Friday, May 6, 2016

Are All Our Candidates Communist?

It sounds a bit ridiculous to be calling our presidential candidates Communists.

But then you have to remember that America has a long history of Communist infiltration...beginning with President Franklin Roosevelt.

Yes that’s Franklin 'my-best-friends-are-Communists' Roosevelt. The same man who considered Stalin his best friend, and whose administration was infiltrated by Communists from bow to stern.

Senator McCarthy was silenced by no less than President Eisenhower himself when it was discovered that McCarthy had turned over a rock exposing a swarm of Communists potato bugs...firmly entrenched in the US Government.

America has happily gone on believing we represent freedom, democracy and capitalism, while the most outrageous failures like Korea, Vietnam, Iran Hostage, Gulf War, Iraq War, and the Afghan-Iraq Occupation continue to come vex us and exposing our seeming inability to pull anything off...

...while the architects of our demise are allowed to go home unquestioned, undisturbed, uncriticized...and sporting an award or two.

Donald Rumsfeld, for instance...

...who, as Secretary of Defense under Ford, abandoned South Vietnam in the face of a Communist attack in 1975, leaving our “allies” without a single bullet....

...and then returned under W. Bush to turn our occupation of Iraq into a total disaster.

Ever hear this smiling bag of crap being called a Communist  traitor by the media?

Of course not.

I myself got a first hand look at Communism at the top levels of the Ivory Tower, where, it seemed, every other professor was a “Marxist” each with his own coven of student Marxists, all on their way to successful placement in the highest position of our government.

You can imagine my surprise when my own mentor professor one day introduced himself to me as a “card-carrying Communist.”

The truth is the Communist fungus has been growing inside America for some time, and has reached mortal levels of metastasis.

Take our presidential candidates, for instance.

I know, that lately, Trump has been left as the last man standing on the Republican side, making it look like a Trump vs Hillaly stand off, but let’s take a real look at what candidates “America” has offered us.

For starters we have been offered not one but TWO Cuban-Americans (Rubio and Cruz) with paternal COMMUNIST ties (remember that Communist operatives tend to be generational).

Then we have TWO Marxists (Hillary and Sanders).

And one declared GLOBALIST (Joh Kasich).

And ANOTHER East Coast Establishment New Yorker (Donald Trump).

So let’s sum up.

We have TWO Cuban Americans and THREE New Yorkers for a grand total of FIVE viable candidates (of which FOUR are Communists!) and a globalist offered to us as the best possible material to lead the United States of America.

Just how is it that THIS group represents the United States?

Two Cuban Communists and Two New York Communists as presidential candidates for 2016...

...are you serious?

How is this supposed to represent America ethnically, socially, politically or economically...or in any way shape or form whatsoever?

But if you think about all starts to make sense.

After all, you have to replace the Communist presently in the White House (Obama)...with another Communist...right?

Let’s see what the  'the Establishment' have given us to choose from.


This guy’s parents immigrated to the United States in 1956, fleeing the Communist revolution in Cuba (the country fell to Communism in 1959). 

Well and good.

But check this out:

His mother made FOUR trips to COMMUNIST Cuba AFTER Castro took power.

People fleeing Communist takeover do not normally return home to Communism.

For starters, they are likely to get arrested, sent to a concentration camp or even killed by the new regime (who always suspects all new incomers as spies).

This lady, who supposedly fled Communism...went back to Communism FOUR TIMES!

And not only was she permitted to leave the US...but she was allowed to enter Cuba...and later return back to America.

Newsflash: until couple of years ago, not only was travel to Cuba completely BANNED by the US, but totally prohibited by the Cuban government itself.

Ever hear of the Iron Curtain?

So how did Marco Rubio’s mom get to enter Communist Cuba FOUR times?

And the suspicious activity does not end there.

And the Rubio Family Communist connection does not end there!

His naturalized grandfather, who had fled the revolution in Cuba with his family in 1956....

...returned to Communist Cuba in 1959 (the  very same year Cuba fell to Communism).

Let me mention again that entering Communist Cuba was not only illegal, but next to impossible given the Cold War and the Iron Curtain.

But ol’ grampa Rubio did...and he liked it!

He liked Communism so much that he stayed in Castro’s Communist Cuba for THREE YEARS!

He finally had a change of heart, and decided to re-immigrate back to the United States in 1962, which he did.

Are you kidding me?

He was allowed to leave Communist Cuba and enter America during the height of the CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS?

Nothing suspicious there!

Just some guy who defected to Communist Cuba for three years...then decides to re-enter America during the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis?

Nothing wrong with this candidate, folks, move along.


Hey, Ted’s father decided to JOIN THE COMMUNIST PARTY in Cuba right as the revolution was heating up.

He was caught and jailed by the Cuban government as a COMMUNIST GUERRILLA.

After that, well, you know, their communists talked to your communists and...

...presto!  Before you know it, Ted’s dad gets a ‘get out of jail’ card in Cuba and is accepted to the University of Texas in 1957.

Which is rather strange for a jailed Communist guerrilla.

While in America, the land of the free and home of the brave, as if to UNDERLINE the fact that he was a freaking Communist Ted’s dad gave many speeches supporting Castro, the Cuban Revolution and the glories of Communism in at the University of Texas.

After Cuba finally fell to the Communists, Ted’s daddy got that magical free pass and used it... visit now Communist Cuba WEEKS after Castro took power (probably to give Fidel a high five).

The rest is history.

Ted was born in CANADA to naturalized CUBAN parents.

Why they let this unqualified loser run for President is beyond me.

Could it be the same magic that let his father back into Cuba and from there back into the US?


You don’t have to look too deep to size up this cafe communist.

Joined the Young People’s Socialist League in College.

Joined the People’s (Communist) Party in 1971.

Did not have a job until the age of 40 (sign of a professional communist)

Like the Communists mentioned above, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and now a millionaire.

In the early 1980‘s,  as Mayor of Burlington, Vermont, Bernie visited the freshly installed Communist Sandinista government in Nicaragua and could not stop gushing about how they had created a paradise.

He got the nick name ‘Bernie Sandinista’ shortly thereafter.

He never repented on his high opinion of Communist regimes (including Cuba) and, in fact describe breadlines as a sign of economic health and that he had a hunch that the Cuban people actually appreciated living in a one-party state.


Now we finally get into the #1 Communist candidate.

Hillary Clinton’s college era connection to Marxist Paul Alinsky is well known.

Alinsky stayed in regular touch with Hillary who he had great praise for (wonder why).

Hillary herself confirmed her Marxist beliefs to direct and extended family members.

Which came as no surprise when she marriendBill Clinton, a Communist who skipped the draft during the Vietnam War while DOING A STOP OVER AT THE USSR!

Again that Communist pass thing.

Now when you get to Hillary and Bill, you are talking high-functioning Marxism.

And at this level, of course, the CIA is involved.

Otherwise known as the ‘Communist Infiltration Agency’ the CIA is America’s liaison with Communism, the main source of US secrets leaked to Communism and the number one purveyor of mass-disinformation to American leadership.

In other words, the CIA is an institution which aids and facilitates Communism.

Now hold on to your seat for the great surprise:

Hillary and Bill Clinton are CIA assets!

They were CIA when they helped run the Mena, Arkansas drug running operation on behalf of the CIA.

And Bill continued to be CIA during his entire presidency.

Hillary’s husband’s most notorious pro-Communist decision was to present two nuclear reactors to...NORTH KOREA!

As you might remember, North Korea is presently threatening us with nuclear annihilation.

Way to go Bill!

If you want more of for Hillary!

This paragraph concentrates on Hillary’s ties to Communism so I will spare you the details of here secret lesbianism, witchcraft, CIA membership and here betrayal and murder of Libyan leader Mohammar Qaddafi and US ambassador Chris Stevens.

But I CAN mention her compromising of MAJOR classified documents to the Communists through here illegal and covert alternate email system (which made classified State Department document available to Communist hackers).

And remember, if this woman becomes President, SHE will be the one guiding us through WW-III against Russia and China...and most probably to American defeat and disaster.

Russia and China could have no better comrade in no better place than Hillary Clinton.

If this woman is elected, take my advice...

...and leave the country.


At last, time to cover the great white hope!

Our national champion, the man who is going to guide us out of these desperate straits.

Someone who understands America and Americans!

Someone who...oh wait.

...ol’ Trump has a few suspicious events to answer for as well.

I don’t have much on Trump in regards to Communism, but there ARE a few things which activate alarm signals.


Well, I’m going try not to tell you that, but there are some indicators.

For starters, Communism aside, Trump is a life-long member of the Eastern Establishment headquartered in New York.

That’s right, the same establishment that basically owns and runs America...has financed every Communist revolution since the Bolsheviks and runs all the leftist Communist protest groups since Vietnam.

Having said that, it would be safe to assume that Donald Trump is totally controlled by the 2% of the population who run that city as well as our descent into Communism, with his top adviser Roger Stone (Stein) calling the shots.

Having said that, the ‘Donald’ has had some strange dating and mating habits when it comes to choosing a wives.

For example, in 1977, Trump married a Czech model, who had been allowed to leave Czechoslovakia in 1971.

Remember that Iron Curtain we were talking about?

In 1971 it was well established barrier: nobody left Eastern Europe and nobody entered Eastern Europe (remember the Berlin Wall?) especially to or from the West.

So how Trump came to marry a woman form Communist Czechoslovakia during the height of the Cold War raises some questions.

This Czechoslovakian √©migr√©, Ivana Nelvickova, who was magically allowed to pass through the Iron Curtain at the height of the Cold War came to be Trump’s first wife under the name Ivana Trump (after being the consort of two powerful North American Jews - guess Donald doesn’t mind sloppy seconds).

And more, Trump’s new wife in 1977 was not only allowed regular visits behind the Iron Curtain and back...but did not become a US Citizen until 1988.


Anyway, the marriage went downhill after Trump decided to go back to American cuisine by getting a taste of American model/actress (and CIA asset) Marla Maples.

The marriage to Ivana dissolved in 1991

...and Donald married Marla Maples in 1993...

...two months after Marla gave birth to Trump’s daughter (which seems to indicate a shotgun wedding).

This marriage to actress/model/CIA agent Marla Maples lasted until 1999 after which Donald returned to his obsession with Eastern European women...whom he could not keep away from.

(his ex-wife, Ivana Trump’s, previous behavior had taken on all the characteristics of a KGB operative, complete with regular trips behind the Iron Curtain to ‘visit family).

So back behind the Iron Curtain went Donald...

...the beauties of neither Paris,nor London, nor Rome nor, New York, nor any of the  the Nordic countries had the beauty to capture Trump's attention.

For his new wife he had to go back to looking into former Iron Curtain countries.... find the girl of his dreams: Yugoslavian model, Melanie Knauss...

...whom he married in 2005.

Who is Melania Knauss?

Well...her father was a member of the COMMUNIST PARTY.

(again that Communist daddy connection)

She dropped out of college her first begin a career in 'modeling.'

Which begs the question of when and where did she learn to speak FOUR languages fluently.

Fluidity in four languages is indeed a rare feat for a college drop out.

Meanwhile, Melania began looking for all intents and purposes like another Communist 'honey trap.'

...and by going back to his preference for Eastern European women with Communist backgrounds

...Trump has acquired all the characteristics of a man married to his controller...and a pawn for Communist intelligence agencies.

But whether he is a Communist gofer or not, nobody can deny that ‘The Donald’ has a plan for America.

Though fans have focused on Trump’s promise of a ‘wall’ on the border and creating more jobs by kicking China to the curb, few have picked up on his pro-torture, pro-war, pro-fascist policy (hey, Hillary has the same policy!).

In short, count on more war and less liberty with Trump.

This icon or pawn, or whatever he is, has made HIS policy abundantly clear.

So...have they finally given us a choice of COMMUNIST to pick at our presidential elections?

(after all this is exactly what the politburo does in Communist countries during elections)

That’s what it looks like from where I’m standing.

Has our secret submission to Communism reached such levels that we have now been given the choice of not one...not two...not three...not four....but FIVE Communist candidates to choose from during our next presidential elections?

How far have we fallen?

All we need now are the Russian and Chinese troops kicking down doors...with full support of the US Government.

Pay attention to what is happening now.

The Republican Party committing suicide and the country is now becoming a one-party (Democrat) system.

This might just  be America’s last election.

But whatever happens...

...keep keep watching what all the Communists are doing within the confines of the US Government.

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