Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WW-III: The West Falls / The New World Order Arrives

The New World Order came quickly.

The US collapsed into bloody Civil War fought over by ragged groups of militias and mercenaries amidst the economic and social rubble that was the United States of America.

The US President an infiltrated Illuminati traitor, who had already committed enough war crimes on American citizens to guarantee an eternal split in the Union, proceeded with his brutal policy of treating all contrary states as ‘enemy combatants.’

American armed forces made useless by lack of the spare parts provided by national cohesion and plagued by national bankruptcy as well as economic and social collapse did what they could to slaughter one another.

But what had been the United States of America was now too bankrupt, too unindustrialized and too gutless to fight much of any type of civil war, except through small cadres of hot-blooded volunteers and murderous mercenaries.

After a cesspool of brutal ‘get-tough’ policies (including the execution of 'enemy combatants') by the US Presidency and its mannequin Congress (resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans and the concentration camp imprisonment of millions more) the Second US Civil War collapsed into a series of Yugoslavia type stalemates – aimless battles which went nowhere.

America was simply too bankrupt and de-industrialized to fight even itself.

China armed California to the teeth with smuggled weaponry through its Pacific ports.

The Chinese also armed Texas to the neck with sophisticated arms through Mexico.

Both regions had done rather well in repelling the overstretched and badly supplied Federal attacks against their territories.

In the end, the Feds had only succeeded in occupying Dixie and part of the Midwest. 

Dixie continued to resist by way of a bloody guerilla war against the occupiers.

But the successful Federal confiscation of the Midwest (America's breadbasket) set off mass starvation in the Western secessionist territories, turning the Second American Civil War...into a desperate food war.

It was with this unravelling of the United States that the old world order finally came to an end. 

In fact, America had been the lynchpin to the unravelling of the entire planet. 

By this time Russia and China had already initiated all sorts of political and economic initiatives with the newly created Republics of Caliwest and Texsouth, supplying them with trade, money, food and weapons.

The US Navy, though still operable, was now handicapped by lack of spare parts and a supply echelon made non-existent by the disintegration of the US (the Pacific Fleet had lost its San Diego base when California seceded and was now stationed in Hawaii).

Simply put, the infrastructure that had kept the US war machine functioning was gone.

As it now existed, the US Armed Forces were  barely able to continue functioning.

Worse yet, the surprising disintegration of the United States of America left the nations under protection of the Pax Americana defenseless, since they had relied entirely for their security upon a super-power…which now ceased to exist.

The Communists Nations did not hesitate to exploit the opportunity.

North Korea attacked South Korea.

South Korea (who had hired Israelis ‘experts’ to supervise the creation of their mobilization system) found the entire system collapsing amidst the chaos of war.

And why not?

Communist agents had already infiltrated all the critical levels of the South Korean bureaucracy – most critically - the mobilization command system.

The air lanes over South Korea became glutted with the passenger jets carrying the South Korean upper classes away as they abandoned the country.

Seoul in the west became the symbolic focus of South Korean resistance while the mass of North Korean infantry and vehicles infiltrated across the trackless eastern half of the border, bypassed Seoul and then turned west to hit the sea, choking off the South Korean capital region.

A surrounded, cut off and starving Seoul was left to be digested by the North Koreans while a new massive army suddenly crossed the North Korean border and headed South – the Chinese People’s Liberation Army!

The CIA (in one of its last acts of treachery) had assured the US Government that the Chinese armies massing on the North Korean border were there to threaten North Korea in order to keep it from doing anything drastic,and that it was actually a good thing!

Too late the the US realized how wrong this ‘interpretation’ was.

As what was left of the functioning USAF (incapacitated by the civil war) re-focused its hapless attention on the advancing Chinese forces, the Chinese proceeded to break right on through and march south directly to the Korean Strait.

Air attacks become useless against the hordes of Communist North Korean and Chinese infantry advancing across the entire front backed up by sparse armored vehicles and thriving off captured South Korean supplies and ammunition.

The beginning of a wave of battlefield nuclear strikes by the United States (which had little or no effect on the advancing hordes) were soon called off by the government of South Korea itself (Pyongyang was never hit in mortal fear that Seoul would suffer a similar fate).

In one last act of bravado, the US (now consisting of mostly the Northeastern United States) sent in the 7th Fleet to assist South Korea, defend Taiwan and protect Japan.

But the unexpected happened.

The Navy command and NORAD watched helplessly as the entire 7th Fleet was incapacitated by multiple Chinese nuclear EMP detonations which exploded 30 miles directly above the fleet.

As it turned out, the Navy had never bothered to make its ships ‘EMP-proof.'

With its electronics array junked, the entire 7th Fleet halted in mid Pacific and turned tail for Hawaii under the threat of prowling Russian submarines and long-range bombers.

The US considered an immediate nuclear strike against China, but both Russia and China in surprising unison now informed the United States that a strike against China will trigger a joint full scale nuclear strike against the United States…they also took the opportunity to reveal they had never  abided by any of the nuclear limitation treaties while actually hiding what they had and continued to increase their respective nuclear arsenals, which they now revealed (with accompanying proof) to be five times that of the United States (which had foolishly been reducing its nuclear forces for over four decades).

The truth of what happened that day would never be revealed to the American public.

The office of the United States presidency (now occupied by a carefully selected traitor) immediately dismissed any though of a nuclear retaliatory strike on China, or, for that matter, North Korea.

It was only one of many surprises during what would amount to a very short war for the New World Order, or, as it was called, WW-III.

Meanwhile the Sino-North Korean advance reached Pusan at the Korean Strait and began preparing for the invasion of the Japanese islands proper while a Russian attack massed to hit Japan’s northern Island of Hokkaido from the Russia's nearby Sakhalin island.

It was at this very desperate moment that the US Navy began losing contact with all its deployed submarines.

After a time of confusion , US Navy command finally realized that most of the American submarines had been inexplicably destroyed.

It seemed that the Russian submarines had known the exact real time location of every American submarine, and had been either trailing them or waiting for them in ambush.

The truth was that the US naval code had been broken for quite some time and the US subs were reporting their position to the enemy every time they transmitted by way of treasonous programs, software and transmission already aboard the submarines.

It was a gutting blow, from which the US Navy never recovered (given its infrastructure problems created by the civil war).

Half of America’s submarines were gone, including ALL of its ballistic missile submarines.

Soon the waters off Japan became lit with a thousand bonfires as any and all merchant ships trying to reach Japan were torpedoed by Chinese, North Korean and Russian submarines as the forced starvation of Japan began.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the Russian Armies mobilizing on the border of the Ukraine under the  excuse of a local political squabble suddenly shifted their forces towards Belarus, which opened her doors to the mobile Russian armies.

Strangely, NATO had neglected to list Belarus as a close and  cooperating secret friend of Russia.

In addition to this, the Russian Army now seemed to sprout endless waves of armored vehicles.It dawned too late on NATO that Russian armored forces had never been left to rust, as Russian 'maskirova' propaganda had stressed, but had been put in careful mothballs for the great day of reckoning.

Regardless, the huge and ungainly NATO apparatus was activated to deal with the threat.

It did so with little help from the United States (now in the midst of fighting two wars: an insurrection within and WWW-III without).

But European mobilization did not occur smoothly either.

The nations of Europe who had all ended their military conscriptions more than a decade ago and now found themselves no trained reserves and little more than small volunteer armies. The few reserves who did show up were unmotivated, pudgy, out of shape and old.

To counter the West’s military bankruptcy, China and Russia mobilized en mass (after all, they had never ended THEIR military conscription).

As an overstretched NATO prepared to defend all of Europe, they misjudged the intention of the Russian juggernaut, which pushed directly into Warsaw and continued on to Berlin in a single-minded attack across the Northern European Plain.

Not even the different rail gauge presented a problem since all Russian trains ran on adjustable suspension carriages.

The Russian steam roller ignored all other NATO countries standing to the flanks of its advance and thrashed across northern Germany alone.

The Russians took massive casualties, but continue to attack with complete disregard for their losses.

After a short period of resistance, NATO forces gave ground.

The few local counterattacks NATO could muster against the Russian advance across the Northern Plain were like pin pricks against the hide of a giant boa constrictor.

At this point another issue emerged. 

Too late the NATO countries repented of having outlawed the land mines that could have stopped or at least delayed the Russian juggernaut. 

The Land Mine Treaties had been pushed through and signed by European traitors decades ago so that now not a single mine was now available to NATO to stop the Russian advance. 

Not one!

The final surprise of the European war now occurred. 

It began becoming all too apparent that after only a few weeks of fighting, NATO was  beginning to  run out of ammunition!

It seemed that NATO had never bothered to stockpile enough bombs, artillery shells and bullets to supply a massive war for any long period of time.

History has never bothered to explain this travesty, even though it had become obvious in the Yugoslavian and Libyan adventures, when NATO forces began running out of ammunition despite the limited scale of the battlefield.

It was the last straw.

Without ammunition, resistance would become pointless.

The NATO front in northern Germany now collapsed like a house of cards. 

As it did so, the nuclear option came to the fore.

All of NATO had staked its life on this option.

But the American initiative to use nuclear weapons was vetoed by EVERY member of NATO, including the Secretary General himself.

They didn't want any of the fallout from the use of such arms.

The nuclear umbrella, as it turns out, was just one more pipe dream.

As NATO collapsed, the German chancellor began declaring one German city after another ‘open’ as soon as Russian hordes reached it.

As per the rules of war, every ‘open’ city was considered off limits to any military defense and was abandoned with the hope that it would not be ravaged by the enemy.

It was done for humanitarian reasons, to spare the trapped German populations and buildings the destruction of war.

But the US military found the eagerness of the German Chancellor to declare so many critical German cities ‘open’ a little strange.

But why should it have been so strange?

After all, wasn’t the German Chancellor an ex-member of the East German Communist Party and an Agitprop agent in good standing back in the day?

As NATO collapsed before them, the Russian forces faced nothing but fleeing and surrendering masses of soldiers mixed in with panicking refugees.

But they didn’t stop.

They ran right over the packed masses of formerly dignified Europeans.

They pushed right through the densely packed junkyards of people and shiny new cars along the autobahns with bulldozers.

For a single moment it seemed like the closely packed, choking masses of capitalistic excess  of people, cars and junk clogging Europe’s highways might just stop the Russians advance.

But it only delayed them.

The Russian Army tore through the debris of capitalist collapse (human or otherwise) with steely indifference, using tanks with shovels and bulldozers to clear the roads.

Europeans were finally told just to stay inside their cities and simply wait for the Russians.

Hadn't the Russians respected Austrian neutrality and stayed out of that country?

And in truth, the Russian Government DID respect the open cities and their surrendering populations (it immediately shot all misbehaving Russian troops on the spot).

After all, it was the beginning of the second campaign for the New World Order – the campaign of sweet talk.

The Russians reached Rotterdam…and shortly thereafter, Brussels.

Paris was only a stone throws away when France asks for a separate armistice.

Many French cheered the resignation of its pro-American prime minister and got out into the streets to celebrate when the Russian president declares solidarity with the French socialists.

All this distracted attention away from Russia’s ultimatum for France to surrender all her nuclear forces to Russian supervision.

France was the first nation to fall to the ‘sweet talk’ – the seemingly very reasonable offers and coming out of Russia even as it crushed Northern Europe underfoot.

Nice catch phrases emerged from the mouth of the Russians:

“America and its allies was the cause of this war, and now that cause has been removed.”

“The war is over.”

“The point of contention is resolved.”

“Armageddon has been averted.”

“We offer an open hand.”

And finally,

“We are all Europeans!”

The Russians even insisted the European Parliament remain in place, only with Russia as the dominant member.

Of course, all European armies would be disbanded and then re-assembled under Russian control.

Russia, it seemed, had really done Europe a favor by saving the collapsing European Union.

England was the second country to fall to  the ‘sweet talk’ though with the helping hand of a healthy cut off in exports that would have it starving within a week.

With the defunct US Navy now unable to keep British sea lanes open and a useless remnant of what was the British Navy (all that was left from Labor cut backs), the UK threw in its hat with the rest of the European nations.

Japan became third.

With Japan, no longer under the protection of the US Navy, its ships under heavy attack by Russian and Chinese submarines, its trade cut off, the nation itself under final threat of nuclear annihilation and already starving, caved in to Chinese demands when it received a secret phone call from the US PRESIDENT stating that AMERICA'S UNCONDITIONAL NUCLEAR UMBRELLA WOULD NO LONGER BE ENFORCED.

Chinese sweet talk was just as sweet, though much less convincing than that of the Russians whom Japan allowed to occupy Hokkaido Island.

That left only the United States of America – now divided into four parts (only one of them continuing to call itself the USA) now fighting over control of what was once the American Midwest to prevent starvation (in fact, large parts of the West were already starving).

Russia and China had in fact been involved in the Second American Civil War from the beginning.

The foolish new republics of America had even accepted Russian and Chinese troops within their ranks during the civil war.

At this point it didn’t take long for Russian forces to simply cross the Bering Strait and occupy Alaska (which had declared itself a short-lived and pathetic mini-republic of its own) during the civil war.

Now these same Russian forces made their way down Canada along the Pacific coast.

The real hammer, however, was being prepared in Mexico as Chinese, along with pro-Marxist Latin American forces assembled for the invasion of North America.

As it turned out, America had lost the political support of Latin America a long time ago, as its leadership was replaced by Marxist Yankee-hating leaders, who also, coincidentally, happened to favor Cuba, Russia, and China.

All of this happened while America slept totally absorbed with its ‘war on terror’ and totally oblivious to what was happening in its own back yard.

This included the recent leftist government of Mexico, which opened full cooperative relations with Russia and China.

Now armies of these Latin American ‘volunteers’ joined the Chinese troops disembarking in Chinese-built ports in western Mexico and being assembled under the flag of the United Nations.

It was a very nice looking flag, after all.

The new American republics of Caliwest and Texasouth, bought over from the beginning with abundant Chinese and Russian offers of trade, gold, food, equipment eagerly accepted any type of Chinese and Russian aid along with its accompanying requirements.

The myriad of disaster areas produced by the Second US Civil War had provided abundant excuses for the ‘United Nations’ to be let in as well, this time with funding and aid provided by Russia and China.

The defining moment came when Sino-Russian forces launched their Northern Offensive from Canada right into the heart of Montana and North Dakota.

These areas contained America’s nuclear forces – the silos containing the Federal Governments entire arsenal of nuclear ICBMs.

This was the reason the Federal Government had done its best to hold on to the Dakotas, Montana and Washington state during the civil war in the first place.

It was a bold move by China and Russia, carried out after many threatening ultimatums that should the Federal Government launch even a single missile, the entire bloated nuclear arsenal of Russia and China would immediately empty…exclusively on the Northeastern United States.

Many people in Caliwest and Texsouth rejoiced upon hearing the ultimatum after all the Federally imposed atrocities and starvation they had suffered during the war. 

It was a tense moment.

The end of the world could happen at any second.

But the invaders had an ace up their sleeve – a treacherous Kerensky-type American President who had exacerbated the civil war into a mass war crime and now played along to the invaders’ advantage.

The Cabinet passed some tense moments debating whether they should launch as soon as the Communist forces reached the first silos.

As it turned out, the cabinet decided that even handing Russia and China any type of ultimatum might lead to a preemptive nuclear strike on the United States.

So they did nothing…with the full approval of the President.

The only thing they DID do was to disarm and sabotage the missiles and silos before they fell into Russian and Chinese hands.

And so it was.

It was a sad day indeed when American Air Force personnel themselves destroyed America’s nuclear arsenal to keep it from falling into enemy hands.

The only nukes to make it out were aboard US bombers which flew to new airbases in the Northeast.

Washington, Montana and the Dakotas were overrun by Sino-Russian troops with help from American Militias.

The Feds, the United States of America, the Northeastern Coast, or whatever one might chose to call it, abandoned the occupation of the South and prepared to defend its holdings east of the Mississippi.

A desperate combined Sino-Russian-Western Militia offensive finally regained the food producing Midwest and soon separated even those states from ‘the Union.’

It was upon this wretched remains of the United States of America where the ‘sweet talk’ was again used with astounding success.

“True, you have nuclear bombers, but how many of those will get through? We can track them by satellite from the time they take off." 

"We can now actually beat you in a nuclear war.”

“Remember, we outnumber you in warheads by 7 to 1. In missiles by 10 to 1.”

It was under the pressure of these sad statistics that led to the Cabinet and Congress’s consideration of Russia and China’s offer – the confiscation of America’s remaining nuclear arsenal under the aegis of the United Nations.

America was cordially reminded that they weren’t alone. Russia and China were putting THEIR atomic arsenals under UN control as well.

After all, this wasn’t a conquest, it was the struggle for a New World Order of peace.

To put the frosting on the cake, Russia and China assured the Federal Government that there would be an armistice,  no occupation, and the nuclear  confiscation would be as low key as possible.

After the disarmament, the ‘United States’ could re-join the UN (from which it had been expelled after disintegrating) and play its part in the new ‘parliament of man.’

The Cabinet, and above all, the President, after much hemming and hawing,  agreed to the offer.

The UN teams flew in discreetly to the air bases containing America’s last strategic weapons.

They disembarked and quietly began to take stock of America’s nuclear arsenal and its bombers.

The bombs were all laid out for them on the tarmac along with their bombers like an inspection display.

The bombs were disarmed and carefully put onboard blue planes marked with the UN logo, on their way to the UN’s ‘nuclear preserve.’

It was the end of the United States...

...and the beginning of the New World Order. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Start Staying Cyber-Safe

Information is being gathered on you and stockpiled within super computers for the future use of the New World Order.

When the time comes, it might not even be your presently instituted government that has access to all this information.

Data-mining giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter have been created to accumulate all the information they could possibly need on you.

The Internet has become not only a tool of individual awareness, but of establishment awareness…about us.

The Illuminate understand the power of balance.

They know that to gain something, one has to give up something.

They gave up a lot when they permitted the Internet…but just take a look at what they have gained:

Total information awareness on the world’s population.

The data-mining has reached unprecedented heights, with you being required to identify oneself for more and more Internet transactions (just like the Illuminati hope to one day make it so for daily living transactions).

So if you are ‘awake’ and ‘aware’ you might have started to notice that it’s about time to start dropping out of the Internet.

That’s right.

Stop making your private information so freely available to the Illuminati.

After all, it’s the ‘aware’ ones they will want to kill first when the appropriate time arrives.

And, believe me, that time is coming soon.

So on this note, I now offer constructive advice on limiting your data exposure to the real-time Illuminati data accumulation device called ‘The Internet.’

Register Your Computer Under A False Name

The minute you put your real name in as the owner of your computer you are registering yourself.

Outside sources can read this name through the Internet, so as not only to identify where you are (through the IP address), but what your name is.

Engines like Google and Facebook do this all the time.

Don’t be stupid.

Buy a computer with cash.

Put any name down as the owner of the computer…except your own.

Or better yet,  buy a used computer with someone else's information on it.


Use A Phony Email Account Information

Don’t use your real name on an email account.

Use a phony name.

Always have an email account with a phony name (though you might need one with a real name for financial transactions).

Recently it has gotten more difficult to do so because outside systems hack into your computer and forcibly install your real name on your email account.

Doesn’t matter, get a phony one and get more as soon as any of your phony ones become compromised…and keep getting them.

Avoid Cellphones

The Illuminati want you to have your cell phone tracking device with you at all times so they can log your location, yourmessages and your phone conversations. So leave your cell phone at home (treat like an old school home phone). Don’t text, don’t twitter, don’t take pictures with it. Try to acquire cell phone services that don’t require your personal information (especially social security numbers). Use phone cards.

Mess Up Your Voice Print

Automated cell phone services log your voice print so they can match your identity to your voice print. Mess up your voice as much as possible, especially when you are re-filling your phone card. Don’t be embarrassed, no one is listening, but your voice IS being logged, so go ahead and sound crazy.

Don’t Leave Your Computer On

It’s become a habit for people to leave their computer on 24 hours a day, which is not only a massive waste of energy, but leaves your computer viable to hacking. If the hard drive is not turning, your computer cannot be hacked. Simple as that. So turn your computer off after use.

Disconnect Your Computer After Use

Physically disconnect your computer from the Internet after you are done. That’s right, turn it off and pull the plug. The government (and others) can order your computer (throught its internet connection) to turn itself on in order to make hacking possible.

So pull the Internet plug when you finish.

Copy Paste Your Passwords

Programs are pretty much on the general market that read your key strokes and report them to the loser down the street. So when you log-in to anything, copy-paste your information from a word document, don’t key the information in.

Don’t Use WiFi

Horror stories abound of hackers using the computers of Wifying idiots in order to download child porn through their computers. If these idiots can do this, how much more do you think the government can do? WiFi is just you advertising your personal information through a loudspeaker to the outside world. Everything you do through WiFi is in jeapordy in falling into the hands of a not-even-very-smart hacker or worse. So don’t use WiFi – use a physical connection.

Erase Your Cookies Regularly

Cookies are just spyware. The Internet does not allow you to surf it without accepting them, but this does not mean you can’t erase them. Do it. Erase them at the conclusion of every Internet session. Firefox allows you to do this every time you get off the Internet. Do it. If you can acquire even better programs that do an even better cleaning job, get them.


Don’t Take Pictures with Your Cell Phone

These pictures are stored within the computers of your local cell phone service provider…indefinitely. Disbelieve this at your own peril. Don’t take pictures with your cell phone. They identify you and your friends and relatives.

Don’t Wait Too Long For Downloads

If a site is taking too long to download, its probably because it is downloading all sorts of crap onto your computer (including cookies, spyware, Trojans and worms). Don’t play the compliant host. If the site is taking too long to load, get the hell out of there. You’ll be able to find the same information elsewhere.

Boycott Amazon

Amazon was created by the Illuminati to register reading habits. Amazon records and keeps track of your reading habits and your interests. If your reading habits consist consistently of conspiracy and political topics, guess whose going to be registered as the target of tomorrow’s New World Order genocide. There are other places on the Internet (and elsewhere) where you can read about and purchase reading material.

Boycott Facebook

If the way this creepy, intrusive spy-engine did not scare you away when it guessed who all your friends and relatives were (by accessing your computer without your permission), then heed my warning and flee from it. Facebook is a neworking engine that no only registers you but all those you are ‘connected to’ in some way. That’s right, you are putting THEM in danger too. Right now it means little. But in the fascist totalitarian New World Order of tomorrow it will mean you and your friends are done for. Get away from this data-mining engine immediately. Better yet, I hope you have never used it at all.

Boycott Google

Googel is the BEAST of all data-mining engines. This planetary behemoth is slowly taking over the Internet. In fact, there could come a day when the Internet itself will be known as ‘Google.’ But Google is not only big, it is a control-freak’s wet dream, mining and recording all your information…under your name and IP. So use Google as anonymously as possible. Don’t use ANY of Google’s services. Avoid registering in ANY websites that require that you register with Google before registering with them.

Use Linux or Old Operating Systems

Viruses and spyware built for the newer systems will not work with older operating systems or Linux. A computer with a Linux operating system is one of the safest things you could have. A Windows 98 / Mac OS 10.3 or below is almost as safe.  Hey, all that spyware has to be updated. Why do you think they insist you ‘update’ all the time? Its not for your convenience, its for theirs. Make it as inconvenient as possible for them.

Be Official With Computers At Work and School

Face it. Every key stroke is being spied upon at work or college…and it is being recorded. So when you do something on your computer at work or school, keep it official and treat it as if your bosses and or supervisor have access to it (which they do).


Remove Your Hard Drive When You Take Your Computer to the Shop

The first thing these techie losers like to do is DOWNLOAD YOUR ENTIRE HARD DRIVE UNTO A DVD-DISK. A lot of them are addicted voyeurs. Uh, sure, no harm done unless your storing critical information on your hard drive like passwords, bank account numbers, personal emails…maybe some suspiciously politically contrary writing the pervert can turn over to the police. At the very least, its embarrassing as hell. At the most, it can open you up into an identity theft or hack from hell, or even a police investigation. So replace your hard drive with a clean and innocuous one before taking your computer in for repairs. Another choice is simply to insist they repair your computer at your home…right in front of you.

Use an External Hard Drive

Keep all your sensitive material on an external hard drive. This keeps it safe from hacking, computer techie repairmen, and the government. If possible, back up the material on yet another external hard drive (in case your first one breaks). If you get 'raided' by your local police force, it is easier to hide an external hard drive than a computer.

Keep Separate Internet Personalities

Keep one set of account for standard transactions over the Internet. Manufacture another set of account for visiting conspiracy, militia, survivalist websites, etc. Keep the two separate.

In Extreme Cases Stay Mobile

If worse comes to worse, stay mobile. Put your stuff in storage, move in with some room mates (nowadays this is the easiest thing to do) and change address regularly. This is an extreme measure (probably necessary only during extreme times), but it is well know that true experts within the hacker community are nomads, rarely staying in one place for too long a time…and using other people’s accounts to do their hacking.

Pay With Cash

All types of Debit, Credit or VIP cards track your purchases and you. When they start using RFID (radio frequency identification chips) in products, the data in your credit, debit or VIP card will be transferred to your shoes or your pants (believe it…or not!)

So keep your purchases anonymous. Avoid even the VIP cards they are always pushing on you at every cashier.

Cover or Get Rid of Your Smart Meter

These things are not only irradiating you, they are reporting on your activities by monitoring your electricity use. Mess up the system. Cover them up with an oversized coffee or carmel corn can (true, the smart meter will just relay its reporting through another meter, but at least you’ll save yourself some unnecessary direct irradiation). If the option is offered in your area, go ahead an pay to have an analog meter installed. Go to to get anti-irradiation materials, and don’t be afraid to foil your walls (maybe in combination with some wallpaper to make the proceedings seem less creepy to visitors).

Start implementing all these safety measures today.

Stay Safe.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Japan Is Struck Down

Nobody mentioned how bizarre was the ascension of Naoto Kan to the position of Prime Minister of Japan.

The Japanese were shocked.

You see, 'Kan' is not a Japanese surname.

It is of Chinese origin, but could also be Korean.

To us surnames mean little, but to the Japanese, on of the most closed and ethnocentric societies in the world, it means a lot.

And if there is one thing the Japanese are, it's a racially, culturally and economically closed society.

They take pride in not admitting non-Japanese people, capital, business or culture into Japan.

Of course, a few get in anyway, but only on strict Japanese terms.

Therefore it was exceedingly weird to the Japanese to have someone with a non-Japanese name be elevated to the political and symbolic forefront of Japan's representation before the world as Japan's prime minister.

When I saw 'Kan' become prime minister, I perceived something drastically weird.

This type of thing simply never happened in Japan.

True, there exist Japanese with Chinese and Korean surnames, but not one of them are put at the forefront of political representation in Japan. 

The Japanese take the symbolism of representation very seriously.

When I saw Kan take power, I perceived a strong disruption in Japanese political culture.

I perceived nothing good could come of this nomination.

And nothing good did.

Fukushima happened.

As it turned out, the Israeli security firm, Magna, was running security for the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

How a foreign security company got past Japanese cultural, political and economic centrism is beyond me, but I suspect it has a lot to do with rot and corruption.

Anyone who has studied 9/11 knows that Mossad-connected Israeli security firms are just about the worse insecurity you can hire - these are actual terrorist organizations!

Yet the closed and exclusive Japanese saw fit to hire this foreign security firm to monitor thier nuclear power plant at Fukushima.

What treachery!

The maggots who accepted the bribes to make this possible are now probably considering ritual suicide, and rightly so.

And the Japanese paid dearly for it too, and we are all paying for it by continuing to inhale all that Fukushima radiation.

It seems that the hermetic Japanese society has finally been infiltrated by false-bloods, cryptos and traitors.

Eat the fruits of your corruption, Japan!

What did you ever think you could gain by lying down with these prostitutes?

It seems like the redoubtable Zaibatsu (the ruling Japanese oligarchy) have been snookered and might even contain cryptos.

The clue to this DESTRUCTIVE Japanese corruption was made clear to me when I discovered that the Japanese Government was permitting the 'Chosen Soren' (a North Korean intelligence mafia) to operate officially inside Japan and control 1/3 of the pachinko gambling industry while allowing North Korea's underground intelligence branch, the 'Gakushu-Gumi' to operate freely inside the country. 'Gumi' is a Japanese word that goes hand-in-hand witih mafia.

Japan cooperating with North Korea (who fired ballistic missiles over Japan and has promised Japan a nuclear holocaust)?

Lucifer, how far you have fallen!

This could not be good news...and it wasn't

At Fukushima, the sword fell.

But it gets worse.

The corrupt Government of Japan continues to betray its own people by refusing to bury the disaster site and idle by impotent as Japanese scientists scream for a high-tech burial as the Japanese population is poisoned.

This is a message to the Japanese patriots and to its military:

If there was ever was a need for a military coup...

...this is it!

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Ancient Origin of The Conspiracy: The Amorites

(For this entry, I rely on the testimony of ‘Xavier,’  granted me in the last century, and whose importance I only now begin to understand)

The Amorites are the origin of ‘The Great Conspiracy of the Ages.’

The Illuminati are to the Amorites what only one minute is to a week since they are only the most recent incarnation of a conspiracy that is larger, grander and older than than most people think.

The origin of this Conspiracy, as far we know, stretches almost to the origin of civilization itself…to the ancient and mysterious people called the Amorites - the ancestors of the Arameans, Phoenicians…and Hebrews.

Their origin, their history and their importance have been ignored by an establishment that seeks to hide history instead of compiling it.

How many libraries have they burned in the effort of accomplishing this?

Do you think the serial burnings of the Library of Alexandria were consecutive accidents?

Do you think it’s only a coincidence that Amazon's latest book-burning device is called "Kindle"?

The history of the Amorites is the basis and the origin of the true history of the Great Plan of the Ages.

The Amorites were the pre-historic ancient Semitic people who between 9,000 and 4,000 BC built the ancient walled cities at  Gebekli Tepe, Catal Huyuk, Jericho and Hamoukar...thousands of years before Sumeria.

The Amorites inhabited an L-shaped area of the Fertile Crescent spanning from Israel to southern Turkey to northern Syria.


The theory that the ancient Semites emerged from the desert wastes of Saudi Arabia is a total falsehood.

People go INTO desert wasteland peninsulas, they don't emerge from them.

Civilization came to the Sumerians from the east by way of Elam after the already civilized Sumerians descended from the Zagros Mountains and settled amongst the ancient Semites who inhabited Mesopotamia since time immemorial (and who had probably been devastated by the flood).

The Amoritic population of Mesopotamia was not only more numerous than the Sumerians, but had preceded Sumerian arrival by millenia.

This huge ancient Amorite population could not be displaced or even repressed by the Sumerians and came to make up most of the population of Mesopotamia...and eventually became the inheritors of Sumerian civilization.

The god of these Amorites was Baal - an entity represented by a bull, a bull-man or horned god (today we perceive the image of this horned god as the Devil).

Baal demanded human sacrifices, sodomy and blood drinking.
(today we equate these rituals with Satanism).

Did this ancient worship of the devil-like Baal grant the Amorites their ancient power?

In 2300 BC, an Amorite King, Sargon, conquered the Sumerians and incorporated them into civilization’s first empire…without a struggle.

In 1750 BC, the Amorite King Hammurabi conquered Mesopotamia and absorbed as the core of his Babylonian Empire…without a struggle.

At around that same time, an Amorite king called Shamsi-Adad took the Assyrian throne…without a struggle.

Concurrently with these takeovers by the Amorites, the very society of Mesopotamia became brutalized and arbitrary.

Humane Sumerian law was replaced with a mass of laws ending with the word 'death.'

It was the Amorite stock and trade to infiltrate great civilizations from the inside and bring them unto their power…without war but through infiltration, and turn them into brutal tyrannies. 'Destroying many through peace,' as it is said in the Bible.

No better description has been offered.

In 1650 BC the Amoritic Hyksos took Egypt…without a struggle.

There was never a struggle against the Amorites because they infiltrated society from the inside with crypto-Amorites who pretended to be members of the targeted society...but who opened the gates to the invaders.

In many ways, the modern Communist conspiracy of today follows this very model.

By the year 1600 BC, Egypt was being RUN by an occult crypto-Amoritic oligarchy who pretended to be Egyptians, but who ruled as tyrants, empowering the Amoritic Hyksos.

The original so-called Hebrews were a part of this occupying group.

In 1550 the Hyksos were driven out of Egypt, but the occult crypto-Amorite Hyksos oligarchy remained.

The story of the Amoritic Hyksos Joseph and Moses in the Old Testament testify how the Egyptian power structure was infiltrated.

Moses was introduce to power in exactly the same way Sargon was introduced to the oligarchy of Akkad…in a floating reed basket.

Both were ‘bastards’of an occult lineage (and the adopted progeny of an occult father - just like Alexander the Great, Louis XIV, Hitler, Clinton and Obama.

The Amoritic Hyksos continued holding occult power in Egypt as pseudo-Egyptians.

When the crypto-Amorite Pharaoh Akhenaton attempted to destroy and rebuild Egypt from the ground up in a bloody revolution (‘revolution’ is the Amoritic stock and trade), he was deposed.

What followed was an Egyptian purge of the crypto-Amorites and their expulsion from Egypt (which would repeatedly take place in the countries of Europe with the descendants of the Amorites - the Jews).

The expelled included the crypto-Amorite Hykso Moses (who many historians believe was Akhenaton himself) along with fellow Amoritic Hykso expellees, who made their way back to where they had come from – the southern Amorite territory of the Levant (which is today Israel).

They found this strategic trade zone occupied by other tribes since their 300 year absence (this is where the concept of the ‘promised land’ comes from).

Moses and his Amoritic Hykso cult (now calling themselves Hebrews) had met a demon-like apparition in the desert called Yahweh (Baal under another name).

Yahweh (Baal) ordered them to enter Canaan and kill every man, woman and child they encountered.

This they did with relish and (with help of the Amoritic Phoenicians) established the so-called 12 tribes of Israel.

The Amoritic Phoenicians and the Amoritic Hebrews were, in fact, two sides of the same coin.

While the Amoritic Hebrews were wealthy herders and trading nomads, the Amoritic Phoenicians were the masters of trade.

The Phoenicians, however, still openly worshipped Baal and made human sacrifices to him.

This was perfectly alright with Amoritic Hebrew kings like Solomon, who not only worshiped alongside Phoenicians,  married Phoenician women and made sacrifices to Phoenician gods (including Baal), but accepted Phoenician money and technical assistance in building his Temple of Solomon, along with Phoenician labor and Phoenician know how.

Solomon is today a name closely related to occultism, magic, orgiastic rituals, not godliness.

The occult seal of Solomon is today called the Star of David, is an ancient Amoritic symbol...and testimony to the Great Conspiracy of the Ages.

Chaldea’s crypto-Amoritic Kings later proceeded to move the Amoritic Hebrew population of Israel to Babylon.

It was a fortuitous move indeed.

The Amoritic Hebrews lived like kings in Babylon, most likely living as a preferred oligarchy in that place (as they had lived in Egypt).

They learned its magics and its occultism (in addition to the Egyptian and Phoenician occult arts they had already mustered)...and it was in Babylon from where the Talmud and the Kabala emerged.

It was from the occult magical center of Babylon where Amoritic Hebrew power surged and the Talmud began to be written.

Babylon completed the occult and magical education of the Amorites which had begun in Egypt, continued with Phoenicia and completed itself in Babylon.

Amoritic Hebrew power continued when Amorite Hebrews like Daniel became the advisors to the crypto-Amorite Chaldean and Persian Empires.

Under Daniel’s advice, the crypto-Amorite Chaldean King Nabuchadnazzer put all his Babylonian advisors and priests to death, appointed Daniel ruler of the region of Babylon and ordered that anyone who criticized the Amoritic Hebrews be put to death.

The Amoritic Hebrews in Babylon were, in fact, an empowered and protected minority.

After Nabuchadnazzer was removed from power by his own subjects, very much like Akhenaton (given his actions, this is not surprising), the crypto-Amoritic Hebrew Daniel (who falsely called himself Belteshazzar) became advisor to Nabuchadnazzer’s son, (whose murder and opening of the gates of Babylon to the Medes Daniel arranged).

Unsurprisingly, the crypto-Amoritic Hebrew oligarchy was already in control of the invading Medes and Persians.

Darius, the crypto-Amoritic King of the Medes accepted fellow crypto-Amorite Hebrew Daniel as his advisor.

Under Daniel’s guidance, King Darius had all those who dared speak ill of Daniel killed.

The Persians then deposed the Medes.

The crypto-Amorite control of Persia continued as it had in Chaldea and Media before then.

It was in fact, the crypto-Amoritic Hebrews who opened the doors of Babylon to the Persians during the siege of that great city.

Crypto-Amorite Cyrus the Great (founder of the Persian Empire) not only transported all the Hebrews (now called ‘Jews’) back to Israel, but himself rebuilt Solomon’s Temple!

If anyone doubts the crypto-Amoritic Jewish control of Persia, one has only to read the story of which the crypto-Amoritic King Ahaseurus has all the Persian priests, advisors and nobles murdered for daring to criticize the crypto-Amoritic Jews.

The blatant power of the crypto-Amorites become less obvious with the coming of Alexander the Great, but all the signs are there.

Alexander took the greatest empire the world had ever known with ease.

The armies of Persia fled before him.

The King of Persia was assassinated by his own advisors.

Alexander (an occult bastard of mysterious origin, like Sargon, Moses, etc, etc) took BABYLON as his new capital and resided there for the rest of his life...until he was poisoned.

The phenomenon continued with the Romans.

The occult human sacrificers of Rome were said to be descendants of a Trojan colony - which would fit right in with the Amoritic practice of occupying key centers of trade.

People forget the Romans were great sea traders and mariners, and that this was the source of their wealth and their power.

But in 390 BC the city of Rome left its gates open to the invading barbarian Gauls who had been ADMITTED into Roman territory. The cream of the elders of the Roman elite awaited the invading barbarians sitting serenely at their tables waiting for death - a voluntary human sacrifice of the highest order.

The dividends would be handsome indeed.

After 100 years of battles (more human sacrifices) the Romans succeeded in subjugating the entire Italian peninsula.

The Romans were subtle experts in the art of continuous human sacrfice both of themselves and of others.

The father had the power of life and death over his children...and frequently used it.

The servants and slaves were frequently buried alive with their masters.

Funerals of the wealthy were celebrated by a sacrifice supplied by gladiatorial combats to the death.

During the 2nd Punic War, it was AGREED to let lose the Amoritic Phoenician Hannibal out of Carthage (a power Rome had already ‘defeated’, but who had, in fact, turned power over to Rome...and was allowed to set foot in Rome for the next great sacrifice).

It was agreed.

Hannibal (like the ancient Gauls) would be allowed to enter Roman territory.

The cream of the Roman oligarchy and Roman citizens were sent out to him to be slaughtered - at the Battle of Cannae in 215 BC the Roman leadership made sure the legions were left without enough cavalry).

Hannibal slaughtered the Roman Empire within the Italian peninsula for the next dozen years...without ever besieging, taking or cutting off the city of Rome, which is what any true conqueror would have done.

It was the blood of human sacrifice he was after, not Rome.

His task having been completed, the sacrificing monster of blood, Hannibal, left for Carthage - which would soon fall to Rome - and was allowed to live out the rest of his life in peace by the Romans...just like any high priest.

The practice of high level human sacrifice was continued by the Baalist Roman oligarchy through the ancient rite of the ‘sacrificial king’ which was allowed to be carried out through the constant enthronement and murder of the Roman Emperors, starting with Julius Caesar...who walked willingly into the sacrificial chamber.

The pattern continued: an emperor assumed the throne KNOWING he would be violently murdered at the end of it.

Was it any surprise the Roman Emperors lived a life dedicated to pleasure and life to the maximum before their own sacrifice?

Meanwhile the Arena became the satanic temple for the ongoing practice of human sacrifice.

The Gods were summoned at the beginning of the games... then the human sacrifices were began as gladiators fought each other to the death and victims were killed in many amusing manners.

Was it only an accident of history that CHRISTIANS came to make up a large part of those human sacrifices...while the Jews (like the historian Josephus) were given privileged positions within Roman society?

The occult Amoritic Jewish oligarchy continued to rule the empire through crypto-Jewish figures like Sulla, Nero, Diocletian and Constantine.

Constantine, a Pagan, oversaw the Council of Nicaea in 325 BC, which ‘established’ the ‘basic tenets’ of Christianity, along with what books could be read (and which could not) and how it was to be practiced and what was to be believed and not believed.

What a comforting thought for Christians.

After all the persecution and blood-letting, Rome ended up taking over Christianity and declaring itself a Holy Roman Empire.

The Dark and Medieval Ages continued the tradition of human sacrifice.

Charlemagne made mountains of skulls of the unbelieving eastern Germans, who converted to Papist Christianity out of sheer terror.

Later, Christians who did not practice Christianity according to the pagan-presided Council of Nicaea were MURDERED in waves of massive human sacrifices such as the Albigensian Crusades.

Blood...more blood...the sacrifices had to be maintained...with the Amoritic crypto-Jews - the infiltrators which directe everythng from the very highest levels of society (as can be seen in the stories of Moses, Joseph, Daniel and Esther).

Meanwhile the ‘Christian’ Church (just like Islam) made sure only the Jews were allowed a monopoly on making it ILLEGAL for any Christian to lend money for profit.

Christianity having become too large and too universal was purposefully weakened during the Renaissance by the ‘Reformation,’ launched with Jewish money and carried out by crypto-Jewish John Calvin.

The human sacrifices continued as the new ‘reformed’ Christians continued to be as adept as the Papist Church at burning Christians who deviated from their established norm - heretics - at the stake.

Meanwhile Martin Luther’s period writings on Jewish power and Jewish money have been universally BANNED.

During the Reformation, the crypto-Jewish English King, Henry-VIII, took special care to ‘consult’ with this council of Rabbis before embarking on the bloody English Reformation.

The English Reformation turned out to be a bloody one.

When Christians refused to join Henry’s Anglican Church with the anti-Christ-like figure of the king himself as its head - entire monasteries, along with English Christians in fear of their immortal souls were massacred.

The human sacrifices continued...and would grow with the new phenomenon of Religious Wars - wars between Catholics and Protestant Christians: the Hugeunot Wars and the Thirty Years War.

Meanwhile the Spanish Inquisition - created to root out the crypto-Jews who had been taking over Spain - was put under the direction of a Jew - Torquemada, who murdered thousands...of innocents...and who was unaffected even by the supplications of the Pope.

The effectiveness of the Jew-directed Spanish Inquisition was made clear when the Spanish throne financed its exploration of the Americas...with Jewish money from Genoa.

By the apex of its power, wealth and glory...Spain was bankrupt....headed by a crypto-Jewish Hapsburg King...and handing over ALL of the gold from the Americas to the Jewish bankers to whom it was in debt.

The Renaissance was indeed the time when European kings became a second power to the European Jewish bankers.

In 1649 the bankrupt King of England, Charles-I, was deposed and decapitated by Menasseh Ben Israel’s puppet, Oliver Cromwell, who was then installed as dictator.

By 1770, the British Empire had imitated the Spanish Empire in that the more it grew, the more it accumulated debt until, at the apex of its power, it was completely bankrupt.

The method of the Amoritic crypto-jews has been the same since Babylon.

Enforced debt had always been the instrument...acquired, maintained and enforced by its infiltrated agents...who always pretend to be what they are not.

America separated from the bankrupt entity...financed by the Jewish money of Haim Solomon.

That same year, the Illuminati were established in the Rothschild’s backyard, Bavaria, by the crypto-Jew Adam Weishaupt.

Between 1790 and 1812 the Illuminati submerged France in blood - the greatest of human sacrifices since Rome.

But the greatest coup occurred in 1913 when the last of the holdouts, America, was persuaded to install within itself a private wealth authority with the power to write receipts over the nation’s wealth - the Federal Reserve - and count it as debt to itself.

With all the nations of the world attached to wealth authorities called ‘central banks,’ it became possible to carry out the next blood sacrifice...

...WW-I happened less than a year after the establishment of the Federal Reserve...and it happened because the Central Banks made possible to finance unlimited war.

In 1920 history repeated itself when the new crypto-Amorites (now calling themselves 'communists) took Russia...without much of a struggle...and ordered that anyone who spoke against the Amorite Jews be put to death.

It is true to say that something like that that had not been seen since the age of King Ahaseurus.

WW-I ended up killing 40 million human beings.

WW-II continued the program...killing 100 million human beings.

Worthy blood sacrifices - the biggest in all of world history.

Nuclear weapons made open war too dangerous, but the Cold War continued the process of killing through war by proxy....55 million more human beings were put to death.

The War on Terror followed, having killed at least 3 million so far.

The Sino-Russian-America stand-off seems to be following close on its heels.

War and death...all while the nations of the world lie prostrate and bankrupt before the Central Banks of the world....

...but though they be starving...

...there is always enough money for war - the unending human sacrifices.

And it goes without saying that the Crypto-Amorites are still here.

Still secretly practicing the ancient and bloody worship of Baal, their devil god.

Still secretly practicing their own ancient art of infiltration, filling our society with people who are not what they say they are.

Still secretly populating the highest seats of power with their agents.

Still leading the nations of the world and betraying them to their form of constructive  -creative destruction.

And eventually hoping to bring the entire world…

...back to the worship of Baal.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Conspiracy Researcher Killed: Drew Maras

On January 8, 2012 at 4 am in the morning, three Maricopa County Sheriffs responding to an automatic burglar alarm from Angel Pediatrics located in a strip mall in Anthem, AZ approached a white van parked in the mall parking lot.

 According to the official police report, as Sheriff William Coleman rapped on the window of the van, to see if it was occupied,  the occupant (who seemed to have been sleeping there with his dog) stepped out of the van and started shooting with an automatic assault rifle.

Sheriff Coleman was hit and killed.

The two other deputies returned fire, killing the van occupant.

The van occupant?

Colorado ex-marine, published author and conspiracy researcher Drew Ryan Maras, age 30, with no criminal record,  who had been lately been living out of his van with the financial support of his book and his father.

According to the official police report, the ballistics from Maras’ rifle ‘proved’ Maras was responsible for the murder of James Johnson and Carol Raynsford (both 63) of New Hampshire at an area near Sedona, AZ just two days prior, on January 6 ,2012.


If this was a misunderstanding between Maras and the sheriff deputies, it was  a tragedy.

If this was the purposeful slander and murder of Maras, it was a tragedy.

What really happened, I can't say I know.

But the paradox of Maras being a dedicated researcher and author, who suddenly has the time (and the lunacy) to go on a Bonnie and Clyde murder rampage struck me as weird.

It was especially strange that Maras had written a conspiracy book called “Open Your Eyes: To 2012 and Beyond.”

Of course, I had to get the book, hopefully finding the data that got Maras killed in the first place (if it was indeed a murder by the authorities).

As it turned out, the book was published by Author House in 2010. Author House is a large self-publishing company – which means you pay them and they publish your book.

Nothing wrong with that, I am all for self-publishing, especially when several of such books turn out to start selling in the millions.

As it turns out, Mara expresses strong feelings of anti-violence, Christianity and peace in the book.

Clearly the opposite of the thoughts of a murdering lunatic.


I would not be able to sleep at night if I did not read a murdered man’s conspiracy book, so I bought the book immediately and read every page.

Now when you do research with a mindset of finding the truth wherever it is that it leads you , you find things you don’t like.

You find things you’d rather not believe or like to believe. You find uncomfortable things which do not coincide with your present idea of reality.

I don’t like criticizing or putting down other conspiracy researchers (even when I think they are government moles) because I think it fragments the conspiracy movement.

But I feel moved to simply report on what I saw in Maras’ book.

The book is very standard.

It is even standard in ways that make me feel Maras himself was in some ways establishment-standard.

Basically, the topic of the entire first half of the book is “UFO’s really exist!!!”

The topic of the second half of the book is “2012 is really going to happen!!! Align yourself for the new change!”

All in all, it is mostly a UFO book with 2012 undepinnings.

I personally found little new material in it besides the fact that the Phoenix Lights were a type of Air Force craft he gives the nomenclature for and the murder of UFO researcher John Murphy.

I again specify that Maras wrote a UFO book.

But what disturbed my about the book was the collection of very standard establishment opinions the author seemed to have, which I will now quote:

Maras agrees with the dropping of the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

“Whether it was morally right to drop the bombs is up to you, but know that thousands upon thousands of our boys would have died invading Imperial Japan, and quite possibly your grandfather and your father wouldn’t have come home.” (p-230)

Ok, my opinion differs with that of Maras (I think it was a needless war crime).

Maras also seems to believe the Islamists are really declaring war on America (not proxies for the CIA, MI6 and the Mossad). This is also very standard opinion:

“Make no mistake, and do not forget that while you’re living the good life that these radical elements have declared “Jihad” on America.” (p-231)

Now we get into the really disturbing opinions.

Maras seems to admire Warren Buffet and Bill Gates!!!:

“Despite his $62 billion net worth, Warren Buffet does not measure success in dollars and neither should we. Some may say, “Well, that’s easy for him to say since he’s one of the richest men in the world,” but what everyone needs to know is that in 2006 he selflessly pledged to give away almost his entire fortune to charities,  primarily the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The point that I’ll make time and time again, along with Warren Buffet, and others fighting the good fight, is to not only reap the prosperity from the seeds you sow, but most importantly, to give back to the world unconditionally and let your footprint and legacy resonate in a benevolent, proactive way.” (p-185)

Excuse me? Warren Buffet is with us “fighting the good fight?”

Maras also seems to be an admirer of arch-Illuminati Al Gore:

“What a revitalized nation we would have grown to by now with Al Gore leading the charge. A visionary and a pioneer on global warming as well as an icon of going green, Gore was the catalyst and the spark we needed to become more conscious of our future well-being. As a selfless philanthropist concerned with the welfare of our species and our planet he had the right vision and ideology that never reached fruition and never bloomed because of the tainted Florida count.” (p-202)

Finally, Maras reveals himself to be an Obamamite, which might have been understandable if this were 2008, but the book was published in 2010, enough time for the author to see what Obama really was.

Again, Maras on Obama:

“Let’s give Obama and his team of perennial all-stars a chance to shine.” (p-204)

On Obama’s background:

“His background is the true American dream. He is the quintessential American. He has achieved the American dream from the ground up since birth and now has an all-star cast backing his every presidential decision.” (p-205)

On Obama’s advisers:

“Once President Obama and his all-star team untangle the knot from hell left by the Bush administration…” (p-243)

Finally, and very disturbingly, the author quips he comes from a military intelligence background:

“I could’ve made a career out of the US Marine Corps and gone into the intelligence communities…” (p-245)

This was the final nail in the coffin for me.

I’m sorry, but after reading the book, I suspect (not know, but suspect) Maras was simply a mind-controlled government plant with the mission of introducing himself to conspiracy circles with the purpose of either molding opinion or insinuating himself within groups.

Colorado (where he is from) is a total hub of Government activity.

If Maras was indeed a mind-controlled agent, and his programming broke down, he could very well have regressed into a murderous assassin personality.

Which brings me the the gnawing suspicion that they might be getting ready to unleash some mind-controlled 'conspiracy researchers' who suddenly turn into murderous monsters so they can begin classifying us as dangerous paranoid schizophrenics.

Whatever the case may be, I feel bad, not having anything good to say about a murdered conspiracy researcher’s book, but there it is.

Unlike establishment plants, I won’t encourage you NOT to read the book (in fact, it is available for cheap from

Perhaps the death of Maras will increase the popularity of his book (which was already selling prior to his death).

Like I said, above all its political naivety, it is an above average UFO book.

You might read it for that.