Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Illuminati Control BOTH Sides!

Let’s get it straight.
The Illuminati (Talmudic Kabalistic Luciferians) always have their people on both sides of the fence.

They run this tapestry called the world community with an agent strategically placed within a controlling position in EVERY nation in the world.

Some argue that the Asian secret societies (the Triads) are independent from the Illuminati, and have their own agenda, but they are similar to the Illuminati in operation and just as hateful.

There is a lot of talk right now about Chavez (president of Venezuela) being anti-Illuminati or Putin (dictator of Russia) being anti-Illuminati and even of China being anti-Illuminati.
Get real.

Chavez, Putin and China’s Communist Party are the left arm of the Illuminati  (our own putrid leaders are the right) – they both serve the same masters.

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty.

Conspiracy theory plants want to make you believe Putin, Chavez, Castro, Hu Jintao, Al Assaad of Syria or Amendinijad of Iran are targeted enemies of the Illuminati.


Suspiciously, all of the above names have either a direct or indirect connection to the Illuminati Marxist Socialist Conspiracy (which is scheduled to bury us during the first half of this century).

For the record, the Marxist Socialist Conspiracy is the most blood-drenched conspiracy in the history of mankind.
But we are supposed to believe these are the good guys!?!?

You’ve got to be kidding!!

Check it out:  the Illuminati are now brainwashing us into accepting the Communists as our saviors!
If we start really believing this, then our reasoning process is in deep trouble.

Putin and Obama, Hu Jintao and Angela Merkel, Netanyahu and Amedinijad….are all on the same freaking train!!! They are all on the same side!!!

If the mass of the conspiracy community starts believing otherwise, then Illuminati brainwashing has reached new heights of perfection.

The Illuminati have planted their people in our Conspiracy movements not so much to lie as to distracting and mislead our minds.

If you believe Putin, Amedinijad, Chavez and Hu Jintao are our last best hope, then you have been severely misled.

If your main focus is FEMA, HAARP and the UN, then you have been distracted from the really big Illuminati operation: THE NEW AMERICAN CIVIL WAR FOLLOWED BY FOREIGN COMMUNIST OCCUPATION OF OUR DISMEMBERED COUNTRY.

Ever hear the ranting conspiracy experts speak about that?
Of course not!


Now the next part is going to sound silly to a today’s young know-it-all instant conspiracy experts (though it may sound obvious to the older, more serious students of US intelligence).

But its the truth.

Saddam Hussein was CIA.

Mohammar Khadaffi of Libya was CIA.

King Hussein and his presently ruling son in Jordan are CIA assets.

Iran’s Khomeini was either a KGB or CIA asset.

The Saudi Dynasties are assets of British Intelligence.

Syria’s own intelligence services are presently betraying the Syrian government to foreign terrorists, just like Libya’s intelligence services betrayed that country to foreign terrorists.

The countries of the Middle East are run by intelligence assets whose agencies themselves are puppets of either the CIA, MI6 or the KGB.

Clinton was CIA, Bush was CIA, Bush Jr. was CIA…Obama is CIA!

Clear now?

At the immediate secondary levels of the CIA  are the positions of real power and in those positions of power are men from Wall Street.

On the other side of the coin (or game board) we have Putin, who is are Castro and Chavez.

Starting to see the whole picture now?

World leaders are at present nothing but intelligence assets carrying out the secret Illuminati agenda through their respective intelligence agencies.

A lot of Iranians are accusing their own President Amedinijad of being a crypto-zionist and an enemy agent who seeks the destruction of Iran.

Amedinijad has been directly and vocally accused of this in public by fellow officials.

What has he done about it?

He has avoided the issue, ignoring the accusations completely.

Is that really surprising?
Yes - the Illuminati have their people on both sides.

They know they need to control both sides of the equation in order to control the whole equation.

And the upcoming war.
Never doubt for a minute that the Illuminati ‘leaders’ are already placed on BOTH sides of the upcoming war – in Iran and America, in Israel and NATO…and Russia…and China.

Whatever happens in that war will be by design.

And the design will have as its purpose the beginning of the social, economic and political destruction of the present world order… order to bring in the next.


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  2. As things stand, the illuminati are struggling to maintain mainstream legitimacy for their warmongering agenda, in the West. This poses a fundamental problem, into which President Putin is seeking to gain the moral high ground. Of course he is an illuminati front man; but he is also an opportunist. This opportunity has now arisen because of the massive opposition against the Western orientation of the global elite, and its assumed position of hegemony and power. But there is a deeper truth at work, concerning the internal inconsistances of their grand plan, which seeks to destroy the free will of the human spirit: it cannot succeed; but finding ourselves in the box seat will require a widely accepted, critical mass of support for a specific agenda that roles back Satan's plan.

  3. Interesting article, but I feel like the writer fails to back his statements with prime examples and actual proof. The rethoric is not articulated enough to allow the reader to fully understand. All I read is "their on the same side" or "they are all intelligent assets". When trying to understand conspiracy, you need to read detailed facts, not just opinionated blabbing!!!

    Not to say that can be true, I'm just suggesting to other readers who wish to investigate this topic to take everything with a grain of salt and find out the facts....

    1. The concept here is that the reader check the information himself to provide backing. There is simply not enough room (or time) to include a voluminous fact-backed journal article. Meanwhile, thanks for drawing my attention to this article because I saw it had been fucked with by withdrawing all the spaces from the writing, which I proceeded to correct.