Monday, May 30, 2016

The Honeymoon With China is Over

I was looking down the last minute purchase aisle as I stood in line at Fry’s Electronics when I saw an entire wall of flash drives.

Curious person that I am, I decided to check each one for country of manufacture (since the line wasn’t going anywhere fast).

I expected to see nothing but ‘Made In China’ but what I was really looking for were products that weren’t.

What I got was a surprise.

Most of the flash drives were NOT made in China!.

I was surprised when the first drive I looked at said ‘Taiwan.’

I smiled, pleasantly surprised.

Then I looked at a second one...Philippines!

A third said “Singapore”!

I tried for a third...China...finally.

But I was still in shock.

It was unheard of to find electronics made anywhere BUT China.

Then it suddenly struck me that I had been coming across several ‘not made in China’ products made in Vietnam, Nicaragua, even Mexico.

That’s when the trend became apparent.

Economically we are pulling away from China.

Then the newspaper headlines started filling in the blanks.

Samsung and Mircrosoft moving production to India.

Apple and Foxconn opening factories in India.

Nike, Hasbro, Harley Davidson (!), Jaguar, Land Rover going to India also.

Hyundai...transferring production to Mexico.

Then there was that 500% tariff on Chinese steel!

The West’s relationship with China has definitely changed.

On might ask whatever happened to China’s ‘Most Favored Nation’ (MFN) status in regards to the United States.

You know...the arrangement reached under President Clinton where China was charged next to nothing in tariffs while keeping Chinese tariffs and restriction on US and all other nation’s products sky high.

‘Free Trade’ they called it.

But it was really just a Build-Up-China trade.

Well, as of now, apparently, China's Most Favored Nation status has gone down the toilet...

...along with all those rosy agreements regarding Taiwan, the Spratley Islands and Senkaku  Islands...

...where US, allied and Chinese forces stare each other down on a daily basis.

And, in case the controlled media hasn’t told you yet...

...China is pretty OUTRAGED.

It is outraged politically and it is outraged economically.

Not only has the US clamped down on all Chinese claims on the Spratleys...

...but has also trashed China’s ‘Most Favored Nation’ status and is now imposing WHOPPING tariffs on key Chinese goods...

...all this at a time when China is experiencing major economic and social trouble.

(talk about kicking a man when he's down)

Ergo a key reason for the planned shut-down of all the Walmart stored across America.

Walmart is 100% DEPENDENT on Chinese products.

A cut-off or even interference of trade with China will SHUT DOWN WALMART.

Match this to the collapsing economy and you have a perfect reason for Walmart to be planning the shutdown of its stores.

(having said this, there is no reason to suppose all those shut down Walmarts wouldn’t make excellent FEMA camps)

What I predicted would happen to China in my “Warning to China”  blog entry seems to be coming true.


Am I a political genius?

Not really.

All you have to do is see what they did to Japan prior to WW-II to see how they operate.

They drew Japan out with over-the-top support, technical aid and exchange programs, puffed Japan up with flattery and honors and opened up all their markets.

When Japan reached the apex of industrial and political power, Europe and America pulled the rug out from under it.

The rug was the boycott of all Japanese goods and total denial of Japanese access to the world’s oil...

...right in the middle of a Japanese war with China.

The oil boycott was not only an act of war, but was totally illegal...

...since the Vichy Government of France had GRANTED Japan access to Indochina and the Government of the Netherlands GRANTED Japan access to Indonesia.

That didn’t matter...

...the US and Britain imposed a total oil boycott on Japan along with the “Governments in Exile” of the Netherlands  and France (residing in Britain)

...and threatening WAR should Japan violate the wishes of these meaningless phony puppet ‘governments in exile’ to stay out of the South Pacific.

We all know what happened next: Pearl Harbor and WW-II.

And we know how it all ended...

...with Russia turning on Japan (even though they had signed a Neutrality Pact with Japan).

Enter the 21st Century.

The China of today is the Japan of 1941.

Same game play...same results.

Puff up China to dizzying heights, then breaking the tea table over their heads.

Nothing new to see here.

The oligarchy is playing the same game with China that it played with Japan.

Will it work for them this time?

WW-III is on the horizon.

Will Russian join in at the last moment, like she did with Japan...

...or will she ally with China to clobber the United States?

The tea leaves don’t look re-assuring one way or the other.

But there it is.

The romance with China is finally over.




Wednesday, May 25, 2016

1900: The Lost Golden Age

Indulge me for a moment in this entry about a movie which always triggers feelings of wonder, enjoyment, happiness, sorrow, disappointment and melancholia.

It is a rather fun and well produced adventure starring Oliver Reed and Diana Rigg.

Jack London was writing this 1910.

The film is called “The Assassination Bureau.”

I enjoyed the film...and watch it over and over again...though for reasons, you might not suspect.

I don’t enjoy watching the film due to Oliver Reed or Diana Rigg or Telly Savalas, or Curt Jurgens.

The feel of the film is very Jules Vernesque, with incredible escapes, fantastic plots and an epic IS fun to watch.

But that is not why it has become one of my favorites.

I like the film...well...because it takes place in 1910.


Four years before the Great War....

...four years before WW-I.

...when Europe was happy and at peace.

The fact is I like to see how wonderful Europe was before the war...before anyone even suspected  or had any inkling of war.

And how did Europe look?

Europe was a wonderful place at the turn of the century.

It did not look pessimistic and somber...

...depressed and dark... the knowledge of the horrible war that was coming.


Not at all!

Europe did not have a clue as to what was coming.

Not an inkling.

In fact, you know what?

Europe was HAPPY!

...and PROSPEROUS...

...and she was looking forward to a future of great wonder.

This happy and optimistic period is what I see in ‘The Assassination Bureau.’

During these times the old mantra that ‘war is obsolete’ was making the rounds, along with ‘free trade’ and the notion that ‘commerce alone was the sole concern o the nations of Europe.’

(notice that this ‘end of history’ comment has been recently repeated by our own ‘experts’)

But people forget.

They forget how happy and prosperous Europe was in the early 1900‘s.

They forget the Golden Age.

Indeed, what we pass as ‘history’ has deformed reality... has turned pre-war Europe into a stressed, insecure, nervous, backward environment...

....seething with hatred for its neighbors concerning economic competition, over-production and declining prices.


Europe was HAPPY in 1910.

Per-capita wealth was never higher than it was in Europe in the early 1900‘s.

When England and France ruled great empires supplying all the resources they could possibly need... produce all the goods they could possibly want... sell to the markets both at home and abroad... well paid customers with abundant buying power.

But am I being overly optimistic here?

Am I speaking out of ignorance?

I can hear the history pundits guffawing “the twit has failed to mention Germany and its commercial competition against England and France.”

You want to hear the truth about Germany?

How about the fact that the final wave of European of immigration to the US ended after 1885 (which happened to be German)  ...because Germany had become so prosperous everyone wanted to stay.

In fact, ALL European immigration to the US pretty much came to an end with the blossoming of the new prosperity in Europe.

How about all the German investments throughout the world, alone upon which Germany waxed rich all and by themselves (without even counting production and exports).

How rich?

Rich enough to build a gigantic modern battle fleet and a gigantic modern army on the side...all for sheer prestige...

...while the population of a unified and prosperous Germany lived in the greatest luxury it had ever known.

Where is the ‘lethal competition’ these ‘historians’ are speaking of.

Germany was better off than it ever dreamed of!

Another myth created by ‘historians’ is that the European wealth was totally dependent on selling factory produced goods.

That was only half true.

The real truth was that FOREIGN INVESTMENTS added another whopping ton of wealth to the European economies in addition to the selling of their industrial output.

In other words, Europe and America were industrialized, the rest of the world wasn’t, so there was an entire planet open to investment and the creation of markets overseas.

In other words, the planet was simply too big, too rich and opportunities too abundant to fight over.

Just look at Berlin in 1900:


You know...there is a famous picture of Hitler within a joyous Munich crowd in 1914 upon Germany’s declaration of war on her neighbors (you may click on it for enlargement).

Please note the appearance of all those people.



But why all the joy at war?

Well, with there not having been a big war since the Napoleonic wars of a hundred years before...and the more recent Franco-Prussian War having lasted only 9-months... can barely blame the Europeans for expecting the next war to be just as short and glorious for one side or the other...and more than anything a short and exciting event.

They were not yet counting with the INSANITY of their leaders.

Instead they responded with the JOY and OPTIMISM of a civilized people.

War was, after all....a civilized event...carried out be civilized a civilized manner...and only for only a short period of which time it would be civilly concluded...for trade to continue.

After all, prolonged war would only stymie the commerce and trade which is what EVERYBODY really wanted .

The ‘historians’ are quick to point out the foolishness of all these happy crowds, cheering the arrival of war.

But were they?

Were they really so foolish to believe that their civilization was civilized...

...instead of foolish, incompetent and brutal?

How were they to know their rulers were willing not only to fight for years on end, but spend their nations into bankruptcy and famine as well?

But before proceeding with this grim and ill-fated twilight, let’s go back to the happy era between 1883 and 1913, shall we?

America became the #1 producer of steel in the world.

Worker’s right were becoming a guarantee.

Consumer safety became paramount.

Women were getting the right to vote and the right to work.

Social services were beginning to appear.

Democracy was in full bloom.

(the concept that Germany and Russia were tyrannical monarchies is a misconception - they were democracies!)

And with all this came a dizzying number of new and revolutionary inventions and patents which rapidly changed society into something wonderful and exciting.

New and exciting inventions seemed to fill the front pages of the numerous newspapers and magazines every month, along with new advances in science and scientific accomplishments.

-electric lighting,
-the telephone
-gramophones (record player)
-the internal combustion engines
-electric cars (believe it or not)
-ticker tape machines
-running water
-flushable toilets
-washing machines
-mechanical carpet sweepers
-gigantic cruise ships.

In 1900 an electrical machine being able to travel underwater - the submarine - was built for all to see...

...while gigantic ships of the air - zeppelins - cruised the sky.

In 1909, one of those flying ‘contraptions’ - airplanes - crossed the English Channel.

While popular entertainment took off with
    -movie theaters
    -comic books

...and sporting events of all sorts, like the Olympics and the World Cup Soccer Tournament and even automobile races appeared...

...meanwhile the stores and even giant shopping centers were filled with the products of the industrial revolution - just look at any Sears and Roebuck or Montgomery War catalog of the era (many of which are reprinted and available today) - massive 800 page 2-inch thick catalogs containing just about any product the mind can imagine...

...and numerous amazing stories of wonder filled the book shops and the magazine stands with titles like
    -20,0000 Leagues Under the Sea
    -From the Earth to the Moon
    -Journey to the Center of the Earth
    -A Floating City, the Aerial Village
    -the Time Machine
    -War of the Worlds
    -First Men on the Moon...

...all assuming to entertain...but also hinting at the scientific wonders that were just over the horizon.

Yes, the early 20th Century, was not only prosperous and happy, but wonderful and fun!

And the prosperity really spread beyond Europe and America.

While a large part of the Third World struggled on under the boot of European Imperialism, a startling portion of independent nations were enjoying life.

Japan was fully industrialized.

Chaotic politics and coups (and the Mexican Revolution) aside..Latin American nations frequently refer to the early 1900‘s as a mini golden age, in which the oligarchy, middle class and the peasants all lived in peace and harmony (in many of these countries, this era of prosperity and progress would through the 1960‘s).

And now...having said all that...let me go back to the original subject of this blog entry: “The Assassination Bureau.”

A movie in Technicolor which takes place in 1910 - an era which it portrays in exquisite and loving  detail.

If you can get past the dark-sounding title and cheesy opening song, the movie is a true delight.

The Golden Age of Europe really comes through.

Remember: Europe would NEVER AGAIN have the standard of life and relative wealth that the Europeans had from 1900 to 1913.

True, there are grim moments of dark humor in the movie involving, well, people trying to assassinate each other, but beneath it all is a fun lightheartedness.

However, based on the Jack London book (written in 1910), it reflects the feeling of the era: happy, optimistic, exciting, hopeful, prosperous, eventful, adventurous and fun.

In doing so, the film is an open representation of the REALITY versus the LIE the historians have painted of the most prosperous era in European history.

Europe was in its Golden Age.

Europe had it all!

I invite the reader to search pictures of this era under Google Images using the search term “1910.”

But this era is all but forgotten today and skipped over in history class, overshadowed by the DISASTER of the First World War.

Gone is the wonder, prosperity, progress and dynamism of the late 19th and early 20th Century.

“The Assassination Bureau” is (in spite of its grim title) a glorious presentation of this fantastic and wondrous world before the War.

The trolleys, the streets, the taverns, the restaurants, the museums, the hotels, the boats, the clothing, the people, the zeppelins.

One can get a notion of this era by viewing pictures and films.

Look at this footage of Coney Island in 1905:


Can you imagine what we would have had if it had continued...

...if Western Civilization had not wasted all its gold and prosperity in war...sent its greatest minds to die in trenches...bankrupted ourselves into pauperism.

This was Europe’s Golden Age.

What a beautiful and bygone era of what might have been.

THAT is what I look at when I watch “The Assassination Bureau”...

...and it takes me back to a more happy, more prosperous and more wondrous time...

...and amidst all the adventure and excitement of the movie...

...I always catch myself sighing and thinking...

...and wishing I had been there...


...if only there had been no war.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Martial Law: Government WIll Collapse the Grid

EMP stands for Electro Magnetic Pulse.

When EMP is mentioned, it refers to the detonation of a hydrogen bomb 200 miles above the surface of the Earth.

The detonation does not  harm anything on the ground...

...but it emanates a huge electromagnetic pulse along with chunks of the Ionosphere down to the surface below.

The effects of this ‘electromagnetic wave’ basically destroys electronics.

What happens when one these things is detonated was shown in 1962 under the Starfish Prime test when a 1.5 megaton H-bomb was detonated 250 miles above the Earth.

The Starfish Prime detonation shut off 1 of every 30 streetlights in Hawaii.

Impressive? Not really.

But the scientists today say an EMP will be much more catastrophic due to modern society’s  dependence on computer and electronics.

My opinion?

Our knowing (but not really understanding how electricity works) makes it likely an EMP’s effect will be unpredictable and inconsistent.

Amazing how I gave you so much information about a thing this article is NOT about.

That’s right.

I DON’t think an EMP strike is needed to bring martial law.

Not only that, but an EMP is too risky to the ‘Order’ part of the New World Order.

An EMP, being a literal nuclear strike, plays too close to the nuclear button which could bring about total destruction.

(and remember, the New World Order want Americans dead...not our land and infrastructure)

Besides that, the actual effects of an EMP  are unknown and unpredictable, and is apt to be underwhelming.

In other words, the effects of an EMP might just be too minimal to warrant any type of martial law.

So I don’t believe the Elite willing to risk nuclear war by detonating a foreign launched EMP attack to produce martial law.

I think they are going to go the safe route: cyber-attack.

A cyber-attack would shut down society just as well as an EMP (perhaps even more so) and is risk free and radiation free as well.

Remember, the Elite want the peasant over-population destroyed and controlled...they want our infrastructure intact.

What better than a cyber-strike?

After all, haven’t they been preparing one for the last ten years?

You might have noticed the ARE NO FIREWALLS protecting the American electronic infrastructure - form local banks to Pentagon to the electrical grid.

Gary McKinnon, the British hacker who penetrated Pentagon cyber-security simply said in disbelief that THERE WERE NO FIREWALLS.

(Which is probably the real reason the CIA is trying to extradite him into an American prison)

That’s right, our infrastructure is now perfectly OPEN to cyber-attack.

Where is McAffee and Norton when you need them?

In addition to this, the Communist Chinese have, with our help, put together a powerful military grade cyber-strike force, occupying several floors of several underground bases...waiting...for the great day.

The Chinese have already initiated several test attacks on our electrical grid and banking structure.

The financial system attacks have been kept secret (but I did notice the effects when my bank was unable to transact because of ‘computer failure’ not once but twice).

The electrical grid attacks have been more noticeable, such as the great Northeast Blackout of 2003.

It’s always funny how they describe the cause of all these great blackouts as a twig touching some power line.

But, whatever.

The truth is that the USA has been ‘struck’ by surprisingly big power grid failures starting in 1996:

August, 1996: Western United States
May, 1996 - Midwest

Notice our frequent mass grid failures compared to the non-existence of incidents in Europe...and China.

Go down the list of the world’s great power grid failures and you won’t find a single one occurring in China (which is strange considering China’s massive, yet dinky and chaotic power grid structure)

Feel safe and warm yet?

Wait, there’s more.

The US Government has not only decided to leaving our entire computer network wide open...

...but has actually INVITED the enemy to observe how our ENTIRE ELECTRICAL grid works and EXACTLY what steps will be taken should we suffer a power-outing cyber-attack.

That’s right...the US government has invited CHINESE and RUSSIAN observers to closely observe our powergrid and  CLASSIFIED security procedures during the GridEx ongoing exercises...which practice dealing with a power grid cyber-shutdown.

It isn’t surprising then that GridEx I occurred in 2011, under the leadership of CONFIRMED COMMUNIST AGENT Barak Obama (GridEx III began on November, 2015).

So what do we have here?

We have an electrical grid which is not only WIDE OPEN to cyber-attack, but which has been EXPOSED TO THE ENEMY in detail, courtesy of the US Government.

Now as you know ALL of our electrical grid is run, synchronized and safety-valved by a network of COMPUTERS.

What would happen if an ‘enemy’ simultaneously attacked the entire network with hundreds of top secret never-before-seen viruses and trojans, not to mention armies of hackers lining up to monkey-wrench the entire system?

That’s right - a nationwide shut-down of the power grid.

I’ll let the reader try to imagine THAT

Meanwhile I have a question for the US Government, specifically the Department of Energy and the Department of the Interior:

“Do you have manual redundancy systems ready to keep the power grid RUNNING manually in case of massive computer network failure? ”

I didn’t think so.

A manually operated redundancy is, well, a separate control system...operated by hand...which is used in case the electronic controls don’t work.

A manually operated redundancy exists in most all cars (hand breaks, neutral setting), aircraft, tank, ships, water heaters, factories, etc.

It’s a safety precaution to be used in case the electrical switches fail.

You know, generator goes off, I climb up a ladder, push a button...and on it comes again!

Or a switch goes off, I open up a box, push a button...and bingo.


Is the wide-open computer-controlled power grid network just too reassuring and fool-proof for anybody to consider such a thing?

The ‘redundancy’ in ‘redundancy system’ is called that for good reason.

It is totally ‘redundant’ and is not used...until it is suddenly NEEDED.

Please remember how our nice public servants decided NOT to install a redundancy system within our electrical grid when your throat begins to dry up from dehydration and someone has chopped off your left leg for today’s roast....following a prolonged total power failure.

But back to our original topic: martial law.

The truth is the Establishment doesn’t need an EMP or a false flag nuclear detonation (though they might throw some in for effect).

All they need to do is execute a cyber-attack that takes down the nation’s entire electrical grid...indefinitely.

A grid take-down will make all of the worse apocalyptic nightmares come true.

Let’s take a peep:

    (the power grid is computer controlled)
    (water pumps are computer-controlled and electrically operated)

    (food delivery, cash registers, lights, etc are computer-controlled)

    (banking operations will close down without computers)

    (computer operated - good luck with rush hour traffic)

    (you’ll be getting something more like IOUs)

Furthermore, the World Net is so complex and inter-connected that it could be quite impossible to see where exactly the cyber-attack comes from.

Attacks can be routed through other countries by the true culprits.

But supposing we COULD track exactly where the come from...what’s to prevent Russia or China assembling cyber-attack teams in India or Brazil and many other countries...and having them launch their attacks from there?

(The Israelis probably won’t resist staying out of an all-out cyber-attack on the United States...while screaming the Muslims did it.)

But ultimately, what I am trying to say is...that with a Cyber-Attack... the Establishment has TOTAL deniability.

We will be unable to confirm who the attackers are...and therefore unable to create a basis for nuclear retaliation on those responsible (though we might have a pretty good idea about who is responsible).

Meanwhile the strategic rumor is that China has already installed dormant malware throughout the computers operating our powergrid...which are simply waiting to be activated.

Which makes the situation even worse than a computer virus attack.

Installed dormant malware can overturn our society OVERNIGHT.

The shut-off doesn’t have to spread throughout the Grid as with computer viruses and the computers don’t need to wait to be hacked as in a cyber-attack..

Someone just secretly sends out the activating code and  THAT’S IT.

Meaning, that’s it for our power grid.

You can literally go to sleep the day before...and wake up to a total nightmare.

I started looking askew at Chinese electronics when it was discovered that flashdrives made in China actually contained harmful malware BUILT INTO THE DRIVE.

Later it was discovered that most of France’s fighters had been made non-operational by  Chinese computer malware contained within their made-in-China navigation computers.

Adjusted articles later referred to the problem as a "Microsoft virus” referring to the ‘DOS’ program in which the malware operated.


So if China can penetrate and shut down the highly secure French Air Force (and Navy) with this malware, what can they do to the United States of America?

When we talk about ingrained malware, we are talking about destructive programs already contained within computer hardware from China.

Has the Department of Energy made sure to buy its grid-controlling computers form some place other than China?

Care to take a guess as to what the answer to that is?


Now whether it’s China, North Korea, Russia, Israel or the CIA...or all four...

...the elite just might choose (especially if it is an internally-launched operation) to blame it on an EMP or...even the Sun for a power outage.

As you know the CIA and NSA already launched an internal operation in conjunction with Mossad and MI-6 controlled Saudis...called 9/11.

That came out with flying colors!

Within our own government nobody caught....nobody arrested...nobody blamed...nobody even fired...for this GIANT fiasco.

So what did the establishment learn?

Well, they learned that they can get away with gigantic false flags!

And that the American public is so ignorant, so misinformed and so clueless that they’ll never notice or care (even if you put all the evidence right in front of their snouts).

The 9/11 false flag basically dis-empowered the Bill of Rights.

Why not another, BIGGER false flag to bring in TOTAL MARTIAL LAW?

Recently the misinformation media has been spreading the ‘concept’ on both sides that a big solar flare could shut down the entire power grid.

No proof, no mathematics, no working theory...but for some reason this ‘concept’ has been accepted as rock-solid fact by BOTH the conspiracy community and the establishment.

Look...the conspiracy community and the establishment RARELY agree on anything, so when they do, I see it as across the board misinformation.

Remember the Y2K nonsense everybody was believing?

Or how about the alarm they sounded during the Gulf War that if Saddam Hussein set fire to the Kuwaiti oilfields there would ensue A PERMENENT GLOBAL WINTER.

In both widely believed cases...NOTHING HAPPENED.

But people forget, and quickly turn to swallow the next ridiculous theory.

They predicted that Comet Shoemaker-Levy would ‘devastate’ Jupiter, perhaps even igniting the entire planet as a second sun.

What happened is exactly what I expected:  Jupiter swallowed the comet whole without much fanfare.

Now they are throwing the Solar Flare and EMP theory on our lap...when the truth is the effect of neither a gigantic solar flare nor an EMP has ever been proven.

My informed common sense tells me that once again, the effects of these two phenomenon would be unpredictable, and by no means total or absolute, and, in fact, could be disappointingly mundane.

The same people who are putting out these theories are the same“scientists” who predict an asteroid the size of a Volkswagen could wipe out all life on Earth...or that Fukushima will kill the entire Pacific Ocean.

The phony scientists who do this are in the same business as our occupied government: TERROR.


Because when everybody is terrorized, nobody will resist having their rights taken away.

So stop waiting for the next solar flare or high altitude nuclear bomb detonation as your next sign of doomsday....

...and start looking at how our power grid has been compromised and set up in  preparation for a total take down.

When it happens, believe me, just like 9/11, there would be helpers and facilitators on the inside.

The jets alone had a little bit of a problem in collapsing those a few well set explosive charges helped them out.

A large solar flare could happen right as North America faces the Sun or an EMP could go off 200 miles above our head...

...but the results, like 9/11, will be helped along by the establishment’s sabotage of the power produce a total grid collapse.

So what is my point?

My point is that the establishment’s explanation for a total grid collapse will be FALSE...and will be due to preparation and sabotage carried out in collaboration with or active participation of our own government.


Grid failure is a neat, simple, effective solution to the establishment’s dilemma of how to bring about martial law, get rid of constitutional rights and confiscate guns.

A nationwide power grid failure would indeed represent a gigantic emergency necessitating the temporary suspension of the Bill of Rights.

Gun confiscation during martial law will in no way, shape or form be a logical translation of martial law...since law-abiding citizens will need guns to defend their families from rampaging mobs.

Confiscation of guns will simply be the criminal behavior of a criminal government we already know exists.

The question to ask the moment the power goes is:

“Why haven’t manual controls been installed to control the power grid by hand in case of an emergency?”

And once the power is off, you can BET FEMA will take control of the power grid, KEEPING IT TURNED OFF, and expanding the condition of distress.

The preparation for using Chinese and Russian troops on our streets leads me to suspect that Russia and China will not be blamed for the outage.

Instead, a nation like Iran or North Korea might be blamed (whether true or not)...or why not ISIS...or a random solar flare for that matter?

The results, however, are guaranteed to be hideous and catastrophic...

...and provide the perfect excuse for imposing martial law (and canceling the elections) in this country.


Much is being made of the electrical grid being taken out by a cyber-attack EMP or solar flare.

This is programming.

The electrical grid will in fact be taken out with the collaboration and probable participation of the US government.

The reason for this act of sabotage will be to impose martial law.

Russia and China are invited to observe every GridEx exercise.

The Israeli-CIA Stuxnet virus is an effective result of their collaboration and an excellent platform with which to cause grid-failure.


The US Government will not only cause and or collaborate fully in our grid collapse...

...but will have the ready-made martial law plans fully implemented on the American population... it prolongs the grid failure indefinitely in order to finish the conversion of this country from democracy to tyranny.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

US Navy Destroying Masses of Sea Life

News of massive swathes of dead sea-life washing up on the shores of the Western Hemisphere, from Alaska to Chile have become common.

“It’s Fukushima!!!!” say the fear mongering shills.

But if that is the case, then...

...why is the dead sea life also washing up in the Southern Hemisphere, in the coasts of Peru and Chile, skipping all the coasts in between in happening in areas which are IMPOSSIBLE for the Fukushima radiation to reach due to the prevailing sea currents.

Second question:

Why do the massive die outs occur in short spurts rather than a continuous waves of death as would happen when an entire ocean dies?

Third question:

Why on Earth aren’t any of the die outs happening on the JAPANESE coast?

A close analysis of the sudden die-offs and the TECHNOLOGY to cause them puts a new perspective on the all the mass death.

It’s the US Navy.

As is well known, a major bane of the US Navy is the specter of stealthy enemy submarines venturing amongst Carrier Formations and creating havoc.

Make no mistake, the Navy is deathly afraid of submarines.

As a reaction to this threat, the Navy has gone overboard in its efforts to locate enemy submarines before they can approach its famous Carrier Task Forces.

Another Navy concern is stealthy communication between its own submarines.

How to communicate underwater, without having to raise an antenna and transmitting a signal giving away the location of the sub?

The answer to both of these dilemmas have been LOW FREQUENCY SOUND WAVES.

Low frequency allows more effective underwater communication and location because Low Frequency waves are more penetrating than regular or high frequency waves.

Unfortunately, they are also more deadly.

It is apparent the Navy has premiered its revolutionary system of undersea communication and detection.

The path of our submarines is now marked by tons of dead sea life washing ashore on beaches from Alaska to Chile.

Again, the Fukushima justification is nonsense.

How does Fukushima radiation skip Mexico and Central kill masses of fish off Chile?

Put the fish die-offs on a map of submarine operations and it makes perfect sense.

But forget all the paranoiac doesn’t have to fantasize.

The US Navy officially calculates the TONNAGE of sea life which its exercises will destroy.

It’s just a well known fact.

It even puts out memos to conservation groups both within and outside of government.

But back to the mass-die off areas.

The mass die-offs are mostly occurring in areas of submarine presence.

Chile is the gateway to the Cape Horn area, which Chinese submarines must cross to enter the Atlantic from the Pacific.

California has a massive submarine presence area off San Diego and our major nuclear submarine bases in Washington State.

Needless to say, I am talking about the presence of both American and Chinese submarines in these coastal areas, and perhaps even Russian.

Although the State Department is keeping awfully quiet about all the sub activity off our western coast, you don’t need more proof than the outrageous unannounced Chinese ballistic missile launches off California to see that things are escalating


Added to this must be the ONGOING US Navy exercises off our West Coast as more and more Chinese and Russian subs congregate there.

The following is a quote form the Common Sense Show blog by David Hodges:

"To counter the threat the Navy is engaged in their own version of Operation Red Flag in which the Navy is mostly kept out of its ports to avoid being taken over and in a constant state of readiness that includes developing counter-measures against the Chinese and Russian growing submarine threat. This constant state of readiness has been going on for almost 6 years...

"...Why would the Navy be in a permanent state of readiness by conducting unprecedented and an unparalleled set of war games continuously going on off of our three coastlines and several of our overseas territories?...”

“These ongoing war games have angered much of the Congressional delegations of California, Oregon and Washington. When these representatives got wind of what was coming back in 2009, prior to the Environmental Impact Statement, they organized. Ask yourself, one question, with several members of Congress opposing these massive ongoing war games that have now lasted for 6 years, why wasn’t this been reported on in the mainstream media?....”

The unprecedented death resulting from these ongoing naval exercises and pre-war maneuvering is made clear in letters going from scientists directly to Congressmen on the matter, such as the one from Congressmen Mike Thompson and Henry Waxman to the Undersecretary for Oceans and Atmosphere for the Department of Commerce, Jane Lubchenko, which states:

"The Navy estimates that its sonar training activities will “take” marine mammals more than 11.7 million times over the course of a five-year permit. The scale of these exercisesand the vulnerability of protected species to sonar make it imperative that NOAA prescribe mitigation measures that will best protect marine mammals.”

Pretty open and clear, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, private groups like the NRDC (National Resources Defense Council) have “fought for decades to protect marine mammals from the U.S. Navy's high-intensity sonar-training exercises.”

Need more proof?

How about the link below:


This particular article actually admitted Navy “Sonar and seismic testing are both broadband so both kill whales and most marine life right down to the plankton”

However the article was later edited and this fact excluded (the original wording can still be found on a Google search!

MORE articles are included at the end of this blog!

The point is the US Navy (and perhaps other navies?) are deploying what amounts to weapons of mass destruction of sea life, giving proof positive that we are a totally DESTRUCTIVE species.


Just see how we destroy relationships, environment, wealth, trust, solvency, happiness, and animal life.

The only good thing about all this sonic irradiation devastating the Pacific and at times the Atlantic Ocean is that sound is a no-no in naval warfare.

Submarines are supposed to operate in total silence to avoid detection.

The low frequency sonar is only a temporary measure which will last until the enemy comes up with a low frequency detector.

Naval task forces are another matter, however.

Too big, too loud and too noticeable to keep secret, task forces just turn on all the radars and sonars...and keep them on.

But back to the tactical giveaway.

The masses of fish dying off Hainan Island, China, indicates a totally strategic location.

You see, Hainan Island is a MAJOR (if not THE MAJOR) Chinese submarine base in the Pacific - a sure attraction for the US Navy submarines which tend to linger off submarine bases.

A major fish die-off on the beaches of THIS particular island is a sure indicator of the presence of naval submarine assets their sonic sea-life killing weapons.

When I read thing like this I can only gain hope from the Biblical passage from Revelation 11:18, where God promises to...

“destroy those who destroy the earth”

Below are links to additional articles and a video about all the havoc.




US NAVY TO EXPAND ITS WHALE AND DOLPHIN KILLING TRAINING EXERCISES /12/ 16u_s_ navy_ to_expand _its_whale _and _dolphin_ killing_ training /12/ 16u_s_ navy_ to_expand _its_whale _and _dolphin_ killing_ training _exercises/






Friday, May 6, 2016

Are All Our Candidates Communist?

It sounds a bit ridiculous to be calling our presidential candidates Communists.

But then you have to remember that America has a long history of Communist infiltration...beginning with President Franklin Roosevelt.

Yes that’s Franklin 'my-best-friends-are-Communists' Roosevelt. The same man who considered Stalin his best friend, and whose administration was infiltrated by Communists from bow to stern.

Senator McCarthy was silenced by no less than President Eisenhower himself when it was discovered that McCarthy had turned over a rock exposing a swarm of Communists potato bugs...firmly entrenched in the US Government.

America has happily gone on believing we represent freedom, democracy and capitalism, while the most outrageous failures like Korea, Vietnam, Iran Hostage, Gulf War, Iraq War, and the Afghan-Iraq Occupation continue to come vex us and exposing our seeming inability to pull anything off...

...while the architects of our demise are allowed to go home unquestioned, undisturbed, uncriticized...and sporting an award or two.

Donald Rumsfeld, for instance...

...who, as Secretary of Defense under Ford, abandoned South Vietnam in the face of a Communist attack in 1975, leaving our “allies” without a single bullet....

...and then returned under W. Bush to turn our occupation of Iraq into a total disaster.

Ever hear this smiling bag of crap being called a Communist  traitor by the media?

Of course not.

I myself got a first hand look at Communism at the top levels of the Ivory Tower, where, it seemed, every other professor was a “Marxist” each with his own coven of student Marxists, all on their way to successful placement in the highest position of our government.

You can imagine my surprise when my own mentor professor one day introduced himself to me as a “card-carrying Communist.”

The truth is the Communist fungus has been growing inside America for some time, and has reached mortal levels of metastasis.

Take our presidential candidates, for instance.

I know, that lately, Trump has been left as the last man standing on the Republican side, making it look like a Trump vs Hillaly stand off, but let’s take a real look at what candidates “America” has offered us.

For starters we have been offered not one but TWO Cuban-Americans (Rubio and Cruz) with paternal COMMUNIST ties (remember that Communist operatives tend to be generational).

Then we have TWO Marxists (Hillary and Sanders).

And one declared GLOBALIST (Joh Kasich).

And ANOTHER East Coast Establishment New Yorker (Donald Trump).

So let’s sum up.

We have TWO Cuban Americans and THREE New Yorkers for a grand total of FIVE viable candidates (of which FOUR are Communists!) and a globalist offered to us as the best possible material to lead the United States of America.

Just how is it that THIS group represents the United States?

Two Cuban Communists and Two New York Communists as presidential candidates for 2016...

...are you serious?

How is this supposed to represent America ethnically, socially, politically or economically...or in any way shape or form whatsoever?

But if you think about all starts to make sense.

After all, you have to replace the Communist presently in the White House (Obama)...with another Communist...right?

Let’s see what the  'the Establishment' have given us to choose from.


This guy’s parents immigrated to the United States in 1956, fleeing the Communist revolution in Cuba (the country fell to Communism in 1959). 

Well and good.

But check this out:

His mother made FOUR trips to COMMUNIST Cuba AFTER Castro took power.

People fleeing Communist takeover do not normally return home to Communism.

For starters, they are likely to get arrested, sent to a concentration camp or even killed by the new regime (who always suspects all new incomers as spies).

This lady, who supposedly fled Communism...went back to Communism FOUR TIMES!

And not only was she permitted to leave the US...but she was allowed to enter Cuba...and later return back to America.

Newsflash: until couple of years ago, not only was travel to Cuba completely BANNED by the US, but totally prohibited by the Cuban government itself.

Ever hear of the Iron Curtain?

So how did Marco Rubio’s mom get to enter Communist Cuba FOUR times?

And the suspicious activity does not end there.

And the Rubio Family Communist connection does not end there!

His naturalized grandfather, who had fled the revolution in Cuba with his family in 1956....

...returned to Communist Cuba in 1959 (the  very same year Cuba fell to Communism).

Let me mention again that entering Communist Cuba was not only illegal, but next to impossible given the Cold War and the Iron Curtain.

But ol’ grampa Rubio did...and he liked it!

He liked Communism so much that he stayed in Castro’s Communist Cuba for THREE YEARS!

He finally had a change of heart, and decided to re-immigrate back to the United States in 1962, which he did.

Are you kidding me?

He was allowed to leave Communist Cuba and enter America during the height of the CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS?

Nothing suspicious there!

Just some guy who defected to Communist Cuba for three years...then decides to re-enter America during the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis?

Nothing wrong with this candidate, folks, move along.


Hey, Ted’s father decided to JOIN THE COMMUNIST PARTY in Cuba right as the revolution was heating up.

He was caught and jailed by the Cuban government as a COMMUNIST GUERRILLA.

After that, well, you know, their communists talked to your communists and...

...presto!  Before you know it, Ted’s dad gets a ‘get out of jail’ card in Cuba and is accepted to the University of Texas in 1957.

Which is rather strange for a jailed Communist guerrilla.

While in America, the land of the free and home of the brave, as if to UNDERLINE the fact that he was a freaking Communist Ted’s dad gave many speeches supporting Castro, the Cuban Revolution and the glories of Communism in at the University of Texas.

After Cuba finally fell to the Communists, Ted’s daddy got that magical free pass and used it... visit now Communist Cuba WEEKS after Castro took power (probably to give Fidel a high five).

The rest is history.

Ted was born in CANADA to naturalized CUBAN parents.

Why they let this unqualified loser run for President is beyond me.

Could it be the same magic that let his father back into Cuba and from there back into the US?


You don’t have to look too deep to size up this cafe communist.

Joined the Young People’s Socialist League in College.

Joined the People’s (Communist) Party in 1971.

Did not have a job until the age of 40 (sign of a professional communist)

Like the Communists mentioned above, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and now a millionaire.

In the early 1980‘s,  as Mayor of Burlington, Vermont, Bernie visited the freshly installed Communist Sandinista government in Nicaragua and could not stop gushing about how they had created a paradise.

He got the nick name ‘Bernie Sandinista’ shortly thereafter.

He never repented on his high opinion of Communist regimes (including Cuba) and, in fact describe breadlines as a sign of economic health and that he had a hunch that the Cuban people actually appreciated living in a one-party state.


Now we finally get into the #1 Communist candidate.

Hillary Clinton’s college era connection to Marxist Paul Alinsky is well known.

Alinsky stayed in regular touch with Hillary who he had great praise for (wonder why).

Hillary herself confirmed her Marxist beliefs to direct and extended family members.

Which came as no surprise when she marriendBill Clinton, a Communist who skipped the draft during the Vietnam War while DOING A STOP OVER AT THE USSR!

Again that Communist pass thing.

Now when you get to Hillary and Bill, you are talking high-functioning Marxism.

And at this level, of course, the CIA is involved.

Otherwise known as the ‘Communist Infiltration Agency’ the CIA is America’s liaison with Communism, the main source of US secrets leaked to Communism and the number one purveyor of mass-disinformation to American leadership.

In other words, the CIA is an institution which aids and facilitates Communism.

Now hold on to your seat for the great surprise:

Hillary and Bill Clinton are CIA assets!

They were CIA when they helped run the Mena, Arkansas drug running operation on behalf of the CIA.

And Bill continued to be CIA during his entire presidency.

Hillary’s husband’s most notorious pro-Communist decision was to present two nuclear reactors to...NORTH KOREA!

As you might remember, North Korea is presently threatening us with nuclear annihilation.

Way to go Bill!

If you want more of for Hillary!

This paragraph concentrates on Hillary’s ties to Communism so I will spare you the details of here secret lesbianism, witchcraft, CIA membership and here betrayal and murder of Libyan leader Mohammar Qaddafi and US ambassador Chris Stevens.

But I CAN mention her compromising of MAJOR classified documents to the Communists through here illegal and covert alternate email system (which made classified State Department document available to Communist hackers).

And remember, if this woman becomes President, SHE will be the one guiding us through WW-III against Russia and China...and most probably to American defeat and disaster.

Russia and China could have no better comrade in no better place than Hillary Clinton.

If this woman is elected, take my advice...

...and leave the country.


At last, time to cover the great white hope!

Our national champion, the man who is going to guide us out of these desperate straits.

Someone who understands America and Americans!

Someone who...oh wait.

...ol’ Trump has a few suspicious events to answer for as well.

I don’t have much on Trump in regards to Communism, but there ARE a few things which activate alarm signals.


Well, I’m going try not to tell you that, but there are some indicators.

For starters, Communism aside, Trump is a life-long member of the Eastern Establishment headquartered in New York.

That’s right, the same establishment that basically owns and runs America...has financed every Communist revolution since the Bolsheviks and runs all the leftist Communist protest groups since Vietnam.

Having said that, it would be safe to assume that Donald Trump is totally controlled by the 2% of the population who run that city as well as our descent into Communism, with his top adviser Roger Stone (Stein) calling the shots.

Having said that, the ‘Donald’ has had some strange dating and mating habits when it comes to choosing a wives.

For example, in 1977, Trump married a Czech model, who had been allowed to leave Czechoslovakia in 1971.

Remember that Iron Curtain we were talking about?

In 1971 it was well established barrier: nobody left Eastern Europe and nobody entered Eastern Europe (remember the Berlin Wall?) especially to or from the West.

So how Trump came to marry a woman form Communist Czechoslovakia during the height of the Cold War raises some questions.

This Czechoslovakian √©migr√©, Ivana Nelvickova, who was magically allowed to pass through the Iron Curtain at the height of the Cold War came to be Trump’s first wife under the name Ivana Trump (after being the consort of two powerful North American Jews - guess Donald doesn’t mind sloppy seconds).

And more, Trump’s new wife in 1977 was not only allowed regular visits behind the Iron Curtain and back...but did not become a US Citizen until 1988.


Anyway, the marriage went downhill after Trump decided to go back to American cuisine by getting a taste of American model/actress (and CIA asset) Marla Maples.

The marriage to Ivana dissolved in 1991

...and Donald married Marla Maples in 1993...

...two months after Marla gave birth to Trump’s daughter (which seems to indicate a shotgun wedding).

This marriage to actress/model/CIA agent Marla Maples lasted until 1999 after which Donald returned to his obsession with Eastern European women...whom he could not keep away from.

(his ex-wife, Ivana Trump’s, previous behavior had taken on all the characteristics of a KGB operative, complete with regular trips behind the Iron Curtain to ‘visit family).

So back behind the Iron Curtain went Donald...

...the beauties of neither Paris,nor London, nor Rome nor, New York, nor any of the  the Nordic countries had the beauty to capture Trump's attention.

For his new wife he had to go back to looking into former Iron Curtain countries.... find the girl of his dreams: Yugoslavian model, Melanie Knauss...

...whom he married in 2005.

Who is Melania Knauss?

Well...her father was a member of the COMMUNIST PARTY.

(again that Communist daddy connection)

She dropped out of college her first begin a career in 'modeling.'

Which begs the question of when and where did she learn to speak FOUR languages fluently.

Fluidity in four languages is indeed a rare feat for a college drop out.

Meanwhile, Melania began looking for all intents and purposes like another Communist 'honey trap.'

...and by going back to his preference for Eastern European women with Communist backgrounds

...Trump has acquired all the characteristics of a man married to his controller...and a pawn for Communist intelligence agencies.

But whether he is a Communist gofer or not, nobody can deny that ‘The Donald’ has a plan for America.

Though fans have focused on Trump’s promise of a ‘wall’ on the border and creating more jobs by kicking China to the curb, few have picked up on his pro-torture, pro-war, pro-fascist policy (hey, Hillary has the same policy!).

In short, count on more war and less liberty with Trump.

This icon or pawn, or whatever he is, has made HIS policy abundantly clear.

So...have they finally given us a choice of COMMUNIST to pick at our presidential elections?

(after all this is exactly what the politburo does in Communist countries during elections)

That’s what it looks like from where I’m standing.

Has our secret submission to Communism reached such levels that we have now been given the choice of not one...not two...not three...not four....but FIVE Communist candidates to choose from during our next presidential elections?

How far have we fallen?

All we need now are the Russian and Chinese troops kicking down doors...with full support of the US Government.

Pay attention to what is happening now.

The Republican Party committing suicide and the country is now becoming a one-party (Democrat) system.

This might just  be America’s last election.

But whatever happens...

...keep keep watching what all the Communists are doing within the confines of the US Government.