Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fukushima: False Flag Terrorist Operation

Fukushima was (is) one of the most unexpected events of the 21st Century.

It is also one of the strangest.

And the strange facts related to it are legion.

To begin with, a Tsunami of majestic proportions caught the most tsunami-prepared nation in the world completely by surprise.

No advance warning.

No alarm.

No sudden evacuation.

The waters just welled up and overwhelmed a clueless population.

That was strange.

It was strange because Japan has the most modern and comprehensive tsunami warning system in the world.

The second strange fact consisted of there not seeming to be any undersea earthquake worthy of the name to trigger the tsunami in the first place.

(The Japanese seem to have stumbled upon a new phenomenon: tsunami's triggered by something other than undersea earthquakes.)

The third strange fact is Fukushima.

It seems the welling waters of the tsunami not only jumped Fukushima's Dai Ichi Nuclear Power Plant's protective sea walls, but flooded its reserve back up generators as well.

This led to the famous resulting meltdown and the radioactive situation we are in today.

But before proceeding, let me state the already obvious: Fukushima was a 'managed event, like 9/11 and the Oklahoma City.

By 'managed' I mean the facts behind the event have been manipulated by the media to such an extent that we not only know very little about the truth, but ignore crucial and important facts about the event.

Events that cannot be explained or are too controversial to explain are simply ignored by the media...completely.

These types of crucial ignored events are the proverbial 'elephants in the room.'

No Major Earthquake

There was no earthquake of the intensity necessary to trigger the tsunamis that hit Japan.
There was indeed a small earthquake...the equivalent of a major tremor.

The earthquake that affected dry land (and the sea) was mild.

If the undersea epicenter of the supposed 9.0 intensity earthquake which occurred on 3-11-11 was forty miles off the city of Sendai, then Sendai would have felt at least a 7.0 intensity quake.

The great earthquake of Kobe (1995) was a 7.0.

Whatever happened at Sendai was NOT a 7.0.

No broken windows, no downed power poles, no collapsing cottages. In fact, not much of anything except the surprise and alarm you would expect from a mild tremor.

In effect, what is seen in all the video footage is a mild tremor, of the type know to occur periodically in Japan, NOT a 7.0, 8.0 or 9.0 intensity earthquake.

You can see the tsunami waves wash over an intact city – no fires, no cracks...not even a broken window (compare this with pictures of the Kobe 7.0 earthquake)

So if a 9.0 intensity earthquake acutally happened 40 miles off the coast of Japan (as asserted) the tsunamis would have been washing over a city basically on fire and in ruins, struck down by the biggest quake in its modern history!


Question #1 : how could a 9.0 intensity quake whose epicenter is 40 miles away feel like a 3.0 tremor in the coastal city of Sentai?

Strange Fact #2: NO STEAM CLOUD

Like everyone else, the explosion of Fukushima Dai Ichi's reactors got my attention!


Not once, not twice, but three times.

The event of a nuclear reactor exploding is a major event.

Not just an alarming event, or an emergency, but a RUN-FOR-YOUR-LIVES-EVERYONE-FOR -THEMSELVES Event!

But like many false flag operations, the result was suspect.

Nuclear reactors run on steam.

An explosion is caused by there not being enough water to keep the reactors cooled, followed by the development of super-heated steam.

(a nuclear reactor is itself basically a glorified steam engine)

So where was the steam cloud?

The Chernobyl disaster set off a gigantic steam cloud, announcing to everyone within 40 miles a major disaster had occurred.

No such thing at Fukushima.

The explosions there resembled those set off by standard explosives, and in fact, were rather small and disappointing as far as steam driven nuclear plant explosions were concerned.

Again, where was the gigantic steam cloud that such an event would have produced?


As you can imagine by simply referring to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster

An exploding reactor is a MAJOR EVENT.

It basically requires the surrounding population to run for their lives immediately (and even then it is probably too late to save them).

The Chernobyl disaster required that 1660 square miles be evacuated IMMEDIATELY.

With Fukushima, the government's requirement was only 180 square miles.

So my question is this: If the reactor(s) exploded, 1) where was the steam cloud and 2) why aren't most of the people within 100 square miles DEAD?

Horrible questions to ask, but necessary.

If Fukushima was an actual serial reactor explosion, your would have been looking at the rapid depopulation of a large part of the Japanese islands!

But no such thing ever developed.

The government just switched over to “everything is under control mode” and reassured everyone that things would start getting back to normal.

If the Fukushima reactors actually did explode catastrophically, the Japanese government would have had no choice but to declare a national emergency, complete with stacks of dead and dying.

So the lack of steam cloud, the lack of casualties and the government's laid back response to an obvious emergency of epic proportions continued to puzzle me...until I read what Jim Stone had to say.

Who is Jim Stone?

Jim Stone is former NSA analyst with expertise in nuclear power plants.

Being from the NSA alone qualifies Stone as suspicious, but the reactions to his revelations (along with the obvious Fukushima irregularities) give credence to him as being a legitimate whistle blower.

Jim Stone approached Henry Makow (amongst others) with his analysis of the Fukushima incident.

He mentioned the earthquake intensity (clearly seen in all related March 11 videos) was not even close to being the 9.0 monster that supposedly triggered the tsunamis.

Stone mentioned that Reactor-4, which exploded, was not only shut down...but had no nuclear fuel and had even had its protective dome removed!

Furthermore, the diesel fueled emergency generators were sealed underground in waterproof compartments which WERE NEVER FLOODED.

If that weren't enough, the diesel reactors were really just a back-up for the main emergency back up system...GENERATORS DRIVEN BY THE STEAM OF THE REACTORS THEMSELVES.

Fukushima DID, in fact, have a lot of safety redundancy, in other words, it was a well protected nuclear power plant.

Stone also supplied plenty of pictures from the site proving his assertions.

Amongst these assertions was the fact that an Israeli company called Magna BSP was recently hired to place security measures at the plant.

Magna is based in Dimona, Israel (as nuclear bomb producing faclility at Dimona, Israel).

Magna placed some security cameras housed in suspiciously large armored boxes at the location of the nuclear reactors.

Stone assserts these these boxes contained not cameras but mini-nukes.

All of Magna's security measures, undoubtedly included the insertion of Israel's famed 'Stuxnet' computer virus which had just got done messing up Iran's underground uranium refinement facilities.

Stuxnet, apparently, was now present at Fukushima.

The Magna Israeli team left on cue a week before the disaster – none were present at the time of the incident.

The bombs and the virus were left dormant until a red flag event could justify their deployment.

That event came by way of the March 11 earthquake.

All the irregularities of that quake have already been mentioned, especially the incapacity of a quake that small to create tsunamis.

Stone's reading of the sudden geologic spikes in or near the Japan Trench hints at a nuclear device having been implanted in the trench to cause the tremor (were these the nuclear devices stolen from Minot AFB via Barksdale AFB in 2007?).

But whatever the cause of the quake (nukes or HAARP), the March 11 tremor provided the excuse triggering the tsunamis and blowing up Fukushima.

Now, I must admit that even my imagination must be stretched a bit to conclude they can set off earthquakes with nukes in undersea trenches, but I am neither a nuclear nor tectonic expert.

Whatever the case may be, the events don't add up.

The underground diesel generators were never flooded, but were mysteriously disconnected from the grid, as were the steam-driven emergency generators.

Stuxnet at work.

No wonder the Japanese were baffled and at a loss to explain what had just happened.

In truth, the perfectly viable, workable and functioning Japanese generators had been incapacitated by Stuxnet.

The world's expert terrorists par excellence had struck again.

And Stuxnet is looking to be a specialized nuclear-sabotaging computer virus – a threat of the worse sort.

As Stone puts it (and provided photographic proof supporting it), Reactor 4 had been completely shut down and de-fueled and was having its steel shroud replaced – in other words, was completely inert – when it blew up.

Stone has no explanation for what happened to Reactor-3 – its not even there any more, and seems to have been completely disintegrated (again, was reactor 3 in the same condition of reactor-4? This would go far in explaining the absence of a steam cloud) a feat that could only be accomplished by a nuclear device.

The cherry on the cake was Jeff Rense's reaction to Henry Makow's featuring of Jim Stone's findings on his site (which was linked to Renses webpage).

Rense went ballistic.

He immediately deleted Makow's link from his site and told Makow he was permanently expelled.

He accused Makow of spreading histeria, disinformation and of collaborating with a government agent provocateur.

He followed this up with some personal comment denigrating Makow.

Can you spell h-i-s-t-e-r-i-a boys and girls?

How about p-a-n-i-c---m-o-d-e?

And Rense did definitely go into a form of hysterical panic mode over what amounted to just one more wild article at his site.

I mean, a site that features the undecipherable ramblings of the Dog Poet and explains that shape-shifting reptilians area about to launch WW-III can accommodate one more crazy article about Fukushima being a false flag operation, right?

Apparently not.

It was as if Jeff Rense had received a royal command from above to 'get that Makow guy out of your site yesterday!'

Even poor Jeffy Rense seemed unprepared and disheveled at his sudden order to drop-kick Henry Makow, coming up with lame excuses (if you can even call them that).

Rense's actions upon a fellow conspiracy researcher shocked the conspiracy community, and, to be honest, cost him a lot of points with his followers and degraded his standing.

What followed was an unfortunate mudslinging contest of private life factoids between Rense and Makow which ended up bringing them both down and in which (unfortunately) an embitterd Henry Makow chose to participate.

In my book, Rense's reaction to Makow's posting Fukushima expose exposed Jeff Rense as an Illuminati shill (and that's all the 'private' information I really care about).

Needless, to say, yes...

...Jim Stone is on the run, hiding and in fear of his life. You can't just expose a major NSA-Mossad operation like Fukushima and expect to be overlooked.

Jeff Rense's reaction indicates just how sensitive all this information is to the Mossad-NSA-CIA-Illuminati clique – it simplye does NOT have to get out.

But outed it has.

The follow up is even more fantastic (but unfortunately, not increible).

It seems the government of Japan has been threatened by the Israeli Mossad against declaring Fukushima to have been a terrorist strike by an outside power.

It seems they more more nukes in the Japan trench ready for more tsunamis (or worse).

Notice that the new Prime Minister of Japan is a hard core nationalist.

This is a definite reaction by the Japanese Zaibatsu against an outside threat.

The threat against the Japanese government seems far fetched until you recall our own President of the United States was 'threatened' after 9/11 with calls directly to Air Force One which apparently made clear all the presidential codes were in their hands.

The nature of these threats have never been made known to the American public.

But the cover-up of the 9/11 Mossad terrorist attack on the United States is well known.

In addition to this, the irregularities of Fukushima continue, especially when it comes to radiation.

The radiation levels in and around Fukushima are sub par for a nuclear catastrophe of the epic proportions Fukushima was said to have been (even the Fukushima 50 who were at the core of the catastrophe are still alive).

Radioactive fish and especially tuna has been showing up at alarming rates. Tuna is an open ocean deep sea going fish. No one has bothered to explain how a deep sea open ocean fish like tuna can become so highly radioactive from an atmospheric release of radiation. The detonation of a deep sea nuclear device would readily explain this.

The other forms of radiation poisoning attributed to Fukushima are even more disturbing.

Airline stewardesses are complaining off hair loss and other radiation symptoms.

Radioactive milk is making an appearance (the record for highest rate of radiation was set right here in Arizona , of all places).

Geiger counters are picking up radiation not just in the West Coast, but he Midwest and East.

Granted that all these and disparate and highly radioactive locations might be attributed to the eccentric flow pattern of the Jet Stream, there are still questions.

Why is the sodium fluoride (imported from China) which is used in our water supply now radioactive?

Why are traces of radiation being detected in our fertilizer?

Why have truckloads of radioactive dust been caught being imported from Mexico (under justifiable premises, of course).

Why are Geiger counters giving off readings in the most disparate areas?

All of this is attributed to Fukushima, but any thinking person will react with scepticism.

Fukushima, an incident that killed few if any people, is spreading radiation far and wide to the entire world?


Is that the truth or merely a cover-up for the deliberate poisoning of population centers through other means?
Is Fukushima being used as a cover for the radioactive poisoning of America and other parts of the world?

My advice: get yourself a good Geiger counter.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

FEMA Camp Processing

Picture it:

You just survived the bloody collapse of America – the Second Civil War, the food riots, the starvation, the crime waves, the rampaging militias.

Now the carcass that was once America is coming back together under the tender administration of the United Nations, whose troops patrol America's various emergency zones trying to create order out of chaos.

Things are coming back together.

You say to yourself: nothing lasts a hundred years...everything comes around and things get back to normal sooner or later.

And things do seem to be getting back to normal.

Food is becoming regularly available.

People are being put to work.

There are policemen back in street corners.

You ignore the fact that America is now run through a joint-UN-US concordat government and that Chinese, Russian and Latin American troops now patrol the streets under the UN banner.

Things are on the up and up, you figure. Just forget that fancy dream that was America. You are ready to forget the past and get on with the present.

What do I have to do? you ask the authorities, and they answer promptly.

Pretty soon, you get a job doing something somewhat less than what you were doing before, but it puts food on the table so you are content.

But things pretty soon start getting scary again.

A lot of people are being called up by the authorities and never coming back.

There are mysterious knocks at the door in the middle of the night. Family members (and sometimes entire families) are taken and never return.

Soon the rumor on the street is there is a full blown PURGE in the making.

Who is the target?

Well, its not clear, but it seems anybody with any sort of college education, ex-political leaders, teachers, armed forces, protesters, who knows.

It also seems special attention is being given to ex-conspiracy mongers and followers as well as so-called patriots.

People are perplexed as to how the authorities seem to know our entire history, your views and even your most intimate thoughts and vices.

It soon becomes obvious the Internet records of the entire American population has fallen into the hands of the UN occupiers and they are now using them to arrest people.

You huddle and work and try to go along with the developing nightmare hoping that somehow YOU will make it through.

You WERE one of those conspiracy followers. Always checking up on the latest news and leaving comments on whatever article sparked your interest.

But that was nothing, you tell yourself, just a hobby you did for fun in some past lifetime. 

But alas.

The knock at the door comes one dark evening.

Everyone has been disarmed a long time ago.

So you sheepishly open the door and are met by three men in trenchcoats, who ask you to come along with them.

They shove you into a van with a bunch of other people who are too scared to talk to you or to each other.

Soon, you are marched out of the van into what amounts to a gigantic concentration camp (one of the camps pre-built by FEMA).

And you are put in a large room where you hope everything will be cleared up and that your detention is just a temporary inconvenience, after all, what is the worse that could happen?

Isn't the worse over?

You huddle and you shiver with the other terrified, gutless, sheep-like masses in a large unheated room.

In time the door to the room is opened and names are called out.

You can't wait to get out of that crowded, stinking, filthy holding room.

The people who are called out leave eagerly. These are probably the people whose names have been cleared up and are being sent home.

You've got nothing to hide.

When they call your name, you make your way quickly to the door.

Click below to see what happens to you next.

And don't be surprised when it DOES happen to YOU.

The segment is from 'The Chekist,' a Russian film detailing the genocide of the middle class by the Marxist Socialist Bolsheviks.

The same program is being planned for America.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Secession & Civil War: An Illuminati Trap

All the talk of civil war and secession is a trap.

Civil war is an Iluminati program to herd us into the stable of the New World Order, and all the people who are crowing about it are the stooges of the system.

You can't suddenly secede from a system and an infrastructure you have been part and parcel of for the last 50 years, with full collaboration, like our states have been.

An actual American movement would have opposed Federal encroachment on states rights for the last five decades,

Instead what we get now is a sudden 'nullification' crisis.

The truth is the states have been unable to stand up the the power of the almighty fiat dollar which the Federal infrastructure prints with abandon.

All our states have whored themselves before the Federal altar in exchange for Federal fiat money.

This is why the states have instituted every single Federal program from omniscient street cameras to Federal control of state law enforcement to education and unconstitutional police state laws.

The truth is the states are corrupt and Freemasonic strongholds, just like the Federal Government is, and they see eye to eye on a lot of things. this civil war program, for instance.

And it IS a enslave America.

The condition of Civil War caused by the secession of any number of States will trigger a state of emergency across the board, both at the Federal and State level.

Let the gun confiscation begin!

No environment could be more apt for gun confiscation from the civilian population than a nation in a state of civil war.

The Feds will be going house to house confiscating weapons.

And the States will be going house to house confiscating rifles (for the 'cause').

A national emergency caused by civil war is the ONLY way gun confiscation can be effectively carried out in this country.

Under a general state of war and unrest, troops and militias WILL be used to confiscate the weapons of every single American with extreme prejudice.

Areas occupied by the Feds will by subject to arbitrary and total disarmament, no questions asked and no quarter given.

Federal troops have extensive training suppressing, disarming and killing civilian populations - they learned it par excellence in Iraq and Afghanistan...and they will use it on the American people.

In addition, don't count out a Federal Militia to fill in the gaps and help out in the disarmament of 100 million gun owners.

And please consider the conditions under which this disarmament will take place.

The country will be in a state of war. No quarter will be given to gun owners (and none should be expected).

Those who resist will be killed. Those who hide their guns (if discovered) will be taken away to concentration camps.

You want to see what America will look like, read up on the Yugoslavian Civil War.

What type of 'battles' will take place, I am not sure (and perhaps don't even care).

The mere condition of civil war and civil unrest will be used as an excuse to disarm the country - that is the main thing - not actual battles or conflict.

Confrontations may, in fact, be small and symbolic events to spice up the state of emergency the Federal Government will be declaring throughout the land.

What matters is that secession will give the Feds the mandate to disarm the entire country in the most brutal and fastest way possible.

Will the civil war actually go anywhere?

Well, let me put it this way: If California and Texas secede along with the South, then we have an actual fight on our hands.

If California stays within the Union and collaborates with the Feds (like she did in the first civil war) then forget it.

Drop (and hide) all your guns, say you're sorry and that it was all a big misunderstanding and get things back to normal.

Otherwise, it won't be much more than a glorified Alamo with Fed forces closing in from East and West on the hapless South (again).

But regardless of how it goes, America will have to deal with a second state-of-emergency producing factor: STARVATION.

That's right.

Please go to the internet and Google 'US farmland map' and you will see that the West and large parts of the South are totally unable to feed themselves.

The States depend on the breadbasket states of the Midwest (North Dakota down to Oklahoma and Minnesota down to Missouri) to EAT.

Things could have been different in a less centralized and specialized economy in which every state practiced self-sufficiency, but the hard reality is THE WEST, THE SOUTH AND THE EAST WILL STARVE IF DENIED ACCESS TO THE MIDWEST.

That's starvation with a capital 'S.'

The states are not set up to be agriculturally self sufficient and are totally dependent on the Midwest for its food.

The most horrid victim of this starvation will the the American Southwest, which grows next to nothing.

So starvation will be the second major factor which will require a national state of emergency and total control by the Federal Government.

Food for guns anyone? (line right up, folks)

So which way will it go?

It could simply be a short conflagration, followed by starvation and rapid suppression leading to the emergence of another 'reconstruction' (i.e. a military occupation) of the United States complete with concentration camps.

Or it could lead to a long drawn out war, with the states (especially if California joins) receiving military and financial aid from Russia and China as the country fights it out over the Midwest (and starves).

Neither scenario is pretty.

So I beg all the hot bloods to reconsider their call for secession and civil war.

Civil war is an Illuminati trick to justify the enslavement of America. 

Get it?

The people who are calling for it have been full-time collaborationists with the Federal Government and their collaboration in the 'secession and civil war' scenario proves just how loyal they continue to the Illuminati.

Let's not fall for this cheap trick.

We must continue to resist Federal encroachment upon our rights and liberties at the State, County, Municipal and home level.

If they want to provoke a series of Wacos along the way, this will only make them look like the illegitimate rotten thugs they really are in the eyes of America and the world - they will lose politically.

This is the way we must fight and resist, not through a contrived, Illuminati-manufactured condition in which we are starved and trampled into submission through a state of war.

Remember, to the Illuminati 'war is a revolutionary act' used to destroy societies so they can be rebuilt from the ground up.

For America to be rebuilt, America must be destroyed.

NO! to secession and war, YES! to full across the board opposition and resistance to unconstitutional Federal mandates.

God Be With Us!