Saturday, July 18, 2015

F-35 Fighter Designed by Communists!?

A recent introduction into the West's arsenal has been the F-35 fighter bomber.

Each F-35 Fighter bomber costs $116 MILLION.

NATO is now buying this weapon en masse and making it the main front line fighter of the West.

Somehow, the price tag is said to justify the almost magical capabilities of this weapon which rode on the coattails of the F-22 Stealth Fighter (now canceled), insinuating that it was a more affordable yet just as capable mini-F-22 (which cost $400 million per aircraft!)

And that is where all the vagueness began.

At the beginning it was said the F-35 was a 'stealth' fighter, just like the F-22. With time (and after the contract had been signed) it was admitted the F-35 was only "semi-stealthy."

The BIG sell on the F-35 was its electronics suite...whose description could not be publicly disclosed for reasons of 'national security.'

That's right. They were telling us "believe me folks, we have a slam dunk weapon here, but its so powerful and so capable, we are keeping it a secret and don't feel safe telling you exactly what it does...but BELIEVE ME, this thing is a game changer!"

As specs started emerging, it turned out the F-35 had the same gun and the same missiles as the F-16. The only difference was the missiles were stored inside the fighter.

Then it turned out, that the F-35's vertical take off capability could not actually happen with a bomb load, only light missiles.

(Alright, there goes the bomber out of fighter bomber)

The F-35 crowd quickly responded with more vague remarks about the F-35's capability. It seemed that the "electronics" were THE weapon system's capability. That's right, the electronics were so incredible that they alone could destroy the enemy!

But just what were these amazing electronics anyway?

The F-35's minuscule nose betrays the fact that it has no long range radar - in other words, it depends on satellite, AWACS and surface radar to locate the enemy at long range, in other words, it flies blind, depending on outside sources to guide it into firing range.

The F-35 crowd was finally forced to admit SOMETHING about the miracle secret electronics the F-35 was supposed to have.

The entire 'skin' of the fighter was full of sensors, which supposedly could sense the enemy in all directions (at what range was not defined).

The pilot had a special helmet which would allow the pilot to see it all directions and aim the weapons in all directions.

The F-35 had jammers which could jam all enemy weapon systems and radar systems. The first problem with this is that jamming would give away the F-35's location. The second issue  was there was no apparent jamming hardware anywhere on the fighter.

A damper was (literally) thrown on the  'miracle electronics' when it was discovered the F-35 could not fly in the rain and needed special hangars from which to operate.

Furthermore the F-35 being heavier (yet smaller) than an F-15 yet carrying only one engine, it is an overweight and underpowered aircraft.

Experienced Air Force pilots who have flown against the F-35 in exercises say it is a '"sitting duck" and cannot maneuver if its life depended on it (which it does)..and that's not all...they further stated, "it can't turn, it can't climb and it can't run!"

Well, what the heck can it do then?

At $116 million, it is FOLLY to call such an aircraft a 'fighter-bomber' and risk sending it against massed anti-aircraft fire at low or medium level to bomb troops on the ground! What were they thinking?

And in its initial deployment phase, the F-35 is beginning to exhibit so many problems, that it is still considered only semi-deployed, not really deployed or even operational!

Here are some of the problems it still has:

     -the engine needs to be frequently maintained and even replaced after only a few hours of flight time.

     -it cannot carry out attacks at weird angles or under extreme g-forces.

     -its software is unreliable...and probably hackable (!!!)

    -it cannot be left out in the sun for too long

    -it malfunctions if its fuel is above medium temperature

 All this adds up to America having spent $1.5 trillion on a LEMON!!!

Who designed this jet anyway, the Communists?

Oh...I forgot...left the biggest surprise for the very end.

Do you know who designed the F-35's vertical take off and landing system?

Wanna take a guess?

Would you believe...

...the RUSSIANS?


For some reason Lockheed Martin saw fit to let the RUSSIANS design the F-35's entire vertical take off and landing system by way of the Russian Yakolev corporation!

So yes, the RUSSIANS did help build this turkey! 

Now are you still surprised why its a failure?

And I am sure there are some other hidden picadillos relating to F-35 China, for instance.

  But I am still very curious.

WHY IN THE WORLD would you outsource the design of an ultra-secret national security RUSSIA?

You know, every time I look into the fact of just how 'lost' and 'done' we are, and how its 'all over' for us, I get surprised at just how lost done and over it really is for us.

Before, when a country started out with turkeys, like we did in WW-II, with the F2A and the P-39, it was possible to design, build and deploy better models (like the F4U and P-51) to get the job done.

Today, with the complexity of modern technology, design, testing, manufacture and deployment during war becomes virtually IMPOSSIBLE.

This means the F-35 turkey is OUR one and only fighter for the upcoming WW-III.

This is it folks!

This is what our air superiority during WW-III will depend on.

One more piece of evidence that WW-III is a war we have been designed to lose.

$1.5 trillion for a piece of hardware that cannot fight to the exclusion of any other design for the Air Force, Navy and Marines - they're all dependent on it!

What more proof do we need that America is being betrayed into losing WW-III?


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