittle it.

The Civil War had a strong religious tone having to do with American Christians wanting to liberate the predominantly CHRISTIAN slaves.

ALL our wars have had a strong Christian basis, whether it was liberating Christians from under Spanish tyranny, Europeans from the Kaiser's gauntlet or from the Nazi jackboot.

Our wars only began to fail when we became detached and aloof from any Christian or moral obligation or approach to the we did in Korea and Vietnam.

Which is strange because nothing lends itself more to a Christian Crusade than COMMUNISM.

The Czar (or, after his assassination, the Archbishop of Russia) could have destroyed the Communists by declaring a Christian Crusade against them. And given the barbarity that the Communists would go on to do, this would have been a totally JUSTIFIED declaration of war.

Crusades are declared only against manifestations of the Devil on Earth.

The Devil is misleading us into declaring one against Islam - another  God-believing religions.

Another smaller factions wants a Crusade against Catholics.

They all ignore the true Satanic manifestation on Earth - Communism - which is a total Anti-God system, seeking the annihilation of all religion, the enforcement of Atheism and the replacement of worship of God with worship of Government.

THIS is the true object of ANY Crusade, NOT other religions.

And Communism is coming back.

Witness the gift of MARXIST Bolivia to the Marxist Pope (and his acceptance of this blasphemous gift).

The MARXISTS are in control of the majority of Latin American nations.

The MARXISTS are in control of a majority of the African nations.

The MARXISTS are in control of the European Union.

Secret MARXISTS are in control of Russia and China.

And finally...

...the MARXISTS are in control on the upper levels of OUR OWN GOVERNMENT.

Look around you....

...Christians have been declared prospective terrorists....

...People who mention the Constitution have been declared prospective terrorists...

...Christian home schoolers have been declared criminals and prospective terrorists, and their children confiscated by the state...

...Patriots are condemnend as terrorists...

...the American people have been declared enemy combatants (see NDAA 2012)...

...Texas and Utah have been declared HOSTILE TERRITORIES (see Jade Helm)...

...the Police and Army are taught to treat Christians and Patriots as terrorists....


Stop denying the plain truth!

The COMMUNISTS have declared war on us.

People forget that it was PRAYING CHRISTIANS who were present at the Bundy Ranch confrontation...and who faced down a Satanic Government bent on destroying their ranch lands.

The media ignores the fact that most all militias now sprouting across the country are CHRISTIAN based.

Stop believing the Satanically inspired tripe which seeks to divide Mormon against Catholic against Christian against Muslim...

....we are all in this together!!!

We all believe in God!!!

The Satanic New World Order seeks the annihilation of ALL religion and the destruction of all belief in God.

THEY are the enemy.

And enemy that is now amongst us and preparing to move against us in the most horrid way possible.

If and when they do move against us, it will be a God-inspired CRUSADE that they will uncover, not only from the Christians, but from the Mormons and Catholics and Muslims...

...the attempt to belief in God will end in utter and total failure and total disaster for the New World Order.

And it will have never been more deserved.

The New World Order has declared war on religion and on God, and as such, it deserves to be removed with all the fervor of a religious crusade.

Death to the New World Order.

Praise and Glory to the one and eternal God.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Obama: We Now Have A Dictator

Yesterday, July 2, 2015 it hit me.

We are  now under a dictator.

Getting 'hit' is an experience.

It is a heavy emotional, visceral, psychological rotten experience.

I can only compare it to finding out a spouse is no longer faithful, or your family conspiring against you...perhaps even to kill you.

We are under a dictatorship.

The complete psychological, physical, mental, and political realization hit me.

When something 'hits' you, it seems to have a texture, a smell, a feeling en emotion all wrapped into one.

We are living under a dictatorship.

You will forgive me if I seem to have felt this somewhat late in the game, but let me explain.

I had always accepted the mathematical and philosophical notion that we were not really a democracy.

The elections were fixed, our representatives were bought, our process controlled...but I never FELT that I was under the dictates of ONE MAN.

Now I do.  

I feel it, I smell it, I see it...and it is a dreadful thing.

Yes, we saw the Patriot Act,  NDAA 2012...FEMA Camps... checkpoints and Jade Helm...but have never seen the mere PROCLAMATIONS of a Caesar become law.

Now we have.

My God, now we have.

Let me explain.

I've had the opportunity to savor living under two dictatorships in the Third World.

I know the feeling,

And you know what....the feeling...the exact same feeling hit me yesterday.

The same cheap, dirty, hard, iron feeling I had experienced under Third World dictatorships hit me...HERE in my own country - the United States of America.

How can else I describe this feeling to you? 

There is a dread in the air.

People try to go about their daily lives, trying to ignore their plight.

The police are feared, heavily armed and brutal. They wear helmets and carry fully automatic submachine guns.

Some of them are very young, but all have that hungry wolf stare of someone just waiting to do bodily harm to you.

'Arrest' and 'prison' are four letter words.

You don't want to be arrested or imprisoned under any circumstances...because you don't know if you'll ever be seen again.

You ESPECIALLY don't want to be arrested over anything political...because your chances of appearing again just got cut by half. 

There are spies amongst the people - many of them - who report what you say to the government.

If you say the wrong thing, the police show up at your door in the middle of the night.

The people are afraid (though they try their best to feign they are not).

Every conversation is totally normal until certain topics emerge...then everyone' face becomes afraid and tones become hushed...and your are quietly advised to change the subject.

People 'disappear' and you don't talk openly about the people who have disappeared except in hushed tones to friends you thoroughly trust...and you keep the mention short.

There are places you don't go near.

There are places in the city that if you must pass, you pass quickly, without looking...buildings within which people are tortured and killed.

There are checkpoints at unpredictable places and unpredictable come across these checkpoints (especially at night) is a fearful and uncertain experienc.

Guns are forbidden...the possession of a semi-automatic rifle is a death sentence.

A wrong word, a wrong shirt, a wrong sticker, a wrong book...can get you arrested.

The face of the dictator is everywhere...on posters in walls, along the highway, on TV.

The TV is always gloating of what good thing the dictator has done 'for the people' lately.

He is shown cutting the ribbons to a school, a water plant, a bridge...

....the dictatorship is always doing something for the people...and they are always thanking him publicly for doing it.

And this is what I felt yesterday as I watched the TV proclaim our lord and savior Barack Hussein had 'ruled' an expansion as to who would receive overtime.

He just ruled it. 

He said it.

He proclaimed it.

He wished it...for the people.

And the TV was celebrating it... complete with fawning host, insinuating how our great leader had struck another blow for the good of the people.

And it did not end there.

The following day, it was reported the President was ruling through a series of secret executive orders and secret 'directives' called Presidential Policy Directives (PDDs), and Presidential Policy Guidances PPGs)...many of them kept from Congress and the people!

In other words, the man is ruling this country through SECRET DICTATES.

The decisions HE makes on behalf of the country are no longer your business!

(read about the PPDs below)

It was all so familiar.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

We are now a dictatorship.

One country...under one man...governed by his dictates and proclamations...which are celebrated by HIS media.

No challenges from Congress, no challenges from the courts, no challenges from the people, no challenges from the media.

I looked around and I saw...concentration camps...police in helmets armed with sub machine guns, checkpoints, armored vehicles....the dictator on TV everyday shown benefiting the people.

Oh my God, it was here.

And the most sickening part...the most heart wrenching part... were the faces of the American people...those same forced smiles...that same attempt at forced normality...the same hushed tones.

The American people KNOW. 

They KNOW we have a dictatorship.

But they are trying desperately to pretend they are still living in 1995.

One more nation in this world is again under a 'dictator of the people' reigning on behalf of a nebulous impoverished yet supposedly supportive lower class majority.

People are now afraid to express their political beliefs.

Expressing them now could make you a 'terrorist.'

Did you hear the government proclaim preppers, home schoolers, tea partiers and conspiracy theorists prospective terrorists?

You either get with the program or you are part of the problem.

July 2, 2015 was a threshold for me.

The facade fell off the stage and reavealed the brick wall.

We are there.

We are at the feet of a dictatorship.

We are no longer a democracy.

The America of our Founding Fathers is gone. 

We are like a Banana Republic.

Americans are like the meek ignorant  minions of the Third World.

It is so hard to believe...and so horribly painful.