Sunday, March 10, 2013

Secession & Civil War: An Illuminati Trap

All the talk of civil war and secession is a trap.

Civil war is an Iluminati program to herd us into the stable of the New World Order, and all the people who are crowing about it are the stooges of the system.

You can't suddenly secede from a system and an infrastructure you have been part and parcel of for the last 50 years, with full collaboration, like our states have been.

An actual American movement would have opposed Federal encroachment on states rights for the last five decades,

Instead what we get now is a sudden 'nullification' crisis.

The truth is the states have been unable to stand up the the power of the almighty fiat dollar which the Federal infrastructure prints with abandon.

All our states have whored themselves before the Federal altar in exchange for Federal fiat money.

This is why the states have instituted every single Federal program from omniscient street cameras to Federal control of state law enforcement to education and unconstitutional police state laws.

The truth is the states are corrupt and Freemasonic strongholds, just like the Federal Government is, and they see eye to eye on a lot of things. this civil war program, for instance.

And it IS a enslave America.

The condition of Civil War caused by the secession of any number of States will trigger a state of emergency across the board, both at the Federal and State level.

Let the gun confiscation begin!

No environment could be more apt for gun confiscation from the civilian population than a nation in a state of civil war.

The Feds will be going house to house confiscating weapons.

And the States will be going house to house confiscating rifles (for the 'cause').

A national emergency caused by civil war is the ONLY way gun confiscation can be effectively carried out in this country.

Under a general state of war and unrest, troops and militias WILL be used to confiscate the weapons of every single American with extreme prejudice.

Areas occupied by the Feds will by subject to arbitrary and total disarmament, no questions asked and no quarter given.

Federal troops have extensive training suppressing, disarming and killing civilian populations - they learned it par excellence in Iraq and Afghanistan...and they will use it on the American people.

In addition, don't count out a Federal Militia to fill in the gaps and help out in the disarmament of 100 million gun owners.

And please consider the conditions under which this disarmament will take place.

The country will be in a state of war. No quarter will be given to gun owners (and none should be expected).

Those who resist will be killed. Those who hide their guns (if discovered) will be taken away to concentration camps.

You want to see what America will look like, read up on the Yugoslavian Civil War.

What type of 'battles' will take place, I am not sure (and perhaps don't even care).

The mere condition of civil war and civil unrest will be used as an excuse to disarm the country - that is the main thing - not actual battles or conflict.

Confrontations may, in fact, be small and symbolic events to spice up the state of emergency the Federal Government will be declaring throughout the land.

What matters is that secession will give the Feds the mandate to disarm the entire country in the most brutal and fastest way possible.

Will the civil war actually go anywhere?

Well, let me put it this way: If California and Texas secede along with the South, then we have an actual fight on our hands.

If California stays within the Union and collaborates with the Feds (like she did in the first civil war) then forget it.

Drop (and hide) all your guns, say you're sorry and that it was all a big misunderstanding and get things back to normal.

Otherwise, it won't be much more than a glorified Alamo with Fed forces closing in from East and West on the hapless South (again).

But regardless of how it goes, America will have to deal with a second state-of-emergency producing factor: STARVATION.

That's right.

Please go to the internet and Google 'US farmland map' and you will see that the West and large parts of the South are totally unable to feed themselves.

The States depend on the breadbasket states of the Midwest (North Dakota down to Oklahoma and Minnesota down to Missouri) to EAT.

Things could have been different in a less centralized and specialized economy in which every state practiced self-sufficiency, but the hard reality is THE WEST, THE SOUTH AND THE EAST WILL STARVE IF DENIED ACCESS TO THE MIDWEST.

That's starvation with a capital 'S.'

The states are not set up to be agriculturally self sufficient and are totally dependent on the Midwest for its food.

The most horrid victim of this starvation will the the American Southwest, which grows next to nothing.

So starvation will be the second major factor which will require a national state of emergency and total control by the Federal Government.

Food for guns anyone? (line right up, folks)

So which way will it go?

It could simply be a short conflagration, followed by starvation and rapid suppression leading to the emergence of another 'reconstruction' (i.e. a military occupation) of the United States complete with concentration camps.

Or it could lead to a long drawn out war, with the states (especially if California joins) receiving military and financial aid from Russia and China as the country fights it out over the Midwest (and starves).

Neither scenario is pretty.

So I beg all the hot bloods to reconsider their call for secession and civil war.

Civil war is an Illuminati trick to justify the enslavement of America. 

Get it?

The people who are calling for it have been full-time collaborationists with the Federal Government and their collaboration in the 'secession and civil war' scenario proves just how loyal they continue to the Illuminati.

Let's not fall for this cheap trick.

We must continue to resist Federal encroachment upon our rights and liberties at the State, County, Municipal and home level.

If they want to provoke a series of Wacos along the way, this will only make them look like the illegitimate rotten thugs they really are in the eyes of America and the world - they will lose politically.

This is the way we must fight and resist, not through a contrived, Illuminati-manufactured condition in which we are starved and trampled into submission through a state of war.

Remember, to the Illuminati 'war is a revolutionary act' used to destroy societies so they can be rebuilt from the ground up.

For America to be rebuilt, America must be destroyed.

NO! to secession and war, YES! to full across the board opposition and resistance to unconstitutional Federal mandates.

God Be With Us!

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