Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Illuminati Deception: Reassurance

The new Illuminati tactic is reassurance.

Of course, it is a false reassurance.

This is the type of false reassurance a lab doctor gives a rabbit by petting it gently as he removes the animal from its cage in preparation for some ghastly experiment.

I have noticed that this government's policies have awakened such disgust in the American people that the Illuminati media has resorted to second-hand false reassurance to convince us that what looks like what's about to happen really isn't...while they do exactly what it looks they WILL do.

I first started seeing this during the passage of Obamacare (aka the Affordable Care Act).

This horrible communistic bill was introduced into the House, and the Media started squawking how such a law would never pass in America.

It did.

The bill then went on to the Senate and the Media started squawking and laughing how it did not have a snowball's chance in hell to pass the more conservative Senate.

It did.

By the time it reached the Supreme Court, 'unofficial leaks' started appearing how the Supreme Court had already decided against it, and how it was a done deal that the Supreme Court (where conservative justices outnumbered liberals) would toss out Obamacare like yesterday's garbage.

Even conspiracy pundits started hemming and hawing on how there was no chance the Supreme Court would pass such a piece of socialist and un-American legislation.

It did.

What bothered me is how easily and completely the general public was convinced at each stage of the process THAT IT WOULD NOT.

This was especially true in conspiracy and 'awake' circles.

These circles did nothing because they thought the law was as good as defeated at each stage.

They also did a good job of convincing us that the Ron Paul and his son would never quit and that they would never compromise with the Neocons...or with anybody.

Boy were they ever wrong.

The present reassurance is that Obamacare cannot and will not be forced upon American society and even if it is, that you will be able to opt out of it.

I am sorry reassured people of America, but now you are grasping at straws.

The reassurance that has me laughing now is that Obama has basically given up on attacking Iran and so has Israel – the Iranian war ain't gonna happen folks!

Which brings me to the next stage of reassurance.

Mitt Romney is a two-time loser, a hated one-percenter, a total phony and the Bruce Jenner of American politics.

This detached fool (chosen especially because he is a political loser) does not stand a chance of winning the elections of 2012.

Yet somehow the Media and the conspiracy pundits are now saying that Obama's goose is cooked and that Mitt Romney could just be our next President.

Mitt Romeny nothing.

Obama is set to be reelected for 2012 and assume dictatorial powers some time thereafter.

Yet here we are blathering about how Obama is out and Mitt Romney is in.

Here we are being REASSURED by the fact that we'll be taking one step back into the safety zone by a sure Romney victory.

The truth is we're diving off a cliff into socialist hell with the Obama reelection which has been planned at very high levels within both Democrat and Republican Parties.

Believe THAT instead.

I find it hard to believe that even seasoned conspiracy pundits are going along with the line that Obama is finished and Romney is in.

It makes me really doubt their intelligence...and their legitimacy.

The truth is there are no surprises.

They will do exactly what it looks like they are doing.

Obama will be re-elected this year.

But for some weird reason, all the 'awake' amongst us keep gobbling up all the Illuminati reassurances to the contrary.

What's funny is that the 'awake' are actually believing that Obama is done for and that Romney (the lesser devil) will not only get reelected, but get rid of Obamacare when he is.

It is my opinion that the 'awake' need to wake up some more.

Maybe its just too early in the morning of their newfound 'awareness' and they still need to drink some coffee and do a few jumping jacks.
I am dying to know what the next big Illuminati reassurance will be.

How about this?

Obama's final term will be moderate due to the large amounts of polarized Republicans in Congress.

If you believe that, my friends,  then I guess you can believe just about anything

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