Wednesday, July 20, 2016

NATO: The Foolish Weakling

As you know, Britain has voted to leave the European Union.

Britain has a reason to do this - Europe is about to be overrun.

The insane reason NATO is acting so aggressively against NATO's insane reasoning.

One might think that a military alliance with no conscription...little or no military industry...insufficient martial ideology and pathetically small volunteer armies...might refrain from provoking what amounts to a sleeping bear.

But NATO suffers from two very dangerous conditions: Delusion and Pride.

 The Delusion actually consists of two parts:

1) That Russia is a collapsed state without an army

2) That if Russia attacks the mere threat of nuclear weapons will stop her cold

And the 'nuclear option' is the only viable threat NATO has had against the Russians  since the 1950's when she chose to keep her small armies small while investing the bulk of her funds on her economy and welfare.

How would these small military forces stop the Russians?

Once the Russians started breaking through, America would unleash her tactical nuclear weapons and stop the Russians in their tracks.

At least that was the theory on paper.

In practicality, NATO expected her tripwire nuclear threat to KEEP THE RUSSIANS FROM EVER EVEN CONSIDERING AN ATTACK.

And it seems to have far.

But consider the irresponsible all-or-nothing gamble NATO has played with the lives of a billion Euro-American people for overn 60 years:  "the Russians attack, we unleash nuclear hell and everybody dies!"

One might think one was dealing with an insane explosives-jacketed suicide bomber rather than one of the most sophisticated societies on Earth.

But there it was.

Nobody ever bothered to ask if, when the Russians attacked, NATO WOULD really push the nuclear button. 

After all, it would be the very NATO countries that NATO was supposed to protect that would become ground zero for tactical nuclear weapons.

...and the various NATO commands would ALL have to agree to use the nuclear weapons in order to deploy them (what if they didn't?)

...and what if the US (who controlled all the nuclear weapons) decide to back out?

But the microscopic chance that all-out nuclear war would be unleashed, apparently kept the Russians under wraps.

But today things are different.

NATO and Europe are totally infiltrated by Russian agents...and the Russian know a bit more (actually a lot more) about the inside workings of NATO and what they are likely to do. In other words, Russia is working from a solid base of knowledge of NATO's inner workings and intentions.

Would NATO countries agree to the use of nuclear weapons on THEIR soil resulting in THEIR total immolation?


But NATO still thinks this nuclear BLUFF will keep the Russians under control should they consider attacking.

The second delusion NATO has is that it is actually a solid, well rounded institution ready to fight a prolonged war. 

It isn't.

NATO forces were actually designed as tripwires for nuclear war...not armies with massive stockpiles ready to fight a prolonged war.

In fact, optimistic forecasts saw NATO armies fighting for a few months only (less optimistic forecasts said weeks).

More dismally In more recent shows of force NATO has proven it doesn't even have enough AMMUNITION to fight a war for more than a month!

It has run out of ammunition in Desert Storm, Serbia, Libya and more recently in the week-long Iraq war.

How is NATO going to hold up in a long war against Russia?

Like the Old West gunfighter who has made a reputation by shooting drunks, NATO has built its reputation taking out Third World nations.

Needless to say, NATO has looked GOOD doing this - a real professional military force using the latest in technology to destroy entire armies in days.

While the truth is all NATO has been doing is kicking sand in the sandbox.

In reality, NATO has never gone up against an industrialized and technologically advanced opponent, like Russia and China.

But NATO keeps falling back on its old laurels of Afghanistan, Iraq, Serbia and Libya as proof of its military prowess...

...which is a bit like WW-II Italy relying on its 'glorious victories' over Ethiopia, Libya and Albania as solid proof it was ready to fight Great Britain.

But even here cracks in NATO image began to appear when special Russian military teams began fiddling with NATO forces.

In Serbia, they brought down a Stealth Fighter like it was a cheap kite.

In Iran, Russian teams remotely took over and LANDED America's most advanced drone, the IQ-170, on an Iranian airfield.

In the Black Sea, Russian elite electronic units SHUT DOWN the Aegis cruiser USS Cook.

GPS tinkering by Russia has caused US submarine and ships to crash into undersea terrain and even become stuck and stranded in shallows.

In Lebanon, Israeli tank crews supplied with US-supplied thermal imaging sights were unable to 'see' enemy troops equipped with Russian-supplied 'thermal camouflage' suits...even as these 'invisible' troops proceeded to wipe out Israeli tanks one after another...and force them to retreat.

So as you see, coming up with a nation of technical parity and industrial superiority is quite different than pushing around Third World nations on a weekend.


My point is the only thing NATO is well equipped with is SELF-DELUSION and HUBRIS backed up with a healthy dose of NARCISSISM.

One doesn't win wars with these alone.

The lining up of NATO forces on Russia's backyard is sheer  suicide.


Saturday, July 16, 2016

BrExit: Britain Leaves a Doomed Europe

You might have noticed the shocking news. 

Britain Has Voted to Leave the European Union.

The pundits like to squawk victoriously "the British have had enough!"


Like they had enough degenerate elementary school sex education for their children?

Like they had enough ONGOING Radical fundamentalist Muslim immigration into their country?

Like they had enough of the the creation of the radical Muslim ghettos which dot their country, keep the British out and work closely with ISIS?

Like they had enough of the government-protected child-rape and murder networks occupying their government?

Like they had enough of the small-business-destroying government regulations which have kicked the British to the streets?

Like they had enough of their ROTTEN public health care system?

How about having enough of the total destruction of privacy and the forests of cameras and microphones on their public streets?

And how about that MASONIC old boys networks which control the police and basically keep all non-masons from getting promoted in most institutions?


They never had a vote on THOSE THINGS, did they?

And you know why?

The top never sanctioned it.

So now that we covered how when something is NOT favored by the top, it never gets off the ground...let's cover something that did.


Brexit happened because the Masonic-MI6/MI5-Royal network which controls Britain wished it to happen.

Why it has even leaked that the very Queen of England herself has stated the opinion that Britain should leave Europe.

Can't get any more official than that.

So, it seems Europe is indeed....leaving.

But why?

Before answering, let me make one thing clear.

England is THE hub core of the New World Order.

England has controlled the world through international masonry (which it created) linked with its intelligence services and the rule of 'The City' where the economies of the world itself are managed.

In other words, England actually rules this place.

England is the cockpit from which the World Order is run.

In other words, England is an important place.

It being that, England tends to pull away from collapses and disasters in order to give itself an approximation of order and stability in which to continue to do its business.

Having said that, let's get to the reason for England leaving the EU.

The EU is doomed....

...and I am not talking just economic and social doom....

...I am talking about literal occupation and military forces.

England wants no part of it...and is making a clean break from the coming chaos.

You might have noticed how England remained comfortably aloof from Europe's collapse into totalitarian occupation during the last World War.

Well, England is doing it again - separating itself Europe's upcoming collapse to totalitarianism.

England is going to spare itself the mess of being any part of it.

In other words, England is separating because...

...the Russians are coming.

That's right.

The Russians are about to occupy Europe.

If most of the world is so clueless that it doesn't realize, then that is just too bad.

Because the truth is Europe has not only been deceived into believing Communism has collapsed...but has been steadily infiltrated by Communist (KGB) assets like Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany), Francois Hollande (President of France), Anders Rasmussne (Secretary General of NATO) and Jean Claude Junker (President of the EU).

In short, a large part of the European infrastructure is in the hands of Communists (you might have heard about our own Communist-in-charge: Barack Obama).

Besides believing that Communism has collapsed, most Europeans have been blissfully unaware that RUSSIA IS ARMED TO THE TEETH.

It's the same trick Russia always pulls before clobbering somebody.

Play the useless weakling...then CLOBBER THEM.

They did this with Charles XII of Sweden.

They did this with Napoleon of France.

They did this with the Kaiser of Prussia.

And they did this with Hitler.

Historically Russia has always made the enemy think it is weak...right before striking.

"when in a position of strength, feign weakness" as Sun Tzu would say.

Incredibly...the Europeans always believe it!

Listen: in 1995 Russia had 60,000 tanks, 50,000 armored personnel carriers, 5,000 aircraft, 300 warships and 250 submarines.

The systematic destruction of these weapons has never been confirmed.

Along with their "Communism has collapsed theme" the Russians are fond of putting together junk yards of rusted out weapons to show everybody just how collapsed and useless they are.

In reality, these are really just props.

Where are the hard numbers?

And where are the weapons you ask?

Have you ever heard of underground bunkers, underground submarine bases and a process called "mothballing"?

The US itself should knows all about underground areas....the country itself is not only honeycombed with them, but America keeps huge weapon weapon depots in foreign countries...and Russia is supposed to NOT have any?

The truth is the European Union and NATO have been carefully PREPARED for Communist occupation for quite a lengthy period of time.


Compared to Saudi Arabia's 13% GNP (Gross National Product) spent on defense...

...the US spends less than 4% of its GNP on defense...

...while the Europeans spend a pathetic average of only 1% of their GNP to defend themselves...

No money for armies translates into pathetically small armies.


England ended the draft in 1963.

The US ended the draft in 1973.

France ended the draft in 1996.

Germany ended the draft in 2011.

By which time all the rest of Europe (with exception of Greece and Turkey)  had followed suit and ended the draft as well.

No draft means no soldiers for armies which translates into pathetically small numbers of soldiers.

By the way Russia NEVER ENDED THE DRAFT...nor, for that matter, China, which supplies daily basic training to its young in public schools...starting in the 1st grade!


Corruption and Greed have been used to turn arms production into a money bonanza for the arms manufacturers...

...which turn out needlessly complicated weapons...which do the same thing a simpler and cheaper weapons could an enormous price.

A good example is the European Leclerc tank which cost 10 million dollars apiece and was canceled after delivering a mere 180 tanks to the French Army (many of which were exported to other countries!).

Overly expensive weapons translates into very few weapons bought by the government.


Europe BANNED and RID ITSELF of all its mines in 1997 through the Mine Ban Treaty.

Mines could have helped slow down a Russian attack...but no more.

Russian tanks will now be able to roam freely, seeking out NATO's pathetically small armies without even having to worry about these troublesome devices.

Not only that, but all US forces in Europe have been prohibited from having mines, leaving US forces as defenseless as the Europeans.


The inclusion of women and open homosexuals in the European (and US) frontline armed forces have made them basically non-combat capable.


As if all that wasn't enough, Europe has been infiltrated by Communist agents of the KGB at all levels.

The perfect example is the ex-Communist East German STASI Agitprop (Agitation and Propaganda operative) Angela Merkel who has been appointed leader of Germany and , in turn, recruited ex-Communist East German STASI asset Anetta Kahane to run German censorship.

A second good example is Communist KGB asset Francois Hollande, who has been installed as president of France, destroyed French society through Muslim immigration, and destroyed constitutional rights through martial law.

In short, RUSSIAN COMMUNIST AGENTS are already leading the Europeans!

Where do you think they will lead them to, eh?

Once you have enemy agents within the gates of a besieged city, what do you think that enemy will do?

Open the gates?

What are the chances?


Militarily European armies are the equivalent of 6th graders coming up against the bar brawler which is Russia.

So when you are the equivalent of a bunch of 6th graders coming up against a full grown brawler, the LAST thing you want to do is face him in the open.

What you do is HIDE in corridors and choke points and atop hills, hoping to lure him in and stop him.

Instead, what the Europeans are doing is placing their pathetic armies right up against the borders where the Russian forces will be coming thorough!

That's right, from the Baltic and the Baltic States to Poland and the Black Sea, the European Armies are marching out and concentrating in what amount to geographic death traps when the Russians come through.

They'll be totally overrun in hours!


So I don't think I need to describe to you any further how dis-prepared and unready Europe is for the Russian behemoth.

Their armies are being lined up for the slaughter against the borders of Ukraine and Belarus.


It has no draft and hardly any forces...the Russians will sweep through that place and hit the NATO forces on the border (unless NATO is stupid enough to advance into the Ukraine themselves...which will make their demise even more complete).


Belarus is a virtual client state of Russia - servile lap dog of Putin. They are more likely to sweep the highways, wave the Russian forces thorugh and then join them in attacking the Europeans on the Polish border.


Poland is a member of NATO.

But one might ask why?

NATO has no support infrastructure in Poland!

No supply depots.

No airfields.

No fortifications.

No military bases.

The NATO forces in Poland are overstretched, with their supply lines going clear to Western Germany.

Poland is a flat plain, with no where to hide!

What a nice place to DIE!

And Russia?

Russia is secretly still ARMED TO THE TEETH!

Those 60,000 tanks are still there!

Those 50,000 armored personnel carriers are still there!

Those 70,000 pieces of artillery are still there!

When the time comes, all that stuff is going to enter Europe....

and turn the NATO armies into piles of corpses and burning wrecks

And when that happens, the Communist European leadership will bend over backwards to SURRENDER UNCONDITIONALLY.

Now do you understand why Britain is leaving the European Union?

Britain is leaving because the European Union is doomed to total defeat and occupation by the Russians.

And this is likely to happen in the very near (rather than distant) future.

Putin has already warned WAR is about to break out... the Europeans and Americans behave like this was still 1995.

But there is no helping these fools on the Titanic.

Europe is doomed.

It will be the first to be absorbed into the COMMUNIST New World Order.

And Britain is leaving because it won't have anything to do with this mess...

...preferring instead to watch Sodom and Gomorrah burn from a distance...

...and become a nuclear-armed Switzerland in the new order of things.


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dallas: Government Starts Murdering Police

It was only a matter of time...

If one analyzes the progression of the Communist program, one understands that the final segment of the program is the extermination of police.

And make no mistake, we have COMMUNISTS at the helm in this country, with another COMMUNIST (Hillary) getting read to take the seat as President.

What happened in Dallas is old hat Communist provocateuring.

It goes like this:

Organize a demonstration

Have snipers in the general area and shooters mixed in with the crowd

Have the snipers and shooters start blasting the police while the demonstration is taking place

Hopefully, the police will return fire, killing scores of demonstrators and leaving the streets running with blood.

Advertise the ‘massacre’ to the hilt, creating outrage against the police and the government.

But going back to Dallas, the police here, with all their Homeland Security training should know all this, but only demonstrated their cluelessness.

How clueless? Well, let's talk about what didn't happen.

How about sealing off the entire area within 500 yards from which the police were slain along with all the buildings within this area (which should have been a simple thing to do since it was a downtown business district, not a residential area).

Then immediately going through each building with a fine comb while registering and doing background checks on everyone in them.

Did any of this happen?


Guess all that much ballyooed anti-terrorist police training from the Federal Government is a bunch of crap.

So far, the police have detained 3 suspicious individuals who ‘are not talking.’

Oh, don worry, police, soon a federal official will show up to vouch for them and take them off your hands (and if you’re stupid enough you’ll let them go).

But in all your squirming, agonizing and posturing, police forces of America, do take note: the Federal Government is starting to murder you...because it is not your government...anymore.

It has started to murder you and cover up the murders with Federal officials, judges and intelligence assets infiltrated right within your own forces.

During the Communist Revolution in Russia the police were not forgotten.

First they were dis-empowered.

Then they were disarmed by the interim government.

Finally they were murdered and their corpses dragged through the streets naked.

Also, please note what is happening to the police in Communist Venezuela.

The police there are being MURDERED and their weapons and uniforms robbed by mysterious groups the government just can’t seem to lay a hand on.

Come on.

Look at Venezuela, police, and you will see your future.

But back to the present.

Police...wake up or die.

The GOVERNMENT is now a TERRORIST organization occupied by CIA assets.

They have now turned on YOU.

Get it?

This means, you must no longer do what the ‘Federal Agent in Charge’ tells you to do....because he will always be there to cover up the terrorist operation itself.

I mean, search down deep a little and grab your balls.

You do have a certain amount of sovereignty to arrest, detain, question and keep people who you suspect just tried to KILL you.

Don’t let the local ‘agent in charge’ take your prize catch (which is probably a Federal Government agent as well).

I couldn’t help but see the local white bald freak ‘agent in charge’ standing there right behind the Dallas Police Chief, making sure he was saying and all the right things, like the puppet master that he is, especially since the police were asserting there were MULTIPLE SHOOTERS, something the FBI does NOT want you to hear.

And police, when you catch suspects, they will probably NOT be Black or Hispanic, but White person with a Federal Government background, or a certain olive tinge delineating an Israel Mossad asset.

They will try to tell you their on the same team, that their you’re friends, maybe even produce a badge or two.

Keep these bastards!

And the local video footage you’ll probably be able to get from all those cameras you have on the street, DON’T let the FBI have it, and if you do at least MAKE A COPY of it for your own records.

It’s time for you guys to stop posing while behaving as Federal gofers, grow up and look out for yourselves, against criminals ....and...the Federal Government, which, at this just about the same thing.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Live TV Reporters Readinging Scripts!

One habit I have is pay attention to detail when I watch TV (which isn't often).

I even put the thing on mute during commercials to watch them closely.

While I'm hearing the news (or watcing movies) I even watch the background.

So you can imagine my surprise when my local newscast returned from a commercial and the camera began zooming in slowly past other cameras and equipment on to the desk of the news anchors for them to begin their report (script reading)...

...and I could not help but see quite clearly a teleprompter containing part of  what would be said within the next 60 seconds.

I chuckled to myself as I waited for the anchors to start spouting off the exact same paragraph I had just finished reading.

However, I was disappointed when the anchors did NOT repeat the teleprompter - not at all.

However, soon the newscasters introduced the viewer to 'a reporter on location' and he started to 'report.'

Guess what he said.


At this point I had to take a time out and analyze the details of what had just happened (you know- what people don't do when they are all hopped up on microwaves, coffee, noises and psychotropic drugs).

Scene: The reporter - on location and live - was appearing to 'report' supposedly on what he had just seen and found out...just now!

Supposedly the anchors, the television audience and the entire world were all waiting for the reporter to give us a 'live report from the scene' - real television news in the making.

Yet the reporter's 'live report' was an EXACT word-for-word of what was on the teleprompter I had spotted at as the camera zoomed in on the anchors.


Let's see.

The reporter as on the scene live...yet was reading off a script on a teleprompter...

...this means the information he was reporting had already been read, digested and paraphrased as a teleprompter script...before the reporter evern arrived at the scene...

This means the 'news' had already been received at the TV station... at a much earlier someone who read the information, digested it and wrote a teleprompter script on it... order to have it ready when the reporter arrived 'on scene' to do his 'report.'

So what's going on here?

Do you really think an anonymous TV station desk jockey who wrote the prompt is a super-detective, lighting-fast investigative journalist so as to investigate, digest and write a complete article on what had just happened for a reporter to read when he gets to the scene right as he arrives?

I don't think so.

Do you know what happened?

The desk jockey got an official release, report or memorandum from some official agency (probably the police) about what had happened early that the morning...

...and had quickly typed up a script for the reporter to read once he got to the scene.

The 'scene' is just a prop background from where the reporter reads a paraphrased official release.

The reporter gets there, reports (reads the script) 'live,' signs off and leaves.

This is what passes for reporting nowadays!

Pure theater and pretend...which is what I think the news media is more and more about.

I can just imagine the reporter thinking to himself after the shot, 

"What a cheap, phony, coon-ass way to make a living"

Combine this with the phony green-screen effects that super-impose a reporter 'live' anywhere in the world and you've got...complete manufactured reality.

Let's get it straight.

TV has left the realm of reality a long time ago.

One looks into it and sees all the cardboard facades of a cheap reality show.

TV is all about pretend and make believe.

If we believe any of it, we begin to base our existence on fantasy and make believe.

You have been warned.

TV is now the real fantasy make-believe mouthpiece for the New World Order.


Monday, July 4, 2016

Things Were Different...When I Was Young

My how things change.

The more things change the more they stay the same, right?

Well...not really.

I, for one, no longer recognize this planet as the one I grew up on.

Things have changed so quickly and so radically that the place has become somewhat alien.

Let’s go over a few things that have changed since I was young, shall we?:

The Sun was a warm yellow...not a hot white blowtorch...

...coastal waters were blue...not green...

....lightning was not blinding white light....

...rain was pure...not toxic...

...people did not send pictures to each other of their gonads and breasts... didn’t have to get a naked x-ray picture taken or your testicles order to board a plane

...flying was a rare and prized experience...not an imitation of a rush hour metro bus...

...the FBI operated independently, not with local police departments acting as its gofers under a “special agent in charge” could buy sales items without surrendering your personal information to a ‘preferred customer card’...

...Presidents were not related....

...Gay marriage did not exist and anyone proposing it was laughed at... education happened in High School...not elementary school...

...massage parlors were not fronts for Chinese prostitution... was affordable...

...doctors were middle class professionals...not millionaires...

...SWAT teams were not deployed to your home unless you had taken hostages and had them at gunpoint...

...there weren’t any cameras on the street... were not fat... did not know about sex...

...pornography was hard to get...

...children were not confiscated from their parents unless they had been severely injured... were allowed to run, play, fall, wrestle and play dodge ball at school...

...children did not get breast cancer or alzheimers...

...eye prescriptions were required every four years...not every year...

...gum did not contain aspartame...

...there were only two genders...

...there were no hate crime laws...

...measles was a disease nobody feared and many got...

...women were feminine...not crazy, rage-filled basket cases...

...people spent only a little time playing video games...not hours

Cops were accountable,  wore uniforms and behaved officially...not bermuda shorts and t-shirts, did not have tattoos, piercings or beards, hardly ever shot and killed people by mistake and did not resemble steroid using muscle freaks who have no control of themselves or their actions.
Gangs were a local irritating phenomenon...not massive out of control murder squads...

...working for the CIA was rare...not like working for Walmart or McDonald’s...

...there were only one to three required vaccines, most of them taken in elementary school..

...there were no flu vaccines...

...children were healthy, smart and strong...

...old people had wise, modest tempers and were respected by the younger generation...

...adults acted like adults....

...movies showed in theaters for most of the year...instead of disappearing after the first month...

...visits to the doctor, the hospital or buying medicine was affordable...

...most people did not have have health insurance and did just fine...

...China, Russia, Cuba and Vietnam were our known enemies...

...there was no illegal alien problem...nor were they allowed to work, vote, drive or take their children to public schools...

...torture was illegal...and anyone supporting it was considered insane...

...wars were declared against nations...not things

...reporters actually reported...instead of re-wording government releases...

...newspapers were independent...not branches of corporate combines...

...people were arrested for committing felony crimes...

...Americans were  allowed to file for bankruptcy...

...only a few people ever took psychiatric drugs...and they didn’t go crazy after taking them...

...marijuana was a misdemeanor...

...people watched a screen for only a few hours a day...instead of the whole day...

...smoking was allowed...

...most things were made in America...

...most businesses were mom and pop operations... centers did not sell food...

...only a few people used credit cards to  buy things... stamps were made out of paper...

...books were made out of paper...

...people read newspapers...

...homosexuality and bisexuality were rare and private affairs...instead of national crusades...

....'gay day’ and ‘gay parades’ did not exist...

...signs and recordings at public offices were in English...

...illegal immigrants were deported...and were rarely seen...

...high school students could get jobs... students were hard working and serious...not yahoos and losers...

...the government did not offer loans for college, and they weren’t needed... could actually work yourself through college... graduates could get jobs in the major they graduated in...

...getting into debt was considered a bad thing... didn’t have to have a good credit score to get an apartment or a job...

...people became impatient in long lines...

...people had short and long term memory...

...crops were natural...not genetically modifies lab experiments... were independent...not corporate employees...and saved their own seed for next planting season...instead of having to buy them from Monsanto...

...people had enough money for shopping, holidays and vacations...

...the entire nation was considered a ‘free speech zone’... had the right to protest anytime and anywhere as long as you did not interrupt  traffic...

...people couldn't say ‘penis’ or ’vagina’ on TV

...songs did not contain cuss words...

...chemtrails did not exist...

...drinking water was not contaminated...

...airline pilots actually had to take off, fly and land the plane...

...everyone knew how to read and write in cursive...

...autistic and special ed kids were rare...

...electric bills did not take up a large part of your income...

...everybody had full time jobs... had more acceleration....

...gasoline did not smell like turpentine.... spent a lot of time outside....

...old people were wise...instead of brainless...

...skateboarders were not violet gangs who bashed people over the head with their skates...

...cussing in public and in front of women was considered bad form...

...women were not called ‘dudes’...

...ozone was not considered a pollutant...

...nitrogen was not considered a pollutant... were never tested for pollution....

...people did their own yard work...

...few people had allergies...

...cancer rates were low...

...people didn’t repeat lines from the media word for word...

...there were no celebrity gossip TV shows...

...microwave energy was considered hazardous...

...looking at a screen for two long and too close was considered hazardous...

...few people wore glasses...

...few people were fat...

...people didn’t need pharmaceuticals to get an erection... had normal sperm counts...

...young couples were fertile....

...children were considered a blessing...instead of a liability...

...there might have been politically correct ways of behaving, but we never got lectures on it...

...bullying was not a problem....

...children did not commit suicide...

...being Christian was an asset...not a psychiatric condition...

...people got raises and bonuses every year...

...good, loyal, hard working employees received raises, bonuses, paid vacations and retirement...

...old people were considered wise sources of advice...instead of disposable liabilities...

...siblings let their elderly parents move in with them... children never moved back in with their parents...

...euthanasia was illegal and unthinkable...

...a person’s word meant something...

....parents were allowed to spank their children...

...people’s houses were not inspected for ‘livability’....

...people were not spied upon by home repair and maintenance people...

...there weren’t long lines at thrift stores...

...people prized privacy...

...we called our country ‘America’...not ‘The Homeland...’

...there were only two genders and two types bathrooms

...children were not counseled at school on changing their gender...

...children could not divorce their parents...

...cancer clusters were reported and investigated...

...trapped miners were rescued...

...utilities were owned by the public...not corporations...

...people could write and spell correctly...

...airliners did not just disappear off the face of the earth... scrapers did not collapse due to fire...

...government did not smuggled in and support illegal immigrants... of America weren't overrun with illegal immigrants...

...political campaigns were not funded by the China and the Saudi Arabia...

...corporations did not replace American workers with imported  H1b visa foreigners...

...America had industry...

...government did not bailout mismanaged  banks...

...retirement was a lock box...not an investment casino game...

...mothers did not kill their children...

...we didn’t take orders from International world authorities...

...our allies liked us, trusted us and lined up behind us...instead of hating us...

...the US President was more popular than the President of Russia...

...China didn’t own American companies...

...the weather was normal and predictable...

...our richest people did not want to become ‘gods’...

...forest fires were small affairs brought quickly under control...

...forests were regularly cleared and maintained...

...nobody knew what the words ‘Gaia,’ ‘Green’ or ‘Sustainable’ meant...

...there was no human DNA in our hot dogs...

...government regulated corporations instead of the other way around...

...corporate employees did not occupy seats of government...

...young girls didn’t throw away their virginity like used toilet paper....

...gun ownership was not big deal...

...our infrastructure was reliable and working...

...we could prove who our Presidents were and where they were born... was never so sweet or so salty one could not actually feel the taste of the food...

...cancer and diabetes was not out of control... got a job based on your talent and experience...not who you knew...

...the authorities needed warrants to search a person’s private property and papers...

...the Constitution was considered the maximum law of the land...instead of an obsolete piece of paper... legally swore oaths on the Bible before a court... legally swore an oath to the Constitution before being employed by government...

...Communism was not cool or popular...

...we didn’t have trade treaties with brutal and undemocratic Communist governments...

...our armed forces consisted of men and upheld by duty...not co-ed battalions  plagued by love triangles...

...the VA was one of the most well run government operations and took care of all veterans...instead of treating them like trash...

...people took responsibility for their mistakes... 

...a quarter of the adult population did not have herpes...

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Congressmen Returning As Monsters

I still remember JD Hayworth

...a Channel-10 sportscaster

...who one day decided he wanted to go to Congress...

...and he did.

Now J.D. was a likable TV persona.

He was always on the big side, but also a bit pudgy.

He had a good sense of humor and was always upbeat and dynamic.

The regular JD Hayworth

Then he got elected.

Arizona waved it popular, pudgy sportscaster-turned politician and wished him the best.

A few years later JD Hayworth returned.

My first reaction was "What the hell happened to him?"

JD had changed.

He seemed somehow taller...more massive...muscular...tanned...

...and ugly.

He looked like a 7-foot reptilian.

His voting record had changed along with his looks...

....and had aligned itself with Bush "conservativism" (actually fascism passing itself off as conservativism).

JD had left an easygoing popular one-of-the-guys...

 ....what we got back was humorless Frankenbooger.

 I mean where did the tan and muscles come from?

The Monster We Got Back
 And these were giant STEROID muscles, not just regular muscles.

Did JD have so much free time on his hands that he could dedicate to tanning and muscle building, combined with expert use of steroids?

What about all that legislative work?

Well, I put the whole Hayworth transformative incident aside as one particular man's 'journey' through Washington D.C.

That is, until Jeff Flake came along.

Jeff Flake was a conservative's conservative.

A native-born Arizonan who couldn't help spout his heart-felt conservativism, from abortion, to gun rights, to limited government and Chrisitanity (in his case, Mormon Christianity).

Soft-spoken, with boyish looks and a humble personality, Jeff Flake soon became the sweatheart of Christian conservatives in his district and beyond.

The original Jeff Flake

Jeff Flake was promptly elected to the House of Representatives and was consistently cheered for his spotless conservative voting record.

I still remember an interview in which he got caught with a foldable hammock in his congressional office.

Flake admitted that he did work late hours.

Then he meekly admitted that a representative's pay was really not enough to rent an apartment close to the Captitol Building, and that several Congressmen really lived in their offices!

Further questioning pulled out the confession from flake that government's role was limited to protecting society under the Constitution and that there was little role for it beyond that.(no welfare, no involvement in education, no regulation, no interference with the states) and that government didn't really need to be very large at all.

Well, many Arizonans celebrated at that little show of soft-spoken, yet strong-willed conservative humility and were thankful we had a REAL Conservative in the House.

Time passed.

With time, Flake's voting record got weirder and weirder.

He started spouting off that the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnersip) - a nation-ending international economic dictatorship - was a good idea.

And it got worse from there.

Then he came to visit.

What walked out of the passenger jet was unrecognizeable.

Tanned, muscled...ugly...and mean looking.

Just like ol' JD looked when he came back. 

The New Uglier Jeff Flake

"Who the hell is that?" was everybody's reaction.

Not only did Jeff Flake seem taller, more muscular, more tanned, but also ugly and dangerous looking...and humorless (just like JD Hayworth).

The smiling, boyish-looking representative who wore his heart on his sleeve was gone.

I mean, who is this guy in the picture?

Did someone break his nose?

Proof of Flake's newly muscled body can be seen below

The New Super Muscular Flake

What did he spend all his time doing in Washington?

Taking steroids, building muscle and getting a tan?

And what's with the  broken nose?

Do you remember all those times during the Bush Administration when the President...then Rumsfeld...alternately appeared with bandages on their faces (Bush said he choked on a pretzel the fell and hit his face on a table).

Much later, John Kerry would appear with a face that looked as if it had been kicked by a mule.

Anyway, we sent a clean-cut, youthful-looking, Christian conservative to Washington...and got back the same Frankenbooger-looking entity that JD Hayworth had turned into.

And his voting record had changed too.

Recently, Jeff Flake, the Christian, anti-abortion, pro-family, pro-gun Conservative from Arizona...

...recently proposed a GUN CONTROL bill to Congress which removes the right of anyone on the No Fly List from owning a gun?


Since inclusion in the No Fly List is arbitrary, secret and unalterable, this will basically give the Federal Government the power of taking away your guns by simply writing down your name on a list!

This is NOT the Jeff Flake we know and love.

In fact, WHERE is the real Jeff Flake?

Has he been BLACKMAILED by the CIA apparatus whose job it is to compromise every single member of Congress?"

Has he defected to the Illuminati?

Has Flake simply gone to the devil?

Or has the real Jeff Flake been killed off and replaced with a clone?

After seeing two representatives go away to Washington and come back as tanned, muscled, ugly, mean-faced, humorless, ideologically unrecognizable monsters... is tempted to inquire.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Orlando: The Era of Make Believe

By now you must have heard of all the FACTS leading many to believe the Orlando Shooting was one more false flag operation.

The footage of TV 'documenting' this event was truly pathetic (as if in a drill).

Unconcerned victims and cops going through the motions.

No bystanders or onlookers.

Masses of police cars...and not a single ambulance in sight...for the 100 'victims.'

No crime scene footage.

No footage of a single corpse or body.

No blood.

Scant cellphone call recordings and cellphone footage.

The same 'actors' who appeared in passed false flags appearing again.

The truth is the Orlando Shootings looks like another false flag...

...and not a very good one either.

"But what about the names and pictures of all the victims?" many may ask.

Listen closely...


How many of the 9/11 terrorists were found later to be alive and totally innocent?

How many Sandy Hook victims turned out alive under different names?

Whatever truth comes out of this phony event won't matter because THE MEDIA WILL NEVER COVER IT, ALL WITNESSES WILL BE TOTALLY IGNORED.

Please understand that a totally controlled media has the ability to TOTALLY ignore news and facts.

The paid 'actors' of the false flag event can even be getting together to have a huge demonstration proclaiming "We acted for the cameras at Orlando! It was a drill!" and the media will IGNORE IT COMPLETELY, just like they did with all the other peculiarities at 9/11, Boston, San Bernardino and now, Orlando.

The totally controlled media has reality in its pocket, and it totally ignores what it does not want you to know.

But the most incredible thing is not the false flag itself...

...but the apparent ability of the New World Order to totally control reality.

Now reality is MANUFACTURED, not recorded.

The NWO has come a long way from manufacturing the Moon Landings to manufacturing daily reality for the population at large.


Through total control of realitly by way of 6 interconnected mega corporations which control reality.

I got sick feeling about reality when I discovered there really weren't any planes on 9/11.

The buildings were simply blown up.

The footage of the phony Computer-Generated-Imagery (CGI) can be found on YouTube...

...and explains the in-coherencies like the hole in the Pentagon, the no wreckage crash of Flight-93. and the lack of aircraft wreckage at the World Trade Center itself.

Now we are forced to go through all these staged tragedies like the Sandy Hook Shooting, Boston Bombing, San Bernardino shooting and now the Orlando Massacre... well as the forced posturing, plastic emotions and propaganda we have to endure on the TV screens for an entire month after the event.

But the worse thing is political policy.

Our political decisions, laws and policies are actually being affected by all this make believe!

One thing I remember from my reading of the Protocols of Zion is the necessity of "make-believe" in controlling the masses.

Make believe indeed.

I personally am left wondering...'what next'?

A phony moon landing on Mars?

Aliens warning us to accept environmentalism?

Maybe make believe footage of melting ice caps and acres of dead sea life?

As if our world is not messed up enough without it.

Masses of the enemy in full retreat before our glorious armed forces in wartime?

The sky is the limit, really.

For we have entered the Era of Make Believe...

...where reality is not recorded, but manufactured...

...and government policy is based on theater.