Thursday, July 5, 2012

Zombie Sheep-Like Behavior in Publc Is Troubling

Are we becoming a nation of zombie sheep?

I never pay much attention to conspiracy writers who call us sheeple, sheep or any other derogatory name insinuating meekness.

For beginners, its insulting.

Secondly, what do they really know about you and me?

But my recent experiences at my local shops have given me food for thought.

I have been alive long enough to know that people don't normally act like this...

Example 1:

I enter an otherwise empty Mexican restaurant and there are three people standing in line at the register in front of me.

The three stand there mute and indifferent while loud sounds of someone talking on the phone and conversing with friends come from somewhere behind the counter.

I stand there thinking that something is up and that these people know more about the situation than I do.

But that is not the case.

We are being ignored by the employees. Not even the first person in line has been helped.

When I realize this I leave the line and raise my voice to the happy non-working idiots in the back that they have customers waiting at the front.

The reaction is immediate as an employee comes running to the register.

Example 2:

I am inside the third car waiting for the left turn arrow light to turn green at an intersection.

The green arrow lights up.

The front car does not move.

I wait.

It still does not move.

I instinctively begin to press the horn when I tell myself “wait a minute – don't do anything and see if anybody else does”

I remove my hand from the horn.

Would you believe nothing happens?

The green arrow switches from green to red.

The front car makes a slight jolt when the driver notices he has missed the light signal.

No horns, no cursing, no shouts, no nothing.

Just four cars waiting obediently and indifferently behind some idiot for something to happen and doing absolutely nothing when nothing does.


I am sixth in line at a Walgreens at 9 pm or so.

There is one person at the register – a feeble old lady who seems halfway out of it.

The line soon grows to 11 people.

Most of the people in line are between the ages of 20 and 35.

Seeing this huge line, I wait patiently thinking someone else is already on the way.

I was tired that night, so I waited without complaint.

Then I hear the old lady at the front start making small chit chat with the lady she is serving.

Got a coupon for this? Oh, I really like this product? Have you tried that? Oh that is such a nice place. Like this weather we're having?

It was incredible that this huge line of 12 people kept standing there without uttering a peep or making a single comment.

I never saw anything like it.

Again, I lost my patience, but decided to just stand there and observe.



A line of 11 zombies waiting patiently while the uncaring cashier makes insignificant chit chat with a customer.

I mean, I just stood there and watched waiting for some human reaction, anything to materialize from someone...anyone within the waiting crowd.

Nothing ever happened.

I have never seen such bovine human behavior in my entire life.

If you can imagine a perfectly still line of 11 people, unmoving – not looking around for another employee, not saying anything, not even shifting its weight.

After a while of observing this incredible spectacle, I walked back to a corner of the store and found no one.

I heard sounds from behind the freezer, so I opened it up and told the guy behind the milk cartons the register was backed up and that the lady needed help.

Again...that strange contradictory reaction...

...the employee behind the milk cartons immediately ran to the register like he had been given a royal command.

Now I ask myself:

Am I the only one noting this bizarre trend in human behavior consisting of bovine indifference, combined with an immediate obedience to direct commands.

It seems to me that if you want to register the increasing sheep-like zombification of your local community,you should pay attention to how the people around you behave in a line.

True, I don't take a yearly flu shot, I don't drink the fluoride water, I don't do drugs, I don't have my entire house wified, I am not on medication...but still....

...the altering effects of Illuminati brain dormancy are beginning to tell and become quite noticeable.


  1. So, as I believe you are fact them, why all the fuss? Aren't you content with life? Do you live too long and only toying with humanity dispels the boredom? Or, my favorite, are you trying to get God to care about you again - even if its to slap you around? Will you do anything to bring him back?

  2. The people that dont move at the front of the line at the traffic light are too busy texting to notice the light changed :)

    But yes, the conspiracy is no longer a "theory", its a widely known fact that anyone that spends a few hours looking into ( rather than dismissing it as nonsense ) will have to face. Now that everyone is waking up to it, it may be too late to stop it :(