Saturday, February 4, 2012

Is Earth A Giant Space Reservation?

Humanity’s ruling elites are not really its ruling elites.

Humanity’s oligarchy doesn’t act like an oligarchy.

 Our slave masters don’t really act like slave masters.

 Our elite do not behave like a sovereign elite.

 As such, they don’t seem sovereign.

 And as their foot stool, neither does Humanity.

 We are owned or subject to an alien authority.

 It’s all just common sense.

 The key lies in studying the attitude of ‘our’ elites towards us – their slaves.

 Giveaway-1: The Elite Are Traumatized Mind-Controlled Slaves Themselves

 You don’t have to dig deep to see that our elite are themselves pathetic, traumatized, mind-controlled slaves. And this goes for the Rothschilds as well.


 Shouldn’t the elite be sovereign, strong-willed, arrogant, intelligent men who know the way things work and use that knowledge to gain power over us?

 Instead, when you start digging into the personal lives of the elite you find nothing but pathetic individuals scarred by trauma, mind-control, psychological slavery, stagnant depression, fear, insecurity and powerlessness.

 Powerlessness before whom?

 The true ‘alien’ masters of this world perhaps?


Giveaway-2: They Want a Reduced Population

 If we were really under simple power-hungry human authority, at least the control freaks would appreciate the benefit of a large population.

 Population equals power.

 Population equals strength.

 It always has, throughout history.

 The more slaves the merrier.

 What gives the game away is the elite’s attitude towards population.

 …they want to reduce the population by 80%!

 Now why would that be?

 Wouldn’t it be a better to have a gigantic homogenize and controlled population…at their disposal?

 Wouldn’t it make more sense to use a gigantic population to carry out your maddest dreams (like tyrants have always done throughout history)?

 Unless, of course, there are no dreams to be had.

 Eventual urbanization will bring your population numbers down anyway (whether you want it or not) - so why hurry?

 Giveaway-3: They Want A Sick and Incapacitated Population

 A healthy population is power.

 What slave master wants his slaves to be sick, stupid or incapable?

 He wants his slaves healthy, strong, capable…and obedient.

 Yet our elite have gone out of their way to destroy our minds and our bodies.

 Make us stupid with fluoride, microwaves, toxic contrails.

They have gone out of their way to make our children stupid with vaccines and our people weak and sick.

What type of slave masters are these?

This is the second give away.

What type of slave master wants sick, weak and incapable slaves?

 Giveaway-4: They Want Us Divided

As much as they like talking about ‘oneness’ and a ‘New World Order,’ their emphasis has always been on dividing the people, not homogenizing them (make them all the same)

 The elite have ceaselessly divided humanity (not brought it together) by way of religion, gender, age, race, language, nationality – and they continue to do so!

 Any good slave master knows the benefit of standardization: one language, one race, one religion, so the slaves are easier to control and manage.

 So why are they so busy dividing and subdividing us?

What the elite have created so far, and continue to create is divided chaos.

What type of slave master divides us his slave camp into wanton mess?

Any good slave master would want his slaves in harmony and unified with one purpose- not fighting and killing each other.

 Yet violent division and strife are what the elite have propagated amongst us for centuries.

 They continue to propagate division, violence and hatred amongst us even today.



 It’s because they are not slave masters at all.

 Their position in life consists of an altogether different station…

 …perhaps an altogether different species (maybe that’s why they enjoy killing and reducing our numbers so much).

 They are suppressors, occupiers and jailers…not emperors.

 We are the oppressed population.

 They are the prison guards – nothing more.

 Their game is not exploitation and power, but repression and control.

 They want to eternally control us.

 That’s all they want to do or will ever want to do.

 Keep us hating each other, alienated from one another, weak, sickly, reduced in numbers, incapable, stupid, short-lived.

 Sounds a lot like the reservation system doesn’t it?

 Keep the native population weak, sick, stupid underfed, few, ignorant and divided.

 And I think that’s what this planet resembles more than anything – a reservation.

 A reservation run by members of another species and another race.

 Get it?

The power elite aren’t OUR power elite, they are THEIR elite.

They are servants to something else.

 A few native Benedict Arnolds put in place to keep the population poor, stupid, divided and sick.

They will never be emperors…

…because they are but glorified reservation managers.

 Why Is It So?

I’m not sure why it’s this way.

 Maybe humanity was conquered by an alien species eons ago and they know of no better way to keep us under control than to appoint a oligarchy over us that would make sure we stay ignorant, poor and divided.

 On the other hand, perhaps humanity really IS part of a great human space empire, and this is the only way the human elite know how to keep the farthest boon-dock ‘colonies’ of their over-extended realm under control.

 Alternately, it might be that somehow idiotic humans either opened up or had open up in their faces another dimension and gained access to or had access gained to them by beings from this other dimension, who now keep us flattened until they find a way to fully manifest themselves amongst us.

Whatever the explanation may be, it all adds up to this world being a reservation…not an empire.

 And its elite being reservation managers…not true rulers.

A miserable tract of planetary space where the population is kept poor, sick, stupid, dirty, ignorant, divided…and in dwindling numbers in order to accommodate the fears and distrust of our true presiding overlords…

 …by a subject, castrated elite...who are obedient slaves instead of powerful masters.

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