Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2012 Elections Prepped for Mass Fraud

The outcome of the 2012 elections is in the hands of investment firm, a Canadian voting machine company and a Spanish vote-counting corporation.

The Omaha, Nebraska investment firm McCarthy Capital owns ES&S (Election Systems & Software), the largest voting machine company in the world.

Pretty impressive holding for a smallish investment firm located in the middle of nowhere.

But then, maybe there's a reason for the out-of-the-way setting.

It was McCarthy Capital's ES&S that bought up Diebold Election Systems (aka Premier Election Solutions) when it was found out Diebold's machines were as crooked as Lombardy Street.

On the other hand, it was the Canadian company Dominion Voting Systems Corporation which bought up Communist-owned Sequoia when that company's machines were found to be unreliable and its ownership tied to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

By the time Dominion bought it, Sequoia had become a synonym for crooked, illegal sleaze.

Now Dominion itself is a Canadian voting machine company established out of nothing in 2003.

Dominion bought, rescued and rehabilitated Sequoia in 2010, bringing that company's seedy personnel and hardware under its name.

But Dominion itself is strange.

It came out of nowhere in 2003, established by a 28-year-old...to become the second largest voting machine manufacturer in the world.

If this does not look like a front, what does?

Dominion and its founder/president, John (or is it Jean?) Poulos grew so incredibly fast that it bought the disgraced behemoth ES&S in 2010.

Dominion likes to present itself as Colorado-based company on the Internet, when it is in fact a Canadian company based in Toronto which is owned and directed by dual Franco-Canadian citizen, John Poulos.

This Canadian corporation will be in charge of installing and running all the electronic voting machines in American for the 2012 elections.

But somebody has to count and tally the votes, right?

Who better than Scytl, a Spanish Vote Counting company?

That's right, a Spanish company called Scytl will be counting our votes.

Is it at all suspicious that Spain, a basket-case nation in perpetual economic collapse has the wherewithal to build world-class vote-counting corporations and have them installed as the arbiter of our elections?

As mentioned before, a lot of Chinese capital represents itself as Spanish (as in the case of the Super Highway), using Spanish front companies as go-betweens for Chinese clout.

On the other hand, the Spanish companies are also used as fronts for the Israeli Mossad.

So who really owns Scytl?

You can bet its not the Spanish.

So let me summarize:

The 2012 US elections are in the hands of an investment firm (McCarthy Capital), a Canadian voting corporation (Dominion Voting Systems) and a Spanish voting corporation (Scytl).

This is the equivalent of having your voting process in the hands of a foreigner, another foreigner and a casino.

We've come a long way down the trail of corruption and betrayal, but this takes the cake.

Where is the FEC?

It's incredible, but it seems America has never been so disenfranchised and American democracy has never been so illegitimate as it is now.

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