Friday, July 27, 2012

Will Obama Close Congress?

Could Obama close Congress and convene a Constitutional Convention in which a new constitution is formulated, but also a new Congress with new (unelected) representatives and a new more powerful executive?

Far out?

It already happened in Venezuela and Ecuador.

It seems to be the modus operandi for the Marxist takeover of Latin America and Africa as one nation after another follows this same pattern.

And here is how it works:

A new leftist leader takes power (like Obama).

A ‘referendum’ is held to have ‘the people’ decide for the need of a new Constitutional Convention in order to modify the existing constitution.

The referendum is approved by ‘popular’ vote.

The Constitutional Convention happens.

Instead of the local constitution being simply modified…a totally new constitution is created and approved.

The Constitutional Convention then instead of disbanding, turns around and declares the seated Congressmen as null and void under the new Constitution and seat new representatives in their place.

The capital police is then called to encircle the congressional building and keep the legitimate congressmen out in the street as the new ‘congressmen’ seat themselves.

New ‘elections’ are rapidly held to seat the new Congress under the new Constitution.

These ‘elections’ are crooked and illegitimate and facilitated by electronic voting and tallying machines.

The new Congress then opens its doors the following day beaming at the newly empowered President and giving him full support.

The whole operation is nothing but a glorified coup enforced by the capital police and tolerated by a military that is either bought out, infiltrated or clueless.

It’s also an act that could easily result in civil war – local authorities and armed forces might not see the new government as illegitimate.

So far no civil war has erupted in countries where it has taken place.

But think about it.

Could it happen here?

Talk is already in the air about OUR Constitution being obsolete - about America needing a new Constitution for modern times.

Bush called the Constitution ‘a piece of paper.’

Obama seems to have no regard for it.

The American People have no idea what’s in it.

The states regularly toss their 9th and 10th Amendment rights at the feet of the federal government.

We already have a Marxist President - just like Ecuador and Venezuela do.

So why not?

The key event here is ‘constitutional convention.’

And the truth is the workings of an upcoming Constitutional Convention are well underway…

…by the treacherous states themselves.

Did you know that 32 of the 34 states required to launch a constitutional convention have already signed up to request one?

This has been happening in a very low key fashion between the 1975 and 1982.

Did you know all those ‘requests’ have no expiration date, but are cumulative until the ¾ majority is reached?

Did you know that only New York and California’s refusal to apply is keeping the ‘convention’ from happening?

Well now you know.

I always considered a new Constitutional Convention in this country a joke until I started noticing Marxist governments using the method time after time to gain absolute power in countries within Africa and Latin America.

All without much fanfare from the American or European media.

Good examples of the method are illustrated  by the fall of Ecuadorian and Venezuelan democracies to Marxist dictatorship via what they called “constitutional assemblies” – their word for a constitutional convention.

Let’s look at the standard methodology of swiping away representative government.

We really must look closely at the examples of Venezuela and Ecuador BECAUSE THE EXACT SAME THING COULD HAPPEN HERE.

The people running the show here now are the same people running the show in those two defunct democracies (closet Marxists).

President Chavez coups the Venezuelan Government and Constitution in 1999:

Complaining that the original constitution lacked enough protections for ‘the people’ Chávez called for a referendum to approve the call for a new constitutional convention .
During the referendum an amazing 90% of participating voters approved the need for a constitutional convention [results were supplied by crooked Diebold electronic voting machines owned by Chavista allies].
Following this approval, a special election was held in which the members of the constitutional convention were elected.
Of the candidates standing for election to the constitutional convention, half were opponents of Chávez. In spite of this, Chavez supporters got 95% of the seats to the convention [through the use of Diebold electronic voting machines owned by Chavez cronies].
With this crookedly elected majority of ‘Chavistas’ making up the constitutional convention, the convention voted to give themselves the power to abolish government institutions (because a new constitution might require this) and dismiss government officials (which inhabited said abolished government institutions).
So basically what you had was a convention filled with closet Marxists with the power to abolish the Venezuelan Government.
The constitutional convention put together a new constitution which concentrated government in and gave unprecedented powers to the president.

A second referendum was then held on whether to adopt the new constitution or not.

Disillusioned with the canned voting results, half of the voting population did not even bother to vote in this second referendum.

Of those voting, 72% approved the new constitution [again through the use of fraudulent Diebold electronic voting machines].

The new constitution increased the presidential term to six years and converted the bicameral legislature into a communistic unicameralNational Assembly’ – and eliminating all competing ‘branches of government.’

The new constitution increased the powers of the presidency by extending its term and empowering the president with the power of issuing executive orders on civil rights, economic affairs and financial matters –  in effect it empowered a government based on executive mandate.

It also charged the Army with maintaining public order as a tool of the president.

The new constitution basically transformed Venezuela into a military dictatorship under Chavez.

[paragraph transcribed from]

The country of Ecuador suffered its own constitutional crisis and resolution in 2007 which seemed to have been drawn from the same game plan as Venezuela.

President Correa Abolishes the Constitution and Closes Congress in 2007:

Following several criticisms of Ecuador’s Constitution, President Correa proposed a referendum on whether to hold a constitutional convention in order to effect changes.

Congress approved the idea for a referendum.

As the referendum was taking place, President Correa modified the "statutes" of the referendum (illegally) to giving much more power to the constitutional convention than originally stated.
One of these powers was the ability to dismiss Congress.

The referendum passed (once more through the use of Diebold electronic voting machines).
The newer version of the referendum’s only call to legitimacy was its approval by the newly appointed seven-seat Electoral Tribunal which was to rule on all matters related to the referendum and convention.
Congress reacted by trying to impeach the President of the Electoral Tribunal.
The electoral tribunal then removed the 57 members of Congress responsible for the attempted impeachment.
The situation escalated to a feud between the opposition in Congress and the President and his supporting Electoral Tribunal, ending with police intervention to prevent the Congressmen from entering the legislative building.
Congressmen and women trying to reenter the Congress were literally beat into the ground by capital police.
Alternate deputies were sworn in to replace the expelled congressmen.
The new majority pledged to support the referendum on the Constitutional Assembly.
Ecuador’s Supreme Court made a move to reinstate 51 of the 57 Congressmen who had been removed by the Electoral Tribunal’s mandate, but before the congressmen had the chance to reenter the legislature, the new Congress removed all nine judges of the Supreme Court.
Correas ascendancy to power had been dominated by masses of ‘demonstrators’ who surrounded, threatened and even beat up judges, congressmen and bureaucrats without any police interference.

Please note how in all the above cases it is the newly created ‘assemblies,’ ‘tribunals’ and and ‘conventions’ which usurp the power of the duly constituted congress.
It is the newly appointed or elected institutions designed to  carry out and uphold the convention that end up getting rid of the government.
A Constitutional Convention is an institution that is a lot more powerful than the name originally suggests.
It HAS to be powerful because it is charged with two duties:
1)    write a new constitution
2)    enforce the adoption of the new constitution by carrying out the necessary changes in the structure of government.
Without the second power, a Constitutional Convention is basically just a think tank.
You can bet that when the new Constitution was ratified in 1789, the existing unicameral 13 member National Congress that existed under the Articles of Confederation was shut down – probably by a polite ARMED guard.
It is this POWER of the Constitutional Convention that is never taken into serious consideration.
A Constitutional Convention is given the power not only to write a new constitution, but to enforce its adoption.
Frequently this means an abolition of existing government institutions.
This is a necessary part of the convention process.
Let me put it another way.
What would happen if a constitutional convention creates a new constitution which does not include a supreme court…and the supreme court refuses to step down.
What happens now? Nothing? Does a stand off develop?
Under these circumstances, the supreme court is vacated by FORCE under the order of the Convention.
Now let me refer you to another very erudite gentlemen.
Vincent Gioia is an astute and informed observer of the Constitutional scene.
Below is an edited version of what he has written in his blog at
I highly recommend you visit this site and see what this author has to say about an upcoming Constitutional Crisis.

For now here is an edited version of what he talks about in his website:
Vincent Gioia writes on the dangers of a Constitutional Convention:

The point is that at a Constitutional Convention anything can happen and any prior agreements agreed upon by states or limitations imposed by states as a condition for approval have no meaning.

In other words, if there is a Constitutional Convention the one we have lived with for over two hundred years and which guarantees our individual rights can be scrapped and replaced by the people gathered at the convention with no recourse by the states or the people.

Article V of the Constitution is the basis for a Constitutional Convention:

“The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution
on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments…
…which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof…as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress…provided that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.”

Pay special attention to the second method of ratification: "by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress."

This seems to allow the congress by a simple majority vote to propose either form of ratification: either by 3/4 of the state legislatures, or 3/4 of "conventions" in the states.

Although Amendments to the Constitution until now originated in Congress and were circulated to the states for ratification…

…Article V says that an alternative to this procedure is for two thirds of the states to call for a Constitutional Convention at which the constitution may be amended or rewritten.

A call for a Constitutional Convention requires only 34 states.

At present 32 states have issued a call by their legislators.

So if two more states approve,  our individual rights and freedom from government control of our lives could be ended.

A careful reading of Article V shows there is no provision for selecting attendees to the Convention.

Do the states choose who will represent them, or does congress?

Who picks the members of the "state conventions?"

How are delegates selected? How are the rules governing these state conventions determined?

Are the "state conventions" held in the individual states, or by delegates sent to the Constitutional Convention?

Will the U.S. Supreme Court be the final arbiter of these questions?

Although Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana, have rescinded their applications, under Article V of the Constitution, Congress must still call a Constitutional Convention whenever 2/3 (or 34) of the states apply.

The Constitution makes no provision for rescission.

Furthermore, with the precedents of disallowing of the rescinding of votes for ratification, and the extending of deadlines, it seems like almost any outcome could be attained, including an entirely new Constitution.

Some are of the belief that advocates of the convention are waiting to capture just two more states.

They can challenge the other states’ rescissions in the courts while going ahead with the Convention.

Congress alone then decides whether state legislatures or state conventions ratify proposed amendments (see Article V above).

If there is no expiration date, all of the calls for a Constitutional Convention regarding a Balanced Budget that were initiated in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s are still valid.

There is legal precedent for this.

For example, the Twenty-seventh Amendment was proposed in 1789 and ratified more than 200 years later in 1992.

On May 20, 1992, both houses of Congress adopted concurrent resolutions accepting the 27th Amendment’s unorthodox ratification process as having been successful and valid.

Certainly many of us want government constrained by a balanced budget. But attempting to accomplish this by means of a Constitutional Convention risks a revolutionary change in our form of government.

Despite the fact that these states premised their call for a Constitutional Convention on the desire to have an Amendment requiring a balanced budget, it should be clear by now that once a Constitutional Convention is in session any and all changes to the Constitution may be proposed an offered for passage, thereby revising the constitution in ways not anticipated by states calling for a convention.

What may be at risk if socialists and liberals dominate the Convention; very likely the Second Amendment, revision of the First Amendment; and abolish the 4th, 5th, and 10th Amendments, and the rest of the Bill of Rights.

Tom DeWeese, who runs the center and its education and grassroots work, told WorldNet Daily the possibilities [of a Constitutional Convention] stunned him. "In truth no restrictive language from any state can legally limit the scope or outcome of a Convention!

Once a Convention is called, Congress determines how the delegates to the Convention are chosen.

Once chosen, those Convention delegates possess more power than the U.S. Congress itself."

Remember too that Barack Obama believes the Constitution is flawed and says the Supreme Court should have intervened years ago.

It must be kept in mind that the best way to shut down Congress and keep it closed is through a Constitutional Convention.

Many justifications are being put forth in Washington’s inner circles about the need for a new or modified Constitution.

Many Congressmen like Arizona “Republican” “Conservative” Paul Gosar have already given up on the Constitution (see video below).

A new Constitution is needed to address important issues like….

…a constitutionally mandated balanced budget

…more equitable wealth redistribution

…a guaranteed minimum standard of living

…minority rights

…elimination of the 15th Amendment (which provides citizenship to anyone born here)

…direct election of the presidency (versus the present electoral college system)

The thing about a new Constitutional Convention is that it is a ‘insider’ topic – there is a lot of talk about it in Washington…but hardly any of it reaches the American public…which is kept in the dark by the Illuminati media.

All in all, talk of a Constitutional Convention is taboo – most everybody is clueless when it comes to this topic…including most supposed conspiracy pundits.

So will Obama close Congress?

If he is a Marxist agent, just like President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Rafael Correa of Ecuador, why shouldn’t he?

If there is one thing that distinguishes the Illuminati it is a robotic march with tradition.

Basically the same ideology and methodology born in the French Revolution, carried through the Russian Revolution and reaching the Venezuelan and Ecuadorian ‘revolutions’ is probably the same modus operandi planned for us.

Please note that the French and Russian Revolutions both grew out of a ‘constitutional’ change within their respective governments – new governments that basically turned over those countries to the Illuminati.

Again, the modus operandi has not changed.

When you seek what to expect of the Illuminati, the answer in many cases seems to be more of the same.

Expect Obama’s second term to be one of attempted Constitutional change and the abolishment of Congress as we know it.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Aurora Theater Massacre: Illuminati False Flag Operation

The Aurora theater shooting is a false flag operation scripted by the same team that did Columbine.

The false flag event happened right as Congress is about to pass or kill the UN Law of the Sea Treaty which mandates gun confiscation in America.

In typical Illuminati fashion, the media is reassuring us that the treaty is dead in the water, but this is a LIE.

The Aurora shooting happened (again) in the military intelligence hub of Colorado, in the same military intelligence infested area of southeastern Denver where columbine also happened and where the police are run by intelligence assets. Aurora itself is a military town home to Lowry Air Force Base.

The shooter left a military naval intelligence town (San Diego) to carry out his action in a military intelligence town (Aurora).

The event has some spooky similarities to Columbine.

At Aurora, the theater was a mile away from the Aurora Police Station – the police got there within minutes (just like at Columbine).

In spite of the police arriving within minutes, they chose to surround and wait outside while the killings continued inside .(just like at Columbine).

At Columbine, the police justified not entering the school because they said the entire school was booby trapped.

At Aurora they refused to enter the suspect’s apartment for an entire day because they said his apartment was booby trapped.

Witnesses already said the shooter entered through the Exit door at the front of the theater.

I emphasize this because the whore media is likely to change this version of the shooting.

If the killer did enter through the exit door from the outside, how did he do it?

Did someone let him in?

Was the exit door left open?

Any moviegoer knows ‘exit’ doors lock behind you when you leave the theater – i.e. they cannot be opened from the outside.

Finally, if the shooter was obsessed with carrying out a massacre, why did he not follow the crowds further into the theater instead of leaving back through the exit door.

Besides that the kill rate is again suspicious and suggest multiple shooters -12 people dead and 50 wounded?

How efficient.

Again the possibility of several shooters who discarded the weapons and left along with the victims (just like at Columbine) emerges.

The massive, continuing and unending media coverage of the event is an obvious propaganda ploy to milk the event for everything its worth in favor of gun control.

In spite of the unending coverage, the media is NOT asking…

…why did the police refuse to enter the theater while the killings continued inside?

…how is it that the killer entered through a locked theater exit door?

…why did the killer exit the way he had come in directly into the arms of waiting police?

…the coincidence that the crime happened in the same area as the infamous (government-sponsored crimes) of Littleton and Columbine.

If the same modus operandi is followed for all other Federal false flag operations, the FBI will take charge of the investigation and SEAL the evidence.

The Aurora theater massacre (and other follow on massacres) will be used to push for gun-confiscation laws.

Are we stupid enough as a people and is Congress stupid enough as an institution to make such laws viable?

Only time will tell.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

America's Ruling Class Is Marxist

Our elite, our oligarchy, our ruling class, our super rich, our plutocracy, whatever you want to call them...are Marxists.

This is why the odds are always stacked against us when it comes to Communism.

This is why we surrendered half of Europe to the Soviets during WW-II.

This is why our government gave the Soviets the secrets of the atomic bomb.

This is why we betrayed Nationalist China to the Communists.

This is why we weren't allowed to win the Korean War.

This is why Cuba - a neighboring country right off our coast - was allowed to fall to a Communist gang.

This is why we lost the Vietnam War.

This is why we systematically betrayed friendly nations like White Russia, Nationalist China, Nationalist Cuba, South Vietnam, Cambodia and Nicaragua to the Communists by cutting off their supply of ammunition at the crucial moment.

This is why we have exported all our industry and wealth to Communist China.

This is why the chancellor of Germany is an ex-Communist Party Agitprop agent.

This is why we now have a Marxist President.

The European elite created the Marxist phenomenon in London, England when they financed a group called the League of Just Men which in turn hired Karl Marx to pen the Communist Manifesto.

But the Communist Manifesto was nothing new.

It was an outgrowth of the same socialist philosophy that had sprouted during the French Revolution.

Liberte, Fraternite and Egalite were the mantras of the French Revolution, and the emphasis was on EGALITE – yes, EQUAL as cattle under a totalitarian government, that turned out to be Napoleonic France.

A lot of people have a difficult time understanding why the super-rich would create and finance an ideology that has their destruction and the redistribution of their wealth as its main purpose.

The reason is because it is a lie.

Satanists love to masquerade as Christians.

Totalitarian elites love to masquerade as social reformists and egalitarians.

But there's more.

Communism is based on the acquisition of all private property and its conversion into state or public property – in other words, no one really owns anything.

And this is the biggest Communist lie of all.

Of course someone DOES own it all – the elite who control Communism like a puppeteer controls his marionette.

As such, Communism is a FEUDAL system, especially when you have all the landless peasants running around like unpropertied serfs of the state.

This is feudalism in its most basic form . And FEUDALISM IS their ultimate aim.

Illuminati insider Carrol Quigley confirmed in his book, 'Tragedy and Hope' that a 'feudal system' was the ultimate goal of the elite.

Gary Allen in his book 'None Dare Call It Conspiracy” first noted the weird alliance between the top capitalists and Communism in the 1970's.

Anthony Sutton proved it in books like 'Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution.”

Our super-rich not only collaborate with Communism, they created it and they own it.

Communism is their tool.

The purpose of the elite is to make the world communist....and this is what is happening.

Anybody who hangs around the upper circles of the universities know the upper levels are seeded with Marxists.

This is why it's no surprise that we have finally gotten our first Marxist president (along with a ship load of Marxist executive bureaucrats).

This is why our so-called government has passed a totally Marxist piece of legislation called 'The Affordable Care Act' (aka Obamacare).

This is why we and the Europeans are disarming ourselves while Russia and China are arming to the teeth.

The great day of the fall of capitalism is being planned and will happen soon.

You have to understand that the Communist Russian Revolution was planned and financed from London and New York by people like Jacob Schiff of Kuhn & Loeb Bank.

You have to understand that trade with Russia and China continued right through the Vietnam War, when these nations were supplying the weapons to kill our Gis.

You have to understand that the highest levels of Western government are now occupied by crypto-Marxists.

It must be understood that the CIA is a tool controlled by the Marxist New York and London elite to facilitate our fall to communism.

If you understand all that, then you understand where we are going...and have been going for the last 70 years.

If you don't, then count yourself as part of the great delusion the West is presently under – the delusion that communism fell in 1991 and has never resurfaced...and that anyone saying otherwise is paranoid.

I used to think the same thing until I saw the nations of Africa and Latin America fall to covert or overt Marxist regimes without the US state department or the EU lifting a finger to do anything about it.

Presently the nations of Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Brazil are de facto Communist anti-American, entities, while the rest are under the direction of secretly Marxist administrations...just like we are.

Africa is submerged in Marxism (why do you think the Communists Chinese are moving in?).


It pains me to say just how right George Orwell was in his description of a futuristic nightmare state in his book entitled '1984.'

When you look at the society of Orwell's '1984' you are looking at a Marxist future.

As blatantly incredible as all this sounds, what is even more incredible is the public ignorance about what is happening.

Many young people today don't know what Communism is or how many people it killed in the last century (100 million).

Many people don't know our 'president' just negotiated away a third of our nuclear strike capability and was overheard over a hot mike promising President Medvedev he would eliminate a lot more 'after the elections.' (and to please let 'Vladimir' know).

Most people don't know the United Nations is a Marxist institution.

The West stumbles blindly on without any conscription, reserves or any real armies to confront the secretly growing threat of Russia and China.


Russia could overrun the pathetic armies of Europe within a week.

China could overrun continental East Asia within a month.

All they are waiting for is the dissolution of the United States – which is being programmed to happen soon through economic collapse, civil war and UN occupation.

A lot is happening very quickly.
Yet we are too blind to see that it is the same program that began with the French Revolution in 1790.

A TV evangelist made a creepy analogy when he compared the 'red' phenomenon of Communism to the Red Beast of the Apocalypse.

And the analogy goes even further if you read Revelation, where it says the 'Beast' was wounded unto death but lived again...and everyone followed it in awe.

Didn't the world think Communism was dead in 1991...never to rise again?

The Western World is submerged in a giant delusion.

The Russian defector Anatoliy Golitsin warned the West that Russia would simulate a collapse of the Communist system and a conversion to democracy in order to lull the West in preparation for a surprise coup, underlining the threat in his books 'The Perestroika Deception' and 'New Lies for Old.'

The CIA discarded his warning along with his veracity and his reputation (to anyone familiar with the treachery of the CIA this comes as no surprise).

And we continue oblivious to what's coming down the road.

If you want to know the type of future they have planned for us, imagine Stalinist Russia.

As Frank Zappa said:

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way, and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

Saturday, July 14, 2012

New World Order Impoverishes Everybody

The statistics are fantasy.

China is not number one.

China is not ahead of anybody.

Its people are one of the most miserable in the world.

The Chinese cannot have more than one child.

The Chinese have no trial by jury.

The Chinese factory workers are paid a pittance barely enough to cover food and shelter.

The Chinese live in fear of the police and secret police.

One thousandth of one percent of the Chinese population gets to enjoy luxury and these are called ‘the princes.’

The Chinese peasants (90% of the population) live without land and without prospects working as vagrant factory slaves.

Most Chinese males are without hope of marrying a Chinese woman (and because of their poverty - any woman).

The mass of the Chinese population is a miserable and frightened controlled mass.

If you talk to the non-Communist Party 99% Chinese, they’ll tell you they were much happier on the farm than in the factory.

“Back in the farm we were free!” one Chinese told me.

Like our army, the Chinese Army is filled up with the destitute, the unemployed and the unemployable – the ‘war dogs.’

All the hullabaloo about China is nonsense.

China is a country of misery for the overwhelming majority.

China is climbing the  economic statistics tables on the backs of its miserable people – who do not get to partake of its ‘progress.’

In Europe things are not much better.

The geographical place known as Western Europe has become overrun with brutal, ignorant and unassimilated foreigners.

Heathrow Airport looks like the Middle East.

Marseille looks like North Africa.

The Western European people are a cowed, impoverished unemployed mass, which now seems to have become stupid as well (its young have become drunk, drugged out and restless).

European healthcare is a hell hole of endless waiting, non-deliverable care, sub-par treatment and justified euthanasia.

I don’t even have to describe to you the conditions in the rest of the world, but I will tell  you, it's ALL going down hill.

It doesn’t matter if you talk about Brazil, Venezuela, Kenya, India or Russia.

The people in those countries will tell you they had it much better in the freaking 1970’s.

The truth is the masses of the world are being turned into impoverished, unemployed, ignorant, brainless, hopeless masses.

All of this is being covered up with PROPAGANDA about how much better they are.

Venezuela is described as a new socialist paradise under Chavez.

Have you talked to an expatriate Venezuelan lately?

Wasn’t Cuba described the same way?

India is now being advertised as the new up and coming world economy?

Meanwhile the Indian people have become so destitute and miserable that Indians are committing suicide at record rates.

The up and coming China is a lie.

The up and coming India is a lie.

The up and coming European Union is a lie.

And yes…American greatness is a lie.

What is America today?

It’s a de-industrialized country where corporations and people line up in front of government to get welfare or get ‘employed’ in some manner.

Most working Americans are employed  under public or private institutions which are on the government dole (schools, contractors, bureaucrats, hospitals, police, etc)

Let’s make it clear.

The New World Order is bringing EVERYBODY down.

It is bringing down Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Americans, Europeans, Indians, Latin Americans and Africans down to levels of deprivation never known before.

The populations of the world are getting poorer and more miserable – everyone is.

In some places like China, India, Russia and Latin America, propaganda and psyche operations are being launched to convince the population they’ve never had it so good.

This is typical Marxism.

Marxism celebrates every government decision, ordnance, program, initiative and project as a huge step forward – a glorious victory!

This is what they’re doing in Venezuela, Russia and China and in large portions of the Third World.

The new government programs are advertised as some sort of great step forward towards a new shining future…

…while their populations reach new levels of deprivation.

Even here in America, we are still trying to ‘get onboard’ while waiting for ‘change’ to happen as we wallow in poverty and diminishing civil rights.

This type of Marxist propaganda is likely to increase as governments, organizations, regions and eventually the New World Order itself comes up with new programs to ‘get things rolling again.’

But don’t drink the Kool Aid.

Don’t believe this population or that population is getting better at our expense.

We are all losing our wealth, our property and our rights – worldwide.

The public officials at the helm of the governments of the world are working in conjunction with the New World Order elite to bring us all down.

The plan of the New World Order is to put all wealth, all property and all rights in the hands of an elite few.

The government of China is as much an enemy of the Chinese people as our own government is an enemy of our own people.

They work in conjunction towards the same goal.

As should we (regardless of race, creed, religion or nationality) work towards the same goal of sovereignty, liberty, property and rights that is our God-given inheritance on this planet